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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  December 15, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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straight ahead. philadelphia police, shoot and killed a man overnight in the city a's mayfair section. we will have the lateness a live report. sue serio is back on this monday morning. >> hi sigh. >> i did in the bring weather drama. nothing to complain about until we get to the weekend. we will have more on that coming up. >> oh, no. also a double no, why was new jersey governor chris christie sitting with the own other have the dallas cowboys at the eagles game in philadelphia? plus, one local councilman's harsh words for the governor over his seating choice. councilman jim kenny. >> people on twitter are fired up, use the hash tag fox 29 good day about what you think of new jersey's governor coming across the delaware into philadelphia, to root on cowboys. >> technically he has two teams, he has got, right, he has south jersey with the eagles and he has north
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jersey. >> that is true. >> yeah. >> who is he supposed to root for. >> his childhood team the cowboys. >> he has always said. >> maybe he shouldn't have sat up front. >> with jerry jones high fiveing. sue, we will degrees. >> but, you know, it was uneventful but it still witt be weather, out there. you will like my number. bad news about the eagles but decent about the the weather. nine out of ten. it may be a bit above average. the the sunshine will return. we have been socked in with clouds for most of the weekend. so it will be nice to see the sun again. folks complaining on twitter they have not seen the sun in a while. bus stop buddy is through all of it with his nice warm coat on and mittens and hat. even though it is in the 40's we have a wind chill that feels like the the 30's a. nothing to show you there the on the satellite and radar picture, and that next system
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is in the midwest. we have 13 miles an hour wind, see camera shaking there looking at city sky line. 43 degrees. wind chill of 36. sunrise happens at 7:15 this morning. sunset is 4:37. the these days leading up to the first day of winter on sunday mean that we will have a nice afternoon but it will not be a very long day, for 47 degrees is our high temperature. that is your planner for monday, from the weather authority. we will have some sunshine, i promise, today, bob kelly. >> i can't remember the last time we had sunshine. 6:02. bring it on. monday, sunshine, hopefully put everybody in a better mood, we will all be in a rough, rough go moods out there this morning because of the eagles loss last night. 309 near highland avenue, no problems at all up and down 309 corridor. we have seen lighter volume then typically a at this hour a lot of folks hitting that snooze button. the disable here on the schuylkill expressway, this is westbound, approaching belmont
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avenue and now off to the shoulder, but officer and penndot crew there on the scene, that is object that westbound side, and then a live look northbound, 309, no problems at all, this is route one, up in bucks county right here near pennsylvania turnpike, philadelphia bensalem interchange. speedometer readings right where they belong 55 on the schuylkill, 53 on i-95 and 40 on the blue route but a situation in mayfair this morning. police activity frankford avenue is closed at unruh and because of the police investigation the 66 busies on a detour, working its way over to magee, charles and kare in there is three streets you want to pick up that 66 bus waiting for in the neighborhood this morning. speaking of the neighborhood here's one for shaders, northbound lanes of route 73 at high street police in the right lane and jug handle to high street is blocked this morning. over weekend, septa put in a new timetable for all of its regional rail lines, so make sure you grab i a new schedule this morning, otherwise,
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warminster, paoli lines, regional rails running on time with no delays, chris and kerry, back to you. on this monday morning, we have to get to this. it is developing overseas. it has been more than six hours since gunman stormed in australia cafe in sidney taking dozens of people hostage. police now confirmed, five people did escape, but they have no idea how many others are still being held captive at this hour and for that matter who is holding them. earlier gunman forced two hostages to hold a black flag with islamic slogans written in arab used by extremist: here's hand would witness saw. >> i saw the the gun man. he had a shirt on and he was very calm, and he was just pacing. the gun man or alleged offender, got the the gun out. gun, gun, gun. gun in the blue bag.
