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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 16, 2014 3:00am-4:01am EST

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. ♪ >> right now, police are on the hunt for the man they say murdered his ex-wife and then killed five of her family members. moments ago our cameras were rolling in buck county. officers with k9 units scowering the area after a reported sighting of bradley stone. several buildings in doylestown are locked down or on alert tonight. a lot of residents are wondering what's going on. investigators say stone went on his killing spree early this morning. targeting the family of his ex-wife across montgomery county killing her mom, grandmother, sister, brother-in-law and niece and seriously wounding her nephew all before ending nicole stone's amount police say he shot her and then took their two young daughters. good evening, i'm ye page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. tonight those girls are safe.
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today months crime scene spanning across montgomery county from lower salford township to souderton and lansdale. the swat team spent hours at stone's own home in pennsburg. we have live team coverage tonight as the hunt for stone now expands. shawnette wilson is live in harleysville where stone allegedly killed his ex-wife but we start tonight with chris o'connell in doylestown with the search. chris? >> reporter: dawn, the day long manhunt for the man police say killed six people continues at this hour but it continues in doylestown tonight. 35-year-old bradley stone is still on the loose but there was a siting of him. police believe in the last two hours right here outside the stoning farms apartment complex. police believe he may have been involved in an attempted carjacking by a man fitting stone's description wearing fatigues. shots were fired here. that's when a man ran into the woods.
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that began all out search here in doylestown. now, swat teams have been criss-crossing the county at least four different crime scenes for hours tactical units armored trucks, camped outside of stone's house in pennsburg about 21 miles from here where family and friends say the former marine had divorced from his ex-wife and was involved in a bitter custody dispute over their children. but after hours there, police got the call to come here to doylestown where the search continues tonight. police say stone pictured here is suspected of killing six people including his ex-wife and his 14-year-old niece. now, all of this started this rampage started in stone's ex-wife's apartment in harleysville about 4:00 this morning. then went on to two more locations. his ex-wife's relatives live and were killed five others he also wounded another. now we just talked to the mother of a woman -- of a woman who is
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now under a shelter in place order here at stoning ton farms. >> i'm just worried about her and, you know, she's in the apartment by herself, and she's freaking out, too, and just want this guy to be caught. >> reporter: back out here live at last point this man was believed to be in the area near burpie road. obviously you could actually see behind me this is a very active scene. we are monitoring police radio. we are told thermal imagers have been brought nk9 units and we're getting lots of calls from people. we're hearing things in their backyards or in their front yards hearing suspicious noises so there's a lot of police activity tonight. but the bottom line bradley stone remains on the loose tonight. guys. >> all right, chris, thank you. community reeling over the loss of family taken out by what police believe is a lone gunman. people who have known the family for years are stunned and heart
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broken. our shawnette wilson live in harleysville tonight. shawnette, this is certainly got to be heartbreaking for neighbors who knew the victims. >> reporter: no doubt iain. you said it. family friends are devastated. nicole stone lived in these apartments behind me with her two children. she was reportedly trying to get sole custody of them we're told in the weeks leading up to the murders. >> that man took out four generations of a family in hours. >> reporter: this is the chaotic scene bill and his wife lisa woke up to early monday morning. police and swat swarming a neighbor's home on main street in lansdale. >> we've been their neighbor and their friends for 25 years. and we've had our children together. we -- we were at the hospital when their first grandchild was born. >> the tearful company watched as investigators brought out the body police say were killed by 35 year old bradley william stone. the victims have been identified by investigators as the mother and grandmother of the suspect
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ex-wife'. >> we know everyone involved. we know the shooter. we know the family. it's just -- it's horrendous. >> reporter: less than a half hour later just before 5am, police got a 911 call about a shooting not too far away at these apartments along main street in harleysville. they found stone ex-wife nicole shot to death and say he had taken off with their two young daughters. >> mr. stone delivered his two daughters to a neighbor in pennsburg. that is the last time he was -- was seen by anyone. the children i point out i think of great significance the children are safe right now. >> it's very sad. especially to the children. they're going to be father less and motherless. >> reporter: but the rampage didn't end there. police were soon alerted to the home of nicole stone's sister patricia flick in souderton. it's where they found patricia, her husband and their 14-year-old daughter all dead.
