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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  December 8, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EST

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a fire fighter is injured in an early morning inferno in the frankford section of philadelphia, several people had to be rushed from their homes, but the latest on the fight to control this fire, dawn. and then hugh hefner respond to go allegation that is bill cosby assaulted woman at the playboy mansion what he had to say but first sue serio is watching a big storm heading our way, sue. >> not today but you are right, dawn, we have that dreaded n word the nor'easter, we will talk about, what is going to happen and how it will affect our middle will of the week coming up. >> on first down, wilson, end zone, caught, touchdown to baldwin. >> tough loss for eagles after that last play, many players,
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sharing the blame, for this rough game but lesean mccoy says he is really, feeling the heat, despite this cold weather he is feeling heat. good day, it is monday, december 8th, 2014. dawn timmeney in for chris. nice to see you this morning. >> little rough trying to get out of bed this morning but i'm glad to be here, for sure. >> sue serio has a check of the weather. what is it like. >> well, this morning we will have to deal with very cold temperatures, we have 28 degrees, at fill i international this morning. a bit of the breeze making it feel even chillier. lets look at more temperatures that face you today. twenty-one in mount pocono. twenty-five in trenton. 26 degrees in reading. oh, more 20's, here are a couple 30's in wilmington, dover, millville and wildwood but factor in the wind and this is what you dress for wind chills in the teens this morning. our wind chillies 17, in philadelphia at the moment and wind chills in the lower 20's in south jersey and southern
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delaware. these are wind coming from the north east at 14 miles an hour in philadelphia, 16 miles an hour in dover, delaware. we've got chillier air moving in. we have a few clouds around but still are cold out there this morning. we're watching just very beginnings of the formation of this nor'easter you have been hearing about since late last week. we will talk about that coming up in a few minutes but let's recap the weekend. it went from wet on saturday to windy on sunday. fifty to 48 degrees yesterday. we will look ahead to the next seven days and it stays pretty cold. we will talk about the the upcoming nor'easter but expect a high of only 40 degrees today, unshine in the morning, clouds later on in the afternoon. seven day forecast is coming up. lets say good monday morning to bob kelly, hi. >> good morning, everybody. monday, 4:02, sue. we are off to a good start as we kick off our early monday morning, i-95 near philly international heading down to the airport, no problems
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getting there, we're good to go on the tote board, on the arrivals and departures. good morning to malvern a live look at 202 right here near route 29, we have a big old wawa there no problems or delays at all up and down the 202 corridor. now out on the major roadways like the pennsylvania turnpike there is still some left over work crews that are working eastbound right here near willow grove interchange until about 5:00 o'clock or so. there is a crew you south on i-95 in the heart of the wilmington near martin luther king boulevard, there is a set of down wires from an early morning accident on the white horse pike blocked at higgins avenue. traffic this morning diverted on to egg harbor road. an early morning work crew or i should say left over from last night, they are cleaning the drains on the schuylkill expressway, westbound, between center city and girard avenue. they are off to the right shoulder there but they have a police car and cones lined up behind them. that is all on that westbound side.
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the the tacony pal my, yeah whitman, commodore barry a and mass transit looking good as well with no reported delays, dawn and kerry, back over to you. thanks, bob. 4:04. breaking news this morning an early morning fire in frank for send a fire fighter to the hospital. >> fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live on the scene of the fire with the details, good morning, sabina. >> reporter: good morning, guys. the lets look live look, to this very active scene, you can see fire fighters still putting water honorary make flames. lets look the at the front stairs of the building. look at the water just pouring down those steps. you can tell fire fighters have been working on this fire, for some time but we were told a short time ago they do have it under control. the building is at corner of erit and who are rocks street in the frank for section of the city. one fire fighter taken to hahnemann hospital with minor injuries. the fire broke out at 1:00 this morning on the spending floor of the property and it is a three story building and it is vacant we're told.
