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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  December 12, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EST

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>> i'm trying my power walk. >> it is working. >> coming in the studio next. >> this one is so ugly she had to sneak up on her in mirror this morning. i can only be talking about gorgeous, alex holy. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> and bring it over, the moment you have have been waiting for, he stuck his sweater ace face out the window and almost got arrested for mooning. it looks like a north end of the southbound cow, michael e jerrick. >> look at it. look at it. look at it. >> look at it. >> drink it all in, ladies. >> drink. >> do you see the winnie the the poo bear on there. >> oh, yeah. >> i like your spin there. >> thank you. >> tweet us how think had the best i mean ugly sweater, use
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the the hash tag fox 29 good day and we will announce winner at the end of the show. >> nice job, darren. >> do you do this for a living >> no. >> well, hi everybody. >> this is covers in stained. >> we should say these were all -- >> drunk and hung over snow man in the puddle of his own vomit. >> these were all in your bottom right hand desk drawer. >> they have been in there three or four years. it smells like a cedar closet, mold. >> moth balls. >> yes. >> got to love it. >> i cannot even tell you. >> i don't even want to know. >> it better not smell. >> can i say thank to you a woman who brought me a bottle of wine. she lives in south philadelphia. she mas her own wine and bottles it. trinity oaks. i don't know if i trust it or
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not. >> they do that in south philadelphia they make their own vine. >> there are people that grow grapes in south philadelphia in their backyard. >> she wants me to judge the mummers, little event that he has at third ape ritner hair salon on new years day. should i had do it. >> yeah, go a ahead. >> 6:00 in the evening. >> i'll go with you if you have a little bit of wine. >> i am going to see the mum glows it is special. >> lets get back to these ugly sweaters. even the grinch enjoys a good ugly sweater. do you remember the movie how the grinch stole christmas, of course, do you remember that hideous sweater, candicans and all that. >> that is pretty funny jim carry, right. >> yeah. >> my word. >> another movie cameo had add an ugly sweater, stepbrothers. >> i love will ferrell. >> my gosh. >> john c riley. >> yes. >> i wouldn't go to a theater to see it. >> i like the holy at the top of the sweater. >> it is attractive.
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>> you just like holy. >> holy days. >> yes. >> it is always sunny in philadelphia a. >> yes. >> wow. >> customized their christmas shirt. >> muscle shirts you cannot beat a sleeveless ugly sweater. >> yes. >> it is the the best. >> did you notice, let me look at this sweater for a moment. all four of our major teams have come out with an ugly kind of sweater for their team. >> yes, take a a look. is there eagles, phillies, sixers and the flyers. >> yes. >> and i check the eagles ugly christmas sweater, it is on sale. >> how much, do you you know. >> it is like 40 bucks. >> but it was original liz 50 something. >> i think you can get them at wal-mart. >> all four of them. >> versions. >> i think so. >> i was just on >> yeah, steve was at the store the other take. >> keeley. >> he tweeted out some pictures. >> but with the flyers, today, they are selling, shirts, it is a t-shirt modeled after
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their sweater there. >> yes. >> that is not hideous. >> for 50 bucks you get a t-shirt and ticket to one of their games. >> nice little deal there. >> i think you have to go to their web site, whatever it is. christmas, as you know, is how many days away now. >> two weeks now. >> the 12th. >> yes, 13 days. >> thirteen days. >> less than two weeks. >> it is thursday. >> so, okay. hold on, let me get up here. if you cannot stand the the shopping part of this whole holiday season, you are not alone look at this study. >> one in three americans prefer having a root canal over going to the store. >> yes. >> from the crowds to buying things you can't afford, for some all of the shopping. why bother. survey comes from shopping app. >> yes, i'm not a big fan of
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the shopping. >> it is guys hate it. >> yeah. >> over 55 also hate it. >> yeah. >> they are two groups that hate it. >> i hated it my whole life. >> some people like shopping but it is this time of the year. >> the people and the crowds and the lines. i only get frustrated when i can't find something for someone. i went to the mall to buy something for my mom. you are browsing. >> you are trying to go from store to store. it gets frustrating. then it gets hot. >> you take off your coat. >> then you get that gift receipt. >> all right. so, wall street -- owe i went to this opening of a new jewelry store this town. safean and rodolph right there at seventh and sansom, kind of a gateway to jewelry row. they were telling me about this. this could be the future of diamonds. they may be manmade. you wouldn't get them out of the earth anymore. >> um-hmm. >> new york post is reporting a new type of diamond, so,
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pure grown diamonds is manufacturing gems in a lab, a company representative says thinks a diamond of the future. it is sustainable and complex free. and don't worry about your die machine not looking like the real thing. they said their gems have the same clarity, color and composition as real diamonds and they cost 50 percent less. question remains would you pop a question, with this ring. >> so it is not naturally made, it is manmade. >> yes. >> if you can't tell the difference why not. >> it is the same chemical component of a diamond, stick a piece of coal somewhere and press it hard enough and it will turn into a diamond. >> i'm working on right now. >> i bet you are. >> i don't know i don't think i can do it. >> why? >> do this, if you bought it, would you tell her. >> you have to tell her. >> yes. >> but here's the thing, do
