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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 13, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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and those whip fast punches. >> very much like cain velazquez did. >> also very important for him to win on the feet with a lot of movement. head movement, foot movement. >> mike goldberg, joe rogan, live from ufc arizona, on fox, this is the main event of the evening just under way. junior dos santos, stipe miocic. >> he's in trouble. >> in the blue trunks, former champion in the white trunks. >> he tagged him a couple of times there in that exchange. >> this nontitle main event scheduled for five five-minute rounds. >> he hit, jr., with some decent shots there, mike. >> miocic 6-1 in the ufc.
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dos santos 10-2. the only man to ever beat him in the ufc, champion cain velazquez. >> miocic trying to take a page out of the same book with a similar strategy. there he is again landing punches. very important. >> midway point of the first. >> left hook by junior. very good left hook. >> outstanding. truly the strike of the game. >> miocic. >> that's a very good right hand by miocic. biggest punch to the fight so far landed by miocic. he got down for a single. got junior up against the stage again and hits with another
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right-hand on the face. very important. he continues to do that. another right hand and another one. >> big swing and a miss. technically they both landed the same amount of punches so far. >> miocic have been more damaging. the shots he landed have been the biggest shots of the fight. that was a big one, though, by dos santos. >> huge hammer over the top. >> miocic -- >> he's finished more than one man with that punch. >> big uppercut. >> he loves the uppercut. he loves the left hook. >> the fight and uppercut he landed on fabricio still plays on highlight reels. >> ufc debut back in 2008. >> right out of the way of that
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one. >> cigano out of the way. >> good right-hand by miocic. >> and the clinch. fourteen months since we've seen junior dos santos competing in the octagon. once again, the right cheek of the former champion. >> so far stipe miocic fighting the round of his career. the most dangerous fighter he's ever picked. >> confidence is huge here in the fighting. stipe miocic is ultraconfident he can win this fight. >> he's showing confidence. he's also showing excellent ability and strategy. he just got attacked there again and again.
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>> "ufc fight night" on fox. dos santos versus miocic sponsored by bud light. here we go. sitting in the corner, the left cross still working. don't drop your hands at the end of combinations. he's making you pay for that. >> that's something they worked a lot in training. that lead left hand. you can see it in the warm-up. in the dressing room they were working on his stepping. that lead left hook. >> switches his stance, throws out the right-handed jab from the southpaw. >> right-hand by miocic. >> the takedown. >> good hammer fist by junior defending. >> dos santos has stuck all four stipe miocic against that spot. >> what's really important stipe is making junior work.
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he's making him grapple. that's the time out. goo use of the body by stipe. >> and he breaks once again. miocic born and raised in northeast ohio. >> right away we're seeing in the second round, there's a difference in the way he's carrying himself. he's not nearly as confident and he's much slower. >> talked about he made the move to rio to prepare for this fight. a lot of great players. >> they are calling for, he needs more than one punch.
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miocic. >> good connection. >> miocic is taking it to junior dos santos in a way a lot of people when this fight was announced probably could never have imagined. >> junior dos santos still has the kind of power that can end the fight with one punch if he connects perfectly. so far stipe has shown a remarkable -- >> and patience. >> starting to bleed now on the right eye. beautiful by stipe. >> overhand right swing. >> big right-hand. >> get in tight. junior is busted up. >> stipe miocic was spectacular, mike. right back into velazquez playbook. talking about this is one of the most brutal aspects of mma, up
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against the cage. these guys are using a tremendous amount of energy. big right-hand. >> three minutes remain in this round. the fight is scheduled for five five-minute rounds. >> big for stipe if you land those shots. when junior gets away from him, his ability to connect with hard shots -- hard shot. >> right there. >> good hard shot. >> changes level. trying to put together some combinations. 90 seconds. >> to the body by junior. >> again. >> very nice. beautiful.
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>> stipe. again, the former champion. >> good right-hand by stipe. >> they clench. the right-hand has been the big weapon for stipe miocic. >> junior, keeping him there. look for him to try to land the shot as junior tries to break through. elbow by miocic. remember, we are only in the second round of a five-round fight. >> takedown. >> that's huge, mike. that's really huge. >> twenty seconds remain. >> excellent cater he may be tired. >> ten seconds.
