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tv   Fox29 Weekend  FOX  December 6, 2014 8:00am-10:01am EST

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respect every bite. [female announcer] a public service from faan: the food allergy and anaphylaxis network. repressed memories? the question, do they really exist? only in philly, a group of protesters take over a christmas tree lighting ceremony. did they go too far? plus, caught on camera, a man drop kicks a mom while she is carrying her three-month-old baby. this video got one local cop all fired up. what would you say to this guy? we want to hear it. grab your smart phones, lab top or tablet. it's time to get interactive. it's a gray, damp, chilly,
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december morning. welcome to fox 29 29 weekend. i'm lauren. >> and i'm karen hepp. an american has been killed by terrorists overseas. >> and the search continues for a man who is missing more than a week who disappeared. >> we also want to lighten the mood as well. we do have some christmas elf requests. you look like a christmas elf, caitlin is good kweef got the low hanging clouds, the fog, you saw the rain last night and if it wasn't raining we had some mist, drizzle. in a lull, but ultimate doppler showing plenty of green back to our west. the slow-moving cold front will
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bring in more rain for the afternoon and evening; unfortunately looks like a washout for saturday. you can see a lot of the rain towards our north. here in philadelphia, some mists, fog and drizzle. the steady rain should be here by about the noon hour. that being said, we've got the fog out there, low visibilities and temperatures aren't too bad. fox future cast shows rain coming back in, stopping the clock at noon and it may be study at times. umbrellas needed but best to do decorating indoors today. the heaviest stuff is by the shore. all saturday is the gray clouds and the rain. visibility is lowest towards our north down to less than half a mile up in mountain pocono, 6 mile in philadelphia and a little bit higher in south jersey. the only great part about this is temperatures are well above freezing everywhere.
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it's 44 in philadelphia, 44 in millville and we should probably hit 50 degrees. rain arrives by noon, 50 degrees for the high, 47 by 3:00. the good news is we clear out by sunday. we'll have a sunnier forecast in your sunday. >> we're following some breaking news this morning. out of the middle east. an american journalist in yemen has been killed. the sister of luke summer says federal agents delivered the news to the family. >> new this morning a crash on roosevelt boulevard leaves one person dead. this happened just after midnight. they are testing one of the drivers involved in the crash for possible drivers under the influence. >> just a few hours from now, funeral services will be held for three children. and this morning the family of a missing west chester university
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student. >> the 21 was least seen on thanksgiving eve. the latest on this search. >> reporter: you can see shane's picture on the window of kildaire's public where he last seen. now his family is hoping to spread out city wide. ahead of happy hour last night, family and friend put up new fliers with pictures on south street. dozens were posted on montgomery avenue. here's how his family says you can help find shane. if you were out the night before thanksgiving, check your selfies. maybe he's in the background of one of those pictures. the same face looking out from these fliers. >> his face is all over the place. i have it from main street to
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the main line to center city, to kensington, to temple's campus, to saint joe's to lasalle. it's pretty much everywhere you look. >> federal investigators are repeating their plea for people within the search area to turn in their footage as well. investigators will be working through the weekend. the rewards up to $40,000. karen, lauren back to you. >> protests continue throughout the country in opization to recent grand jury decisions about two police officers. this video from oakland, california where hundreds of people took to the street. they're upset over the decisions not to indict police officers involved in the death of michael brown and eric garner. >> the protest over recent grand jury decisions not to indict, most recently in new york city, the case of eric garner, and of
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course in ferguson. now al sharpton is organizing a march against police violence in washington, d.c. for next weekend. >> let's go to the nature of the protests because what i think is interesting is i've been following this on twitter and i'm watching we're having protests not just in philadelphia or missouri, washington, pittsburgh, they're spontaneous and what we're happening all over. now there's becoming an organized campaign saying we've got to elevate this discussion. we've got to get changes in a system that may not be treating people that need to be treated with more dignity, your thoughts on that. >> i think that's a great point and what we're missing with these protests is you see whites and blacks.
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effective coalition on every side of the color line that are coming together to say black lives do matter. all lives matter. but what we see in chicago, detroit, san francisco, here in philadelphia, is you see white antiracism trainers on the groun with the aclu. not just al sharpton, they talk about how police are killing back males and we can't deny what the obvious is. >> i agree it's not just al sharpton, it's also the mayor of new york who threw his police department under the bus yesterday. it's also the president of the united states who in every of these incidents took sides. you can't take sides. the side you must take is the side of right. and you find out what the side of right is when the process works. >> you just proved the point saying you can't take a side but then you said have you to take a side. i'm on the side of justice. >> i am, too. >> and justice tells me there's
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been an injustice in how you can lose your life because of a cigarette and because of cultural biases and because of white supremacy of some white cops and there are black cops in the department who maintain status quo and not coming forward. they have to feel something when they see someone that looks like them killed. and we should have the same outpouring concerned if it was black cops killing white males in our society. >> and should we not have the same concern over the black people killing black people by the hundreds in chicago, in l.a. >> that's the conversation that we need to have. but let's not use that conversation right now. the kwaefrtion right now is eric garner. the conversation right now is a 12-year-old with a pellet gun who gets killed in less than two seconds. the other conversation is definitely essential. the other conversation that can
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go on. but this man will not be able to experience christmas. that officer will be able to experience christmas, i'm calling for a federal investigation. i'm saying that we should have a special prosecutor and move it out of the hands of the local and the national -- >> i don't object to that. but if the federal prosecutor comes back with the same results, what then? i just want to ensure that this does not become a national anti-police cause. that would be terrible for this country. i said this to you off camera. guys like you and i can have an intellectual, fare conversation about this. but these politicians, who are using these incidents of these victims, whether they're black victims or white victims, for their own political advancement, is terrible and it's not solving the problem. >> that is the last word. it's a conversation we're all having. thank you both very much for