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>> okay. so here's where it stand right now. there have been no injuries reported and authorities do not have have a motive. we will stay on top of these developments in australia. we have breaking news here suspect is dead following a police involve shooting. >> let's head out to fox 29's jennifer joyce in mayfair this morning, jenny. >> reporter: kerry and chris, the officer who fire his weapon is now at internal affairs and his partner is at aria torresdale hospital for evaluation. he was shaken after the the shooting, according to police, this officer involved shooting stemmed from a traffic stop apparently two philadelphia police officer pulled over a white dodge charger. the driver of the car, a 26 year-old man from the area, engaged in a confrontation with police: an officer fired a single shot hitting the suspect in the head and pronounced on the scene according to detectives. he was the only person inside of the vehicle. it is unclear what the issue was about or how it all unfolded. police say there is a decent
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amount of blood on the side of the vehicle, and the officer, fired his weapon again is now at internal affairs, his partner at aria torresdale hospital, to be evaluated. police have recovered a gun, that was inside the suspect a's vehicle apparently in plane site between the center console and passenger seat, police say, the suspect is known to police. according to officers, both officers, involved in this incident have less than one year on the job, and detectives are checking to see whether or not there could be surveillance video inside the area, both internal affairs and homicide detectives are investigating. kerry and chris. >> this is exactly the kind of scene charles ramsey wants those police officer body cameras to. all right, jennifer joyce, thanks very much. meantime president obama will visit fort dix in new jersey to mark the end of the war in afghanistan. the the announcement came during president's weekly address. the president obama will greet troops as they come home. governor christie is expect to join him. the the eagles are in second place, this morning.
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they lost to dallas at home. now even making playoffs will be tough. dallas jumped out to 21 to nothing lead. kind of a short kick there. dallas gets the ball and right away they convert. seven to nothing dallas. they take a 21 to nothing lead in the first half thanks in large part to the eagles turn over there. eagles for the back. in fact, eagles led 24/21. but secondary just could not stop romo. here's an example of that. i mean, come on, really 38-27. >> not 34, 38. >> thirty-eight-27. >> thirty-eight-27 the final score. after the the game chip kelly talked about the the slow start last night. >> obviously you cannot put yourself behind 21 to nothing and expect you can come back and win the game. we put ourselves in a too big a hell to start with. >> so, secondary will be huge as they look to bill the team and make it stronger next year.
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>> it wasn't just the game that had people upset. in fact, it was probably more something chris christie did while he was at the game. >> steve keeley is at penns landing looking across the river a at new jersey, frowning at their governor perhaps, hi, steve. >> reporter: maybe he failed this in high school and down at university of delaware but i have a geography lesson for governor chris christie. this is philadelphia. that short little ride over that bridge there is new jersey. a silver dollar's throw away from the delaware river, your state, your home, your people, your voters. it is in the chip kelly's day avenues conference i want to hear mess but philly city councilman jim kenny who has given chris christie on how to take tough talking politician a few notches higher than christie has ever gone with another lesson in loyalty to your constituents. check out these tweet from his jim kenny during the game when he saw chris christie up in the super box, in the owner's visiting box, hugging, high
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fiveing and hanging out with jerry jones. he said chris christie sitting his very fat bleep next to jerry jones in his box at the link. you suck. kissing texas bleep for 2016, awful. hey fat bleep, kiss kerry jones bleep in his box in dallas, not across the river from philadelphia, you are just a creep. how is that for tough talk? welshing one of our favorite reporters amy rosenberg tweeted, much more politically risky hug for governor christie then the obama one. chris, kerry, he will get a chance to anger people at his own party because he will be with the president later in new jersey and we will see if he hugs him too since he has handed out hugs and angering everybody. maybe he can anger the whole republican party once again. >> we will see. >> yes. >> sports, politics overlap there. thanks steve, very much. 6:09. coming up auburn university football player shot dead in an off campus party, this
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morning one person is under arrest what police say led to that shooting. breaking his silence what bill cosby is saying about those sexual abuse allegations, the media, and his wife. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know genies can be really literal? no. what is your wish? no...ok...a million bucks!
