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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  December 9, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EST

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oh, good morning at 4:00 o'clock the nor'easter is here but what will it bring specifically to your area and when? we have reporters throughout the the delaware valley to keep you updated on the conditions and, of course, sue serio is tracking this every step of the way. >> yes, ate arrived right on time here in olde city, we're dealing with rain and lots of it but your other issues are wind and depending on where you live, some sleet and or snow. we've got a break down of all of it coming up, chris. plane crashes right in the home in maryland, how investigators say a woman with local ties tried to save her children during this tragic event. plus controversy brewing in the big apple, students at an ivy league college toll that they should postpone
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their exams because of the protests that are going on across the country. why the school is standing by that deis this morning. good day, good rainy day, it is tuesday, december 9th, 2014. look who is back. >> hi, good morning. >> i walk in the studio and kerry said you look orange. is that because you were in sunny southern california. >> it is the fake california tan is what it is. >> there is's bob kelly. good morning, everybody. hi sue serio. >> is what a busy weather morning. i came back to this. messy out there. >> we have a number of weather issues to talk b let's run through watches and advisories before we get to the radar. we've got a coastal flood warning for these counties in green, kent, cumberland, atlantic and cape may. between eight and 10:00 a.m. is high tides. flood watch in effect because of the heavy rain that is falling as we speak. moving further north and west a winter weather advisory until seven or maybe
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10:00 a.m. depending on the counties you are in and that includes chester, montgomery and bucks county under this winter weather advisory for in mix of sleet and rain with the rain and up in carbon and monroe counties it is snow and nothing but snow. that is a winter storm warning and that is for accumulation. wind is our other issue. we have a wind advisory along the the coast, atlantic, half of burlington and ocean counties, 25 to 35 miles an hour sustained wind, 45 miles an hour gusts, at the shore. so here it is, nor'easter is here. we'll it is throwing back a lot of moisture off the ocean, anywhere wee yellow and orange. it is in new jersey. we have a periodic bought of downpours here in the philadelphia metro area but moving further north and west and you might see some sleet mixed in parts of the chester county around west goshen our charlestown. pottstown you can see sleet with heavy rain, it looks very dicey in the lehigh valley, allentown and easton, with the
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pink there milk in with the rain, so you could be some -- seeing some sleet and ice mixed in but it is deluge at the shore. sea isle city, orange and yellow here, cape may, atlantic city, jersey shore pounding with rain and wind isn't helping either. the it is 38 degrees in philadelphia we are well above freezing. we should stay with rain. wind chillies 29. winds northeast at 16 miles an hour. our fox cast for today has a high of 42 degrees. the it is a rain event for us but tonight as things cool down, we will probably see on snow or sleet mixed in, we will break down the future cast for you in just a few moments but bob, compared to yesterday, what a mess. >> just yucky mess. good morning everybody. 4:03. on this yucky tuesday morning and already a problem here behind me on i-95. this is an example of what you have to look out for with all of us, we're trail blazers,
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not in the jammo mode there so as we hit major roadways slipping and sliding is there a one car crash here on i-95. this fellow is sideways southbound right here near betsy ross bridge and as you cane we are dealing with the spray coming up off the cars and trucks in front have of you here. live look at the schuylkill expressway right here near south street, feel the car rocking right around montgomery drive, we're getting the rain, coming down so heavy, it is ponding on the roadway. that will send cars, quickly hydroplaning just make sure you have both hand on the wheel, as you are heading into the schuylkill. i-95 off a ramp, already ponding here like ramp there for commodore barry bridge and thin this is a live look at 42 freeway as sue mentioned some heavy rain hitting us down the shore. depend ing upon where you begin and end your trip you will need wipers, no matter where you are going. all major roadways are expect to be slower than normal this
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morning. deriding line where we are seeing that rain and that mix to change over is right here at lehigh valley. we had a tractor trailer accident, police said there were some ice on the road surface, ramps here along the turnpike at lehigh valley. right now you are that dividing line where we are seeing that change over. again heading north this morning be ready it will go from rain to sleet. we have a scheduled opening of the tacony palmyra at 4:05, any minute, waiting for that to happen. betsy ross would be your best bet. no problems at the moment at philly international but that is certainly going to change as we get into our morning rush hour. so pack your patients there. mass transit, we're off to a good start. buses, trains, trolleys but you have to cut everybody a break because it will be slower than normal in the only on the rails this morning but also on the roads. that is an example of these roadways i have in my jam cams, lets go out to fox 29's jennifer joyce driving around
