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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 15, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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35-year-old bradley william stone according to officials. now updating us on the deadly shoots in montgomery county. six people confirmed dead. let's take listen. >> and at this point we are searching for mr. stone. we are looking at some known locations and i know that members of the media are at different locations right now. and aware of those searches and we're also reaching out to the public to see if anyone has sight the him. as we stand here right now, we do not know where he is. we are -- we do not have vehicle information. we actually recovered his vehicle and his personal cell phone. so we do not have information about how he might be traveling. in a release earlier today, we indicated that he does on occasion use a cane or walker. he may or may not be using those devices it's been indicated to us that it may not have been necessary it's possible if he's not in any of the locations where we are searching for indoors and he if he has escaped he might be seen using a device or not.
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that's all we have for you right now. i'm not going to take any questions right now we need to get back inside. but i wanted to give you as much as information as we can. thank you all very much. good night. >> and you've been listening to new conference we've been waiting all day for word from montgomery county officials on that deadly shotting. six people dead. that was the district attorney risa vetri ferman telling us the search for the suspect continues. they just don't know where he is. they searched several locations but turned up nothing so far. >> exactly. don know if he's on foot. don't know if he's in a vehicle. here's what we know right now. the shooting scenes spanned several locations in montgomery county. police were called out to lower salford township this morning. lansdale, souderton and pennsbury. >> as we told you police are looking for this person right here. 35-year-old bradley stone. it's believed stone killed his ex-wife this morning and took off with their two children.
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the children were found safely a short time later but since then, police were called out to several other scenes in the county where bodies were found. stone is considered to be armed and dangerous and as you just heard he is still on the run right now. >> neighbors in the area want an toned this chaotic situation for them it's been intense day that saw some of them locked up behind closed december or evacuated. our joanne pileggi is live in pennsylvania berg with more on that. >> reporter: obviously a very tense situation. obviously people are scared. is bradley stone in his apartment here in pennsburg or has he fled? the swat team has been here all day and as you can imagine, the people in this community are very frighten. it's really crazy because i have kids that go to school and like i have family that live around here. it's just scar row. >> reporter: employees and residents in and around penns
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grove on edge all day as a swat team and police try to find bradley williams stone. the former marine who was suspected of killing six people in montgomery county. >> so close to home, you know, it's right down the street, but, um, there's so much violence. >> reporter: police using all available resources to try to find out if stone was barricaded in this home on west fourth street in pennsburg. >> i fear for people around here if he's around here, you know. >> reporter: at dunkin' donuts in town, they lock the doors allowing customers to use only the drive through. >> do you have a plan in case anybody comes up here, walks up up here way gun? not really, no. we can always close our window and go to the back and hide. >> police are calling stone armed and dangerous. they suspect he killed his ex-wife nicole hill and other family members.
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>> i used to babysit nicole and her sister and my mom was best friends with joanne and the grandmom patricia hill. >> reporter: christine and her husband matthew told me that brad stone was having a difficult time with a child custody issue. then say he was a very proud marine and they can't believe what he is accused of doing. obviously the swat team still here on the scene, and we will continue to monitor the developments and we will bring you any updates as they become available. for now we're live in pennsburg, joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. >> all right, joanne, thank you so much. let's send it out to brad satin is live in lower salford where authorities just wrapped up that news conference. it was a quick one we were waiting since news for this news conference. the montgomery county da coming out to sum up a lot of what we knew that apparently this suspect in this case bradley stone had targeted family members.