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your time. >> chad i look forward to hearing from you. >> i looked forward to hearing from you as well. >> use our hashtag #fox29weekend. >> so many tweets about this issue. eric garner was killed, no doubt, so wrong. but you can't hold the entire nypd responsible. and this week, i think if people fully cooperated with police when stopped, keep the conversation going. use the hashtag #fox29weekend. >> it's an issue that affects millions of children and adults. dyslexia. how one local student says technology turned his life around and he wants you to know about it. just when sixer fans are about to give up, the team gets their
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i'm superintendent michael chitworth with a video that is. [ bleep ] me off this week. this is sickening. a man who is caught on camera, kicking a woman carrying her three-month-old baby. he sneaks up behind her and
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dropkicks her. she falls to the ground, he steals her cell phone and takes off. this video truly makes me sick to my stomach. this guy was like an animal. this guy saw this woman walking with a three-month-old baby, talking on the phone, and he took every advantage of that. he stalked this woman. you see it in the camera. it's a violent, predatory act committed by a real slime ball. he's got no conscience, he's got no soul. in jail as long as they can keep him in there. that's my take. >> we're already getting comments on this one. dropkicking a mom with a child is cowardly. he must have been high off drugs. i don't feel safe at all out there. so whatever you think when you see a story, tweet us and give
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us your reaction. >> now it's on to your interactive weather. we're looking at the pocono mountains. look at that, is that snow out there? >> they're getting ready for the skiers. >> can you believe i've never been skiing before? >> you are kidding. >> fox 29 weekend show, we're doing it from -- >> we're all doing. >> you don't have an excuse. you're from this area. >> i well, i have to admit i probably haven't since i was in high school. it is a great time of year to head up to the pocono mountains. even in the poconos they'll be getting rain, tomorrow will be better but it will be colder. we're all about the activity here, i know you're probably going to be trapped inside later today or maybe looking forward to sunday. one of our followers asking about the eagles forecast for
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tomorrow. the good news is the weather is gone, it will be chilly and the winds will be gusting. that will affect the kicking game. 40 degrees the kickoff temperature with the seahawks in town. it will feel like it's in the 30s. ultimate doppler right now, we're in a break. we saw the rain last night, we'll see it again by afternoon. here it is back towards our west. a little bit of frozen stuff looks like it's mixing in, but that will not be the case for us. temperatures above freezing and well above freezing in many spots. 37 in bethlehem, 36 in allentown. mid 40s along 95, and into south jersey, already close to 50s in cape may. 50 with the washout weather today. rain this afternoon, rain tonight. tomorrow morning, the sunday is shining but it is windy and cooler. clouds return monday and this is ahead of what could be a pretty strong nor'easter that looks to
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bring mainly rain to philadelphia, chance of snow on wednesday so stay tuned as we go through the west of the weekend. >> your news now. four people are in the hospital following a stabbing on an amtrak train. a man on the train went on a stabbing rampage. the suspect is under arrest. investigators are trying to figure out what motivated that attack. and investigators in new jersey are still trying to peace together what happened in a shooting of a rapper. he is now in critical condition. karen? >> time for now one of our favorite segments at fox 29 weekend. we have one of our junior reporters. they find great stories. we got samantha crawford joining us from rider university right now. you have technology helping a
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boy. >> we have this boy battling dyslexia who has found aid with assistive technology. >> reporter: for cornell university freshman brian, it seems like a hopeless battle because of dyslexia. however with the help of assistive technology, that wish comes through. online libraries with accessible downloadable books. >> with book share, it reads what the computer, you can change what speed and change the voice. >> without the assistive technology, he really can't read much beyond like an upper elementary school level. but with the assistive technology, he can access anything that he wants to. >> reporter: 28% of the general population is enrolled in a four-year column only compared to 10% of those with learning
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disabilities. it's easy to say that brian is beating the odds with the use of assistive technology. many with many disabilities can climb the highest mountain. >> we're helping people to know what's possible and then to look at specific equipment, and see what's going to work best for them. we try things out for them, have them try it out and see what works. >> brian has created an online page in an effort to help and inform people with a wide range of disabilities about technology available to them. >> i saw the benefits of learning the technology so i wanted to get it out there for anybody to read. >> he really feels a tremendous investment in giving back so that other people cannot have to struggle and can see there are tools out there that can really help. >> there are lots of different types of equipment out there. it's nice to be able to see and try a lot of different kinds of equipment. that's why there are organizations like us set up so you can come see it, try it for yourself. >> that is so cool. so where is that located?
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>> that is located in new jersey, but they do offer assistance to everybody who is interested in kag them and trying out equipment. i think one thing they noted is that no one is alone. and everybody could relate to them and no one should be ashamed of anything they have. and there's so much out there that would not only make their lives easier but happier. >> we're going to put a blog on our website. >> so many people have been helped by it. >> thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> we appreciate it. >> there's a new game that has people addicted to their smart phones. coming up what you're going to want to download and play with your family. >> what's happening on social media? you guys are sending in your elves. this is my elf. oh, i love this one. this is sugar hangover.
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this is your elf. >> that's my niece's. >> this one. so cute. and this one thanks for sending this one in. oh, yeah. st. nicholas day. keep them coming. we love when you share with us. using our hashtag #fox29weekend. ♪ ♪
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a. >> so there's a numb new game that appears to be all the rage. first it was words with friend, then it was candy crush. >> the award winning game is called trivia crack and it has reached the number one spot in the itunes store. it's bright, it's colorful and it manages to keep players hooked. plus you can play with other people and submit your own questions. trivia crack was even trending on twitter this week. >> i find it amusing that all the high school students are addicted to trivia track but hate going to school. >> i loved trivial pursuit.