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finally comedian bill cosby is speaking out in a brief interview with the new york post. he didn't a address specific
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allegations that he drugged and raped more than two dozen women but he only says his lawyers do not want him to talk but he did say he only expects the black media to up hold excellence in journalism bay maintaining a neutral mind. he praised his wife for holding up the ordeal with love and the strength of womanhood. civil rights groups are renewing calls to prosecute those in governmental agencies who used harsh cia tactic to pressure terror suspects. >> this comes as the the biggest critics of the enhanced interrogation program are being identified as some, someone briefed the earliest about the methods being used. man overseeing the operations say house my north leader nancy pelosi knew exactly what was going on. former vice-president dick cheyney is deeven ifing the brutal tactics saying quote i'd do it again in a minute. deadline to sign up for health care coverage, is today, new customers to have pick a plan by midnight and that plan will go into effect
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january 1st. the current customers also have until midnight to make changes to their current coverage. coming up, an american citizen, seeking asylum in north korea and chris citing u.s. policies. what he has to say about
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cleaning up continuing in kalas more rain is in the forecast, as experts say, thankfully the coming storms, will not be as bad as the one that hit last week, that caused flooding, power outages throughout the state, a tornado which was incredibly rare in southern california, it hit in l.a. today's storms are expected to drop anywhere between an inch or two of rain filled by a second storm, on wednesday, that is specifically headed towards the bay area at this
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point, but i mean this drought that they have been having is five years in the making. so even rain like this doesn't help with the drought situation all that much, sue, it just causes problems for people living there. >> it does in the the get absorbed in the ground the way it is supposed to it just runs off and makes for mud slides and things and just really just too much too fast. so for us we're watching the sky, a little bit of science this morning. winter solstice is coming up, this morning. that is when the the earth tilt is farther from the sun. it gives us the shortest day of the year and longest night of the year and when is that? this sunday december 21st, it is official the at 6:03 in the evening. it will already been dark for a couple of hours by that time. got news is after sunday, very slowly the days will start to get a little bit longer. you won't notice it for a while but it is a good thing. ultimate doppler radar showing our next weather system coming from the middle of the
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country. today high pressure is in control. we have nothing going on for precipitation. we will jump to tomorrow afternoon. here comes that front with some rain and luckily only rain every where in the area, temperatures will be too mild for anything else. it rained throughout the night by one or 2:00 in the morning it the is gone and then wednesday we will be back to dryer weather. it will be a milder day while we wait for a cold front to come through. allentown has 4 degrees, bethlehem, 39, in warminster it is 41. bensalem 43. forty in chester. forty-three at the the airport. in millville, new jersey it is 42 degrees at the moment. it feels chillier then that because of the breezes, it is not real windy but yesterday we got to 47 degrees with all those clouds. normal high is 45 for the middle of december. we are better than average. we will stay that way again today with the high of 47 degrees. forty-nine tomorrow. for the first night of hanukkah we will have some showers as we just showed you
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on the future cast, maybe get to 50 on wednesday before that cold front comes through. uneventful on thursday and friday but just very chilly but that chilly air in place if we get coastal storm we're thinking we might it could end up with a mix of precipitation saturday into sunday, stay tuned for more on that, bob kelly. >> yes, we will 6:19. good morning, everybody. light volume so far this morning, i think everybody is hitting snooze button after late night watching eagles game last night. live look at 30 bypass, eastbound, break lights heading in towards route 100 in towards that exton interchange, a live look good morning to collegeville, route the 422, passing our camera at 29 heading in towards kop. otherwise south injuries i starting to see slow downs on the freeway heading in towards that 295 construction zone. one for shaders, early morning accident in maple shade has north bound lanes of route 73, heading in towards philadelphia right at high street, right lane and that jug handle is blocked in maple
