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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  December 9, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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it is 5:00 o'clock and it is nasty out there. if you have a flight to catch, check with your airline. this nor'easter is not letting up just yet but sue serio is tracking it to let you know what specifically you can expect in your area. >> creating wind sheer there. >> ivy league school let something student postpone their finals. why the school is standing by their decision made after deaths of two unarmed black men, one in new york and another in ferguson, missouri good if you are not a go getter when it comes tour job, it is not your fault, why a new study is blaming your boss
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it is not your favorite character but like that it went all downhill from there, what else this little girl had to say to the beauty and beast star coming up in the trend. >> she does in the care for him. good day, it is tuesday, december 9th, 2014. we are very glad to have you on this wet cold tuesday morning. >> driving into work sue serio a lot of puddling. >> yes, be our guest and wear our rain gear. >> be our guest. >> okay. >> somebody got it. here's a look at our weather by the numbers. you knew it wasn't high but it is two out of ten. lets get to our issues this morning, flooding being one with rain moving through a coastal flood warning. high tides time is between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. for ocean and the delaware bay as well, so that is when it could be worse with that back bay flooding at the shore, flood watch for all bodies of water in the metro area throughout
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the day to take with several inches of rain in the forecast and then moving north and west we have winter weather advisory for counties in purple. until about seven or maybe 10:00 a.m. depending where you are because of the mixing of snow and sleet with the rain. it looks like winter storm warnings still in effect for carbon and monroe throughout the day for accumulating snow, wind is a big problem for everybody but worst at the shore, 25 to 35 miles an her wind sustained and gusts in the 40's throughout the day. here is your ultimate doppler radar it appears that the nor'easter is upon us and frozen precipitation north and west of the city, rain falling here in philadelphia, chester county we did see some pink mixed in with green and that is frozen precipitation. probably most dicey around easton, allentown and places north of i78 up there and rain just continues to pound the shore, lots of flooding, as bob reminded you earlier,
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turnaround don't drawn if you see a flooded roadway. don't try to go through it. 38 degrees is our current temperatures. wind gusting to 20 miles an hour here in the city. much higher in the shore. we will show thaw in a little bit. high wind. wind north at 15 to 20 gusting to 30 miles an hour w that high of 42 degrees at least here in the city we will be dealing with rain and only rain, different story north and west and we will talk about that coming up, so bob, wet roadways and already a lot of problems this morning. >> i say folks get that false sense of security and not only do we have heavy rain with wipers on full force but that rain is ponding on the road surface can't make it in the drains quickly enough and in areas like i-95 where the drain was clogged we had a one car spin out. as we go south on i-95, two left lanes are blocked, penndot on the scene here cleaning the drain out but half an hour too late because we had a crash that probably
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was caused by that big puddle here on i-95, so that is an example as we are's getting ready to step out all roads are wide opened. we don't that have bumper to bumper 30 miles an hour traffic. folks are moving quickly on i-95, schuylkill and blue route and you'll be the one to hit that puddle first. burlington bristol bridge on stand by for an opening we had one earlier at that coney palmyra, heading out the front door and head right for tacony palmyra to play it safe. abington washington lane is block and one car crash, that took down telephone lines. peco is on the scene there. the dividing line where we go from just rain and wet roads to the wintry mix is right here, the pennsy turnpike at allentown interchange. we had an earlier morning tractor trailer accident. police reported zoo ice. that is that line where things get icy dicey moving north toward the pocono area.