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look at my backyard! this is crazy. wow! that's what i'm talking about. i want to fire the cannons! [everyone cheering] bud light. the perfect beer for whatever happens. >> once again, very confident corner for stipe miocic. head coach, marcos. as you mentioned earlier, falling for that left hook dos santos. >> no kick by dos santos. very few kicks. none in the legs. not seeing much diversity in his attacks. seeing a lot of boxing, a lot of moving around, looking to throw that hook. looking to throw a right-hand. mostly mixing it up if you go to the body. hasn't shown -- hasn't threatened to make stipe think.
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all he's doing is boxing. >> stipe miocic. >> now jimmy is on top. >> a bit of a struggle here. stipe back to his feet. very nasty job on miocic. his right-hand. >> again on miocic. >> over the top with that right-hand. i like how he's rolling to the right and over the top. >> both sides breathing heavy. >> a big push. >> stipe going to be about those bursts and recovering from bursts and putting it back on junior.
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>> if you think damage, miocic winning the fight. dos santos after, a former champion. >> this is a dreamy fight. this type of fight makes you realize why cain velazquez is so special. he's the only guy in this division that can fight five rounds at that same pace. >> i've never seen anyone like it in all my years watching heavyweight fights. >> wrestled right here, miles from the arena tempe, arizona at arizona state, all american. dos santos changing legwork again and again. >> good shot to the body by junior.
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>> good right-hand over the top by miocic. >> dos santos trying to do more damage. >> what we said about junior's power. it can change things instantly. >> it just did. >> stipe still moving forward. jab by dos santos. >> the crowd reacts. >> just missed with that right. >> i'll tell you what, i'm very impressed with stipe's ability to take a shot. very impressed. >> junior steps right out of it. nine of ten takedown attempts. and he just sent a message to stipe miocic.
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stipe. >> giving junior confidence as well. >> absolutely. good old-fashioned heavyweight fight. both men landing in a very high percentage. >> junior almost exclusively boxing approach. >> ripping out that right-hand. >> nice right-hand over the top. miocic rolled with it. >> trying to break him down with body shots. >> miocic does not open, which is never good. this is a tough fight. >> miocic fought some great competition. this is definitely the toughest test, as we've said, in his
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career. >> good shot to the body. junior upstairs. good right-hand by junior. >> good round for junior dos santos. >> he's really connecting, hard shot to the ground, mike. certainly the hardest of the fight. >> watch for the uppercut. over hand instead. flavor to the edge. get any one of our ten new crust flavors for free. like, toasted asiago crust... salted pretzel crust... or fiery red pepper crust, for free. order now and score two medium pizzas for $6.99 each. get it all at ha-ha john! john and horace dodge launched their first car in 1914. but they were not only business partners, they were brothers. competitive, stubborn... and always pushing each other. the way only brothers can. [engine revving]
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one hundred years later, their spirit lives on. only pizza hut's new menu takes flavor to the edge. get any one of our ten new crust flavors for free. like, toasted asiago crust... salted pretzel crust... or fiery red pepper crust, for free. order now and score two medium pizzas for $6.99 each. get it all at >> here is the counter left hook junior dos santos lands on the jaw of stipe miocic that had miocic in all sorts of trouble. he came in with his hands down and junior capitalized on it brilliantly. >> the momentum shift in this fight in the last round. it's that left hook, called for. the one they had worked on in the locker room.
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>> perhaps more than a little change in momentum. >> this fight, especially that low kick. >> all right? let's go. >> both men battered but not beaten. >> the leg again. >> following it up. >> stipe could use more of those especially since junior leads heavy with that front leg. puts a lot of weight on it. stipe trying the takedown, almost had it.
