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tv   Fox29 Weekend  FOX  December 13, 2014 8:00am-10:01am EST

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right now on fox 29 weekend a firefighter remembered today, a final farewell to a mother who made the ultimate sacrifice while doing what she loved. plus, caught on camera. a man tries to lure a little girl away from her home who helped save her and the message every parent should hear. and having trouble trying to figure out what to wear to your holiday party, our fashion expert will help you love it or lose it. your comments, your pictures, your stories, it's time to get interactive.
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it's 12. 13. 14 on this date. i'm karen hepp and i'm lauren johnson. in our headlines this mornings an arrest in connection with the series of sexual assaults in university city. plus, there's a washington protest that's succeeding to be happening today. those stories soon, but everyone wants to know about the weather, so let's get interactive with caitlyn first. let's take a live look outside and we are looking at the center city sky line. not too bad. >> no, we're finally seeing some improvement, by the way, 12/13/14, people are getting married, or engaged. all of the people who are really into the numerology, it is actually looking like a nice weather came of we saw some improvement yesterday, at least we didn't have the snow showers or the rain showers that was all courtesy of a storm system that is still fitting some snowstorms
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in western parts of maine and clouds in the northeast. 35 in an town, 33 in pots to your knowledge, it's cold. 36 in philadelphia, 32 in millville, wind chills, though, even cold. itself neat that wiped did i out, but it still will make a difference. feels like 17 up in the poconos, nice sky weekend. 25 in dover and 29 in wildwood. your fox futurecast. let's start off at 9:00 a.m. we'll call for partly cloudy skies as we go through the day. a lot like yesterday, maybe a little bit more sunshine. into night, clouds briefly and then we should see a good amount of sunshine sunday. sunny and 37 around 9:00 a.m., partly sun think in afternoon the we should hit a high temperature of 43 degrees. that's still a little bit below normal, but we are starting to warm up. the eagles back at the link at
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8:00 p.m. it will prone be a great day tailgating, by evening 40-degrees at kickoff, it's chilly with temperatures falling into the 50s analyte north winds. still ahead. > the city says goodbye to one of our here oh, the first philadelphia firefighter ever killed in the line of duties going to be laid to rest today. joist craig died this week batting a fire. sabina is outside of the funeral home. go,, sabina. >>reporter: take a look hyped me, guys, you can see firefighter craig's casket just arrived here at the fop room on engine 64. they left presidential in63 on short time ago. you can see the mayor was here. the fire commissioner headed the funeral prosession, hundreds of firefighters, fellow colleagues and police here paying tribute
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to firefighter craig as they prepare for her final viewing to start in just a few minutes. funeral services will begin at 10:00 this morning. the burial will follow immediately after. the prosession will make its way from here to ivy hill cemetery where firefighter craig will be laid to rest. this has been an incredibly difficult week for the philadelphia fire department. craig was an 11 year veteran of the force, well regarded by colleagues and was liked. she was a decorated hero who died on tuesday as she was rescuing an elderly woman in a basement fire post office west oak lane. last night hundreds of muriel bowserers gathered for the first viewing forfeit. today firefighters from around the nation expected to attend her funeral service that again have just gotten underway with the final viewing set to begin in a few minutes. bidding farewell to this firefighters firefighter. now, craig leaves behind two
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children and a host of people whose lives she touched. the family had arrived just before the engine a short time ago. one last tribute. governor correspond bet has ordered all flags to fly at half staff until just before sunset. firefighters, friends and colleagues and family prepare to say goodbye to this fallen firefighter, this hero forth city of philadelphia. back to you. > thank you. always those people coming out so many, hundreds and thousands. new this morning yet another deadly crash on the boulevard. this happened overnight at 26789. 15 the north fifth street at roosevelt boulevard. this is in the olney section of the city. investigators say it was a one-car cash. it led to a file. it did kill one person. the cause is under investigation. several people are displaced this morning after a row home
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fire in north philadelphia. firefighters were called to the 2700 block of west lehigh avenue just after 5:00 this morning. forth nightly no one was hurt. the cause of the fire was under investigation. well, we have a lot of things to get to this morning as we take a live loot some of the things that are happening around our city. we also want you to send in your picture card pictures as well and share those with us. a beautiful morning on this saturday. if you have some christmas card pictures, please send them in and use our hashtag, fox 29 weekend. pass pass
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you see the child file the man down the sidewalk, one of the little girl's friends ran inside to tell her grandmom what happened. the child was found a few hours later walking alone on the street unharmed. when i look at this video there's two things that come to the mind, first, the puppy roost, how me find to find this puppy. it's so common in america day. every day children abducted by a stranger. this young child was very, very lucky she was found unharmed. i think children have to have the accessibility to go out and play with friends. the parents have to teach their children about stranger danger. so parents have a responsibility not only to protect their children, but to let them grow. so it's a combination of both issues. i'm superintendent michael chip issues. i'm superintendent michael chip wood,
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welcome pack, let's take another live look outside in north philadelphia because that viewing is underway for firefighter joist craig. she died while fighting a house fire in west oak lane on tuesday, but not before helping to save a person that was in that home. joist craig's funeral was set for 10 a. it's at the bachelor brothers funeral home in north philadelphia. we are taking a live look. of course we had all the
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bagpipers out there. there will be an interment this afternoon. > right now, thousands of people from across the country are headed to our nation's capital for a march on washington. protestors are joining with family members of michael brown and eric garner. a big bus packed with fill ands headed that way just a few short minutes ago. davis with that group on that bus. all right. comments are pouring in on social media sites. care a rights, the march on washington is going to be a big day in history. i just pray everyone acts accordingly and our voices are heard. what's the agenda? what will change? this road has been traveled often, what will be different? > foxes kellee azar is live in washington d.c. what's the mood right now? >>reporter: good morning, lauren, that's exactly right. we are expecting in just a
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couple of hours thousands of people to be gathering right here in freedom mrs. , this is at 13 and pennsylvania. you all know that street very well. we are about 15 my fox philly or so down from the capital building. we are expecting approximately 4,000 is what they're expecting. we're pretty sure there will probably be a few more than that. they're getting things set up. i'll show you behind us. the stage is getting set because here this morning, about 106789. 30 this is where they're starting to gather. from there they're going to have a few speeches getting the march started. they'll begin there march on pennsylvania, from 13th down to the capital building where they will end. once they reach the capital building that is where they will again be having more speeches and moral yes, sir. this is all expected to be a pieceful march throughout the city. they're expect thousands, like we said, of people showing up. the reverend al sharpton will be here.
