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tv   Fox29 Weekend  FOX  December 7, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EST

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we have both sides of this debate. plus, are you feeling the holiday stress? i certainly many. but we've got five tips to help you cope. grab your smartphone, your laptop or your tablet. let's get interactive. your news, your neighborhood, life and interactive. this is fox 29 weekend. and good morning from old city, philadelphia, welcome to fox 29 weekend. it is sunday, it is a date that will live in in fin i, thanks for joinings, i'm karen hepp. we have so much to get to to
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this morning; a story we're tracking by rolling stone magazine apologizing for it's ' profile on an alleged campus. let's get to the interactive weather. it's not as wet, damp and dreary. >> we lost the rain, but that was an all day washout on saturday. still a few clouds around, but that will give a lot more sunshine today. just a few clouds hanging on. we do have a coastal advisory. there is for ocean county, cape may county, atlantic and this is through high tied about 9:00 a.m. this morning, a little later for the back bays. always looking forward, we have a coastal flood watch out for the same area, including interior parts of south jersey. this is along the delaware bay. this is for the next round of rain coming in for tuesday. let's deal with today.
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we do have the cold and the wind. temperatures right now a lot chillier than yesterday morning. 25 in the poconos, 35 pottstown, as well as down in dover. those winds are already gusting. mount pocono 35-mile an hour wind gust and we'll have this wind all day long. if you are skiing up in the mountains, you are going to be batting that. it feels like 10 degrees in the poconos, 26 trenton and 27 in millville. for today we should hit 25-degrees, wit feel more like inter. 45-degrees for the high temperature. by kickoff down at the link, 42-degrees, winds a little bit less. when you're sitting in that stadium it's going to feel even colder. 45-degrees today, but we have the bright sunshine. the clouds do increase on monday that keeps it a little bit cooler in the upper 30s and even by late as monday night or as early as monday night, i should
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say, the rain showers or this will bring rain, but heavy rain. a lot like yesterday, but it could be even heavier with a lot of wind. snow on the back side of that wednesday and then we dry out and look at cold weather forth rest of the week. > the reward for information leading to the discovery for a man missing since thank giving eave has jumped to $50,000. shane montgomery has been last seen leaving kill dares. his family will be handing out flyers at the eagles game asking for any information. rolling stone magazine has issued a big apology. the bombshell article was called a rape on campus telling the story of a woman identified only as jackie who says she was gang raped at a fraternity party. rolling stone has issued a retraction this weekend and twitter exploded. here's part of their statement.
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there now appears to be disscrapies in jackie's account and we have come to the conclusion that our trust in her was misplaced and regret the decision to not contact the alleged assault others to get their account. the fraternity in question, phi kappa sigh is now under police investigation. it released a statement questioning some of the key facts. to talk by all of this right now, by skype, temple university and also a media colonies for the washington times, chris harper. good morning to you. i want to get into some of the tweet that people put out there, critics blasting, others saying the story was flawed and it's about time they had this retraction. the obvious retraction by rolling stones magazine is exactly why more rape survivers do not tell their stories. do you think that is going to lead to skepticism on college campuses.
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>> i think it will have an affect with people coming forward. what happened here was journal list many 101. the editor didn't do her job. instead of throwing the source under the bus, it should have detailed the failings of its reporter. alex says the focus here needs to be rolling stone blew it and not that rape victims are probably flyers. what went wrong here? why was this flawed reporting. >> first of all, the roar determined that she was going to do a story about rape on campus. she went rape shopping. she visited harvard, yale, princeton, university of pennsylvania and then she decided that the university of virginia would be the place to go, southern tied to thomas jefferson and so she didn't let the facts stand in the way of the story. then she granted in them knit to am of support players and she didn't and probably most importantly didn't talk to the people who were accused of rape
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by her source. you always have to get the other side of the story. that's sort of journal list many one on one. if someone is making the accusation you have to get a comment of someone who has been accused in the scenario. >> you're right. it's in every ethics code out there with respect to journalists. the first thing you have to do after you get the information is to check out the information and then the second thing is to get comment from anyone who has been accused. if that person chooses to say i don't want to comment, that's fine. but you have to seek that information. > well, how about this on all of this, eric tweeted out there to phi kappa sigh for the kappa sigh whichization of the rolling stone. what are the legal ramifications? do we think it's going to be a big lawsuit. >> i think it's going to be particularly difficult. there's an an attorney, eugene bocker from ucla who has problems in terms of looking at
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liable for this because it's too large a body of people from the fraternity. it's a large class of people. if someone can say, okay, that describes me, then there's a possibility of liable and defamation. but it's going to be a tough case to prove. > we reel aappreciate your time and your perspective because this has become a big case with lot of different moving angels. so thanks for your insight. >> thanks so much, karen. > also, let us know what you think about this. this morning, hundreds of thousands of people in shelters in the philippines after a follow powerful typhoon moved through the country. the storm knocked out pour and knocked over trees, but the country appears to have been spared from some major damage. > today is december 7, there will be memorials all over the country and certainly in our
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area for the attack on pearl harbor. brad is life at the battleship new jersey. 73 year, this is the 73rd anniversary since the attack on pearl harbor. we had a few minutes ago hundreds of boy scouts taking part in the ceremony underway. they went below for the time being. the boy scouts coming from as far away from virginia. what is happening here is a memorial root ceremony going on here at the fan tail, the back end of the ship. the speaker is walt irvin. retired us navy. this ship here is america's most dining rated battleship. it was launched to the day one day to the attack by the japanese navy. it sunk all us navy battleships and killed or injured over 3500 americans, launching of course, america into world war ii. as i mentioned here speaking here is cap pain walt urban.