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their 17-year-old son who family friends identify as anthony was hurt and taken to the hospital. >> we watch them being born. nicole's children watched them as infants. watched nicole and her sister tricia. they moved here. they were little, little girls. i mean now they're gone. >> reporter: and we're told the suspect had remarried. neighbors here also say that nicole got engaged over the summer. we also learned that stone the suspect who is also a military veteran recently faced several dui charges. one was resolved in court. iain. >> shawnette, thank you. authorities identified all the victims they believe werere kild by bradley stone. nicole stone, bradley's ex, nicole's mother joanne hill and grandmother pay from is a hill. her sister patricia and aaron flick and nina. we'll continue to follow this story for you on area and online just head to and
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look on the main page for updates and pictures from the scene. >> on your radar right now, rain is heading our way. caitlin roth in tonight tracking when it is all going to start. caitlin? thank you, dawn. we are watching some showers move across parts of the midwest starting to head into ohio and by tomorrow afternoon, those showers which are along warm front will lift into you are area. we are going to start off dry. most of tonight just mostly cloudy skies. by noon you can see the rain entering washington baltimore kind of steady at times. so umbrellas needed as we go into the p.m. hours. looks like a mid afternoon rifle with the rain it will continue on and off through most of the evening. but it does look like just rain for the whole area. for tonight mostly cloudy, 35 in the city. 30 in the suburb. really just clouds around and tomorrow it's fairly mild. 50 degrees for the high temperature witness rain moving in the afternoon. but it look like a calm rest of the work week the big question this weekend chance for snow maybe rain mixed in. we'll have it all for in you your seven day forecast.
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>> caitlin thank you in australia this was the dramatic scene today. australian police racing into a cafe just as five or six hostages ran out of the cafe in sidney. five people escaping earlier the standoff lasting for 16 hours. tense hostage situation ended in gunfire. leaving three people dead including the gunman. the local police commissioner says the gunman identified as the man moon this was facing criminal charges and out on bail when he attack the cafe. new south wales police commissioner says the iranian immigrant was acting alone. police refuse to say anything else about the gunman's motive. >> sky fox over a dye-in protect in wilmington, delaware. 200 people protesting the treatment of unarmed black men by police. the demonstrators causing a big backup in the area of eighth and king streets. police say the protest was peaceful and traffic is moving again tonight. former philadelphia sports broadcaster john tollefson has a change of heart while in a buck county courtroom today. he appeared before the judge
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this afternoon for what was supposed to be sentencing day. tollefson is accused of scamming charities with bogus travel sports packages. tollefson announcing he's canceling his plea deal telling the judge he will now represent himself and once to go to trial. >> the more i prayed about it with a number of religious leaders in the area, the more i talked to my counselor scharr receive about it it seems like withdrawing my plea and going to trial was the most appropriate and honest thing to do. >> i had hoped to put this case to rest. i was anxious that mr. tollefson take responsibility for what we've accused him of. what he plead guilty to, but this is his right. >> thanks everybody. >> court resumes january 5th. don tollefson was former employee of fox 29. the main casino workers union in atlantic city defies a company imposed deadline to withdraw its appeal. it would have terminated union
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members health insurance and pension plan as stated in the october 17th order. the casino is scheduled to close at 6am on saturday morning. neither trump entertainment nor the union will discuss the expiration of monday todays deadline or wait means to the workers of the casino. >> president barack obama is back in washington tonight after a visit to new jersey's joint base mcguire dix lakehurst. the president is marking the end of combat operations in afghanistan. after 13 years u.s. and nato troops closed their operational command last week. some troops will stay behind to final lies the mission. new jersey governor christie also on hand today to greet the commander in chief. president obama use dag's visit to show his gratitude to the troops as we head into the holidays. >> thank you for your extraordinary service. i thank you as your president because you inspire me and of all the privileges i have in serving in this office, nothing
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comes close to the honor of serving as your commander in chief. >> this base has also been used to send service members to west africa to help battle the on-going ebola crisis. in atlanta college cutting its ties with comedian bill cosby. spellman college says it is suspending its endowed professor ship with cosby because of allegations that he sexually assaulted several women. the program was created to bring a positive attention and scholars to the campus. but the school says that goal is not currently being met under the circumstances. cosby has stayed mostly silent after several women accused him of having drugged and raped them. cosby denies the allegations. >> a mother shedding tears for her son and now demanding answers in his death. her plea to local police. why did officers have to shoot her son? and surveillance cameras catch this group busting into a home making off with a family's tv's and christmas gifts but they didn't get far. >> oh bleep. they tried to say that they were