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shade and in northeast philadelphia as jenny gist has been report aring police investigation this morning has frankford avenue block at unruh, busy stretch for morning rush hour in front have the geiger's bakery to give you an idea. they are at corner of frankford and unruh but 66 busies also on a detour this morning. so even the school kids, that use the 66 here to travel along frankford avenue you have to make sure you are standing on magee, charles or knorr, to go around the block there in northeast philadelphia this morning. a new traffic pattern coming this week, penndot working for next few days south on 202, into 29, down to route 30, moving all of the southbound lanes to the right over on to that newly construction stretched of the roadway so watch out for blinking signs alerting you to that and new schedule on board for all of the regional rail lines this morning, septa made changes yesterday and so make sure you grab a new timetable this
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morning, chris and kerry back over to you. 6:20. police have made an arrest in the murder of an auburn university football player. eighteen year-old leonard mitchell was shot early yesterday morning at an off campus apartment complex. his girlfriend tells police he was arguing with the man at a party when a third man pulled out a handgun and then opened fire. investigators say that gunman was 22-year old markhail heart. police have not released a motive but they do not expect any additional arrests. friends of the victim of an alleged gang rape at a university of fraternity party says rolling stone article was wrong on a number of levels. most importantly these friend say that they did encourage the victim to report that attack to police and that conflicts with information in the article which stated that the friend encouraged her to keep quiet and preserve her reputation. editors of the magazine apologized last week saying that the mistakes in the
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article were their fault. an american citizen has reportedly crossed in to north korea and has now been denouncing the u.s. arturo martinez is criticizing the u. for alleged human rights violations. martinez made a public statement, citing the war in iraq and called it illegal. he said he entered north korea by crossing river boarder with china but does not appear he has been taken in custody. he is seeking asylum in venezuela. >> legal war carried out against the the nation of iraq served as a perfect example of how u.s. government work like a mafia enterprise. >> i have neff been affect by human rights abuses in the united states but have men many people who have been affected. >> his mother says martinez, and, has been trying to enter north cover reby swimming across the river but was stopped and shipped back to the u.s. 6:22 is the time. ten weeks after pro democracy demonstrations began, police
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began closing last of the the protest camps. over past week police arrested at least 249 people, refused to order. it is an unlawful assembly. they led protests and screen all candidates in the first every electricians for hong kong's top leader. still ahead mother nature puts on a spending tack lar light show, where the year's biggest meet your shower was seen over the weekend.
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beginning, middle end eagles started slow and came on strong. i wish i could leave out the even. cowboys had 111th downs if the first quarter, eagles had none. dez bryant promised cowboys would be different team and what he is in the lying. cowboys scored first 21 points. eagles come back with 24 unanswered. chris polk with two touchdown runs in the game. whatever chip kelly said at the half, work. eagles sacked romo, he fulled. eagles recover. then they would take the lead on a darren sproles touchdown run. cowboys don't stop coming. for tony romo, all his small
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time performances in big games he does in the come up small. eagles, as they have all year, they turn it over. it has cost them. two games left cowboys take soul possession of first, in the nfc east. thirty-eight-27 your final. the as we speak with two games left eagles on the outside looking in the playoffs. two games to change that. i'm keith russell. that is your sports in a minute. we have our eye on this, still a ahead a gunman right now holding several people hostage in sidney, australia, we are following developing details as police try to figure out if this is terrorism related. steve keeley, good morning to you. >> reporter: we are on the border between pennsylvania and new jersey, otherwise known as delaware river ander with here on the border because of a guy crossing the border last night and crossing allegiances. one governor of new jersey. in october, at a camden catholic camden high school football game governor christie put his arm around a
6:28 am
loyal eagles fan and said i would rather have my teeth drilled then to listen to that awful song fly eagles fly. if anybody didn't necessity awful song fly eagles fly. if anybody didn't necessity christie was a
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so, you will be wearing an eagles type, beanie or something. >> yes. >> yeah. >> yeah, that would be the case, and not the that we're not, we're fair weather fans or anything but we don't want to rub it in. we will just go neutral, warm this morning.