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we spoke to him a few minutes about the importance of remembering this day 73 years ago. the message i think is unpreparedness and underestimating your potential adversaries. i mean we basically underestimated the japanese capabilities and their intents and unfortunately we paid a deer price for that. > of course we're losing a lot of those sailors. average age 17 back then which would put us to 90 now. this is a brief ceremony going on for about 30 minutes here. > thank you, brad. >> here in philadelphia we're going to talk with one of the people we certainly know. why does social media below up any time he does anything. the reasons he he's so big in the hiphop community. that story is coming up next.
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heart break, researchers now say a bad relationship can literally break your heart. and if cupid has ever let you down you think may the study sounds pretty silly. the national institute of health funded brand new research published in the journal of health and social behavior. researchers studied heart health h of people in their golden years and compared it to their relationships. they found out bad relationships made for bad live. it seems like commonsense, sense over time takes a toll. even if this study seems silly, our doctor mike says if things aren't going well with your spouse, you need to fix it fast. the number one thing to do if you're in a bad relationship is try to make it better.
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what you need to do is get marriage counseling, really put a lot of time and energy into that relationship. it's quite clear that a good, long term relationship will keep you living as long as you possibly can. you got to love doctor
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> i'm chef brian hear monday in the king of prussia mall and this is your fox food by the.
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today i'm going to make for you our jalapeno saws. it's a white wine reduction. today we are featuring it on a grilled sword fish. one ounce of butter. while the butter is melting we want to have the ingredients ready. we don't use oil, we use butter so we don't want it to brown. we use chopped onions, two tablespoons of minuted garlic and black pepper. you want to cook this until the onions are translucent. you have to keep your flame on low, your heat on low. we add our one once of freshed squeezed lime juice. turn the heat up a little bit here. you want to keep on whisking it. we are ready for our one cup of white wine. it should look like a glaze that
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will start to darken up and thicken up a little bit. it's very important to stand over it and make sure you keep an eye on it so it doesn't reduce all the way. if it evaporates you have to start over. from here it should take two to three minutes before we add our cream. you can see the color darkening up and it's becoming a glaze and we add our heavy cream. as we add our heavy cream it's very important to keep stirring it. you want to turn it down immediately so your cream doesn't begin to boil. you definitely don't want it to burn. once you have the cream, it should take no more and minute before you're read definitely at this point we're going to turn the flame off. we have just under a pound of butter. you want to add it all about an ounce at a time. with the flame off, the butter should melt and it will be a slow process. you'll see the saws thicken as you begin to add the butter. you can see the cream i smooth texture come together.
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the saws is ready for the next step. strain it through the mesh strainerment you'll see the onions, really all you want to pass through is the butt ariosos. we are going to add ariosos salt. everyone has a different flavor. a quarter cup of fresh jalapeno. a quarter cup of fresh tomato. whisk it altogether. the last few ingredients are not part of the traditional ingredients. that's our twist on it that we're going to feature today. go ahead and label one to two ounces on top. the creamery white wine reduction is beautiful. you get blight of everything, some spice from the jalapeno and then of course you have a little bit of wine and the butter.
