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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 10, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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tonight. joyce had been injured on the job before. >> reporter: lucy, union officials told us today that she received a serious injury at a fire a couple of years ago and battled her way back to rejoin the department. tonight the investigation into her death is on-going and firefighters are still citing her brave efforts. >> a hero in your book? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: as flags flew at half staff outside philadelphia firehouses wednesday, firefighters returned to work and struggled to understand the loss of decorated firefighter joyce craig lewis. >> they're in shock and a lot of questions are being asked, you know, how could this happen again and how can we avoid it? >> reporter: black bunting covered the doorway at engine 64 where the 11 year veteran was stationed. small memorial outside the firehouse on rising sun avenue. >> everybody in the city i'm sure is praying for this family. >> reporter: officials also revealed that the first female firefighter to die in the line of duty was seriously injured in a fire several years ago.
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>> she recovered from it, she came back both physically and psychologically, and came back to performing her job to the best of her abilities. >> reporter: meanwhile fire investigators from a citywide task force returned to the fatal fire scene for a second day piecing together the cause and origin of the fire. >> the up tent of the investigations are always to find out what happened so that we can avoid a similar occurrence from happening again. >> reporter: raid radio tran missions indicate there were two may day calls from the firefighter saying she was trapped. investigators will also interview all fire personnel on the seen on the conditions inside. the fire fighting tactics used. how she got trapped. when commands realized that and all rescue efforts. a funeral is planned for saturday. >> we'll give her all the ceremony and all, you know, all the dignity and honor she deserves. >> reporter: investigators will return to the fire scene for a third day tomorrow. no word on when that
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investigation will wrap up. still no word tonight on what caused her death. iain? >> dave, thank you. again loved ones and friends can pay their final respects at the bachelor brothers funeral services on the 7100 block of north broad street. there will be two viewings one on friday night from sick to 9:00 p.m. and the other on saturday morning from 8:00 to 10am with a service and burial to follow. she will will be laid to rest at the ivy hill cemetery on easton road and a memorial fund has been set up for joyce craig. for information on had you to donate, head to our website and look under the seen on tv section. >> first on fox, police are investigating the sexual assault of a drexel student. they say man snuck into the woman' bedroom early this morning in the mantua section of philadelphia. police say they don't have evidence the man forced his way into the off campus private residence on 3400 block of spring garden street. the 21-year-old victim says she woke up and that man was and side her bedroom and attacked her. special victims is now handling the case and looking for him.
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wind, cold temperatures and some chances for snow all in your fox 29 weather authority tonight. nor'easter is gone but still a lot to talk about and scott i was driving over the ben franklin bridge and i was hanging on because the winds were blowing me off the bridge. >> winds were gusting at 40 miles per hour at the peak in philadelphia. right now we have winds gusting over 30 miles an hour. nor'easter has pulled to the north and east of us but we still have some wrap around moisture and that's bringing some snow flurries and some snow showers in particular north and west of the area. so south jersey right now quite. i-95 looking pretty good. but you have to head north and west toward the lehigh valley and the poconos to really find some of the steadier light snow that we're getting. we'll zoom in closer. philadelphia right now dry, upper darby, moving into cherry hill, deptford looking quiet. but once again, north and west berks county, into the lehigh valley, the poconos, we're looking at some of the steadier snow. in fact there's a winter weather advisory for the pocono
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mountains look at the temperatures upper 30s right now bundle up. we're looking at winds stl gusting to 35 miles per hour in the philadelphia area. so chilly area wide if you're stepping outdoors. scattered snow showers especially north and west. overnight then tomorrow we have better chances for some snow showers even some flurries moving toward the philadelphia region. we'll talk about how much to expect and when we warm up all coming up. iain and lucy? >> all right, talk to you then, scott. new developments now in the search for shane montgomery. a new clue has led police to manayunk where the 21-year-old was last seen leaving a bar early thanksgiving morning. investigators say they have a brand new piece of video that may actually show him the night that evanish. fox 29's brad satin live in manayunk tonight. brad? >> reporter: lucy, the fbi at this point not confirming the existence of this video but reportedly shows shane montgomery coming out of kildare's irish pub across the street here in manayunk walking across the street heading down this sidewalk here where he was
