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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 12, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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>> 11-year-old hop as cab and takes off for another state. why her parents say she's not really in much trouble right now and a final farewell to a philly firefighter. what she told friends and family fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. ♪ >> right now breaking news. a nasty crash on i-76 in conshohocken causing a major backup. skyfox is live over the scene right now.
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this is on 76 eastbound right at 476. police are telling us they believe two cars were involved. traffic right now tied up for miles. three victims were taken to chop but we're told their injuries are not life threatening and we of course will stay on top this tonight. a new jersey woman's good deed leads to her death. police found the 59-year-old's body today. prosecutors say beaten to death by the same man she took in to her home. good evening, i'm iain page. lucy is off tonight. >> dave schratwieser is live at the camden county prosecutor's office tonight with more on this murder, dave. >> a co-worker has now been charged in the murder of 59-year-old susan johnson. police say that she took the man in along with another woman out of an act of kindness after they fell on hard times and ended up paying for it with her life. >> flabbergasted. really craziness. >> reporter: that's how neighbors reactioned friday night to news that 59-year-old susan johnson had been murdered
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inside her home here. her body dumped in the woods of the willow ridge park in evesh evesham. miles away from her home in gloucester township. >> interviews revealed there was an argument. we believe based on the statements provided by the witness that the argument stemmed from -- the argument was over involving money a money dispute. >> reporter: police charged 30-year-old miguel diaz of mt. laurel with the beating death of johnson. he lived in her home along with another woman. johnson died from blunt force trauma to the head. >> during the course of that money dispute, the argument escalated into something physical. >> reporter: johnson was last seen alive back on december 5th leaving her home. on thursday police went there to check on her after she was reported missing. they found signs of a struggle inside. police say johnson took diaz and unnamed woman in several months ago when they had no place to live. >> susan johnson out of the kindness of her heart took these two individuals in. >> reporter: investigators say diaz brutally beat johnson to death, he drove her body to the
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evesham township park. police were led to the body by the unnamed woman. she and diaz were picked up thursday night and questioned. both worked with johnson at a south jersey cleaning company. >> we have a good samaritan as you said tried to take somebody in eau especially around the holidays. unfortunately this is how it ended with her loss of life. >> reporter: johnson's death comes two weeks before christmas. her entire neighborhood is saddened and shaken. >> i guess you got to be a little bit more careful about who you let stay with you, you know, it's rough. >> there are predators out there in the community that victimize everyone every day. you just use caution with your kindness. >> reporter: diaz will be transferred to the camden county jail overnight. he's expected in court on monday to be arraigned on first degree murder charges. tonight police say that unnamed woman is viewed as a witness and will not be charged in this ca case. iain. >> dave, thank you. a developing story now. a school shooting this one in
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portland oregon. suspected gang member opening fire on group outside an alternative high school. three young people are wounded including a 16-year-old girl in critical condition. witnesses say there may have been a dispute outside the school before the shooting started on a street corner. police say preliminary information suggests the shooter does have gang ties but detectives say they don't know what led to the shooting. >> it's a final farewell for a fallen philadelphia firefighter. joyce craig is the first female city firefighter to die in the line of duty. fox 29's brad satin is live outside the bachelor brothers funeral service tonight, brad, really tough night for the department. >> reporter: sure was. the viewing wrapped up about 45 minutes ago it will pick up tomorrow morning starting at 8:00 o'clock until 10:00 with funeral services getting started from 10:00 to noon. as you mentioned, a very tough day for a lot of people tonight. sirens announced the procession and the arrival of firefighter
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joyce craig's family. saluted offered the highest respect as they entered bachelor brothers funeral home in north philadelphia ahead of what would be nearly four hours of non-stop visitors. from those who knew joyce like this former classmate -- >> when i realized who he was i star the crying. >> reporter: to those who never met her but felt the bond any way. >> she was the first african-american woman to die and just touched my heart. >> reporter: joyce craig lost her life tuesday morning battling a house fire in west oak lane 11 year veteran she helped to save a life in that fire before loading hers. dying doing what she loved just ask long-time friend william grant who remembers a conversation they once had. >> i asked her why you want to be, you know, go to the fire department? she said i just want to go in the door and kick down the door, upping, to a burning house and safe someone. i was like wow. >> reporter: hard to understand maybe unless saving property and lives is your chosen profession. >> when a firefighter dies in
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the line of duty, it tears at the heart strings of everybody whose ever been a firefighter and anybody who is currently serving as a firefighter. >> reporter: it's a brotherhood that extends well beyond the city limits. firefighters from across the country and even canada are expected to be here for the funeral tomorrow. new york city's bravest already are. >> we all do the same thing. you know, fighting fires, protecting live and property no matter where you're out and just came here to pay my respects. >> reporter: thousands of others doing the same until this mother of two is laid to rest tomorrow afternoon just a few miles away at ivy hill cemetery. >> the community here in philadelphia will see what brotherhood is all about. >> reporter: now we do want to let you know a fund has been established for the kids here, a 16-year-old boy and a toddler girl. checks can be made to the joyce craig memorial fund care of philadelphia police and fire credit union and male to do 901 arch street in philadelphia, 19107.