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the fire is under control but it took fire fighters a good two hours to get the flames contained. there was concern that the fire could spread to the neighbor's house as it continued to burn but as a precaution fire officials evacuated six people from that home and roughly the fire did not spread but again back here live you can still see some flames shooting from the top of the building but again, fire fighters have this under control and they are just right now working on those flames and some remaining hot spots. one fire fighter again taken to the hospital with minor injuries and he is expect to be okay. that is very latest from the frankford section of the city, dawn and kerry back to you. >> we will check with you throughout the morning, thank you. the also breaking police are investigating a murder in cedar brook. police say a man was shot several times this happened sometime after 11:00 o'clock last night in the 1,000 block of east horter street. the victim died on the scene. norristown police need your help in locating a missing 14 year-old girl,
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destiny green was last seen on saturday around 3:00, she was dropped off at the king of prussia a mall, 5 feet, 2 inches tall, blue eyes, two tone hair, last seen wearing a black hooded jack wet gray sleeves. she was carrying clothing so she may have changed. if you have any information, about her whereabouts, please call norristown police. also philadelphia police piecing together clues this morning in the murder mystery in southwest philadelphia. >> that is right 12th district police and homicide detectives responding to a call at a self storage facility in the 2200 block of south 62nd street. this is yesterday. sources telling fox 29 news that the body of the security guard was found tied up and left in the van. police say a manmade the gruesome discovery. all around the country activist continue to call for reforms in police departments following grand jury decisions in the michael brown and eric garner case. >> philadelphia in fact is one of the cities where demonstrators held more protests over the weekend.
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>> we will line the treats for four and a half minutes, as we lie rye there we will remember four and a half hours mike brown was left laying on the street. >> this mass die in was held at broad and paterson in south philadelphia, the demonstration jamming up traffic for miles following the eagles game. police made sure that fans leaving the game were able to get around the protesters. some of the fans did not agree with what these activist were doing but those involved said they needed a large audience to hear their message. >> we're happy that people were peaceful but we're also concerned that eric garner and mike brown and trayvon martin, we're concern those will not be last time we hear names like that unless we do something different. >> i don't agree with it. but, you know, unfortunately they have a right to do what they have to do. >> there was a group behind this effort, named power, they are made up of interest are faith clergy from philadelphia police say demonstration was peaceful and no arrests were
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reported. it is 4:08. from one extreme to the other the eagles they looked unstoppable on thanksgiving day against cowboys, not the case though against seahawks yesterday. >> i think we all had high hopes in the game but eagles only trailed by three at half time. that was encouraging but things turned quickly in the second half, lesean mccoy fumbling on the opening drive of the third and that led to marshawn lynch, to a touchdown. they went onto win 24-14. eagles offense only managed 139 yards in the game. the birds host dallas next sunday and we will talk more about the game with big daddy graham in our next hour. friend and relatives of shane montgomery are hoping that the eagles game may have gotten a lead in the missing student. they passed out flyers to fans tailgating at the link yesterday. twenty-one year old vanishing after leaving manayunk bar
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early thanksgiving morning. the investigation has turned up little. reward for information leading to shane now standing at $50,000. philadelphia parking kiosks will not take your credit cards today. >> this comes after some transmission issues over the the weekend. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live to tell us exactly what this means for those using meters today, jen? >> reporter: it means you have to have cash if you want to come downtown and park at one of these kiosks, as you mentioned there is a glitch in the system, according to the parking authority. it is rejecting credit cards. yesterday p pa operated under relaxed enforcement but today parking authority agents will be back outlooking for violations, the p pa says it will allow for a ten minute grace period on your time ticket to allow to you get the cash if you need it. coming down here to do some holiday shopping today make sure you have a credit card, or you can also, or i'm or i cash or pay with a p pa
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smart card but again, that credit card function is not working, parking authority executive director vince centerty also announced anybody who got a ticket on friday or saturday due to the credit card malfunction can e-mail the customer service department at s ruiz at philadelphia a, the p pa says it is working to get it resolved. they will post update on their web site as well as social media, facebook and twitter, kerr i. thank you. last of new jersey's state mandated bear hunt, is set to kick off today and this is a few months after the deadly bear attack in recent history. >> the september mauling death of rutgers student, focused attention on efforts to control the bear population in new jersey, rather but patel was killed in the preserve in west milford after encountering a bear. in 2010 new jersey mandated annual new jersey bear hunts through this year.
