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tv   Fox29 Weekend  FOX  December 14, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EST

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>> what they call unsafe equipment. is it going too far? let us know. use our hashtag "fox 29 hashtag9 weekend. plus, cartoon controversy. >> your news, your neighborhood. live and inter-active. this is fox 29 weekend. >> it is december 14th, already, i'm karen hepp. >> i'm lauren johnson. so much to cover? justhort hour. let's get to it, including the massive march in washington, d.c., what eric garner's mother had to say to protesters gathered in the capitol. >> also, on top of the search
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of the missing 21 year old, something happening on facebook, twitter, all over our delaware valley. you can be a part of it, too. but first, it is very busy sunday, lots to get to this on this day. i saw zoo noel today, caitlin roth. >> right at the philadelphia zoo. >> philadelphia sue, you can meet santa, so much fun, norristown zoo has reindeer, great things to get out done. >> prime santa time, too, he visited my neighborhood last night on firetruck, as well. >> would thought we would seymour sunshine, just going to be another mostly cloudy day out there. >> not showing wet weather, a loft clouds, kind of what we'll see through today, maybe sunshine later this afternoon. it is chilly, not unbearable, didn't feel too bad last night, right now, temperatures are mainly in the 30's, to around 40 degrees, that's not bad. forty in philadelphia, 37 in wilmington, 36 millville, and 39 in wildwood.
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let's go through your fox future cast, starting 9:00 a.m., the includes around right now, we call for mostly cloudy skies, more clearing, as we head into evening. as we head into eagles game time by 8:00, clear skies, light winds, and temperatures will be chilly, but not too bad. forecast forecast at 8: 30:00 p.m., 40 degrees, i don't know, what time do you think people start to get down to the linked to? >> now. >> by 11:00. >> it does start at 8: 30:00 p.m. they've whole day of having fun out there tailgating but if you are headed down now, temperatures probably only rising into the mid 40's. twenty-six if the suburbs, skies clear, tomorrow's forecast, same thing, monday headed back to work and school. 45 degrees, partly sunny skies and seasonable, your seven day forecast, all still ahead. karen? >> thank you, caitlin. new morning, there is an east germantown family who says that someone has firebombed their home.
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>> sack even, a everyone okay this morning? >> so far so good. we do know three month old baby and woman taken to einstein hospital, no word on their condition t does sounds from reports on the scene they look like they're going to be okay. now take a look right here where i'm standing. see the crime scene tape here, at this home, well, that's where residents say somebody through a firebomb, through their month door, this morning. and right next-door, you can see where the front entrance here, and the windows are boarded up. that's where two weeks ago, a suspected firebomb was thrown in, as this residence. now, take a look at some video we got you from the scene earlier this morning, firefighters responded. people who liver at the home tell us they were asleep whether someone through some sort of inch sends area device through their front door. firefighters got here about 1:00 this morning, found the family trapped, on the second floor back porch of the row home. pie adults and three month old
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baby girl were trapped on that porch. the brave firefighters sprung into action, they rescued the family, and we spoke with one of the people who live here. 's the baby's grandfather, understandably, he is furious. >> and i heard them, sounds like somebody was coming up the steps. when they saw that, they kicked the door, and they through the gas, whatever they through, and spread across the whole house. and i heard a bang. i went and looked down the steps. i thought my god, they through a firebomb. >> again, this is the second suspected firebombing for these two houses in just two weeks. again, three month olds baby girl and a woman taken to einstein hospital. no word on their condition. again, reports on the scene say it appears that they are okay. that's the latest, sabina kuriakose, "fox 29 news".