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crash one car spin out inner drive on the boulevard at harbison, again an example where we have had so far the accidents this morning have been one car spin outs, not only in the neighborhoods but also on the major roadways. some high what the's long route 47, that is block at high street. flooding on 322 at mays landing. if you are watching us down the shore you're watching that time line for high tides that could bring flooding on the back roads, like 47 through wildwood and flooding in sea isle last night. all major roadways expect to be slower than normal this morning. factor in that extra time and more importantly that little extra wiggle room. outside on the roadways all morning long fox 29 jennifer joyce has been driving shut gun checking out roadways. where are you right now and tell us what the roads are like. >> reporter: we are driving through downtown doylestown right now, i'll show you, right now, we're seeing a lot
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of rain, rain, rain, no real problems. i know sue was talking about that pounding rain at the shore, that is not the the case up in this area light rain falling right new but all morning long, the the route that we took to get up here was i-95, and that was really slick. we can see our car rocking and slipping there, but because of the uponning on the roadways. taking a live look town along main street in doylestown you can see there are puddles on the side of the road as rain continues to fall but we are hearing obviously that it is going to be picking up as the morning goes on, so if you are at home getting ready for the workday still it is always a good idea to allow for some extra time out here because you never know what you will encounter. bob was talking about a number of accidents and incidents on the road way. so we will send it back to you
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guys. >> yeah, be safe out there be thankful thaw are inside a nice, warm car because steve keeley not so lucky. >> we will catch up with him in a couple minutes. >> right now. >> as a matter of fact couple second at the shore, rain and wind today. >> let get right to him. >> reporter: you guys know i'm not a whimpy umbrella guys i'm just using this as a prop. this is sideways umbrella, listen to the sound, it is sounding like drums here. very heavy rain and windy. we talk about accumulation only in snow but we have accumulating rain here. we're on the main drag ocean drive as it is called up and down the coastline here but landis avenue through sea isle. you can see some headlight. this is what bob kelly was talking b you cannot sea water and how deep it is in the dark. before the sun comes up you could hit 6 inches of water before you know it. heard him talking about one car accident. it only takes 6 inches for a
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car to get out of control and 12 inches of water will pick up a car, 2 feet of water which we are seeing at the shore can carry away a big sur and pickup truck. good thing we are here with our heavy camera lights and that gave this guy a warning to stop very intelligently like sue serio says turnaround and don't drawn and this guy got word to light here on top of the water but a lot of interest sections we are at forty-fifth street and right off the road that has sea isle bridge. there is smart move of the day not a knuckle head bob kelly talk about driving through this stuff. that is an suv. intelligent driver there. that is the problem here when you see a flooded intersection there is no where to go. we are midway between ocean and bay. we looked on the bay side and it was very flooded back there but we wanted to give you main drag so i can show you flooding here at well. the wind, signs are blowing around. this isn't even the worst of
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it. we are in front of the the dock's pancake house. kerry, chris, if we didn't call the show "good day philadelphia" between seven and ten how about a great morning show, dock mike jerrick. >> i'm on board. >> good to see you your umbrella. >> yes. >> okay. >> yah, i got a hat on a wanted to use this for demo purposes and greg like don't do what you normally do and turn it the other way because umbrella is going to blow away like. but that is how windy it is. look at that driver went around flooded intersection going the other way. there is another flood intersection going up. that guy will take a longer way. leave extra time, you need extra time because you can do detours like that by just did. >> thanks, steve. >> 5:10. breaking news out of west oak lane a fire fighter taken to the hospital after battling a
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basement fire at home in the 1600 block of middleton street. it broke out around 3:00 under control in 30 minutes. police looking for a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman in west philadelphia. it happened near forty-seventh and chestnut street around 8:30. police released few other details and a only have a generic description of the man they are looking for. investigators are returning to maryland to try to figure out what caused a small plane to crash in the home. six people were killed including a mother and two young sons. authority identified her asthma regamel from brick township, new jersey. she went to rowan university. police say they found her huddled over her kids in an upstairs bathroom. three people on the plane were killed as well. >> columbia law school allowing an unexpect exception for students who postponed exams if they felt traumatized by eric garner or michael brown grand jury decisions
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they can take their test later. normally schools allow exams to be postpone in case of illness or family member's debtor for religious observance but officials say this is an unusual time, diverse student body, many students taken part in these protests and is there concern that the cases might be a distraction. in addition to allowing students to postponed exams, columbia has arranged for a trauma specialist to meet with students on campus if needed. >> happening today a report detailing harsh interrogation tactics from the cia are released. american embassies and military units are bracing for threats in response to it. that report covers the cia's use of torture following 9/# one terror attacks. this is first public account of those tactics and many u.s. officials that are familiar with the report say the document alleged that harsh interrogations failed to produce useful intelligence. alcohol in the past has been linked to cancer but