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he is really spearheading this march today. a lot of people are talking about it. there are a number of buses from pennsylvania coming down, but a number of buses from a lot of areas coming to be a part of this march the anyone is allowed to okay. it is open and d.c. police have been shutting down the roads. pennsylvania is not quite completely closed, but that's what they are getting ready to do so that this can be a pieceful street towards iconic capital building. again, this is going to be an interesting day. like i said, they are planning for a pieceful march. we've seen tons of marchs over the last couple of weeks that has really sparked some interest, and now it has reached our nation's capital. thinks expected to get started around 10:30 this morning. we're live in d.c., fox 29 news. > cell you, thank you so much. your news now. new details morning surrounding a school shooting in portland, organ. just a few hours ago, police arrested a 22 year old in connection with friday's shooting. three people were injured, including a 16 year old girl in critical condition.
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in california, dealing with massive flooding and if that's not enough how about the effects of a to n.a.d.e. on. check out video, mud slides are a major problem right now and for the first time in a decade a tornado touched down in los angeles. there has not been reports of any major injuries. karen? time now for let it rip. here's the ground rules. our guesses have 30 seconds to let it rip on three big topics. wurd joins us by skype this morning. let's start on the cia report on torture. according to this report, the cciia used torture to get motion. while march the tactic lead to credible information. critics say the was i inexcusable. shame on us, we are better than that. diane says we have to protect our country no matter what it costs. solomon, 30 seconds, let it rip. >> first of all, torture
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protects no one. if anything, it gives the people who would harm us a recruiting tool. all they have to do is hold up this torture report and show it to the people who they will be trying to sign p and they will line up in drove. you know, terms like rectal, rehydration, what in the world is that? water boarding, i don't know. but i know this, they're using my tax dollars to hurt people and if they're doing that that goes against the deal that we struck and i want my money back. > all right. perfect time. thank you, solomon. we want to show you some video, labron james and some of his teammates in some of the pregame warmups earlier this week. a lot of mixed feelings about the shirts they were wearing on social immediate y. south out to the nba players rocking the i can't breathe t shirts. pro sports players wearing the i can't breathe t shirts are not support the movement, they are jumping on the band wagon. solomon, let it rip. >> first of all, these are the same guys who might be targeted
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by police. in both these cases, these were large black men who were killed by police officer. muhammad spoke out and it cost his career in some waste. michael junior done didn't speak out because he had endorsement deals. i talked to an agent he says their marketability might increase because they're speaking out. i don't think it's gumming on the band wag orangey think it's right. > this big controversy about exodus, gods and kids that hit the theater yesterday. casting white actor like joel san situate. the plaque actor were left playing slaves. an anxious egypt with minor rolls going to actors of color, wow. russell says a jew isn't playing mosts on. are jews showing a tantrum, it's a movie, folk.
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>> would you want den sell washington play abe ram lincoln, no, because he's plaque and he and abraham lincoln was white. egypt is in africa. it's in africa. it's in the in the middle east. if you don't believe me, pull out a map and pig out where it is. if they need somebody to play farrow next time, i am available, give me the part. you still have time to spare. thank you for all of your insights and opinions. we real aappreciate it and thank you for doing our 30 second clock. you can check solomon jones every monday through friday from 7 to 10:00 a.m. > all right, let's head back outside where the weather is not too bad on this saturday morning. 12/13/14 get ago lot of tweet about that. caitlyn says, it's windy, right, camera shaking. >> a little bit of behind out there. what's happening is the sea port festival did, all kinds of boats converging and people enjoying a pretty good day.
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what is that, down the shore or right along the delaware? >> right here if the penns landing area. > very nice. well, for that, if you are planning to be out on a boat in december, you're probably expecting it to be cold and a little choppy, too. >> but actually not so bad. we've had a rough week of weather that brought rain and wind tuesday. literally all wind all week long. it is well off towards our north and east. but still drag in some clouds, no showers in western maine, but we lost the snow showers yesterday and even saw a few peaks of sunshine. we should see a little bit more sunshine as we go through the day. 36 down in philadelphia. 32 in millville. your fox futurecast showing there are still some clouds around. they're kind of hard to shake because this large scale system is dragging in enough moisture to produce some clouds. partly cloudy skis as we go through the rest of the day. a little warming trend as we go through the next few days and
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also a very quiet pattern. what a nice change this is. 47 and shun and clouds on sunday, a nice but chilly day on it the at link for tailgating. it will be a cold game, but no other issues. into monday, sunday and 47. again yeting into the 50s. that should bring a couple of showers, umbrellas maybe needed tuesday and then as we go through the rest of the week, temperatures cool down a bit. this is pretty norm a. thinks also heading closer and closer to christmas. any holiday decorating or shopping or whatever you have planned for this weekend, you're looking good. hi, i'm bruise jordan, councilman recently proposed to aggressive stands in the collection of tax he. under o's plan the city would sicca third party tax collectors on tax dead beats who were at least a year behind in their payments. lots of countries do it, with
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you not philly. in fact yours here the nutter administration and colleagues both bulked at plan. they said a one size fits all proposal wouldn't work. but some taxpayers might pay up ready, but others need a little bit of numbering. city council woman marion was blunt. she believed dead collectors would harass her constituents, especially seniors giving them, quote, heart attacks and high blood pressure. in the end, o tabled his proposal at least for now of my today, there's no question some folks simply don't have the money to pay their tax he and no amount of pressure will squeeze that money out of them of the it's worth noting that even under the current system of collection, all cases go to third of the cases go to at tax collector anyway. sadly, i can cite you example of example after city leaders debating and voting on and passing new laws, new rules only
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to ignore those who fail to abide by them. there's a clear perception in city that some folks fail to pay their taxes and get away with it for years, if not forever. the results the city services those taxes are meant to support disappear. there's epa old saying teaks are the price we pay for a civil iced society. so what does that say about our society. only in philly. right now, surely you've heard about that massive hack that expects computers. sony entertainment we're learning some new facts about some of hollywood's biggest names. what they're calling themselves behind the scenes to stay hid than. that story is coming up. let me ask you to send in some of your christmas cards. they're so much fun. time, thank you for sending in this one of your family. this advertise from actually my brother and my sister law. show us your pets, show us your animals. thank you for sending this one
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in, your granddaughter alyssa. sky, what a wonderful picture. keep them coming, fox 29 weekend. let's see your cards, whether you are on them or not. and we will continue to share. what's the song that we're playing right now, lauren. >> it's an okay medical a rendition of this christmas by the arts academy at benjamin rush. thanks for sending that one in and keep them coming with the
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so you heard about this story, sony affected by a massive, massive hack. it was a breach in their system and so we learned like all these different things about the action. one of the things that we learned that is really interesting is that some celebrities, they use fake names. >> the producers kind of know who they are. let's take look at those names. tom hanks he goes pie harry louder and johnny madrid. nationally port man goes by lauren brown. rob snyder this, one cracks me up. explain what it is. >> ralph snyder calls himself not so good. so, my gosh and jessica alpha cashes bicarb money. her husband is cash warren and she's stealing his name and then adding cash money on there. is this what producers call them or do they check into hotels in them? according to the script,