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through the course of the day we started to learn a little bit more about who he was as we mentioned ex military, apparently in a custody battle with his ex-wife who died at that first seen early this morning. reportedly she had told some friends that she feared for her life. also, we found a facebook page of stone' that is talked about issues he had with the va but none of this explains the mass shooting earlier today. >> we're all working to figure out what's going on and pull it altogether. >> reporter: a confusing scene with several people shot and killed in various locations. the shooting spree started here around 4:00 o'clock this morning at an apartment building on the 100 block of main street in lower salford township. investigators believe 35-year-old bradley william stone allegedly shot and killed his ex-wife and then took off with two children the kids were later found to be okay. from there two additional people were found dead about their minutes later on the 100 block of west fifth street in lansdale self miles away. >> i heard a gunshot go off
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about 5:00 o'clock in the morning. and swat team was already coming down about 5:30. >> reporter: from there it was about 8:00 o'clock this morning when investigators made a welfare check at a home on penn and highland avenue in souderton. they found two people there shot to death inside. through the morning, the swat teams didn't know if stone may have barricaded himself in inside. >> they're not getting a response from that person, so they're working backwards on this trying to get in touch with somebody and trying to make entry. >> reporter: eventually getting in the home but not finding him. one person, however, was found to be injured in airlifted to the hospital. meanwhile the search goes on for this man 35-year-old bradley william stone of pennsburg described as 5-foot 10, 195 pounds, with a red auburn beard and mustache and cropped hair. he's known to use a cane or walker and may be wearing sandy or green colored military fatigues. all of the victims are his related family members. still through the day, neighbors in all locations were urged to use caution.
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>> they said to have all doors locked at all times because they have the fear still at -- shooter still at large. >> reporter: montgomery count county's da risa ferman wrapping a news conference a few minutes ago. she did not take any questions. clearly there are still a lot of them as to what the mind set was of bradley stone who is still on the loose at this hour. guys? >> as we recap this breaking story for you, again, police are still looking for this man, 35-year-old bradley william stone, investigators say he killed six people during a rampage across montgomery county today including his ex-wife. another person was also badly hurt. investigators say all of the victims have some type of family relationship to stone. police say stone is likely wearing military fatigues. he is considered armed and dangerous. again, is still on the run. we have crews who are staking out this breaking story all night and as always you can get updates any time by going to
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just look for the story right there on our home page. >> all right. it's been a great start to the week work weather wise but changes are on the way. here's fox 29's meteorologist caitlin roth. >> always tracking changes, ia iain, you know that. we all know that. weather seems to change on a time especially this time of year. this time we're at least tracking some rain showers that will be moving in for tomorrow. not snow showers. outside right now though pretty clear skies. nice to see that sunshine earlier this afternoon it's been almost a week of just gray skies straight on through. few peeks over the weekend but they were hard to come by. right now a storm system lifting from showers into the tennessee valley back up towards chicago. still even some thunderstorms after some severe weather this weekend. in parts of the southern planes. right now 45 degrees outside here in center city philadelphia. light winds out of the southwest and it should be a fairly dry comfortable night. temperatures weren't overly cold this weekend and this is our warming trend as we through the next couple of days. upper fours today. should hit 50 tomorrow and wednesday. 45 in philly now. upper 30s north and west. mid 30s down in millville and
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dover, delaware. your forecast for tonight we'll see shows clouds continue to increase out ahead of those showers towards our west. 38 in the city. 32 in the bush. 50 degrees nice and mild tomorrow. the clouds returning. seeing showers in the afternoon. much more on the full week ahead in your seven day forecast. dawn and iain. >> thank you, caitlin. president obama visiting troops today at new jersey's joint base mcguire dix lakehurst. he is marking the end of combat operations in afghanistan. after 13 years, u.s. and nato troops closed their operational command last week. some troops will stay behind to finalize the mission. governor chris christie was on hand today to greet the commander in chief. president obama use dag's visit to show his gratitude to the troops as we head into the holidays. >> after a long day we can come home because you're willing to leave your home and deploy. we get to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries and holidays. go to soccer games, go to dance
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recitals because you're willing to miss those with your family. >> the base has been used to send service members to west africa to balance the on-going ebola crisis. >> more charges are expected in tuesday of city lawmakers caught on tape allegedly taking bribes. jeff cole has the story for us tonight. >> a stunning story which broke earlier in the year. city legislator as traffic court judge had been taped allegedly taking cash bribes and jewelry. attorney general kathleen cane would prosecute. the investigation was badly done and likely racially at the same timed but fox 29 has learn the philly da will announce still more charges on tuesday. the probe is led to a fire storm of controversy and has end snared a ex traffic court judge, da seth williams charged tynes with taking a $2,000 bracelet in
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objection. her lawyer says she'll plead guilty. tuesday morning at 11:00 williams is expected more chargecharges good in the case e remaining four politicians it's not known who will be charged. attorney general cane passed on the case to williams this past summer. he brought it to an investigating grand jury. again, prosecutors are working with audio and video tape of the alleged corruption. tape recorded by an informant working for the office of the attorney general who is tom corbett at the time. in the newsroom jeff cole fox 29 news. folks. >> dawn. >> all right, thank you, jeff. a robbery at a local wawa caught on camera and tonight police are asking for your help. investigators say the robbery happened at the wawa on columbus boulevard in south philadelphia. surveillance video showing the woman struggling with the clerk for money. you can see the clerk dropped the money and that's when the woman picks some of of it and runs right out of the store. >> new jersey colleges will now face potential hefty fines.