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>> >> they have a new game now, soda crush. >> talk amongst yourself. go get some coffee. >> and some water or something. hey, it happens. >> i need to get one of her cough drops. >> it's an easy way to give back this holiday season. use your uber app. they're making it simple to give to people in need. this is silent night. ♪ ♪
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pictures coming. >> time for interactive weather. i have so many things before it gets freezing outside. first we're going skiing and i need to go to an eagles game before it gets freezing cold outside. >> you've got tomorrow, you've got next week. >> lots to accomplish outside and i think a lot of you are trying to get a lot accomplished today. it's the first weekend in december, everyone getting into that holiday spirit but we do have wet weather that's going to keep you inside anything you want to do, do it now. a ton of rain will bring in our second round. it will start to move in by about the noon hour. there's still some mist, drizzle out there. we're not dealing with the falling rain just yet. some parts of the lehigh valley and the poconos. the showers coming in by about noon from west to east and maybe occasionally heavy and this is
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probably an all-daylight rain that will last through the evening. by the overnight hours the rain will move out. a lot of us below five miles and not bad we'll only see plain old rain, 44 right now in philadelphia. the rain moves out, we clear out, that will give we'll have that ahead. >> let's take a look at some of the other headlines right now. flames breaking out in an abandoned building. this is the 3,300 block of jasper street around 2:00 this morning. officials say there was an illegal hookup in the building. nobody was injured. >> it is that time to let it rip. this is when we take three big
8:31 am
stories, share your reactions and our guest has 30 seconds to let it rip. solomon jones joins us on skype. thousands of protesters crowded streets after a grand jury cleared a police officer in the choke hold death of an unarmed man. police atepted to arrest eric garner back in july for selling cigarettes. the officer was caught on video. garner could be heard on that video several times saying "i can't breathe" the medical examiner ruled his death a homicide. people have mixed emotions. why is it that people can put their hands up while protesting but not when a police officer tells them to do so. and every time i think about the eric garner case, i start crying. let it rip. >> eric garner case is a terrible case. it's a case in which a police officer, who had already had the
8:32 am
city sued twice based on his behavior towards african-american men was put back out on the street. i don't care what eric garner did. i don't care that he had been arrested before, i don't care that they stopped him. the fact of the matter is that selling loose cigarettes the last time i checked in america does not carry the death penalty. and he got the death penalty right there on the streets. they should continue to protest until justice is done. >> one high profile case to another. this one involving the grand jury verdict in the michael brown shooting case. charles barkley making headlines this week after a network interview when he says he agrees with the grand jury verdict in this case. but he also went on to say this, about the black community. we as black people, we have a lot of crooks. we can't just wait until something like the brown shooting happens. we have to look at ourselves in the mirror. there's a reason that they rationally profile us in the way they do. sometimes it is wrong and sometimes it is right.
8:33 am
again, a wide range of emotions on social media. let me guess, charles barkley said something incredibly stupid about how to black people are to blame for their lives and situations in the u.s. and there's this tweet, charles barkley is definitely entitled to his own opinion and anyone shaming him for that is unjust especially when he isn't correct. >> okay. so we're going to have to revoke your black card and you're not going to be invited to the black people barbecue. his comments are outrageous, at a time like this, when people have lost their lives, when emotions are raw, when people are angry. when people are hurt, if you don't have anything positive to say about the black community, please keep it to yourself. we don't have anymore crooks than anybody else, we don't kill each other any more than anybody else. i'm tired of us being blamed when we are in fact the victim in cases like these. >> lastly, we didn't think they could do it, but they did.
8:34 am
the 76ers first win of the season came on wednesday. the win came after losing 17 games straight. people have been tweeting about the sixers. you've went more tweets without an answer than the sixer had games without a win. let it rip. >> at this point, the sickers should be paying us to attend these games. they're 1 and 17. they should give everybody a free hot dog, everybody a free soda. if they're going to become a winning team they need to get a new strategy because they still have paying customers. you know what? we need to be proud of our team. we have a proud, winning twa dition and for them to be 1 and 17 and telling us we should be happy about it is outrageous. wake up. >> we've got to get back on the band wagon. thank you so much. you can check solomon jones out
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>> we're always having conversations back and forth. we got this tweet that came in
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from jerry williams saying i just caught let it rip. thanks for being you and stating the facts. great job. continue the conversation. good, bad the ugly. send your elf pictures as well. >> they're so cute and creative. >> parents are doing a great job or santa. >> can you tell us the story about the elf and the shelf because you're a mom. >> the elf is santa's helper who comes to check on the children to make sure they're behaving. and some will bring presents and gifts along the way. they're always doing something and they're always moving around and keeping reports and you can't touch it because it takes away the magic. >> can you take a picture of it? >> but only parents can see them? >> the kids can see the elves. >> today you can see them. a colorado couple got the
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surprise of their life. check this out, imagine anticipating a 27 pound baby girl. instead she turned out to be nearly twice as big, 13 pounds, 13 ounces, 22 inches when she was born. she was immediately flown to the hospital because she was suffering from low glucose levels and respiratory difficulties. she's since been stablized. >> a holiday present for federal employees, a decision president obama made that should make workers happier this evening. >> send in your requests, use the hashtag #fox29weekend. ♪ o holy night
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hi, i'm bruce gordon. this week philadelphia illuminated the holiday season with the annual lighting of the city's holiday tree. hundreds of families gathered at city hall to take in the sights and sounds of the season. that is, until demonstrators arrived. a large group filled the park to protest the decisions not to indict two white police officers for unrelated deaths of two unarmed black men.