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could crack open a bottle of red wine prevent the deadly
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well, we can just show you the big mess here on ultimate doppler radar, this is just as predict a big old mess and a different varieties with frozen precipitation mixed in but it is far north ape west of the city. even if you are getting a break from the rain right now
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and it looks like new castle county, parts of delco are getting that break, it is coming back throughout the day because we have a wrap around moisture we always talk about. in abington there is heavy rain, limerick looks like it is raining heavily but up towards allentown we might have some snow and or sleet mixed in making for very tricky travel along i78, down here at the the jersey shore, still, pockets of heavy rain all over the place and as we saw, wind are high as well, lancaster, county, berks county all getting that pink mixed with the rain. that indicates possibility of sleet with the rain mixed in this morning. travel is a mess, this continues throughout the rest of the morning as we look at future cast and more heavy rain coming back by middle of the day. by 10:00 o'clock we have possibility of more heavy rain according to this particular computer model. we will jump to 5:00 o'clock we can still see rain but at leads it is only rain. colder air moves in tonight
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and we could see a brief per of wet snow even here in the city but i don't think it will lath and it will in the accumulate and thinks one version of what will happen. by thursday morning a couple of left over flurries and then rest of that should be out of here. that is a quick look throughout the future. four to 6 inches of accumulation possible in the higher elevations in the mountains but it is only 30 degrees there we are at 38 in the city, 40's south and west and these wind 14 miles an hour sustained in philadelphia, they are gusting as high as 30 miles an hour. we have a 36 miles an hour win gust recorded in wilmington, delaware. seven day forecast has a lot to look forward to namely the weekend. so sunshine doesn't return until friday possibly but then it looks dry and great for your holiday-type plans for the upcoming weekend, bob. >> hey sue, 5:16. good tuesday morning. flooding on i-95 penndot just cleaned out the drain here
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southbound own i-95 right here near the wetcy ross bridge the scene of the one car spin out. all of the accident we have seen have been one car spin outs. we have one on schuylkill, i-95, a couple in the neighborhood, that heavy rain and plus that driving wind that has rain coming at you sideways here and make sure you have both hand on the wheel coming over bridges. burlington bristol bridge in the middle of the opening right now, heading out front door grab your coffee head right to that tacony palmyra. abington has washington lane blocked with the peco power crew on the scene. they took down power lines. been talking all morning about that wintry mix dividing line is right here around that allentown interchange of the pennsylvania turnpike. that is where you'll start to see road conditions change and then further north and west you go, we will get into that wintry mix. accident on the boulevard at harbison avenue, watch out where you come in that left or right lane and you come upon a
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drain, penndot were out all day yesterday cleaning the drains, may not have made it to all of them. i doubt they did. you will hit those big old puddles. because of the high tides we have flooding in millville, along route 47, flood ago licensing 322, right at cologne avenue just outside of mays landing and high tides will bring possible flooding up and down all of the area shore towns. schuylkill, not bad at the moment, again slower than normal speeds across the board on all major roadways expect this morning. philly international looking good so far this morning but we are probably going to start to see delays because of the weather. chris and kerry, back over to you. 5:18. the car of the pizza delivery man outside pitberg crushed by a falling wall. >> timing on this one. man just gotten out of his car when he heard wall start to crumble, concrete and debris buried his car destroying it as you can see in the video. a contractor who assessed damage says wet weather
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combine with freezing and that you go and freezing conditions caused this collapse. two former managers of the vet can's bank and lawyer are under investigation by holy sea by suspect embezzlement. three men manager the sale of 29 vatican buildings over a seven year period and they claim men recorded a letter price then building actually sold for and pocketed the difference. getting holy sea's financial situation in order is a top priority of pope frances. topping your health news red wine may do more than just keep your heart healthy new study says it could help fight and prevents cancer as well. researchers for advance necessary experimental medicine and biology say a chemical found in red wine and grape skins could treat cancerous tumors. scientists bumped that chemical into mice with cancerous tumors and their tumors decreased in size and growth of new ones was actually prevented. are you lazy at work? new research suggest it might not be your fault.
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in fact, the person you can blame your boss. >> anyhow, a stud friday kansas state university says an employees environment is responsible for how eager they are to tackle a project at work. experts say productivity comes down to motivation and inspiration from a leader. a program in utah is helping kids develop skills that they can use to succeed in the world and to land jobs. the program was developed by a couple, four years ago to teach technological skills but soon couple say that the students were also picking up social skills as well. >> there are so many kids on the spectrum that are really brilliant and they have so many special skills. they are not always evident. they have a lot of social engagement with each other, social engagement with their families and social engagement with the community. everybody is so a amazed at their skill development. >> some of the students have
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learned enough to come back and teach others. >> do you remember this, this pup needed a wheelchair and if your petties experiencing pain you might want to hear how owners got their dog up and moving again.