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our young people, wake up. members of congress ... >> heard so many mars and events have been happening up in new york city, down in washington, d.c., a lot more on. that will we also know in news from our area two police officers were taken to the hospital overnight there. was big crash that happened in northeast philadelphia, just about 3:15 this morning, right at frankford and seller. you can see the damage. there is all under investigation. parents you are sure to have an opinion about this story. taking the play out of playgrounds. >> boring? what do you any this? the move one city making they say it is about safety. are they going too far? talk about your playgrounds memories. don't you remember whether were you handing upside down, landing on your head? maybe it was unsafe, but should and happy median. use the hashtag fox 29. your eagles pictures, ya,
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that's right, okay, you're listening to the sounds of girard college, jr. cavalier choir. singing their ren days every jingle bell rock. check out this video that they sent to us. >> ♪ jingle bell rock ♪
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>> fly eagles fly. down at the linc today. people want to know what it will be like at game time. my husband is going to the game tonight. cannot wait to get away from the kids. >> he didn't get us tickets? >> heck no. >> anyone out there tailgating. >> the. >> i don't see anyone yet. >> i think it is 11:00 a.m. >> do you have paint yourself on days for the kick off at 8:30 p.m. >> oh, my gosh, we do have a lot of clouds. yesterday it was dry, temperatures chilly, saw mainly clouds, and i think that's a story again today. no really wet weather to talk about, and it will be a couple of days before we even see the chance every any rain, not until tuesday. temperatures this morning, into the bad. thirty-one up in mount pocono, 40:00 a.m. end town, 42 reading, 40 in pottstown, 38 in wrightstown, new jersey, 36 millville, and 36 in dover.
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the winds still kicking out of the north-northwest around five to 10 miles an hour, high you are up in the poconos, great ski weekend, certainly have a loft snow on the slopes, although it is cold up there. 10-mile per hour winds down in atlantic city. your foxcast for today, 45 mostly cloudy skies, seasonable, into tonight, we will see some clearing, and fall back to 33 degrees. so, we'll stick with normal temperatures for the next couple of days in your seven day forecast, 45 with partly sunny skies, authorities get a lot of sunshine the next couple of days. by tuesday, chance for some showers, warmfront lift through. that will warmfront will keep us in the 50's through wednesday. it is a small warm up, but warm up nonetheless. we cool down. watching next saturday for next chance to see some rain and snow. >> in our cover story this morning, editorial cartoon calls if quite a controversy. this is it right here behind me. appeared in last sunday's bucks county courier times. shows group every black children asking santa to keep them safe from police. >> in response, john mcnesby, president of philadelphia lodge five of the fraternal order every police, wrote a
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letter to the paper saying, quote, you owe a public apology to every law enforcement officer and their families, what's more, you owe public apology to the families of the offers that's gave their lives to ensure that people like you could remain safe while you defame their memories? in return the paper released this statement. though we don't know what was in the heart and mind of the award winning syndicated cartoonist who pinned the cartoon, it was selected for publication for thoughtful reflection on that relationship t in no way was intend today indict the law enforcement community. goes ton say if we had recognized prior to publication that the cartoon would have caused unintended offense, our editors would have selected a different one for sunday's newspaper. edit ago newspaper is not easy, and we don't always get it right. and on the bucks county courier times facebook page, the arguing continues. diane wrote: the more on i can cartoon of santa and kids you put in the pape satisfy total disgrace. how dare you put fear every police in our kids heads? what is wrong with you? you should be ashamed.