8:46 am
one in ferguson, missouri. the other captured on video in new york city. the protesters brought the philly festivities to a screeching halt with the possible exception of a trio. the protests ruined the event, spoiled the festive mood. my take, i've got to tell you. i'm conflicked. i've got nothing whatsoever against protests and frankly here the broader issue here is absolutely worth debating. it's the manner in which these protests are carried out, the blocking of traffic and disrupting event are beginning to anger the public and turn off the very people whose minds you're trying to change. remember the occupy movement? a perfectly valid discussion of income and equality, buried beneath whole lot of obnoxious
8:47 am
behavior. who was impacted? the super rich? no. the regular folks. back to the tree lighting, i guess we should all feel grateful that this year's event was tense but at least not violent. last year, a bunch of folks celebrating the season of joy bumped into another folks celebrating a season of giving and an all out brawl broke out. only in philly. >> and we're following breaking news right now. one person is in the hospital after a crash on lincoln drive. this happened just before 8:00 on the bridge. we're working to find out more information. president obama gives a christmas present to federal employees. he signed an executive order making friday december 26th a federal holiday this year. that means most federal offices and agencies will be closed that
8:48 am
day and employees will get to enjoy a paid, four-day holiday weekend. >> i like they start that trend because maybe that will be something that will roll out in other corporations and companies and we can get that holiday inn years to come. >> we know it's raining, we know it's going to be a problem putting up the holiday lights or whatever we're doing. but, oh how pretty. gorgeous picture. >> everyone looks ready for the holiday. they certainly do outside our studio. so if you are in manayunk, you want beat the rain, the rain will return about news. looks like the rain holds off until noon but temperatures steady in into the rest of the day. ultimate doppler radar, all the precipitation back towards our north and west. we've got a lot of rain towards
8:49 am
north and central pa. frozen, sleet mixing in temperatures are well above freezing. 35 in the poconos, not the greatest ski day with the rain coming in, 37 in bethlehem, mid 40s as you head towards bucks and montgomery counties and just along 95 in the low 40s. it's 51 degrees in cape may. 50 today, unfortunately it's a washout. the steady rain this afternoon, tonight. we clear out quickly by sunday. you see a lot of sunshine but it is windy and chilly. winds gusting over 30 miles an hour at times. clouds return monday. tuesday and wednesday coastal storm looks to bring heavy rain and wind. >> we all know this, public bathrooms are not something people tend to like. but there's surprising facts
8:50 am
about them. karen? >> you're not surprising me but you're blowing me away with all of these amazing elves that you have, they're so creative. thank you. keep sending them in, because they're so many fun to continue to share. the elves keeping track of the kids in the greater delaware valley right now. i love this music. >> who's singing this one? >> i don't know. >> new edition. ♪ ♪ >> this is your tech byte from the tech tank. this morning we're going to give you three programs to save you some dollars this holiday season. one, open office darg. are you sick of paying a couple hundred drars for that. check out open office. they work just the same.
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two, we've been being you, use your antivirus software. avg is better than nothing and i suggest you load it up. and three, you ever hear these technology company doing these tune-ups. >> you don't need to surf the web in fear. >> down loud a copy of malwar bites. reach out to us on twitter. and we'll continue to chat.
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>> welcome back. thank you for joining us. do you recognize that face? that is little teddy joy, mike jerrick's grand daughter. he bought her a special advent calendar. we discussed this tweet, you guys from delaware county? >> we are. >> look who came in. >> thank you for joining us. where in delaware county? >> alden. >> you are a cutie. you're going to open our day 6. lauren is going to hold our
8:55 am
special calendar. can you open the day 6. what is it? thank you for helping us. do you see yourself on tv. you're 5, do you go to preschool or kindergarten? >> kindergarten. where do you go to kindergarten? >> have you seen santa yet? >> yes. >> what did you ask him for? >> a zoomer. >> we're getting a pet dog. >> oh, my goodness. all right miles. thank you for coming in. if you would like to be part of our good day family, our fox 29 weekend family and to open our calendar, just tweet us. thank you for coming in. we appreciate it. baby you're awesome. thank you so much. happy holidays! and we'll be right back.
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>> i'm jen frederick and this is alley. you know her from her baking blog baking a moment. she's so organized. santa claus is coming, these toys are crazy. you've done a great job organizing your life. >> when it gets to be close to christmastime, you've got to go through and purge and make room for the new stuff. >> i love this all color coordinated. and how much will they keep like this? >> um. >> i think once you have a good system set up, it's easy to maintain it. it's just getting it set up can
8:57 am
be tough. but at the end of every night before bedtime you have them pick up. >> so this is a great idea and it's very inviting. and lich to this. then santa doesn't know how many toys you have anyway. get organized before santa comes and all the new toys. i'm jen
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>> more allegations of abuse against bill cosby. the alleged victim claiming she repressed the memory. is that a valid argument? plus, holiday giving. sure you're probably shopping for your family and friends, but one local woman has a different kind of giving goal this season. get ready for the two screen experience.
9:00 am
and thank you for joining us once again. it's a little rainy out there. maybe it's raining on your head but we can all gather together around the tv and share our stories and our comments. thank you for doing that. i'm karen hepp. >> and i'm lauren johnson. funeral services for three children who police say were killed by their own mother. >> out in los angeles police were forced to shoot and kill a man in hollywood who was carrying a knife. but first we want to get to your interactive weather and a live look at the center city skyline. it's gray, it's gloomy, it's yucky outside. >> it is. but as we say this time of year, it could be snowing. it could always be worse. but especially this time of year, we know how much snow will snarl your plans we are seeing rain coming back in this afternoon. we'll deal with it the best we can. always tweet us using the hashtag #fox29weekend when you want to know your forecast for
9:01 am
the kwebd. slow moving cold front moving in rain across the northeast. for the most part it is just a plain old rain event. and most of that right now back towards the north and west as i mentioned you can see it kind of raining very lightly in the lehigh valley in the poconos here in philadelphia, nothing yet, just the mist and drizzle and fog. by about noon we'll be raining steadily in our western suburbs in the city, and later this afternoon down the shore. this is mainly an all day rain event. by 10:00 we're still seeing rain. after 10:00 and tonight we'll clear out. low visibility in the poconos, down to a half mile there. low back into lancaster where the rain is starting to move in. temperatures all above freezing. it's already 52 in wildwood. so warm air surging in with this rain. 50 degrees, it is unfortunately
9:02 am
just one of those gray, rainy days. the winds will pick up that will help dry us out. a sunny, chilly sunday ahead in your seven-day forecast. >> we are following some breaking niece this morning and this is very sad news out of the middle east. an american journalist being held by militants in yemen has been killed. he was killed during a failed rescue attempt. the white house released a statement condemning the murder. >> and the family of shane montgomery pushing the effort to find the missing 21-year-old. >> sabina with the latest. >> reporter: this is a really heartbreaking shot. shane's missing poster, now posting up alongsiitd holiday wreaths and christmas lights. he's been missing for more than a week and his family says your selfies may help in a search.
