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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 7, 2014 10:00pm-10:37pm EST

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♪ >> next at 10 post game protests demonstrators stopping traffic outside the linc. we're live. >> a tragic discovery at a local storage facility a major nor'easter is brewing. keep it here. fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. >> right now on fox 29 news at 10, hundreds of protesters shut down one of the busiest intersections in philadelphia tonight. they staged a die in outside the
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linc just as disappointed eagles fans were about to leave. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. heavy police presence and tense moments near the stadium to. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in south philadelphia. dave? >> reporter: iain, this was a big protest here at broad and pattison. lots of cars here now but that was a different story earlier. this area loaded with police and protesters hundreds of them lying down in the street. it started like this. >> hands up, don't shoot. >> walk out into the street in broad and pattison and we will line the streets for 4.5 minutes and as we lie there we'll remember the 4.5 hours that mike brown's body laid on the street. >> reporter: hundreds of protesters making their statement lying down at the intersection of broad and pattison in south philadelphia. >> we continually see young
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black men killed and that's the fact. >> reporter: philly die in as it's called organized by power a group of philly clergy members -- >> we're not going to sit down on injustice. >> reporter: stand wagon they call police brutality against african-americans. after grand jurie juries indict officers in the deaths of err rake garner and mike brown. >> it's just to recognize black lives matter and there's injustice going on against minorities. >> reporter: protests went on as thousands of eagles fans left the linc after a loss to seatt seattle. >> many critical of the demonstrations. >> we support philadelphia police. do everything they have to do. >> organizers respect the friction. >> this is the city that through snowballs at santa claus. we didn't expect them to greet us with open arms. other fans were happy to see us out as well. >> we cry with them. >> pastor mark riley praised the crowd's civility but things
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won't change with just one demonstration. >> we're happen the people were peaceful but also concerned that eric garner and mike brown and trayvon martin we're concerned are not going the last time we hear names like that unless we do something different. >> reporter: in the meantime, police and organizers of the protests say everyone was peaceful. police say no one was arrested. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. six people were arrested in berkeley, california when an overnight protest turned violent. protesters throwing rocks and bricks at police. three officers were injured. they responded by firing tear gas at the crowd. >> to a developing story in southwest philadelphia where the manager of a south storage facility found a security guard dead tied up in a van. fox 29's joanne pileggi is live in southwest philadelphia tonight. joanne. >> reporter: lucy, it is a very active crime scene as police and homicide detectives try to find out who killed an
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employee here at this self storage facility in southwest philadelphia. this is the situation at the locker room self storage facility on south 62nd street. sources telling us that the security guard who worked here was found dead inside of a van alongside one of the storage units. the victim according to police was tied up and had facial injuries. a manager here apparently making this gruesome discovery late this afternoon. cops trying to figure out what happened, when it happened, and how the victim was killed. >> you're seeing behind me police are taking away a maroon utility van that is believed where the victim was found. now, police are working to make a positive identification of the victim. no notify his family and then proceed with their investigati investigation.
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we're live tonight in southwest philadelphia, i'm joanne pileg pileggi, fox 29 news. back to you ooh january. >> joanne, thank you. on your radar tonight a major nor'easter. let's get you right over to fox 29's meteorologist caitlin roth. >> thanks, iain. if you look behind me on radar, doesn't look like nation there's no major nor'easter showing up but by this time tomorrow night, we'll start to see the beginnings of that storm spread some showers into our area. hard to believe it couldn't be quieter out there right now. clouds offshore. that was from saturday's rain. high pressure in place now. there are a few showers streaking across midwest but this is is not what will develop over the next 24 hours. now, in advance of the storm that over the past few days has been pretty well modeled we were going to be dealing with heavy rain and wind we've got a coastal flood watch out this is for all of the south jersey coastline our delaware counties along the coast including back into the delaware bay, kent county in delaware and cumberland county in south jersey. now, this starts tomorrow morning with high tide. that doesn't really have to do with the nor'easter, but just minor flooding is possible and