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crew members can have their e-mail addresses, their phone numbers and their hotel information without anyone knowing who they are. >> you don't want some random person on the set of the movie being able to call you all the time. do you have a fake name? i have no old. okay, karen, for instance, you have your married last name and you tv name. a lot of us in local news have two names that people don't know the much i could be karen sullivan. in tv news they have a last name that's not easy to say on the air, i know a lot of people who changed their names for that purpose and then they get married so they have three last names. >> and that's confusion. you have to have a separate phone, i would imagine. > i would think so. have they paid mills of dollars to have a fake name? i think i have a holiday party next week, the big decision is what do i wear? can i wear somebody that's already in my closet and
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not spend a lot of money? love it or lose it segment, we're going to have that coming in. stay with us. and we have some more the tunes coming in. this one is love it, santa baby. thanks for that suggestion. keep senning us your holiday pics. sometimes the out takes are even more hilarious. if you have some out takes where the kids are crying, we could always use a good laugh as well. use our hashtag,
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welcome back to fox 29 weekend. the pictures keep coming. we love this one right here, these are twin, but if you are you are so adorable. and stephanie, we love this one. i look the little smile there, cute. santa looks like happy to have these two guys on his lap. looks like you two guys were nice this year? one of the biggest events will be happening in our city this year. 5,000 will be doing the running -- everyone of our resorts is open up in the pocono mountains. thinks an excellent weekend to be up there snowboarding. the poconos are they are full of snow. we've had a month of cold weather and they've been making
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so much snow. we've had a lot of snow, including earlier this week. prime time up in the poconos. outside some clouds around cycling back in. otherwise we should see a decent amount of sunshine. it is pretty chilly out there. 29 in mount pocono now. so it is obviously great ski weather, but it is cold ski weather. 33 in trenton, new jersey. 34 wilmington and 33 in dover. the winds are fairly light right now. we may get some gusts at 20 miles an hour later today, but it doesn't take much to drop those wind chill values to what it feels like. it feels like temperatures nature the 20s. 28 lancaster and 28 in philadelphia, where, yes, we have the running of the santas in parts of old city area throughout the afternoon. and throughout the rest of the afternoon we should see fairly dry conditions. we don't see any rain conditions at least forth next couple of days. a lot of these clouds strung around the system well off towards our north. but partly cloudy skies today. we should see a decent amount of
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sunshine on monday. no chance of rain until we hit tuesday. your fox cast for saturday, 44 free, sunday and clouds, nice, but still chillry with winds 10 to 20 miles an hour. it's cold, but seasonable. we'll have a bit of a warmup ahead in your 7-day forecast. > thank you so much. this morning the situate think says goodbye to a here on. our first female philadelphia firefighter ever to be killed in the line of duties being laid to rest today. 36 year old joist craig a mother of two died this week batting a fire. sabina coast is outside of bachelor funeral home where there are many people with heavy hearts this morning. the viewing for firefighter craig is well underway at the funeral home here on broad street. you can see that the line of people here to pay their respects has been growing throughout the morning. firefighter craig's casket was brought in on engine 64. that was her final station. you can see plaque bunting along
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the side of that engine. she started there in 2012. now, the fire commissioner headed the funeral prosession as it came into the funeral home here. awful the city's top leader are here containing the viewing. the funeral begins at 10:00 inside right now we're told us the mayor, the commissioner, the firefighters from her engine. many of them are actually going to be speaking today here at funeral and as well as members of her family. we're told that at least one member of her family will be speaking inside the fun tuberculosissal. firefighters played taps when they are casket arrived here to the funeral home of the firefighters from across the country from as far as ohio, boston and new york as well as am local departments are attending this funeral as well to pay their respects to firefighter craig, a fallen hero. police and police highway patrol are all here as well baby their respects. now, from the funeral home after the funeral is fin ared at noon
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they expect the funeral prosession to head over to the settlement try, ivy hill settlement try where firefighter craig will be laid to rest. back to you. > thank you. let's take a look at some of our other headlines that are making news right now. in was a new jersey woman, she just tried to do a good deed and it left to her death. prosecutors say 59 year old susan johnson was murdered inside her gloucester township home by a man she allowed to live there. 30 year old my jill diaz was charged in her. he beat johnson and drove her body to a park in evesham charges. a man is under arrest in connection with a series of assaults on the drexel and penn campuses. 5 # year old james barrett had been prowling the streets of university city for at least a week. they caught the man in the act. his bale is now set at $150,000. is one of the happiest times of the year, but it can be so stressful especially if you have
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to get somewhere with kids wax do you do about that? before you board that plane we're going to tell you the must have technology and the apps you will want to download in case those kids complain. time now for knock the king. shut up, i'm doing this. i ' erin swanson and howard objection i have something to say to you. i saw your set about jimmy rollins. the phillies are final turning the page, two years too late at with the trading of jimmy rollins. at one he was a plus, not for a while. with the young team he's not a good influence in the locker room and after he's averaged 252 over the last six years, the fans should be her. it's time, trust me, it's time, but he better run the ground balls out in los angeles. howard, he played for us for 15 years. he was great for city. it's terrible and sad to see him
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go. i downtime what you're thinking. my heart is breaking wide open tonight. oh, no, oh, no. i'll tell you what. act like humpty dumpty and we'll try to put your heart back to together again. here's what you got towns. the phillies have had three great seasons where they have not played 300 baseball. that will continue. you've got to start process. that's the way it works. you can't live in the past. you got to move to the future t. i'll tell you what, stay warm, accept this. i am he ' trying to help you out and i'll try to help you put your heart back together again. keep trying to knock the kink and i'll talk to you next week. you can keep trying to knock our king. it's pretty simple, just record a short video. of you can post it wherever you feel like. you can put it up on facebook or twitter. here's the thing, just use that hashtag, fox 29 weekend. that's how we'll find it.
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we ' put it on our website, 292-9369. go ahead, knock the cupping. we're getting in the holiday spirit continuing with all of this. our weekend kick joshing run, returns rudolph by chuck barry. joe sent that one in. keep them coming. it's saturday
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welcome barks everyone. last week we showed you all
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pictures of elf. not a mother. not a mother. let's throw some video up. this is the grin much on the bench. of course we had the elf on a shelf who was around. this is us here. there is a lot of us that are really, really naughty as you can sure tell. except lauren and i. some of the pictures oh he here's thick, there's a lot of us who are going into hand contact and they also have some friends that help them out during the special time as well because we're not forgetting about hand contact and we have this men much on the bench. here are the rules for this one. just like with our elf you name your men much and it should be part of your family. moshe i always trying to make the kids smile and have a lot of fun. they can leave small gifts each
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day and they love to have their pictures taken. if you have a men much in hur neck of the woods you can please send us a picture. a fun fact that i think is really cool about this is marid to a catholic woman. we have an inter family and the son is like can we get an elf on the shelf, the dad was no, you're jewish. it went from shark tank. what what's a men much. >> a person of honor and integrity. so that's a good thing. it went from the wastement to that. that's so neat. make your dreams a. the other thing that we should love on this show objection the inventor also says this this blue up because of social immediate y. he answered every tweet. every facebook comment. he was super interactive so it helped spread the words. you can't touch them? >> apparently not. it's a holiday party season and the big question always is what
8:42 am
are we going to wear? who knows. the big question is do we love it or do we lose it. we're showing you pictures of what looks like a brunch or an auction. it's at the senior sent are. what do you wear to the senior aren't s party? i've never been to one so i can't wait to find out. keep your christmas card pictures coming of the use your hashtag fox 29 weekend.
