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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  December 10, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EST

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live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. twenty-four hours after the first female firefighter killed in the line of duty in philadelphia we learn her last words: i'm trapped, i'm trapped. chris? >> okay, steve, and then new overnight, an accident turns fatal in camden county, what police believe happened. our sue serio tracking this wednesday weather, knew. >> certainly better than it was yesterday at this time. but it may and little while before we're completely rid of the nor'easter, we'll explain coming up. we have avoid add government shutdown for now. the work certainly not over for the year just yet watch else needs to get done and soon. good day everybody, it is wednesday, december 10th, 2014. we're glad to have you with us. >> sue serio tracking at least wet roads.
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i mean, not much coming down any more, right? >> kind of damp throughout this morning, and you may see sprinkle or two here and there, but latest look at the satellite and radar picture, we certainly do have clouds around, but it looks like any precipitation that we're get something drying up a little bit. looking at the big picture, the storm itself has moved up to our north. but still get that circulation that is bringing moisture into the area. we can't rule out a flurry two in the mountains, and a shower or two in our area this morning. it is possibility, anyway, but here in philadelphia, like i said, it is just jam damp. we watch carbon, monroe counties, industrial winter weather advisory in effect, they aren't getting anything right now. the possibility thereof little bit of mix of precipitation. we'll see if they get any snow in the higher elevations. for us, it is 42 degrees, with a 18-mile per hour winds. so winds is still an issue for us this morning. sunrise time, convenience time, 7:11, how about this
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inconvenient weather we had yesterday. today is better, agree above freezing in mount pocono, but at 42, as we said, here in philadelphia, 40 in lancaster, and reading, nan wrightstown, so all of these temperatures well above freezing, if we get a sprinkle or two, it should just be rain, and only rain. our windchills, though, keep this in mind, getting dressed this morning, it feels like it is in the lower 30's just about everywhere, mid 30's, down in wildwood at the jersey shore. so now our winds are coming out of the northwest at 18 miles an hour sustained here in philadelphia. and it is not as windy as it was yesterday, but winds still going to be an issue today. and we should get about 40 degrees, actually, we already had a temperature higher than that, but rain and snow showers are not out of the question today. it is just not going to be as big a deal as it was yesterday. actually, bob, yesterday didn't turn out to be as big a deal as it could have been. >> yes, actually you're right. this time yesterday things
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were a little crazy, but actually later on during the morning, things did get a little better. good morning, everybody, 4:02, on this wednesday, live look, at the schuylkill expressway, early morning crash, on the eastbound side right at gulph mills. it is at the left lane, anyone that typically comes inbound this morning, that sharp curve where there is no street lamps, actual crash itself in the background here. >> right before you get to the conshohocken interchange, look out for the slow down, and only that right lane open. otherwise, off to pretty good start. roads still little wet, still little damp. looking good up and down 202. no problems on the pike out near the downingtown interchange, and looking good as you roll through west chester, coming into and out of the city. i95 southbound, the construction crews pulled out of there. little bit of brake tap headed into the betsy.