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but one said. >> this paper has guts to poke fun at topics that some may find offensive without the use of any pro fanly. i am looking forward to more comics from them. it is definitely a debate. this morning, we have two people to discuss t joining us via skype, race relations expert ted and detective lieutenant steve rogers. chad, let's start with you, do you think the paper should have gone to the great lengths of almost apologizing for having it in there? >> they should have. and i think the award cartoonist, all of her awards should be taken away. the i shall sue just not the cartoon in and of it s it is the violent society we live in, black on black violence, excessive force by some police officers, isis, hamas, drone policies coming out of the white house, and so i want santa to protect all of us. >> steve, what do you say? >> listen, i agree 100% with chad. i'll tell you something. not only does the paper owe apology to police officers butt i also believe apology to
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the african-american communities, while, black, whatever color, a loft good young people, a loft good citizens that i'm sure chad's been in touch with that want to bring the police and the people together. i think the f.o.p. had every right, in fact, should have been strong nerve their condemnation of this, i will quote obama when he said about the cambridge police, stupidity on the part of this newspaper, and they should be held account job so neither of you think was anyway a chance to start a healthy discussion about the topic of race relations, police involvement, in the blackmony? >> this was, sorry go, ahead. >> go ahead, steve? >> this was adding fuel to the fires of devisive necessary. look, the black community, the police, we want to get together, we want to talk intelligently about s issues we need to address. there was no redeeming value at all to what was put in that paper. and it is a disgrace. there is no other word i can use but a disgrace. >> and if multiple look at this, too, kids coming to
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santa asking to avoid a police officer, politicians, policy makers, and the keys they call their parents. young people should not be having all of this on their shoulders. i would change one part of the cartoon, and the caption would read protect us from violence, and i would include the team teaches of god, teaching of mother trees, a i would put steve in there, i would put myself in there. i would put politicians, police officers, because we don't want to paint with a broad brush, it is a knawl fraction every police officers doing. >> this i would also include a co-little of community intervention from every gender line asking santa make us all safe, santa, so we can create a beloved community. >> final thoughts, steam, have you had a chance to speak to the artist? i know we tried to reach out in washington state watch would you say. >> one word, quoting donald trump: you're fired. >> chad, what would you say? >> i would simply say, listen, be more culturally sensitive. specifically during these times where polarizing all
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site. don't continue to soak the planes. >> all right, we appreciate both of your perspectives today. thank you for joining us. >> thank. >> if you have something to add to the discussion of course use the #fox29weekend, let us know what you think. >> we have breaking news, coming in right now, an auburn university football player has been shot and killed. police say this happened right near the campus, that is where they found the 18 year old, his name is j a/k/a mitchell. red shirt in the year. they found him at 12:25 this morning. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. they are investigating. now, to your news, thousands of protesters hit the streets calling for justice in what they say is blatent racial profiling by police in black communities, let's go to washington, dc, reverend al sharpton led a rally down pennsylvania avenue toward the capitol building. sharpton called for special prosecute tears investigate killings by local police officers. joining sharpton, the families
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of michael brown, and eric garner. >> they may not be here in body, but they're here with us in each and everyone of you. you brought them here today. >> the president was not therefore the march. protesters in washington were hoping he made appearance, education secretary, arnie duncan, was on hand. he he brought his family saying he wanted to show his support. >> today marks two years from something horrible in our country, that deadly shooting at sandy hook elementary up in newtown, connecticut. twenty children and six adults were all killed when adam lanza went on the rampage inside that sandy hook school. his mother was also killed that day of the shooting, and he turned the gun on himself. this morning talking about playgrounds safety. remember when were you a kid, rough it one your friends out on the playgrounds, be out there are to hours, swinging on the swings, having fun, not even anything getting hurtment taking rise thanks studies
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show actually need, in fact, researchers think our boring playgrounds are making our children fat. now, new york is taking action on this, joining us by skype, we have chasing, thanks for joining us. >> so what's happening up in new york. >> playgrounds getting boring, just that. >> all over the city they welded about seven of them to the grounds. they say it is in the safety measure for the children of new york city. now, i went out to one of the parks and spoke to some parents who think it is a little too much. they think it should be up to the parent to take care of their children, and they really learn when they fall and they get back up. >> you talked about the comment from parent out there, also got some comments from parents on facebook, here is a couple of. >> this karen writes i am glad i grew up when i d i am not sure how i survived though with all every these dangerous playgrounds i played on, rolls eyes. another one from different karen, obviously must all be
