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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 12, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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36-year-old joyce craig that began arriving just before darkness about an hour or so ago here. family members pulling up. they were saluted as they walked in. joyce craig died tuesday morning in the line of duty. she was fighting a fire in west oak lane. one person inside the home was saved a full investigation now underway as to what exactly happened. joyce craig is now the first female firefighter to do you in the line of duty in the city. friends say she dreamed of becoming a firefighter. she graduated from dobbins high school and one of her classmates turned out here just a short time ago. >> i started crying thinking very sad about it. >> people are coming from all over the country -- >> to support the family and -- the family and firefighters. >> reporter: what kind of person was she. >> very good person and very nice. very respectful and down to earth person. >> reporter: well joyce craig leaves behind two children. a 16-year-old son, a toddler daughter. donations are being accepted.
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they can be made to the joyce craig memorial fund care of the philadelphia police and fire credit union. can be sent to 901 arch street in philadelphia, 19107. again, this the 7100 block of north broad street. if you're not part of this you probably want to avoid this area until 9:00 o'clock tonight and then through the morning tomorrow. dawn? >> thank you, brad. so sad and a number of roads will be closed because of tomorrow's funeral services. you can see a full list of the street closures just go to and click on the seen on tv tab. a man is under arrest for the murder of new jersey woman found dead in evesham township. our dave stratt wise sr. live tonight in gloucester township where pee police believe the murder of the good samaritan took place. dave? >> iain police have now charged 30-year-old miguel diaz of mt. laurel with the murder of 59 year old susan johnson who lived here in gloucester township. johnson's body was found this morning in a park in evesham township. police were led there by a
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witness in the case. they now say that miguel diaz beat johnson to death inside her home possibly a week ago last friday when she was first repo reported missing. police believe he then transported the body to the park in evesham township where police found the body this morning. they have questioned diaz and unknown woman who also lived in johnson's house. miss johnson had taken diaz and the woman in after they fell on hard times. they were co-workers at a south jersey cleaning company. she took them in, police describdescribed for us the motr the murder. >> interviews reveal there was an argument. we believe based on the statements provided by the witness that the argument stemmed from or the argument was over involving money a money dispute. during the course of that money dispute, the argument escalated into something physical. at the time a physical altercation occurred resulting in miss johnson being assaulted several times inside of her residence.
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>> we have a good samaritan as you said tried to take somebody in especially around the holidays. unfortunately this is how it ended with her loss of life. >> reporter: now, johnson was killed. the cause of death we're told was blunt force trauma to the head. they believe diaz beat her to death with his fists and an instrument that was found inside the home. he is charged tonight with first degree murder. he's here at the gloucester township police department expected to be transferred to the camden county jail sometime tonight. he will face a bail hearing on monday on first degree murder charges. we'll have much more on this investigation coming up tonight at 10:00. dawn. >> thank you, dave. showboat casino has been sold. the richard stockton college of new jersey buying the former cass soon know for $18 million. the college says it plans to renovate the space and use it as a branch campus the goal is to spur economic and community development in atlantic city. stockton says it used money from the college's invest many fund. >> a judge sentence as
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17-year-old delaware girl to prison for her role in a carja carjacking and kidnapping. jacqueline perez will spend the next 16 years behind bars. perez pleading guilty to first degree carjacking and kidnapping for the march 2013 incident involving an 89-year-old woman. three other people also plead guilty and have been sentence to do prison. >> a man is under arrest tonight in connection with a series of assaults on women on the drexel and university of pennsylvania campuses. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live in university city with the very latest. sabina? >> reporter: tonight police have collected dna from the suspect and they're waiting for witnesses to id him but they say they've caught the man who has been stalking students in university city. camilla scott new something they are hill had happened when she saw police swarm her university city street last evening. she snapped this picture. >> there was a lot of chaos. >> reporter: a team of plane