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we've got breaking news out of west oak lane, fire and fire fighters injuries reporting on this morning. that fire fighter has died after bat telling basement fire at a home on the 1600 block of middleton street. we don't have a name or age of this female fire fighter yet but we are live on the scene, we're still working to get details and we will bring them to you as they unfoal. we do know that the flames broke out at 3:00. fire was under control about 30 minutes later. >> sad update there. lets get to this at 5:24. a pull back on the stock market, on the plus side oil moved to a level we have not seen in five years sending gas prices down for the day, dow jones shed 160-point closing at 17,852. nasdaq composite lost 40-point closing at 4740. s and p500 gave up 15 closing at 2060. >> outrage over hanukkah wrapping paper sold with what looks like swastikas on the
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design are you kidding me. jewish woman spotted the symbol on the paper while shopping at wall green in north ridge. she called her rabbi and store manager at walgreens says it is now pulling that wrapping paper, you think. interesting. paralyzed pup gets a surprise treatment and now he is not just walking but he is running on all four. >> amazing. >> his owner says a friend who knew the dog was confine to the wheelchair recommended a chiropractor. rebecca pierce said she was quite skeptical but she desperately wanted to help wally. he had in use of of his back legs and wanted him to walk. she tried. >> well, here's wally today, he was up and running around. >> hi wally. >> i'll put it back in line and make it feel fine. >> that is really cool. >> it starts at his neck,
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works down his spine and filled by laser therapy to stimulate nerve function. although he may never have complete and full use of his back and his back legs again he is back on all four's and able to run. >> that is cool. >> a lot better then he was previously. >> that is cute. >> wonder if he gets back out of alignment and has to go for follow ups. >> maybe. 5:26 is the time, flying today call ahead because there will likely be delays there at
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>> reporter: from the shore to the city rain is coming down sideways and coming down, straight down as well and coming down real hard and road flooded signs are being flooded, that is how bad it is in sea isle city. >> my goodness. we have on breaking news out of west oak lane a fire fighter has died battling this fire we are still getting details and we will bring them to you. new this morning take a look at these mug shots, take a good look what police accused these two of doing to a church. good day, everyone it is tuesday, december 9th, 2014, thanks for being with us. >> only 16 more sleeps until christmas, isn't that crazy. >> my kids are getting so excited. my daughter broke out the big
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desk counter and she counted one day at a time. >> so cute. >> it is great. it is true, it the is christmas is for children and bus stop buddy working are hard to be good today. he paid attention with the mom with the umbrella, rain gear, warm coat, mittens because temperatures in the 30's and 40's. we have heavy rains and high wind in so many places so no surprise we have a two out of ten in your weather by the numbers. look at our camera here. these are issues you're dealing with today. this morning heavy rain high wind and wintry mix north and west coastal flooding, pocono, snow this afternoon it looks like some of the snow will change over to rain in the lehigh valley but shore wind gust to 40 miles an hour, rain tapers off tonight but could see flurries and snow showers as the accumulation will continue in the poconos. full will preview of coming attractions. running through our issues with watches and warnings and
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a coastal flood warning for high tides between eight and 10:00. flood watch for most of the region. we have been seeing that in bob kelly ace traffic cameras with the roads flooding, winter weather advisory for purple shaded counties here between 7:00 and 10:00 they will expire. carbon and monroe has a winter storm warning for accumulating snow and high win are high enough for wind advisory in atlantic, ocean and burlington county the ones closest to the shore. ultimate doppler shows impending north -- it is not pending it is here. a few dry slots here and there but we have rain here in philadelphia and wind driven rain where ever you you are for north of us, the pink has disappeared in chester and montgomery counties but still very dicey around allentown. we will see that change to go white, it looks like snow mixed in with rain there. there is very tricky travel. all of the issues from steve keeley at the shore.
5:32 am
38 degrees with 25-mile an hour win gusts in the city, 42 is our high. it stays rain for us here in the city but we will talk about what happens tonight and tomorrow and give you something to look forward to in the seven take forecast. but bob kelly, trek i travel says it all to take. >> not looking forward to a commute this morning. 5:42. good morning, slower than normal speeds. we have heavy driving rain coming at you sideways and we have had a lot of flooding situations and some of the travel lanes. penndot another route yesterday started to clean out some of the drains. i necessity they didn't hit all of them especially on i-95. we were flooded out here near betsy ross bridge. ponding on the cue kill right here near montgomery drive. give yourself extra time stepping outside the front door this morning. we have had, a lot of one car accident, couple cars leaving roadway this one in abington washington lane at red ram manier, and now we have a peco crew on the scene.
