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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  December 12, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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what played a key role in the fatal accident. >> college girls a attacked, a man accused of attacking college student and may be linked to more a assault. texas is in town, and, a lot better than what we got outside right now, cloud around, and snow showers, and hoping it the helps our birds out. >> what is the temperature 8:30 sunday night. >> 39 degrees. >> there is quincy, it is cold, we need to stay warm. >> i took my coat off because i need people to come down share warmth we are doing it with united way. we need you guys to come out and give any clothes you can, we have tickets for night at the new you seem. i know you guys can give fourth and market come on guys. >> first 100 people to come out we will give you free cup of coffee and pass to that movie sequel tonight at the museum with ben stiller. the supposed to be good. that is a little trade off
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there. first 100 people get a free movie tickets. >> sounds like a deal to me. >> that is right. >> it is cowboys weekend. >> here comes those boys. >> yes. >> we are ready for them. >> we are. >> nice day. it is a a night game. we have to get our hot chocolate in the parking lot. >> we should meet about 11:00 in the morning. >> they open up the gates at 6:00 a.m. game time not until will 30:00 p.m. >> can you imagine the shape some of those fans will be in. >> we have hot chocolate outside, dunkin' donuts providing hot chocolate. >> cold this morning. will we will start off showing you that cowboys eagles game day forecast at 38 degrees. not 39. but it will be cold no matter what it is december. always cold at night this time of the year. we are looking at clear skies for that kick off forecast. light wind north, it should the not be too windy. it will be cold, but we won't have wet wet tore deal with. all and all this is a great
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forecast, for the birds and that is 8:30p m kick off on sunday. cloud around but we should see some sunshine, today. we will take a live view of the airport, behind you there, 36 degrees, light wind west northwest. you can see lights the planes right now, we will head towards, sunrise and clouds but we will see some more sun. cold to start, temperatures in the lower 30's. thirty-five by noon. we will hit 39 degrees, later on today. the that is your fox cast, definitely hot chocolate weather, bob kelly both today and on sunday. >> come on, fill it up. good morning. lets go. 7:02. friday and a live look at 422, brake lights in and around of the saint gabriel's curve we have debris on the ramps from route 29 to 422, good morning to downingtown 30 bypass waking up and heading out, this area of chester county, burbs, you may wake up to a fine coating of snow on your windshield, on your driveway, on your front step and on and off ramps as well.
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good morning to northeast philadelphia, southbound jammed up 95 from the betsy in toward downtown and that is beginning of the morning rush hour there. crash on the boulevard, roosevelt boulevard at devereaux police are on the scene. an accident on route 82 in chester county right here. if you use septa's regional rail lines grab a new timetable today because on sunday they have put a new schedule into play. that means mday morning trains will be all flipped around, make sure they have a new schedule today so you're in good shape for monday morning, alex, back to you. >> there will be confusion monday morning. >> sure. >> 7:03. lets get to the top stories of the morning. one person is dead after a single car crash in king sessing that happened around midnight in the 5100 block of grace avenue. police say car crash in the loading dock of the building and caught fire. witnesses say car was willing fast before the crash and ran into a red light. police say it was a 26 year-old man. >> fire fighters respond to the fire at a southwest philadelphia school, fire started sometime before
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midnight at bartram high at 66th and grave avenue. upon arrival fire fighters noticed smoke coming from the building. fire was placed under control a short time later. school is opened today. this morning a suspect is in custody in connection to the sexual assault in philadelphia. >> this case follows a series of recent attacks including some attacks in university city and that is where our steve keeley is over at police headquarters at the round house, what is going on. >> reporter: commissioner ramsey's responded by saying you cannot put a cop on every corner but guys at 15th district did all they could because so many attacks in such a short time this week in university city. so they put added patrols in plainclothes and unmark cars and boy did it the pay off almost instantly. same guy in the same clothes doing the same thing. three times in seven hours. he had those same clothes saturday in a fourth attack and police had extra patrols on and they caught five five-year old james barrett in
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the act just yesterday. police were able to screen grab a shot of him from a previous attack and those plainclothes detectives driving around in their unmark car at 6:00 last night caught him attacking a university of penn grad student. he had a u shaped bike locks and dragged her 50-yard. they see her backpack, books, papers, flying all over the sidewalk and him on top of her. they jump out and arrest him. she had just gotten off a bus of fourth second street and he hit her from behind with that bike lock and left her with a big cut and bad bump on her head. this all happened seven hours after two female drexel students were separate thely groped by barrett they tell us within ten minutes of each other, late in the morning yesterday and they believe he is responsible for a fifth attack on the drexel student on monday. however, barrett's caught in the act arrest, they warn you should you not, detectives, drexel's public safety director have women who live on campus at drexel or penn or
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who walk alone to drop their guard and think that this arrest signals some kind of an all clear because they do not have barrett link to probably the most heinous attack this week on wednesday at 4:00 in the morning when a a drexel student was raped by a guy who broke into her 34th and spring garden apartment, grabbed a meat cleaver out of her kitchen and held that on her while raping her. they want to warn thaw this guy isn't the only guy who apparently was out there robbing, beating and raping students in the series of attacks in such a short time this week but this five five-year old barrett is a long criminal history that will anger everybody when they hear why this guy was somehow, released back on the streets to do this so much in such a short time this week. >> don't let your guard down. >> thank you. well, a viewing will be held today for a philadelphia fire fighter kill in the line of duty. joyce craig died tuesday after being trapped in the row home, on middleton street. she will be laid to rest
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following a funeral services tomorrow, investigators are still trying to determine how she got trapped inside that basement of that home. police are searching this morning for suspects who fired shots into a house that injured a 13 year-old. >> lets get to lauren johnson live at northeast detectives with what happened. >> good morning alex and mike. everybody inside that home at the time of the shooting was brought here to northeast detectives to answer some questions about exactly what happened inside that house, the 13 year-old was taken to the hospital, lets look at skies fox video over the scene last night at 8:00 p.m. in the 4,000 block of crescent street in frankford. police say a 34 year-old was sitting on the front porch, hoping to rob him and he raced inside the house, slammed the doors closed thinking he was safe. that did not stop the men. they fired off three shots, two of them went into the house, grazed a 13 year-old in the living room, bullet left a bruce on his stomach but he is expect to recover, a 15 year-old and infant were also in the house but they were
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unharmed and then those suspects then took off. as detective were investigating the shooting they found what they believed to be marijuana on the front porch of that home. they have to test to find out maybe that is motive for robbery. as for who they were they are unsure right now if they knew each other or if it was completely random. search for shane montgomery continues, for a second day investigators will focus on the schuylkill river. police say surveillance shows shane heading toward the the river after leaving a bar in man i young. he walk west on main street just before 2:00 in the morning on thanksgiving. investigators and strangers pulled together to find any trace of him. >> they didn't find anything of shane's at all, no sweat shirt, no clothing, no nothing. that is what we are still looking for. >> police say 21 year old college student crossed foot bridge in the parking lot along the river before he vanished. 7:08 we a closer look at body cameras of philadelphia
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police officers are wearing. >> we have this pilot program in use for past couple of weeks. police commissioner charles ramsey says that this will mean more transparency hopefully for the department, the department is testing out six different models of body cameras, some go on the chest, some go more towards their head for police patrolling north philadelphia right now. residents got a closer look at them. after six months department plans to span city wide and they will decide which cameras work best. >> i think cameras help to provide an accurate record of what took place and i think when everybody ace wear that something is being filmed, it can, alter, in the just behavior that might have been negative to begin with but people are more aware. >> police say they would like to eventually buy 3500 of these cameras over the next couple of years, however, it is not yet clear how massive investment in equipment and
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infrastructure will be paid for. how will we pay for it. well to day senate is expected to vote on a more than 1 trillion-dollar spending plan. >> do we have a compromise yesterday, last night? plan was approved by the house late last night, along with the temporary budget extension to avoid a government shut down. democrats are not happy, that the long term bill eases bank regulations, todd frank, imposed after the economic turmoil of 2007/2008. but president obama and republican leaders work together to get the votes that they needed. they came to a compromise. some democrats not very happy about it. cia director john brennan is defending his agency begins accusations that it used inhumane interrogation techniques against terror suspects. explosive senate report released tuesday accused the agency oven gauge nothing torture. the report took five years to write and revealed the interrogation techniques were worse than what the cia originally told lawmakers.