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again, things will pick up here first thing tomorrow morning. the viewing set to begin for day two at 8:00 o'clock in the morning. iain? >> brad, thank you. the garden state parkway is back open tonight after a bus caught fire at the end of rush hour. skyfox flew over the parkway in atlantic county around sick tonight. the bus was blocking the right lane going southbound near port republic. crews got the fire out quickly and no one was hurt but you can see it caused a traffic mess. >> out on your radar tonight a brisk start to your weekend. domenica davis tracking those temperatures. >> it certainly is. 40 degrees not bad but we do have those winds coming out of the north northwest and that's making it feel brisk. wind chills are in the teens and 20s. overnight it's going to be breezy and cold but for the weekend it's a brisk start but a very mild finish. temperatures are going to keep climbing we'll see these above normal temperatures really through much of next week. here's a look at our temperature future cast. as we take you through saturday, 43 for the high but again we'll still have a bit of a wind.
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it's by sunday you're going to notice a change in the temperatures. we'll get well up into the 40s and by the beginning of next week, by monday, we could be looking at temperatures approa approaching 50 degrees. so a nice break there. we'll have a look at the complete forecast in just a little bit. iain. >> domenica thank you. wild weather in the west. firefighters in los angeles have had to do a couple of rescues today from the los angeles river. tornado even touched down today. it's all part of a massive and deadly storm slamming the coastal states. the so-called pineapple express system being blamed for two deaths in oregon. thousands of power outages in washington state and flooding in california. just northwest of los angeles, mandatory evacuations are underway for more than 100 homes threatened by mudslides. part of a hillside already giving way and some spots the mud is as high as the roof line on some homes. >> civil rights leaders are calling for people to gather in washington tomorrow to protest the deaths of michael brown and
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eric garner at the hands of the police. protests september the country for week. the call from washington is calling from -- ferguson action are sponsoring their own demonstrations in cities around the nation. they're calling for a national day of resistance in smaller cities across the u.s. a man is under arrest tonight in connection with a series of assaults on women on the drexel and penn campuses. police say they caught the man in the act. his bail now set at $150,000 in the case that led to his captu capture. as fox 29' is that so bean in a kuriakose shows us, students are relieved. >> reporter: camilla scott knew something terrible had happened when she saw police swarm her university city street last evening. she snapped this picture. >> there was a lot of chaos. >> reporter: a team of plane clothes officers from the 18th district took down a serial predator mid attack. he was assaulting a penn grad student. >> i had known from the e-mails that we get from the penn police
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that they were looking for the guy and that there had been some assaults so i kind of had an inkling that they might have caught him and i was glad about that because it's so close to home. >> took 11 staples to her head. shut she's happy and satisfied with the police and she's very fortunate. >> reporter: police say the 55-year-old suspect had been plowing the -- prowling the street lights of university city for at least a week preying on young students walking alone. >> we're glad this guy is off the street. hopefully people down there can at leave ease their minds a little bit. >> reporter: detectives believe the man who has a long criminal history raped a penn student monday night, robbed another last saturday, and groped two drexel students early yesterday. when police arrested him they say the man was wearing the same clothes he had on in several of the other attacks. camilla and her pierce have been getting penn alerts to their phone and fear was taking hold. >> it's really unfortunate that that's happening in our neighborhood. >> reporter: friday detectives
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serving a warrant on the man's mantua home a short distance from the scene of the alleged attacks. he faces aggravated assault charges. tonight police are reviewing dna evidence and they're having witnesses id the suspect. sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. >> showboat casino in atlantic city has been sold and bats to you a take on very different atmosphere. the richard stockton college of new jersey bought the former casino for $18 million. the college plans to renovate the space and use it as a branch campus. stockton used money from the college's investment fund and tuition prices will not be impacted by the purchase. so watch this guy just jump right over the counter and attack the clerk all for a couple of cigarettes. what police say happened moments before that started all the mayhem. >> and one soldier home to meet his brand new baby but staying with his wife and newborn could land him in jail. >> he didn't care of our situation. he really didn't care about me being in the military.