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you remember the movie blood diamonds. we talked about the conflict and everything that goes into sierra leone. >> beautiful jewelry, sitting in the jewelry store and really sometimes the story behind how it got there is not at all pleasant. >> i kind of think this is cool. at first blush i thought it is like i'm getting proposed with a cv, but they are cleaner. if you are kind of i guess into that kind of thing. >> guilt free. >> guilt free. >> that is perfect. >> i said now none of these diamonds -- >> they go absolutely not, nothing in the store. >> you know where they bought them. >> yes. >> so, if you got one. >> it is like a three ring circus in here. >> you would have to tell me. >> you would have to tell me but if you give it to me and it is this way, i don't know. >> here's the other thing if you don't, when you go to get it appraised.
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>> right. >> to insure it, can they tell when they look at it, that it is not, a naturally, diamond. >> would you do that, would you take a ring you got and run it over and get ate phrased behind someone's back. >> i have neff done that but i know how much my husband spent on my ring but we add ate praised to add it to the insurance pol willcy. >> that is good. >> that is what you are supposed to do. >> i don't want anybody to know. >> you have to know because what if you lose it. >> yeah. >> or something happens to it. >> yes, i would just lie about how much it was. >> he doesn't have to know. this is all hypothetical. >> right. >> you are not engaged. >> are you planning an engagement. >> i don't know. >> maybe. >> let's move on. >> do we have details. >> maybe. >> listen to this, you know, i'm a big fan of oprah. >> yes. >> her whole thing now is gratitude if you don't have have gratitude in your life you will not be successful. so gratitude is my new attitude. being grateful can go a long way to keeping your romance
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together. >> yes. >> scientists say take in a moment much like mike does to alex and i every single day. >> all the time. >> how grateful he is for us. it makes us feel so satisfied, when you utter those word. >> that is why i do it. >> little things. thanks for taking out the trash. thanks for unloading the dishwasher. thanks for fixing my computer. >> those kind of things. >> okay. >> study show gratitude fights off physical discomforts as well like headaches and you will be more optimistic. >> it hasn't fixed my bloating a and my stomach ache. >> no, it has not. how optimistic do you feel? i don't feel optimistic at all. >> i feel some optimism. >> clutching the follow-up wine with white knuckles. >> what does have to do with oprah. >> oprah has a whole course on being grateful. >> well, they are grateful together. >> they have been together a long time. >> so try to be grateful for everything that you have. >> i'm grateful for you, mike.
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>> i love you. >> real sweet. >> kerry. >> i love you too. >> and an adorable little will girl justice breaking down the key to marriage. she figured this out at a young age, it involves the friend zone. she explains why she cannot marry a boy that she knows even though she has a crush on that little boy. >> right now we just don't know. >> well, that is true. >> you are right. >> you just can't marry a cousin. but i can marry his friend. we have to marry someone we don't know and then we get used to them and they get used to us. >> we get used to them. >> so marry somebody you don't know and then get used to them. >> right. >> it sound like a plan. >> she can't marry her cousin. >> that is a good thing. >> unless you are owe other i'm sorry. >> really. >> in mississippi i think. >> mississippi is at the the bottom of every list. >> we don't mean to offend
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anybody from miss sipe i love it i was in love with my cousin though. >> what. >> margaret ann. >> a family love, you had love. >> she was a first cousin. >> i didn't didn't kiss her. >> how old were you. >> thirty-two. no, i was probably, nine. >> i don't remember. >> okay. >> it was christmas evening and we went out to their house. they lived on a farm. i could not even speak with her because i was so in love with margaret and according to that little girl by the way once you are a friend, that is it, you are out of luck. >> friend zone last forever. >> you can't marry a friend, it has to be a stranger. >> bob, did bob leave? >> i'm over here. >> my word. >> so this is advent tree time of the show. >> yes. >> my goodness. >> i was looking for my tree
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and you had it all along. kerry, can you hold the tree please. >> do you want to get these guys up on the chair. >> i will do it right here. >> you are heavy for a small child. >> make room. that is all right. they will be there. what is your name. >> jack. >> my grandson is name jack, who are you. >> cooper. >> cooper. >> that is super, cooper. >> what do your shirts say can we sees your it. >> yes. >> you are brothers. where do you live. >> south jersey. >> sicklerville. >> do you know how to do this? >> yes. >> what is today. >> the the 12th. >> do you know your numbers can you see where 12 is there? do you see 12, jack. >> you are good. >> how old are you are. >> five and a half.
