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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 13, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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right now on "fox 29 news" at 6:00 emotional good-bye to hero, funeral head today for philadelphia's first female firefighter to die in the line of duty. good evening, everyone, i'm karen hepp, joyce craig died on tuesday fighting a fire in west oaklane. our sabina was at today's service. >> ♪ >> black bunting draped over engine 64 as it carried the casket of firefighter joyce craig to the broad street funeral home where thousands gathered to pay their final respects. fire commissioner derrick saw err led the procession, meyer nutter walking with city leaders just behind the engine
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. >> got hurt on the job, i was one of the last -- i was mad at god that day. >> the funeral project today a crowd spilling out to the street. mayor nutter promoting firefighter craig to lieutenant, in honor her family says the aspiring fire marshall would have loved. craig became the first female firefighter to die in the line every duty in philadelphia history when she was killed tuesday morning, trying to save an elderly woman during a basement fire in west oaklane. >> very personable, very likable. >> retired police officer craig said they share a special bonds. >> we have to count on one another. we have to have each other's back. first and for most,
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firefighters from as far away as ohio, baltimore, washington, d.c., and new york, attended. >> we didn't know her personally, but she has is a sister of ours, and, you know, everybody else around here, big brotherhood, so one falls, we come to support. >> i'm glad that everybody came out, even as cold as it is, to give the support, and the support of the philadelphia fire department. >> joyce's colleagues spoke of tough as nails spirit, her real necessary, and above all, her love for her 16 year old son, and 16 month olds daughter. >> joyce had two families, now of two families. we're all here for you. >> directly after the funeral the procession made its way to ivy hill cemetery. one final salute to a hero lost in battle. >> even as lieutenant craig is laid to rest, the city continues to mourn, mayor nutter has announce add 30 day mourning period, here in the city of philadelphia, where flags will be flown after half staff.
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sabina kuriakose, "fox 29 news". >> elderly woman died after very fast moving fire in delaware county. the fire broke out in a home on the 100 block of fernfield avenue lower chichester, happened just before 7:30 this morning. police do say there was a woman inside who died. her identity is not being released. seven other people are now homeless. it is not clear how that fire started. >> thousands of protesters marched in our nation's capitol in justice for all rally. calling attention to the deaths of unarmed black men, at the hands of police. busloads of philadelphians also joined that march. our dave kinchen went along with some of them spent the day in washington. >> we are inside the march, there are thousands of people in washington here, marching to capitol hill. they have a message, they want to send to lawmakers, after the deaths of eric garner and michael brown at the hands every police officers and after grand jury's did not return indictments, in those
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cases, we found folks from our area, they have a message they want to send, as well. >> frustration and anger in the form of peaceful protest down pennsylvania avenue. >> things have to be done differently. you can't just shoot to kill. >> leaders from atlantic county naacp chapter made the journey to washington demanding tactics change after recent police shootings around the country. >> the bottom line is that nobody deserves to die. >> this woman says it happened to her son. >> the they began with rally organized by the reverend al sharpton and his national action network. >> show the worlds today, this is not a black march or white march. this is an american march for the rights of american people. >> he brought out the family of michael brown.