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the streets of bucks county this morning, jenny, where are you and what are the road conditions you're finding this morning. >> good morning, bob. we have just entered yardley so we're driving through bucks county. ill will's turn camera around so you cane what we are seeing. we trove up from the it i, along i-95, and for the most part it was okay because there weren't too many cars on the road but there were some slick spots. you could see car rocking and rolling a little bit, so if you are heading out this morning you'll want to allow extra time, go the speed limit or maybe under because as bob mentioned there is ponding on the roadways. we can see i don't know how it is from this view of the camera. it is really dark. i'll not sure what you are able to see from this view but we can see the ponding start to swell on the side of the road. we are entering downtown
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yardley which is an area known for flooding. so we will continue to navigate these streets and keep an eye out there and i know it is just expected to get much worse throughout the morning. the it has been raining for a couple hours and raining steadily and heavily, so we will continue to check back with you guys in a little while. >> be safe out there, thank you. we have some breaking news out of philadelphia a's west oak lane section a fire on the 1600 block of middleton street, one person taken to the hospital but no word on their condition. we will bring you an update. this is a live picture as soon as we learn more. police are looking for a man a accused of sexually a assaulting a woman last night the in west philadelphia. this attack happened near forty-seventh and chestnut the street right around 8:30. police released few or details. they have a generic description of the man they are looking for. six people dead after a plane crashed in the home in gaithersburg maryland. >> this is so sad, authorities
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say twin engine jet was a approaching montgomery county air park when it went down, three people in the plane killed as well as a woman and her two young sons inside that home. woman, identified as 36 year-old marie gamel, original willly from brick township, new jersey and went to rowan new jersey. investigators say she was found lying on top of her kids in an upstairs bathroom. national transportation safety board has launched a team in that area to investigate the crash. >> i am interested to find out no only to find out what happened but why it happened because we want to make sure that something like this never happens again. that is why we are here. >> as is the case with every crash a plane's black box has been sent to washington where authorities will determine what caused the crash. they will look into crew experience as well as weather, you know, faulty equipment perhaps played a role. thates gaithersburg, maryland. more than 100 people in bridgeport montgomery county,
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wife and children after her husband is kill in the the hit and run. >> fifty-four year-old tom daily was killed friday night when he was hit at east rambo and for. police say not one but two drivers hit him and kept on going. community and law enforcement gathered for a vigil last night showing support for his family. >> you took away my deares, bee friend, most wonderful father in the world. i don't know what to say to these people. i hope they come forward. >> when one of your family members dies a part of you dies with them, it is just devastating. >> so far, no arrests but police say they are folding up on leads. bucks county high school counselor on leave after this post appeared on a facebook page with her name on it. it reads my child cannot get to the eagles game due to protesters i will personally shoot everyone of them. you've gone warned idiots. the isn't that ironic. the post of course in
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reference to activist that had been participating in the mass die in that are among the demonstrationness response to both michael brown and eric garner grand jury decisions. facebook account is being link to counselor marry kate blankenberg of central bucks high school west. >> a counselor. no one answered her door when fox 29 tried to reach her for comment but speaking to the intelligencer she did not take responsibility for the post saying her child might have gotten a hold of her ipad. d.a. in montgomery county where she lives is investigating this as a potential threat. a statement from the central bucks district superintendent reads in part responding with urgency and concern we began an investigation including verification of the source of the post and we will take appropriate action once we have learned all of the facts. it goes on to say the content of the post does not in anyway reflect, belief and values of the central bucks school district. a narrow escape after a wall collapses and crushes and delivery driver's car, what he
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just started to do when they had happened. lets get back to live radar, it is coming down as we speak, this nor'easter will make it a ducey. kerry did hydroplaning on the way in.
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my goodness welcome back at quarter after 4:00. a mess outside this morning looking at philadelphia international airport.