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caught on video first as you see there by that video camera on the side of this building here at christie's nail salon. these angles are what the video cameras at christie's nail salon show. one camera shows the sidewalk across the street from kildare's where it's believed shane montgomery left the bar and then turned the corner and was captured on a rear camera approaching the schuylkill river and wasn't seen again. so many questions from family and friends. >> it is a mystery, and it's been going on too long now. >> reporter: it's a full two weeks now and the police department's marine unit fighting the cold and wind this morning were back at it once again following up on the latest tip dredging along the banks of the schuylkill river but once again turning up nothing. and no better luck as investigators continued the search from land. admitting they are desperate police say there's been no trace of 21-year-old shane montgomery since he was last seen early thanksgiving morning leaving kildare's irish pub. these women have been searching
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for him every single day. >> we're trying to do our best to find this kid. this stuff does not happen in manayunk and roxborough. it's such a tight-knit community that if he's crossing that bar, how can he -- how can he go down main street and not one person see him. despite posters with his picture plastered even in neighboring counties, volunteers searches and crews on both land and in the air shane remains missing. on the help find shane montgomery facebook page, his family announced the reward for information that leads to him now stands at $65,000. saying it just takes one brave person to come forward with information. even seemingly inn consequential to bring shane home. it's been 14 agonizing days. despite the rain and the cold his friends and family are still here trying to make sense of the all. >> if it could happen to him it could happen to anybody. everybody wants answers the at at this point. >> owner of christie's says several videos were indeed taken from her. she is not sure exactly what's on the video but again a law
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enforcement reportedly has this video at this point and we are hearing they'll be back on the water again tomorrow. iain? >> brad, thank you. all right. for more now on that breaking news in sports big news for the phillies out of the winter meetings in san diego. howard eskin in the newsroom with more. howard? >> yes. it's finally started to happen for the phillies. it appears the phillies have made a big trade. now, i have confirmed reports that the phillies have traded jimmy rollins to the los angeles dodgers for two minor league pitchers it's not official yet. and that's really because jimmy rollins has to give his approval with a no trade clause. jimmy has already broken the all-time hits record as phillie. he finally may want to play for championship team and the dodgers really have that chance. he played 14 seasons with the phillies. had one year left on his contract. it will pay him $11 million. jimmy won the mvp award in 2007. but the phillies are starting to blow it up and there's another trade, another trade that the phillies have traded left handed relief pitcher antonio bastardo
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to the pittsburgh pirates and that is done. it's for another minor league pitcher. more coming up in sports. >> all right. howard, thanks. see you then. big water main break in north philadelphia has shut down a road for at least a week. skyfox over the seen in the 1500 block of germantown avenue. flooded basements forcing people from a mosque an daycare. crews are work into the evening to clean up. it will take about week to fix the break. no word on what caused the 20-inch water main to burst. >> philadelphia police need your help to catch a burglar who hit an auto parts yard. he targeted franks auto parts salvage yard on west sedgley avenue in franklinville. camera caught it. the burglar broke in through a fence, got into a trailer and stole a laptop, car batteries and equipment. if you know anything that might help catch him, call philadelphia police. now in new jersey, police have caught two people accused of pulling off a string of burglaries. police say 27-year-old jacob norman and 37-year-old jennifer owe donahue are connected to home burglaries throughout egg
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harbor township. police have actually -- got back some of the stolen merchandise. >> police do not believe rapper beanie sigel was the intented target of a shooting at this brother-in-law's new jersey home. pleasantville police say that sigel may have been at the wrong place at the wrong time. the 40-year-old who's real name is twenty eight grant is still in critical condition tonight after being shot friday after dropping his kids off at school. police found the rapper's brother-in-law with scrapes and bruises to his face and arms. officers say that brother-in-law is not a suspect but, he's also not cooperating with the investigation so far there have been in arrests. >> new jersey state senator is proposing legislation to retrain thousands of laid off atlantic city casino workers for new job. senator diane allen says she'll intro douse a bill creating the education initiative for former casino workers. dedicate money from the state labor department's work force development part are in ship fund to help train workers laid off within the past two years.