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>> you kept this alive by all of the families. we love you. we really do. we love you all so much. >> somebody -- wrong with the process? can be seen on thousands every signs, black lives matter, and goldstein says that from unique perspective, looking at her children, irene, and isiah >> our kids are back, so back here: heads home harder than for some of our other friends. we think that there should be an ends to the level of police violence, agree to which they turn to it so quick. >> i. >> the united states of justice already has civil rights investigation into the police shooting death of michael brown, a similar investigation in the eric garner case, many hearsays
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justice just isn't moving fast enough n washington, dave kinchen, "fox 29 news". >> a tiny earthquake this morning in new jersey which is kind of interesting, dominica. >> stant wild? absolutely wild. 1.9, like you said, it was tiny, tiny but you could feel that for sure, some rattling. good thing is nobody got hurt than was no damage. but, certainly it just adds to what a busy week we've had in the weather department. a lot of winter weather, now, we're talking earthquakes to some people. all of that, though, has come to an end. we are talking quiet and cold for tonight. now, we have a slight chance of some freezing drizzle out to our northwest, talking in the poconos, in the mountains, so just keep that in mind if you are on the roads tonight, know a lot of people have christmas parties it, could be pretty slick. the further out you go to the north and west specially closer to midnight. sunday looking at milder day, we should see a little more sunshine, it is going to be
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good football weather at the linc for the game sunday night, next chance of rain coming up on radar will be on tuesday, that looks like just a rain event, but we could get some rain and snow back in hereby next saturday. tis the season. clouds will start breaking up, will lead to clear skies which means we'll have cold conditions. not so bad right now, but we are still hanging onto bit of winds out of the west northwest at 10 miles per hour, so the actual air temperature is 40, but it feels like it is in the 30's, and here's a look at your foxcast, as we go through the evening. notice, the windchills, though, because that's really what matters. so the wind chills are pretty much going to be in the low 30's, right through the bulk of the evening, so if you are headed out, you have dry conditions, clear conditions, but it will still and bit chilly. more mild and seasonal weather on the way for tomorrow. we will talk about that. then we'll also get a check and let you know what it looks like for the week ahead with our rain and rain-snow
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chances, karen? >> thank you so much, dom cane. well, there were two terrible accidents that happened on one of our most dangerous roads in our entire area, of course, the roosevelt boulevard. one of these was deadly. there was a woman who lost her life after crashing about 2:00 this morning, right near north fifth street and the boulevard. police say that woman lost control of her car and crashed into a tree. her car burst into flames. investigators are not releasing that woman's name just yet. police investigating two vehicle crash, happened after 11:00 last evening at haldeman avenue and the boulevard. police say chevy tahoe that ran red light, hit the driver of honda civic who lost control, hit median, spun around, slammed into two trees before coming to a stop. >> he was treated at the hospital and have been released. >> they made area that's school shoot that injured three people out in portland, oregon. police have arrested 22 year old lorenzo murphy early this morning, he is in police custody. that's the school where it happened on friday, right outside of the alternative high school.
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witnesses say there may have been a fight outside of the school before the shooting. a 16 year old girl is in critical condition right now, two men also in the hospital and another girl grazed by a bullet. >> bucks county contractor who has been convicted of stealing millions of dollars from number of people. and he could face decades in jail. fifty-eight year old john succi accused of receiving payments from major remodeling jobs, doing shotty work, quick work, and then demanding more money. more than ten people have filed complaints against him. some of the coverage team here on fox 29 to help more victims come forward, he will be sentenced next week. he is facing more than 100 years behind bars. news from overseas, violent day, more than dozen people were killed today, fox's john huddy has the story >> 2us soldiers were killed when military attack in afghanistan, so far today at
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least 20 people have been killed as the violence in afghanistan continues to increase. this is all that was left after bus destroyed by suicide bomber earlier today in kabul, six afghan soldiers were killed, at least 14 others ones dollars. in another attack, two gunmen shot to death, afghan supreme court official was walking to his car. and violence continued in other part of the country, as well. in southern afghanistan, taliban insurgents killed 12 workers, who are clearing mines, dozen of others were injured. the violence is growing in afghanistan, as the international military effort comes to an end. the us, however, will leave about 10,800 troops to advice, assist, train afghan soldiers, nato forces will remain on the grounds, as will. the taliban has warned the attacks will continue, on government officials, the military, and also foreigners, including the media.
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>> still ahead on "fox 29 news" at 6:00 some of the local kids team up with police, to make their holiday wishes come true very nasty sinkhole leaves a woman in a very tough spot. it swallows her car. coming up there is a surprising good dealed that are actually thankful this season. plus, this is so awesome, so cool. rare scene at the grand canyon, tourists absolutely stunned. we'll show you more. steve, what's up? >> reporter: tell you what, karen, cowboys have arrived, but arrived to message from one eagles fan that should make them feel at home. not. can't miss this.