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supporters of those hunts say number of bear and bear human incidents has dropped, opponents say educating the public about bears is a better solution then killing them. a tragic loss in california why some are saying that a 12 year-old's love for cheer leading may have led to his death. rolling stone magazine now trying to clarify its apology for running a woman's story of being raped at the university of virginia, what the magazine said in its original note to the readers about the woman
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it is 4:00 this 14. the typhoon is weakening in the philippines. the storm is still a deadly trek. at least three people died when that typhoon hit millions living in shelters now, governmental forecasters say that storm should reach the capitol by tomorrow, it is weakening but the clean up is going to take quite a long time. >> yes, another horrible, situation for the folks in that part of the world. but for us, we've got our own issues, nothing as dramatic as that and low pressure system that we're talk about the nor'easter hasn't quite formed yet. you can see rain off the carolina and georgia coast here. high pressure will be our weather maker but it will quickly cloud up today and here's the the future cast. we will see a little bit more rain this afternoon from that forming low pressure is tell and we will start to see the the counterclockwise circulation around the low, by
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4:00 o'clock tomorrow morning it will be raining. that is this time tomorrow morning and it will be raining pretty hard in spots. so we will start out with temperatures above freezing and i think that it will stay rain for most of the viewing area except for higher elevations in the mountains. you can see heavy rain through noon time tomorrow and then a little bit of the change over, at night, wednesday and thursday, tuesday into wednesday morning. there it is, it says it right there. wednesday, 4:00 a.m. is when we will see a little bit of snow out to the west and few flurries around here sort of the exit of that low pressure system drawing in some cold air. so this will be with us, tomorrow, into wednesday morning this low pressure system and already a winter storm watch has been issued but only for carbon and monroe counties for tonight through wednesday morning. temperatures at the moment, pretty cold, and these are the actual temperatures. 28 degrees in the city. twenty-one in the mountains. twenty-five in trenton.
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atlantic city had has 32. thirty-one in dover delaware. our temperatures, wind chills are in the teens this morning, so, make sure you have the gloves with you and maybe a hat this morning, because it is going to be cold as we walk outside. once again the nor'easter is in the process, of forming right now, and we will alk about that seven day forecast coming up in just a few minutes but just be prepared for a chilly, but dry, day, coming up, for today, that is a look at your weather authority situation, bob kelly tomorrow will be our situation. >> situation, yes. well, let's enjoy the the try roads while we can then at least this morning, sue. 4:16 on this monday, we're looking good on the blue route heading out the front door hit south on 476 down toward i-95 and airport and we are in good shape in problems a at all. as we look live near macdade boulevard. our next camera i-95 this joint was jumping last night the stadium area 95 at broad street. there is lincoln financial
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field off to the left. we are good to go for the morning rush hour, up and down i-95 through south philadelphia. up to 422, live look right here near route 363, trooper road, no problems at all coming in towards suburbs heading in towards king of prussia speedometer readings looking good on the schuylkill all the way into south philadelphia. but we will zoom into the fire location, where we told but a few moments ago in the neighborhood frankford, orthodox is block. and south jersey on the 42 freeway in problems or delays at all working your way towards that construction zone there at 295. getting an early flight out of philly international? you are good to go at the moment no problems on arrivals and departures and with the nice clear day to day, today is best daze to fly between today and tomorrow. patco, new jersey transit and dart all looking good this morning. dawn, back over to you. >> thanks, bob. we are learning more about a failed rescue mission that ended in the death of a american photo journalist luke