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four casinos have gone out of business so far this year. >> local fourth graders have already learned it is better to give than to receive. >> yes, they have. these children have adopted a family and they're making sure this holiday is very happy one for them. giving doesn't stop there. >> a local man who's battling cancer gets a big surprise. just in time for the holidays. the dream he will get to live with his little girl. >> howard? >> and video shows two burglars smashed through the front of a store to steal an atm. they weren't counting on neighbor to step in. >> what in the world are ya'll doing? >> yeah. to night at 10:00 what happened when he confrontedunderline
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♪ >> a bankruptcy judge is considering revel's request to scrap deal to sell itself to a canadian firm. officials with revel want to let
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the runner up by the casino. revel entertainment filed app emergency motion last night seeking approval to terminate the agreement with brook field asset management. hearing the request is scheduled for friday. >> a group of fourth graders from delaware county have just wrapped up a christmas shopping spree. >> but the toys and clothes are not for them. our bruce gordon is live in concordville with a story about the true meaning of the holiday and kids who could teach us all a lesson much bruce? >> reporter: guys, young children could probably be excused for having a rather commercialized view of christmas since they're usually on the receiving end of a big pile of toys and other goodies. what would you happen if you asked them to work extra hard, earn some money and spend that money on strangers? well, we found out. >> it was not your usual after school field trip. several dozen fourth graders from the saint mary mag today lynn school in media descending on the concordville target store to go christmas shopping. >> we got him a sponge bob mov
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movie. and legos and barbie dolls. >> reporter: for kids they don't know and likely never me meet. >> i want if you brainstorm. work with your partners. >> reporter: as part of the special fundraiser maureen clark and debbie oat tow roll will asked their children to do extra chores around the house with mom and dad agreeing to pay them. 50-cent for that. a dollar for that. >> well, i've been taking out the trash and getting the mail and walking my dog a lot more than i would. >> i was taking out the trash, cleaning up my room and cleaning up the house. >> reporter: they were reall rey doing chores? >> they were real doing chores, yes. they actually had to write on calendar what they didn't their parents had to initial it. >> reporter: add in couple of bake sales and in three weeks, the kids raised 14 hadn't dread dollars. >> i think it's really good it will make people feel good. >> reporter: how does it mack you feel? >> really good. >> reporter: all of which they're spending on adopted familiarly from delaware county single mom with four kids ages
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nine to 16. an extra goodies for the local toys for tots program. giving can be as much fun as receiving. >> making someone' christmas with your money instead of your parent's money it feels like you're the person getting the gift from your parents. >> reporter: target through in some free snacks for the kids after that shopping spree and $100 gift card for the mom and their adopted family. next week, the marines visit saint mary's to pick up those adopted toys for tots. nice story. iain and lucy. >> great story. >> all right, bruce. >> a special holiday surprise has given to cancer patient in lehigh. let's talk about weather right now and it is windy and cold out there. that nor'easter still hanging around. >> yeah it is. i actually did see snow falling outside of our windows here in old city. they were small. >> they were small but snow nonetheless. chief meteorologist scott williams. iain and lucy we're still stuck with the effects of this nor'easter even though well off
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to the north and east of us we're looking at some wrap around moisture and that's why luce is he saw those snowflakes earlier in the day. pretty dry and quiet right now around philadelphia but you have to head north and west. in particular berks county moving toward lehigh valley and poconos that's where we've been getting some of the steadier snows a couple of inches of snowfall still expected as we move north and west toward parts of the lee his valley as well as the pocono mountains. we'll talk about that coming up but you can see we're dry and quiet but it's cold and blustery right now around philadelphia north and west. moving toward reading also allentown, mount pock know still looking at some of the steadier light snow and as we move into carbon and monroe county where you see the purple highlighted counties, we're looking at a winter weather advisory through early on thursday morning. so roll the clock through tonight most of the flakes will fly north and west. it should and be a big deal. we might have a brief coating north and west. but you could see by 4:00 a.m. the steadier snow still toward the pocono mountains and as we move toward the philadelphia area, we might see few of those
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flurries passing early tomorrow morning as well as through the day here's 3:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. the green in south jersey mainly rain the pink some wet snowflakes mixing in and north and west still looking at some of that snowfall. so it's not going to be a major event or a major accumulating event as we go toward tonight by 11:00 o'clock we could see a light dusting. toward the pocono mountains. tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m., north and west once you move toward the lehigh valley and the poconos still looking at maybe a half an inch one to 2-inches additional snowfall on top of what you see in the pocono mountains. temperatures today pretty chil chilly. 43 degrees was the high temperature. we should top out around 46 degrees for this time of year and as we look at the numbers right now, upper 30s in atlantic city. low 30s north and west. in the 20s right now in the pocono mountains. so cloudy and chilly a few flurries for tonight. 32 degrees in the city. watch out for a few slick spots especially north and west tomorrow morning and overnight.