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>> how old are you. >> three. >> so jack why don't you pull the drawer out. cooper, you take the candy out. you get in there. >> there you go. >> now you will share that with jack. >> that is sweet. >> are these your only kids. >> yes. >> mommies like look at this, in more. >> well, they are just adorable. >> these guys have cute hair. >> my word it is the same. >> i love your shirts. >> do you like the shirt. >> thanks for coming over. thanks for having a good trip back to sicklerville. >> bye, guys. >> see you. >> he is like i'm out of here. >> caitlin, do you have any kids. >> no, i don't. >> but it almost makes you want one. >> almost. >> mommies saying don't do it. >> mom says no. >> look at how cute they are. >> you make me feel better about mize life choices so far. bye, guys. but they are so well behaved
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and cute. we are giving you a final check, getting in the holiday spirit ourselves and it is certainly cold. it feels like the holiday season. temperatures, 24 in mount pocono. thirty-three in allentown. thirty-four in reading. thirty-six in philadelphia. thirty-six in wilmington. thirty-four in atlantic city. thirty-nine in wildwood. we lost the wet weather, the the rain and the wind, we had tuesday and the snow showers yesterday. we had them all day long. we should see some sunshine later on in the day but notice how cold it is. we are at 36 right now. we will hit 40. that sun does return this afternoon but it remains breezy. kick off sunday at 8:30 with cowboys in town. weather looks to be cooperate i have. and it will stay chilly throughout the rest of the night. the lets check out that seven day forecast one last te. bit of the warming trend, 42 saturday, this weekend is great. a as farrah as december goes but really we have not had bad weather. so live it up.
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forty-six on unday. forty-nine on monday. into the the 50 ease on tuesday, a chance of showers but overall a very quiet week. we have quiet weather back. we have milder weather back, we should not have any weather problems throughout the weekend but don't forget to join us saturday morning, tomorrow, beginning at 8:00 a.m. on the fox 29 weekend news. i will be here alongside, karen hepp and lauren johnson. we will get you through the morning, have your morning broadcast and we will be here on sunday. >> i have been watching this show saturday and sunday. you do a wonderful job. >> i get your tweet every morning, thanks for watching, every saturday and sunday. >> you know about sony pictures the big movie making company they got hack. they think maybe by north korea kim june unthe movie the interview. >> he is upset about the movie. >> if he didn't do it, some expert hacker did. they got in the e-mails of these movie executives, okay. there is two of them, they are just two of all of the executives in got hacked. so scott ruden there on the left and we're showing kevin
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hart because those two people, those two executives on the screen, we're talking about kevin hart and barack obama. let me tell you what was happening. they were having a big fundraiser in hollywood. both of these executives were going to the dinner and the president was going to be there, give a speech, and they were going to make donations and stuff like. that the female executive says to scott, what should i ask the president, at this stupid jeffery breakfast. that is jeffery katzen theberg. so he cannot be happen bye that. should i ask him about. >> django unchained. >> are you kidding. >> the the response was ride along. >> i bet he likes kevin h art. >> yes. >> that movie ride along kevin hheart made he talks about 12 years and listed all of these movies that has a black cast member. >> twelve years a slave asked him if he likes that movie. it was just one inappropriate e-mail a after another. buzz reports that
9:17 am
they responded and they said we were just joking around, joking around and they both apologized. we have our security expert, and cyber security expert and attorney, lisa garber is here. she specializes in cyber security. >> do i. >> i am just wondering how does this happen. >> this is such a mess. would you think companies as large as sony would have learned especially after target and home depot this year and michaels, it is a disaster. so right now the fbi is investigating. this is malwear, malicious computer software that affected the sony servicer. i cannot say, i don't know fit was north korea involved or a inside attack or a mixture but a lot of evidence does point to north korea because of the guardians of peace. >> this freaks everybody out. we all send e-mails at work a lot of people have exchanges via e-mail. could this happen to anybody, really. >> this could happen to anybody. it is a great reminder, unfortunate situation but a great reminder for consumers.