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>> the takedown of the former champion. >> beat him the first time. takedown attempt. >> got through, stipe ignores it. nice jab by junior. >> brown down. fabricio, dos santos defeated in ufc debut. >> it's really becoming mma match, a couple of kicks by stipe. but majority of the offense by these two gentlemen has been. >> miocic, the golden gloves champion. we know junior dos santos biggest asset is boxing skills. >> and takedown defense, the
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best in the division. >> just over three minutes. >> stipe still putting a lot of pressure on junior. >> miocic tonight fighting in his third five-round fight. he's never gone 25 minutes in his career. uppercut just missed. for junior his fifth five-round fight. first time cain velazquez -- >> stipe doing a really good job of measuring, moving away following and connecting with the right. >> over the top.
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>> stipe certainly slowed. >> nice right-hand. >> that's what miocic wants. >> junior trying to get out of harm's way. he shakes it off. >> big shot landed by miocic. >> junior lands one of his own. >> another one. twelve and thirteen takedown attempts. significant strikes landed through dos santos trying to build a lead in that category.
10:22 pm
nice jab. >> they clench. >> excellent pressure by miocic, too. >> oh, my god. beautiful take down by junior. just when you least expect it. >> junior has some very good power. >> especially right here when miocic is tired. >> he's proven to be very vicious in this position. >> he's got it. likely done. >> his right eye. >> dos santos one of two, miocic
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>> fifth and final round. what a battle here in phoenix in our main event. dos santos, miocic, five minutes remain. >> a lot of respect shown at the beginning of the fifth and final round of these guys have gone through a war. >> this may come down to the mental part, who wants it more. junior with a jab to the body. >> looks like stipe miocic was
10:25 pm
taking over but a big left changed things in the third for the former champion. he's been a much more confident fighter against miocic since that landed. >> big right to the body by junior. he's been doing that a lot tonight. >> looking for that big overhand right. oftentimes covered up that jab to the body. he's looking for it. there it is. junior with that right-hand again.
10:26 pm
three and a half. stipe miocic seems to be pacing himself, not attacking too much in the beginning of this round. he could just be that he's absolutely exhausted as well and doesn't have the energy to attack. but in a round where it's critical to win, junior dos santos is being much more active. beautiful shot to the body by junior. good right-hand by stipe. left. i think stipe is absolutely exhausted, mike. i think that's what we're seeing. >> a lot of that because of the body shot. >> also fighting the fifth round. four rounds with a monster like
10:27 pm
junior dos santos is a grueling fight. >> gone the distance in a five-round fight. new territory for stipe miocic. >> so far junior is clearly outboxing him in this fifth. >> miocic started very well. >> just missed that right-hand, too. oh, man. >> both men still looking for a finish. >> two minutes to go. he's exhausted, mike. junior is still looking for the big shot. >> junior has changed a lot of things in the last 14 months, but the character and the battle that is in this man's heart and soul showcased again tomorrow. >> good right-hand by stipe and
10:28 pm
another and another. that was a big one, mike. >> minutes remain. >> junior ties him up. >> both men leaving it all in the octagon here. miocic with the right-hand again. take down outstanding tonight for dos santos. >> a minute to go. anyone can win this fight in this next minute. a big result in this next minute. >> good shot to the body there, joe. three of them. >> junior has been very diligent with his bodywork. >> he looked up at the clock. >> a lot on their feet. >> big punches by stipe and returned by junior.
10:29 pm
>> what a great crowd tonight. >> stipe. >> thirty seconds remain. >> stipe turning it on. >> for the first -- >> big by junior. >> a great main event. fifteen seconds on the clock. >> another right-hand. >> final seconds of this fight. >> they go the distance. >> what a fight. what a war. >> who has earned the victory, dos santos or miocic? find out next.
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>> "ufc fight night" on fox is sponsored by bud light, the perfect beer for whatever happens. and by metro pcs, nationwide 4g
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lteed riding on t-mobile network for $40 period. >> dos santos miocic goes the distance. with the official decision, here is bruce buffer. >> ladies and gentlemen, after five rounds we go to the judges score cards tore decision. score contest 49-47, 49-46, 49-46 for the winner by unanimous decision junior "cigano" dos santos. >> truly a hard fought victory. the fight sponsored by nationwide 4g lte riding on network for $40 period. >> big left hook by junior dos santos here.