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>> previous administration faced agonizing choices of how to pursue al qaeda and prevent terrorist attacks against our country. while facing fears of further tax and carrying out the responsibility to prevent more catastrophic loss of life. >> the white house stand behind brennan and cia. >> john brennan the cia director would not use the word torture yesterday. >> like a 45 minute press conference. >> very unusual in the lobby of the cia, that is un heard of. >> it has never happened before, having a press conference. 7:11. did you hear this beverly johnson is latest woman to come forward with accusation as begins bill cosby. >> she says that the comedian drugged her inside his new york home in the 80's. in an essay for vanity fair magazine, i was reading this on line yesterday, she said she knew immediately that he had been drugged and when she confronted bill cosby about it, he got mad and told her to get out of his house. owe far more than a dozen women accused of bill cosby of
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sexual assault. he denies all these allegations. two sony executives are apologizing for jokes they made in private e-mails about president obama. critics say remarks have a racist tone to them. >> yeah, e-mails got out as part of the big sony hack that they think is traced back to the government of north korea? producer scott ruden was involved. >> and sony chair woman amy pascal. they said their remarks were insensitive. they were schenn making jokes about what types of movies the president might like and they mentioned series of films of african-american casts. ruden is same produce shore called angelina jolie a spoiled brat and another leak e-mail. comedian kevin hart was called out by that are executives in some of the e-mails saying that he is a money whore. he is money hungry. he responded on instagram and in part saying knowing yourself worthies extremely
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important, people. i work very hard to get where i am today. he also goes on to say i look at myself as a brand and because of that, i will never allow myself to be taken advantage of. stick up for yourself. that is great, kevin. >> he talk bit at a radio station in phoenix. he said right now i'm focusing on my new movie coming out, i'll tiehl with that later. >> yes. >> you have to be careful what you write in e-mails, man, oh, man. according to reports at least two people are dead following a monster storm out on the west coast. my daughter lives just outside of san francisco. my gosh, it is very scary. look at the the water. >> strong wind and heavy rain income out electricity and flooded roads up and down west coast and thousands where is left stranded n oregon a 40 year-old home less man died when a tree felon him. there is a report that the teenage boy there also died from storm-related injuries. the rain is expect to continue, throughout the day. >> wind yesterday up to 80 miles an hour in some
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areas. >> how is your daughter doing. >> they were kind of worried, actually but they are fine. they got 9 inches of the water in on parts of the northern california. >> unbelievable. >> wow. >> well, snow is the problem up in vermont. snowplows hard at work clearing away 2 feet of snow that felon tuesday, utility crews have been working to restore power up there. residents have been warned they may be without electricity throughout the weekend. >> my gosh. >> yesterday we had some snow. >> it was blowing hard yesterday afternoon like blizzardy. >> all day long. >> mike, did your daughter lose power . >> they did not. >> but a a lot of people in san francisco proper, no power right now. >> yeah. >> she's one of the lucky ones. >> a lot of flooding and winds. this is a huge storm to hit the west coast. they need this water. the drought is awful. but when so much rain comes so quickly you deal with the flooding and they are not g
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here's rain making down into southern california new to the l.a. area not being spared. fresno, bakers field they are seeing heavy rain, and sierra nevada, break for bay area, just some showers and same for oregon and washington companies but they are in the thick of it through tonight and into tomorrow. back home our storm system this week finally departing, same one that brought rain and wind tuesday, snow yesterday, it is long gone but we are still feeling wind and cold from it. we are seeing clouds. they should scattered and probably see more sunshine later today. finally some sunshine. we have in the seen any of that in days. fox future cast shows we've got the sun through most of today, any flurries will be confine areas towards our north. i don't think we will see snow showers. it is a much nicer looking day but still cold and still breezy. much nicer weekend too so whatever holiday plans you have or whatever you need to get donnas with the upcoming holiday you should be fine. sunshine saturday. fair weather clouds, as we told you before it looks great on sunday and looks great at the link sunday night.
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temperatures range from the mid zero's to the 33 in allentown. thirty-six in philadelphia. thirty-five in wilmington. thirty-seven in dover. it is cold. we will stay in the 30's all day long maybe hitting 4 degrees here in philadelphia sun returns, breezy and cold. not so cold as we go through seven day forecast, check out this warming trend, 42 sun and clouds on saturday in the 40's sunday and then 50's in your sites both men and then gannon tuesday, chance of showers on tuesday but we look quiet through rest of the week, and then following week we should be okay too. so much improved seven day forecast for you, bob kelly, can you give us improved look at the roads compared to yesterday. >> 7:16. good morning. jammo, on i-95. we have an eight car pile up, eight cars, crunched up in the construction zone on i-95. here's a live look from the betsy ross bridge interchange. it is northbound at cottman avenue right where the cattle
7:17 am
shoot comes into play. they take four lanes down to three. eight cars all piled up on the northbound side of i-95. the only good thing here is that most of the traffic comes south in the morning but still, not good if you are fellow heading northbound. you are jammed up into the the cottman avenue interchange. guess what today is? >> friday. >> it is friday, and it is national ugly christmas sweater day. >> wow. >> we have a couple billboards here. send us your pictures using the the hash tag, hash tag fox 29 good day, almost someone said billboard. going shopping in king of prussia tomorrow. >> sure. >> do you wanting to. >> i will tell you what, you need to bring your charge card but guessing whose bright idea was to it do construction in the king of prussia interchange, all weekend long. >> it was my idea, i apologize. >> they will be working north on 202 on to the ramps of the schuylkill and southbound. you know traffic light right there by gulf road in front of
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the mall from there down to swedesford road. >> crazy, with all of the christmas shopping. >> perfect time of the year to do it there is no shopping there. >> hot mess there this weekend. if you are going to king of prussia instead of 202 use turnpike and exit at veil forge. mike and alex, back to you. >> do you want to check on our clothing drive that will go on until 10:00 this morning. we are working with the united way to get your clothing drive and we call it share the warmth. quincy is out there now. >> you have a coat on. >> in the beginning of the show i had my jacket off to show how cold it is. just imagine if you didn't have a coat or clothes and this is why we're doing this drive. we have dunkin' donuts to give out free coffee. we are trying to fill up this truck right here. we have dj greg knit y and we passes tonight at the museum. right now we have chris murray, vp of communications at fnited way how are you doing. >> thanks for having us, we appreciate it. >> glad to be here. we do this every year.
7:19 am
we want everybody that came out last year to please come out. we can top what we did last year. >> absolutely. >> where are the clothing going to from the drive today. >> we will be here until 10:00 a.m. collecting gently used warm items and we will donate those to our impact partner ready, willing and able. from there they will get to family and children living in emergency housing situations and home less shelter. >> we need people to come out here at until 10:00 a.m. we need people to come out and give some clothing. where the families that will get these clothes. >> they are from in region and they are in emergency housing situations and probably living in home less shelter. our impact partner will take these items donated and get them to knows in need. >> cold out here. >> thanks, chris. >> thanks, q. >> we need more stuff. >> we have some stuff there. >> we have some jackets. we have scarves, gloves, but we still need more stuff. we have to fill this truck.