9:03 am
the family and friends took to the streets last night posting thousands of missing fliers city wide. they're trying to reach college age kids who may have been in and around manayunk when he was last seen. you may be able to help without even realizing it. >> what we're hoping for is people look at their cell phones and any selfies they took, any pictures they took, if they were anywhere on main street in thanksgiving eve, maybe shane was in the background. we're trying to get a timeline of where he was, at what specific time. and the only way we're going to do that is with the public's help. >> and back here live, that's a surveillance camera in front of the public where shane was last seen. and investigators have been through that video but they're still asking anybody to in the
9:04 am
general area to help in their security footage. let's take a look here at the poster. you can they have upped the reward for any reliable information in this search to $40,000. so far, investigators say they have no leads. then on twitter people are using the hashtag to help find shane to spread the word. karen and lauren back to you. >> investigators in new jersey are still trying to piece together what happened in the shooter of a rapper. he was shot outside of his home. his attorney says he is resting comfortably in the hospital in critical condition. >> funeral services will be held for three children killed by their mother in a murder suicide. >> our cover story this hour, a lawsuit filed against bill cosby. this is a 55-year-old woman who is claiming she was 15 when this
9:05 am
all happened. the statute of limitations is long up. what makes this one interesting is there's a special provision in california which allows lawsuits to proceed if the victim has a repressed memory. to discuss this one right now, we've got a psychologist and attorney amy feldman. thank you for joining us. let me get right into this one. repressed memories, a lot of us have questions about this one. is there some truth to this or what do you think about someone coming up with a claim of having a repressed memory? >> well, repressed memories are one of the most discussed topics in psychology. it's interesting because 80% of clinicians actually believe in repressed memories. while only 30% of research-based psychology actually believes in the validity of repressed memories so it's something we're trying to work out from a clinical standpoint as well as
9:06 am
from a research standpoint. >> we got this tweet, someone give me an example of a case of repressed memory. amy, what do you know about that? >> the issue of repressed memory is generally it happens when there's been a series of abuses, behavior. so the particular memory or the details remain buried of any particular incident. in general, there hasn't been a whole lot of cause law that has involved -- case law that has involved a single alleged incident of abuse where the victim completely repressed the memory unless the victim was a very young child. and in those types of cases actually there's been a huge question, not so much about whether the memory was repressed or not repressed, but whether it existed at all or whether it had been created by the questioning of the person, either the
9:07 am
therapist or the lawyer. how much is not repressed memory or created memory. this is a different situation, because you're not talking about a child, in a child sexual abuse case, who may or may not have been subjected to the form of questioning that would implant a memory. but in fact to a dean ager or a person who is old enough to have visited the playboy mansion, who is now claiming that she doesn't remember the details or didn't until within the last three years in order to meet the statute of limitations. and that's a very difficult case to prove. >> a lot of people are scratching their heads and it's an issue of credibility. do we believe this. we have acomment from twitter, i'm sorry all this repressed memory and all these high profile lawsuits. i don't believe it. money hungry. amy, your response? >> my response is there's a lot of good reasons why we have statute of limitations and that's the limit of time in
9:08 am
which you can bring a claim. the idea is, after a certain period of time, evidence is stale, memories are stale. while it is true that sometimes something can spark a memory, i think the big issue of credibility is not going to be was there a memory so deeply implanted you didn't remember it until now, but there's a media circus around this case that it suddenly seems profitable to bring a case, whether or not you're using this in order to get around a statute of limitations. the question is not for now whether or not such conduct happened. the question is, is the case too old to be brought. and that's going to be a major issue in this case. >> doctor, what do you think about this whole notion of the repressed memory in this case. does it pass the smell test for you? >> i totally agree with amy. the american psychological association, their stance is repressed memories, their
9:09 am
authenticity is uncertain unless there is corroborating information. so we have to be careful about the weight we put on repressed memory particularly in a court of law. we also want to be concerned because memory in general is dweable. look at eyewitness testimony is notoriously erroneous. there has to be other evidence to support the memory. >> thank you so much. we appreciate both of your time. thank you. and of course, we want to know what you think about all this notion of repressed memories in connection with this case. a lot of you have been tweeting about it. you can tweet it right now, use our hashtag #fox29weekend. >> a los angeles police department opens an investigation today into now have those claims -- into those claims. she met with detectivives yesterday for 90 minutes before police opened the investigation. >> it's the season of giving, but one local woman is giving back to her community in a
9:10 am
really special way. how you can be a part of her campaign to help the homeless. plus, are you starting to feel the winter blues? it
9:11 am
9:12 am
skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? ♪ skippy!! ♪ yippee!! i'm bored. hashtag bored. skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!! ♪ >> police shoot and kill a man in hollywood. they say there was a man with a
9:13 am
knife. officials say as police tried to approach him, some situation happened, an officer was forced to fire his gun. the investigation continues. and protests continue throughout the country in opposition to recent grand jury decision about two police officers. this video from oakland, california, where hundreds of people took to the streets. they're upset over the decisions not to indict police officers involved in the deaths of michael brown in ferguson, missouri and eric garner in new york city. >> our eye on the sky, let's take a look outside. beautiful picture in the pocono mountains. they might get some drizzly sleety mix or probably just rain? >> probably just rain everywhere. a chance for snow flakes would best be up in the poconos. we love getting viewer photos from you. #fox29weekend, and here is one where you can actually see a few rays of sunshine peeking through.
9:14 am
it certainly looks nice. we do unfortunately have more rain moving in as we go through the rest of this morning. and we've had a lull, we saw the rain come in. last night, we've got a little bit of a break this morning if you want to head out and get some things done. now is the best time. ultimate doppler, mainly off towards our west. most of that rain across central and western pennsylvania. temperatures well above freezing just about everywhere. we aren't looking at any snow or frozen mixing in. it's 45 in bensalem and in in south jersey 51 in cape may. eagles forecast tomorrow. it looks a lot better outside. it will be very chilly and winds gusting over 30 miles an hour at times means the 40 degrees feels even cooler at kickoff.