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lost. >> the crazy scene that unfolded when that family ran into and recognized the alleged thieves. >> plus we're all distracted during the holidays especially when we're out shopping much police say this guy is taking advantage. what you needed to to make sure you're not a victim. >> and crossing thousands of miles to turn strangers into families. four-year-old madeline has come a long way from a hospital in china to live her her new family in bucks county much the special team that's making it happen. ♪ >> we are staying on top of breaking news for you. police on the hunt right now for 35 year old bradley stone the man who they say murdered sick people across montgomery county today. be sur
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♪ >> we're staying on top of breaking news for you. police on the hunt for 35-year-old bradley stone. they say he murdered six family members across montgomery county today. this is a live look from doylestown where police say he may have been spotted earlier tonight. we will bring you any new developments. philadelphia police want to find a man they say stole a purse from a 60-year-old woman. it happened thursday afternoon on the 6600 block of north broad street. investigators say the woman left her purse in a cart outside a cvs store. surveillance video shows a guy walking off with the purse. police say he stole $700 and a few other things. >> mourners gathering to remember the life of a 26-year-old man killed after being shot by a police officer just before 3:00 o'clock this morning. it happened on frankford avenue in mayfair. authorities say the man, brandon tate brown was reaching for a
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handgun when a rookie police officer opened fire. >> but the victim's family wants to know what led to the shooting death. our sabina kuriakose is live in mayfair with more from family members of the man tonight. sabina. >> reporter: iain it was an emotional vigil that took place just behind me at the same spot where this incident happened and late today brown's family tells me they've learned that the bullet entered his body through the back of his head. >> hands up, don't shoot! no justice, no piece! >> no racist, no piece. ! report familiar national rallying cry echoing through the sketch hundred block of frankford avenue. during charged vigil for brandon tate brown. 26-year-old shot and killed in a police involved shooting early monday morning. >> please pray for me and my family. >> brown's mother tanya speaki g at the vigil says the family believes her son's shooting by two rookie police officers during a traffic stop was unjustified. authorities say brown was
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driving this white dodge charger with his headlights off in the uniformed officers in a marked police vehicle stopped him. the department says the officers notice add 22 caliber handgun on the car's center console. >> the butt of a gun that's actually in the console between the passenger seat, actually kind of like stuck down the middle. >> reporter: police say the officers asked brown to step out of the car. he got out and that's when officers say he struggled with the officers and reached back into the car for his loaded weapon. one officer opened fire striking him brown once. >> we have the documents from the medical examiner's office where it indicates he was shot in the back of his head. >> reporter: al sharpton national network on hand at the vigil. police have not released the race of the officers. both were on the force less than 10 months. >> no justice, no piece. >> reporter: brown has a criminal history including two priors for itemed murder. he was released from prison two years ago and his family says he had a new job, new apartment an
3:17 am
new baby. >> he don't fight. he got enough zen not to fight and attempt to shoot at no police officers. my son is not that kind. >> reporter: and internal affairs is investigating. as is the city's homicide units. the officer who struck brown is on desk duty pending the out come of that investigation. the other officer his partner has been treated for stress. we do want to mention that the weapon that brown was carrying inside his vehicle police say it was reported as stolen last year. iain and dawn, back to you. >> all right, sabina, thank you. breaking news tonight out of delaware county. sky fox over the scene in glenn olden where there are reports three people have been shot. emergency crews rushed to the 600 block of glenn field of a just about an hour ago. there's no word yet on anyone's condition. police are still investigating. >> a year long grand jury probe leads to criminal charges against two former school officials in coatesville, chester county. charged are former coatesville
3:18 am
superintendent of schools richard como seen here after turning himself in on monday. and the district's ex athletic jim jim dough nat tow. 68-year-old como facing 51 threat counts for allegedly teagueing money that was supposed to be used for football championship rings. dinato has been slapped with 139 theft counts for pocketing 5,000 in cash after waving users fees meant for district covers. >> you had a superintendent and an athletic director who were running the school district like it was their own personal kingdom. mocking in racist taunts the very people they were supposed to be servin serveing and stea money. >> both men left their jobs as those racist and sexist texts were discovered 2013. the district is suing the pair a item to go get some of that money back. >> good news traveling from to and from the first state.