7:20 am
>> i come on any want to talk you about something. a young woman fighting for her life after having a rare but serious reaction to antibiotics. >> my gosh. >> causing her to burn from the inside out, her insides are burning up. doctor mike is here to explain. my goodness she's simply used a prescription for antibiotics. we are talking about holiday shopping buyers beware those on line sales well, they are not always a good idea how to tell which deals are actually worth your money. guess who is here, again, oh, yeah. >> ♪
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we gdid he help pick it out?er.
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♪ e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> hey, bob, listen to this yes, sire want you to observe, as you drive around today, ups trucks, this is a freaky fun fact to know and tell, parentally during holidayes specially ups drivers don't take left turns, only right turns. j olen from fox business channel, why. >> it is actually very simple, ups say left turns cost them
7:25 am
more money and gas so they just don't do them. they have their drivers turn right and they use a very special gps system that gets them to houses, in a most efficient way possible. >> weird. >> reporter: they don't make left turns. here's how they save, they don't block intersections and wait for traffic to clear, they don't waste gas there. there you have it. they are saving 10 million gallons of gas, they are saving 5300 -- >> carbon emission. >> it is huge in terms of pollution it sound complicated but simple for them if you are the ups guy. you can use ups to get around traffic and to get around highways but to only do right turns. >> how about this why wouldn't that work for us citizens i will never take a left turn. >> which like to see that, can you take a go pro and post that. >> sure. what is weird is there is another profession that only take left turns and that is nascar drivers.
7:26 am
they never turn right. owe they are blowing a lot of money these nascar guys. >> we should have a race between nascar and ups. >> that is true. >> send them certain destinations. >> i think ups sponsors one of these nascar drivers. >> and it goes against what they do. >> outrageous. >> controversy. >> now another topic you want to tell us about because i do a lot of on line shopping. i thought that is where deals were. >> easier too. >> that is what they tell you, they all want to get 90 percent off sweaters, in time for christmas but that is not going to happen. what they do according to the study that looks at 58,000 holiday deals, only 1 percent of them are any good. what happens in stores raised their original prices, i know, this is shocking and then they tell you you are getting a deal. it is really tough. can you imagine studying 58,000 holiday deals and only 300 of them, are legitimate. >> ridiculous. >> that is disappointing.
7:27 am
>> yes. >> what is the point. >> the point toys generate more revenues for these companies. competition say between macy's and kohl's is really fierce. they want you to shop, so this is what they are trying to do to get your business. >> kohl's will be opened for 100 straight hours. >> wow. >> right before christmas. >> whatever it takes mentality. >> jolean, good to have you here of a great weekend, adorable. >> you too. >> i don't know who is doing hiring at fox business network, wow. >> yes. >> it is inappropriate and a pol guys. >> still to come a warning about sharing medication, did you ever do that. you didn't finish your antibiotics. let me just take it. don't do that. woman right now is fighting for her life because she took antibiotics. she's burning up from the inside out, doctor mike we will tell you about her condition. plus when on a airplane are you in a aisle seat or window person. it apparently says a a lot
7:28 am
about your personality. what your seat choice really means. >> i'm an aisle guy. >> are you window girl. >> window girl all the way.
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♪ >> yeah. >> do you see what they did there, did you note that is they milk christmas music there, national ugly christmas sweater day, and. >> we like christmas sweaters, ugly christmas sweaters. >> send in put an ugly sweater, take a picture and send it to us. >> use the hash tag fox 29 good day. >> there is an example right there. >> these are homemade ugly christmas sweaters. it is a couples sweater. one half of rodolph. >> my gosh. >> that is hilarious. >> that is hideous. >> and the reindeer is vomiting. >> i was than the going to
7:32 am
make reference to that but it looks like reindeer is vomiting. >> you will in the beat that. >> that is creative. >> caitlin, seriously. >> can i a that dress you have on today looks fantastic. >> thank you. >> you are working it. >> it is really nice. >> thanks so much, i'm trying to fit in here, in for bob kelly. >> yes. >> he is kelly green. >> perfect. >> bus stop buddy is in a wrong outfit too if i were a better parent, i would have dressed him in some green and eagles jacket where is sue serio. unfortunately bus stop buddy trying to stay warm as he heads out this morning a lot of snow still on the ground north and west of philadelphia, it could be slippery in some spots, we have not had too many reports of accident due to the weather. the satellite and radar still some clouds, 36 degrees at the a airport. we have seer clouds and that should give way. thirty-two by 9:30 356789 by noon. we will spend the the day in the 30's struggling to hit 40 degrees.
7:33 am
we will see sunshine. that is a bit more today. sun comes back this afternoon. it remains breezy and cold and as we go through seven day forecast we will show you a warm up on the way. that is your fox cast, lets get straight over to bob kelly, where it sound like we have big problems on 95, right. >> an eight car pile up, and sky fox over the scene of the northbound lanes have of i-95, at a the cottman avenue construction zone. >> look at them all bunched in there, that is a stretch from four lanes down to three. everybody just standing out there, kind of helpless. there is three. we will go back, there is eight all together, all tied up, in this the two left lanes. there is only three lanes to begin with, right there, that is right where the merge comes into play. >> look at the other side, stopped all together. >> that other side is the construction zone and that is why they go from four lanes
7:34 am
down to three. it looks like they are down to one there. this is a live look from sky fox, it is northbound lanes of i-95 at the cottman avenue. so they have the tow trucks have to actually backup i-95, to avoid sitting in that delay there. lets go to the live camera on the ground here we are bumper to bumper from girard avenue all the way up to cottman in northeast philadelphia mike and alex, back over to you. >> it has been a bad week for 95, every day there has been a accident. >> 7:34. a california teen is fighting for her life, a college sophomore is hospitalized in intensive care after having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic. medication is burning her body, from the inside out. a according to reports a friend gave the teen her left over in medication. >> what kind of medication was it doctor mike. >> well, it was an antibiotic and i suspect if i pretend to be a doctor house here, that it was back rim, it was
7:35 am
culture antibiotic. >> what is that for. >> urinary tract infections, bacterial infections of a number of varieties but the key here is that her friend gave to it her thinking she bass doing something good for her and she ended up developing a life threatening condition known as stevens johnson syndrome. the let's talk about that for a minute. i want to show you a picture. what this shows is what it is all about. when you say that the body is burning, what is actually happening is the top layer of skinniesing ago way, it is dying. i'm not sure if that is the right picture. that is another picture. but picture i want shows the top layer is dying, it is going a way. what happens is that you develop, there it is, that the the actual picture. that is the condition. it can be life threatening. the the reason that people talk bit, burning if you willis that these patients have to be care for in a burn
7:36 am
center because many of them affect so badly that we lose fluids. >> we keep saying she's burning from the inside out that looks like out on the skin. >> well, this burning on the inside out is, in fact, there it is. if you can see this i want everybody out there to be medical people. this is a slide, an actual slide of the skin where due see that glue part, it is the epidermis and it is actually separates from the other parts, and, hot pink, hot pink, and so what happens is that this reaction, and, and it is due to an allergic reaction, most commonly to medications. now do we have the kinds of medication that is usually causes this because it is very important. >> we should not be sharing with our friends.