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> welcome badge the let's take life look outside where so many hundreds, if not thousands have gathered in west oak lane for that viewing now underway for firefighter joist craig. she, of course, died while fighting a house fire in west oak lane on tuesday, but not before helping to save a person inside that on. joist craig's funeral is set for 10:00 at the bachelor brothers funeral home in north philadelphia there will be interim at the ivy hill cemetery this afternoon. > a search for a suspect leads to major drug seizure in delaware. authorities were looking fora
8:46 am
until dough diaz when they arrived at his home, not only was he arrested, official on located 4,000 bags of heroin, 42 grams of cocaine and marijuana. diaz now faces numerous charges. the former showboat casino and hotel in atlantic city has new own ares. the richard stock son college bought the contact zone ' or 18 million. stockton used money from the college's investment fund and tuition prices will not be impacted by the purchase. karen. it's the time of year where so many of us have parties to go to, so the big question always is, what do we wear, what do we wear? can we shop in our own closet and save money? or do we need to go out and buy something new? love it or lose it. good morning. good morning. good morning, karen. > let's get right to this dress r. i love it because it's similar to what i'm wearing right now.
8:47 am
is this express dress good for the holidays? hashtag love it or lose it? >> karen, i love on it. i think it's got a little fit and flare look which is the big friend right now of the color is right for the holidays. i don't know how long she has it in her closet, but i think she's good to go. > this one comes from cynthia and she has this dress. what do you think about this one? a great doctor. the adopt love this dress. i think that the shapes a little objection to the form it looks misshapen to me. the colors, i would lose that one. lose that one. >> yeah. > we love when people send us in videos. we have a video question for you right now. let's play. this is stacy from voorhees. what should i do with this trip a derek dress, should i love it or lose it? >> i think the continue a derek dress will look great with some black knights and some booties.
8:48 am
i think you can get some wear out of it. it's great colors and the print is perfect with for the holiday. > the last one is from fish 2 cat. my wife has had this dress in her closet. she should love it or lose it. >> i love this one, too, karen. it's plaque and white. very in look, the shape looks good. maybe some more rustles than i might choose myself shall but overall i think it's a look she can use for now. > i love when we can shop in our closets. these were some great ones. we appreciate it. people may need your help. i need your help h. here's one of the ways they can get it. if you want us to raid your clothes. send us a video of your encloses oat, tell us why you need a resam. use our hashtag, fox 29 and you will get the help of our expert coming to you.
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hey, everybody it's jenn frederick and this is another excerpt of momma log. she's the thing. it is a couple weeks before christmas i want to get my teacher gifts, my hostess gifts, but i don't want to spend a lot. you have a bunch of stuff under 30 bucks. we all feel a lot of pressure. this one has been super popular. this thing is $12. it says grandma is a super hero. the kids basically color it all in. so it takes a lot less time than the picture books, but it still feels personal and special. when you give grandma that book she'll know you put your heart and soul into it. also for the teachers, this is a great old. it's a bird feeder that is a piece of art. >> we have all different shapes and sizes. we have owls, we have angles and this is just fun, too t. put out
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on a tree and watch the birds have fun with their special christmas treat. paper whites. it's a great hostess gift. this comes with a lid so you can bring this to anyone's house. as soon as they take the lid off, they water it. i'm going to put the lid on. this has been another issue of momma log. your shopping is done. you're welcome. jen has two kids, i got a bunch of kids, i may have kids as well. this was a picture that was sent in from one of the holiday concerts. thank you and love jay. so i was asking, if you have a video from your kids' concert maybe from this week or next week, send us in a little clip from the video because we want to make them a star and see them on tv. keep your music requests coming and keep your christmas card pictures comi♪ ♪
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she's getting paid. she's an intern turned employee, right? congratulations. jade, do the honors. what's today? >> it's the suggest. oh, yeah, 12/13/14. look at that. we're in the going to give you a big race, but this is a little car ma. thank you jade for plage along. we want to you play along with us as well because it is a really special cool date. maybe something special h your life. what we're going to do at 9:10. 11 on 12/13/14 we want to take paying tour right here of our clock. i'm going to have to darken that up. use a sharpie. we're going to work for our craft projects. we're coagulopathying to try to
8:55 am
take a picture at 9:10. 11. 12 shane with your friends. stick around. we have a lot more. we'll be right back. one of the biggest things your using to need to consider when replacing your windows is it worth the cost. cost versus value. if you're heating bills are okay you don't have to replace your windows unless you're changing them because you want a different look or they're not operating correctly. if you want to replace them you have two options, you can replace it with a wood window or a vinyl window. let's talk about the difference. if talk about the difference. if you relays them with a vinyl window you don't have to worry
8:56 am
about them rotting. you don't have to paint them ever again. if you go with the wood window, most people choose wood because they want to stain the window and they want to match day corps of the house. a wood wind oak be stained or painted, but generally wood windows are going to be more expensive than your vinyl windows. when you're putting in a new window versus a replacement window you're going to be changing out the trim on the i'm side and the outside of the house which means you're going to be changing out the casing, the sill and the apron. installing a prime window as we call it is going to be the most expensive option which could run up to about $1,500 a window. but if you're doing a replacement window you can get a replacement window installed for maybe 5 to $700 and the replacement window us inserted into your existing opening, reusing your existing casing, sill and apron. if you have a question you want
8:57 am
answered, tweet us at hashtag fox 29 weekend, hashtag everybo.