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septa offering a new train schedule to delaware. trains will leave center city philadelphia to delaware in the later evening hours during the weekday. a new afternoon express train will offers riders service to clay montgomery, wilmington and newark. more than 1700 commuters have signed a petition back in july asking for changes. >> pennsylvania man battling cancer gets a much needed gift from a secret santa this holiday season. meet matt, one year ago doctors found a tuesday formed by a form of cancer. since then he's had several surgeries. chemotherapy and a whole lot of medical bills but in anonymous gift of $50,000 will now allow him to get the help he really needs. an experimental drug that could save his life. >> just amazing the support and all -- all the people that have come together to help me much it's been a god send. it really has. i'm really blessed. >> he believes his secret santa could have been someone he
3:20 am
recently met at a local restaurant. it's a night of giving thanks to the philadelphia phillies. >> tonight the annual holiday party for the phillies charities and a lot of people coming out to the diamond club at citizens bank park tonight. the annual party recognizes local community heroes who provide valuable services to those in need, and all of the organizations attended tonight have received grants from phillies charities to help people in our area. tonight's guests include homeless shelters, churches and groups working with inner city children. >> firefighters race to save a woman from her sinking car. what her car did in the water that crews say made the rescue so much more difficult. >> and look at all of that pot. a proud mommy for this local k9 posing with his work. the major drug bust that mika helped take down. >> she's behind the biggest disney cartoon ever. so why is the creator of frozen saying a
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♪ >> the storm is gone but the cleanup process will more than likely last for days if not weeks in california. this is after last week's powerful winds, rain and flooding and one homeowner spent the day clearing out wood left behind from a large uprooted tree. the tree removal alone will cost him $7,000 he hopes insurance will pay. investigators in la looking to talk to people regarding an apartment construction fire. they say the two men are not
3:24 am
considered suspects but potential witnesses. they were seen on surveillance video in the area of last week's massive fire. more than 250 firefighters were on hand to battle the blaze. two buildings near the complex were damaged and flames could be seen for miles away. >> a texas firefighter does something that's grabbin grabbie attention of animal lovers across the country. >> i love this story. he's adopt add dog saved from a deadly car accident. that accident killed the pup's owner over thanksgiving weekend. clayton taylor was one of the firefighter who's responded to the scene and he had an instant connections with the dog and decided to name him crash. he found crash curled up in the back seat of the car after the accident. >> he's still young enough we predict him to be about two to three years old. he'll adapt perfectly and no problems. >> crash will undergo a leg amputation later this week but is expected to be okay. local animal shelter is using
3:25 am
donations to help pay for crash's surgery. >> a search continues for the man police say killed his ex-wife and five members of her family. next, a live update on the manhunt that's now spanning multiple counties. caitlin. >> we saw a little bit of sunshine which was nice for a change but the clouds and showers quickly returning tomorrow following that will we have a disruption over our weekend? we're looking ahead to it. this is a head up. we're tracking something. we'll have that next in your seven day forecast. >> family went to stop thieves who stole their christmas gifts. >> they got him. they got him. they got him. >> did they really? >> wild ending that has them taking cover behind a pickup truck. >> and a vandal tries to ruin christmas in one neighborhood. he targeted holiday decorations but he didn't steal them. how he took things to a whole other level.