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no problems coming over the walt whitman bridge. and in south jersey, also, speedometer readings right where they should be for this hour. mass transit, septa, buses, trains, trolleys, all looking good with no delays. kerry, back to you. >> 4:04 right now. nasty crash in gloucester township, new jersey there is was last night. one person is dead, several are injured. it happened in the parking lot at the winslow plaza, crosskeys road. the driver lost control of his car, crashed into another driver, waiting to turn out of the parking lot. the impact caused that fire car to flip over. the man was thrown from the car. he was pronounced dead at the scene. today, investigators are continuing to look into the cause of a fire that killed a philadelphia firefighter. >> joyce craig lewis died battling row home fire early yesterday morning, we head out to steve coal i -- keel any lawncrest. >> reporter: this time yesterday, down the shore, getting words from her colleagues this had happened. now this morning, 24 hours later, you can see her fellow fighters here at the firehouse
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now go on calls in and out of their door right under that black bunting draped in her memory. their minds and heart both heavy for her lost, but still 100 percent focused on their duty to answer every call. fire department source told us joyce craig-lewis last words i'm trapped and her may days went over three different fire radio channels. not answered yet, is how long it took for her pleas for help to reach her colleagues outside that house in west oaklane where she died who then rushed back in to try and save her. she was found, we've learned, near a window on the first floor of this house in the dining room. >> with her for the last three years, she loved doing the job. she continually always was out standing and doing everything she could to make sure everybody was saved or property was saved and we miss her. >> and that's her supervisor, lieutenant benny hutchins,
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putting a picture, that's him on the left, joyce on the right, putting on herlocker which was adorned with lot of flowers and well wishes for the fire department. and one thing as we come back to our picture here this morning, in the dark, that you can make out on the firehouse, sign here, is a message to make sure your smoke de tech tears have good working batteries. lieutenant hutchins tells me one of her passions making sure poor people all through philadelphia always had working smoke detectors, always making sure they had good batteries, extra batteries on hand, so always early warning to get out as soon as possible. getting out that smoke detector message now in this report, and this horrible sad story it, he said is likely something that would be the best way to honor her that she would likely believe. chris, kerry? >> such a sad story, unbelievable, and i'm sure more information will come out as the investigation continues as to what specifically happened. steve, thank you. >> saddest part, two children she left behind.
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>> of course. >> also this morning, 31 and a half, to 63 years in prison, that's the sentence for philadelphia man, convicted last month, of assaulting delaware county police officer. jury found 32 year old brandon sean felled guilty of in october of assault on officer during a police-involved shooting on chester pike in sharon hill, back in september of 2013. official say seanfelled ran during a routine traffic stop, then pointed his gun at officers. that's when they fired at him. seanfelled had drugs on him and did not have a license to carry. >> delaware county manna cured every killing his case worker, wounding his psychiatrist pleads not guilty. forty-nine year old richards plots in court yesterday, charged with murder and other offenses in the july shooting at mercy fitzgerald hospital in darby. prosecutors say plots shot and killed 53 year old theresa hunt outside lee silverman's office. silverman was able to use his own gun, and fired several times injuring plots. silverman suffered a graze wound.
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>> the wife of a former university of pennsylvania basketball player has been found guilty, but mentally ill in his stabbing death. a judge ruled that maria garcia guilty of manslaughter in matthew white's death. the 52 year old stabbed her husband in bed, their netter providence home last year, white was the starting center on the penn team that made it to the final four back in 1979. >> time now 4:08. reward to find shane montgomery is now up to $65,000. the west chester university student hasn't been seen since early thanksgiving morning, leaving a bar in manayunk, his family has been putting up missing person's flyers all across the city. they're now contacting all local colleges asking them to send out emails or text alerts about shane's disappearance. >> police looking for two men who robbed a coin shop in bucks county. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce on this one, liver in bensalem with the story. jennifer, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, chris, kerry, a rib that
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happened smack in the middle of the afternoon at this coin and collectable shop in bensalem. police released surveillance video of the two mask men who burst through the door around 2:45 yesterday afternoon. they were armed with a large knife and a pipe. police say they verbally threatened the employees, tide them up, then ransacked the shop toward the end of it all, one of the robbers made a big mistake. he took off his mask, and the camera captured clear shot of his face before it was over, a customer walked in, that person was also assaulted and tied up, we talk to one of the employees, we are concealing his identity. he tells us he thought this was his friends' playing a joke on him, until he saw the large weapon, and heard the verbal threat. >> he's holding this big knife, and he just pushes his way inside here, runs right up to me and says: get on the ground. he grabbed the plastic straps, put them around my wrists, climbed over me, put the straps on my ankles, and at the same time the other guy