9:18 am
you have to realize how much data you have on your phone. think burr e-mail. think about text messages, and context. i say it every time i'm here. you have to strengthen your pass word, update your operating software. now we're wondering why didn't sony encrypt this data which means to code it. >> it is more than just e-mails. we have social security information. thousands of employees that work for sony. >> they also stole complete movies like five of their movies being released are now out there on the internet, yes. >> you don't have to go to the movie theaters. they were even bar raced. they are making fun of the boss, president of the united states, and actors. so, scott said i made a series of remarks that were meant only to be funny, but in the cold light of day they are thoughtless and insensitive and not funny at all. to anybody i've offended, i'm profoundly and deeply sorry.
9:19 am
i regret and apologize for any injury they may have caused. then amy apologized. >> she said content of my e-mails were insensitive and inappropriate budd they are not an accurate reflection of who i am. although this was a private communication that was stolen, i accept full responsibility for what i wrote and apologize to anyone who was offended. >> both of those people gave money to president obama's campaign. >> figures are out that this has cost sony 170 million-dollar with tens of millions every day. it is not just leak movies because people are illegally down loading them from public file sharing sites. it is a pr difficult aster. they are wondering will actors and actresses shy away from sony because of the security concerns. >> if we're sitting at home. we all send e-mails. is there anything we can do at home. >> behave. >> that is true. >> just pick up the phone and call. >> they are probably lights evening in, eavesdropping. >> kevin hart because he was mentioned he responded on instagram yesterday saying in
9:20 am
part knowing yourself worthies extremely important, because one of the e-mails said that he was a money grubbing guy he was a money whore they called him. he said he has worked very hard to get where he is today. he also goes on to say that -- i look at myself as a brand, the kevin hart brand and because of that i will never allow myself to be taken advantage of because he wanted to be paid, if he sent, you know. >> to promote the the movie. >> a lot of companies get paid to instagram, tweet and talk about things. hey, you to have pay me if you want me to send these tweets out. >> they were making fun of him saying he just wants money, a moneygrubber. >> it is all private information. you have to think burr own security. >> i think about the e-mails i have sent joking around with people. >> you should be worried about things right now, mike. >> good to see you. >> good to see you too. >> while were you talking all of these guys dressed up in blue were loading up a truck right behind your head. quincy will explain what that
9:21 am
is. >> thank you. >> we have shea, perry where are you from, sir. >> north philadelphia. >> he fridays north philadelphia, what stuff did you give. >> clothes, baby clothes, coats, sweat suits. >> come down to fourth and market. we need you guys, we are here, we are giving.
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okay. looking at the snow, it looks cold, chilly outside. >> yeah, this morning we are trying to share the warmth with those in need for coats, sweaters and all kind of things. >> yeah. >> we have been doing this all morning long. >> let's check out we have 40 minutes left to fill up this truck. >> good turnout, q. >> valerie just came out. where are you from.
9:25 am
>> i'm from south philadelphia. >> valerie from south philadelphia. what did you give in your bag. >> some coats and some shirts. >> okay. we appreciate it. you have some pass toes night at the museum. >> thank you for that. >> we appreciate it. >> dunkin' donuts down there shake shack is there. greg k nit tny is here. i have vp of communications of the united way, we have chris murray. if people cannot give today, oh, man, i could not make it what can they do. >> united way has a holiday network. it is united for i am pennsylvania, backlash holiday network and they can find organizations in the community where they can give their time, treasure of the season. >> okay. i cannot wait. this is exciting. come on down. we have a couple more minutes to meet us down here. mike jerrick even came out are you good. >> where is the camera. >> it is over there. >> there is so many people, george is showing everybody out here, we're having a good time. we have a limited amount of
9:26 am
passes for night at the museum. >> about out of passes. >> we're almost out of passes. >> i asked them, do you want me to donate this sweater and they said no. >> the sweater is good, but we're going to wait on the sweater but guess what speaking of night at the museum, miss jennaphr fredrick is in new york, what is going on up there. >> so, q you and i are parents, we have all taken our kids to publish events. so which movie stars two adorable kids, one perfect they were good but they weren't perfect. we will do kiss and tell and then tell you about the the after party right here in new york city. .