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♪ >> right now at 10:30 searching for a suspected killer. police say 3year-old bradley william stone murdered six people today. the killing spree spanning
3:29 am
across several neighborhoods in montgomery county. it all started early this morning in souderton and now all out manhunt is underway. >> upper perkiomen school district announcing it will be closed tomorrow as police continue to search for the suspect. they ask for patience and will decide on a daily basis when to reopen schools. right now, police are swarming over the doylestown area looking for stone. that's where fox 29' chris o'connell picks up the story. what can you tell us at this point, chris? >> reporter: well, dawn, bradley stone is still on the loose. the latest chapter in the day long bloody rampage happening here about 8:00 o'clock here in doylestown. take a look behind me. still a very active scene. police think stone was involved in an attempted carjacking when he fired shots then ran into the woods here near the stoning ton farms apartments where residents here are still being asked to shelter in place. now, swat teams spent the large part of the day at stone's
3:30 am
address in pennsburg about 25 minutes i was -- 25 miles away from here. swat teams tactical units didn't find him there. that's when they got the call he was spotted here in doylestown. family and friends say the former marine had recently did you veried from his wife and his ex-wife and him were involved in a bitter custody dispute. now, little bit more on stone. we have learned he is an iraqi war veteran whose actually wounded in combat. we've learned recently he had been arrested for a drunk driving charge. but tonight, he's a suspected mass murderer accused of killing among some of the victims his ex-wife, her 14-year-old niece and four other family members basically wiping out an entire family. we do know his children were not injured. let's bring you back out here live. police are asking anyone who lives in this area to stay indoors here at the stoning ton farms. they're asking those people to
3:31 am
stay in place. a lot of reports of possible sights, police going to respond to go different addresses around doylestown. bradley stone still on the loose tonight and as a symptom of that, upper perkiomen schools dawn as you said are closed tomorrow because of this manhunt expected to go into the morning hours. guys? >> all right. chris, thank you. of course, we will continue to follow this breaking story on air and online. just go to and look on the main page for updates and pictures from the scene. a woman is recovering after getting swept away in a fast-moving river. this happened this afternoon taunton massachusetts. the partially submerged car could be seen floating in the water. firefighters rushed to the scene to help her. officials believe her car floated down the river before cruise could safely get to her. >> no word on how the car ended up there. >> the victims of an alleged home break in turn the tables on the accused burglars.
3:32 am
they find and hold them at gun point until police arrive. fox's john huddleston talk to the alabama family about they tracked down the alleged crook. >> they got him. they got him. they got him. >> did they really. >> sarah wyatt couldn't believe what she heard and she really couldn't believe what she saw just a few moments later. her husband and other relatives apprehend and holding at gun point some of the suspects they believe response al for breaking into their home. they happened to drive by and we seen them drive by and knew it was him. so we stopped him. roar report chris wyatt was recognize the perpetrator thanks to his open surveillance video. a woman scene knocking on the family door. when no one answers sheiling with at a accomplishes help themselves to 2tv's and several christmas presents. including those for their one-year-old son. >> oh, bleep. they tried to say that they were
3:33 am
lost, and we corrected them where they were. >> sheriffs deputees arrived a short time later and took a man and two women into custody. investigators have not yet confirmed the entities. individuals or any charges pending wyatt is certain that the men and one of the women is those seen in the video. they broke into another house an hour before this and luckily they're stolen stuff was still in the vehicle. >> that homeowner was brought to the scene where he identified most of his belongings. the wyatts are still looking to get back what was taken. >> i sure hope so. if we don't at least we're all safe and of one piece and they're off the street for now. >> that was john huddleston reporting from alabama. all right. let's get a check of on our weather. here's caitlin roth. >> thank you iain. all calm outside right now. we saw the sunshine briefly earlier today. it wasn't too cold. and right now we're just looking at partly cloudy skies but those clouds are streaming in from the west it's all out ahead of our next system which will spread showers into the area by tomorrow. right now, pretty widely scattered rain showers just