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>> the tiny technicality that's got the landlord ready to call the cops. we have the standard below ups. we also have the silly blow ups but at the heart of it all we have the spirit of giving. coming up we'll tell you how all of these holiday lights are
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♪ >> philadelphia police are looking for the suspect who robbed a 7eleven and got away with some cigarettes. it happened just before 3:00 a.m. thursday on the 3300 block of aramingo in port richmond. now they say the suspect tried to pay for two cartons of cigarettes but with rejected
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bank card. when it did not work as you can see he jumped over the counter hitting the workers and then ran off with the smokes. a bucks county contractor is convicted of stealing millions of dollars from people. 58-year-old john sue chi accused of receiving payments for major remodeling jobs and then doing slipshod work and demanding more payments. more than 10,000 people filed complaints -- more than 10 people filed complaints against him. he will sentenced next week he's facing more than 100 years behind bars. >> a judge says south carolina mom was insane when she drove her three children into the atlantic ocean. prosecutors are dropping three attempted murder charges against ebony wilkerson. a judge will decide whether she should be involuntarilily hopped hospitalized or released with court supervision. earlier this year wilkerson drove her van into the surf off daytona beach. police and bystanders saved her kids. 11-year-old arkansas girl hails a cab to take her to
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florida. police say alexis bollard made a cabby $1,300 to take her to meet a boy in florida. authorities caught up with her in georgia after her parents reported her missing. she hailed the cab after talking to a 16-year-old from jackso jacksonville who she met two years ago. >> he didn't really ask anything. he just asked where i needed to go. i said i need to go to go to jacksonville, florida. do you have money? i'm like yeah. >> the cab company says the girl war heavy makeup and appeared to be 17 or 18 and that the driver would not face any discipline. the girl's father says hugging and loving her is more important than punishment right now, but he did take away her makeup and cell phone. >> squatters living in million dollar mansion get exposed in florida. justin and janet dean both in their 20s moved into the house after it went into foreclosure back in 2011. the couple went so far as changing the locks and filing fake deeds for the property. police say reality though came crashing down when another
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couple showed interest in buying the home. the home is currently getting renovations by its new lawful owners. >> a soldier receives an unwelcome treatment from a south carolina landlord. sergeant william bolt on leave so he decided to visit his wife and new baby. he stationed in missouri and they hadn't seen each other in six months. but since sergeant bolt's name is not on the lease, he can't stay we his wife and get acquainted with his newborn according to the agreement visitors have to be out after seven days. soldier says he feared the cops coming and arresting him. >> if i don't vacate the premises he's going to tow my vehicle and then press charges against me for criminal trespassing and then double charge rent. >> the couple argues the lease is vague. the soldier says his wife can be evict the if she doesn't comply. it's holiday display helping to make one south jersey community a better place to li live. not only because this marlton home is decorated with more than 100,000 christmas lights, but it
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also serves as a collection site for charity. fox 29's jennifer joyce has the story. >> we get bigger and bigger and bigger good i feel the lights are getting brighter. >> you feel good about yourself. merry christmas! >> we live next to christmas people. >> you can't ignore it. the holidays are here. 162,000 light bulbs bright. >> if i live at 58 king avenue you're that house with the lights. they turn their home into an attraction. >> we get bus loads of people. we've had a wedding out front. >> reporter: it's the seventh annual christmas block party on king avenue. families, food, and tradition. >> we've been coming here a couple of years. there's always new blow ups and we -- we always have a favorite. >> it's local. it's beautiful. my daughter loves it. >> reporter: when you first saw all these lights what went through your mind. >> christmas spirit. >> reporter: christmas spirit, the spirit giving. they recognize that and each year they'll donate to a specific charity. this year people who stopped by
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can put a donation into the bin for the make a wish foundation. >> we figured, if everybody that stopped by our event or stops by throughout the season and just gave a quarter, you know, pocket change, a dollar, we'd be pretty well set. >> they do lot for the community and it's nice to have the neighbors get together for positive reasons. >> reporter: the love of the holidays started at a young age for the passionate creator of this display. >> two years old there's tom with a strand of lights and he was trying to hold the lights up and he couldn't reach and i said that's where it started. >> reporter: the family call this a humbling experience. their thrilled to share this christ months joy with their entire community and watch as other families make lasting memories. in marlton, new jersey, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> and fox 29 wants to see your holiday lights. post your pictures or video on social media, facebook, twitter and instagram. just use the #fox 29 lights and we will put your display on tv.