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temperatures in the 40's, wind chills in the mid to upper 30's. so, nine out of ten for the 15th of december, we have got sunshine returning, seasonal temperatures. this week, leading up to the winter solstice, the shortest days of the year. so, for monday, the planner, we're in the 40's this morning with wind chills in the 30's. forty-three by lunchtime. forty-seven is our high temperature today and your sunset time is 4:37 this evening. so that gets you ready for monday, some weather changes coming in the seven day forecast and we will have that just a ahead, right now, traffic time, bob kelly, what is going on.
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>> 6:32. coming up at 6:33 on a monday morning. the late start. we all hit snooze button after the big eagles game or flop of the eagles game last night. southbound i-95 in toward city starting to see volume pop from cottman avenue in through girard avenue. that morning rush hour starting to get underway and as we go to the maps here we will find police activity northeast philadelphia frankford avenue blocked at unruh in front of the geiger's bakery to give you a location or there at that intersection. with the traffic diverted through the the neighborhood even the septa a 66 busies on a detour using magee, charles to knor. if you use 66 bus head for one of the side streets and even the school kids, that use the bus, to get to the high schools this morning will have to, navigate around that detour. then southbound i-95 in wilmington ramps to 202 are still closed through tuesday and then a change on regional rails this morning, septa an ad just ted the timetable over
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the weekend. so all regional rail lines are running on a new schedule this morning so make sure you grab a new copy waiting for train otherwise mass transit is looking good heading down to the airport for an early flight out of town. no problems at all at philly international. we are looking good on arrival and departures. for the the gang from south the jersey a little delay north on the freeway heading in towards 295, through the construction zone. chris and kerry, back over to you. lets get to this developing story australian police say five people escaped from a sidney cafe where a gunman took hostages during morning rush. now the city of sidney is virtually on lock down because of this hostage crisis and police are still trying to figure out how many people are still being held captive and bigger question, who is responsible for this. earlier two people were inside seen holding up a flag with arab script, often used by extremist. all right. 6:34. we are following breaking news out of the mayfair section of philadelphia where an investigation is underway into a police involved shooting.
6:35 am
>> one person unfortunately is dead. lets go to fox 29's jennifer joyce live on the scene with the very latest information, hi jen. >> reporter: hi kerry and chris. the police office are who discharge his weapon is currently at internal affairs. the his partner was transported to aria torresdale hospital for evaluation and shaken after the shooting. according to police this officer involved shooting stems from the traffic stop apparently two philadelphia police officers pulled over a white dodge charger the driver of the car a 26 year-old man from the area, who engaged in the confrontation with police. an officer fired a single shot hitting the suspect in the head and pronounced on the scene. he was the only person inside the vehicle, it is unclear what the issue was about or how it all unfolded. >> we do have a gun that was actually found in the suspect 's car. it was visible, the the butt of the gun that was in the
6:36 am
conn sole. it was between the passenger seat. >> reporter: police say is there a decent amount of blood on the a across the street on the passenger side of the vehicle. both officers involved in the incident have less than within year on the job. police are checking to see if surveillance cameras are in the area we do know there were three to four witnesses currently talking to police, both internal affairs and homicide detectives are investigating. kerry and chris. >> all right, jen, thank you. meantime, the the eagles, in second place, that hurts, right. they lost to dallas. making playoffs will be tough. our destiny is not in our control at this point. boy, things get started off rough. that was the kick off.