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39 that's it for the high temperature tomorrow. cloudy, chilly with scattered flurries especially north and west. 42 for the high temperature on friday. a few more breaks in the clouds and then saturday we're looking at sun and clouds. 44 degrees. mid 40s for sunday. dry but chilly for the eagles game. and then what about 50 degrees? i like that. >> as we move toward monday. upper 40s on tuesday. but better chances for some showers as we move toward tuesday afternoon and evening into wednesday. speaking of the eagles, 8:30 kickoff sunday at the linc against the cowboys looking at temperatures pretty chilly in the 30s. so howard is definitely going to be bundled up for that one. >> you know he will be. it's dry and that's a good thing. in exactly much scott, thank y you. >> a special holiday surprise given to cancer patient in lehigh county. he's a very big sports fan and now going to an upcoming phantoms game which is a very cool thing his name is nicholas tray go and he told nurse at the
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hospital he absolutely loves hockey. so she helped make all of what you're seeing here happen. it's part of the hospital's pathway for santa celebrations. doctors diagnosed him with rectal and liver cancer in march. he's been battling ever sips and he's looking forward to taking eight-year-old daughter to the game. >> thank you very much. from what i was to where i am now it's outstanding and to have this opportunity for me and my daughter to go at the game. pretty pump. it should be a good time. >> he's doing a lot better. look at ronald mcdonald is there too, others at the hospital received special gifts as well many being donated by local businesses. >> all right. good for him. >> what's coming up in sports? >> well obviously we got a few things with baseball. >> huge. >> chip kelly today i mean i can't let this get by. hilarious best today at his news conference the phillies have made their first big trade a
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♪ >> okay. phillies have made a significant trade at the winter meetings now i have gotten confirmation jimmy rollins has been traded to the los angeles dodgers. no official word yet the phillies get two minor league pitchers in return. phillies need approval from rollins with no trade clause that's probably while there's no official word yet. rollins hit 2.43 last season
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with phils. he's already broken the all time record. played 14 seasons as a phil will he. bastardo traded to the pirates for minor league pitcher. football season can be a long one for eagles coach chip kelly when dealing with the media every week. today it reached its chip point with 60 plus media conferences so far this regular season. and he is a beauty. so advantage or disadvantage to playing dallas twice in three weeks. >> we thing that they this, we know that they think this -- we'll go play. >> okay. now the questions are about the cowboys quarterback tony romo having den 10 days off from his last game. >> we're preparing for speed option a lot of quarterback power runs now that he's got the extra days to go. i think -- that's what happens. >> all right. so now the question goss to the cowboys road record.
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six and zero so far. chip goes deep on this one. >> you can analyze metric all you want. i don't know what they are compared tonight games and day games but we haven't spent much time on that one either. >> you're pretty good at night games. yeah. we hope that holds true i think we're playing at night, right? but we played them it was the day the last time we played them or twilight. >> late afternoon with the roof closed we may have to check with the roof closed. that may ab factor. >> all right. news conference went to the naming of his captains each we week. >> about what? >> you don't pick captains based on who you're playing against. we actually have studied, you know, who does a better job of staring down because we get what their captains are going to be like. we try to match up heights. who can stare them down better. >> he won't stop. >> do they realize he's making if you. >> they keep on with the questions. >> one captain question wept on and on and on. >> he's the best. >> he is excellent. >> popcorn at the event that was
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a great comedy routine. that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00.
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it'll come from my kitchen. the biggest surprise this season won't come from an upset, try our new philly cheesesteak pizza. a large for $12. add a red kettle cookie for $6 and a portion of the proceeds go to the salvation army. better ingredients. better pizza papa john's.
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spoiled brat? >> shocking hacked e-mails. and wait until you hear who called angelina jolie a spoiled brat. then, fur coat bandits. >> the couple that swiped a $180,000 fur coat. >> rolled it into a little ball. >> and then just stuck it -- >> stuck it in. actress lena dunham controversy. what she says happened to her while in college. >> the sexual encounter with a campus republican. >> why she's apologizing. plus, lost at sea for 12 days. they found him just before they were going to hold his fanly ray. >> best chri


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