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it is windy in, flight delays but as bob so eloquently pointed out there is only two flights this hour of the morning, but check before you head out the door, all right, sue. >> and stay tune because conditions will be changing, constantly throughout the morning especially further north and west of the city you go. you will see the rain south and east of philadelphia and north and west you'll see some pink mixed in some white up here in northern maryland. this is all indicative of the temperatures and how it changes, precipitation, but here in philadelphia we have steady rain, we are in the dry slot in new castle county delaware but this could be very dicey travel, you might want to wait and delay your trip if you can because we expect temperatures to rise and some of this in the lehigh valley around allentown, change over to some rain, but little dicey, possibly around montgomery county, around bucks county, and trenton area it looks like it is all just rain and bucks county down here in montgomery county it looks like just rain at the
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moment, but what a deluge, this morning, around cape may county, and milk in with your rain, same story for lancaster county area. the longer you can waiting to out, and as you can see in the future cast that rain line moving further northward and see a pink edging up northward as well, rain taking over from the sleet and the ice, 8:00 o'clock we are mostly seeing rain in the area, even in the poconos, but, a little break in the action around lunchtime today and some wrap around moisture later this afternoon, does make it the look like we will probably be seeing a little bit more precipitation later on in the day. throughout the day on wednesday i think that maybe despite this future cast we will see a mix of snow and rain as this storm exits, and then look what happens late in the day on tuesday, maybe some flurries north and west of the city near your nighttime
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hours, temperature real crucial in the the type of precipitation, 29 degrees mount pocono, that is a certainty for snow. thirty-two in reading. thirty-two in lancaster. right at freezing there. that is where we will see mix. thirty-four in allentown and pottstown, above freezing in philadelphia and every place south and east of the city, we're in the 40's at the shore. that is the deal as we take a look at probably a temperature of 40 to 42 degrees by this afternoon. we will keep a close eye on ultimate doppler radar and best advice, bob kelly, leave as early as you can so you can take your time. >> extra time is needed this morning, no doubt about it. already a problem here on i-95. we are looking live, southbound lanes of i-95 are closed right at betsy ross bridge. i showed you crash last time around, one car spin out here and that is an example of what we are dealing with this morning. we're trail blazers not in the bumper to bumper mode so we
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are moving 45 to 50 miles an hour. rain is coming down so heavy right now it is not making it in the drainage grates unless you have that ponding on the road surface and one car spin out we're stack up here, 95 southbound at betsy ross. it is just blocked, fire fighters have hook and ladders a across, but you can get tow truck in there, but just a temporary blockage. heading out the front door we are in bumper to bumper mode. here's an example, i came in eastbound right here near montgomery drive you'll find that ponding in the left and center lanes and penndot was out yesterday cleaning drains out they may not have gotten to all of the drains, if you have in the left lane there is a possibility hitting those big puddles where drains are blocked and that is one spot right there on the schuylkill at montgomery. the here's a live look at route 38 in cherry hill, new jersey. we have heavy rain down the shore up and down route nine, atlantic city expressway, parkway, also getting pounded
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with that heavy rain. here's a live look at 42 freeway watching in the construction zones. you can see this spray that is coming up off cars and trucks in front of you. wipers in full working mode this morning. your travel times not bad at the moment except for i-95 with lanes blocked at betsy but give yourself some extra time this morning and little extra wiggle room for some reaction time. dividing line where we're going from rain to icy stuff is right here at the lehigh valley interchange at the turnpike. we had a tractor trailer accident, trooper said there were ice build up on the on and off ramps and you confirmed that with what she showed us on the doppler there. that is tea trieding line, north of allentown, we will see a change over, secondary roads could have that and,
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and, any minute now, grabbing your coffee for bet thecy ross bridge to play it safe, chris and kerry, back to you. in the meantime lets get to this, columbia law school is allowing an unexpected exception for students, who postpone exams. >> if they feel traumatize by eric garner and michael brown grand jury decisions they can take their tests later. normally the school only allows exams to be postponed in case of illness for family member's death the or religious observance but this is an unusual time with the diverse student body many students have taken part in protests and is there concern that these cases could be a distraction. in addition to allowing students postpone their exam they have arrange for a trauma specialist to meet with students on campus if needed. mother of the 12 year-old boy shot and killed by cleveland police is now talking publicly for the first time. those officers responding to a 911 call about a person pointing a gun at people and waving it around. it was a toy gun that looked