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>> very bad fire in philadelphia, forced 67 people from their home, happened on the 2700 block of west lehigh avenue about 5:00 this morning, that's the scene, that's the row home, fortunately, good news on this one, nobody was hurt. that cause that far fire is under investigation. >> happening right now, search crews back in manayunk. they're looking for shane montgomery. they spent a lot of time along manayunk canal, and also the banks of the schuylkill river. that 21 year hold has not been seen since very early thanksgiving morning. in the andorra section of the city where they're doing some more fundraising, brad? >> reporter: that's right, we're at the immaculate heart of mary church. if you look above me, church service is going on, because
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lot of the focus as you mentioned was on shane montgomery earl they are afternoon, and fundraising, and that happened on the bomb level here in the gym. on the gym floor, we saw a lot of heart from these fifth and sixth grade girls, amid very heavy once. signs everywhere there is jv game between ihm and saint helenea wasn't the sole focus, not with shane montgomery still missing. >> we are not the closest church to him, our kids live in the neighborhood, and our very familiar with what's going on. and we're here to help the family in anyway we can. >> shane's been gone for 17 days now, and all weekends long cyo region 21 schools in philadelphia and the suburbs are showing their support in both what they're wearing and giving. >> we got green patches, green everything, as well as selling pretzels and have a donation basket. >> in a dozen gyms filling up
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this weekends, all of the money raised going to shane's family, who was out by the schuylkill river again today after another hopeful tip came in lead to go another lands and water search not far from where shane was last seen. it turned up nothing. at jennifer, watching her daughter, emma, number 45 playing, she can't imagine the loss after child. shane's family is close to her family's heart. >> every time we see it, we see it, we all know what's going on, it is heart wrenching. >> sure is heart wrenching. fundraising at the cyo games actually started last night, will continue through the day tomorrow. karen? >> heavy rone, snow, caused it to overflow. controls dollars at 33 feet, which is a foot above the flood stage. people had to wade through the knee high water. there was even some kids who were using kayaks, in order to get around.
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>> just had no clue where the water was going to stop. right now about a foot below entering the basement. >> the forecast does clear up for tomorrow. meteorologists say there could be some more rain expected to start off the week in that area. >> and some violent weather half the world away has nearly 100 people missing in indonesia. officials say 18 people are dead, 90 others missing, after landslide in indonesia. it happened late yesterday, heavy rain is being blamed for that. officials say rescuers heard what sounded like calls for help coming from the debris. they're frantically searching, tractors, bulldozers on site, trying to help find survivors trapped in the mud. >> hundreds of people came together, came together for a walk, mandela's widow walked arm in arm after fellow prison inmate of her husband, then laid at the foot of mandela's statue. commemoration ceremonies are
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being held all over that country. >> for all that he has done for us, for the 27 years that he spent in jail, we just want to say thank you for all you have done for us, and may you rest in peace. >> mandela passed away last december at the age of 95. >> still ahead here on fox 29 neutral at 6:00. there was a sinkhole it, swallows up a woman's car, leaves her in her pretty tough spot, she can certainly use the money, but the community coming through for her big-time. why is she celebrating christmas a little early this year? next.
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in is just so cool. pretty rare site, as well. a sea of thick clouds, fog, we call it, necessary egg just below the rim of the grand canyon. you can see it moving very slowly up and down there. all the rain in northern arizona caused the fog to pull around that area on friday, the national weather service says it is pretty rare it, happens only once every several years. and, another odd phenomenon. a sinkhole, not as rare in florida, certainly they're used to them, but if that's your car, man, that's a big problem right there. it swallowed a woman's car, and she didn't have a lot of money to replace it, but there is a car dealership stepping up and giving her a brand new vehicle. our aaron has the story. >> this is not going to solve all of your problems, but here is your brand new, 2015,
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hyundai. >> thank you, thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you. >> your welcome. >> with new set of car keys in hand, anna marie boyde jones was ready to get into her brand new ride, gift from nearby hyundai dealership. >> i'm very, very, very happen. >> i our heart went out to her. she lost her husband last year. all the sudden this gigantic sinkhole right in the front of her house. >> then she drove back to her house, and parked her new car in the exact spot where a sinkhole swallowed her last one. >> like you see the car is parked, exact the way i was park before, the sinkhole. >> and a day full of firsts, her first night home in weeks, may be the one she looks forward to the most. >> this is my place for 14 years, and, you know, the only thing i know is -- >> it has been one month since this happened, that sinkhole opened in her driveway. the images are hard to forget, her car, swallowed up by the earth. >> then days late their same vehicle dangling from the end