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somers at a second south african hostage this morning. a u.s. diplomate says u.s. was una aware of negotiations between humanitarian group and militants that aimed to free the south african hostage. both hostages were killed in the u.s. raid in yemen. officials a say their cover was blown during rescue a attempt and that the hostages were wounded during a fire fight and then later died. yemen security officials say ten al qaeda militant were also killed, in that attack. six prisoners held at guantanamo bay for more than a decade are refugees in uruguay. u. detained the men as militants with ties to al qaeda back in 2002. the government cleared them for release in 2009 but the the united states struggled to find countries willing to take them. uruguay's president a agreed as a humanitarian gesture. it is part of the renewed push by president obama to close the prison. navy engineer under arrest for allegedly giving an under
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cover agent information about how to sink an aircraft carrier. mustafa is charged with exploitation of defense articles and technical data a navy hired them to work in the shipyard. he allegedly gave the under cover fbi agent drawings of the aircraft carrier gerald ford which is undercover trucks. detention hearing is scheduled for wednesday, he could face 20 years in prison. davis, california police investigating suicide of the two-year old boy. >> the the boy was within of a few males participating in a uca cheer competition. friends say he took his own life because he had been bullied as a male cheerleader at his middle school. >> cruel that people judge other people by what they love. >> university cheer squad has already reached out to the boy's school and locals, to spread the word about bullying. playboy founder hugh
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hefner is weighing in on the sex abuse allegation surrounding bill cosby. >> this comes just a couple days after a woman accused cosby of molesting her at the playboy mansion when she was just 15 years old n a statement released over the weekend hefner called cosby a friend but said wow never knowingly allow the kind of alleged abuse that they say happened to occur at the mansion. hefner called these allegations truly sad evening. police plan to search the playboy mansion as part of their investigation into this specific accusation. jidith huth filed a civil suit last week after making allegation that cosby abused her while she was underage. at least one former playboy bunny has come forward to say cosby sexually abused her and other bunnies, in fact, she's alleging there were 12 other playboy bunnies that are too scared to come forward. editors at rolling stone magazine clarifying an apology in connection to the article about a university gang rape, that has now being called into question.
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editors now say mistakes were the magazine's fault not the alleged victim. this comes after a statement released last week in which the magazine said our trust in her was misplaced. the november article gained national attention after a subject in the story alleged that she was gang raped at a fraternity party at the university of virginia. it has since been learn that there was inconsistencies in that story and men accused were not, in fact, interviewed by the writer. eagles fans are certainly not happy this morning, that is for sure, so you can only imagine how lesean mccoy feels after that rough loss. where he is placing the blame
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good morning, i'm howard eskin. eagles had a chance to establish who they are as a football team. they failed to win a big game at home after scoring the the first touchdown begins seattle. eagles lose and now need to win next week against dallas. lets go to the link. start of the second half eagles only down by three and lesean mccoy on the first series fumbles the football. that was not good. because, a couple of plays later, after the recovery, russell wilson, to marshawn lynch who is not covered. i could have caught that ball. twenty-four-14. not a good day for lesean mccoy. >> it is on me.
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i just think today i didn't play well at all. probably my worst games, up to date since being here so it has got to get better. >> it hure does. >> that is sports in a minute, that makes next weeks game against dallas very, very big to win a division. that is sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. we have more sports to get to at 4:25. the jets keep finding ways to lose. in minnesota vikings and jets game went in overtime tied at 24, wright with the vikings catching the pass, 87 yards untouched for the game winning score. >> you know at this point the college football bowl games are set, penn state is playing boston college at yankees stadium. that is i believe, december 27th. despite being eligible for bowl at six-six they did not receive a bid. final four teams for national championship are in the rose bowl oregon, ranked at number
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two and will play florida state number three in the sugar bowl, top seed alabama will play number four seed ohio state. happening today, a plan to save atlantic city friday financial ruin what city officials are hoping to get done today. bizarre sight to see, costumed guests forced outside a chicago hotel. what leak that sent dozens of people dressed to impress to the hospital.