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real in the aftermath. protesters have a accused the police department of racial profiling. rice's mother was in cleveland explaining what happened the day her son die. >> they made me sit in the the front of the ambulance like i was a passenger. so, my daughter a arrived at the hospital, and she came to me and told me that somebody came and told her your brother was shot and she came running. >> grand jury is considering whether to indict the officer's involve. 4:20. u.s. defense secretary chuck hage toll meet with u.s. military leaders. he is first defense secretary to visit iraq since 2011. this is expected to be his last trip overseas as pentagon chief. meanwhile military leaders say forces fighting isis in iraq where to get a big boost. american allies committed to sending 1500 sold tours help train, advise, iraqi soldiers
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that are battling the islamic state. a pizza delivery man outside of pittsburgh is lucky to be alive after his car was crushed by a falling wall. >> man had just gotten out of his car, when he heard wall start to crumble. concrete and debris buried his car, destroying it. now a contractor who assessed the damage says wet weather combined with freezing and thawing conditions caused that collapse. that could seven been worse. lebron james makes a bold statement on the court but wasn't just his regular fans that were there, the the four wasn't just his regular fans that were there, the the four visitors who sat front row and
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good morning , i'm howard eskin, eagles will tart to clean up the mistakes of the seattle game on unday as they get ready for dallas cowboys this sunday at the link. there are teams that have a hang over after a bad loss that has not been the character of this team. >> you have to answer to yourself, you know how well, you played, you know how you performed on a given day and you will have days where you are really successful and we have had days like that, we will have days where it didn't work out the way you want it to work out but you will not tack your bag and take your ball and go home. >> eagles are good after losses. tough day for richie allen. he fell one short of entering the baseball hall of fame. richie allen had a great career winning rookie of the year award in 1963 with the
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phillies, won a mvp award with the white socks in 1972, career average of 290 with 351 home runs. he hit monster home runs at connie mack stadium. fell a vote short. that is sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. professional athletes are making statements in connection with the eric garner grand jury deis. >> james and kyrie irving and kevin garnett from the nets wearing t-shirts with the warm ups with i can't breathe written on them. eric garner captured repeated during his confrontation with police before he died. the the game was in attendance by prince william and duchess kate as well. little league star mo'ne davis. >> they named her, and well yesterday, was a big celebration. >> classmates cheered for her along with 76ers michael carter williams and wnba skyler higgins. mo'ne led philadelphia's taney
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dragons into this years little league world series. would you ever run a marathon barefoot, seriously you won't believe the things this guy has stepped in, what he says is reason behind this bizarre choice, then sue serio tracking this nor'easter. you need weather boots. >> barefoot is opposite of what you want to be today, the the rain gear is a must today and we will have to leave early because this is the the mess you're facing as you walk out the door this morning. we
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this morning a messy morning as a nor'easter is slamming the delaware valley, we have bob kelly watching the the roads, detours at this point and sue serio has impact in your area. >> to take, and. why he is so prout of what he did last night. >> get it, more than a buck. >> i got it, thank you. >> good day, it is, tuesday, december 9th, 2014. i cane in the last four or five days that kerry hasn't changed her tone with me. >> oh, no because she missed you so much. >> yes. >> she's been saving up.
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>> i have. >> getting the business. here's your coastal flood warning. we have a lot of issues. flooding is one of them especially during times of high tides between 8:00 and 10:00 this morning. we have a flood watch in effect for the entire philadelphia metro area and that includes chester, montgomery bucks, burlington, camden, new castle county delaware for all this heavy rain. then we will move further north and west a winter weather advisory for sleet and snow mixed in especially this morning, this advisory end between 7:00 and 10:00 a.m. and then it looks like accumulating snow still in the forecast for the winter weather, winter storm warning i should a for monroe and carbon counties in the pocono mountains. wind is your other big issue and it will be worse at the shore. atlantic county, burlington and ocean counties under a wind advisory with wind gusts up to 40, 45 miles an hour at times. here's the mess moving in.