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the same age, why don't we just pass a law that we must permanently wrap all children in bubble wrap from birth until the age of 18? and keep them propped up in the corner of their bedrooms. that should keep them safe. >> what's going on here? what's the call for action to make it so that these things, could you run around, hop on, hop off. sure you flew off. that's part of the game of it. >> that's absolutely right. i reached out to the new york city parks department. they said there was no specific instance, but they've had complaints. so i think they're just being safe in covering themselves. but did i look around at the playgrounds in new york sit, and you're absolutely right those parents come rents a little in line. i do have to say there are some dangerous obstacles at these playgrounds. i was on some swinging ropes that i fell off of myself. the slides are very fast. and there is also climbing rock walls. so, you know, i thought that the spinning discs were definitely not the most dangerous thing on the playgrounds. i think they should be focusing on other things if they're going to start with safety measures. >> studies are showing it is
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important for our quids to take risks, to be able to gauge whether distances are, how they have to swing from one object to another. we also got some comment from parents about the nature of our society right now there is one from nicole s. it is not the fault of the police to blame here belongs to our sue happy society. yet, we all survived falling on the grounds 30 years ago. parents took responsibility. they just slapped a band aid on it, sent you back out for more. nowadays parents take pictures, beat it and raise a mob reaction, and then they get a lawyer. do you think that this is to do with our, you know, sue-happy society? >> absolutely. i think that's what the new york state parks department is doing, is that they are covering themselves. that's exactly the complaints that they've been getting, are pictures from the parent and letter writing campaigns, again, wouldn't tell me about anything specific. but it is better safe than sorry, what they said to me. again, new yorkers are up in arms about this. they think with other lawmakers, i'm sure the same in philadelphia. should be focusing on other things, and just let the kids fall, let them have fun. i'm on one of the grounds right now, and they're
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rubbery, bouncy, so even if these kids do fall they'll get right back up. >> tara thank you so much. we appreciate your time of course we love chasing them and always watching that. >> good. keep watching. we watch you guys, too, thanks so much. >> and what are your comments what do you think about making your playgrounds safer? something just good idea to protect our children or are we going overboard? use the #fox29weekend. >> new pictures of lou and kate. they are adorable. and you will not want to miss these. karen? >> also, getting some instant comments and feedback on our september there is one comes from brian. he writes when i was a child i played on playgrounds equipment, still, got scrapes, bruises, cuts, i had fun. and we just love this picture there is adorable dog. happy holidays from stitched that's the cutest little elf i've seen. how about your holiday decorations? please sends them. use #fox29weekend or fox 29 holiday lights. we love to see your holiday lights on tv. thank you for that one. and sends your holiday choirs on this sunday.
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we know you're good. we know you're talented. we want to hear your choir sing. >> and you are listening to all i want for christmas from mariah carey. justin bieber joins us on this version, this is going out to robert. let us know what you want to hear. use the hashtag fox 29 weekend. >> fore an about to tig the big 30, 40, 50, scientists say you're probably taking a hard look at your life. research just published in the proceedings of the national academy of sciences. how do psychologists figure this snout they gwen data from more than 40,000 people, from around the world. and guess what? before those big birthdays, ending in zero, people were more likely to go after life goals, such as running a marathon. but there is a dark side. people with ages ending in nine have destructive tendencies too, more likely on dating sites for cheaters,
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vanna slightly higher percentage of suicide. our doctor mike says no matter what your age, you need to keep your golden years in minds. >> every single day that you're life, you need to work out, you need to eat the right foods, and keep your weight down. and on every single birthday, you should be checking out what you are doing with your life, and how you can make it better. because, remember, no one on their death bed has ever said doctor mike, if i had another lexus, i could die in peace. they want to know where my family is, and what kind of a difference i've made while i was here. >> a good reminder to stay healthy even if the study seems like co♪ ♪ sense.
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skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!!
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>> this came from brian, corner of mitch he will avenue, waverly terrace in ridley. thank so much for doing. that will not even for sending it, but putting all of the lights up. >> omg. okay, fox 29 wants to see your holiday lights. post your pictures or your videos on social media sites, facebook, twitter, instagram, vine, whatever you use, use the hashtag fox 29 lights and we will put your did i display on tv, whatever show we have going on. >> all right, so i like to follow the royal family, some of you do. women out there, a loft men, oh, person -- whatever. >> i'm not into it. >> a lot of people don't. but he is about the same age as my kids.