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probably see they can 10 fluid the next few days. winter storm watch out for the poconos the best shot to see any heavy wet snow and i think really the only shot of seeing any accumulating snow this is definitely elevate vision dependent this storm coming through. here in philadelphia i think all we see is rain but with that being said we'll have other impacts. 34 is the temperature outside right now. 30 in pottstown. 28 in al town. 34 in millville coming off a chilly but much brighter sunday. it was windy though. winds out of the north right now around 15 miles an hour. they are diminishing a bit but it's still keeping wind chills in the mid 20s. your forecast for tonight, 28 in the city, 22 in the burbs. clear skies, light winds and nice night. this will be our last nice night for while. all the details on the timing and impacts of this coastal storm are still ahead. >> lucy and iain. >> caitlin, thank you. you can track the nor'easter on our website just head to and click on the weather tab. >> friends and relatives of shane montgomery are hoping tonight eagles game might help lead to the missing college student. they passed out flyers to fans
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tailgating at the linc this afternoon. the 21-year-old vanished after leaving a manayunk bar early thanksgiving morning. the investigation has turned up very little. we spoke to shane's mom today and what's helping her right now is all of you supporting her family. >> i have complete moments of despair. i miss my son. i want to hold him. he's my baby. the more time goes on the more i think that i'm never getting out of bed again. i want to find him. i want to hold him. think about all the people that have been very helpful and supportive and it helps me get through the day. >> we are hoping a good lead comes in very soon. the reward for information lea leading to shane now stands at $50,000. a wilmington firefighter is fighting for his life tonight after being hit by a car. this is the aftermath of the crash on i-95 this morning. officials say daniel cal a way
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stopped to help someone else on the road, that's when he was hit by another car. he is in critical condition tonight. he has been with the fire department there for just two months. >> a deadly fire rips through several houses in east orange new jersey neighborhood. five people died including a six week old baby. the flames burned three homes. those houses were built close to each other and firefighters say that made it difficult to contain the fire. high winds also fanned the flames. there's no word yet on what caused the fire. >> six prisoners held at guantonimo bay for money a decade are now refugees in our gay. us detain the the men as militants with ties to al-qaida in 2002. the government cleared them for release in 2009 but the united states struggled to find countries willing to take them. finally our gay's president agreed as humanitarian gesture. the transfer is part of a renewed push by president obama to close the prison. outgoing u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel is in kuwait tonight. he greeted kuwait tease generals before taking in a tea ceremony.
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hagel spent much of the day in afghanistan however where he visited with u.s. troops during this holiday season. yesterday he announced about a thousand american troops will stay in afghanistan longer than planned. it's haag gel's final visit to the middle east as defense secretary. he resigned late last month. it is will and kate time. duke and duchess of cambridge just started a three half day visit to new york city. >> the big apple is rolling out the royal welcome mat. fox's bryan llenas has details. >> reporter: the duke and duchess of cambridge arriving sunday evening in new york city. it's the first time either prince william or his wife kate have ever visited the big apple. every minute of this thee day visit a plan. prince william will make his way to washington, d.c. for his first trip to you are nation' caps tal meeting at the white house with president barack obama. he'll then head to the world conference to speak about illegal wildlife trading. in new york, the dutchess will visit a local harmless childhood
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center with the first lady mc ray. by the end of the day the royal couple will be back together at a basketball game in brooklyn to catch the current kings. lebron names play. >> so excited for a long time. all my friends are excited. i wanted to get basketball tickets for the nets game. >> william and kate will spend their last day tuesday visitin g the 9/11 memorial attended a $10,000 a person black tie fundraiser. they will be staying at the famous carlisle hotel. the same hotel his mother princess diana stayed at during her visits to new york. and no doubt causing the same royal fever. >> the appeal of the royals in the u.s. is extraordinary. i think everyone even the most dated new yorkers are fascinated by the history, the drama and the glamour of the british royal familiarly. >> all eyes will be on what the future queen is wearing hadn't her new baby bump she's five
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months pregnant. prince george is not making the trip. in new york, bryan llenas fox news. >> the last of new jersey state mandated bear hunts is set to kick off tomorrow. a few months after the state's first deadly bear attack in recent history. the september mauling death of rutgers student damage patel focused attention on efforts to control the bear population in new jersey had recent years. patel was killed in the west milford after he and several friends encounter add 300-pound bear. back in 2010, new jersey mandated annual bear hunts through the year supporters of the hunt say the number of bears and bear human incidents has dropped. opponents say educating the public about bears is a better solution than killing the animals. >> turning the tables oh and a christmas grinch. coming up what a mailbox thief swiped that police said led right to her front door. >> and cars on the cutting edge. you won't believe what they can do. the over the top features that are -- aren't just for show coming up.