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a bill passed today and it will impose fines up to $50,000 on colleges and universities that file properly look into sexual assault allegations. lawmakers say this is all in response to the federal disclosure that 55 colleges and universities are under investigation for pro 10 shallly mishandling sexual assault complaints. >> check out a very proud local k9 officer and his recent home. this guy just helped pull off a big drug bust. coming yup they found hundreds of pounds of pot. howard? >> the eagles now need help to make the playoffs and another major injury to a starter. that a
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>> back to the breaking news we've been following for you all day out of montgomery county. all out manhunt underway for 35-year-old bradley william stone. police say that he killed six people during a rampage across part of the montgomery county earlier today. another person was also badly
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injured and investigators say he does have a familial relationship to all the victim. police say stone is likely wearing military fatigues. stone is considered armed and dangerous. >> police in cherry hill seized more than 250 pounds of marijuana and investigators say the department's k9mism ka played a huge role. investigators is a charged 57-year-old nelson anderson of camden with possession and distribution. police say anderson was keeping the marijuana at a storage facility. anderson is jailed tonight on $250,000 bail. well dog owner list season up. pennsylvania now requires your pup to have a license. state law says all dogs three months and older must now be licensed by january 1st of each year. the annual dog license costs less than $9 and even less if your dog is spayed or neutered. that fee is nothing compared to the whopping $300 fine that owners will face if they fail to license their dogs. >> septa is expanding its train
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service to help people going to and from delaware. the new schedule has later trains leaving center city to delaware in the evenings during the weekdays. so there's a new afternoon express train that will offer service to claymont and wilmington and newark. more than 17 hadn't dread people signed a petition back in july asking for the changes. >> and turning now to your fox 29 weather authority. have to say, kind of enjoying those mild temperatures. >> yeah. seeing a little bit of the sun out there today. >> a little tiny bit, iain much that's the most we've seen in a week. we have had seven days straight of the gray weather. nice to see a little bit of sun however brief it was this afternoon. looking forward to tomorrow. hanukkah beginning tuesday nig night. sunset at 4:37 p.m. we will see some scattered showers so that's the forecast at least for the first night of hanukkah. outside right now mapely clear skies. we did see the late afternoon sunshine. it felt great. but clouds quickly on the heels of what was a pretty nice monday. that is because those clouds are increasing out ahead of warm front lifting showers into the
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northern gulf coast states into the tennessee valley and wrapping back around into the chicago minneapolis area. just west of minneapolis though that changing over to some snow and snow showers funnel link on the back side. the colder side of this storm system down no parts of nebraska and kansas. 48 degrees was the high temperature today. this is the beginning of our warming trend. we should hit 50 tomorrow and the next day. not overly overly warm but certainly milder than we saw last week at times. 43 in philly. upper 30s north and west right now mid 30s south and east. no weather problems tonight. fox future cast does show those clouds thickening and i think we could even see drizzle could be some patchy drizzle for the early morning commute. otherwise wait on the falling rain until about the noon hour. starting to move into our western suburbs looks like by mid afternoon we see green the map. this is all very light. scattered showers, looking at anything too heavy but persist through the rest of the day and even into tuesday evening from five to 10:00 p.m. you continue to see the showers so tomorrow while not considered a washout we'll be gray, drizzly, damp,
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rainy actually a lot like the weather we saw most days last week. warm front lifts northward as we head towards early wednesday morning and we should see some more sunshine coming back in on wednesday. so it will improve after one very gray day. 38 tonight, 32 in the suburbs mostly cloudy with again maybe some drizzle developing late. otherwise the mild temperatures that's thanks to the warm front should hit 50 degrees here in the city but with the showers, not like you're soaking up any warm sunshine out there. 50 degrees again on wednesday but it is dry and at least milder, too. and then we'll see it cool down as temperatures return to more seasonal values thursday 49 day. watching the weekend could see our next storm season could be a winter storm for some in the area. right now it looks like the best chance of snow showers on sund sunday. that being said, some models picking this straight out to sea but least a heads up here we are monday, six days out, still far out. a lot can and will change but we are looking at the chance for some snow maybe mixing with rain and that would be on sunday before clearing out on monday. >> all right. thank you, caitlin. >> sure. >> a lot of people feeling a lot