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8:59 am
this hour on fox 29 weekend, remembering a hero. i knew that she was a firefighter's firefighter. as friends, family and gritful city bid a final farewell to a firefighter who gave her life to protect ours. live matters. plus go growing unrest across the country regarding police brutality the racism needs to stop. today the message heads to the nation's capital for a massive march on washington. > you news, your neighborhood, life and event tore active. this is fox a 29 weekend. > good saturday morning. thanks so much for joining us here on fox 29 weekend. it is 126789. 13l14. i'm lauren john and and i am karen hepp. we have so much to get to this
9:00 am
morning. weave owe got a lot of fun. we like to see your holiday lights and we have some holiday lights, wait until we show them to you, for a really worthy cause. plus a viral videos to end all viral videos. u tube goes all out for their year ender. it's a beautiful morning for so many activities that we're telling with. we have wonderful festival and events. thank you, karen. we do have the sea port festival, the running of the santas today. this is a big weekend and we have to make up for last weekend when we had so much rain. it was so lousy out. even just head to the mall. you know it will be crazy there. but the roads will be packed, too. but weather won't be a concern. we have some clouds spinning in. otherwise we should see partly cloudy skies today. it is cold. is that kind of the rule. we are in december now. but temperatures are mainly in
9:01 am
the mid to upper 50s. they are responding and we should get to the who 40s today. wind chills still in thes to. up in the teens mount pocono where it's a beautiful ski weekend. it's a nice ski weekend, but a cold ski weekend. clouds come and go, but we do have the sunshine with us today. clear skies into tonight, some sunshine for tomorrow. so for today, 43-degrees sunday and clouds and chilly. winds out of the northwest at 10 to 20 miles an hour. your kickoff time 589:30:00 p.m., cowboys are in town, huge, huge game, really need a win here. but we should have good weather for it, although it will be pretty chilly. > thank you so much, caitlyn. this morning, the city says goodbye to a hero. the first female firefighter ever killed in the line of duty being laid to rest today. 36 year old joist craig died this week batting a fire in west oak lane. our reporter sabina is outside
9:02 am
of the bachelor's brothers funeral home. sabina buena, good morning. >> good morning. while firefighters continue to line up here outside of the funeral home waiting for their chance to say farewell to a fallen colleague, firefighter joist craig. as the line gross, city is actually having to clear more space on the sidewalk as hundreds arrive and continue to arrive to pay their respects. we're told the family privately said goodbye during the first half of the viewing followed by commissioner say, the mayor and other top brass. the funeral starts in about an hour. the mayor will talk as well as the fire commissioner as well as the firefighters from craig's engine 64. at least one family will speak as well. firefighters from around the region and the country are here to pay their respects. we talked to muriel bowserers as they arrived. we didn't know her personally, but like i said, she is a sister of ours. everybody else around here, it's a big brotherhood. so when one falls we come to
9:03 am
support of p i didn't know her personally, but we're here to support the family and keep her in our prepares. she was very personable. very likeable. there are times when i visited the fire station where she was working. i had an opportunity to have a good conversation. you know, you build a rapport. and that was robin perry. she was a friend of joist craig and herself is retired from law enforcement. she says the women in these departments, they are a tight-knit community. they watch each other's back. thinks a hard day for everybody here if the city in law enforcement. it's a very difficult time as they lay to rest firefighter joist craig. > that's right, sabina buena, sad day in the city. an overnight crash, one person dead. this happened around 2:15 at north fifth street in philadelphia's olney section. investigators say it was a one-car crash that led to a fire. the cause remains under
9:04 am
investigation. several people are displaced right now after a row home happened in philadelphia. firefighters were called out to the 2700 block of west lehigh avenue just after 5:00 this morning of the got news in all of this, nobody was hurt. the cause of that fire is under investigation. a big construction project underway in center city. this is exciting news, cruise are pouring concrete today forth foundation of the brand newcomb cast innovation and technology sent are. it's one of the largest concrete pours in philly history. the new sky scrape is scheduled to open in early 2018. our cover story this morning, right now,s thousands of people from all across this country are headed down to our nation's capital for a march on wash top, including people from our area. protestor are going to be joining family members of both michael brown and also eric garner. a big bus left philadelphia at about 7:00 this morning. our dave cinchonas on that bus with that group. in north philadelphia with the pennsylvania national action
9:05 am
network capture. some folks here getting ready to head to the rally in washington, d.c., a rally protesting police violence. it starts at 106789. 306789 the reverend al sharpton is hosting the event. he will speak around 106789. 30 and then there will be a march as well. this, of course, in response to the eric garner and mike brown cases in which grand injure s not return indictments in those cases. a lot of protests, as you know, have developed across the country. we will be reporting for fox 29 news tonight so we will have a few wrap wrapup of today's event. and we have sole people that are talk right now about this on twitter. this was one of the tweet frontal system rich. so they're matching on washington again this saturday, make shaking my head. that's really going to bring justice, march on washington, hashtag, waste of time. dave tweet, 51 years have passed
9:06 am
from mlk march and where are we now? what changed, hashtags, hands up, don't shoot. right now our report other, kelly stair is in washington, d.c. this morning. what's happening and what is the mood like right now? >> good morning, karen. things are actually getting kicked off a lot more people showing up just within this last hour or so. you can see a number of protestor have already shown up. a lot of signs and hats, the iconic phrases like i can't breathe, plaque lives matter, justice for all. these are some of the signs, shirts and hats that we're seeing in this area right now. sorry for the sirens, but we're getting ready to close down a couple of roads here. because as you said, and as you heard, this is going to be a march and once they do their opening here they're going to be marching down pennsylvania avenue from 13th street down to the capital. for those of you who may not be familiar with it, that's about 13 to 14 my fox philly or so.
9:07 am
you can seest capital. it's a little foggy or hazy as the sun is starting to come up. they're expecting thousands of people to be out here this morning, as you know, and as you heard, the families of mike brown will be here as well as eric garner. a lot of people that i've spoken with that are here for the march and the protest, that's the part we're looking for. they want to be here in solidarity. as you reporter just mentioned a little bit ago. loot of people, they're expecting this to be a really peaceful protest, just a walk, a march. they want people to be paying attention to the story. from what i'm hearing from others as we've been seeing protest storm system across the nation from the last couple of weeks, they're expecting this to be one off the largest that we've seen yet. it's going to be a vinting dayment i no. that you guys have some people headed down here. we're going to be on this all day long and at about 10:30 or so they will be starting the
9:08 am
festivities themselves. at noon they will begin their ma'am weir live in d.c., fox 29, kellee azar (h still ahead, holiday travel it can cause some major headaches. coming up, technology and apps you'll want to have before you head out for the holidays. plus, you've heard the bells, you've seen the pharmacokinetic also, but do you know with the money goes? we take you behind the scenes at the salvation army f. good mornings i'm dr. mike. if you're obese, you have an increased risk of developing congestive heart failure. why? because your heart has to pump more blood through all of that tissue t. it's called cardiac output. you got to lose those pounds to make sure that your heart is okay. the debate about high fructose corn syrup and your weight goes
9:09 am
on and on. a new study shows that in people who consume high fructose corn syrup compared to regular old glucose had higher hunker scores when they looked at their brains with an mri. best bet, avoid high fructose corn syrup. we always talk about how obesity can harm your health. a new study shows that you can lose from three to eight years of life if you're obese. the key here, information i to keep your weight down so that you can live live large to the very, very end. i'm dr. mike, have a great day. here's what we're going to try to do. it's a special date, it's fun to have the numerology and i don't think we have another special sequential date like this, where it's going to be 12/13/14, december 13 of 2014 again this century. isn't that rile cool? let's try