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after crane. >> her community and county are moving forward, on monday, crews will resume work on nearby sewer project, they stop to test whether their construction triggered the grounds collapse. the county says everything is stable enough to continue. >> i trust, they're not going to do something, knowing dangerous for nobody. >> a positive outlook despite all that's happened, for a woman ready to get back to normal. >> good to be home? >> yes, very much so, yes, i'm very, very happy, yes. >> still ahead on "fox 29 news" at 6:00 ebola, crisis in ukraine, so many big news stories, it has been quite a year. we'll take a look back at some of our biggest stories. plus also, a interesting site. massive construction project, making history in our city. that's next. dom cane? >> today was dry day. little breaks every sunday shine, highs in the low 40's, almost seasonal. we will get the temperatures up there, by the ends of the weekend. we'll show you how much mor
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>> construction project underway in center city. crews in the process of pouring 4,000 yards every concrete as part of the foundation of the new comcast innovation and technology center. this is one of the largest that we've ever had in your our city's history. when it is finished the skyscraper will soar to 1,121 feet. it is expected to open in 2018. well, 2014 coming to a close, and what a 12 months it has been. revelers ushered in the year with obviously as every year, high hopes, big dreams, did have series every tragedies that marched a lot of this year from ukraine, to ebola, to unrest in ferguson. our shelf smith takes us a look back as he recaps the year. >> 2014 broad more gridlock, deadly outbreak, and historic election. the year started with a pay raise for low income workers, higher minimum wages took effect in 13 states, and president obama signed
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executive order, raising minimum wage. gay rights also took major steps forward, same sex marriage, now legal in 35 states, and the district, after series every federal court rulings throughout the year. 2014 saw the start of the worse ebola outbreak in history. the virus has killed more than 5,000 people in west africa topping duncan the first patient diagnosed in the u.s. doctors say he came down with the disease in liberian died at hospital in dallas. his treatment led to the infection of two nurses who later recovered. russia took over the crimea pen lanes a will, the us slapped financial punishment on moscow, and then the downing of malaysia airline flight 17 over ukraine killed all 298 people on board, pro russian rebels, and government forces, blamed each other. >> another mal air an airlines flight mh370 ends in the
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march, anusitis milk, despite exhaustive international search, no one has found one sign of the jet. in washington state, a huge mud slide engulfed an entire neighborhood, destroying homes, and killing dozens of people. general motors recalled a record 30 million vehicles because of safety problems including faulty ignition switches, blamed for at least three dozen deaths. the ceo, mary barra told congress the company will do whatever it takes to compensate the victims. in nevada, attends stands off between the federal government and supporters every rancher, live and bundy, he refuses to pay grazing fees to the bureau of management. most of the protesters ends, but bundy has not resolved his payment dispute. kitted napped 296 school girls in nigeria, threat toned sell them at sex slaves, at last word most of the girls were still in captivity. >> the first major tornado
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outbreak of the year hit the united states in late april. the twisters killed more than 30 people, in the midwest, and the south. major scandal rocked the veterans administration, va secretary general eric, resigned over the summer, after revelations of long waits foray appointments, and secret waiting lists at va hospitals. the department announced major overhaul months later. taliban released american bringing nerve bo berg doll, the us military launched investigation whether bergdahl deserted his post before the tal began captured him. islamic state began major offensive, capturing huge areas of eastern syria and northern iraq. the american-led coalition launched air strikes against isis targets, and the us said thousands of so-called military advisors to the grounds in iraq. but president obama insists he will not sends us combat troops. israel invaded the gaza strip over the summer.
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the conflict fueled by the killing of three israelis teenagers by palestinian millitant. the fighting ended with a cease-fire. in the town of ferguson, missouri, it turned violent after shooting of unarmed teen acre michael brown. grand jury decided not to bring charges against officer. that spark new violence in ferguson, and protests all across our country. in august robin williams took his own life at the age of 63. his suicide put a new spotlight on depression and mental health. >> in pennsylvania, a huge manhunt for eric matthew frein, 31 year old survival list accused of shooting and killing one, captured him at the ends of the october after he spent six weeks on the run. a milestone for lower manhattan, one world trade center opened it doors for the first time to new tenant, more than eight years after
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construction began. >> the 2014 elections ended when a gop bang. republicans winning control of the senate, and adding to their large majority in the house. >> washington, ends the the year, with a contentious fight over immigration reform. president obama announced the plan to use executive authority, to shield at least 4 million immigrants from deportation. republicans say they're considering their options to block enforcement of that action. >> looking ahead to 2015, we're wait to go see if the president of the new congress can warning together and with the midterm elections behind us, the race for the white house is already heating up. of course we'll be here for all of it. in new york, shepherd smith, fox news. >> and still ahead here on "fox 29 news" at 6:00, local children getting a chance to shop with a cop. a great program. holiday tradition that puts so many smiles on the faces of so many children.