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blue today. >> i'll tell was. they're blue, green, purple. every shade -- caitlin's red. >> red rage. >> red rage. the eagles have had their share of injuries. add another that may take this starter out for the rest of the season. and many point to the one player on defense that is a big reason for the loss. hear from bradley fle
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>> monday morning quarterback sponsored by xfinity your home for the most live sports. >> it's bad enough the eagles blue that golden opportunity to get into the playoffs. now, i've been told that the eagles defensive lineman -- linebacker whatever you want to call him trent cole has a broken hand. still not certain whether he will play on saturday against the redskins. or the remaining two games. also a possibility i'm told that trent cole could have surgery and today chip kelly zednick foles still is not been cleared to come back from that fractured collarbone. and he will not play on saturday. i'm told he may not be ready for the last game of the regular season either. let's go to the linc. it started off so bad and you knew something was wrong. dallas cowboys planned this kick. they know they did. josh huff doesn't get up in ti time. brad smith who the coach blamed didn't pick up the ball. somebody has got to get that ball. it's a live ball and the cowboys scored. it may not have looked good but the players did come into the
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game the right way. >> our effort i think was always there. you know, i don't think our team came up flat. i don't think our team didn't play with energy. we didn't he can cute, you know, and, um, if they didn't have effort, they didn't have energy we wouldn't have back to be up 24-21 and. it's about sustaining and it's about eliminating the mistakes. not putting yourselves in harms way. >> i think that ambulance is for the eagles. usually comes down to the quarterback play in many games and you can turn the ball over if you're the other team. mark sanchez has thrown too many interceptions and there have been too many times where he has had issues with accuracy. you have to hit open receivers. but he's taking responsibility. >> i'm better than that. i mean i can only be accountable for myself and i know all the guys feel the same way i do. you know, every missed assignment guys take ownership. nobody is hiding from anything.
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there's no like, well, you know, he could have caught it and maybe if he would have, you kn know, dove further -- no. that's crap. no way. we got to take ownership of this thing and it starts with the quarterback. >> all right. then there was three touchdown catches for dez bryant. and the defensive back that's taking the heat that's brad the fletcher. >> that's my man. i got to make the play. >> talk about the challenges of being matched up against a receiver like this. >> just another receiver in the nfl who made plays today. i didn't play well enough for our team. >> best scenario for the eagles dallas loses to indy next week and eagles win the final two games and demarco murray is hurt for dallas much there's hope. >> we'll see. thanks, howard. >> we want to update you now oh and that manhunt in montgomery county. police still looking for 35-year-old bradley william stone. he killed six people during a rampage across montgomery county earlier today. another person was badly hurt. police say one of the victims
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was stone's ex-wife. >> police say stone is considered armed and dangerous. we will continue to follow this breaking story and have a full update on fox
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i have chickenpox. >> was angelina jolie contagious when this photo was taken? >> you can spread this for two days before you even know you have the disease. then, whoopi goldberg versus bill cosby's new supermodel accuser. >> he did not rape you. >> i don't think so, no. >> you're not sure? >> their icy exchange. and -- >> i'm one of the many hostages. >> 17-hour hostage nightmare. can it happen here? >> if you hear them coming in, hit the ground, stay low. plus the shocking chant from protesters. and oprah's message to the nation. >> always in peace, because you can't be heard unless you are.


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