6:37 am
we lost it. cowboys i should say took over and scored right away. seven to nothing early on. twenty-one to nothing lead in the first half. so, then eagles for the their way back to 24/21. you thought we were going to win this thing. mark sanchez could not do anything, and then romo did everything, against the secondary. final score 38-27. >> okay. speaking of the game new jersey governor chris christie is feeling a little bit of the heat. >> fox 29's steve keeley in the holding back, steve, good morning. >> reporter: you guys, are you being honest where you say you didn't watch any of the game, you did the good thing and went to sleep. >> i turned on wip, and i listened to merrill reese with the first call, and i could in the believe it and then again the second kick off wasn't good, another short kick, this is going sideways, i just went to bed. first thing i turned on wip again, bad news. >> my early off the field
6:38 am
highlights before the the chris christie and jerry jones botch was howard eskin in his full length fur coat, with his red beats head fence on catching within of tony recommendation owe's deflect passes in the air in the letting it hit the the ground. >> they don't call him the king for nothing. >> reporter: that turned out to be the only tony romo interception of the the night, it didn't count. let me just say, they are still being loyal, to the eagles, and the councilman who works four blocks from there was dressed in green but guarantee his face was red when he saw, and, and, it is not even from the mike jerrick snow time collection. that looked like giligan's island according to a lot of people on twitter. democrat verse republican is nothing compared to dallas verse eagles for these two vocal political leaders. fit comes down to the street brawl steel cage match not as heavy anymore, chris christie
6:39 am
and south philadelphia street thugging jim kenny my smart money goes on kenny. good thing christie didn't run into him host game in the parking lot last night. >> it is not the the even of the world. jerry jones is a stapel in the nfl. is there only one jerry jones. so what. >> he is hanging out with him. >> i feel chris christie should leave football out of politics. if i'm a new jersey voter, he he has new jersey and he has insuring giants and he has philadelphia eagles fans in his constituents and he should not be in the box. >> it depend where you are from the state of new jersey. north jersey are a giants fan and cowboys, and south jersey you are an eagles fan. it is here or there. >> reporter: christie is men for tough talk, straight talk, and not always being politically correct. but on twitter jim kenny has taken him, to a whole new level. philly councilman jim kenny
6:40 am
while watching the game seeing these pictures of christie in the jerry jones visiting owners box was not happy. here's what he tweeted, chris christie is sitting his very big fat bleep, next to jerry jones in his box at the link. you suck. kissing texts bleep for 2016, awful. hate that bleep. kiss jerry blown bleep in his box in dallas not across the the river from philadelphia a. you are just a creep. funny tweet from jake wilson tweeted this other picture, famous people we know on fox, of course, that is mr. burns and homer simpson. the nice to see jerry generals and chris christie watching the the games together. that was within have my favorite as well. there is a a whole lot more. we will show them to you throughout the morning. >> most on twitter you cannot hair on television. >> all right, steve, thanks. >> not at all. coming up, barbara walters reveals hurleys of the most
6:41 am
fascinating people of the year. >> yes. >> oh, stop. >> i was thrilled when i read this good who made the cut and why the number one choice is also the the envy of women every where. >> oh, stop good plus do men really have selective hearing? yes. >> um-hmm. >> yes, we do. >> oh, yeah. >> what specifically you listen to and what you don't. >> we will
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6:43 am
check this out, thinks the night sky over germany, the
6:44 am
biggest meet your shower of the year. lighting up over there over weekend. people could see shooting skies streak ago cross the the sky. they are in the really stars, obviously, with the debris, rock, flying off the dying comet and burning up a as they enter into the earth's atmosphere. at the peak you could see 120 of these an hour. >> that is cool. >> one every every 30 seconds. >> good math. >> thanks. >> that is why i'm one of barbara walters most interesting people of the year. >> yes. >> no, if we could have seen those stars and wished upon those stars and wished for that eagles victory maybe it would have happened. but it didn't. so 6:44. we will tell you what will happen at least weather-wise. we have high pressure in control today. it means a quiet weather day. next system is first a warm front, followed by a cold front, that all happens, in the middle of the week. so we will jump ahead, to tonight and we will see clouds starting to roll in. we should see sunshine during
6:45 am
the day-to-day then and then the rain arrives midday tomorrow. you can see it moving in from the west around 2:00 in the afternoon maybe not arriving until the evening rush around 6:00 o'clock tomorrow. so again, this is only rain we're forecasting, thank goodness, because it is too warm for anything else, too mild, but by wednesday night, maybe a little break in the action, and then, if a cold front coming through we will in the see anymore precipitation here but one indication here is lake effect snow up around western new york, but that is in the our problem. now another look at the the future cast shows that precise timing at 9:00 o'clock tomorrow night it will be raining hard but briefly so we don't expect it to add up to much at all. now lets check current temperatures. we have 40 degrees in lancaster. thirty-nine in kutztown. coatsville has 40 wright now. airport is 43. bear, 43 as well, in delaware, pennsville, new jersey is 42 degrees and in toms river we have 27.