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for the emails, big daddy sent this one in. big daddy cane. >> yes, you ain't got no alibi. you ugly. your sweater's ugly. i love it. christmas stocking. >> oh, that's a good one. so, chuck sweeney, my son chuck's ugly sweater day at school, that one looks real heavy. >> it does, doesn't it? >> a lot haj g off of there. >> sequel to the movie called, this one called, secret of the too many tomb. has robin williams, one of the last major fillments, his presence certainly felt at the new york city premiere.
9:31 am
>> you got to meet his wife? >> yes, his widow was there. you know, it was interesting, because this beautiful brunette walks down the red carpet, she just had a real piece about bush peace about her. for an instant a lot of people misstook her for movie executive, the way she carried her sever. many people did bring their children to this this amazing movie, fox movie fox paid for us to be here, but i want you to see a little bit of the trailer. because i think this is the best of the three movies. and i think it is the best live action movie for kids this year. i think it blows away guardians of the galaxy, i've seen them all because i have kids. robin williams, his presence, obviously, felton the reds carpet. after the introduction, the director sean lever i talked about how amazing it was that he got to work with robin williams. he also said that they were busy in a london museum, filming this. and he had his director stress going.
9:32 am
robin williams tapped him on the shoulder he said look around, look at this museum, look what we get to do. he said look what we've got to do. of course many people got to work with robin william, including very special young guy, who casino of uses his hook up. >> i wasn't going to be back in time to ask my girlfriends to prom. so i wrote a short skit. i asked ben and robin to be in the skit. they both said yes, entheusiastically, and they just took off, with the material, robin was coming to me all morning saying like can i say this, is this funny, is that too much, i'm like, please, you're robin williams, anything outwent say. >> your friends think you are a name dropper? >> my friends make fun of me little bit. they'll be like so, like, is ben going to come? you going to call up ben franklin bridge? >> no i'm not going to call up ben-ben. we work together on professional level. no, my friends get a kick out of it, they love it. >> how do you keep the kids well behaved? kids are doing awesome. >> banking each other on the head as we speak.
9:33 am
>> put the ensemble together? >> okay, so, obviously that's leave shriber, he and his wife naomi watts have those beautiful kids. i have to tell you a lot of children were on the red carpet last night. and that's about as naughty as they got. no one was really, really bad. you know, kelly ripka's kids were on the red carpet as well as ben still area's kids, obviously, it was a real family affair, kind of cool. and again, no one asked a lot about robin william, everyone was ask about his work, but didn't get as sad as many people had predicted quite frankly a lot of people asking about the sony hacking more than they were talking about robin. >> i bet. >> each and every star, and the director, really had a nice memory, sort of like skyler there the young boy. they just loved him. and, mike, everyone, i want to say. >> this the critics, of, you know how the newspaper critics are? they're saying robin looks sad in the movie. he doesn't look sad, at the end of the movie everyone
9:34 am
knows it is the last of the movie, they won't come to life any more. so all of the character looks sad. movie opens saturday. ail begin view them again. ben stellar, owen wilson, jen, a all of them late he today. so we'll have more interviews with them. it is a great, great move. >> i okay, fun trip for you. we'll see you back here. okay, so, tonight, i think about going to this thing, it is called toys for tacos. >> oh? >> remember the taco people that came in few weeks snag. >> wahoo? oh, they had some good tacos, too. >> ya. toys for tots, hosting a tree lighting ceremony tonight, so come on down to third and chestnut, at 6:30. bring a brand new unwrapped toy. and receive a free taco meal. that's kind of cool. >> yes. >> they're new to our community, they want to give back right away. >> like that. >> hawaii, i think. wahee. >> whole bunch of locations out on the west coast. well the ladies behind what's up moms have put together yet another parody. this time, to taylor swift's
9:35 am
blank space. >> ♪ ? her dress like an ice queen ♪ ♪ we're running out of things to play. >> ♪ >> oh, my gosh. good one. >> they are pretty cute. >> okay, i won't say -- >> what were you going to say? >> what were you going to say? >> hey. >> okay, don't you think rich husband? >> i don't know. >> they look like they have rich husbands, nothing to do. >> to produce a music video? >> okay, you know that's what you were thinking. all right, i ordered it, and it is come in.