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that's the one that stopped stipe. here is a right-hand by junior. left hook to stipe. this was a very hard fight, mike. >> once again, we want to know what you think was the best of the night. tweet us, tune into fox 4 on fox sports 1 for the winning move. a complete recap for tonight's fight action in phoenix, turn over to fox sports live right now. coming up next on fox, it's your late local news except on the west coast. so long, everybody. ts!
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>> right now on fox 29, a here so laid to rest. so many friends and family and city leaders and complete strangers saying good-bye to the first female firefighter ever killed in the line of duty in philadelphia. good evening, everyone, i'm karen hepp. joyce craig died on tuesday,
10:35 pm
fighting a fire in west oaklane. our sabina car coast was at her service today. >> reporter: black bunting draped over engine 64, as it carried the casket of firefighter joyce craig to the broad street funeral home where thousands gathered to pay their final respects. fire commissioner derrick soar led the procession, mayor nutter walking with city leaders just behind the engine >> when i heard she got hurt on the job ... i was mad at god that day. >> the funeral project add a to a crowd out to the streets, promoting her to lieutenant, the aspiring fire marshall would have loved. craig became the first female fire fighters to die in the line every duty, in
10:36 pm
philadelphia history when she was killed tuesday morning, trying to save an elderly woman during a basement fire in west oaklane. >> very personable, very likable, you know, there were times when i visited the fire station where she was working, had an opportunity to have good conversation, you know, you build a raport. >> retired police officer robin perry new craig and says women and police and fire share a special bond. >> we have to count on one another. you have to have each other's back. you know, that's the first and for most. >> firefighters from as far away as ohio, baltimore, washington, d.c. and new york attended. >> we didn't know her personally, but like she is a sister of ours. and, you know, the rest, everybody else around here, a big brotherhood. so one falls, we come and support. >> i'm just glad that everybody came out, even as cold as it is, to give the support, and we want to support the philadelphia fire department. >> joyce's colleagues spoke of her tough as nails spirit, her
10:37 pm
realness, above all her love for her 16 year old son and her 16 month olds caughter. >> she had two families, now of two families. we're all here for you. >> directly after the funeral, the procession made it way to ivy hill cemetery, one final salute to a hero lost in battle. >> and even as lieutenant craig is laid to rest, the city continues to mourn, mayor nutter has announce add 30 day mourning period here in the city of philadelphia where flags will be flown at half staff. sack ear a kuriakose, "fox 29 news". and happening right now, a confrontation in the street has led to gunfire. police say there is a 49 year old man who is just standing in the middle of the 1600 block of york street before 7:30 and he was exchanging some kind of words with the suspect who then pulls out a gun and shoots that victim six times. the man was returned over to the hospital where he is in critical condition right now. the gunman is still on the loose. and, a 59 year old woman is dead after very fast moving fire in delaware county, the
10:38 pm
fire broke out in a home on the 100 block of fernfield avenue, lower chichester, happened before 7:30 this morning, police say the woman died inside the house, her identity is not being released, seven other people are now homeless, it is not clear how that fire started. >> on your radar, we have some milder temperatures, and if you look out your window right now, dominica, people may be seeing some meteor showers. >> yes, absolutely, in the city it is about one to two per hour, in the rural areas, about 40 to 60 per hour, with those meteor showers going through. so, it is a kind of a clear night, the clouds are breaking up, so certainly once you get away from the city lights and the pollution, you have the better chance every seeing it. forty right now, that's the actual air temperature. winds are coming out of the west-northwest at 9 miles per hour, so it is definitely a brisk feel out there. here is a look at the satellite. you can see we still have some cloud cover. it will break up overnight. by the way, the meteor showers, you will be able to
10:39 pm