3:34 am
lifting into the tennessee valley into parts of ohio, wrapping back around chicago the great lakes, that's snow moving into the twin cities. shouldn't see the snow here at least not just quite yet. we are coming off a day where we finally saw sun after literally seven days in a row of gray skies. that helps a little bit. 48 was the high in philadelphia a few degrees above the normal of 45. now temperatures right now back into the 30s. chilly north and west right around freezing. 31 in pottstown. 33 in trenton. 37 in philadelphia already 29 in millville, new jersey. but as you can see as we go through fox future cast here overnight, clouds will thicken as they do so the temperatures probably won't fall any more. we'll reach our low temperature in the mid 30s philadelphia upper 20s by 8:00 a.m. in our suburban spots. tuesday seeing a lot of cloud cover any sunshine initially will be brief. clouds increase through the day by 3:00 o'clock some showers start to move in. umbrellas needed not until the second half of the day. scattered showers continue
3:35 am
through much of tuesday evening. it looks like threw about nine, 10:00 o'clock still seeing the chance for rain before that lifts out early wednesday morning. we should return to the dry weather. tonight 35 in the city. 28 in the burbs. mostly cloudy maybe a little bit of drizzle. otherwise the rain holds off until tomorrow afternoon. still mild, 50 degrees the high testimony cher, but pretty cloudy kind of gray. a lot like the weather we've had for the past week. seven day forecast shows at least we're 50 degrees tomorrow and wednesday. but showers tuesday. including during tomorrow night hanukkah beginning in the evening the first night we'll have some showers. by wednesday, we'll start to clear out. 45 on thursday. so it's a little bit cooler. 44 friday but at least we should see that late week sunshine. watching the weekend for a system that has been waffling back and forth as it tended to six days out but looks to bring the chance for some snow and that would be on sunday if we do see the snow. so obviously monitoring that very closely as we head towards an important weekend right before the holiday. >> exactly. >> lots of people will be out shopping. i know.
3:36 am
>> the malls will be crazy. >> thanks caitlin. >> look at all of that weed. all in a day's work for this proud k9. next a major drug bust mika helped take down. >> and blasphemy for eagles fans much chris christie at the linc sitting with the owner of the cowboys? while he's telling philly to get over it. >> plus relax. unwind this holiday season with a little bath time. and booze and this can help
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♪ police in cherry hill seizing more than 250 pounds of marijuana and investigators say the department's k9mika played a huge role. police charged 57 year old nelson anderson of camden with possession of distribution. police say anderson was keeping the marijuana at a storage facility. he's jailed on $250,000 bail tonight. in your money this evening, that tub caddy is not just for bath products any more. new invention can now hold your glass of wine or even a can of beer. it's called the sip caddy it was created by two brothers here in the united states. the sip caddy is a portable cup holder that can hold wine
3:40 am
glasses and sam pain flutes and if you like to drink from a bottle or a can it can hold up to 24-ounces if you're interested it costs about $14. >> a trip to the grocery store turned out to be a blessing in disguise. let's just say christmas came a little early to some shoppers. annual tradition, for john, whose the ceo of a credit union, he headed to this tampa area grocery store and bought $500 gift cards. he surprised lucky shoppers with not only the gift cards but also turkey and hams. most of the customers simply couldn't believe it. >> i didn't know what he was doing. but it's christmas. you never know. >> even if the economy were booming there are people that still suffer. this is the sixth year he has provided cuff mers with some christmas cheer. >> a vandal trying to run christmas in one neighborhood he targets holiday decorations but he doesn't steal them. how he took things to whole new level. >> and crossing thousands of
3:41 am
miles to turn strangers into family. four-year-old madeleine has come a long way from a hospital in china to live with her new
3:42 am
3:43 am
3:44 am