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clothed office from the 18 district took down a serial predator mid attack. he was assaulting a penn grad student. >> i had known from the e-mails that we get from the penn police that they were looking for the guy and that there had been some assaults. i kind of had an inkling they might have caught him and i was glad about that because it's so close to home. >> took 11 staples to her head. but she's happy and she's satisfied with the police and she's very fortunate. >> reporter: police say the 55-year-old suspect had been prowling the streets of university city for at least a week preying on young students walking alone. >> glad this guy is off the street. hopefully the people down there can at least ease their minds a little bit. >> reporter: detectives believe the man who has long criminal history raped a penn student monday night. robbed another last saturday and groped two drexel students early yesterday. when police arrested him they say the man was wearing the same clothes he had on in several of the other attacks. camilla and her pierce have been getting penn's crime alerts to
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their phones and fear was taking hold. >> really unfortunate that that's happening in our neighb neighbor. >> reporter: fry detectives serving a warn on the man's mantua home a short diss dance from the scene of the alleged attack. he faces aggravated assault charges. right now the suspect is at southwest detectives. he is expected to be arraigned tonight. iain. >> sabina, thank you. happening now, mayor nutter release as video to the city's police department it comes in the wake of an officer involved shooting in the protests that have followed. the mayor says police should only use force quote if absolutely necessary. here's a clip of what police officers will be seeing in the coming days. >> they're not against policem policemen. as law enforcement professionals i certainly hope you feel the same way. >> two grand juries decided not to charge any of the officers involved in the recent deaths. that has sparked protests here and across the country.
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a former aid to director m knight shymalan accused of of racking up $15,000 in unauthorized charges on a company credit card. a former house manager for the director of the sixth sense has plead guilty to theft and could get seven years in prison. shymalan hired the woman to manage their rural chester county home back in 2012. she left last year. she's accused of of making nearly 200 personal purchases from amazon, netflix and other outlets on a card shymalan gave her for house relate items. >> philadelphia police need your help to identify a burglar who hit a franklinville check cashing store. he was caught on camera on north broad street on saturday. he broke through a rear wall but didn't get any money. if you know anything that could help catch the guy call philadelphia police. >> congress has passed a spending bill to keep the government running but the question is, for how long? the house passin passing passing a h $1.1 trillion spending package keeping the government open for
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business at least for the time being. the senate has until tomorrow night to go along and send it to the president. liberal democrats oppose more lacked banging provisions in the bill found themselves in an unlikely alliance with conservative republicans. >> when the next bailout comes a lot of people will look back to this vote to see who was responsible for putting the government back on the hook to bail out wall street. >> we've got special favors for wall street and for k street and no real special favors for main street or middle class america. >> 57 house democrats voted for the bill fearing they might get a worse deal next year when republicans take control of the senate. two more days left of new jersey's annual black bear hunt and so far wildlife officials say 189 have been killed. most of the bears were in sussex and warren counties in the northern part of the state. the number of bears killed has dropped from 600 in 2010 to 250
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last year. you may recall a bear mauled a rutgers university student back in september. >> and still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00 o'clock -- >> a local family puts up an amazing light display but they say it's not just for show. the reasons behind this extravagant scene. >> peco workers are spreading in serious holiday cheer. how they're helping local families. >> keith. >> dawn, the cowboys haven't lost on the road this year. but how do we show them they're not welcome in our house? we simplify the game plan later in sports. >> after a cold and wintry week we're talking nice changes in the forecast. a warmup. we'll get a check of the seven day and also see how it looks for that eagles game on sunday. >> all right. and a young girl's cab ride that had cops hot on her tale. she paid the driver $1,300 for the long drive. tonight at 10:00 where she was trying to that made
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♪ >> burlington county family really lights up the holiday season. their christmas spectacular draws visitors from all over and it benefits a great cause. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live in marlton tonight. jennifer? >> reporter: iain and dawn, can you see me with all of these lights in the background? i don't know if you can even guess how many but we'll tell you. 162,000 lights and several decorative below ups just a whole lot of cheer. beth and tom of king avenue in marlton say they've been doing this light display for seven years and it keeps getting bigger and bigger. they expect between 500 and 700 people to stop by tonight alone. it's an ant that they call a christmas block party. in addition to the lights there will be a magician on hand and a face painter for the kids. there's food that was donated from area restaurants, hot chocolate and a popcorn machine. all of this is moment to get people into the holiday spirit. the spirit of giving. each year the family pick a