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was in the back of the store tying up my employee, same way, and my employee heard him say if you make a move or anything wrong, i'm going to kill you. >> at this point we believe they may have been in the store previously. they were aware there was surveillance video, they were mask, they were cover with hoods, but during the robbery they actually start taking that off, made some mistakes. >> and, police want you to take a good look at the suspects who broke several of the glass counters, stole various coins, and other items from the cases. in addition to the one robber showing his face on camera, a second mistake was made, they left that large knife behind. police are now checking that weapon for any dna evidence. chris, kerry. >> hopefully they'll find something on it, jenny, thank you. >> 4:10, happening today in harrisburg, a hearing will be head in connection to philadelphia's school reform commission cancelling teacher contracts, the teachers union wants the decision reversed. the src made the decision in october, and it means teachers would have to pay part of
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their health insurance when they previously paid nothing. the src says the move would save the school district millions of dollars. >> philadelphia's love park is getting a make over, officials from the philadelphia parks and recreation department will meet with penn practice and the fairmount park con is her advance i today for redesigned meeting. they gathered input from park users and food truck vendors in the area, suggestions include a weekly farmers market, and making the park more accessible for strollers and people with disability. >> that's not a bad idea. >> i like the farmers market part. >> indeed 4:11, penn state's president being asked to apologize this morning, what he did during campus protests, that had some up it set -- upset. >> details continue to pour in about the release of cia torture report how president obama is taking
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>> ray day -- raw day out there and damp when it is not flurrying, or drizzling, i think we can't really call it anything more than that. here is what is happening. the low pressure system, our nor'easter, from yesterday, is going to kind of just hang around up in new england drawing down the winds, out of the north, or the northwest, and bringing us some that far moisture. nothing like what we had yesterday, but because we're inbetween this system and the high pressure system that's trying to build in, in time for the weekend, we'll see a lot of winds inbetween, so it will still be windy. it will still be damp. we'll still be seeing a flurry
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or two, a sprinkle or two, here and there. it shouldn't amount to anything, though. but there is a forecast for a lot of snow up in up-state new york, in places where we are not, some of the moisture coming down specially north and west of us, yes, you have the possibility of seeing just little something today and tomorrow, as we go through the day on thursday. and then, finally, on friday, the sun comes back, and we should get that high pressure system building in, it will be chilly, but at least it won't be raining or doing anything else over the weekend. there is ultimate doppler for right now, and this is a current, see the snow coming through but we can't rule out, even though we don't see anything on radar, doesn't mean it is gone. we can't rule out little something-something for the rest of the day today, which is the best way we can describe it, will we get accumulating snow to the north and west? it doesn't look likely at this point, but there are some snow flurries around, in the higher
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elevations, north of the pocono mountains even, carbon, monroe counties, still under the winter weather advisory, only until 6:00 a.m. maybe inch or so, accumulation, if that. 42 degrees right now, we don't see temperatures moving beyond this, throughout the rest of the day, because of the cloud cover, and the continuing cold air, but at least these temperatures are above freezing. so we're not dealing with black ice, or anything like that. 41 degrees, in wildwood right now, winds are up there, our gusts are 29 miles an hour, in the city, 30 miles an hour in wilmington, so winds still issue at the shore, with 37-mile an hour wind gust down there in wildwood, new jersey. today we will average around 42 during the day works may even get chillier than that with the colder air moving n can't rule out sprinkle or flurry, and the same deal for tonight, and the winds still kind of gusty, with that overnight low of around 35 degrees. so that takes care of your forecast for today. weekend is getting closer, so we'll have that forecast
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coming up for you very soon, bob kelly, still looking at the schuylkill? >> looking at the schuylkill in a second. right now the admiral wilson boulevard in south jersey for the gang leaving say marlton, medford, voorhees, little damp here. see the glare in the road surface, that's a sign things, don't have the rain, but things still damp from the soaking we received yesterday, the ben franklin toll plaza there in the background. here is a live look at i-95, headed down toward the airport, good to go, no problems up and down that i-95 corridor. here is a live look at the toll plaza of the pennsylvania turnpike at mid-county. again see the glare on the road surface. that's a sign that the roads are still little damp and wet from yesterday's event. here is a live look at the schuylkill expressway. we have an accident eastbound right at gulph mills. kind of right in the background here, right at the curve when you are coming inbound on the schuylkill expressway. so expect a delay between king of prussia, as you work your way in toward conshohocken, right there at the gulph mills