7:37 am
>> never do that. >> never do that. there is a drug forgot. anti seizure medications, antibiotics. the ones that are most commonly insinuated are soul fewer type drugs like back rim that is why i suspect it. these are the kinds of drugs, and certainly even pain medications like what we call none in steroidals, some of them can cause this. luckily, it is very rare. about two to seven in 1 million people. if you are on the there taking antibiotic, don't panic but you have to realize there is nothing free in life. everything has a potential risk. >> i have a question. >> never mind we're done. >> good to see you. >> we have to move on. >> okay, though. >> you just get me started and. >> how is the closing going. >> we have doing well, we have people, and, all types of things, here is the thing.
7:38 am
and, we will drop it in this van, and, in the truck right here. we will fill up this whole thick. i know delaware valley will come on out.
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7:41 am
so we are sharing the warmth this morning all morning long, so we will check back in with quincy because we are hoping to get more donations. >> bunch of people out there. >> people are coming down, guys, i have jason, ready, willing, able now your organization. >> yes, we will gather it, sort it and distribute ate machining our men who are all homeless, they are in the transitional program for a year, coming out of homelessness and prison, and they get, they move back, then to when it comes out of our process after a year, they have a place to stay, they have a job, and, money in their pocket. >> pretty cool. >> so people come down to fourth and market. >> yes. >> people come down to fourth and market where is the address. >> 1211 bainbridge street right here in center sit the
7:42 am
eye. >> come on, philly, new jersey and delaware i know we can fill up this truck. i know we can. we had movie passes for night at the museum, and, fourth and market here right now. back to you in the studio. >> we have the first 100 people who drop off clothes we will give you a free movie pass night at the museum. >> and also, hot coffee outside. >> yes. >> from dunkin' donuts. >> come on out. >> we will there been until 10:00. coming up, eagles cowboys part two. first place is at stake. in bigger game of the year. how eagles are going into sunday night's match up with a stinking cowboys. but first. >> lets get to jen in new york city. >> new york city. >> hi, baby did you guys hear of the night of the museum, premiere happened last night and some after party we will premiere happened last night and some after party we will take to you both
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welcome back with weather, finally improving. we have had rain and wind on tuesday, we have had persistent snow yesterday but our storm system now finally moving off new england, bringing about more snow showers to northern vermont upstate new york and we have clouds and wind but we are seeing a better picture in the rest of the afternoon. clouds around right new we will see some more sunshine
7:46 am
later on today. fox future cast shows sun, most of the day, fair weather clouds, maybe a flurry or two, otherwise it will be good. the enter rest of the weekend not bad too. last weekend we had rain, and seeing better weather making it easier to get things done. whatever you have plan. friday night looks good. fast forward through sat the day, sunshine, two clouds in the a afternoon. we will see same thing on sunday for eagles game as well. temperatures reaching from the the 20's in the poconos. thirty-three allentown. thirty-two in reading. thirty-six in philadelphia. thirty-sevennin dover. not warming up too much from where we are right now. jumping forward to sunday night, it is cold but obviously always cold this time of the year. we are not dealing with wet weather. kick off 8:30, 38 degrees, cowboys in town, wind aren't too bad light ten to 15 miles an hour. our seven day forecast seeing a warming trend through rest of the weekend and looks nice with sun, 42 saturday, 45 on
7:47 am
sunday, and then clothing in on 50 on monday, we should hit that 50-degree mark on tuesday, chance of showers with the cool down for wednesday and thursday, back and it does look quiet the through rest of the week. the that is your seven day forecast. lets check with bob and still seeing that problem on i-95. >> sky fox over the scene of this multi vehicle crash, eight cars all piled up, bunched on top of each other here on i-95 northbound at cottman avenue construction zone. good view there of the vehicles. it looks like they are pushing them over. there is not even a shoulder here because of the construction zone so there is in where to put the cars. you can see concrete barrier there on the opposite side of the construction zone so this happened about a half an hour ago. here we go someone is hurt because here comes rescue squad. that will probably shut down all of the the northbound lanes unless he pulls into the the front there but it is 95 north bound at cottman avenue.
7:48 am
lets go to our jam cam here traffic backed up from center city heading north all the way up to cottman avenue. leaving center city and heading north best bet old school up to the neighborhoods richmond street, delaware avenue or use roosevelt boulevard as an option. big power begins tonight, check this out they are pouring concrete pad for the new comcast tower. 400 cement trucks. >> what? >> one after each other once they start they cannot stop, it will happen tonight right after midnight, last all the way into tomorrow night around 5:00. rain or shine, 18th and arch that will throw a monkey run much in the traffic for tonight and all day tomorrow in center city. mike and alex, back to you you. >> that might be something that to go watch that. >> i might do that. >> 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning you will still be up. >> yes, he will be four
7:49 am
hundred cement trucks back to back to back. >> like a par raid. >> wow. >> all right. that is my big weekend. i might watch the game sunday night. >> winner of the eagles/cowboys game on sunday will be in the driver's seat to win the the division. believe it or not the loser may have a hard time making the playoffs. >> all right. >> when i get worried i like to mike in missanelli 97.59 fanatic to calm me down. is what your prediction. >> the the big pour is what you will be doing tonight. >> i have done that big pour with you a couple times. >> yes. >> and you survived. >> you know, the big pour after this game. >> i'm a little nervous. here's what you have to look at. cowboys after lot of factors on their side. they have ten days to rest. they have a revenge factor. there is a weird stat out there that when you lose to seattle, you lose the next week. the it has happened seven
7:50 am
straight times which means teams get a little bruised up when they play seattle seahawks. however, we know cowboys. they are flimsy. they start arguing on the sidelines. as soon as something goes bad, boom they are out. that is what you have to look forward to. >> we smoked them on thanksgiving. >> right. >> yes. >> now they are saying they underestimated our running game. >> alex, if you get smoked in the game, you are looking at video, you are embarrassed. you are really determined to play better. cowboys offensive line had all this claim and they got blown off the line of scrimmage. new they will come in and more determined to get that thing going so they can run the football murray and tony romo had a ten days to rest that ailing back. but i'm a little nervous about the game, but in the end, dallas always give it back to you. >> that is true. >> it is december. >> you don't seem very
7:51 am
nervous. >> i might not even be able to watch the game. >> if you wanting to to the playoffs. >> if you lose the game, they're going to miss the playoffs. here's why, arizona won last night, they are still in the mix, eagles will lose a tie breaker if it comes down to one final playoff spot against a team that he they lost head to head to. >> that is trouble we lost to those cardinals. >> so, very good year, 11 and five may miss playoffs. it is a must win for eagles. >> however, here's another part of it, i'll give you another good thing, even if the cowboys win this game you know cowboys can lose very quickly, and they play indianapolis colts next week. >> in indy. >> yes. >> no, it is in dallas. >> but they dent play so well in dallas. >> another reason why they worried. >> they are six-o on the road. >> if the cowboys take, they will always give it back.
7:52 am
you are still good. >> hold the big pour off. >> is it on fox. >> the big pour. >> the game. >> do we have the game. >> no, the game is sunday night. >> nbc. >> i am not going to watch the game, just video. >> well, thank you. >> i'll see you at the big pour. >> yes. >> now, get out. >> we will be list authentic afternoon mike. >> today is national ugly christmas sweater day so we are asking to you send pictures of your ugly picture of christmas sweater. this is her husband at the 50th birthday and he a has a ugly sweater parade. ugly tie too. >> that is ugly all the way around. >> i like the hat though. so tweet us your pictures.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
come on down to fourth and market. first 100 people will get pass toes night at the museum. >> fifty people have shown up. we are down to 50 movie passes. you get that, free hot chocolate and cup of coffee and throw some clothes in the back of the truck. the it goes right to people who need warm clothing, i mean this afternoon. >> that is a good thing. speaking of night of the museum the screening passes we are giving you, the title is the sequel, it is night of the museum, secret of the tomb. >> it will hit theaters next week but big premiere was last night in new york city.