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we predicted it yesterday and right on time as we said it would be bad in the 4:00 o'clock hour running through heavy downpours. a few places have dry slots but with this counterclockwise circulation around this storm you'll still see more rain even if you are getting a break right the now. we're not in philadelphia we're getting rain. but moving to chester county, lancaster county, berks county we will see pink mixed in. you might be hearing sleet on your window or windshield and could be very dicey as you go north, further northward, easton, allentown and places like that are probably getting some very slippery winter mix and that could be affecting your drive. so if you can put off your trip please do so are heavy rain at the shore, long the garden state parkway and ac expressway. very heavy rain. 38 degrees in philadelphia with 18 miles an hour wind. sunrise at convenience time 7:11. nothing is lenient today. continues this rain on and off a. we will get to 42 for a high
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temperature this afternoon and the wind is really whipping up, even in the city, it will be up at 30 miles an hour wind gusts. tonight down to 35 degrees but we will stay above freezing in the city but won't go too far to see some wet snow mixed in with that rain. we will tell you what to expect tomorrow coming up in a few minutes, bob. >> she said it will be a plug in the lap top and work from home kind of days. 4:32. terrible tuesday on tap here but good news for motorist that use i-95. they have just reopened southbound lanes of i9 56789 we had an early morning one car spin out here near betsy ross bridge. let that be an example of the major roadways with this heavy rain coming down right now, quickly ponding on all of the travel lanes. so i-95 wet and slow working your way south past earlier accident there near betsy ross bridge. we will go to the maps to the major roadways expect slower than normal speeds this morning, blue route, 422, that
4:33 am
ponding especially in the construction zone like i-95 through cottman avenue. 202 from west chester up to 401 those drainage grates are in either that left or right travel lane and that will give us that quick ponding. abington washington lane block at red ram manier road. one car blocked in the telephone pole. peco power play right now. dividing line for that wintry mix right the now looks to be at allentown interchange of the pennsylvania turnpike. wet and slow but once you hit that allentown interchange with that reports of icing, we already had a tractor trailer accident there earlier this morning. heavy rain, route 47, flooding out and closed right here near high street in the heart of the millville, watching us down the shore, sue just mentioned the heavy rain and possible high tides will bring some flooding along all of the shore points from cape may, wildwood, avalon, all the way up to atlantic city.
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tacony palmyra bridge in shut down mode because of an opening, betsy ross bridge would be best bet getting ready to head out front door. philly international safe bet, bet you a jelly doughnut we will see delays at the airport. getting an early flights out, tote board showing no delays but we will see that volume pop around 5:30 at philly international. septa says they are off to a good start but again, the high wind are prone to give us problems with those overhead wires. we will keep our fingers crossed but dress appropriately if you are standing on the train platform awaiting for the buses. tacony palmyra in the middle of an opening, other bridges are looking fine. we will have to contend with the wind. fox 29's jennifer joyce has been braving win and ponding. jen, how has the wind been driving through bucks county where you are right now. >> reporter: yeah, we are driving along route 413 in the area of buckingham township
4:35 am
approaching doylestown area. we have not felt too much in the way of wind right now. we are seeing that conn is tenth rainfall. i will show you here as we drive, you can follow along with us, as we have been mentioning all morning long there is ponding on the roadways. we are seeing large puddles. it is very dark where we are right now but it is very difficult to try to navigate these roadways... >> so much like the roads themselves jennifer sound like she's talking under water at this point. we will get back to her. little trouble with the microphone. >> nicely down. breaking in west oak lane one person taken to the hospital following a fire in the 1600 block of middleton street. fire broke out at 3:00 this morning. the it was under control about 30 minutes later. officially if you looked out your window, you know the nor'easter is here. jersey shore getting flooded. >> general any bucks county, and head to the coastline
4:36 am
where streets in sea isle city ended up under water when high tides arrived yesterday morning. that scene will ab lot worse today. emergency management officials are worried about leaves along the streets blocking storm drains, potential for power outages. >> with these northeast storms because it builds water up in the back bay and does ant how to it dissipate on the next low tides cycle. >> keep in mind those high wind could blow away your holiday decorations try to get them inside or make sure they are securely fasten. steve keeley is on his way down the shore and will have a live report at 5:00. imagine finding an atm abandoned in the woods would you think you are cashing in, why a dad says his son did next is truly something special he learn on his own. is wedding off for kate hudson and matt bellamy. >> i know. >> it no, i feel like this song. >> anyway we will hear what is
4:37 am
next good refs wil
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180 times later okay. >> still kind of funny. >> okay. >> coming up at 20 of 5:00 right now new jersey state lawmakers taking up a
4:40 am
plan that atlantic city's mayor says could keep taj mahal from closing next week. plan approved by a state senate committee is designed to stabilize finances of atlantic city and casinos there casino would pay lump sum every year verse property taxes which have of course would be a little more stable and let city know how much money it can expect from the game halls. the it will increase funding for atlantic city schools. prince william and duchess kate will be visit september 11th memorial later this morning. of course they are in new york city. they arrived sunday for three day trip to the states. their first in fact to the big apple. >> they received a royal treatment at the barclays center in brooklyn last night with front row seats to the cleveland cavilers/brooklyn nets game. they came here to see cleveland and brooklyn. afterwards king james, lebron james met with the royals and presented them with two jerseys including a custom baby sized one for prince george. earlier prince william met