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onramp. we had a mud slide yesterday as a result of all of the rain in conshohocken. baligamingo road, chris, can we say that? >> baligamingo. >> or road? >> baligamingo road closed at front street. use madsonford throughout the day, will tie us up in conshohocken, then south 295 looking good working your way through the construction, black horse pike, in toward bellmawr. mass transit off to good start with no delays. chris, back over to you. >> how about this? judge in south africa ruled prosecute kearse appeal the verdict in the oscar pistorius case. pistorius convicted of culpable homicide and sentenced to five years in prison. he was found not guilty of murder. that's what prosecutors want to appeal. the story shot and killed as you well know by now his girlfriend reeva steenkamp day valentine day 2013. he thought she was an intruder. he could be release from the prison and held under house
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arrest in about ten months. >> president obama stepped up security at medical facilities a broad retaliation, following release of senate report that's lifting the bail on very controversial cia interrogation techniques. >> 6700 page report says the cia brutalized terror suspect with enhanced interrogation tactics as they call it in secret prisons following the september 11 attacks of 2001. report finds the interrogation program did nothing to make america safer or collect better information from those people being tortured. some lawmakers disagree, and view the report as flawed. >> sometimes good people make mistakes. we have corrected the problem. we have interrogation techniques now that i think can protect the nation and live within our values. >> i believe documentation, and the finding conclusions, will make clear how this program was morally, legally,
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and administratively misguided. >> president obama says the report reinforces his view that harsh interrogation methods did not help counter terrorism effort. meantime, un officials say cia officers should be prosecuted. >> have agreed on 1 trillion-dollar spending bill that will prevent a government shutdown. final approval expected later this week despite claiming it is too big, too much. the bill contains number of policy provisions on financial regulations, the federal school lunch program and the maximum permissible work week for long hall truckers. >> security effort being boosted today at brooklyn jewish center, a day after an attack that happened there. police say that a student was stabbed in the head by a mentally ill man yesterday morning. this was early yesterday. police later shot and killed that attacker. the student was last listed in stable condition, investigators do not believe that attack was related to
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terrorism. >> hundreds of protesters marched through the street of berkley, california, again last night. they're angry about the killing of unarmed black men by white officers. the city council meeting was canceled, because protesters threatened to disrupt t public transportation in that area was also closed as a precaution. >> state law make we are like penn state's president to apologize for making the hands up don't shoot gesture at student protest. university president eric baron, photographed last week, joining student who put their hands up in the protest of the shooting death of michael brown. but state rep from schuylkill county says the gesture was disrespectful and quote now a slap in the face to law enforce: baron says he does support police, but also showing solidarity with the student. >> rutgers quarterback finds himself back in the spotlight. new video emerges after fight that got him thrown in jail new video emerges after fight that got him thrown in jail watch it could mean
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>> eagles nopals the seattle lost on sunday, and time to move onto dallas, so win would all but wrap up the nfc eels, then the eagles would only have to win one of the last two games. is there an advantage either way with the 23-point win, less than three weeks ago? >> it is what it is. do you have forget about the first game, prepare for the second game, because the first game really has no bearing on what happens in the next game. >> the flyers still having
4:25 am
trouble, to columbus, in over time, flyers scored 552nd left, two on one in over time. against mason. columbus wins it three-two. villanova, undefeated and stay undefeated playing illinois at madison square garden, the score tied at 50. hits the three, villanova out scored them, 23 to nine to end the game and win it 73 to 59. >> wow, tough one. and it was a tight one. that's sport in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> and in sport related here, carolina panthers quarterback, cam newton, in the hospital after a serious crash in charlotte. now there is happened yesterday, just one block from the panthers stadium. the damage to his truck, which overturned, is extensive but authority saw night on's injuries are not life threatening, although he does have two fractures now in his lower back. he still hasn't been ruled out for sunday's game, believe it or not, against tampa. the driver of that car involved in that crash was not hurt. at least not seriously.