9:10 am
to do this together. we're going to look at the clock. we have 15 seconds. come around, get your phone. try to take the picture. i'm going to do it around -- it's 9:10. five, six, seven, three, two, one. go, girl. i got it. i'm tweeting it out. if you get it, tweet it out, too. use the hashtag fox 29 weekend. isn't that fun? did you get it share with us, we'll he put
9:11 am
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9:13 am
giving their respects. in fact, chip kelly went to the viewing hours last he can. of course our coach the eagles because he felt it so important to give his to a woman that gave so much of her commitment and time and she saved lives who did pass tragedy in a fire this week. her services are going to be at the bachelor brothers funeral home in north philadelphia. it is now time for your interactive weather. and it is a pretty decent day outside. >> there's a lot of snow that has been packed on the mountains. we've had an early and great start to the ski season. look at all those boards early
9:14 am
out there on a saturday morning. it is cole. but we at least have some sunshine out. let's get straight to the forecast where most most of the p week. it's still putting some snow showers across parts of western maine and drifting those clouds down southward along with the cool air. we'll call for partly cloudy skies, temperatures right now mainly in the mid 50s. 38 in philadelphia, 37 wildwood, 35 in atlantic city. it will be cold, but we should take a by the off the real chill. we go through times. it's really quiet. there's not much to see. that's good news, clear weather. sunday looks good and even into monday we should see a decent amount of sunshine. 43 deand then we begin a slight warming trend. i guess this is considered a warming trend for december. 47 sunday and clouds sunday and monday objection to the form maybe the umbrellas needed tuesday. although that shower chance
9:15 am
looks minimal. nothing like we saw earlier this week. even that wasn't that much. temperatures cool off as we head into the rest of the week. caitlyn, thanks so much. your news now, are it's a holiday display that's helping to make one south jersey community a brighter place to live. what a great couple. this is beth and tom ricketti of marlton, new jersey. look at their house. they have made this king avenue home a complete attraction, decorated with more than 100,000 holiday lights. it also serves as a charity collection site. what happens is so many people come out and they say that is impressive, let me donate, whatever it is, 350 cents, a dollar, $5 to make a wish foundation to make so many childrens lives a little brighter this holiday season. we also want to see your holiday lights. they are so much fun. look at that graphic. send your pictures, send us a video. how about that one? put it out
9:16 am
there. use our hashtag, fox 29 weekend and we will put what you did and all your hard work on tv. doesn't it feel like we've already been here before on waiting on the eagles to take on or take down the dallas cowboys. it was thanksgiving day, tomorrow under prime time lights and a sunday night football matchup. they do it again on the home turf at link. we're hoping for another big win. shawn and john from 97.56789 the fanatic are with us on skype talk all things for example l. there's a lot on the line in this game, right. >> we're ready for this game. frankly i'm embarrassed that there's as am eagles fans in the delaware valley that are scared. the eagles are the better football game. that doesn't mean that they're going to 100 percent going to win, but if you're worried, get the worry out of here. playoff football, that's right, it starts tomorrow. win or go on. don't see the eagles or the cowboys making the
9:17 am
playoffs if they lose this game tomorrow night. the biggest game in chip kelly's professional career. both teams with the same record, 9 and 4. the cowboys won, we lost. do you high that helps us or hurts us any. >> i actually thinks it helps the eagles. the final score was 24 h. 14. that was a big butt thicking. it was unbelievable. chip kelly has never been stopped like that in his coaching career. i think that that's going to give them -- they were embarrassed last week so i think that helps the eagles coming in this week, not thinking they're too great, not over over competent, but ticked off after what happened. a most said, they didn't play their best. discusses, excuses, don't want to hear any more of them. let's play this game right now what cowboy fan getting a lot of
9:18 am
flak from pennsylvania governor. we had the form he governor, let's build him a statue. taking aim at governor chris advertise christie. i said isn't it illegal to be a cowboy fan and the govern offer new jersey. why it my man a cowboy fan and it's everybody golfer or of new jersey. is that legal? it indicates a basic inferiority complex. if he were agers why it or a pennsylvania and and you're rooting for the cowboys it means you're in the secure in yourself and you wanted to root for a team that is a winner. you would think a politician would root for the winning team. that's part of the chris chris advertise miss teak. he's a tough guy and he doesn't care. he's a cowboy fan and if you don't like it, you can shove it.
9:19 am
>> i wish i could bring him on right now and you guys go at it. how could a jersey guy be a cowboy fan? it's pathetic. first of all, you're a jersey guy. you shouldn't be rooting for a team that has a scoreboard bigger than most high school football stadiums. > gloves are off, guy, the governors are going at it. has chris christie respond? this is going to be a fun day. i love it, build ed a statue right now,s please. thanks guys, go eagles, right. >> see you next week. go eagles. > let us know what you think about the game. hit us up on our website, hashtag, fox 29. we want to show enthusiasm video. this may be the viral video to end all the viral videos. the story coming up behind this mega u tube seen by 30 million
9:20 am
people. sole people caught that moment, 9:10:11. we appreciate, chris, said got it. biand contact, she got it. great job r wouldn't you can hear the music playing beds neat because we love your song requests as well. boys to men. philly favorite. let us know. thanks seare a for sending in that request. please keep your requests coming in and use your hashtag, fox 29 weekend. i'm anthony morning loose owe and thinks your tech light from the tank tech. we talk about security, virus protection and make sure you keep safe. let's talk about keeping your data safe. image base and file base. don't be scared about image base, it's a little geek i, but really easy. it makes a fuel copy of your
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> okay. this has been a year full of viral videos and u tube did something special. they actually made a viral video themselves showing viral video, re-creating these viral videos. let's check it out. music playing.
9:25 am
well, i guess we know what the most popular video was all year. a lot of ice bucket challenges right there. we've had almost 38 million views and a lot of comments attached to it. many of them are similar jennifer fernandez posted, she wrote mind blowing. she's impressed. i think it was lot of fun. i don't know if et cetera ' the most mind blowing thing i've ever seen, but it was a lot of fun. it is the ridiculousness of one video after the same thing. my nieces are watching. it's proke. she's wanting me to ask karen hepp why she had on open toed shoes the winter. hopefully she'll have a video she'll send us. hit me with your best shot. i will answer. i promise i absolutely will. this is one of those times --
9:26 am
they always make fun of me. because it is so hard with the holidays. if you're traveling with the children, furnish using to be in the commissary for a long drive to grandma's house or and the so and so, maybe you're getting on a plane, they've got these cool apps that you may want to download. this one is nothing for christmas. stephanie requested that one. she said her daughter is also watching this morning. thank stephanie and your daughter for watching. maybe you guys can send us a video and use the hashtag fox 29. brook we're waiting for yours
9:27 am
watching and streaming football with xfinity on the
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x1 operating system feels just like skydiving. while following all live scores and stats with the x1 sports app may not look like skydiving. it will feel just like skydiving. (whistle) and who wouldn't want to feel like this? while they are doing this, but like this. with this, but like this. make the most live sports more live with the x1 operating system.
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i'm jeff cole. it's time for cost unfiltered where we respond to your comments and complaints right here on the air. this week a little fun. we love your feedback, your e-mails, your tweet, your social media comments, but now we take it up a level. you're mean. first up, a woman is arrested, cops say she robbed a neighbor's mailbox. police say she was caught when the neighbor put a tracking device on the package. trying towns the behavior of some people is like to smell the color nine.