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all right. let's check in with domenica davis what our weekend forecast looks like. >> luckily the winds have died down so we're not worrying about any of those outdoor decorations sort of becoming a flight risk. it's all quiet and the winds are starting to die down. that's what we'll see tomorrow. tomorrow is really a transition day with o temperatures and our winds and it will lead to much nicer feeling weather. 40 right now in philadelphia. which is not too bad. 28 in mount pocono. but we do have the winds coming out of the northwest and they are still pretty brisk so that is making the feels like temperature a lot cooler. 33 for the feels like in philadelphia. 34 in wildwood. we have 17 in the poconos. you can see pretty much widespread 20s here to the nor north. lancaster coming in at 24 for the wind chills. that is pretty cold. here's a look at the radar. now that low pressure system that was bringing us all that wintry weather that has pushed up to the north moving into canada and now this is the new weather feature that comes in. high pressure and it's going to
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bring in some mild air with it. that is going to have us feeling pretty comfortable by sunday and especially as we head back into the work week. so tomorrow it is a little warmer. the big difference, though, i think what you're going to see there will be more sunshine than clouds. 43 for the high. but winds will still be busy so that means it will feel a lot cooler. it feel like it's in the 30s. kickoff forecast this is pretty g it's december. we have a night game at the linc. it will be 39 at kickoff. the winds will be light and it will be dry. so that i would say is a pretty fantastic forecast for the eagles game. seven day forecast shows temperatures 47 on sunday. 49 on monday. we'll make a run at 50 a couple of days this week but pretty quiet. one chance of rain on tuesday. a 30% chance right now other than that a very, very nice week ahead. >> 50s are great this time of year. >> yes. >> thank you very much. sweet times today in love park.
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for non-profit agencies competed in ginger bread house building contest our own cath lynn roth helping ugh the heritage conservancy of bucks county. each team received a thousand dollars participation for participating. >> check in with keith russell and i hear the eagles have pretty big game coming up oh and sunday night. >> they need to show up big. they need to play big. eighths big one. >> think about it in the history of the eagles and cowboys, have we broken their hearts as much as they've broken ours? that's why sunday there should be no mercy. we ended their season last year mercy. we ended their season last year coming up in sports, i'll tell
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♪ >> one of my worst memories of dallas 2010 of the eagles lose in the final week of the regular season badly. they have to go right back the next week in the playoffs and lose again badly. turned out to be mcnabb and westbrook's last game witness birds. so as much as the cowboys have complained about how bad their pride was hurt in that thanksgivinthanksday game the e. they don't care that it's kate dallas. they care that it's for first place. that's it. >> you don't change. you got to trust the prep and trust the system, um, you know, you don't try and do too much and understand that, you know, the field is the same size. all the same rules. nothing has changed in our preparation in our practice schedule. nothing like that. >> i mean it don't matter who we're playing f it was washington or the giants, you know, we're -- this is big nfc east it's the next game but we obviously realize we're playing dallas and, um, we're excited
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for it and eye like i said a lot on the line. so we're excited. >> you know, tony romo looked so good against the bears after looking so bad against the eagles. mr. choke in december actually came through. last week. how about this week? >> a little less ginger when you talk about his mobility in the pocket. more prone to kind of scramble and a little mobile. he was like that in the last game when they played the bears. you could see he felt a lot better in the pocket than he did when we made him so we don't expect to see the same romo we saw a few weeks ago. >> and lastly, sixers fall to one and 20 on the year.
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♪ >> hi and welcome toonies fox 29 special report. you got to try this i'm iain page. >> i'm scott williams. every week on "good day philadelphia" we feature a local food or beverage you gotta try. >> this has to be one much your favorite segments after weather because people you're a real foodie. >> my mouth is watering because we have great segments tonight. we'll look at some of our favorites. >> first off comfort food. morrow motto has the perfect dish. serving a seasonal special that's unlike any unconventional chicken soup served in a bone. ♪ >> i am what i believe a lot of people believe beautiful restaurant in philadelphia. certainly one of the tops. morey


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