9:15 am
seven-day forecast, 50 degrees today, the afternoon is a washout. sunny and windy, 42. clouds are back and as early as monday night we can start to see some rain. it looks like we're going to have to gear up for a nor'easter this week. tuesday and wednesday, a slow moving storm looking to bring mainly rain to philadelphia, but snow mixing in north and west and especially on the back side of that storm on wednesday, even a shot here in the city to see some snow. probably a lot of wind, especially along the coast. more on that to come right back here at 8:00 a.m. when we join you on fox 29 weekend for sunday morning. eagles fans are ancient -- anxiously waiting for tomorrow's big games against the seahawks. will our eagles fly away with the win tomorrow? let's bring in our experts in on this one. good morning guy. >> good morning. >> what do you think?
9:16 am
>> i think that the seahawks won the super bowl last year. and it's going to be a tough game. but we know this. the cowboys won on thursday. the eagles need to keep pace. three games left. it doesn't matter which games to win the nfc east. i don't know if it's a must-win but it would make me feel a lot better that you get the win. >> again, the ides of the nfl are upon us. i love the eagles offense. i really do. i mean, the eagles are perfect at home this year. they won ten straight regular season games. i like the eagles chance this is weekend but i want to calm everybody down. no matter what happens this weekend, the eagles are still winning the division and the cowboy fans already on the outside looking in. >> think they of seattle as the fish mongers up there. have you guys been practicing some of this? >> when i go on vacation, i have
9:17 am
to go to a warm climate. so therefore i don't think i'll ever end up in seattle unless business takes me up there. so i said john, i've always wanted to toss around a big fish. we did this wednesday this week. i got an eight-pound, 32-inch blue fish from the italian market. let me tell you something, that thing stunk. i got to give all the love in the world to the people who handle fish for a living. >> you take a look at the video. >> i picked him up from the italian market this morning, and by goodness, he stink. >> you haven't taken a bath in quite some time, right? >> we're going to do the egg toss first. you know how it works. throw the egg, take a step back.
9:18 am
whoever drops it has to kiss the fish. it's that easy. >> not good. i won't have a job if i move out to seattle. >> the fish stinks from the head. >> it stunk all over. we had gloves on and literally we took the gloves off and it still smelled. >> thank you for your fun. you always bring something to the table. we appreciate it. we know certainly our eagles will bring something to the table tomorrow. thanks for your time and have a great day. >> see ya. what do you think about our birds' chances? you can use our hashtag
9:19 am
#fox29weekend. >> coming up, how the uber app is making it simple to give to those in need. >> what's going on in social media? >> the elves have been up to something or another. >> time now for knocking the kinks. >> this is kevin from media and i saw your comments about the flyers. >> the eagles. they're the only thing in town right now. but the flyers are quietly taking their season down the
9:20 am
drain. the chairman criticized some of his players in the last few days for not stepping up their game. maybe the organization has vastly overrated their players. maybe they are just not a playoff team this year. >> i think it's a little early to be given up on the flyers season, don't you? we've got 45 games left to play. >> it's not early for me, kevin. because i'm going to tell you why. i don't know that i can take watching this team that can't score for 45 more games. i think it's pretty obvious and this is what i'm trying to help you with, genius. it's pretty obvious this team is not a good hockey team. when you're at a level similar to the buffalo sabers in the nfl, you are a bad hockey team. you can keep trying. keep trying and i'll talk to you next week.
9:21 am
>> now it's your chance to knock the king, take him on. make a quick video, post it on facebook or twitter, instagram, any place you want use our hashtag #fox29weekend or call our phone number. we'll also put that on our website. go ahead, knock the king. also we have a lot more music coming up this morning. a little luther this morning. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> our sixers, one game winning streak, it's over. 103-91, we're now 1 and 18. >> we got a one though. >> that's all that matters. >> so caitlin and i are playing on our phones because uber is doing something cool today. they're teaming up with cradles to crayons. >> i'm a big fan of uber and they will be collecting winter wear today from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and you can help out with just a click of the button. uber will come to pick up your donation for free. so coats for newborns, up to
9:25 am
small adult sizes they're all needed. we were just doing it on our phone just as you would select a black car or uber x on the bottom there, you go to donate there. >> and it shows you the cars there are there. >> it's cool. >> and it makes it easy, right? >> so you don't have to pack it up, drop it off. >> anything to make donating easier. that's great. >> speaking of giving, there's a local woman finding yet another way to give back. coming up, her online campaign to help the homeless in our city and what you can do to take part in this one. and let's see some more of your pictures sending in right now. so many good ones. thank you for sending in your
9:26 am
pictures. weep them coming. >> keep them coming. we're going to keep playing your holiday tunes.
9:27 am
9:28 am
zbl a look at your headlines. four people are in a hospital
9:29 am
following a stabbing on an amtrak train. police say there was a man on a train who went on a stabbing rampage. the suspect is under arrest and investigators are trying to figure out what motivated that attack. we've had a crash on the roosevelt boulevard that has killed one person. what a deadly stretch of road once again this all happened near midnight. police say they are testing one of the drivers involved in the cash for possible dui. >> it's that time again, we have to check in with caitlin for your interactive weather. it looks like it's dry outside right now. >> as we take a view of the airport right now, i think you're fine, we do have fog, but it's not too bad. we saw the rain come in last night, this is our break time. the rain will be back later this afternoon. unfortunately kind of a washout saturday, but good to stay in maybe catch up on the movies or do some indoor decorating for the holiday. we have the rain back towards
9:30 am
our north and west. fox future cast shows by sunday we'll see things clear out. it will be brighter by sunday and i think even a much nicer day there too. ultimate doppler, there's still a lot of rain along this slow moving cold front back towards our west, you can see it moving into central parts of pennsylvania and that becomes snow the further up into new england that you go and eastern maine. most of us seeing rain. still dry here in philadelphia, but we've got the mist around, the damp weather hanging on and those showers in central pennsylvania just rain. starting to move into south jersey, delaware, rain continues into evening. maybe a few wet snow flakes, otherwise it's just rain by 10:00 it's still going on. overnight you'll see a difference. the rain moves out, we slowly clear out. that helps dry things up quickly and we'll see some improvement.