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>> new video out between disgraced rutgers quarterback philip nel on, isaac coalsad, knocked out and near death from sucker punch. >> video shows this 82nd alcohol fueled fight apparently over the former quarterback's girlfriend. video throws him throwing a punch from behind, knocks nelson off his feet, that's when nelson's friend delivers a blow to coalstat that knock him to the pavement. nelson follows this all up with a kick, and then takes off. we'll see that momentarily. he was hospitalized and actually spent months in rehab, as a result of his injuries. >> wow. 4:26 is the time. what do you think was the most talk about topic on facebook in 2014? think about it. was it bob kelly joining fox 29? >> that is right up there. >> all right, we'll have the answer for you straight ahead. >> it seem like every week the plans for revel change. what the closed casino is now making an emergency plea for.
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>> investigate eggs bark out today to find out just what caused that fatal fire. >> and revel trying to throw a wrench into the sale of that
4:30 am
shattered casino. why it is making a emergency request. >> and, it is shop at this local pizzeria, you might want to check your bank account. why undercover cops got involved. oh, boy. >> oh, that's not good. antis the season for the victoria secret fashion show. big night last night for taylor swift for another reason. there we go. >> i like that sound effect. >> do you? >> like that sound effect? >> when i screw up. >> what's your husband say? >> sue? >> i didn't realize that was you. i thought it was one of the models walking down the run may. >> and it wasn't me. >> gas i. >> that's what i thought. >> it was a big night. >> ya, well, you know? >> hey, victoria secret angels
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part two. >> human, too. >> oh, please. nothing like getting started on a wednesday morning. the storm from yesterday heist moved up to new england, and now it is throwing back some moisture, mostly affecting up-state new york, northern pennsylvania, but as this meanders throughout the day, we could get flurry or two, sprinkle or two in our area. nothing happening right now. the roads are still damp. even up in the mountains, where we thought we would get more accumulating snow, it is not happening at the moment. still, our winter weather advisory is in effect until 6:00 a.m. roads could be little slippery in the higher elevations up there. because temperatures are very close to freezing, but here, in the sit, we have 42 degrees, and 18-mile per hour sustained wind, out of the northwest, sunrise happens at 7:11, this morning. there is 32 degrees up in mount pocono, right at freezing, so if you are traveling in the higher elevation it is could be a little dicey. but for the rest every us, it
4:32 am
is just damp roadways, and temperatures well above freezing, 39 in pottstown, 40 in reading, 40 in millville, and 40 in dover, delaware. windchills, though, this is what it feels like outside, so for the kids waiting at the bus stop, dressing for temperatures in the lower 30's, right around freezing, or the mid 30's, if you're to the south of us. 18-mile per hour wind as we said in philadelphia, sustained, gusts little higher, wind will still be an issue today. we could see gusts as high as 30 miles an hour, but i think we'll average around 42 during the day, and mostly cloudy skies. now, rain or snow shower is not out of the question, but we don't expect it to amount to anything but still with the damp roadways, bob kelly, it is always a good idea to take it slowly. >> yes. we don't need icy conditions to get in trouble on a wednesday morning. roads still little damp, wet. see the glare in the road surface, live look, route 70, cherry hill mall there in the background, was jumping last night, going to get comings, of course, up into the
4:33 am
holiday. downtown we go, the schuylkill expressway, the off-ramps for 30th street station, again, light volume so far this morning. but again, the roads are still damp and wet. be aware that far as you head out the front door and hit the majors this morning. ninety-five coming through the construction zone at cottman avenue. so far so good here. and an accident, though, on the schuylkill expressway. it is eastbound, right at gulph mills, it is right at the sharp curve. this is stretch where we don't have the overhead street lamps. so it is casino of tough to see the accident tuck behind the trees there. but if you are coming inbound this morning, on the schuylkill eastbound, an accident right at gulph mills. it is right at the onramp. that's always a tough spot. the onramp comes in right before the curve as you head in toward king of prussia. all of the rain yesterday caused mud slide late last night, baligamingo road trapped at front street. otherwise, good shape coming in on the 42 freeway, up and down 130, no problems along route 73, as you roll through