5:33 am
sue showed us that dedividing line where we go from wednesday road to wintry mix, it is right here around that turnpike at allentown interchange. anyone heading north up towards the poconos, again, you'll that have wintry mix. an accident boulevard at harbison, again flooding at that intersection and accident welsh road and lower state road which is just off of route 309, and some high tides, flood waters blocking route 47 and in millville, same deal on 322, just off of the atlantic city expressway. we had an accident on the ac expressway right here near black horse pike exit right there by casinos and again with the high tides comes that possible flooding. i know steve is waiting to talk to us in the second from down the shore. we had incident last night. we will probably see that again today. philly international minor delays hit and miss on the flights but for the most part we're okay but we will see delays at philly international during our travel day, kerr inn a chris, back to you.
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it is 5:33. breaking news out of west oak lane a fire fighter has died after battling a basement fire at home on the 1600 block of middleton street. sad update. we don't have the name or age of this female fire fighter just yet the but we are working to get you details. we do know flames broke out at 3:00. fire was under control about 30 minutes later. >> so sad. >> let's go live now to steve keeley battling it out in sea isle city. >> how are you doing, doll. >> reporter: bad parties battle of the drivers going in these deep water area. is there a guy, he saw big pickup truck before him go through and now he will go through. and this is what we do not recommend especially if you see road flooded sign f there is one this way is there one other way but people always like to drive around them because they think they are out there night before and problems with these northeast wind is that the previous high
5:35 am
tides is never let out back in the ocean, because the wind keep tonight here like a wall. we have high tides laying on top of another high tides and we get layered effect and we will get flooding bad and second high tides that we are warning everybody about coming later in the morning. this will tell everybody where we are. we're right behind the high rises which is, just keeping the wind down a little bit but it is very windy out here and across the street here you can sea water is up over the curve here right here in sea isle on ocean drive the main drag and we are seeing debris, and right by the surf shop. the whole street isn't flooded out but in certain intersections we drove eight blocks from where we were the at the the last intersection. we have the surf shop at one side and wawa on the other. it is dry from here to the main drag in and out of sea isle, jfk boulevard, fourth second street. you have to take it easy. it is in the real lit right
5:36 am
now. that is when you cannot see a flooded road and a lot of times the road floods before police can get to them and put signs and cones up to tell you that the road closed and not to drive around here. last two guys with the big pickup trucks, they lived down here. they know this happens two or three times every winter but still not a good idea to be driving through flooded roads this morning. you will see plenty of them. bob a and sue will be warning but that ten minutes or so if you don't hear it enough. >> steve keeley, thank you sir. >> he is the man. >> you know who else is the man. >> gaston. >> yes. >> oh, yeah. >> no quick quick as gaston, in one's neck is as incredibly as thick as gaston. >> why this little girl gets gaston and gives her the peace >> why this little girl gets gaston and gives her the peace of her
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i'm howard eskin. eagles will start to clean up all of those mistakes from the seattle game on sunday. they will get ready for dallas cowboys this sunday at the link. there are teams that have a hang over after a bad loss. that has not been character of this eagles team. >> i think, this team has got good resolve and i expect them to be flying high when they get in here tomorrow and get ready to go and there is in better thing to get their attention then playing dallas cowboys in the link in front of our crowd.
5:40 am
they should be fired up for it. >> big game. big game to win, that could be closer to getting them to the division. tough game for former philly richie allen, fell one vote short of the baseball hall of fame. richie allen won rookie of the year in 63, mvp in seven two career average of .290 with 361 career home runs. hit monster home runs in connie mack stadium. he fell one vote are short from the veterans committee. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. delaware state officials say that they have arrested, these two men, they are suspect offsetting fire to several churches, in the area, 26 year-old alex harrington and 25 year-old joseph, are behind bars, held on $30,000 bail, they are charged with arson, burglary and conspiracy. officials say they deliberately set fire on the healing hand christian church, the manship chapel and laws mennonite church last tuesday. so here's a question this
5:41 am
morning. >> yes. >> would you ever run a marathon. >> no. >> okay, well then it goes without saying would you not run a marathon barefoot. >> never. >> this guy did. >> you won't believe the things that this guy has stepped in, what he says is the the reason behind this bizarre choice, can you imagine doing that. even ten steps. >> you know how many he has done, 89 in the past year. >> unbelievable. bob kelly is watching the roads, hi bob. >> starting to see slow downs on the schuylkill and i-95, we have a couple one vehicle accidents plus check with mass transit at the airport and accidents plus check with mass transit at the airport and sue'swhat's possible today?