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i'm chef ryan already raid owe from the new pan teen in the king of prussia mall. this has been your food by the. > yum. it is a game day and we are asking for your eagles decorations and you've already come true. would you look at the foot gall on the christmas tree. let's make it mere i christmas. thank you for that one. absolutely wonderful. and al, you got every single thing. number one fan, fox 29 weekend, go eagles. lauren. philly hiphop star meek million out of prison. the entertainer whose reel name is robin williams who served five months for parole on a drug case. people in philly are absolutely passionate about this artist. any time he does anything people go crazy. guess i'm out of the loop i didn't even know he was locked up. is this even news? vincent wrote who cares about if you don't like his music,s a a human
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who did his time and like you has family and friends that want him home. why are there so many opinions from this rapper? >> nina, first off, what's the big deal over meek million, is it because he's home groan and everyone loves him? >> that and the fact that he's an awesome rapper. this is a kid who grew up in north philly and he's that story that we want to hear. he made it out of the ghetto and he made it. he's a success story and people want to believe in him. they want to believe in him. he represents hope. david wrote he's big in the hiphop world, as you just said nina. he has his ross, but he's done his time. he gives back to his community and pays a lot of taxes. that's positive perspective. should people go easy on him? people are not too easy. he has the difficult job of moving through the system and still having a successful rap
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career. he has a lot of traveling to do in order for him to be successful. i think people need to consider that he has a lot going on and i think he needs to do a better job of managing his legal responsibilities in addition to his career. one last comment from catherine, she writes children are starving, people who are home less, but someone who committed a crime breaking news, oh, i forgot, he's a celebrity. your response to that. >> it is breaking news because this is a guy and everyone was anticipating his album. a the lot of people wanted to hear he had to bring. he was very successful the first time around and all of a united states sen he went to jail. a the look of people were upset to that. it may not be a lot of news for some people, but to the people who believe in him they want to see him win. > what do we expect from him now that he's out? >> i'm thinking that he needs to
8:20 am
do a better job of communicating with the legal system. i am expecting that he probably has a strong mentoring system around him. a lot of people telling him how he moves forward. his original probation has now been reinstated, the five years. so moving forward i think he's going to continue to concentrate on the music. he had the album, dreams more than nightmares that was put on hold. i'm sure he's going to have to figure out when he's releasing that and how his travel restrictions play into that. he can't leave philly until he completes his community service and his anger management program. he's going to have to figure out how to promote this album, how to continue his career and also satisfy what judge brinkly and what his probation officers need from him legally. there might be some meek mill sights around philly in the next few months. >> especially since he's doing community service now. > good to chat with you. >> thank you for having me.
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have a great day. > you can find all this information on our social media sites. if you have any comment or anything else about meek mill leave us a comment with your hashtag 29. >> the royal as are coming, the duke and duchess of cambridge will be spending a couple of days in our country. will and kate will be up in new york today. this is the first time they have gone to new york city. tomorrow prince william will travel to travel to washington to meet with president obama. prince george is not making the trip. > a computer glitch leads to thousands of parking tickets being written in philly friday and saturday. on of them have been written to our (do we have a vested interest in this story. the pa changing its story. what is exempt, what you need to do. we'll break it all down for you. >> your favorite game this morning, yesterday we could not get to this one. it's last christmas. you requested it for your wife
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> this will get anyone fired up. it got me fired up a few weeks ago. what do you have in your hand, caitlyn. >> a violation. > explain. >> free parking in philadelphia today because of a computer
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glitch. erin kind of tackle this one. the philadelphia parking authority said its kiosk aren't working properly. you don't need to pay the kiosk. safety violations and stand alone meters will be in force. the ppa says it hopes to have the policemen fixed soon, but people should be prepared to use cash only at the kiosk tomorrow. lot of tickets were written, including to our staff. all of our cars got them. the kiss official were malfunctioning on saturday and. facebook blue up. so no at fill a parking taking credit cards. will that stop them from ticket ting? i know better than to ask. can't wait to appeal. >> there is some good news on this one. we have the website on our website, you can easily contest this. it should go away. they were admitting they were
8:26 am
wrong and it's all fine. go to the seen on tv section. we've got the link there. you are sitting there very calmly. he was like an angry elf. i understand there is nothing more frustrating than when you're trying to run into work. card declined and you're like what can i do? i have to leave my car here. it cost you purchased to come to work? that's two months worth of coffee. i've had plenty of these to my own fault, but for once i can say, whatever. i just pay it. contest this one and free parking today. we want to also tell you about the billboard. it is raising so am eyebrows. coming up, both sides of the debate about that billboard right there. an eight billboard. does it go too far. eagles day, game day.