see tomorrow night, as well. and i think we'll have better conditions cloud wise tomorrow night. here's a look at the headlines, what to expect. overnight, clear and brisk. tomorrow, it is a more mild day. temperatures will get into the upper 40's, the winds will die down a bit, and it will be great football weather for the eagles. what we're looking ahead to, though, and tracking; a rain chance on tuesday, and then possibly a rain-snow mix for next saturday. so, a lot to talk b we'll dough so coming up in a little bitment next a check of the wake up forecast and see how your sunday starts, karen? >> hope it is good, thank you, dom inch a the philadelphia police marine unit was back along the manayunk canal and also the banks of the schuylkill expressway, looking again for shane montgomery, 21 year old has not been seen since early thanksgiving morning. brad in manayunk today, so, brad, new effort underway, and i saw a lot of people on twitter lighting candles. >> reporter: yes, there is a lot of that going on, as you
10:40 pm
mention, philadelphia police were out again today. clearly they're not giving up on the search, neither is this community. you walk down main street manayunk you will see missing shane montgomery, these flyers, absolutely everywhere. if you don't see them, over here, you will see the green ribbons, which are also everywhere. and even some young people we caught today were helping to raise money. on the gym floor at the immaculate heart of mary we saw a lot of heart from these fifth and sixth grade girls from the basketball court a mid some very heavy ones, signs everywhere, at this jv game between ihm and saint helena wasn't the sole focus, not with shane montgomery still missing. >> although we are not the closest church to him, our kids liver in the neighborhood, and are very familiar with what is going on, and we're here to help the family in anyway we can. >> shane's been gone for 17 days now, and all weekend long cyo region schools in philadelphia and the suburbs
10:41 pm
are showing their support in both what they are wearing and giving. >> we got green patches, green everything for the kids to wear, as well as selling pretzels to raise money for shane month gemmery and have a donation basket. >> about dozen gyms filling up this weekend, all of the money raised going to shane's family, who was out by the schuylkill river again today after another hopeful tip came in leading for another land and water rescue where shane was last seen t turned up nothing. >> jennifer watches her daughter, emma, number 45 playing, she can't imagine the loss after child. shane's family is close to her family's heart. >> every time we see it, my kids see it, they all know what's going on, and it is heart wrenching. >> reporter: it sure is heart wrenching. there are more christian youth basketball games set for tomorrow. they'll continue to raise money, meanwhile the reward for information in that search for shane montgomery now up to, karen, $65,000.
10:42 pm
>> hopefully, thanks, brad. two terrible accidents last night on the roosevelt boulevard. one of them was deadly, a woman lost her life after crashing about 2:00 this morning, right near north fifth street and the boulevard. police say the woman lost control of her vehicle, and slammed into a tree. her car burst into flames. investigators are not releasing her identity yet. >> and police are also investigating a two-vehicle crash, this one happened just after 11:00 last night, at the boulevard at haldeman avenue. police say there was chevy tahoe that ran a red light, hit the driver after honda civic who lost control of his vehicle. slammed into two trees before stopping after crossing the median. that victim was treated at the hospital and has been released. >> police in camden are trying to find a man they say robbed the rite aid store this afternoon. this all happened at the rite aid, 1400 block of mt. ephraim avenue. police say the man handed the clerk a note, asking for money, she gave him some money, before police arrived, he got away. nobody was hurt, if you know who that person is on the
10:43 pm
video, please, call investigators. there is a bucks county contractor who has been convicted of stealing millions every dollars from ripping people off. now he can be facing decades in jail. fifty-eight year old john succi was accused of receiving payments from major remodeling jobs, then do little or shotty work. and then demanding more money. more than ten people filed complaint against him. after we told but his story, more victims came forward. he is going to be sentenced next week. he's facing more than 100 years behind bars. >> they have made arrest in the school shoot that injured three people in portland, oregon. police arrested 22 year old lanso murphy early this morning, now in custody. shooting scene happened on friday right outside alternative high school. witnesses say there may have been a fight outside the high school before the shooting. there is a 16 year old girl who was in critical condition right now. there are two men also in the hospital and another girl was grazed by a bullet.