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good morning . welcome back. we have breaking news out of west oak lane a fire fighter has died after battling, this basement fire, at the home of the 1600 block of middleton street. we don't have the the name or age of the female fire fighter yet but we will bring you details as they unfold. flames broke out around 3:00 this morning. it was placed under control about 30 minutes later but this is a deadly fire claiming one of philadelphia's finest. >> so very sad. >> it is quarter of 6:00 right now. sue will join us with weather. we have talk about this throughout the morning but weather is a big story. we have just learn ocean city school district will be closed, because of flooding. >> right. we have been telling you all morning the rain will be heaviest at the shore and we
5:45 am
will have flood watches and warnings in effect for this morning. it is all because of this nor'easter low pressure system bringing wind out of the north east and bringing a lot of moisture off the ocean and this is the result as we look at the future cast throughout the day-to-day on and off period of heavy rain from the main storm and then wrap around moisture from the storm. then tonight as it brings in more cold air out of the north with the circulation around this storm we could see a brief period overnight. even in the city, snow and through the morning. jury is still out but wanted to be a aware of the possibility, it will not accumulate but tomorrow's morning rush we could see a few snow flakes flying around, again, chance is there, computer models not quite agreeing on all that just yet but by friday we are back to dry weather. we have to get through this mess this morning. here in allentown this area of white showing upright along i78 south of allentown and that could be wet snow mixing
5:46 am
with your rain. here's mess at the shore, just has in the let up all morning as steve keeley told you sideways rain because of the win coming in off the ocean and all that heavy rain. owe we are home at 30 degrees in mount pocono, below freezing. that makes for a frozen mess. right around freezing in reading and lancaster. we could have dicey tricky travel in those places. allentown itself at the airport, recording 34 degrees but just a little bit above freezing. we could have icy travel there we're well above freezing only dealing with rain in philadelphia and points south and east, 42 degrees in atlantic city. we have wind 21 miles an hour sustain wind out there. that will blow your umbrella inside out. 15 miles an hour the atlantic city, 23 in wildwood. these are wind gusts which are higher. we have 34 miles an hour win gust recorded in philadelphia, 39 miles an hour gust in wilmington. that is tropical storm force. 39 miles an hour.
5:47 am
36 miles april hour win gust in wildwood. it makes it worse with with this heavy rain, high wind added to it. 42 degrees today and then tonight when we're down in the mid to lower 30's, it is when we could see snow flakes mix in with the the rain and possibility of flurries even lingering into thursday morning. regardless we will get cloud cover. we don't see sunni merge until friday but then it stays with us both days of the weekend even though days are very short, we are happy when they have sunshine. so eagles game isn't until sunday night but it should be dry for that but that is not what is happening right now, bob kelly and you have had a lot of accidents already this morning to tell us about. >> we have had one car spin outs, we have had spin outs on the schuylkill, on i-95 and a lot of spin outs in the neighborhood. one that popped up route 611 north of the pennsylvania turnpike. we have had some clogged drains along i-95 and all of
5:48 am
us right now are trail blazer. we don't have major grid lock on our major roadways yet. speed are rolling at 45, 50 miles an hour and you will hit that puddle in that left lane at 50 miles an hour where the drain is clogged. we had that situation happen on the i-95 southbound side near bet the soy ross bridge just about a half an hour ago. here's a live look at the platt bridge. you can see conditions here. you see it shaking. that is wind playing a factor. you can see rain coming down here pretty hard in the overhead street lamp and at times as steve keeley mentioned from the shore it is coming sideways. when you come over area bridges you will feel wind, car rocking, schuylkill expressway, i-95, blue route all passable but speeds are income down naturally because of the weather conditions. we don't have any reports of any problems on mass transit at the moment. septa will make sure you are bundled up and prepared to wait for buses and trains on some of the platforms where it could be windy.