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breaking news overnight a man is gun down on the streets of philadelphia, we will bring you details as they come in this morning. sue serio is watching, this weeks weather which will get a little bit ugly, sue. >> it will be and for a few it will be a snow event for most of us, it is rain, it is on the way, but not today. we will have the forecast coming up, kerry. >> thank you. >> at 4:30. new details in the tragic discovery in southwest philadelphia security guard found dead tied up in a van. plus flames break out in the frankford section of the city, fire fighters working in the overnight hours to control the flames why residents not affect by this fire had to head outdoors in the early
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morning hours. good day, it is monday, december 8th, 2014, thanks for waking up with us. >> in fact if you are awake at the this hour we are finally getting there. >> getting our coffee. >> 4:30. sue is talking about weather heading our ways. and we will see rain, others of us will see snow. >> that is higher elevations really in the mountains. we will talk about the timing because maybe at the tail end of the storm we could get a few snow flakes but be prepared for a really nasty day tomorrow no matter what you get. today is breezy, our airport camera shaking there. 28 degrees but it feels like, 17 outside your wind chill this morning. sunrise at 7:10 as we lead up to the 21st and first day of winter and these days get shorter and shorter and nights get longer. here's where we are as we walk out the door leaving right now, it is 26 degrees in lancaster and pottstown. twenty-four in allentown. twenty-eight in the city, 32
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atlantic city. thirty in millville. but we have to factor in the win. this is what it feels like. you don't want to forget gloves, mittens because it feels like 17 in philadelphia and wind chills in the lower 20's in south jersey and southern delaware. northeasterly winds are at 14 miles an hour, and notice i said northeasterly. wind are blowing northeasterly. storm coming tomorrow. that is what we have right now, satellite radar picture, nothing except a few clouds around and the starting to form storm down off the georgia and carolina coast. that is what is happening at the moment. we have a dry day to day. we will see increase in clouds in the afternoon. high temperature this afternoon only 40 degrees which is 8 degrees below average for this time in december, and again, the northeasterly wind between five and 10 miles an hour. that is your weather for today, we will get in the upcoming storm coming up in a few minutes but lets see how
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roads are doing on this tranquil monday morning, bob. >> somewhat tranquil. >> yes, exactly. we will say tranquil. good morning. monday, 4:32 exactly as we say good morning to 42. forty-two freeway heading in towards philadelphia, not that bad a at all, light volume, roads are dry at the moment so we will take it when we can get it and practice for tomorrow. here's a live look along route 30 and route 07 in cherry hill, new jersey, the old airport circle. in problems, delays, working your way in towards that admiral wilson boulevard and up and over that ben franklin. live look route 309 and bethlehem pike nice and quiet in the suburbs. we will go for a ride eastbound 422, watch for the deer, they are out there i saw a couple jump a across 202 as we get behind the bread truck there heading east on 422 in towards that collegeville interchange. fire location in the neighborhood we have talk about earlier, frankford, ehret street, local detourness
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effect, orthodox is your best bet. they are still working on the pennsylvania turnpike right here near willow grove. they are working eastbound until 5:00 o'clock. so watch out for lane restrictions until then. early morning accident knocked down some of the telephone poles and wires along white horse pike at route 30 at higgins avenue, so traffic using egg harbor road. bridges look fine and mass transit a has no delays. kerry, back over to you. 4:33. breaking news this morning police investigating a a murder in cedar brook. a man was shot multiple times, it happened sometime after 11:00 o'clock in the 1,000 block of east horter street. victim died at the scene. a fire fighter taken to the hospital after fighting a fire this morning in frankford. >> fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live at the scene with the details, good morning, sabina. >> reporter: good morning, guys. we have an update on that fire fighter. he was treated a and released from hahnemann hospital a short time ago. he wases taken there with
4:34 am
minor injuries after working on this fire at ehret and who are rocks street. it is still still burning but now under control. look at this video we shot during the the height of the blaze. it started in the rear of the vacant three story building around 1:00 this morning and fire burn for a good two hearst before fire fighters got the flames under control. you you can see buildings here are situated very close together so there was some worry that the flames could spread next door and as a result six people were evacuatedded from a neighboring property but again, the building here that is on fire is vacant so there was no worry that anybody inside would be hurt. now back here live, again you can see fire fighters still pouring water on to any hot spots remaining. there is a section of the ceiling that is still on fire and you can see flames still burning up there but again, this fire under control, one fire fighter hurt, treated and released from the hospital. nobody else was hurt.