10:44 pm
happening right now, senate democrats and republicans have reached an agreement on the spending bill. the long-term funding bill was the main item left on congress' docket of things to do this year. it is $1.1 trillion spending bill. >> this will give money for nearly the entire government through september 30th. the ends of the current budget year. senate majority leader harry reid announced agreement to move ahead this evening. >> news from overseas, a very, very violent day in afghanistan, more than dozen people were killed, john huddy with the story. >> 2us soldiers were killed yesterday when their military convoy was attacked in afghanistan, so far, today, at least 20 people have been killed, as the violence in afghanistan continues to increase. this is all that was left of a bus destroyed by a suicide bomber earlier today in cub he will. six afghan soldiers killed, at least 14 other wounded. in another attack, two gunmen
10:45 pm
shot to death in afghan supreme court official was walking to his car, and the violence continued in other part of the country, as well. in southern afghanistan, taliban insurgents killed workers clearing mines. dozens others were injured. the violence is growing in afghanistan, as the international military effort comes to an end. the us, however, will leave about 10,800 troops to advise, assist, and train afghan soldiers, nato forces will remain on the gown, as well. the taliban has warned the attacks will continue on government officials, the military, and also foreigners, including the media. in jerusalem, john huddy, fox news. chaos on college campus, coming up there was a brawl that left student battered and bruised. plus, also, something heartwarming. couples struggling to become parents say they are finding miracles, it is happening in new jersey, there is a clinic making their families
10:46 pm
complete. that story coming up. and also take a close look. this does not happen very often. that is cool. would you look at all of that fog there. rare scene at the grand canyon, left a lot of tourists stunned.
10:47 pm
you have heard that mantra over and over again, echoed throughout our country for weeks. this was a scene in new york city today, protesters angry about the deaths of two un
10:48 pm
armed black men at the hands of two white police officers in two separate incidents n our nation's capitol thousands walking along pennsylvania avenue, all calling for change. in that rally, many people from our area. dave kinchen was with them and has their story. >> we are inside the march held by the national action network. there are thousands of people in washington here, marching to capitol hill. they have a message they want to send to lawmakers after the deaths of eric garner and michael brown at the hands every police officers, and after grand jurist did not return indictments in those cases, we found folks from our area, they have a message they want to send, as well. >> what do we snap justice. when do we want? now. >> frustration and anger in the form of peaceful protests down pennsylvania avenue. >> things have to be done differently. you can't just shoot to kill. >> leaders from atlantic county naacp chapter made the
10:49 pm
john toy washington demanding tactics change after recent police shootings around the country. >> the bottom line is nobody deserves to die. >> this woman says it happened to her son. >> he was shot twice in the back of a he -- >> the day began with rally organized by the reverend al sharpton and his national action network. >> show the world today, this is not a black march or white march. this is an american march for the rights of american people. >> he brought out the family of michael brown. >> man you all kept this alive for all the family. we love you all. we really do. we love you all so much. >> protesters from philadelphia, back their call for reform. >> seem something wrong with the process, it is imbalanced. >> can be seen on thousands of signs, black lives matter. anna goldstein says that from a unique perspective, looking at her children, irene and
10:50 pm
isiah. >> so we keep going, harder than for some of our other friends. we think there should be an end to the level of police violence, the agree to which they turn to it so quickly. >> the united state department of justice already has ongoing civil rights investigation, into the police shooting death of michael brown, similar investigation in the eric garner case, but many hearsays justice just isn't moving fast enough. dave kinchen, "fox 29 news". >> hundreds of people came together to remember late south african president nelson mandel a they took part in a walk, his widow washed arm in arm with fellow prison inmate of her husband, then laid a wreath, celebrations being held all over that country.