5:49 am
so far win or the rain has not impacted any major air travel this morning at philly international but we will keep an eye and ear to the phone on that one, chris and kerry back over to you. 5:49. we are in the middle of a nor'easter and sue and bob has showed you, we will want to see what the weather is like in your area, just use the hash tag fox 29 good day and we will put your pictures on air and helps round out our coverage. meantime one feminist, wasn't about taking any guf from the sexist villain in disney world. isabella is a beauty and beast enthusiast and ran into gaston. she let him know right away her favorite characters were the beast and belle. and his big mouth got him no where with that little one. >> go ahead, you are making a statement. >> well, good, i'm scared.
5:50 am
>> unaudible. >> yes i am. >> no, you are not. >> no, i will have have belle, make no mistake about that. >> that gaston was fired an hour later. >> i know. >> that is one way to stick up for your girl. if i was gaston playing those party would just take on those kids like that, wouldn't that be fun. >> you would. >> that is awesome. >> he looks like he is drunk. >> this is happiest place on earth, don't give me any guf. >> with all his fake muscles. >> oh, yeah, absolutely fake. prince william and kate,
5:51 am
moving in, the september 11th memorial. couple arrived sunday for three day trip to the states. their first to the big apple. >> they received a royal treatment at bar chase center with front row seats to the cleveland cavilers and brooklyn nets. afterward king james, in this case lebron. >> right, that is his moniker. >> he met with the royals and presented them with two jerseys that included a custom baby sized one for prince george. >> they went out to the basketball game last night. >> that had to be at the top of their list. >> you don't think so much. >> no. >> so, they didn't even get to sit with jay-z and beyonce. >> they did talk, they met later, i guess at the game and as far as game itself king james and the calves won 110-88. >> it is royals being the royals, right. that is our royal couple there >> yes. >> but they have already met the president and mrs. obama. incredible who will will
5:52 am
day gift, why one woman left this special present behind for someone else.
5:53 am
5:54 am
this is the the season of
5:55 am
holiday giving and get this diamond engagement ring and wedding ban was a anonymously dropped in the salvation army buck net boston this he were attached from a note in woman and wants to honor her generous late husband by donating rings. she hopes they can sell these rings for triple their worth and buy lots of toys for kids in need. young girls make an officer's day in west deptford new jersey just out of the kindness of her heart she thanked him for their service. officer then suppose ted special net on the department's facebook page. in the letter she says this isn't a school assignment i just wanted to thank you. people i look up to are my parents and those who put their lives on the line every day, stay strong. >> that is a awesome. >> notice spreading fast on social media as it should. running a marathon is a huge feat but one man's feet, that set him apart from other runners. >> yes, straight ahead or we doing that right now you. >> yes, right now.
5:56 am
immediately ahead. and he runs marathons barefoot. >> yeah. >> his latest marathon in tucson, air zone, he has done 89, all done without any footwear. he does to it raise awareness. while he lived in the philippines and qualm he learn millions of kids in the world november shoes to wear ever. he wanted to understand how that felt, their polite. now he is collect donations for an organization called souls for souls, it is a non-profit that collects shoes and clothing for needy. >> cool guy. >> look at his feet. >> we are following breaking news this morning and this is such a sad story a female fire fighter has lost her battle after this fire in west oak lane. he did die. jennifer joyce will have a live report from the scene jennifer joyce will have a live report from the scene coming up
5:57 am
5:58 am
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good morning. 6:00 o'clock. breaking news in west oak lane a fire fighter killed battling a house fire overnight, the sad update to that story, a little bit later this morning. shore is getting pounded right the now by heavy rain. here is a look in fact from sea isle city, take a look at that, bracing information high tides, strong wind, sue serio is keeping an eye on the storm. mother and her two young kids killed when a plane comes crashing down on top of their homes.
6:00 am
>> i was thinking like i thought today will be a good day. hopefully i will get a deer. >> oh, no this kid got more than a buck. >> um-hmm he found and atm abandoned in the woods why dad says he is so proud of what his son did next. >> we don't know if there was any cash in that machine. it is tuesday, december 9th, 2014. all ocean city schools are closed to take because of what we just showed you down hotter from that live picture. we have heavy rains, wind, tidal flooding, causing a problem on the roads. >> i cannot imagine the kids trying to stand on that street corner real quickly another note to pass along when it comes to schools, kutztown area school district will have a two hour delay. ocean city schools closed entirely. >> i can't imagine a two hour delay will help them this rain is sustained throughout the the day. >> it is because of the mix changing over to all rain. they are on that dividing line between


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