4:34 am
voorhees, the benny, whitman, talcony palmyra all looking good so far this morning, septa says just be careful, some of the platforms could be little slippery because of the wet weather from yesterday. but otherwise, on time on the buses, trains, and trials, chris, back over to you. >> you're good man, sir. city-wide task force in philadelphia lands four men behind bars on prostitution charges. this happened in a operation over the past weekends. among the charges, they face, patronize ago prostitute and criminal solicitation. >> those arrested resident of philadelphia and of delaware dee counties. 4:34, we all new -- we will ' get to that story in a moment. today investigators will continue looking into the cause after fire that killed a philadelphia firefighter. >> this is such a sad story. joyce craig lewis died battling row home fire early yesterday morning, let's head out to steve keeley now live in lawncrest. steve, good morning. >> reporter: well depending on how you look at this, fortunately or sadly, the only thing burning in this fire
4:35 am
district right now are all of the candles lit in honor of this lost firefighter, a day later, as they deal with her lost, firefighters want to know why she died. and if her last calls for help were for some reason possibly not heard instantly by the crews on scene with her. her last words we've learned: i'm trapped, i'm trapped. her may day calls, fire department source tells us, are heard on three different fire radio channels, now captured on recordings, and now central to this investigation. it is not known yet how much time there was inbetween the first screams of i ' trapped over the radio and her first may day signal to the moment that reached her crew outside that house who then rushed right back in, and found her, up on the first floor, close to dining room window. chris, kerry? >> all right, steve keeley, so sad. as we know, she leaves behind 16 year old son and 16 month old daughter, such a sad story
4:36 am
there. meantime at 4:35, we all knew it was bad, but it is stag towing hear the number of jobs lost in atlantic city over the past 12 month. us bureau of labor statistics says the region lost 9900 jobs in the past year, as a result of four casino closures. the decline marks the largest non-farm job loss of 318 metropolitan areas studied by the bureau. >> the crushing job lost in atlantic city has many hoping rebble, seems to be hope on the horizon. >> revel has asked bankruptcy judge to terminate it deadened deal with brookfield, so it can sell to glenn straub's company, revel filed court documents last night showing that brookfield failed to close on the property by the november 28th deadline, and announced publicly, it was walking away from the 110 million-dollar deal. straub was revel's second highest bidder at more than $95 million. so we'll keep an eye on that saga as it drags on. former eagle now america's
4:37 am
next top model. >> so who is he? we'll introduce you to him next. and then, do you see anything wrong with this picture? we didn't. but the british tabloids sure did. well, you're not looking at that time right there exactly what they had a problem
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>> sir paul, could there be any bigger rock star alive today? a former beatle. he's going to be on good day in the 9:00 hour. can't wait for. that will so use the #fox29goodday. tell us your favorite mccartney song. we'll try to get them on the air all in the next five and a half hours. >> junior high school principal in southern california arrested and then cleared after brink ago gun to school has resigned. kent williams says he stepped down because he did not want to be a distraction to the administrators or the student. williams arrested in august for having a gun in his office. he was released after police found out he had a permit to carry. williams has now filed a lawsuit against the police department, claiming he was wrongly arrested. >> prince william, wife kate middleton home today after whirlwinds us tour, third and final day of their visit brought them to the 9/11 memorial museum in new york sit.
4:41 am
kate place add note along with flowers at the memorial expressing sorrow for the victims of the september 11 attacks. the couple also went inside the museum to visit has included meetings, event, with everybody from president obama to school kids in harlem. the brits, though, are clutching the pearls over king james' breach of protocol with the royals. so, prince william and dutchess kate snapped a series of photos after meeting james during their visit of the net-cavaliers game. so they huddled in pretty closely. at one point james put his arm around the dutchess. i know! clutch the pearls. that's a major breach of etiquette across the upon, the british tabloids went wild over this intrusion. i know. what will she do? first lady michelle obama also made headlines, you may remember, in 2009 when she put her arm around the queen. >> oh, get over yourself, royals. >> seriously?