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your happy eagles faces. we got this one that was sent in our facebook page. my youngest one out for the coin toss. how exciting is that. also keep those decorations coming. we love them, hit your hashtag fox 29
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welcome back. let's get a check of your interactive weather right now. i was looking at some of the tweet, many of them, gosh,
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beautiful morning today. much different than yesterday. they had to move some of the events that were held yesterday because of all the rainy weather out there. it's true, it's understandable. the christmas parade, congress haul in cape may, that was postponed until 5:00 today. you can understand why, it was a washout. all day long you had the rain, all day long it was dreary. unless you used that excuse to stay in and watch dttv. we'll see a nice sunny day, but we're also gathering up for the next chance of rain. it will move in by tuesday. coastal flood watch out by tuesday. this will effect the delaware bay, too. the big story is going to be the wind and cold replacing the mild reign from yesterday. 25 in the poconos, 33 pottstown, 36 philadelphia and 37 in wildwood. those winds already gutsing over 30 miles an hour, in spots including the poconos, at the
8:31 am
airport 28-mile an hour wind gusts and as always that makes it feel even colder. it feels like 10 up in the mountains. this is the type of weather you'll be dealing with if you're heading out to the link today. 45 will be the high temperature. it's a chilly, brisk day. it's much nicer day. by kickoff with the seahawks 42-degrees, winds still gusting over 20 miles an hour. let's check that 7-day forecast. more clouds on monday after a sunny and windy wednesday. coastal form comes in monday night into tuesday. more wind and probably more coastal impact that will last through wednesday where some snow can mix in and then we're dry and cold throughout the rest of the week. montgomery drive shutdown right now so they can fix a broken water main. it's expected to last until 4:00
8:32 am
this afternoon. > karen. now to a story that blue up on our fox 29 facebook page. a pretty controversial billboard raising so am eyebrows this holiday season. this is the billboard right here an eighth chris billboard spade for it, deer santa, all i want for christmas is to skip church, i'm too old for fairy tails. as you can expect, it did not sit well with a lot of people. bonnie writes, i don't love to shove my christian believes down people's folks. don't judge me because i don't judge you. and catherine says, if they don't believe in god, why does any mention of god bother them? no one is asking them to change their believes. let's talk about this right now. we have the reverend derek brennan. thank you so much he's the senior pass of the senior kay in
8:33 am
an church of philadelphia. thank you. >> this is an issue. is this your billboard, first of all, david. >> this is our billboard. we're very proud of it. there are five of them up around the country right now. we've got them in memphis, nashville, little rock, forth smith and milwaukee. we're really happy with the response that we're getting from them and we're really happy with the discussion that they're causing. i'm a pastor and have no problem with this at all. people should never be forced to ever attend church, especially during the holidays. i prefer to leave it to the individual to decide. i really don't care for people coming to the church if they're unhappy to be there. and it's like a prison and who wants to worship in that kind of atmosphere. do you agree with that at all. >> what i do intend is indeed we want everybody to come by free will and also as it relates to the billboards i think it's important that we assert the fact that free speech is important whether we agree or disagree on it. as it relates to coming to
8:34 am
church it's important to emphasize that it really is about emphasizing the great love story of how much god really loves us. we want people to come by their own volition. > we have a comment from heather who writes, the christians stole christmas from the pagans, maybe learn some history. is that one of the messages david that you're trying to get across? the message that we're trying to get across that ate yes, sir many is here and eight yes, sir many is every where. i do apressure the comments about going to church of your own free will. so many eight chris are being pressured to go to church. i want to make it clear that while we are not trying to convert believers to eight chris. we are trying to get the eighth chris who call themselves christians to call themselves eight chris and skip coach if they don't want to go.