>> neighbors say someone is going around slashing inflatable decorations. teenagers would be behind it. about 10 to 15 were popped. some neighbors their considering putting up surveillance cameras. inflatable decorations cost from 30 to more than $100. local agencies are teaming up to help area families adopt very special children overseas. >> it's all part of a to-year cam paper to inspire local couples to think out of the box. our jennifer joyce introduces us to a very special little girl. >> reporter: she's a four-year-old bundle of dynami dynamite. loads of energy, lots of giggl giggles. a contagious spirit. madeleine is settling into life in the u.s. bucks county to be specific. with the only family she's he have known. >> you love mommy a lot or
3:45 am
little. a lot. >> a lot. report roar her adoptive parents stephanie and patrick farley. >> a blessing to have her in our family. >> big sister amanda and older brother colin. she just walked in and said hi, hi, hi. everybody couldn't resist smiling. >> last year hasn't bun without challenges. madeleine has a mild form of cerebral palsy. >> yummy. >> can i have some? >> the farley farleys adopt hera hospital in china. after like 45 minutes, just having her scream at us, it just click. >> they do you meaned the dramatic trip with these pictures. and visited the spot where their little girl was abandoned at just six months old. >> it's just been a miracle to watch her come home and just 35. >> reporter: jennifer chances with bethenny christian services the agency that helped the farley's bring her home.
3:46 am
bethenny is in the middle of a two year campaign called these 400s. a push get people to consider special needs adoptions. as more regulations are put into place and many adoption agencies are closing their doors. >> these are kids that are overseas in orphanage that is really have no resources. if agencies aren't going there and finding families for these kids they'll stay in orphanages for their whole life. >> reporter: adoption is a challenging thing. throw in foreign country and additional special needs and the thought might intimidate you. but bethenny christian services has partner with chop's international adoption center at the wood center to provide extra resources for families. dr. susan friedman is the medical director. she says, special needs international adoption is the new normal. >> if parents want to don a healthy child from china it's usually a six to seven year wait.
3:47 am
>> reporter: freed map says chop's program assists families of all types including domestic adoptions and foster care. doctors review a prospective child's medical history. explain to the family what it all means. how it could affect their existing family unit, and help them decide whether or not they're a good match. before they make the trip abro abroad. >> and support them when they're in country owe if a medical crisis arises while they're in country we help them with that. they help them as soon as they pick up that child to start working on attachments. >> reporter: the farleys say the before, during and after adoption services were invaluable. >> there's so many resources at chop. so we really thought supported through bethenny and through chop. >> we are nervous about the special needs thing. once we found out every person has some kind of special need --
3:48 am
>> thank god we said yes. if we didn't say yes we could have missed out on her. people say to us you guys did a great thing by adopting her. it takes us -- it takes us by surprise when they say that, because we feel like we're the ones that are just so blessed to have her as our daughter. >> reporter: special needs adoption isn't for everyone, the farleys say they are greatly fulfilled so much so they have decided to adopt a second child from that same cerebral palsy hospital in china where madeleine was from. matthew is expected in early 2015. reporting from the newsroom i'm jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> we know that cost is a big concern when the comes to adoption. bethenny like many agencies says if you're interested there is grant money that you can apply for. there's always tax credit worth about $13,000. we've posted some links on our
3:49 am
website head to >> new photos of prince george are sparking a buying frenzy. prince william and pregnant duchess kate releasing three official photos of the prince already that cute little vest he's wearing get this sol out. a search on e became showed it for sale for twice the original price. looks like the royal toddler is having the same impact on fashion as his mom. >> it may be your family's favorite movie but the director of a smash disney hit is apologizing for frozen. i'm sure your kids and now even you know every word to the hit song "let it go". the woman who directed the film tells the hollywood reporter when she started with the movie and it started taking off parents were excited to meet her telling her they loved all the songs and sang them all the time. now she says they tell her, we're still list seasoning to the songs and she says she's gone from saying thank to you, i'm sorry. >> new jersey governor chris christie feeling the heat after
3:50 am