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>> he's a super fan of a local high school football team. how this young man is april spying the players on and off the field.
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>> it is 73rd anniversary of the pearl harbor attack in hawaii more than a dozen herl harbor survivors each more than 90-year-old. they marked this day in 1941 that killed more than 2400 americans moment of silence began at 7:55 a.m. the minute the bombing began.
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now in response to what president roosevelt called a date which will live in infamy. the battleship is on the camden waterfront. as brad satin reports the battleship new jersey is a fitting place for memorial service. >> reporter: it was in the early morning hours 73 years ago when the japanese navy attacked pearl harbor. retired u.s. navy captain walt irving says it was america's wake up call. >> the message i think is unpreparedness, and underestimating your potential adversaries adversaries. >> the battleship new jersey was launched into action a couple miles away from where it now floats on the delaware. the river itself influential in america's reaction back then. >> we launched 40 war ships in response to that attack from these waters here in the delaware river. >> reporter: and so a fitting place to commemorate the events
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of december 7th, 1941. a flag raising, followed by a memorial wreath cast into the water by francis elmer beach who at the age of 17 heard the news of pearl who are bon on his way to church. his proud son says dad took a detour. >> he turned around and walked to the marine recruiting office and over the neck few years he was involved at guam guam at hiroshima. dad i love you. thank you. >> today's ceremony coincides a boy scout end cam many happening on this ship. scouts from virginia, delaware and new jersey and learning history. some of the soldiers were 17 years old a few years older than these saints. 10-year-old aiden will go home knowing the pearl harbor attack wasn't something in a history book. >> it was on sunday. and a lot of people died from
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it. i think it's really sad. >> reporter: boy scout motto is be prepared something america took to heart after the attack but francis elmer beach's hope there won't ever be a repeat. >> let's not do it again. >> reporter: in camden, brad satin, fox 29 news. >> a navy engineer is under arrest tonight for allegedly giving undercover agent information on how to sing an aircraft carrier. 35-year-old mustafa is charged with score takes of defense articles and technical data. the navy hired him to work at the norfolk naval shipyard. allegedly gave the undercover fbi agent drawings of the aircraft carrier gerald r. ford which is under construction. detention hearing is scheduled for wednesday. he could face 20 years in pris prison. >> a special reunion for a five-year-old girl in texas. little are a win saeger spent part of the weekend meeting the firefighters who rescued her from a burning home last month. her grandmother tried to get to her but the smoke and flames were too much. two firefighters were able to
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rush in and save her. >> pulled her up out of the window and took her out and we took her straight to the street and at the time she was unconscious, not breathing. and we started initiating cpr in the street. >> my initial instinct when i hand thed her out it was lifele. it's not going that be a good out come but fortunately it was. everything worked great that d day. >> it took time for her to recover from all the smoke she inhaled. her parents say she's doing fine tonight. >> look at her now. >> she looks great. >> it's a big weekend for the pennsbury falcons after a record breaking season. they took on st. joe's prep in the piaa state semi final. >> despite the poring rain and amazing and dedicated falcons fan cheered on his favorite team. fox 29's photojournalist sean bernard has the play by play. ♪ >> we here for reason. we here.
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let's get the. all in. >> it starts by saying dad, you ready. waking up in the morning. he says dad, you pumped up. you ready? >> wouldn't the toss. >> today is something special to to feel the energy. >> let's go d. that a boy. >> super fan this guy right here david schilling, jr. start to finish he don't quit. we bleed orange and black and that's the way we roll. >> sprayed the hair because he's part of the team. >> i just like to get the hair going much it pumps up the kids when they see the hair it goes all over and they get pumped up for it. >> let's go. >> even though he doesn't have the ability to do out there because he has cerebral palsy but he's part of the team and i'm telling you he's in every kid's heart every coach's heart. >> nice meeting you. thank you. >> david is a great kid much he's been with us for a long type going to pennsbury games. lives down the street from us. >> oh, oh, go! >> he's a great source eve motion al support for the kids.