8:35 am
we're raising awareness that christmas is part of the season. the season belongs to everybody and that you don't have to belong in god or jesus to have a great holiday. i want to thank derrick and having this discussion. this is what we're trying to do, get this discussion started. so many people right now live in religiously mixed marriages. like myself. children live with -- eight chris children live with religious parents. eight chris parents go to church because of their religious parents. we're saying tell t the truth, have the conversation. do you believe in this or not? if you don't believe, don't tite, don't go, have a great holiday season without the stuff that you don't care about. reverend, what do you make of all of this? >> number one, i can understand in terms of marriage and having a different perspective from your wife than you. but i would say this, i think that just as we instill in our
8:36 am
children all types of values and i have a two year old son myself, i think it is critical that when it comes to our believes and those things that we hold near and deer to our hearts that we should instill that in our children as well. there certainly will come a time when children grow up and they have to make their own decisions, but i believe a parent is remiss if something that they consider i cord to layer values, accord to their identity and to who they are to simply say i'm going to leave it up to an open ended process. we appreciate your time. i think you both certainly made your own cases and your own points on this one. thank you for your time. we haven't what your opinions on this big issue because it certainly is a talker. just use your hashtag fox 2 weekend. > starting a new job can mean getting new clothes. coming up an organization that ames to provide w
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skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? ♪ skippy!! ♪ yippee!! i'm bored. hashtag bored. skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!! ♪
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> this is one of our favorite segments right here on fox 29 weekend. introducing a member of our team of junior reporters. there are some of the best and brightest journalism students from around the area. this week we have caitlyn from rider university. you working at forever 2 # and you got to do a story about it. yes, you have to dress to impress. so career wardrobe is helping
8:40 am
people with that. it can be very scary entering the work world not knowing what to do and feeling alone. so career women is helping women to help people with what they need to success. a quiet corner on south 12th street is helping the women who enter the workforce. who thought that this hope would start with something as simple as a suit. they have been serving people in the area since 1995. they hoped women get their lives get off the ground. they also expanded to holding workshops to give women the skills they need in providing confidence. we have our dressing program which is what we are known for. and then we have our education program which focuses on professional development ensuring that women have the skills they need to gain, maintain employment and hopefully get promoted and attain that self sufficiency.
8:41 am
preparing yourself for the workforce can be a daunting task. they are empowering women with what they need to success. all the tools are provided right here. let's take a look at how career wardrobe is helping these women. >> if i didn't come here i wouldn't know what to wear, but they helped me. my favorite part is bringing confidence and a good smile to every client i help. i help find the right suit and making them feel good after an interview. which they can always come back and get more outfits. when they walk in the door, a lot of times they're coming from a program. they're not really sure what it is that they're looking for or why they're actually here. when they walk out dressed, suddenly there's this great smile, this whole change in demeanor and you see that confidence building every single day, every single client that we see that comes out and feels better. you can't beat that.
8:42 am
sure. like you stand in front of the mirror and see yourself all made over, it's such a great feeling. is there a way people at home can help? can they donate. >> yes, any work wear or work attire that you have you can donate to career wardrobe. they have a location on south 12 street. > we look forward to your next one. if you have any ideas for our junior reporters, send it to us on hash 29 weekend. > how about this, holiday stress. you probably got it or you're pulling your hair out. if not, you may have it soon, but we've got the tips to help you cope. the five things you're going to want to do to stay safe. >> people are still showing their holiday pride for the eagles. thank you so much alley girl. we appreciate that one. a beautiful ornament. i think that love is the most important thing to remember about christmas and today i'm not offended. innate, thanks so much for that comment. keep them
8:43 am
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> hi, this is dan row cat owe. it is possible to put money back in your wallet every time you open your wallet. let me tell you how.
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i like it. i'm cashing out. (that really happened, lauren. this is on thanksgiving, right after grace, we love all of your wonderful moments. send them in. we love when you share parts of your live. this is a big congratulations to candace and case i as they begin lives. use your hashtag, fox 29 weekend and we will bring it to you on tv. that's awesome. lauren. > and in your health, the holiday season brings out the best and the worst of all of us. this is the time of year to become stressful. how do you make it without
8:48 am
losing your cool. the stress is real. people are on twitter. they're taking to social media, use shall the hashtag, holiday stress. i remember the last time i slept, last tuesday night, going crazy. this is from peers, frustrated, need to punch someone, just go run. it's cheaper than bale. that saved the day with us. five ways to kill holiday stress. kick it off. lauren, i'm going to start with one that's really, really simple and that is plan. if you make a plan you feel a lot more in control and it's a lot easier not to get over extended during the holidays. come up with this plan where you decide what you want to do, who you want to do it with and then kind of plan out your time and your holiday so that you have your priorities going into it and you can kind of stay focused on the bigger picture and really enjoy the holidays rather than getting lost in all the details. lauren. so if we're planning properly,
8:49 am
what's the next step? >> the next step is to really get organized. that goes hand in hand with planning. but if you're organized you're going to see a lot less stress. i would come up with a to do list right now before we hit the high stress period. here's who i want to shop for, this is how much money i want to spend and then try not to go beyond that. also try not to take on too many commitments. it's a really good thing to start saying no to things that you don't feel like you want to do or that you can do so that you're not taking on too much. that's true. it gets so easy in the holidays to commit to so many things for the kids, parties arrange every, and all sorts of things so saying no is key. > yes. any last minute tips you want to offer us before we wrap up? >> another couple of things i wanted to say one is really
8:50 am
focus on the basics. focus on what you think the holidays mean to you rather than all the things that you should be doing. it's not about the christmas cards. it's not about, you know, the decorations. itself really about connecting with other human beings. if you find yourself where you're starting to get frays led and stressed, a little gratitude can go a long way. if you can stop and think about, this is the thing that i'm grateful for in my life. this is the person that i'm grateful for in my life that helps refocus you away from all the things that you're not doing and all the things that you don't have and you can see right in front of you the very many wonderful things in your live that you do have. the last thing that i would say is give back this holiday, especially if you're somebody who is going to through a hard time. maybe you're grieving the loss of a relationship or a friend or a family member, try to get involved in any way that you can. during the holidays we're all looking for connection. we're all wanting to help. we're all wanting to celebrate together. this is really a communal period for all of us.