4:41 am
with president obama in washington while duchess of cambridge toured child development sent are in harlem. they watched nets take on lebron and cavilers. the couple didn't sit with jay-z and beyonce but they did meet later. as far as game went king james and the nets won, 110-88. after a slow start cavilers are strong, they got lebron back. would you ever run outside at all barefoot how about running multiple marathons, no shoes. this guy has a good reason for doing it. we will have that straight ahead. >> bob will be checking traffic. >> live look at the schuylkill expressway, schuylkill expressway king of prussia, where rain is coming at you sideways, look at the overhead street lamp here and example of of not only rain but heavy wind we are dealing with this morning. we will
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one of the best words i think we can use to describe today is sloppy, it is just sloppy out there, we have rain in the philadelphia area, win, of course at the airport as well and just about every where, it is worse at the shore and then north and west of the city, it is really sloppy because you're getting some sleet or ice mixed in with your rain and we're talking about lancaster, berks county, up in the lehigh valley, poconos, probably seeing some wet snow at this
4:45 am
point. heavy rain at the jersey shore. here in philadelphia, starting to ease up a little bit but this is what we're talking about all along 78, it could be tricky travel along there with ice mixed in and it is just deluge of rain in the southern part of new jersey with cape may, and millville, atlantic city all getting decent rain this morning. reading, not fun traveling around there or lancaster and again, here in the city, it is just rain and easing up for us, so, there is a look at wintry weather. we're talking four to 6 inches of accumulation when all said and done with that up in the mountains only and for us we don't expect accumulation but we will stay above freezing through most of this, 38 degrees in philadelphia but you see how cold it is in mount pocono, only 29, right at freezing in reading and lancaster and then well above freezing in the 40's in atlantic city, wildwood, millville that is where we will expect rain but that is an issue with the wind.
4:46 am
these are sustain wind speeds out there, 18 miles an hour in philadelphia, 21 miles an hour in wilmington and 17 miles an hour in atlantic city. higher in wildwood. these are win gusts we have 34 miles an hour wind gust in wilmington, 25 miles an hour in philly, 37 miles an hour gusting in atlantic city and we expect higher gusts as meat of the storm if you will come buys. we have rain and wind today. rain and maybe wet snow mixed in tomorrow and i don't think the whole thing gets out of here until thursday afternoon with a few left over flurries, friday sun returns, yeah, we will get up to 40 degrees. the it is a weekend we can look forward to because it will be dry, temperatures in the 40's, both saturday and sunday. that is the deal in your seven day forecast, something to look forward to their but it is sloppy out there this morning bob kelly. >> definitely sloppy, 4:46. we have another opening scheduled here, burlington bristol bridge has an opening
4:47 am
coming in at 5:00 o'clock. heading out front door head right for that tacony pal will my use or betsy ross bridge and we are dealing with heavy rain, ponding coming at you sideways as i showed you on that last camera before the break on the schuylkill expressway and abington washington lane at red ramber there is an accident one car crash in the telephone pole there care of business. dividing line right here where we go from that rain and wet roads to the wintry mix is centered right here around the northeast extension at allentown interchange. we had an earlier tractor trailer accident. trooper said that is where we saw ice build up. heading north this morning that dividing line will come into play right here around allentown and that ace whole different ballgame once we get north in the ice and watching us down the shore in south jersey anywhere near waterways we are worried with high tides already route 47 is flooded out near high street and it
4:48 am
goes without saying if the water looks too deep it most likely is. try to avoid that. we will see videos later on of knuckle heads trying to go through high water and getting pulled out down the shore with the possible flooding, comes, with the high tides comes the possible flooding. the last night i know we had situationness avalon and stone harbor where we had high water, already. schuylkill, 95 and 202 running slower than normal. we are the trail blazers. there is that tendency to go a little bit faster and schuylkill eastbound right here near montgomery drive one of the drains are clogged, so that left and center lane you will hit a puddle like a log flum coming in toward downtown philadelphia so far so good at philly international. the first one or two flights out before 5:00 o'clock not a problem but i bet you we will see delays at the airport especially with the heavy rain and those winds. do factor in extra time maybe check with the airline ahead
4:49 am
and before you head down to the airport, kerry, back over to you. 4:48. there is a $20,000 reward for information about a security guard found dead at a storage facility in southwest philadelphia. authorities say that a manager found 69 year-old james williams inside a conversion van at locker room storage at 62nd and pardonnal, he was tied up and beat even. >> he was the target of the homicide has the the duty being fulfilled as a night watchman and possibly interrupted a crime in progress. >> police say he might have killed a secured guard and used his van to knock down the fence and take off. investigators are looking at surveillance video for more information. this was no battle of the night, steve diddy and drake reportedly getting in a brawl at club live i believe the name of tonight my amie my money is on drake.