9:31 am
temperatures well above freezing everywhere. 47 millville, already 52 in wildwood. your fox cast for today, gray skies, rain returning in the afternoon. it is a mild day despite the rain. 36 is the low tonight, turning windy and drying out. we'll have the rest of your seven day forecast ahead in about 15 minutes. >> this holiday season, millions of americans will go to the mall or shop online for the perfect gift for their loved ones. but one woman is embarking on another kind of campaign. kate rogers showed me the go fund me campaign you see behind me. the goal to raise money for people in philadelphia who have need. people have have donated some great comments so far. i'm so happy you organized this. it's a wonderful feeling to help those in despair. you are doing something wonderful. keep it up, girl. and megan said kate, it's wonderful what you're doing. you have such a big heart. i'm so proud of you.
9:32 am
joining us via skype today to talk about her campaign, kate rogers. talk about what motivated to you do this. >> hi, good morning. i started working in center city in june and just walking down the streets i realized the population of the homeless people is so overwhelming. they wouldn't even approach you and beg for anything. they kind of kept to themselves and sat in a corner waiting for you to give them something. so i went home and did some research and found out that 27% of philadelphia, which is the city i've grown to live, i grew up in it, i realized that 27% of philadelphia is in the poverty rate. and over 15,000 families are homeless. so i decided to make this go-fund-me page, and i decided to put my cause online and give it a shot. i actually had a crazy response,
9:33 am
people started donating left and right. i had multiple people come to my house with blankets, gloves, hats, scarves, everything you can imagine and it's still continuing to grow and i'm so blessed to have all these people donating this great money. >> let me ask you a question. sometimes we have to play devil's advocate. some people are completely numb to the idea of giving things to the homeless because they've had people take their money and buy other things. >> i people with people having a different perspective on it. i was like that before myself before i started working in center city and just a couple of weeks ago, i got to meet this great couple, mike and tracy, who are homeless living on 8th and market right now. and over the past couple of weeks i've been great friends with them and they've given me a lot of insight on stereotypes of homeless people. most people pass them thinking that they're on the streets for some bad reason.
9:34 am
and most of the time it's not that, actually 40% of homeless people are vets and 33% of homeless women are abused or running away from domestic violence relationships. so as i got to know them, i kind of decided to reach out to other homeless people and i got their stories as well. and to those people that really stereo type them, it breaks my heart. if people were to give them a chance, they would realize these are people too and they need help as much as we do. >> for someone who feels as strongly as you do and they want to help, what's this money being used for? >> so the money will be used for multiple things. i'm making these things called blessing bags. and what the blessing bag consists of are ideas that i've actually gathered from homeless people that i've encountered. hand warmers, a pair of gloves, two pairs of socks, a notepad
9:35 am
and a pen, tissues, a candy bar, crackers or granola, some kind of food they can keep, a water bottle, chap stick, hand sanitizer and more things i'm going to see what i can add to the bags and also i'm giving out blankets and jackets as well. >> so you're not just giving them money. you're giving them actual things they can use this winter. >> correct. >> tell people where they can find your page? >> you can go on homeless. >> if you have any ideas for other things that could go in the bag or if you want to contact kate, you can reach out to us on our social media sites use that hashtag #fox29weekend. >> public restrooms, not exactly something we like to use. but there's some surprising new information about why you may not have to fear using one the
9:36 am
next time you need to go and do your business. >> check t this out. >> look at this cute little guy. thank you for sending that one in. is the best. i don't have to leave my desk and get up and go to the post office anymore. [ male announcer ] with you can print real u.s. postage for all your letters and packages. i have exactly the amount of postage i need, the instant i need it. can you print only stamps? no...
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public bathrooms, they may be as clean as the one in your own home. >> no. >> this truly is news. >> i don't know. but researchers studied the bacteria in four public rest rooms. first they sterilized them and then tracked them over an eight-week period. overall the virus to bacteria ratio was lower than expecting. they do not support bacterial growth for long periods of time. what do you guys think? >> well, have you seen my bathrooms. i actually believe this. there is no love loss for public
9:40 am
restrooms. >> oh, my god, i can't stand public restrooms. understandable. and if i'm good anything it's getting my foot up really high to flush the toilet because there's no way i'm using my hand. i do the exact same thing. a lot of people have the phobia. the point is a lot of them are cleaned so regularly. >> hover. >> yes, i know. >> all right. this is one community we've been telling you about. another update on this one. embracing the so-called charlie brown christmas tree. did you see this? >> so we'll have some more on
9:41 am
that. but first, here's dr. mike. >> as the days get shorter, are you starting to get depressed? well, you're not alone. many people suffer from a condition known as seasonal affective disorder. this causes depression, starts in the fall and ends in the spring. has to do with the amount of sunlight affecting melatonin and serotonin in your brain. best thing to do, if it's really bothering you, see a doctor and talk about getting a light source. more research is finding that if you're sitting at your desk all day long, you're increasing your risk of getting obese and even increasing your risk of heart attack and stroke. many researchers are now advocating that you stand at what we call a stand-up desk. this is what you need to do. think about it. talk to your boss.
9:42 am
with more women becoming ceo's, new research indicates that many of them are becoming depressed. why? because this new role that they have encompasses more hours at work and more interactions with people that perceive them in different ways. it's a challenge that needs more study. i'm dr. mike. have a great weekend.