8:26 am
new photos they jut put out, prince george of cambridge released. >> oh, right? >> he is so cute, adorable. >> so they just released these three official photos of the prince, different positions, and he ' just a cute little baby, you know? so anyway the last time the photos were released were for his first birthday, about 17 months now. they say he looks very sim floor how his father prince william looked at the same age when he was photographed with his parents, prince charles and princess diana. >> well, on twitter most people love the photos. megan wrote will the massively disappoint philadelphia my children don't turn out to be as cute aspirins george. and another: i don't care if the royals are minted. it doesn't bother me some people are seriously wealthy. i a door the photos of prince george. but patrick was not impressed. pictures every prince george on the the front page of the sunday times,'s child, someone took a picture, why do we need to know? >> i'm with you. >> love them. >> they don't put out too much. they're not like those parents in go overboard. so when do you see them, and
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it is like six months later. so he looks adorable. >> true. >> this is something we've all been celebrating. we feel like we have more money, gas price haves been going down, more money in our wallets to spends. drivers loving able to save those pennies at the pump. here's one of the choirs, you've been sending in your choirs. we love it. your kids christmas concert, oh, look at the candy canes. there is the sound of the arts academy of benjamin rush. their version of one of our favorite songs this christmas. let's listen. >> ♪
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>> senate democrats, republicans, have reached agreement on the spending bill. that means the government's not going to be shutdown. this is a long-term funding bill, the main item left on congress' year-ends agenda. it is a $1.1 trillion spending bumm.
8:31 am
the bill provides funds for nearly every unit of our entire government through september 30th which is the end of the current budget year. >> drivers in new jersey are saying no to higher gas taxes. in a recent quinnipiac pole, 58% of people there oppose raising the tax, they may have already pay enough in property taxes, lawmakers trying to raise rev newspaper, to pay for bridges, roads, and rales. president barack obama will be in new jersey tomorrow, the president will travel to joint base mcguire-dicks lakehurst to thank troops and families for their sacrifice. so when we think of naughty or nice, we're usually talking about santa claus. but one sybbe tight it step further. they ranked cities across the country where philadelphia ranks, and what people admit to committing, you can start guessing now, karen? >> also look at some of your pictures you're sending in, we love your decorations, love your comments. we have this comment right here from jeff.
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hey, jeff, out making my weekend. so, good sunday morning, go eagles. that about sums it up. keep oh, look at that morning face, right there. oh, birthday, happen birthday to you. thirty-one years old, miguel. seriously, that dog, so cute. keep the pictures coming, use the hashtag fax 29 weekend. >> ♪ >> fanny show for the river and fame us. >> sue is in town, owen wilson was there, paris hilton dj and party. miley cyrus running around naked. and p. ditty out picasso painting. most interesting story of them all, all about leonardo dicaprio. >> several outlets reporting after a night of partying, leonardo left the club with 20
8:33 am
women. >> ew. >> ew? he left the club with 20 women, like that's amazing. >> i don't care how many kids, took joe joan us with them, game changer. >> this nation has learned orlando bloom, not getting along with legendary co-star michael douglas, on the center of new film unlocked. >> seems like, lords of everything. and rumors are flying about ego tis call ways. sources say extremely uncomfortable, on the set, and that the stars ignore each other unless they're filming scene together. >> ashton to go to space on virgin galactic for $200,000. >> the couple's engagement newborn daughter, mila decided she didn't want ashton going to space. tragic crash of spaceship two this october. >> mila is totally justified here. i mean, that's not an unreasonable request. >> in the words of the great neil armstrong, never deny a man his space. >> did he say that? >> , no but it sounds like significant would say.
8:34 am
>> finally award season kicked off this week, with the announcements of the sag award and golden glove nominees, but the news was trumped by the big hacking of sony. >> many speculation north korea behind the hacking of sony pictures because they don't like seth new movie the interview. it sounds fun bye it not. >> hackers making threatening demands, already exposed information about films, employees salaries and movie stars. >> dozen of hollywood celebrities anal just cents revealed. celebrities like tom hanks, natalie port man, have had their social security numbers revealed. >> now the latest leaks have been emails between sony executives where they're discussing up coming movies, and they're bashing a list actors. >> one e-mail, movie producer scott called angelina jolie minimally talented spoiled brat. >> good luck making another film, scott. >> you're going to need it. >> and this was your weekends dish. >> christmas music. there's more! ♪
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>> christmas music. there's more!