6:46 am
i think that is probably in the right. so that automated, on times doesn't always ring tree, that is what it is, selfies, i'll go with that. december chill over weekend. we had a lot of clouds because of inversion, you heard kate lip talking about, 42 degrees on saturday. sunday was 47. i think that is where we will be today. for tomorrow we may start out with some sunshine but showers roll in later on in the day for the first evening of hanukkah you will have some rain. tranquil weather but chillier by thursday and friday, and then with that chilly air in place, next system if we get it could bring a mix of precipitation, saturday into sunday. stay tuned for more on that. bob kelly, it looks like we have a nasty, tow truck i'm looking at a tow truck and you are too. >> yes, we are. 6:47. >> brilliant observation. >> yes. >> disable on 309, southbound at church road, just south of that pennsylvania turnpike,
6:47 am
got them off to the shoulder there. live look at 422 coming around saint gabriel's curve working your way towards egypt. we have a disable down near trooper road. that will set the tone here. folks are starting to wake up, we have seen later than normal rush hour. follow accounts hitting snooze button. southbound i-95 heavy cottman to girard. we are slow go on southbound i-95. schuylkill slow go westbound out towards belmont. slow on the blue route at route one, crash in willow grove route 611 and fitzwater town road and in northeast philadelphia mayfair, frankford avenue at unruh block with police investigation we have been telling but all morning long. with the blockage also coming the 66 bus has to go on a detour through the neighborhood. they are using magee, charles and knorr and going around the block there mayfair style. keep that in mind waiting for the 66 bus. if you use route 202, get ready for changes, penndot
6:48 am
will do the old shuffle. they will move southbound 202 lanes over to the newly construct stretch of the roadway between route 29 and route 30, they will work hard over next two days with that project and for the shaders northbound lanes of route 73 coming in towards philadelphia, an accident at high street, and also the jug handle is block at high street as well, otherwise, bridges looking good, chris and kerry, back over to you. there will be a lot of delivery trucks this time of the year. especially today getting your presents on time is a top priority this holiday season. ups say, they are ready. last year many people complained about late packages because of the bad weather. do you remember winter we had. then that surge of on line purchases. according to a u.s.a. report, ups and fedex started talking after that immediate disappointment last year to make sure there was not a repeat. >> hopefully they have it under control this year. lets look at your
6:49 am
entertain headlines. courtney kardashian welcomed a new addition this saturday. >> she gave birth to a baby bye who will share his birth day with his big brother. this is third child for courtney and her partner scott disick. their daughter penelope is two years old. >> that was early ultrasound. angelina jolie recovering from the chickenpox. so this means she will miss her next few appearances unbroken. jolie made the announcement in this video up load on you tube. it is unclear if anybody else is sick as well. >> when you get chickenpox when you are older, it is horrifying. taylor swift celebrating her 25th birthday which is just a few of her famous friend. jay-z, beyonce, just continue timberlake, sam smith, and the girl band hame were all at her party. >> i never heard of that band, hame. >> no. >> she shared this fun picture
6:50 am
of the group kind of clowning around. >> have you heard of a new band, i haven't. >> hame. >> well, an early christmas present for fans of the british royal family, new photos of prince george is release. >> he is cute. >> my gosh. >> he is cute, i will admit it. >> this is an exciting day at fox 29 morning news. they released three photos on the prince. last time they released photos were for his first birthday at 17 month-old. >> he has more hair than his dad. >> it is like he is planning. >> look at him. >> cute eyes. >> they say he looks lot like his dad did when his dad was this age. >> yes. >> he was photographed with his parents, prince charles and lady di. >> whenever i see his daddy think of him as a little kid with his mum, the late princess di. researchers are confirming what many suspect for years now men, we men, have selective hearing. >> of course. according to studies you guys tune out conversations with