7:57 am
there is jen fredrick she was out there partying at the after party. >> right now she's in front of the american museum of natural history in manhattan, hi jen. >> good morning to you guys, hi guys, teddy roosevelt, robin williams character is right out front. it is a fox movie. they paid for our trip up here. but movie kicks some booty, i'm saying that thinks the best, live action family movie of the year, kevin mccarthey that nerd he disagrees but it is really great. i think of the three museum movies it is definitely the best movie. a lot of talk about robin williams, ben stiller is the lead character. instead of seinfeld which i might go i didn't go there i went zooland erin steady. >> you started the whole selfie thing with zoolander. >> i don't think cell phones existed when we made original zoolander. >> that is why they did that.
7:58 am
>> i guess so, i think people have always been fascinated looking at themselves but i think about amount have of time, energy people put into taking selfies in the last few years. we could hardness that energy into like trying to end poverty or something. >> of course, i have a nine year-old and five-year old. i love these movies. it is not a cartoon. >> right. >> and not death and destruction. >> i think that is what is unique about it, night of the museum movies, they are for kids, they are for adults, they are live action. it is a different thing. that sort of, emerged from the first one. it has always been fun to go back and do them and to try to make them fresh and new. >> sackajewea, i'm married and i have guys now. you wear one of of those kids on your back. >> yes. >> when lou around and seeing celebrity bring them, and
7:59 am
watch this by himself, and a child or whatever. that is the best. >> you can see everyone was in a good mood last night the on the red carpet. we will talk more about robin williams later in the morning but mike, i was texting you back and forth. robin's widow was there and she was so proud, and obviously the director of the movie so happy work so closely with robin. so we will talk a little bit about this but it was interesting that it didn't get really sad, you know, this is one of his last movies but a big, big night and right there is where the after party was. you'll see more of that. ricky gervais later in the show. it was fun. fox paid for me to come here but i'm keeping it real, it is a good movie. >> okay, jen, we will look forward to the party picks. she was up most of the nice. >> really. >> yes. >> you should see pictures.
8:00 am
maybe i'll show you some. it is friday, december 12th, 2014. >> reporter: philadelphia police believe they have solved but not all of the recent attacks this week on female students at drexel and penn universities and the the surprising thing the guy under arrest is more tenured professor age, 55, then college student age, caitlin. >> steve, thank you you. we are looking to the weekend, big game with the cowboys in town. will weather cooperate? we have your game day forecast, it looks good. >> hoping for football too. conviction i. >> share the warmth we are doing a closing drive-in front of the station at fourth and market. we need to fill up this big truck. i need your help. come down to fourth and market right now. back to you alex. >> are you flying over the holidays the seat you choose on the plane apparently says a lot about your personality. coming up the the meaning
8:01 am
behind the aisles, the the window seat. >> i like to be in the back in the middle. >> what? >> whatever. >> the worst seat on the plane. >> the the last seat, and i'm freaking out. >> i hate middle seats. >> the toilet flushing and all that stuff back there. >> yes. >> by the way, it is ugly sweater day. this is last time i will ever do this. i was thinking about this. i like this design. i like the look. what do you think. >> how holiday themed is that. >> is that poinsettias. >> i believe it is national point sent a day. >> that guy wins on most count. >> we will don our sweaters at 9:00. if you have ugly ones take a picture and tweet us. >> weather and traffic. >> it is cold out there we need these sweaters. >> sure do, it is a cold morning but looking at a better day ahead. we promised thaw kick off forecast if we are heading
8:02 am
to the game and down to the stadium sunday afternoon, no problems, we will have sunshine during the day, temperatures in the 40's, by 8:30 at night, 38 degrees, and that is a cold night in the stadium. light wind, ten to 15 miles an hour, but that is enough of the breeze to make it feel even chillier. just expect a cold night that it is december, you have to bundle up if you are outside at night for several hours. to daze is a six. we're seeing improvement with the sunshine expected this afternoon also bonus point because it is friday. still cold and breezy. bus stop buddy out at the bus stop bundled up with temperatures in the 30es. thirty-six at the airport. thirty-nine to daze. sunshine and more this weekend. we will have that still ahead in the seven day forecast. >> good morning, everybody. we're going for a ride, sky fox over this scene of the accident at i-95 northbound that involved, eight vehicles, all lined up in the left lane at cottman avenue. been out there for about an hour now, as police on the scene, fire fighters, rescue
8:03 am
crews sorting everything out, swapping license, registration, we have had one's mergecy or rescue squad up on the scene there. but we are done to one lane 95 at cottman and this delay goes all the way back to center city philadelphia. here's a live look at our camera right here near betsy ross bridge where again probably middle of that delay. if you are leaving center city and trying to go northbound, on i-95, your best bet, working your way, if you you get on up near academy road you are in good shape or use roosevelt boulevard as an alternate. it is northbound i-95 at cot the man avenue. mike and alex, back to you. >> 8:03. we have so many top stories. fire fighters respond to the fire in a southwest philadelphia school. the fire started sometime, before midnight at bartram high, at 66th and grace avenue. upon arrival, fire fighters noticed smoke coming from the building, and the fire was
8:04 am
placed under control though just a short time later and school is opened today. a hearing will be held for philadelphia fire fighters, killed in the fire. joyce craig died tuesday, after being trapped in a row home, on middleton street. she will be laid to rest following a funeral service, tomorrow. investigators are still trying to determine how she got trapped inside that home. >> a lot of fire fighters from around the country are coming in for that, especially tomorrow. well, this morning, a suspect, is in custody, yes, he is 55 years old. he has connection to a number of sexual assaults in philadelphia. >> this case follows a series of recent attacks including one in university city, and lets get to steve keeley, he may not be involved with paul of these attacks though, right steve. >> at the end of the week here we have some good news in what a week of terror for female students at drexel abe penn. do not leave your guard down. the guy police think is responsible for five of the
8:05 am
sex assault and robberies at penn and direction they will week are not responsible for all have of them, they are warning everybody. his name and age here right in the public safety alert here put out late last night. fifty-five years old. as commissioner ramsey always says people that do this a lot didn't just start doing this recently. so, no surprise when we learned from detectives that five five-year old james barrett already was a a long arrest issue, if you not enough prison sentence to match. he wrote a few more chapters in that criminal history just since saturday. definitely responsible they are say for four attacks in five days on penn and drexel female students and very likely to be linked to a fifth for monday. caught right in the a act. he is hit haze late he's tack ever by plainclothes detectives in a unmark car put on the street and extra patrols because of what was going on in university city all week. so many attacked in just such
8:06 am