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that is very latest from frankford, dawn and kerry, back to you. thanks, a sabina. 4:35. fill will a police piecing together clues this morning to a murder mystery in southwest philadelphia. >> twelfth district police and homicide detectives were responding to a call, at a self storage facility in the 2200 block have of south 62nd street yesterday. sources telling fox 29 news that the body of a security guard was found tied up, and left in a van. police say a manager made the gruesome discovery. new jersey lawmakers will be holding a meet to go review findings of the probe in the george washington bridge scandal. the special committee will vote on whether to release their interim report but leaks of the investigation were revealed last week. report finding there was no evidence showing governor chris christie played a role in the scheme to close lanes in 2013, or that he knew about it as it was happening. 4:36. in the new jersey capitol
4:36 am
lawmakers are discussing a plan involving casino taxes. this would let casino know how much they have to pay each year in place of property taxes and lets city know how much revenue to expect. supporters say it would end casino tax appeals, the casino industry, of course, is in crisis in atlantic city. four of the 12 casinos there closed just this year. they call him super fan of the local high school football team, how this young man is inspiring fans on and off the field. a woman's christmas passagees were stolen so she decided to do detective work to figure out what happened, the craft i way she managed to crack the
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it is a chilly morning, isn't it. >> it is it is deceiving out there. >> the wind chillies brutal as well. >> well, over a dozen people are rushed to the hospital, after getting hit with chlorine gas, near chicago, investigators say thousands of people were at hyat regency o'hare in rose machines for the convention. moments later a strong smell of chlorine filled the air. nineteen people had to be taken to area hospitals. investigators believe the gas was caused by chlorine powder
4:40 am
and may have been released intentionally. they are investigating that. a very special reunion for a five-year old girl in texas, she spent part of this weekend meeting with fire fighters who rescued her from a burning home last in month. her grandmother tried to get to her but smoke and flames were too intense. luckily two fire fighters were able to rush in and save her. >> little girl leaped out of the window and we took her straight out to the street and by the time she was unconscious, and not breathing. we started initiating cpr on the street. >> when i got her she was lifeless and that it is not going to be a good outcome, but fortunately it was. everything worked. >> it took a little time for her to fully recover from the smoke that she inhaled but her parents say she's feeling great. all it took was quick thinking and a special package for oklahoma police to nab a suspect mailbox thief. >> i love this.
4:41 am
this woman is a genius. carol knight was waiting for her christmas packages to a arrived. post master confirmed they had, in fact been delivered but they weren't in knight's mailbox. he put a gps tracking tea vice in the box, she wrapped it up and put tonight her mailbox before long she noticed that the package was gone, where was it? at a nearby house. so she called police, and officer wound up arresting a neighbor, a three two-year old woman, and police discovered that she had hit other homes, as well. if you are worried that this could happen to you over the holidays you should give your local post office a call and ask to stop delivering packages to your home, you can pick up your deliveries from the post office or ups or fedex office instead. >> that was pretty ingenious, um, my goodness. 4:41. two california military veterans blessed with the unique gift why a met or cycle is all they needed.