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>> sitting 600,000 slams from egypt, terrifying cycle of busy play. >> i came to tell you something is coming. >> film stars christian bale, joe, erin paul. bail bridges his batman voice to the bible and is nothing short of epic making you forget all about charles ton heston. backlash, hey, you're whitewash g history. i felt that way, too. white slaves in the movie? >> yeah, look everybody was white. >> everybody. >> everybody was white with bronzer,. >> they look like this on the jersey shore. >> really? but the acting was on point, though. it is a ticket, very disgruntled matinee ticket. >> and i guess i'll go see
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>> my favorite part of the holiday was when my dad would bring out all of the model railroad cars, you know, that four by eight piece of plywood, put the green grass down, set up all of the trains for christmas. i can't wait to do that this year for my little three year old. >> give them the gift they
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actually need, a triple a membership. visit triple a booth come. holiday music, the the holidays will be a lot happier for children in chester county, about 70 coatesville area children were treated to christmas shopping spree. thanks to some of the local police officers from parks berg, children were teamed up with a member of one of nine chester county law enforcement agencies, for a day of holiday shopping. like a dream come true. local businesses donated 100-dollar wal-mart gift cards, for children to buy whatever they wanted for themselves and their families. >> the relationship between the police and the community is really important. starts at a young age. too often the only time they see the police is when something negative is happening. they're smart. they connect the dots. >> well, this is really cool. these are also awesome elves in the back wrapping all of the gifts so the children can take home wrapped gift to their family members. it is the eighth year for the
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coatesville shop with a cop program. >> and also, we want to see your holiday light. we know you have wonderful holiday light. so sends them in. post your pictures, or your videos, on any kind of social media, on facebook, on twitter, on instagram. just use the hashtag, you see it in front of your face, fox 29 lights. if you use the hashtag we can find it and we will share it on television, so much fun. still ahead here on "fox 29 news" at 6:00 a struggling single mother had no idea how she was going to buy the gift for her little girl's christmas. then, a secret santa stepped n we have the heart-warming story. dom cane? >> no weather for us around here, but winter weather advisories just out to the west, state college, al tune, a and so far it could get a little bit of freezing drizzle. i'll tell you where you can expect that coming up. >> my favorite holiday memories, from when i was a little tiny girl, was when we had just arrived from viet nam. and we didn't have any money. >> they took me to this little tiny toy shop.
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they said, well, you need to pick out a present for your cousin, and who is your age, so i'm looking way up, because all of the shelves were way taller than i was, i saw a doll that said it could walk. so i point today that one. they said are you sure that's the doll that i your cuss win love? i'm like oh, the best present ever. that's the doll. so christmas comes, there is actually a couple present there, which was amazing, so i go to the tree, and i open up one of the presents. and i knew that my mom and dad must have told santa that that was the doll that my cousin in viet nam would want. so they got it for me, through santa, of course, and it was such a huge big deal. because i knew they couldn't afford it, but yet i still got it.