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deciding between buying is no longer a problem. healthy pa offers name-brand health insurance for the cost of a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, call or apply online today.
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okay, let's talk naughty or niles. not talking about convincing santa claus if your good or bad behavior this year, in the spirit of the holidays. so we will take a look at
8:38 am
cities across the country, how they stack up. let's start with the nice list. the top three, denver, minneapolis, and charlotte. are you guys surprised by that? >> well, no. denver is number one city on every great list. >> it is. >> i've notice that. >> but some smaller more mid western cities, not charlotte, but i have heard great things about it, so what about the sit that's are home to some of the most naughty people? >> yes. >> the top three, not sure, well, we'll explain what constitutes naughty, are boston, houston, and phoenix. >> yes. so now the question is where does philly fall? naughty or nice? what's your guess, ladies? >> we got to be gnawed i -- naught. >> i you know we're naught. >> i so philly is number 15 on the naughty list. just to explain there is the list was compiled by like dating website. so they asked some of their users i think what's your price. com, 23,000 people were surveyed, and asked about what seven deadly sins that they commit on consistent basis. that's how they came up with the list. so in philly, the city of brotherly love, we call ourselves, which are the seven deadly sins you think people
8:39 am
committed on consistent basis? >> lust, glut any, wrath, envy, pride -- >> glut any. >> neither. >> what? >> no. and guess what it is? it is wrath. which is like oh, hatred, right? >> eagles fans are like, ya, relentless. >> always on the fat list. so i was definitely thinking glut any. >> no? >> just makes sense. >> we're wrath full people. in the country, it was pride. but that's not surprising. so many pride full people everywhere, right? >> they know it. >> well, it is our wrath is all means well. we love your eagles. we love our fans. just good fans. just scrap i -- scrappy and that's all there is on that. >> a loft news to get to on this morning. search for the 21 year old that's still missing, so many people all over, still looking, continuing that search. and now, also, so many of you are gathering in social media on line what people are doing now to try and help finds
8:40 am
shane. >> ♪ >> thanks for checking out socially awkward. we are hanging out. we got good stuff for you. >> check out this video. >> all been there, the shots lined up, you're confident, you're fell it, you're not going to miss t and then in and out. >> nothing make you more crazy than when you miss it. welcome to the world of gulf madness. >> one of those super important life lessons. if you don't make it the first time, don't try again. just lion the grounds and try. that's how it goes, flight. >> absolutely. >> love dogs, pay attention, you'll love this one. >> guy sets up go pro in his kitchen, see what the dog is up to. check out what he is doing. >> ransacking the frig, the freezer, the trash can, he's going all in. >> piece of meat, goes out to the living room to eat t amazing, check out the door opening up the freeze with
8:41 am
with his poe zero paw. >> i imagine if somebody set up go pro at 2:00 a.m. in the weekend, it would look something like this, except not quite as endearing. >> no one safe from socially awkward. we'll take shots of other people, we take some shot the ourselves, as well. >> let's face it, there is nothing more awkward than the two of us producers trying to be on their talent. >> roll it. >> see you next week. >> see you next week, okay. >> blah. socially awkward. and this socially -- bing. >> we want to throw you on the awkward selfie wall. still awkward. >> and so
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>> it is game day, you're sending in your tweets, your pictures. sierra says the game 12 hours away, but i'm too excised hashtag builds gang. look at mel is a congratulations on graduation. she said bleed green even on graduation day. i like. that will and then good morning julie. it is game day. fly eagles fly. we have cute eagles fan in the studio. car len introduce to you him in just a few minutes. >> ♪ oh, hi, dan rickoto here checking out my christmas shopping littles, barbie dolls, no.