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charity and collect donations throughout december as visitors stop by to see their house. this year the charity is make a wish. actually last year, they were able to raise enough money to make a child's wish come true. >> we figured, if everybody that stops by our event or stops by throughout the season and just gave a quarter, you know, pocket change, a dollar, we'd be pretty well set. >> and they are set. so tonight we are excited to meet some of the people who make it their tradition to stop by this home year after year and build their own holiday memori memories. this address is 58 king avenue we are in marlton and these lights will be shining brightly every night of the week from 5:00 until 10:00 p.m. and iain and dawn, how about this kicker. tom works at the christmas tree shop. isn't that perfect. he told me it just happens to be
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a coincidence but -- >> perfect. >> definitely prepared for the holiday season. >> so cool. thanks, jenn. hundreds of peco employees spread holiday cheer for families in our region. more than 200 people come together to support path ways pennsylvania adopt family program. the volunteers and staff working hard today to wrap and deliver gifts for 30 families. this program helping children experience many joyce of the holiday season that their families otherwise would not have been able to afford. >> everything from clothe to go bicycles to home goods, um, they are also going to get different toys, the list is end less. these kids don't have a lot. but we're able to give them everything that they want for this christmas. >> and that's what the holidays are about, right? each year this program helps more than 500 children get to open gifts that are especially selected just for them. great story. now to your fox 29 weather authority. and some milder temperature on
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the way. meteorologist dough money nikau davis here. >> i didn't mean to cut you off. >> that's okay. i was just excited because this is -- so am i. >> fantastic forecast. we all deserve it especially after the week that we had. it was a very wintry, blustery week all coming to an end. we're in the talking snow in the forecast or even rain in the forecast. so if you have plans this weekend, it's just going to be picture perfect both days. a little chilly on saturday though. 39 right now in philly if you're headed out this evening it is still cold out there. pretty blustery. dredge in mount pocono. we have 39 in wildwood. we are dry across the area. so that is great but the winds are still picking up. low pressures to our north. a high coming in from the south so in between that, those winds are going to stay busy for about the next 24 hours we'll have a pretty brisk wind out of the northwest. wind speed is 16 in mount pocono. eight in wildwood. we have 16 in dover. so factor in the wind chill and it does feel a little bit cool cooler. so 34 for the feels like
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temperature in philly. as we go through this evening, the wind chills are going to get down into the teens and the 20s. so here's what your fox cast looks like for tonight. definitely bundle up. by 9:00 o'clock we're at 35 but it will feel like it's in the upper 20s here in the city and then those wind chills will drop us into the mid 20s and teens and a lot of places by 11:00 o'clock tonight. but we are looking at dry conditions this evening. here's that low that brought us all that nasty weather this we week. it is now pushing away. it's moving up to canada so the winds are going to go with it. and really on the back edge of this we're still looking at a northwesterly wind. it's causing for little bit of flurries mainly just to the north of us. so we're still stuck in the cold part of this stop. but here the high pressure sitting off to our south and that is what's going to move in here over the next couple of days. it will start to bring this mild flow of air and boy, is it going to get mild. by sunday, we're going to be looking at temperatures above normal and then that trend
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continues through the week. so we're talking upper 40s. i think even a couple of days middle of next week we could squeak in a few low 50s which will certainly feel great. temperatures running about five, maybe even 7 degrees above normal in some cases. here's a look at fox future cast. nothing to show you. it stays quiet for tonight. we will have little bit of cloud cover i'll call it a mostly cloudy sky across the area. and then saturday those clouds will break up. so we will see more sunshine on saturday than we did today. so that's another nice thing about this forecast. the sun is going to come back for the weekend, too. 43 degrees tomorrow. it is still chilly. it's not as cold but we will have that wind coming out of northwest and that is going to keep things pretty brisk around here. so you have to bundle up tomorrow. and then it starts to get pretty mild. tonight we're looking at 29 -- i did that backwards. i should have that went tonight, tomorrow there you go. now you know. 29. mostly cloudy. the wind chills in the teens and