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>> big investigation into what caused a massive brawl. check that out. this is at western illinois university on friday evening, it broke out following a black student association meeting. county and state police were called to the scene, pepper spray was used to break up the
6:44 pm
crowd. it is still not clear what caused that fight. >> and there is a california woman, full of holiday joy, after she gets an early present from an anonymous secret santa. amber lee has the story. >> dear santa, i would like a specially set puppy. >> eight year old brianna had written up a list of toys she would like for christmas. she and her mother recently moved into this one-bedroom apartment on the rent on their previous home doubled. holly works as a nanny, and says each day sastruga. >> i it is so hard to make ends meet. even seeing my daughter every day is hard. >> bianca said her car was repossessed monday, and she and her dart we are go hungry if not help from a food pantry. >> still has gravy left over. >> she wore business becoming homeless. >> every day, every day. >> still, the day after
6:45 pm
thanksgiving, she went to toys "r" us to put some of the toys brianna wanted on lay away. she put $20 down. but the total was more than 200. >> oh, my gosh, how am i going to pay for it? and then all the sudden this happens. >> what happened was a phonecall from toys "r" us today. >> high, this is veronica from the toys "r" us of winchester. just to let you know, we had an anonymous guest come in and pay off your lay away. so when you're ready, we actually have your lay @ way ready for pick up. let us know, thank you, have a good day. >> i just said thank you, god, thank you, god, that's what i said. >> she pick up the toys. >> this is all things that were on her list. >> the store told her the secret santa wishes to remain anonymous. but the mother wanted to show her gratitude. >> i just want to say thank you so much for making our christmas the best christmas i've ever had. >> she hopes her story will help other. >> i was hoping that no other
6:46 pm
families would give up, that to believe, van fate, that a miracle can happen. >> oh, that holiday spirit. that will was amber lee reporting. let's get a check of our weather. really nice day today dominica. a lot milder. >> yes, and it will be milder tomorrow, too. real nice forecast for the eagles game tomorrow night, which isn't bad at all. also, a lot going on. further away you get from the city, but like a shooting star every hour. so if you get a chance go out, after 10:00 o'clock, will be the best time, and tomorrow, too you can watch that, as well. 40 degrees, right now, little bit of cloud cover out there, it is 30 in mount pocono, we have 35 in atlantic city, 49
6:47 pm
in wildwood. so temperatures definitely have come up a bit. and we're seeing more seasonal temperatures, fortunate thing, though, we still have the winds coming out of the northwest. and they are pretty gust any some spunt, eight in wildwood, six in the city, wilmington, 15-mile per hour winds. those will die down a bit overnight. and then we will see them pick up somewhat, first part of sunday, before they die down again. windchills, what it really feels like. keep that in mind headed out tonight. you still need to bundle up. certainly not bitterly cold. but it is still pretty chilly. and that winds is going to last through the beginning part of the evening, as well. so, here is a look at ultimate doppler. we are starting to break up. snow west of the city. that's due to a system. you can see moving, starting to get pick up on the radar there. and that is causing winter weather watch.
6:48 pm
but that's all the way out through state college, part of altoona. they are looking at that is correct hopefully you can hear me better now. and we are dealing with just the clouds with this. any chance that we could see some freezing drizzle would be out through the poconos, that would be really closer to midnight. so just keep that in mind tomorrow, out west, in the morning, with the cool temperatures, could you have a few slick spots. otherwise, tonight it is 39. it will be clear, though clouds will break again, if you can, after 10:00 o'clock, try to check out some of those meteor showers. it will be really cool. and then you can catch it again tomorrow, as well. we won't have too many clouds around tomorrow evening. so, it should be a nice show for all. forty-five tomorrow, certainly milder there is time of the year, that's what we want to see is temperatures in the upper 40's. clouds, and sun, i do think we'll get in on a little bit more sun tomorrow, than we did today, the winds also will still be little bit busy, but not as bad. and then they come down for the eagles game. snow is an important forecast, it is not a bad forecast for
6:49 pm
middle of december. 38 degrees, by kick-off. we should be in the low 30's, by about half time. and those windchills are going to feel like it is in the low 30's, so, if you are going to the game, certainly, bundle up. but things could be a lot worse for, that we will be dry, and pretty all-in-all nice december forecast. there is a look at the seven day forecast, 46, monday, so temperatures stay average or a little bit above, first day of channukah there, do have chance for showers likely, that would be all rain event, because the temperatures will be sitting high in the 40's, and then, next sunday, looks like we could see some mixed precipitation. that's a ways out. so, we'll have to update you on that. but, a pretty quiet week ahead, and it will certainly be nice to have average temperatures, who would have thought? average temperatures. we'll take it, right? >> good for the shopping. good forgetting out and good for the holiday light. we really appreciate when people send their pictures of the holiday light. just had one from gerald dean
6:50 pm