4:42 am
speaking of motorcycles. >> start your engines, good morning everybody. 4:41. we are off to a good start, met or cycle in our way toward downtown philadelphia, in problems or delays on the schuylkill expressway, we will problems or delays on the schuylkill expressway, we will chec
4:43 am
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deciding between bread is no longer a problem. healthy pa offers name-brand health insurance for the cost of a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, call or apply online today. 4:44 is your time. yes, it is early. we're watching ultimate doppler, nothing around here at the moment but we're
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watching the impending formation of the low pressure system that we're going to be watching and it will have have a big effect on our weather tomorrow. but nothing happening right now. you don't need rain gear or anything else today. let's jump to the future cast to this afternoon when we will see the clouds increasing in advance of that storm and could be a sprinkle or two a at the shore but shouldn't be a big tiehl. after midnight tonight and by 4:00 a.m. tomorrow we will see rain, lots of it, in the only rain but you what doesn't show up on the future cast is wind. heavy downpours at times. it is a nasty morning rush hour tomorrow. i'm warning you already. in the afternoon it isn't that much better but storm will be exiting by tomorrow night and then tuesday night into wednesday especially north and west of the city we could be eag some snow mixed with the rain, and it will be brief and we will not see accumulation in the philadelphia area but it will be a different story in the mountains where it is always colder.
4:46 am
now our winter storm watch has changed and it looks like to perhaps a winter storm warning. we will check on that. temperatures in the 20's at the moment, 30's down to our south but really it feels a lot colder then that thanks to the winds. seventeen is your wind chill, for right now, so it feels like 17 as you walk out the door and our highs get to 38 or 40. heavy rain tomorrow, little mix of snow and rain in the morning on wednesday but by thursday, just a left over flurry or two and stays on the chilly side after that, through friday, saturday and sunday but i will say that this saturday looks a whole lot better than last saturday with mostly sunny skies, bob. good morning. we're off to a good start nice and quiet looking live on the schuylkill expressway near the curve, no problems or delays at all, light volume so far as you roll around that curve and in toward downtown. live look here at route 309 and 202 in five points in
4:47 am
montgomery county. roads are dry. we will take it today whale we can get it. won't be this way tomorrow. and live look at blue route 476 near route one in delaware county. the rest of the major roadways 42 from south jersey just watch for that condition trucks right here near 295. overnight or early morning accident knocked down overhead wires along white horse pike route 30 here so just watch for local detours egg harbor road will get you around it. fire location in the neighborhood in frankford ehret and horrocks so traffic diverted on to orthodox street this morning. pennsylvania turnpike still left over work crew maybe another ten minutes or so on the eastbound side near willow grove. schuylkill expressway as you leave town westbound, they are cleaning out the drains between center city and girard avenue. just watch for that right shoulder taken out. but once you you make it past city you are in good shape. mass transit running with no delays, dawn and kerry back over to you you. 4:48 right now.