4:42 am
>> all human,. >> they don't melt if you touch them, do they? >> you know what apply dad used to say, when we would get all excited like steve garvey, you know, playing for the dodge he is, we just saw steve garvey at the mall. he said you know what? he sit down to go to the bathroom like everyone else. >> she poops. kate, she poops. >> yes. and she showers and brushes her teeth, too. you know what? she is a human being. all right, whatever. labron, good for you. consumer alert. undercover cops head in into a local pizzaria a what they found. >> 4:42, what topic did you think got the most attention on facebook this past year? wait until you see the difference between what the majority of the world was talking about. first, what we here in america, what we're
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>> things have improved a lot since yesterday, won't get rid of this storm for another day, day and a half. low pressure system, nor'easter, and the win still coming in out of the northeast, just more of an effect in new england than it is here. but inbetween that system, and the high pressure system, that's going to be building in for the weekend. and that means, inbetween the two, tight pressure gradient as we say, that means it is windy, and it is still going to be winnie today. so looking at the future cast, there is a possibility of some of that snow up in up-state new york, starting to spread
4:46 am
down here, doesn't look like it will amount to much, but the possibility the is there today, tomorrow, of a few showers, few snow flurries, hanging around. so doesn't be surprised if that happens at some point during the next, say, 24-36 hours. friday, is when we finally get some sunshine, and maybe few clouds mixed in. but at least it will be dry on friday, and we can say we're rid of the nor'easter, and we'll have just chilly temperatures over the weekend. but it should be great for all of your holiday activities over the weekends. ultimate doppler showing here in philadelphia that we don't have any rain, no snow, but we do have damp roadways, luckily, our temperatures are all above freezing so, yes, no snow really, might be few flurries up in the poconos, still winter weather advisory in effect until 6:00 a.m. these are the temperatures i'm talking b42 degrees in philadelphia, it is right at freezing in mount pocono, so, up in the mountains, could be little slippery, 40 in
4:47 am
lancaster, trenton, 40 millville, 42 wilmington, the winds gusting up as high as 27 miles an hour. so, wind are an issue. still working on the seven day forecast, but looks like mostly cloudy skies today and tomorrow with high of 42 today, and 39 tomorrow. the weekend, still looks dry. in fact, pretty nice day on sunday, eagles game at night, but at least you won't be dealing with any wet weather, or anything frozen, should be dry for that. and looks like little bit after warming trend, as we get through the weekend. so lots to look forward to weather wise. bob, what you got for right now? >> even though the eagles game not until nighttime, you know we will be tailgating as early as we typically would be. games open up 6:00 a.m. have to have breakfast in the lot, hot chocolate. >> you bring everything else. >> good morning, everybody. 4:47. looking good, back to normal on the schuylkill expressway.
4:48 am
accident cleared out of the way. 422 coming around the curve, curve check, saint gabe's curve. see the glare in the road surface, sign things are still little wet from all of the rain we had yesterday. good morning to downingtown, the 30 bypass looking good here, again, light volume working your way in toward the king of prussia interchange. going for a ride, 95, northbound, leaving say the delaware state line, working your way up in toward philly international airport. the magic number in the billboard today? fifteen, 15 shopping days until christmas. >> i know, that's so -- that just brought it all home. >> fifteen, did you get me anything yet? >> did you get me anything yet? >> oh, you know i was out shopping. eastbound schuylkill expressway again that earlier crash near gulph mills, gone there, 57 on the turnpike, out near downingtown, 54 for the gang coming through west chester, and mass tran it looking good at the moment with no delays. chris, kerry? >> oh, the next two weeks will
4:49 am
be craze. >> i how are you? have you gotten anything? >> nary gift. >> kids covered, correct? >> but there are other, there is family, there is friends, there is you. oh, the list goes onment south jersey pizza owners been charged with numerous count every credit card fraud in forgery. >> this is not good. police say bella pizza two in sicklerville is charged with over charging customers for four months. during this investigation officials found that more than 30 credit cards were over charged. some customers say that they were told it was a problem with the register. but police say that definitely was not the case. >> it is not right. >> this is not the way to succeed in business, you know, you can't rip off people. >> that's casino every messed up to me. >> police believe there are more victims out there, and urging anyone who ate at this pizza shop to check their statements. >> all right, it is just about 4:50, it is time to talk
4:50 am
eagles and entertainment news from football, former nfl wide receiver for the eagles making history on america's next top model. first male model to win the show. twenty-six year old keith carlos beat out 30 other men and women to nab the top spot. he land add contract with next model management. oh, my word. i just popped up to look at the pictures, all right, carlos says his win is quote for the men out there that are trying to succeed in a female-dominated industry. >> that picture is for the men throughout? >> that picture is for the men out there, babe. >> i i as a man a.m. motivate in the i need to go on a diet and do some sit us. >> oh, honey stop, we love you for your brains. (laughing). >> love is skin deep then. >> okay. i couldn't even get that out with a straight face. so what topic do you think was the most discussed on facebook in all of 2014?