a short time including three just yesterday that they think barrett d he wasn't just wearing same clothes that the victims identified in the two earlier attacks in ten minutes. but he was wearing same outfit again when they caught him after just beating a 38 year-old penn grad student over the the head with one of those steel you shape bicycle lockers a at forty-first and pinellas night. he had same clothes on saturday when they got a good street surveillance shot of him. they got a screen grab. they put it out to police on the patrols and that is how they knew who they were looking for when they saw in the act and they were able to stop that attack from getting worse. police again are going to warn you and you see same warning on that drexel web site, to not let your guard down, it is likely, not the guy that had the most heinous attack on wednesday of a drexel student, 21 year-old raped by a guy who broke into her apartment at 34th ape spring garden, use
8:07 am
the a meat cleaver and held that against her while he raped her. while this is some good news with one good news but not just yet but still be on the alert, do not walk alone anytime this weekend at penn and drexel. >> hopefully they can get involved with him. 8:07. according to reports at least two people are dead following a monster storm that hit the west coast yesterday. >> this storm is just gigantic i mean strong wind, 80 to 90 miles an hour. heavy rain. 9 inches in some locationness 24 hours. electricity is out, roads are flooded. a lot of the west coast is dealing with this right now. and, thousands left stranded. up in oregon a 40 year-old homeless man died when a tree felon him. there is a report that a teenage boy there also died from storm related injuries. the rain is expected to continue, throughout the day-to-day. well, another woman is stepping out of the shadows, so to speak and she is says
8:08 am
bill cosby drugged her and assaulted her, this is back in the 80's. >> we're talking about the first black super model, beverly johnson, she says costly drugged her inside her home in the 1980's and vanity fair magazine, she immediately had had been drug. she said when she confrontedded cosby she got angry and made her worse. and, cosby drugged them, and he tea nice all of these allegations. >> and in two hollywood power players ara apologizing for jokes they made in private e-mails about president obama a and other celebrities. >> these are powerful movie executives and their e-mails were hacked. e-mails got out as part of the sony hack attack from north korea is there scott rooney the producer, big time and soon i co chair woman big time called her e-mail exchanges insensitive for what some are saying were racially charged. they say they were joking but
8:09 am
just inappropriate. >> their e-mails shows about what types of movies the president might like and they mentioned a series of films with african-american casts. he is the same produce shore called angelina jolie a spoiled brat in another leaked e-mail. >> but kevin h art his name was brought up too, philly's own philly hart called out by one of the executives in some of the e-mails. they said, he is really all is wants is money. he is money hungry. he responded, by saying knowing yourself worthies extremely important, people. i worked very hard to get where i am today. i look at the myself as a brand and because of that, i will never allow myself to be taken advantage of. they also said, the president probably likes kevin h the art movies. they were meeting up with the president that night at a big dinner, fun raiser. >> she said what do i ask the president. >> what kind of movies does he
8:10 am
like. >> of course, we will talk more about this scandal next hour with our movie reviewer, kevin mccarthey. >> we are. >> okay. >> hate holiday shopping? >> yes. >> some people really like it. you know, the the people that don't like it, how many of us would choose dental surgery over a trip to the mall during the holidays. >> it is not that baddie think i might do surgery. >> like a root canal. >> heading to the movies, top five is finally out, who are your top five favorite wrappers. why chris rockies questioning services next.
8:11 am
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8:14 am
in the grand canyon. this is a sea of thick clouds just below the rim, isn't that cool. >> beautiful. >> it is filled up with cotton candy or something. >> i just want to jump in the clouds and lay there. >> we call it an inversion, in the weather department. >> yes. >> meteorological business. >> yes. >> isn't that cool. >> that is quite an inversion where warmer air is up in the cold air. the difference in the warm air, against above the canyon and atmosphere that was coming on in, caused clouds to be trapped. >> i'm board. >> that was enough. >> we should see more sunshine today, finally, it has been a while since we have seen sunshine and we will get decent amount through today, and a lot through the weekend. storm system that brought us rain and then snow showers yesterday will be long gone, friday night looks great
8:15 am
heading out this evening. temperatures are cold. that is not changing just yet. twenty's in the mountains. thirty-three in pottstown. thirty-six philadelphia. thirty-seven in dover delaware. thirty-nine for today, that is it for your high temperature. it is cold, breeze tie. it feels even chillier. we will lose wind as we go through the week went more sunshine very slow climb but we will eventually see warmer weather. forty-six on sunday. forty-nine monday. we should clear 50's there on tuesday. that is your seven day forecast, all of a sudden, big jam ups. it is not a jam up, but jammo. >> 8:15. live look at i-95, eight cars all piled up on the northbound side at the cottman avenue construction zone. been here for over an hour. that is impacting everyone heading northbound. live look from the betsy ross bridge interchange, we have bumper to bumper to bumper from pretty much allegheny avenue, all the way north up towards cottman avenue and no getting off, your best bet,
8:16 am
maybe rolling through neighborhood, rich machine street, delaware a avenue, up past cottman avenue and academy road you'll be in good shape or use roosevelt boulevard or put another pop tart in the toaster and just hang in there. northbound i-95 jammed from center city all the way up to cottman avenue. tractor trailer accident on the boulevard at devereaux and a accident in cherry hill blocking haddonfield berlin road and a king of prussia shoppers alert they will be working all weekend, at the king of prussia interchange there along route 202, beginning tomorrow morning at 7:00 o'clock. mike and alex, back to you. >> crises rock was in town. >> big in movie coming up. >> yes, top five with stars chris rock, kevin hart is in there. >> i don't feel like doing funny movies anymore. i don't feel funny. >> i just want a decent story. give me a couple honest things i will be more than fair. >> this is chelsea brown she's doing a story on me, no
8:17 am
snitching. >> you come to me baby girl i will turn over like a apple pie. >> you just ate an apple pie you fat... >> things are changing. >> you need to change. >> hey, look at this black man trying to get a cab in new york city, taxi, taxi. >> yes. >> that is good to see tracie morgan. hi kevin with your ugly suit on. >> i know, i'm wearing it every friday a apparently until christmas. >> good deal. >> you will see it every friday. >> top five by the way i cannot get over how fun think movie is and i'm a big chris rock fan. for me growing up his stand up was classic but now he has directed before but he wrote, direct and stars in this film about a comedian taken more seriously. let me tell you right now there are two scenes in this movie in this film i was laughing so hardy was crying and the entire crowd was just going crazy to the point where we missed jokes five minutes after this joke happen. i'll say just to give you a
8:18 am
heads up one deal with hot sauce and one with the famous rapper. that is all i'm going to say. but it is hilarious. it is very emotional, very well written, directed, rosario dawson is fantastic. it is a romantic comedy. imagine if woody allen direct a chris rock stand up. it is very well made. i gave it four out of five. one of the things with the great scene where chris rock walks into a flew of his friend and they gave away top five wrappers. i was a huge hip-hop fan growing up. i walk in and i wanted to ask him if i were in that scene, my top five how would your friends react to it and thinks how it says. >> it depend on your top five. you have to realize it is not just top five movie, it is new yorkers. >> true. >> so new yorkers, like yo, this is hip-hop's ours. >> your number one, one of the greatest songs ever written, number one, and eminem is number two. i know, my age.