8:51 am
look at ways that you can volunteer and give back and find that meaning and connection because research shows that people who volunteer are happier people. there is a reel value in being able to give back and feeling like you were really giving in the spirit of christmas or hand contact and making a difference in the world. what better way, lauren, than to celebrate the holidays. >> it started as that and then it kind of got sidetracked and we have to get back to that. > thank you so much. >> we appreciate it. >> give us your tips. what do you do when you're simply stressed out during the holidays? >> prepare to be shaken and not stirred. yes, indeed my brother, bond 24 is in full effect. that means james bond is back. the 24th installment of the james bond film has officially been announced. here's the name that they're going on with, that stands for
8:52 am
expecter. daniel craig is back as one. from back in the days i was a roger moore dude, daniel grant got me back into it. this was a bad guy. who did you think the best james bond ever was? >> shawn conry. >> i was thinking that, shawn conry. > roger moore. like you, gary, i used to be a roger moore dude until i started daniel craig movies. i am a newly renewed james bond fan. shawn conry was cool and he had swag, but daniel craig, bodying people left and right. this james bond he will actually kill someone and then go smoke aigrette and then go pick up his girlfriend and then go gamble. he does everyone. and the way he dances.
8:53 am
two different jds. all right. now, we want to hear from you. who do you think the best james bond ever was? let us know by who do you think the best james bond ever was? let us know by using
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deciding between buying is no longer a problem. healthy pa offers name-brand health insurance for the cost of a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, call or apply online today. what's up socially awkward people. big bank for tattooed mom on south street for hooking up with a warm place in the winter.
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if you guys know me i do hate the cold weather. here to help you out socially awkward three shopping commitments. then at number one, be kind to your neighbor. it's funny how you'll be standing in line, chitchat and you don't even know who they are. then the doors open and the stampede begins. it is like wild animals running into the store, pushing people to the ground. if you see someone on the ground, pick them up, don't step on their phase. commandment number two, don't steel. we all know you really need that 900-inch tv. let's not snap it out of someone's cart. if you see someone with their arms around an item, that is as good as a stake in the ground. that item is claimed. commitment number three, thousand shall enjoy myself. when it comes down to it, the holidays are actually supposed to be fun. these people look like they're
8:57 am
having a great time. you want to see faces like this. have some fun out there while you're shopping. that's a wrap for this week's socially awkward. see you on twitter. > there is no need to turn off fox 29 at all today. it's at 11:00 a.m., it's game tie life, the giants and titans kick off at one and then at four, our eagles and seahawks. you can everything you need at fox 29 news at 10. karen, we'll be back. i think it's actually -- we have a special guest from delaware county that help came up to help us open up our advent calendar. ericka, taylor. you're in second grade and you're about to have your birthday. can you help us open. it's the seventh. can you open the seventh. thank you so much from coming in
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from darby. open it up. what's inside? some skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!!
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i'm chris wallace. another republican pickup in the senate. we'll have an exclusive interview with bill cassidy fresh off his runoff victory over mary landrieu and protests over race and justice sweep the nation. >> go, go! >> we'll discuss the latest decision not to indict a white police officer in the death of an unarmed black man with one of the most influential voices in american media, conservative radio talk show host rush limbaugh. and will republicans use the power of the purse to take a hard line against president obama's executive orders? >> the president has thumbed his nose at the american people with his actions on immigration. >> if you shut down the government, you go too far, it


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