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>> get him. make me smile. the respect they have for me and the respect i have for them. >> let's go! >> end of the day they finished strong. started strong. they're a great team overall. he'll be here every year. >> good job. >> we love you, bud. ♪ >> absolutely inspiring. the falcons host did fall to st. joe's 37-seven but hey a lot to be proud of. >> they're the only team in school history to record 13 wins, within a league championship and a district crown in the same season. congratulations to them. still ahead tonight, her city got it all wrong. now one woman has to pay. why she's being forced to fork over four grand for water. >> to catch a thief. sick of her christmas gifts
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getting swiped. what a crafty woman that planned in a package that ended that crime spree. >> caitlin, we got a lot of weather to talk about. >> it's not showing up yet. it's hard to believe after such a sunny sunday. these clouds will become part of a strong coastal storm beginning as early tomorrow night. it's a long o
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♪ >> typhoon ripping through the philippines knocks out power
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takes down trees and sends more than 800,000 people to shelters. the typhoon made landfall yesterday packing winds up to 87 miles an hour. so far no deaths have been reported. >> all it took was quick thinking and special package for oklahoma police to nab a suspe suspected mailbox thief. >> carol knight had been very busy christmas shopping online. she waited and waited for her packages to arrive. the post master confirmed, yeah, they had been delivered. but they weren't in her mailbox. knight put a gps tracker in a box wrapped it up, put it in her mailbox and before long, she noticed the package was gone. so where was it? oh, it was at a nearby house. she called police and officers arrested a 32-year-old woman and discovered she had hit other homes as well. >> when our property was recovered last night, because of the tracker, there were lots of other boxes that had been removed from mailboxes around
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the area. there was stacks and stacks of male. >> brilliant idea on her part. goodness. now if you're worried this could happen to you this holiday, you can call your local post office, ask them to stop delivering packages to your home and then you just pick up your deliveries from the post office instead. a connecticut homeowner's was water bill goes through the roof. listen to this. she received a shocking $4,000 water bill. she recently got a new water meter reader so the city had been sending bills for the last nine years which were only estimates. the new meter is apparently more accurate and the bill is charging her for what she actually owes for the last nine years. >> never once have i gotten letter in the males for the nine years we lived here saying you have an old meter, we need to change it. never did anyone come to my door. no one made an attempt to change that meter. >> the homeowner work out a three year payment plan but warning others to make sure their water bills are accurate.
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coming up on fox 29 still, stop for you, shut off to save gas. some even have night vision we're checking out hot cars with even hotter technology coming up next. >> santa claus rolls in barnegat and it was a nice night for these holiday celebrations. beautiful. look at that. things are about to change. caitlin is here with the latest information on a big old nor'easter.
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♪ with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region, you have the compassion and security of blue cross. giving you the confidence to move forward. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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♪ >> computers run just about everything today. they've actually been running the engine in your car for years as well. >> but now high-tech systems are crazy cool like a car with knight vision. here's knocks' tom johnson with the hottest tech cars on the market. >> reporter: if you want to see the hottest car tech check out this baby. ♪ >> reporter: the mercedes s551 of the most advanced cars you
10:29 pm
can buy. sit in one and it's rapidly apparent how quickly car tech advanced. >> unbelievable. >> took us on test drive.ievabl. the car is filled with pretty things like a 12-inch video instrument display and one forward for navigation but the really advanced stuff is for safety. blind spot monitoring that warns you if you try to change lanes right into somebody. >> active safety features that will pull you back in your lane. speed you up, slow you down. and even stop the car. >> reporter: yup, watch this. >> when we get to the stop light it stops the car does what,? it's go to go to slow to a stop. >> by itself. by itself. >> you're sure? yes, sir. >> true to his word i never touch the brakes. that's the coolest thing i've
10:30 pm
ever seen. >> reporter: also has night vision, can predict and warn you of trouble, even turns itself off when stopped to save gas. the safety systems all driven by a system of radar, stereoscopic cameras and sensors. >> what's going around the vehicle as well as the driver itself. >> reporter: this s550 costs nearly $120,000 but it is truly on the leading edge. >> change for the better. >> reporter: and pretty much any volvo you buy these days has really cool smart device feature. when you get close to the car and it's running you have a wi-fi hot spot and the wi-fi hot spot is built into the car. >> you now have internet and wi-fi the entire trip you're taking from here to new jersey, here to three blocks down the the street. >> reporter: volvo is also in the luxury class with price tags to match. this is tesla $69,000 s model the centerpiece an ultracool
10:31 pm
ultra large 17-inch display. you can run every system of this electric car from it. plus, it gives you giant sized navigation and you can even surf the web. >> amazing innovations the last five year. tech expert say if you can't afford it -- >> the tough is readily available it's only a matter of time until its embraced incorporated into more vehicles. >> mazza is considered a bargain brand. the schmooze three this pat sedan a lot of the same safety features. >> provides i was lot of data you didn't have before. that is a s class mercedes. >> it relies on radar built into the front of the car and into the back of the car. >> reporter: this car is only about $25,000. so you can spend a little or spend a lot for the latest and greatest. either way it's car tech like you've ever never seen before. tom johnson -- >> my heart was thumping so hard just then. fox news.