4:50 am
>> i think so. >> the elite daily reports drayed were at birthday parties for dj kaleed when throw down between wrappers started. diddy reportedly slapped drake and then a fight followed. drake was rumored to be hospitalized. no word on why they began to brawl. also, what you have been waiting for actress kate hudson has split with her fiance, matt bellamy. >> the the split being reported by several entertainment outlets no reason given for the break up. they had been engage for a long time, since 2011. >> so going on three plus years. >> oven gauge. status. >> they have a three-year old son together. >> well, that kind of misses things up. >> indeed. father and son find something unusual while visiting burks county. is there an atm in the middle of the woods sitting there. >> million-dollar question now, get it, million-dollar question how does it get there? fox's shawnette wilson, tries
4:51 am
to help up ralph this mystery. >> get my first deal. >> aidon rich has a great story about his first day out hunting with his dad in this field on a farm in olay. >> i was thinking that today will be a good day, hopefully i get a deer. instead of getting a deer i got and big buck. probably that tall maybe. that tall. then that wide. >> reporter: what he found is this atm sitting right in the middle of an opened field. >> so daddy look there is a grave stone or something. my dad goes it is a mac machine. i'm like wow. >> reporter: he and his dad john immediately took these pictures, john said hitting the jackpot wasn't his first thought. >> it crossed my mind but we walked away and called police right away and we waited for them. my dad bought it for me and
4:52 am
eventually i will pass it on. >> reporter: joe who has huntedded all his life said never has he seen anything like this. he even searched on line for clues. >> i saw a couple different things people that tried to steel one in reading and they stuck tonight a trash can but that was solved and i didn't see anything else besides that. >> reporter: john says he is proud of his son who spotted the atm first and never asked about money. >> he learn that lesson himself because when we saw it, he didn't say anything about money or a reward. >> that was shawnette reporting. police are investigating where that atm came from and this morning they are not saying whether there was any money inside but we did see that door opened to it. a girl makes local police officers with a few simple word what she said to him in the letter that truly touched
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
and, perfect song for this, right. that wet weather there in doylestown for you driving right through it, take it slowly, this is route 202 in doylestown, pennsylvania young girl makes an officer's day in west deptford new jersey. >> simply out of the kindness of his heart.
4:56 am
officer then posted her special note in the department facebook page. in the letter she says this isn't a school assignment i just wanted to thank you. people i look up to are my parents and these who put their lives on the line every day, stay strong. notice now spreading very quickly on social media. >> i love this next guy. >> talk about hitting the pavement running a marathon is a huge fe at. >> but one man's feet. >> feet. >> that spread him apart from the other runners. >> this is eddie vega runs marathons barefoot. his latest marathon in arizona was his eighty-ninth of the year. >> of the year. >> so dot the math. >> what is this like one every weekish, i don't know. >> well, that is 52. >> so what is that every four day is. >> that mathis hard. >> hard math. >> he lives in the philippines and qualm he learn millions of
4:57 am
children in the world have no shoes to wear. we finally get to the crux of the story here. he wanted to truly understand their polite. he is collecting toys for souls for souls a non-profit that collects shoes and clothing for needy. >> it is great. >> it is. >> more reason to drink. >> that is karma coming to get you you right now. >> the new connection between powering yourself a glass of red and health. >> did you just power yourself one. >> two. >> are you lazy at work, even a little bit, why a new study says blame your boss.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
it is 5:00 o'clock and it is nasty out there. if you have a flight to catch, check with your airline. this nor'easter is not letting up just yet but sue serio is tracking it to let you know what specifically you can expect in your area. >> creating wind sheer there. >> ivy league school let something student postpone their finals. why the school is standing by their decision made after deaths of two unarmed black men, one in new york and another in ferguson, missouri good if you are not a go getter when it comes tour job, it is not your fault, why a new study is blaming your boss


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