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the most decorated battleship in u.s. naval history was site of the memorial commemorating 73 years since japanese attack on pearl harbor. >> that ceremony taking place aboard the battleship new jersey on the camden waterfront including a flag raising memorial, a a memorial wreath also tapped in the water by francis elmer beach who as a 17 year-old boy was on his way to church when he heard about the pearl harbor attack. his son explains what his dad did. >> he turned around, and walked to the recruiting office and over the the next few years he was involved in the war. >> at attack on pearl harbor killed 3500 americans, destroyed 200 aircraft and damage and sunk8 u.s. battleships. it was a big weekend for
4:49 am
pennsbury south after record breaking ease on they took on st. joes prep in the pi double a state semi final. >> despite pouring rain a fox 29 photo journalist shawn bernard has the the play by play. >> it start out by saying you are ready, waking up, you are pumped up, are you ready. >> it is something special to feel this energy. >> let's go, d. that a boy. >> super kid this guy right here. start to finish, he don't get. >> we bleed orange and black that is how we roll. >> he wants to be part of the team. >> i get the hair going. it pumps up the kids when they see the hair, it just goes all over and they get pumped up for it. >> let's go. >> even though he don't have
4:50 am
at ability to go out there because he had has cerebral palsy, he is part of the team. he is in every kid heart and coaches heart. >> david is a great kid, been with us a a long time going to pennsbury games. he lives down the street from f. >> he is a great source of emotional support for the kids. >> it makes me smile, the respect that they have for me and the respective for them. >> at the end of the day they finished strong, started strong, this he were out matched and they are a great team overall. >> we will be here next year like he was past ten years and will be here every year. >> my family. >> isn't that awesome. >> it was great. >> falcons, unfortunately fell
4:51 am
to st. joes 37-seven but they have a lot to be proud of. >> it is only team in school history to win record 13 wins, win a league championship and a district crown all in the same season. owe definitely way to go indeed. 4:51. courtney kardashian rereeling the sex of her next baby her third partner with scott di sick will be a boy. news was shared on last night's episode of courtney and chloe take the hampton. kardashian and disick have a son and a doubt are. royals a arrived in the united states. duke and duchess of cambridge touching down in new york yesterday. >> it is in the just the big apple rolling out the red carpet, later today president obama will be welcoming prince william to the white house. prince william will be in town speaking about illegal wild life trading. meanwhile kate will be touring a child development center in new york city. they will take in a brooklyn
4:52 am
nets game and a appear at a major charity events. hunger games mocking jay part one topped weekend box office. >> i never wanted any of this. i never wanted to be in the game. >> as you can see the film earn the top spot for third week in a row with more than 21 million-dollar in ticket sales and that is just over the weekend. overall this chapter in the movie series has earned more than 250 million-dollar just in the united states. meanwhile penguins of madgascar, horrible bosses two, big hero six and inter stellar round out top five. energy from an amazing thanksgiving win was in the enough for eagles after a tough loss to seattle, how are the birds going to recover.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
okay. anyhow, it is 4:55. wisconsin man is spreading some holiday cheer with this work of art. ryan barse skull ted snoopy at the dollar tree parking lot in wisconsin rapids. it took him seven hours to create it, he says with more snow on the way he looks forward to doing another project. check that one out. cute. a special gift for some california military veterans battling post traumatic stress
4:56 am
disorder. >> all thanks to harley davidson. dorothy and raymond are very active in the wounded warrior project. they serve others now just a as they served on the battle field. they have other things in common as well. both of them have a love for riding motorcycles so imagine their surprise when bill davison, of harley davidson said pick a bike, any bike on the floor. >> it was pretty much with all of us we weren't expecting that. it was just a blessing really. >> i don't think about post traumatic stress disorders when i'm on the bike. >> each of these brand new 2015 bikes retails for close to 30 grand but to them it is worth way more than just money. at 4:56 are you waiting for hours, even when you have an appointment to see your doctor? what primary care physicians are saying about why they are experiencing an increased work load. the eagles are recovering from a tough loss that every
4:57 am
within on the team is feeling today, we're breaking down highlights and less than an hour big daddy graham joining us to talk about just what went wrong.
4:58 am
4:59 am
developing right here at 4:00 o'clock a man gunned down on the streets of philadelphia, we're bringing you details as they unfold,
5:00 am
but first, sue serio, watching a nor'easter. >> here we go again, do you remember day before thanksgiving i think it could be a repeat of that nasty weather, we will have your forecast coming up, dawn? all right, sue thank you at 5:00 o'clock controversy this morning over the philadelphia parking meters. computer glitch had p pa allowing free parking yesterday. today there is a lot of issues but guess what you will have to pay. first down wilson, end zone, caught, touchdown baldwin. >> tough loss for the eagles after that last play, a a lot of players sharing the blame for this game? we're breaking down what exactly went wrong. there is a couple of things, was it chip kelly, was it execution, what they were doing with mark sanchez. >> i just heard my husband yelling, what is happening. >> we were on such a high


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