9:30 am
with all due respect, the song with the same name, ann? we get your point. up next, a mom asked about the marks on her son's body. the fifth grader responds, my teacher bit me. the teacher is arrested. celeste, a little off color brought to you by the letters wt and we'll just put a hashtag there instead. sorry, celeste we had to filter your -- during unfiltered. next, a woman brings a pet pig on a principle for emotional support. didn't last long. the pig would potty in the aisle, the woman thrown objection to the form garret chimed in with this picture, no words necessary. i guess he thinks that the only time pigs should be allowed on a plane, you know, when petition ply. favorite character, this holiday season, the guy present target.
9:31 am
gather syms went viral with his holiday shopping pet talk to his co-workers preparing them for the crowds about to storm the store. one of our viewers could totally relate offering this tail of doings at pet smart on good friday. and finally, our favorite meal of the week on a more serious subject. on the grand jury decision not to date the cop on eric garner. not all cops are bad, not all white people are racist. hashtag stop labeling. so true, steve, so true. that's it for this edition of fox unfiltered. we want to hear from you next, e-mail us, text us, yes, even meal us. we'll take on your comments next time. i'm jeff cole. we've talked about this all mornings the cities saying goodbye to a hero today. she was the first female
9:32 am
philadelphia firefighter killed in the line of duty being laid to rest. 36 year old joist craig died earlier this week batting a fire. we have sabina buena outside the bachelor brothers fire home. sabina buena. >>reporter: you can see firefighters and police lined up outside of the funeral home of the the funeral will start in just under half an hour objection to the form the viewing is underway right now for firefighter joist craig. her family is inside. they paid their respects during the first half the viewing. now they are allowing firefighters and colleagues and other people paying their respects, hour inners coming in to say goodbye to firefighter joist craig. we're told her fellow firefighters will speak during the funeral. her family will speak as well. as well as commissioner say. commissioner swear led the procession. her casket was carried on engine
9:33 am
64, her final station. we spoke with muriel bowser inners who came from far and wide, from yo and baltimore. as well as friends of joist who said she was a kind, caring person, loved doing her job. now the funeral will directly -- the burial will directly follow the funeral. about 11:45 we're told they will leave here to head over to ivy hill cemetery where firefighter craig will be laid to rest. back to you. > thank you so much. a new jersey woman's good deed leads to her death. prosecutors say 59 year old susan johnson was murdered inside of her gloucester township home. 30 year old miguel diaz is now charged in connection with her death. police say this he beat her and then drove her body to a park in evesham township. s using to arained on first degree murder charges on monday. a bucks county contractor is convicted of steeling millions of dollars from people.
9:34 am
the 58 year old was accused of receiving payments for major remodeling jobs and doing slip shod work and demanding further payment. more than 10 people filed complaints against him. coverage seen on fox 29 helped some victims to come forward. he will be sentenced next week. ease phasing more than 100 years hyped bars. do you hear the bells out there i'm sure you've seen the red pharmacokinetic also. now we're going to take you behind the scenes where your donation to the salvation army goes. it's time for something social. oh, gosh, these are hard to see, erin. lots of pictures there. there's asian brook. the one who was asking you all the questions. they said they don't have holiday lights up. but zachary posted his star with the lights. bernadette, thanks for sending that one in. don't know how to pronounce this one. bustleton? i have to get back
9:35 am
to asian brook because they were commenting on my sleeveless dress. and my open-toed shoes. my brother and sister texted me and they said i think the reason you dress like that is because you are a super nerd. that's me, nerdly. that must be the reason. we're listening to your tunes on our jut box this morning. keep them coming. skippy!!
9:36 am
yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? ♪ skippy!! ♪ yippee!! i'm bored. hashtag bored. skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!! ♪
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9:38 am
> we have success with something, our judge are report he program here at fox 29 starting to attract so many more local college students and we could not be happier than all of that. joining us now kelly bernstein at villanova university. what do you have for us this morning. we know that the holiday season is right around the corner so i decided to look at something that most shoppers are familiar with this time of year, but not many people know much about. let's take look. the jingle of bells and the jingle of change. the two go hand and hand with the salvation army red kettle
9:39 am
campaign, a fundraiser that takes place every holiday s. although most holiday shoppers are familiar with the red kettles, not many people know with the money goes. do i know with the money goes? i don't know. no. no. no. the money goes to support program initiatives that we do all year, but it's not just at christmas, the need that people have comes all throughout the year. although the campaign only lasts from thanksgiving to christmas, the money raised isn't just used during the holiday season. >> we just can't look at christmas just for christmas. after the money is collected, it's divided up amongst many initiative programs depending on the need, changing from supplying food and pantry, daycare can child cams and even education class he. however, some funds are put aside for the holidays ensuring that children have toys on christmas. thank you.
9:40 am
what a great reminder. i always try to take part and be one of the bell ringers out there. also when they do christmas in july as well. >> exactly. it's a great opportunity. the red kettles are every where throughout the area. you can text to share one 14444 if you want to make a donation. we'll put that on our website. > great job, first report. didn't she do a good job? let us know, fox 29 weekend. > they always do a good job, karen. earlier in the show we were supposed to have our family come and talk about the advent calendar. the family has arrived and so we're going to welcome them. this is karen hepp. hi, how are you? what's your name. >> destiny. you're tall and gorgeous. thanks for come. this is mom, dan a. > hi,. >> i love you guys. > thanks for coming. we appreciate it. they're wonderful viewers. every day. > we love you guys.
9:41 am
today is 12/13/14. are you superstition at all? do you think anything cool about the date. >> yes. what do you think about it? >> it's cool. > it is cool. we'll see if anything is in there. we made jay put the candy back. jade. oh, my goodness. how we invited a child to come on television and then give them moving the how about we can give her something. we'll make up for this, we promise. we're going to go up to our cafeteria and you will get the best candy available. her mom is like oh, my gosh, my daughter got nothing. > keep sending your christmas pictures because we want to see which is our favorite christmas picture, they're all our favorite, but keep sending us. thanks so much for coming in and mom dan a.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
> welcome back. it is exactly 9:44 right now of the viewing is underway for firefighter joyce craig. we have brinking this to you all morning long. this is a live look right now from north philadelphia where so many have come out to pay their respects. she, of course can died in a house fire in west oak lane on tuesday, but she did save somebody. the funeral is requesting to be beginning in just about 15 minutes there at that funeral home following followed by the interment.