rooting for the dallas cowboys last night. >> christie says even the president gave him a hard time about it. christie was spotted high fiving cowboys owner jerry jones in luxury box last night at a time the eagles cowboys game at the linc the enter actions prompted whole lot of criticism on twitter from angry eagles fans. christie said today, hey, he has never made secret of his love for the cowboys and also said he would never change his team loyalties to score political points. >> all right. >> howard? >> how about 39 electoral votes from texas? do you think that would help for a presidential election. >> that would help. >> okay. >> all right. he knows what he's doing. all right. the eagles need to win. they need to help make the playoffs and chip kelly talks about the approach, his team needs for the final two games. i had chance to talk with cole hamels about how he feels on bee on the trading block and it sounds l
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
♪ >> the eagles they have more problems in needing help to make the playoffs. i'm told trent cole has a broken hand. may need surgery. we're not sure whether he'll play the rest of the season. nick foles not cleared yet from his broken collarbone and still out and i hear it may be till the end of the regular season. now last night not pretty for the eagles. to lincoln financial field. and mark sanchez has got to stop
3:54 am
throwing interceptions. hey, listen that was a bad pass which led to an interception and that is not good. the defense had its problems. mark sanchez turn the ball over too much now if the eagles are going to make the playoffs they need help and they have to win in washington and new york. how do the eagles approach their chances? >> we only get to play one game. i mean, you just wasting energy if you're thinking about anything else except for washington and that's our job as coaches to make sure they really truely understand that. i don't worry about this group from that stand point. i mean if we don't beat washington then there are no scenarios that really can be played out in anybody's head. >> the 76ers played 23 games so far this season. still have not won at home. that's the way they want it. they're zero-13 at home. to the wells fargo center. watch this. nerlins noel this is what you got to see. commissioner nba adam silver in during the game in the house talking on comcast with all of those empty seats. how do you like this tanking team commission? nerlins noel
3:55 am
misses from 6-inches, misses the rim which leads to a fast break. into make the shot evan turner. michael carter williams a turnover machine lately makes a pass to a guy from turkey been with the team for three hours. how about that? that led to some more points. sixers lose it to boston 105-87. i had a chance to talk with cole hamels tonight about how he feels about the trade talk that involves him. cole was at the sixers game tonight. nothing better to do and told me he's okay with whatever happens with a possible trade by the phillies. no hard feelings. he also did say he would like to win in the prime of his career and knows that would not happen in philadelphia. he also said this could take until the trade deadline in july. the eagles may have lost last night but jeremy maclin is still out doing some good things in the community. maclin was part of a toy drive along with his foundation j mack gives back. jeremy was supporting little
3:56 am
smiles it helps children in local hospitals, hospices and shelters in the area. the group helps fulfill the wishes of children maclin is out a lot in the community. a really good guy. >> how do you like the commissioner in front of an empty house. >> never better to do. >> perfect, right. >> catching up the a game. >> all right. howard, thank you. reminder we are still following that breaking news tonight. police on the hunt for 35-year-old bradley stone. the man they say murdered six people across montgomery county today. officers out in force in doylestown tonight after a reported sighting. of course you can get the newest information beginning at 4am on the fox morning news and "good day philadelphia". >> stay tuned. have a nice night.
3:57 am
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>> reporter: this rampage and now day later authorities up here in both bucks abe montgomery counties admit they have no idea where he is, chris. and a new report out says police believe a former local copies involved in a deadly shooting in delaware county, what we know so far. sue serio tracking our tuesday weather for us, hi sue. >> we are looking at clouds on the increase and some rain on the way, but not this morning, so you will need to have an umbrella with you for later on. we will tell you what is up with that and give you rest of the forecast. karen. >> thanks, sue. bill cosby's wife is standing up for herman and husband, she says she will stand by his side. why she's deeven ifing


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