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has to be in the parents' name, though. check out treasury for all of the different rules and regulations. forget february i. will just gather dust. give the gift of college. easier than ever. that's an investing in a will surely pay off for a long, long time. that's a raw, and i'm cashing out. taking a look atmore headlines right now, more than dozen catholic league youth basketball teams, cyo, raising monday think weekends for the family of shane montgomery. >> region 21 catholic youth organization teams donating money from the sale of foods during games and also collecting donations, shane montgomery missing for more than two weeks now, he was last seen leaving a manayunk bar early thursday, or early thanksgiving morning. although we are not the first, our kids live in the neighborhood, and our are very
8:47 am
familiar with what's going on. and we're here to help the family in anyway we can. >> the philadelphia police marine unit was back on the schuylkill river yesterday. they were following up on another tip, but unfortunately, they found nothing. >> it is 8:47 right now. let's get a check. we have a question for this morning, caitlin. >> yes, karen? oh, yes, i do. the eagles game, here's a live look outside right now old city philadelphia from our cameras at fourth and market. a lot of clouds, but it should be dry although cold. our own bill anderson, he want to know, bill anderson chasing new jersey, are we down with sam k philly for the eagles tailgate starting at noon. we're wondering what constitutes a decent start time for a 8:30 game. noon, that's pretty good. can i make the weather decent in. >> yes, i can. by the time we hit kick off, 40 degrees, that's at 8: 30:00 p.m. winds fairly light, though, they can be briefly gusty throughout the afternoon. then see the winds settle down later tonight. skies clear. temperatures fall to the upper
8:48 am
30's before the ends of the game. your foxcast for today, 45 in philadelphia, mostly cloudy skies, into tonight, 33, we'll see some clearing, and that will be the set up for another monday, just like sunday. partly sunny, 45, for monday, we we've got chance of showers as warmfront comes through tuesday, so unfortunately thee grace skies continue, it has been a while since we've seen a loft sun. probably have to wait to the ends of the week. gets pretty quiet, mild wednesday, into the 50's, sunny, cooler thursday, friday, mostly sunny and chilly, 42. and then the chance for some rain and snow is still in the cards. that's for next saturday. >> caitlin, thank you so much. hear about the reynolds family from the great northeast because you have been playing along as we've been opening our advent calendar. mike jerrick started with with his granddaughter. we have them joining thus morning, guys, we open, it is day 14, unfortunately, i think we only have one candy so we have to share with our advent calendar. you are the smallest, go ahead, what's inside?
8:49 am
>> oh, i think it is a chocolate. do you like chocolate? what made you decide you wanted to come down and do this today? >> my mom asked and said do you guys want to be on tv and we got really excited. >> we're real excited to have you. mom and dad, come on over. dad's taking pictures, come on over. i want everyone to see who you guys r dad, come on over. thank you so much. so if you want your family to help open our advent calendar, only 11 days left. use the hashtag fox 29 weekend or good day folks. we are here doing it every single day. we will be sharing more candy. thank you so much for coming down. >> no problem. >> what's your favorite thing about watching? >> everything, watch it every morning, every night. i know everybody. i watch it all the time. >> we love you giles watch do you want to get for christmas? >> i want some perfume. >> awe. wow. >> some -- new bed set. >> all good things, we hope you get everything that you are asking santa for.
8:50 am
we'll have to figure some way to split the candy three different ways. lauren, i send it over to you. >> hey, i'm pit master glenn grows of fat jack's barbeque, and this is your fox food bite >> so, today, we are going to make stuffed jalapino chicken poppers with cheese. notice i'm putting gloves on. there is a reason for. that will we're handling hot peppers. one caution, do not touch any part of your body after you touch the pep earls. here jalapino peppers, and we have some walnuts. take the tops off. just like so. don't throw the tops away. you'll use them. next, you're going to remove the stems. then there go, break it up a little bit. now we dice the tops up. just set them aside. the tops of these peppers do become part of your stuffing mix. here we go. so now time to feed these bad boys. take small pair of scissors, little snip, little snip.