brown. we appreciate that one, nice, so keep those light pictures coming, lots of fun there. oh, i was told today by one of the viewers, cathy, to please wear orange and black because the flyers play today. >> oh, okay, well, you didn't. >> well, sorry. >> not good listener. >> what happened, keith, what happened with the game? >> well, you didn't but they d and they played a colorful game today. that's for sure. you know the flyers come out icy hot. we've got a mess ankle for the cowboys you need to stick around for. wait a minute. is this them right here? are they really here? did they dare show up? well, we will tell you why they shouldn't have made the trip in just a few
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
the flyers likely getting more shots on goal, getting more wins, who knew hockey was that easy? it has been easy for wayne simmons, really easy, the flyers have gotten at least a point in the last five games n those five games, simmons has
6:53 pm
five goals, and when he isn't scoring, someone else is. now, remember when the flyers were saying they weren't sharing the puck? how is this for sharing? one, two, three. easy as that. flyers beat the hurricanes, five-one. now, who ever loses tomorrow night is not just skating on thin ice. they are bea to fall through. hopefully it is them, not us. one thing for sure, in the two years under chip kelly, the eagles have played some meaningful games in december. now, granted they haven't been able to beat the big boys yet. but, to get another shot, against the likes of greenbay, seattle, arizona, the eagles have to get there. and to get there, they have to beat dallas, tomorrow night, simple as that. >> games are always fun when there is something on the line, you know, you don't want to -- it is really not that interesting when the win or lost doesn't really mean anything. so, as you get to the month of december, it is usually always down to the wire, every game, means something even more, you can't get back these games, a
6:54 pm
lot earlier in the season you can work your way back losses really kind of hurt your team as far as what you want to do in the future. >> you know this week the cowboys montra has been we were not ourselves thanksgiving day. that wasn't us. well, that excuse may work once, but won't work twice. the eagles know dallas is treating this like a rematch after fight. they'll come out hard from the start, throwing all kinds of crazy punches, but what happens when we punch them back? that's the eagles job to find out. >> last time we played them, they got bad. how to make that statement, you know, so we look forwards to them coming in here and fighting hard, it will be a tough game, so i don't think it will be like last game, that type of blow out. >> you know get the best shot, i mean, and after the game, two weeks, so definitely -- but something, you know, almost like want to get back together, but we have to go there, play our game, and just
6:55 pm
show what we did last game against them. got to really be focused and be determined to come out with a win. >> you know the cowboys haven't lost on the road all season. so dot eagles really have a home field advantage? we discuss it game day live tomorrow morning 11:00 a.m., fox, at 4:25, the hawks-niners, great day every football on fox 29. villanova looking for great day of football. three more wins including today, the cats would be celebrating their second national title. now the cats, seven and zero at home this season, facing, coached by that man, remember him, former delaware coach who won the title with joe flock owe. back and forth game, sam takes three-point lead. nova chance to tie. kicking game a problem all year. so this one from 46 yards, to tie the game, no good. but the cats call for delay of game. let's drive 51 yarder. what do you think will happen? don't tell me the same thing will happen. yes, the same thing is going to happen. how do you miss two in a row
6:56 pm
in the same way? glove a great season over now, 34-three; your final. >> college basketball, lasalle, drexel. explorers trying to snap a losing streak, leave it to roberts, 15 points and the game, drexel had no answer. the dragons though opened the second half on a eight-nothing run, but lasalle holds them off. sixty-five-55, the final. drexel, winless in the series, since 1990, put it in the hope -- 1997. finally he calls himself the hatchet. host almost 200 people in reading pennsylvania for the eagles game tomorrow night. he's got a message for big d. >> season giving and loving. sharing that love. you stinking dallas cowboys. you don't get any more from the hatchet. just follow me here in my lockerroom here in beautiful reading, pen merge, follow me for ooh players, you back at the hotel, you are watching
6:57 pm
there is and my wonderful cowboys fans, check this out. good bye, dallas. >> seriously? seriously. >> seriously, you can seymour barry the the hatch emulge seen on tv tab on eagles fan for six years. he says come to the lockerroom. i said when the eagles make the playoffs. >> that huge man cave? >> yes. >> like everybody in the whole town comes? >> poured a hundred grand into that basement. >> we've seen it, it is impressive. who is on game day tomorrow? >> me, howard, dave spadaro, darwin walker, that's what you call the fan tack i can four. fantastic four. >> all-star cast, absolutely, of course you can see all of us tonight at 10:00 o'clock, joyce off. you have dominica, myself and of course keith. see you tonight at 10:00. >> ♪
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- >> now, we absolutely know why diddy punched drake from diddy's own mouth. i thought boy wonder is the one who created the song. but is drake the one who wrote it? >> it's like elton john and burnie top. >> elton john he had an old dude moment. he goes to sit back down. and that's when the video gets funny because he falls. [laughter] >> everyone tries to start laughing because they think it's going to be funny. >> is he hurt? stops. >> mama june is jock blocking sugar


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