9:45 am
lauren. your news now, a live lava flow is showing no signs of slowing down. official say the flow moved up another 350 yards since thursday. despite the advance, official say so far the lava flow poses no threat on nearby communities. a partial building collapse in organ is all caught on tape. it shows masstive piece of wall crashing to the sidewalk. witnesses say people were on the sidewalk, scary moment, fortunately, though, no one was hope. a check with your interactive weather because there are so many activities happening in and around our neck of the woods. a little bit windy, though. some of the shots are bouncing. >> they are. i'm including this one hind me at philadelphia airport. we're all about the activity here today. maybe it's a quiet morning. but don't forget you can hashtag fox 29 and ask what you want a forecast for. there's that camera shaking
9:46 am
around as winds are at 15 miles an hour gusting to 22 miles an hour. it's 40-degree, but it feels like it's in the 20s. 34 lancaster and 38 in philadelphia. just 33 down in dover, delaware. so it's cold. it's still breezy and weave got to over come these clouds. it looks a lot like yesterday. i think we see a little more sunshine in the early, especially the early afternoon before a few more clouds cycle on through and we'll see partly cloudy skies as we head into tonight. jumping ahead to the eagles game, of course we'll be talking a lot about that tomorrow morning. 40-degrees at kickoff, clear skies and chilly. 47 tomorrow and the same for movement a bit of a warming tripped. mild with some showers on tuesday. and then we dry out as we go through the rest of the week with temperatures in the 40s. the holiday season is here and we're looking for the latest gadgets for other folks, but we're also maybe looking for
9:47 am
some of those apps and gadgets for ours to help relieve the holiday expert. good mornings kathy. how are you, karen. a little stressed to tell the truth. leme get right to some of our tweet from our viewers because we asked them what stresses them out, er where is being stuck on plain with nothing to did. you've got some ideas for this one? >> yes. travel can be really stressful at this time of year, take advantage of the by phi on your flight. going is on more than 2,000 flights across 11 airlines. you can actually extreme movies and tv shows to your own tablet on the plane now with something called going vision. so bring your tablet. bring your tablet objection to the form you don't have to take up all that space by buying the movie presence you get go on. you can do shopping, serve the interest n. you'll be totally connected in the sky. every time you get on the plane
9:48 am
it makes it so much easier. >> i just tried that the other day -- well, four months ago when i went out to los angeles. pretty cool on that. we have gym bow who writes his bet peeve is when people take it out on the poor gate agent when there's unexpected delays. are there some apps to help out in that situation. >> you can't help a bad attitude, but you can help knowing when there is some unexpected delays. threes an app that is called gait guru it will tell you how long you have to wait at the gate. so you're more meantly prepared to handle this type of stress. it will tell you where the restaurants are in the air form it's one of those great apps that you should down load before you take any trips this holiday s. when you're taxing in and you land autopsy want to get prescribed up right away, you have a suggestion for that? >> right. there's something called lists, there's uber, all of those are
9:49 am
new services that you can use. you don't have to wait in that taxi line. you can use lift. it will pick up up at the press of a button. you can split the fair with other people. that's one of the really cool apps you might want to download, too. it also gets you out of your in-laws house if you don't have a ride. last one, casey has three girls, have the three boys and my five year old was sobbing they end up fighting over it and i just really like them to have limited time on that. i think it's okay on these long trips because you just -- piece of mind in keeping themmen tainted and keeping everybody else around you from flipping
9:50 am
out i think is important. from day-to-day try to find other things for them do and save that stuff for when you really need it. >> that's exactly how i would feel. thank you for backing me ibuprofen that one. i appreciate it. > if you have ideas or questions for casey, our tech expert, you can always use our hashtag, fox 29 weekend. > i like what you've done with the tree. >> thank you, we're trying to spruce it up for the holidays. i'm mike and i'm alex. thinks the trend holiday edition. am i just realized we don't have elf on a shelf. we have to have an elf on the shelf. kids love it. it's part of the magic of the holidays. you do know the rules, right? you're not supposed to touch the elf on the shelf. >> one little girl is trying to make sure nobody touches her elf. i can't touch him. >> no. what happens if i touch him. >> i told you. > you told me already?
9:51 am
>> ease magic. you got a deal. > that was four year old alyssa, she was definitely making sure nobody messes up the magic of christmas. >> thank you to her mother christina for sending it in. > i've combined halloween with christmas. >> they are dealing that in long island in a town called hob bob out near the ham to. you go into this house and you get scared by, well, kind of christmas characters. > what? >> music playing. well, parentally this video is so graphic, you know we can't even show it to you all the way and tv stations there won't even
9:52 am
carry it. it's like an evil santa. > i don't like the idea. and that's a look at the trend for today. we'll see you
9:53 am
9:54 am is the best. i don't have to leave my desk and get up and go to the post office anymore. [ male announcer ] with you can print real u.s. postage for all your letters and packages. i have exactly the amount of postage i need, the instant i need it. can you print only stamps? no... first class. priority mail. certified. international. and the mail man picks it up. i don't leave the shop anymore. [ male announcer ] get a 4 week trial plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. > tomorrow on fox 29 weekend, a controversial cartoon. police are angry. a newspaper is apologizing. both sides of the debate. plus, a city of deters. the deadly since philadelphians are accused of committing.
9:55 am
tomorrow right here on fox 29. > wait a minute. who picked that picture? i just saw that. don't they have a better one of you. we'll work on it, please. > you work out there work on sending us your christmas decoration. it says purpose is a generous, minimal work, but fully decorated because the grin much is stealing all decoration. bruce, thinks a really nice one, snow men laying down on the job again. jeff cole, we got to get you on it to bust this one. lights on the tree on 24 hours a day, christmas in your heart. tyler. is it insanely 12 days until christmas? >> yes. i haven't bought one gift, have you. >> only online. they haven't even arrived yet. > of course you're done. >> hashtag done. this one, send it -- some of the out takes are the best.
9:56 am
when you're trying to get your family's perfect christmas picture can the kids are screaming, they're yelling. brian, thank you for sending that one in, because that's what the truth is all about, you can't get the kids -- he should use that for his card. >> i love the realistic cards. > i do, too. our fox favorite of the day. it's from you actually. well, it's a video that we got from you that parked the discussion earlier. my niece, i heard you part you have it. they're in at atlantic a. brook is a fast niece that and she had a problem with karen's short sleeves and her shoes. in atlanta, it's cold and in philly it's colder. she sent in a video. i love your fessive red and i love fox 29 weekend, but i'm cold looking at short sleeve, why car short sleeves karen
9:57 am
hepp. i love sandals. anal is on team concern, brook is like no way. i'm getting you on twitter. thank you for weighing in on this one. do what you will. thank you. the answer to fashion forward brook is simple. and two-fold the studio is warm and then thanks for the compliment the arms are nicely toned. he's a great twitter, too. when you have good arms and a year round tan like karen hepp does, why wouldn't you wear sleeveless. you have great skin, so. love what you high. i love it. have gotten your gifts together, nicole? >> no,s i got one thing and it was online. what was it? >> she can't say. i have the best gift, this is me being -- for our boss. are you one of those? > fred will be back here on fox
9:58 am
29 weekend. that's going to do it for us this morning. that's going to do it for us this morning. ha
9:59 am
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