8:19 am
i go tribe three. >> no one will argue about tribe. >> only because either was better than russell. >> and then number five i kendrick, already. >> already. >> maybe too new. >> kendrick lemar. >> one of the things, it is interesting is body of work. i think no z, one of the greatest rap albums of all time but jay-z has bigger body of work. jay-z better rapper. noz either is better than, take over what about tupack. >> i know. >> he is my sixth man. i love tupack but biggie was my guy. i don't know y i loved biggie. >> okay. >> do you have a favorite rapper of all time. >> tupack. >> jay-z. >> yeah. >> i mean i like kendrick lemar and drake. >> we know you like drake. >> drake is awesome, drake is
8:20 am
really good. real quick let the me get to the exodus, i love it. he is fantastic. >> okay. >> we're not. >> have a good one there. >> this is, decent, christian bail, fantastic overall, start with these guys. i love alien and gladiator. and second half is so under whelming. and, and he parts the red sea, charlton heston. that scene looks better in 56 then it does in this movie. it is because you what they did was in 56 they had real water being thrown in the tank and they reversed the shot. here it is all computer graphics. these movies decent. it is not terrible. >> overall three out of five. the it is skip 3-d do not waste money in 3-d, not worth it. >> take your advice. >> get out on fifth avenue
8:21 am
knew right now. >> i love your kevin hart dance. >> who won. >> you you won, of course, you won. >> that is what i like to hear. >> love you kevin. >> strong relationship, without trust, right? you have to trust your partner. >> true. >> well, science says is there one quality that is more upon than anything else, more upon than trust what you need in relationship to make it last forever. >> you need to listen to that mike. >> major league baseball trades continue and one player's wife she found out the hard way we will show you drama that went down on twitter yesterday, for everyone to see. >> he plays for cincinnati everyone to see. >> he plays for cincinnati reds
8:22 am
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8:24 am
tom had an ugly sweater program. >> there is tons of those now. >> sweater parties. >> yes. >> it is a new thing. >> and it has jumped the shark
8:25 am
and this is the last christmastime we will do this, okay. >> why? >> it is done. >> we only do it once a year. >> that is right. >> we will up the anti there. >> sports fans are not only ones left in the cold when it comes to trading players. we had a big trade this weekend our jimmy rollins will play for los angeles dodgers but how do you tell your loved ones, i have been traded. >> rumors about reds trading matt lathos started trading around the internet. yahoo sports is report ago this his wife, named dallas found out on twitter. she sent a series of tweets. one said, what? another, oh, god, my phone just rang, heart attack. another said listen, last time matt was traded he found out on sports center. you guys might know before i could. he has been traded to the marlins. >> live treating it happening. >> she was not upset but they
8:26 am
said that they have to live in miami now. >> who would be upset about that. >> out of cincinnati. >> wonder how jimmy found out. >> i don't know. >> i would think that the phillies called him. >> would i hope. >> but just to think that some people find out on twitter. >> what she culled have done is called her husband and ask did you get traded instead of asking everybody. >> sign of the times you tweet first and then call and text later. >> what the heck... >> we are going to jen. >> turf say, jen, i have love that hat. >> thank you, century 21 in philly. but we're in new york talking about movie stars. ricky gervais you you will want to hear what he has to say, mike, i know you hate it. >> no, no, you look like you are at a point where it will be fun to look at pictures. >> lets see is what going outside here at fourth and market, clothing drive, going on. a lot of people standing around. >> we want to see some cars
8:27 am
coming through here, a lot of bags piling up there, come on out, please, please, donate, fill up this truck. we can do it for families in need. ♪ (vo)rescued.ed. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need.
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we have the whole crew here right now, they are an organization called ready, willing and able and they distribute clothing we're collecting with the united way and guy from shake shack showed up with hot chocolate . >> they are giving out free hot chocolate. come down to fourth and market and give. >> dunkin' donuts is also here. >> i think we have a few more passes left for night at the museum. big movie coming out. come on by. >> they are loading the truck. >> we are getting some
8:31 am
donations coming through. >> hi, kids. >> the kids are coming out good that is what i love every year, parent will bring their kids down and kids will donate. >> look at that truck. we have to fill that up. >> hour and a half to do it. >> you have heard would the man come down, fill up that truck fourth and market for clothing drive that we so desperately need these clothes for. the it is cold for anyone in need. just stop by fuzz can. today we are losing wet weather, in more rain or snow but we are keeping it coal. it is a six. sunshine returns. it is friday. we do still have have chilly breezy weather. bus stop buddy, outside by the bus stop. this morning we could have icy driveways, sidewalks, thanks to the wet weather yesterday. left that glazing out there. do be careful if you are stepping outdoors. 36 degrees. wind west northwest at 6 miles an hour. not as gusty as yesterday. here's your fox cast for rest of today, temperatures in the mid 30's by noon. we reached 39 later today with
8:32 am
some more sunshine. that is your fox cast. we have your seven day forecast up ahead at ten after 8:00 a.m. but first lets check with bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. still jammo, i-95 because of an earlier accident this morning. northbound i-95 at cottman avenue involved eight vehicles all together in that construction zone. still only one lane opened. here's a live look at betsy ross bridge where we are jammo northbound this delay goes all the way back to center city. so leaving center city 95 north a parking lot all the way up to cottman avenue well over an hour to make the trip. so either delay your trip or richmond street, delaware avenue old school, through the neighborhood. you can use roosevelt boulevard that can connect you up to academy road and get back on i-95 from there. they are pouring the concrete pad for the new comcast you toker tonight. 400 cement trucks. once they start they have to keep going non-stop.
8:33 am
they will begin after midnight all the way through 5:00 o'clock tomorrow and all that activity will be centered around 18th and arch. alex and mike back to you. >> you know stars they are out in new york city last night for premiere of night at the museum secret of the tombs. it hits theaters next friday. >> they had movie and then they went over to the museum of natural history and they had a banging party. >> we have pictures. >> wow. >> crystal the monkey walk the red carpet last night. >> so cute. >> smiling for photos and everything. >> that monkey is from the hang over movies with bradley cooper. >> she as a starring role at night at the museum. jen, did you get to meet her. >> they are the same size. >> of course, i got to meet her. we are the same size. i thought i could give my kids hand me downs. she wears cute outfits. movie is a fox movie. fox paid for me to come up here. it is third movie in the night of the museum have movies. i have to tell you even if they didn't pay for my trip i
8:34 am
would say this is the best non-animated action family move i in the series. we had to talked to richard gervais in the red carpet. >> does it annoy you when americans try to speed british. >> not at all. >> you are british. we invent are had you. >> i came over in the ship and all. >> exactly. >> you're like the the way with younger brother. we didn't gree without you doing it but we are proud who how you turned out. >> very okay. >> yes. >> it was crystal. >> i'm not in town with russell crowe. >> who is better russell crowe and the monkey. >> no, he didn't. >> so, dexter has the biggest glam squad on the red squad, what is dexter eating. >> strawberry banana yogurt.
8:35 am
>> yeah, dexter is the monkey's character in the movie, but we know her, wink, wink as crystal that crazy monkey from the hang over, the movie premiers in theaters in, friday the 19th. >> gotcha. >> i like that ricky gervais. he can be so inappropriate it is great. love it. >> it is national ugly sweater day. >> yes, check out these sweaters. >> my god look at that pose. he is working it. we will reveal our sweaters, in about 30 minutes, you won't want to miss this. >> i believe i will win this ugly sweater contest todayy don't know. >> i believe it. >> i will work it though. are you flying over the holidays. >> well, the seat that you choose on the plane apparently says a lot about your personality . we will tell you about yourself, coming up, and the many designs, of the aisle, middle and window seat. >> check yourself.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
do you see this, cia director john brennan defending his agency against accusations that he used inhumane interrogation techniques, some people call it, torture, but he did not use that word yesterday, in his like 45 minute press conference and reaction. a senate report released on tuesday accused the agency of engaging in just that torture. here's john brennan. >> the previous administration faced a agonizing choice best how to pursue al qaeda and prevent additional terrorist attacks against our country. while facing fears of further attacks, and carrying out the responsibility to prevent more catastrophic loss of life. >> chris wallace, help me out, i don't know what to think about this story, and this bomb shell report by the
8:40 am
democrats. >> welshing i will not help you figure out what to think but sunday we will provide some information. we have three big issues here, mike. folks will to have make up their own mind on this one is was it the torture or not? they have legal authorization for almost all of the activity. yes there were a few particularly earl hoy did some stuff that wasn't authority but vast majority of what was conn like water boarding, keeping people up for days, keeping them in stressed positions all that had been approved by department of justice, you can argue whether it was torture but all sanctioned by the government and president. >> was it sanctioned by the president. i thought president bush didn't know about it. >> that is bull. that is maybe the weakest single card of the senate intelligence report. they said the president didn't know about all of these techniques until 2006. fact was if you read his book he talks about it in 2002 and three, knowing about all this
8:41 am
stuff. that is the the weakest part of the report. number two is whether or not it what's effective. senate intelligent report says a lot of this stuff, key information to foil plots, to capture these guys came from people who weren't tortured to use the word or interrogated harshly or before either from other people or before they were, went through this, were, went through this, information up to and including the take down of bin laden from people after they had this enhanced interrogation. finally is this question which you raised is did the cia mislead people at the white house, including the president, people in the senate in depth on sunday. we will talk to one of the key people involved in the program, jose rodriguez, he was the head of the services for cia and will be part of the debate on "fox news" sun take. >> hey, what will you do sunday here in philadelphia, we have a big football game.