10:51 pm
remembrance, for all that he has done for us, for the 27 years that he spent in jail, we just want to say thank you for all you have done for us, and may you rest in peace. >> mandela passed away last december at the age of 95. >> drought parched california has gotten desperately what it needed over the past year, but at a very heavy price. this massive storm drenched the state on thursday, is now gone, leaving behind death and destruction. >> the storm was so strong, that one resident thought she was going through an earthquake during the middle of all of the rain. turned out to be a small tornado, in south los angeles. another resident actually caught the tornado on his cell phone. he says he likes to make videos of the rain, he ended up getting much more than he bargained for. you can see the tornado ripping the roof off one home, it damaged a number of other. nobody was hurt. according to us tornados. com, the first tornado in los angeles since 2004, and it was
10:52 pm
classified as ef0. then check out this picture after waterspout. a tornado over water. jason coke err and his girlfriends got the great shot just off newport beach. earlier in the day mud slide, flowing downhill sides, little to no vegetation due to recent wilds fires. mud piled up ten feet high, almost to roof thomas. in the process, dozens of homes were damaged, and at least ten had to be red tagged. >> when the doors slam shut, i now they was 2 feet of mud behind me, the window blew out. then i knew we had complete flow of mud and water going through the house completely. >> heavy rainfall caused severe flooding throughout the region forcing firefighters to conduct several swift water rescues, up north, two people died, in oregon from the storms. they also knocked out power for tens of thousands of people across the west coast. white out conditions hit other part of california, as snow blanketed parts of the sierra nevada mountains.
10:53 pm
throughout all, part of california got to up 5 inches every rain, and were expecting another storm system to move through in the coming days, that's good news since california is still in the middle of a historic drought. in los angeles, will car, fox news. checking the werth right now, because it was pretty nice day to get whatever you needed done, dominica? >> absolutely was. no troubles with range or even snow, like we had earlier this week. it has been pretty quiet. actually getting some of that pacific air that's coming in to the area. it is making things a little bit more mild, or seasonal, really. temperatures aren't that bad tonight. we have 38 in allentown, it is 31 in mount pocono. compare that to the past couple of nights, and we've been looking at temperatures in the 20's, so these are little easier to take. it is 40 right now in philadelphia. you still have to factor in a windchill. but all-in-all, it is definitely getting a little bit warmer around here. cape may coming in at 40.
10:54 pm
so you wake up weather tomorrow it, won't be as harsh as it was earlier this week. we will be looking at mostly clear skies, right around 7:00, 34, both in the city and the suburbs. winds will still and little bit brisk out of the northwest, that's something we have to see through our sunday, the sun comes up by the way tomorrow, at 7:15. now as far as tomorrow afternoon goings, it is looking pretty good. right through the eagles game. then we have some rain and possibly some wintery weather to talk about coming up in the seven day forecast. karen? >> thank, dominica. check this out. really cool and rare site. a sea of thick clouds necessary egg just below the rim of the grand canyon. you can see it rises and fills it up and also goes back down. it is a rain that's hit the northern area of arizona, that caused this fog to pull in this unusual way friday. national weather service, pretty unusual, only happens once every couple of years. did you hear about angelina jolie? at home? the illness keeping the movie
10:55 pm
star off of her own red carpet this evening.
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
welcome back, massive brawl at western illinois university on friday evening. this chaos errupted after the black student association meeting, county and state police came out there to the scene, pepper spray was used, it is not clear what started that fight. turns out, it was a mild case of the chicken pox that is keeping angelina jolie from doing her promotional appearances for her own new film unbroken, the second film that she has directed, it is about a former olympian, lewis, movie set to premiere in los angeles on monday. universal jolie's children and her husband, brad pitt, will represent her at the premiere, they're saying, she's got her condition in a youtube post. >> i found out last night that i have chicken pox.
10:59 pm
so i will be home, itching, and missing everyone, and i can't believe it because this all means so much to me. i can't believe it. >> here is the thing, doesn't she look so amazing and beautiful with no make up? just totally stunning. her illness comes days after she was criticized by this top hollywood executive in private emails that were made public in that sony cyber attack. her new film did not receive any nominations for this screen actor's guild or the golden globe award. >> the vatican agrees to begin the beautification process for priest trainee killed while surfing in brazil, they call him the surfing priest. known as the surfer angel died back in may of 2009, killed months before he completed becoming a priest, he was known for helping the poor and the sick, and even.
11:00 pm
>> still ahead two, couples, two beautiful babies, after so many heart breaking struggles with infertility. how their road to parenthood is now giving other families some new hope. plus, local children getting the chance to shop with a cop is what they call it, the holiday tradition putting smiles on the faces of so many children. dom cane? >> we didn't have a bad saturday at all, but temperatures are going to get a little bit warmer for sunday. forty-two is our high. i think we'll do about three, 5 de


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