9:36 am
it is a pillow case that smells like bacon. >> ugh. >> and i'm not kidding, really strong, so i'll have you snell after the break. >> okay. test this out. >> bacon pillow case. test this out. >> bacon pillow case. >> we'll smell h you got the bargain kind? you would need like a bunch of those to clean this mess. test this out. >> bacon pillow case. >> we'll smell h then i'll use a bunch of them. what are you doing? dish issues? ... ... get cascade complete. one pac cleans better than six pacs of the bargain brand combined. cascade. now that's clean. he found it cleans everythingg a book afrom stovetops eraser,
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for information and savings options, download the xarelto® patient center app, call 1-888-xarelto, or visit >> i told you, everybody comes flowing down here. >> this is grade. >> this is great. we found love. we found the love, right here, fourth and market. >> you better -- thank you all for doing, that we have great viewers. >> trying to get the darn pillow case.
9:40 am
>> soapy i saw this on line and orders ted. >> qvc. >> no. >> what's it say? >> sweet bacon dreams. >> this pillow case smells a very strong smell of bacon. >> i can smell it from here. >> okay? >> so i think a promotion for some spice company? >> j and d, say everything is better with bacon. >> man, what do you think would you feel like by the ends of the night? i mean, do you sleep on this all night? >> i'm sure would you come in hungary. i feel like i would go degrees. >> i i'm counting pigs. >> would this be a turn on, go over to a guy's house, come on, take a nap with me? >> come smell my pillow. >> no, i don't think i would smell it, no, i don't think i would, either.
9:41 am
>> if he asks me to smell his pillow, i wouldn't do it. >> wow, man, that's strong. >> i love on the back of it, though it, says -- it lists all of the things better with bacon, and it has a list of things that aren't. ready? two thing on here: orange juice and tires. >> tires? >> what's you say. >> i knew would you go there. >> so kim and kanye, with they together or not? they didn't spends thanksgiving together. this is the big rumor, flub their marriage. but i'm going to tell you why i don't believe it. after the break. i don't believe it. after the break. what's possible today? wi-fi access in more places then ever before.
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omg. takingtaking another look. >> olivia, thanks for watching, she's on bed rest, she lovers watching the show. >> oh, hi, olivia. >> stuck in bed today. >> you have no choice but to watch this, and we love it. okay, so, the bucks county playhouse is getting -- oh, well, first let's look at the tweets. >> look at those shoes. >> oh, i want them. >> i like them a lot. and this is from keith. >> hey, by the way, alex. >> he votes on your sweater to be the ugly. >> keep tweeting to up 10:00 o'clock, because bob and i are neck and neck for the ugliest prize -- i mean the ugly sweater prize. >> yes? it is getting you go. >> i oh, it is getting ugly up
9:45 am
in here. >> keep voting! >> you guys. >> who do you want to win, mike or bob. >> what do we get, the bacon pill snow. >> that's the prize. >> but you got to sleep in my bed. >> okay, guys, listen to this, bucks county playhouse getting in the holiday spirit. come back to the earth and spread yuletide joy and tides. >> do you like these out submits. >> jealous of our plaid tuxes? >> yes, pretty special. hi, nick. >> hi, alex, how are you. >> i love the plot in this play. different. >> it is. well, we've died, we come back. >> okay. >> to do, we figure out our purpose in the show, spoiler, we figure out purpose, to do a holiday show, which is what we do for you, at the bucks county playhouse every night. >> you guys take us back to the 50's with this one? >> we do, we die in 1964. so when we come back, we're updating ourselves, so face timing is mentioned, you know, a loft modern things we don't know about, do come into play, like what's that? cell phones? >> so bringing you to the future? go back not future.