8:42 am
what do you do on sunday's now. >> we watch the redskins. >> do you. >> it is not particularly fun but if you are a fan you are a fan. you are one of these front runners. >> sure you only want to root for eagles when they are winning. i loved redskins. i bleed burgundy and gold, mike. >> well, chris, you have a great, you have a great weekend, we will see you next week. >> incidently, how did you do begins seahawks. >> can't hear you breaking up again. >> yeah, right. >> they are world champions. the chris, we will see you sunday. >> quincy, give meehan update on what is going on outside the window. >> i don't care if you are a redskins, eagles fans and even cowboys fans can come down here, shake shack has hot chocolate. dj greg is here. people are starting to come. we have this young lady here, 75 years old. >> three buses to get down here today. >> three businesses, 75 years
8:43 am
old, there is no excuse not to come down and give to our coat dr
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
when it comes to plane, window, aisle or middle, it will tell but your personality. we will tell but that coming up. but first quincy is outside, i'm starting to see people coming and donate. i'm getting excited. >> a lot of people are coming to donate and ready, willing, able, this is the organization. i have jason right here. the clothes are going to you guys. >> correct, we will sort them, we will give it out to our guys, who are all currently homeless. they are in the transitional program that is getting them out of homelessness. most of the guys are coming out of prison or dealing with a drug and alcohol issue. we give them 12 months to get back on their feet. it is pretty great. these are guys behind us is what your name. >> jason alexander. >> how do you like this program. >> i love this program. excellent program.
8:47 am
reintegrate back in society and get back on your feet. very good program. >> helping you out. >> yes, sir. >> you know, if people can't come down to fourth and market, what can they do. >> they can come to our place at 1211 bainbridge street here in center city and they can bring clothes that way. we will take donations, you can go to our web site www dot rwa >> appreciate you, jason. >> people are coming down, montis here. we have a gentlemen who brought these bags. what is your name. >> mike murrow. >> what did you bring down. >> a little bit of something for everybody. boots for the work place and jeans for every day, q. just something for everything. shoes. >> come on down, donate, we are here until 10:00 o'clock. we are just giving back having a good time. come out to fourth and market. you know where we are. fourth and market. >> everybody knows where we are. >> yes. >> we have to fill up that
8:48 am
truck we need more people to come on down. >> always same way last year nine to 10:00 cars start lining up. >> i hope so. >> are you picky about which seat you select on the airplane. i know i am i have severe claustrophobia. >> do you pay extra. >> i won't pay extra but if i get a picky want to be on the window. >> i used to love to ride in small planes. then i developed late on set claustrophobia. turf set up front to pay up front. >> it makes for a pleasant trip. >> if a window seat is a must for you, then privacy is important to you, the the the seat gives you an opportunity to block out another person's behavior. you have the traits of being a nester and a dreamer. you can create your own space and look out window. >> i'm a window seat girl but i don't do it for. that i like to lean autopsy begins the window so i have something to rest my head on, to go to sleep. >> that is why i used to sit up at the window, pull the shade down you. >> but is that etiquette if someone is trying to look out
8:49 am
window and i'm closing it down. no, sunnies coming through, i'm trying to sleep. >> in coach you can do that easier n first chase, space is farther. you cannot get your head over against the window. >> i'm glad i am in coach then. >> i agree. >> if the in middle seat is one you choose you are an extravert you don't mind interacting with people on both sides of you. you are also likely a considerate person and highly evolved. >> really, the the middle person. >> all right. >> this is for you because you prefer aisle seat. you value freedom. >> yes you like to be in control. >> oh, lord. >> you can get up when you want without having ask your seat mates but you are an introvert because you don't like to be surrounded by people. >> sometimes that is true. >> look at that. >> yeah. >> we are we are learning about mike. >> that has to be a fake
8:50 am
airplane. >> it came in, i ordered it, and it came in. >> what? >> it is called sweet bacon dreams. it is a pillowcase, that smells like bacon. >> what? >> i have right over here just off the set. >> we have to test this out, it smells like bacon. >> you will put your face on it next.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
final check of your weather and traffic on this friday morning. it is cold out there we have clouds right now but will slowly clear out ape see more sunshine later today. temperatures range from the 20's in the mountains to the lower 30's, mid 30's north and west, 36 in philadelphia, 33 millville and 37 in dover. cold all day long, even though we have more sunshine it still stays chilly and breezy. thirty-nine for that high. bit of the warm up in that
8:54 am
seven day forecast, well in the 40's. it is a beautiful weekend. beautiful by december standards of course. temperatures in the mid 40's with sunshine and mild trend as we get into tuesday 52 degrees the temperature there 46 on wednesday, thursday, sunshine and 45 degrees. the that is your seven day forecast, all right, bob close it down on this friday. >> i wish i could, i wish i could open it backup actually. ninety-five that earlier accident that occurred at cottman avenue, good news, all of the lanes are opened, so traffic is starting to move again, northbound, i-95, this is a live look heavy from the betsy ross bridge. we're basically bumper to bumper from center city a all the waste up to cottman avenue. close to an hour, double jelly doughnut delay there but things are getting better as all three lanes are opened. the big power tonight, it is not a drinking game but it is 400 cement trucks back to back to back, to power the the new foundation for comcast tower they will do it tonight all the way through saturday evening, alex, back to you.
8:55 am
>> so, it is ugly christmas sweater day. look at this one from keith, hunter's ugly sweater. that is a cute one. we want people to send these. oh, that is something deb ray made for my daughter for ugly sweater day at school today. the that is intense. i like that poinsettias and bows. all things nice. so make sure you use the hash tag fox 29 good day and stick around because in just a few moments we will our big reveal, good day crew, all of your ugly christmas s the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned...
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8:58 am
ladies and gentlemen, it is national ugly christmas
8:59 am
sweater day and today we're having a competition to see who has the ugliest christmas sweater, michael ex, kerry or bob. are you ready. let's get ready to rumble. they say beauty is skin deep with this sweater, it is clear to the bone. the one and only, bob, good morning everybody, kelly. my poinsettia. i wear this on sunday night to bingo. >> that is a woman's sweater. >> it is my bingo sweater. it is my senior citizen bingo sweater. >> our next contestant, this poor girl, will look great in this stunner but she could have stayed at home, please i'm talking about the one and only, ever vest event, kerry barrett. >> wow. >> oh, behavior.
9:00 am
>> i'm trying my power walk. >> it is working. >> coming in the studio next. >> this one is so ugly she had to sneak up on her in mirror this morning. i can only be talking about gorgeous, alex holy. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> and bring it over, the moment you have have been waiting for, he stuck his sweater ace face out the window and almost got arrested for mooning. it looks like a north end of the southbound cow, michael e jerrick. >> look at it. look at it. look at it. >> look at it. >> drink it all in, ladies. >> drink. >> do you see the winnie the the poo bear on there. >> oh, yeah. >> i like your spin there. >> thank you. >> tweet us how think had the best i mean uglyw


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