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the 20s and then for the kickoff forecast on sun day at the linc, you know, evening game there, 39 degrees. that is pretty good for a december game. not bad at all to be near 40 at kickoff. temperatures will stay in the upper 30s throughout game time. we'll have a nice wind. light winds coming out of the the northwest and the most important thing it will stay dry through the and tire part of the game. there's lock at the seven day forecast. no major storms on the horizon. temperatures get above normal starting sunday and they stay that way right through the rest of the week. the only chance of rain we're looking at is on tuesday the start of hanukkah. 30% chance of rain there. and by the end of that seven day forecast tomorrow at this time we could be talking about some low 50s. how about that? >> that sounds really good. >> no complaints. >> absolutely. good seven day forecast. especially this time of year. >> eagles day looking pretty good, too. >> somebody will be left out in the cold come sunday. >> we know it's going to be dallas, too. keith. >> we hope it's the cowboys. we hope. we pray it's the cowboys. you know it seems like every
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time we face the cowboys we have the same record and something major is on the line. wouldn't it be great to effectively end the season for demarco murray and the boys one more time? find out how we do it in sports.underline
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>> you know a dude at the bourse stopped me and said what do you think about the game sunday. >> simple. winner will go to the play off. loser see you next year. now, neither team will officially be limb nayed sunday. the birds know a 23-point win thanksgiving does not moan a texas two step. the cowboys promised it would be different in round two. we're three days away from finding out how. >> can't expect the same exact team energy wise and enthusiasm wise. i think these guys know what's at stake and that last performance wasn't really indicative of the kind of talent they have and the kind of coaching and players they have. so we're expecting a great matchup. >> every single week teams can change. i don't think that teams -- teams if they're going to change up schemes offense and change up
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the way they do things they don't do it five weeks in advance. every team does it on we can to week basis. if they want to do they can come out and give us something we've never seen before. >> jay if they can't beat them, jason kelsey can scare them. >> eagles win shutting down demarco murray he needs to average 132 yards a game over the next three games to become the eighth running back to gain 2,000 in single season. the birds know they'll get a heavy dose this time. >> they want to run the ball. i don't expect them to come out to some formations they haven't shown all season, and try to beat us left handed. i think they just going to do what they do best, and have a couple change ups here and there. >> start the up front. >> that's you. >> it starts up front. i mean offense -- of course the offense went down and scored and struck a lot of energy from us. i mean from them, and got everybody rolling. everybody got excited and at thin everybody started to have a lot of fun. >> so am i alone in thinking the eagles have to win or else?
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find out on "game day live" sunday at 11:00. nfl sunday at noon. johnny manziel makes his first career start against the bengals at 1:00. 4:25 49ers and seahawks. >> as much as the eagles have overcome injuries the cardinals have done it better than anyone. losing starting quarterback carson palmer for the year last night his back up drew stanton goes down with a knee injury as well. cards win and still hold the best record in the nfl at 1113. stanton week to week with a sprain not a tear. now adrian peterson appeal to be reinstated into the nfl right now has been denied. peterson was suspended without pay following week one when he was charged with child abuse for whipping his four-year-old son with a switch. he avoided possible jail time by september ago plea deal in the case. guys he could still have to miss three more games this year so that's the rest of this year and three more games next year. >> all right. keith, thank you very much. >> we are following some breaking news for you right now. skyfox live over a bus fire in port republic in atlantic county we are told nobody on the bus was hurt. it's unclear how the fire started but of course we'll
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continue to keep an eye on this story for you. >> and that does it for us here tonight at 6:00 o'clock. >> we'll see you back here at 10:0
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supermodel beverly johnson. her bombshell accusations against bill cosby. >> i knew that i had been drugged. >> new shocking details on what she says cosby did to her inside his new york brownstone. >> are you kidding me? >> and what happened when she called cosby at home and his wife camille answered the phone. >> this is beverly johnson, may i speak to bill, please? hollywood hacking scan. >> you call this a movie premier? no red carpet, no interviews, plenty of security. >> we're moving this back. >> and if looks could kill. angelina's icy glare over the hacked e-mails. then, the harvard professor versus the chinese restaurant. war


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