4:51 am
>> tiny bit -- >> shoulder pads? >> anyway, topics on facebook, may not be what you would expect. >> i love working with you. coming up, number three spot, or in the number three spot, is the presidential election in brazil. two, ebola, what do you think the number one was? the world cup. >> really? >> well, i mean, i don't know that we necessarily in america were all about brazil or the world cup. but his is world-wide. so more than 350 million people on facebook had 3 billion interactions throughout the tournament, not that surprising when you think about how 80% of facebook users are outside of the us and canada. >> that makes sense. it is one of the most widely watched sporting events on tv. i think maybe the most widely watched sporting event outside of the us. >> most would think that excitement would spill over into the union here in philadelphia, we'll fee that helps attendance in the ensuing years. >> if you were wondering about
4:52 am
the top three most discussed topics on facebook in america. >> in america. >> right? the ebola virus outbreak, the ice bucket challenge, remember that? >> so huge. >> i don't know where it went. just kind of disappeared. >> over. >> and then robin william of course. >> number one song played across the country this year is pharrell williams happy. billboard say the song played out all of the other, great song. this isn't first time pharrell's been at the top of the charts. he shared that spot with snoop dog, ludacrous, and robin thick in the past. what allen. >> all right. hey, 4:52. annual victoria secret fashion show hitting the airwaves once again last night. >> for the first time it was tamed on london runway. taylor swift hit the runway again this year to perform, the singer is having a great year. the winner will be announced today. >> all right. >> we like this one. >> i do love this song actually. >> meanwhile, ed sheeran, also performing as models adrianna
4:53 am
lima, alexandra ambrose yo, showed off this year's fantasy bra's, you know what those are, the jewel encrusted art pieces that are worth 2 million bucks apiece. aerianna grande also got on the catwalk. she spawned new internet theme, taped after she was hit in the face with a angel wing. but she had a good sense of humor about it, poking fun on twitter. >> sneaky little guy. he thought he could outsmart mom and dad, but they've got technology on their side. what this pup did
4:54 am
4:55 am
4:56 am
>> 4:56 is the time. life size gingerbread houses take over new york city. the world's largest food magazine created gingerbread boulevard at madison square garden, each one whopping 6 feet tall. visitors get to check out the designs for free, and they can vote for their favorite display for a chance to win $5,000 at taste of home. com. ever wonder what your dog does while you're not home, you're at work? one guy set up a camera in his kitchen and check out what he found. >> i has 12 year old lab who was opening the fg and pulling out food. first uses her teeth to pull the freezer drawer open.
4:57 am
that's insane. then she moves on to the frig, where she get one door open, and then she uses the open freezer to open the other door, with her nose. finally she runs into the other room with her stash. probably chows down. >> so smart. >> they are smart. >> all right, ladies, if you have brown spots, on your skin, whatever, it may be more than sun damage. >> so hoe you could be making it worse
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> a fire claims the live of one of philadelphia's finest. now, an investigation is underway, not just for what started a fire, but what happened, as that firefighter was trapped in the burning basement. >> and a horrifying robbery, all of it caught on camera, one clue the thieves left behind that may lead police right to them. >> unrealistic -- >> like what? >> electric -- >> christmas comes for that woman and then several other in her town. how police got involved to help out their community. this is coming up in the trend. >> indeed it is. good day everybody, it is wednesday, december 10th, 2014. as my daughter almost always says: shake shake your sillies out. shake your sillies


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