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>> the price tag. >> no, exactly. i maintain my favorite car ever was my 1961 carmen gia a stick shift. my grandma taught me how to drive it. that was fun. >> did it last long. >> yes it did. and it was in rain storms except when the windshield wipers stopped and i had to put my hand out and do that. that's never again. >> maybe sure they're working by tuesday. >> we might need windshield wipers here. we definitely will. all that rain yesterday. saw the bright skies today. that was great. short lived because we've got more rain moving in on tuesday and it does look like just rain here in philadelphia. all right. ultimate doppler couldn't be quieter. high pressure towards the north. clouds offshore will actually start to get yanked back inland over the next 24 hours and form what will be coastal storm. meaning it will bring impacts all up along the northeast from philadelphia through new york, boston eastern maine you have to go further inland though where it will be colder thanks to the elevation to pick up some of the
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more wintry weather there could be heavy wet snow in spots of our area but that's probably just confined to the poconos. okay. impacts let's start with the coastal flooding a coastal flood advisory out for tomorrow morning. mainly during high tide between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. minor flooding expected. we'll probably see the same thing as the rain starts to move in monday night and tuesday. so for the same spots along the new jersey and delaware coastlines including back along the delaware bay coastal flood watch for tuesday morning. monday through wednesday winter storm watch out for the poconos this will either be upgraded to winter storm warning or downgraded to a winter weather advisory tomorrow. this is the best spot to see accumulating snow and winter weather impacts that will be starting tomorrow night lasting through wednesday. today's high testimony cher here in philadelphia 48 degrees. right on the monday for for where we should be this time of year. the low 36 and normal is 33. temperatures should be colder than that. tonight. right now 34 in philadelphia. 30 in pottstown. 28 in lancaster. we lost a lot of the wind from earlier today. although still a decent breeze
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out of the northeast. around 10 to 15 miles an hour. but as the winds subside temperatures will really bottom out. it makes feel colder. wind chill values in the mid 7020. clear skies over knit night. probably start out with a decent amount of sunshine on monday drive in looks fine. clouds increase in the afternoon out ahead of this storm coming through. maybe a sprinkle or a flurry. otherwise, it's just overcast skies as we round out your monday. into monday night probably after midnight the green the leading edge here that indicates that rain coming up from the south and it is expected to start as mainly just rain for everyone. let's head into the early tuesday morning. rain heavy at times especially along the coast up through long island and into new york city. they look to see some of the heaviest pockets of rain. the rain continues throughout the day tuesday. afternoon into the night there's that snow or at least a mix in the higher elevations of the poconos by tuesday evening. it will start as rain and change over to snow. let's go to wednesday still not out of hoyer yet.
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snow showers especially west of here. in philadelphia our chances to see some snow showers probably confined to wednesday and probably not accumulating much our biggest impact is the rain. also the wind. especially at the coast. rainfall amounts look like at least an inch especially from philadelphia and points north at least with our model right now. for tonight, waiting on the excitement. clear skies and it's cold. 28 in the city. 22 in the suburbs. 40 degrees tomorrow. much of the day in the 30s pretty chilly. sun giving way to clouds. into tuesday that's when we've got the rain all day and windy. winds gusting over 30 miles an hour. most of the afternoon just nasty day. wednesday gets a little drier but rain and snow showers linger and it looks like probably by friday we'll finally completely have this storm out of our hair giving way to sunshine with cold temperatures into next week. at least it's just rain. can i say that. >> this is true. >> it could be a lot worse with the snow. >> still not that great. >> caitlin, thank you. that will do it for us. >> keep it right here for howard
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eskin and, of course, sports sunday. ♪ and tonight on sports sunday look back at a game where the eagles did not do enough good thing. we will break it down with jon runyan in the studio. and hear from the players. and lesean mccoy said some things i never thought i would hear from lesean mccoy. the reason it all went wrong


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