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i'm jeff cole. i'm time for fox unfiltered where we answer your complaints and comments right here on the air. this week we have a little fun. we do things a bit differently. we're going to have ank ors and reporters respond directly to you. sam wrote tell mike to put on a tie tomorrow. chris and bob wear a tie. tell me why mike is so special to wear anything he wants. he's got a point. >> sam, i have a tie on today. not every day. sometimes i feel like a tie, sometimes i don't. how about this, bob and chris, take your ties off? be a rebel. come on, make a stand. >> i think you're missing the point. speaking of ties, who picks your outfits so your dresses match ian's ties? >> you guys do seem to match a
9:46 am
lot. >> can you turn around for a second. our boss is saying viewers will appreciate it. >> i've got to keep like 100 ties at work and find out what she's wearing and match with that. >> and then there's this. we thought everyone loved bob kelly's folksy style. >> really? please remove conchy from the v vocabulary. >> are you going to pass on conchy? >> i dare you to walk down a street and not have somebody say it to you. but i'm going to make you a deal. i'll avoid saying those words with mike wears a tie.
9:47 am
>> so it appears our viewers on on to us. it's the holiday season. so often we have our reporters do shopping stories. >> how much sleep do you get? >> a couple of hours. >> are you driving on top of it? >> yeah. >> great mom. >> our favorite. our viewers agree apparently for different reasons. so can key lie going to insult black friday again this year? shopping at k-mart and look at this bonus and katy doesn't seem to know steve, but likes him. who's the interviewer? steve, you don't make fun of shoppers, do you? >> one year we had a guy sleep out for 20 pounds of pedigree dog food i said you can get that any day. so how do you not insult people like that? the guy was good natured. but this year, the only bad
9:48 am
stuff we saw were people buying 60-inch flat screens and trying to jam them into a little car. they bought bigger than they could carry. and finally a viewer with a very inciteful tweet about me. i really enjoy fox unfiltered. please continue this segment. it's good stuff. thanks todd, i could not agree more. i forwarded your tweet to my boss, my boss's boss and even to rupert murdoch. if you have something nice you want to say about me just write us here, or use facebook or twitter or instagram. we take it all and we'll see you next week. i'm jeff cole. >> we're following some breaking news. a plane bound for philadelphia from israel makes an emergency landing in rome. reports say more than a dozen people were taken off the u.s. airways flight because they were sick with red eyes and vomiting. officials say a malfunction in the ventilation system could be
9:49 am
to blame. >> let's get a check of your weather as you are planning your day. >> final check of your forecast on this dreary saturday morning. a live look outside with a lot of clouds, haze, and more rain on the way. p most of the afternoon and this evening, unfortunately, looks to be a washout. a lot of rain moving through portions of the midwest and into the northeast. even seeing some snow up in central maine, upstate new york but that's pretty far north. we are just looking at rain moving in. that pink indicating a little bit of a frozen mix mainly towards our west. some showers starting to move into our area. the light rain will continue probably through the rest of the day. high temperature 50 degrees. so at least we have the milder weather. steady rain by afternoon and winds shifting from south to north. they will increase later tonight. by tomorrow you wake up, it's a total difference. the sun is shining, a beautiful looking sunday. you've got to dress for this weather.
9:50 am
it will be very chilly. kickoff temperature 40 degrees but with the winds gusting over 30 miles an hour it will feel colder. it should be a good game no matter what. seven-day forecast. 50 degrees on this washout on saturday. improvement on sunday, windy 42. clouds return monday maybe seeing rain or light snow flakes as early as monday night. because it does look like a strong coastal storm will impact the areas tuesday and wednesday. this is one of those long-lived nor'easters, it looks to bring heavy rain and a lot of wind to the coast and to the city. that would be a better chance for snow the further north and west you go. you want to stay tuned to fox 29 weekend tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. we'll have an update on that and we'll clear out by the rest of the week. >> this story is funny to me. a big celebration happening today as people who live there continue to embrace the town's charlie brown tree. the tree originally caused a
9:51 am
slight uproar because of its appearance. the people have had a change of heart. tonight there will be a rededication ceremony for that tree. >> hey everybody. i'm mike jerrick. >> and i'm alex holly and this is the trend. >> can you believe that old music video for gangnam style, back in a big way. almost broke youtube. ♪ ♪ >> you want to ride over to ryan? >> let's bring in web producer. >> this is way over the limit. they had to shut it down. they made some changes. now the maximum limit is more than 9 quinn tillon.
9:52 am
>> one of my favorite videos is mariah carey's all i want for christmas is you. let me play the original music video. ♪ i just want you for my own ♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪ >> here's her singing that exact same song this week live. ♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪ >> i don't know. it sounded pretty good to me. again she was live. she was going to tape it about three hours earlier, but
9:53 am
apparently tmz says she was stuck in her divorce attorney's office. >> she did tweet out an apology. she says the circumstances were beyond her control. and that is a look at the trend for this week. >> tell you what. let's make a date f
9:54 am
9:55 am
tomorrow on fox 29 weekend,
9:56 am
a controversial billboard as atheists what christians say. plus, are you feeling the stress? we have five tips to help you cope. join us tomorrow at 8:00 right here on fox 29. >> this one from my facebook. thanks for this one. this is buddy mccoy. look how much fun this one is. >> so cute. we love all of the fun christmas elves. >> very nice. very cute. >> so it's a little special day for us here on fox 29 weekend. this weekend we are going to pay a little tribute to someone who is special on our team. it's jade, our intern. >> come on, jade!
9:57 am
>> yay! >> this is our entire staff, in case you were wondering. all of it is done, and jade is our force behind it. she is our very first and probably best ever intern. >> she's absolutely the best ever intern. >> she's a july. >> it's her last weekend here with us, which we're sad about but you are staying on fox 29. and this will be your last semester that you're going on in temple. >> thank you, jade. >> jade is so talented, we've hired you. >> yeah. >> this is just a little something to us from you because you wanted to thank you for all your hard work. >> and it's really hard work, including going outside putting money in the meter. because we're too lazy to go out there and do it ourselves. >> thank you jade. open your card. and thank you for watching and
9:58 am
thank you for sending your pictures. of course we're going to have so much more fun tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? ♪ skippy!! ♪ yippee!! i'm bored. hashtag bored. skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!! ♪
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