9:46 am
>> sounds like it is pretty fun. >> i very funny, and very, very family friendly, bucks county playhouse has really out done themselves with this one. >> great for the holidays, of course. >> oh, ya, lots of kids. >> now, also a lot of songs. what kind of songs can we expect to hear? >> tons every christmas carols, about 30 a show. >> different spin on them? >> oh, yes, well, people call them matchups, about a lot of medically, and we a lot of throw back, like shaban, strangers, paradise, a lot of old time songs. >> so look on your screen, we have information, this is starting december 28th, now, through december 28th. >> now through december 28th. >> how much are tickets? >> start at $25. >> okay, all right, so a loft grace shows. you guys going to give us a taste? >> a taste after mash medically. >> plaid medly. >> i like. >> a match-up. >> ♪ ♪
9:47 am
>> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:48 am
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
>> ♪ here is a good christmas
9:53 am
carol. >> get you in the spirit. we will hang around out there. >> united way. getting ready to get in the car, 10:30 or so, checking clothes. so we will give you the rut of the ugly sweater contest in a few second, okay? you and i are very close. >> neck and neck. and then your bacon pillow. >> what an honor. >> so this theresa and joe, i call them, apparently they are going to break up. according to radar on line, joe's gearing up to file for divorce. now, they're if the going to be together fillsly anyway, because they're doing prison time. >> the wheels are in motion for this to happen. joe's hired an attorney and planes to file for divorce once theresa heads to prison in january. according to their source, theresa slugs off the news and is in deny about prison, and also, their relationship. >> well. that will become a harsh reality when she goes into the
9:54 am
press job when in a prison cell, alone you're outside, all alone? >> kim, kanye, the rumor is that they're going to break up, too. >> what? >> six month, are they on six months now? >> this is their longest, isn't it? >> longest marriage. >> her third and longest. "tmz" rumors swirling about kim and kanye's marriage may be in trouble. the site says they hardly see one another, and taking a toll on their union. >> apparently he was in china i think, for thanksgiving, his first thanksgiving with a child, and together. so i don't know. >> what about this, kira nightly, i love her. some awards nomination. >> what is she getting awarded -- >> oh, golden globe. >> nominated but also going to be a mom. >> well, congratulations. >> expecting first child with her musician husband, james writeon, page six report that news, married may 2013. >> column out of the new york
9:55 am
post. that's where we get. fox television network pace me to be here. >> yes, and me. >> we now know who will be appearing on the final episodes of the coal bay report. >> set rogan, kendrick lamar, veteran art err phil guests during cobair's final week. leaving comedy central of course to replace david letterman, and the last show is next week. >> and then letterman's last show -- >> in may. >> exactly right. >> so what's he going to do between now and may? hang out? >> pick up some odd jobs, just to make he had meet in the meantime, you know? >> go start a barista, something like that? letterman that last show may 28th i think after 32 years of okay n late night television. >> what's he going to do with himself in. >> take some time off. >> huge ranch in monday tan arc heist a home on saint bart's, i've seen him in
9:56 am
restaurants on saint bart's. >> snuff oh, party together? >> i didn't say anything. >> why not? >> kind of stand-off i shall. >> yes,. >> really? >> quiet. all right, so, about that time? >> don't you think? >> about that time. >> doing the big reveal. >> can't we say i know, really rooting for these eagles and the cowboys. >> we want to make sure they win. huge game, go to the playoffs, i mean -- >> and determine if i have stomach issues on monday. if they lose sunday night. >> you'll be snuck. >> i'll be sick. >> we'll all be sick. >> miserable. >> all right, so, on the internet, on twitter, you've been voting for who does have the ugliest sweater here. >> kerry and i have been knocked out of the competition. >> yours is cute. >> they said mine was cool. >> it is like a vintage sign, the old snoopy sweater. >> yes. >> bob, you have a woman's sweater on. >> i do have a woman's sweater on. >> little pearls on it, too. >> i love it.
9:57 am
>> this is my sunday night bingo sweater during the holidays. >> okay. and you probably have the only -- >> close the voting in ten seconds. >> all right? >> the only christmas sweater in the history every mankind, base color purple. >> true. >> i like to shake it up. >> okay? >> announce, here is the deal, let's line up. >> line up everybody. because we've got announcement to make, all right? kerry, why don't you stand over here, the four every us will get together. >> get in there. >> so, runner up, ugliest sweater 2014, bob kelly. >> oh, bob kelly! >> right? that means i win? >> wait a minute. >> is this going to you? that means the winner of the ugliest sweater, michael jerrick. >> oh, mike! >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen. >> do a victory dance, mike. do a victory dance. >> victory dance.
9:58 am
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