6:51 am
women after about six minutes. that is your threshold. >> six minutes. >> when it comes to listening to guys though you can pay attention for 15 minutes into the conversation, however they do say it is because you guys are more likely to be talking about things, guy stuff. >> shoulder turn your back swaying. >> that is exactly it. >> more than 50 percent of women say they do little subversive tests to see if you are paying attention like they will throw in a couple things, chat, chat, chat, i'm pregnant. >> have you done this, so if you are talking with john, your husband, after a long day do you see him zoning out, and glaze comes in there. >> um-hmm. >> what do you get him to bring him back in. >> he is still not listening. my tests are fruitless. i have given up trying. i'm like okay, i just start random things like, you know, i spent all of our money. >> whatever. >> something conspicuous. >> it doesn't even phase him.
6:52 am
>> he's tired. >> i didn't say that. >> still to come, looking forward to watching this super bowl this year, you might be surprised to learn, and, might in the be played if you say that to a guy in the middle of the conversation that would bring him back in. why the big game could be canceled. group behind that massive hack at sony is promised to go release more secret information, what sony is now asking the media to do about information, what sony is now asking the media to do about those leak e-mails.
6:53 am
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welcome back. live down market street with all of the holiday lights out, a light wind there. sue serio has a nine out of ten on the number. hey, holidays will be a lot happier for some chester county kids this year. seventy coatsville area kids were treated to a christmas shopping spree thanks to local police officers in parkesburg. kids were teamed up with a member of the one of nine chester county law enforcement agencies, local businesses donated $100 wal-mart gift cards for kids, to buy whatever they wanted for themselves or for their family, this is eighth year for coatsville shop with the cop program. anyone who celebrates christmas knows a perfect tree
6:56 am
makes all difference and california residents say that means making sure their tree, oh, yeah, is organic. >> it had to be in california, right. >> but process of an organic tree is not easy, they say it takes three years, of proven pesticide free soil, just to start the process, but for some shoppers organic makes a big difference. >> in the united states i think we use about 17 tons of pesticides a year, so one step not putting it in the soil, for sure, it is worth it. >> many trees are reused as organic fertilizer for the farm, again, california. 6:56. coming up we are following a developing story right now in australia. police working to free several hostages being held in the popular cafe by a gunman. latest details straight ahead. plus new jersey governor chris christie under fire this morning for rooting for the cowboys on eagles turf last night? how even city officials are getting involved in the discussion it is getting
6:57 am
heated over twitter. mike a
6:58 am
6:59 am
it is a monday morning, eagles fans, seeing red, like in the red sweater, governor christie, seriously. it isn't bad enough that the eagles lost big time to the cowboys but look governor christie with jerry jones, hugging, hugging, high
7:00 am
fiveing, let us know what you think of this using hash tag fox 29 good day. philadelphia police shoot and killed a man overnight in the city's mayfair section we will have the latest on the investigation in a live report. what is going on in australia, siege in sidney is this a terror attack? isis involved? gunman takes several people hostage inside a, popular cafe. police working to free them as investigators try to figure out who is behind this ordeal and why? and bump it up. >> out break in the nhl, how does this happen. >> it seems like nothing but hockey players have the mumps. they are still around? doctor mike is into talk about that. straight up 7:00 o'clock. it looks like the best of this. hello, everybody. >> good morning everybody. >> good morning, bob kelly. >> good morning. >> is it a good morning. >> last night i mean gosh,


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