8:51 am
little snip. pop the middle out. take your scissors, run it around, all the way to the bottom of the pepper. take everything out of there. you notice, inside, there is nothing in there now. same thing with the long hots, guys. snip. snip. don't worry if you tear your peppers. no big deal. that's what it looks like hallowed out. most important stuffing? chicken. dice it, make it a fine dice. and you want them about a half pound, toss it in a bowl. 8 ounces dream cheese, about half cup of cheddar jack cheese, quarter cup of onion, quarter cup of crispy chopped up bacon, more diced jalapino sauce, about quarter cup diced red peppers finally diced, about tablespoon of black pepper. tablespoon cosher salt. half tablespoon dry mustard, half tablespoon granulated onion, about tablespoon
8:52 am
granulated garlic. my favorite, about a tablespoon t mix everything until it is really really combined well. when everything is done, with this stuffing, everything is going to be incorporated really well. see really chunks of bacon, chunks of red pepper, see little green in there from the halloween yo. there you go. we're done. grab pepper. i actually use little plastic spoon, a handle, you need something narrow to get in there. so you just take it, stick it all the way down in there. put it all the way in. and by the way, these are great appetizers for christmas and new years eve parties. okay, that's fully stuffed. now, set them assign for a secretary. we wrap them in bacon in a minute. long hots, long hots, same thing. be patient, guys it, will take a little while to stuff them. don't be afraid to use your fingers if you have to.
8:53 am
there you go. all the way down there. as far down as you can go. you won't get it all the way down to the bottom. but that's okay. okay, guys, here comes my favorite. take a piece of bacon. shear jalapino. the whole pep is her covered. take a tooth pick. right through so nothing falls apart. get a small oven pan, quick spray, write down, just repeat, long hot, roll them around, on a little tilt there. done wrapping, stuffing. now we season them. i actually like larry's jip old cinnamin rub. bridges oust the flavors, makes it absolutely awesome of the right before do you this, pre heat your oven to around 350. you're going to cook for about 20 minute or so in convection oven. about 30 minutes in a regular oven. so after about 20 minutes, our stuffed jalapino poppers are ready to come out of the oven. let's take a look. look at those. so the finish product, i like
8:54 am
to dip in little bit of ranch dressing. oh, it is hot. oh, that's good. i'm pit master, this has been your fox food
8:55 am
8:56 am
welcome back. we really appreciate all of your holiday pictures, the good ones, bad ones, i love this one, girl in the pink shirt, she's like i'm not happy about this picture. all of the kids excited,
8:57 am
eager, ready for the holiday to get here, says jimmy. we love seeing your families. we love seeing your decorations, and we love our eagles. yes, we do. >> you've got all kind of of football today. >> catch game day at 11:00, fox nfl sunday at noon. johnny mandel's first nfl start at 1:00. 425 seahawks, and the 9ers, all on fox 29. >> that's right, stick around for our newscast later tonight at 10:00. we'll all be here. >> one elf tweets, pumped up about the eagles game. >> spanning the cowboys again. >> oh, oh? >> all right, i asked g, game day, we have count in the stadium, going to wish we had an er. >> oh, my gosh, i love this one from the birds games. throw back to that 33, thanksgiving game, can we dot same today? of course we can. beat dallas. >> oh, i always love your handles, what you come up
8:58 am
with, seriously? jug of the jug. >> oh, i think that will d watching and streaming football with xfinity on the x1 operating system feels just like skydiving. while following all live scores and stats with the x1 sports app may not look like skydiving. it will feel just like skydiving. (whistle) and who wouldn't want to feel like this? while they are doing this, but like this. with this, but like this. make the most live sports more live with
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the x1 operating system. skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? ♪ skippy!! ♪ yippee!! i'm bored. hashtag bored. skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!! ♪
9:00 am
i'm chris wallace. a democratic senate panel condemns the cia's interrogation of terror suspects after 9/11. but was it torture? and were those tactics effective? this program was morally, legally, and administratively misguided. >> we did exactly what needed to be done in order to catch those who were guilty on 9/11 and to prevent a further attack. >> today, a debate between a former intelligence committee member who helped put together the report, senator sheldon white house and former top adviser to george w. bush, karl rove. >> then, did the cia mislead gres and the white house? >> the cia is lying.


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