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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  December 16, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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we are following developing story spanning a at least two counties, police are searching for annex marina cues of killing six people. there is a manhunt, where he may have been spotted. >> no justice, no peace. >> no racist police. >> family and friend gathered to remember a man shot dead by philadelphia police, why they say the shooting was unjustified. and bill cosby's wife is tank by herman why she's defending her husband as more sexual assault allegations are coming to light. better grab umbrella, that is what sue serio says as she looks at ultimate doppler radar as the rain moves in. oh, yeah. bob kelly looking at the roads, good day, everyone it is tuesday, december 16th, 2014. we want to let you know that upper perkiomen schools are closed today foreman hunt in montgomery county, of course,
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that is our big story this morning. we have two reporters on it including steve keeley and jennifer joyce and we will get to them in just a minute. >> you said when i came in aren't you concern getting up early so early the in the morning. we have a guy out there on the lose. so many people are concerned at this hour. >> absolutely, i saw more porch lights on last night then i typically do, when we get to work in the middle of the night. we have another story developing overnight, the weather. >> we have a lot of fog out there this morning. we saw it on our way in. it could be an issue for you. might slow you down a little bit. we will go with the six out of ten. not only do we have the fog for this morning but we also have the rain scheduled for later on in the day. probably after lunchtime i think it will be dry the rest of the morning even though it is kind of foggy, misseats, and cloudy but that is the tiehl with your six out of ten for today. there is bus stop buddy with the umbrella for later on. it will be dry at the the bus stop this morning for the kids but you'll have to bundle up.
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temperatures in the 30's, here are visibility, 3 miles at philly international, two and a half miles in lancaster, less than that in pottstown, and then 1 mile or so in wilmington and millville, new jersey. is there your satellite radar picture. a little will bit of rain in the western part of the stay, not here yet, but 7:16 is our sunrise time, 33 degrees is our current temperature in philadelphia, and, later on today, we have to expect a high of about 50 degrees, cloudy skies, and showers around later in the day. that takes care of tuesday, first night have of hanukkah is tonight. we will have your forecast coming up. >> 6:02 on this tuesday morning, and we're dealing with fog depending pneumonia where you begin and end your trip. a little tour of the jam cams, this is 202 in the construction zone at route 29, good morning to malvern. we are socked in with some fog rolling up and down that 202 corridor. same deal on route 100, live look at intersection of 100,
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113 work that fog, and mist, you can see a glare on the road surface there. here is a live look at the 30 bypass, between downingtown, all the way up into the frazier interchange, we're dealing with dense fog as well. a live look at south jersey a stretch of 295 from the freeway down to centre square road dealing with some fog this morning. beware of that rolling out of the driveway. otherwise, our majors are in good shape. no problems on the schuylkill expressway, i-95 looking good. pennsy turnpike from philly bensalem and downingtown all in good shape. however, toward downingtown you will pick up some fog. crash in the neighborhood in white marsh along butler pike and ridge pike. also dealing with a crash in lansdale at main and towamencin. because of the fog and low ceiling we have been watching the airport. so far so good on arrivals and departures at philly international. i think sue mentioned a 3-mile visibility. we're okay right new. we will keep an eye on that. may in the be bad idea to
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check with the airline with the flight scheduled out of philadelphia this morning. new traffic pattern coming our way this week southbound 202, watch for lanes moved over to the right side working your way from 401 down through the 40 bypass and mass transit at the moment running with no delays. chris and karen, back over to you. big story is police looking for a man shot and killed six people in montgomery county. >> their search has expanded in to bucks county, our yen i joyce is live in harleysville with reaction from the neighbors in that community but lets get to steve keeley in warrington bucks county with the very latest there. steve. >> reporter: well, 25 hours now since the last of the people were killed and more details we get from authorities the worst this story seems. let's show you a picture of the lone survivor, 17 year-old anthony flick, the nephew of the accused killer's wife. only one who survive and how he did is a amazing. now we know he a had three fingers cut off and he was stabbed before being shot in
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the head while he tried to save his little 14 year-old sister nina, his sister kill, mom and dad among six people killed. what a story. he is still alive, flown to jefferson hospital, and among first people shot, with his family around 3:00 o'clock yesterday morning but last people found around lunchtime and not found until authorities went into that house with the swat team and a concussion grenade that they set off because they thought brad stone was in there. so he is still on the loose. new that is new a second time that we know that a authority believed stone used a knife the other time was last night up here bucks county when a guy was walking his dog, and this is 25 miles away from everything that happened in montgomery county, a guy walking his dog, a guy in army fatigues fitting stone's description, 5 feet ten, clean shave even: ape a not on him
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for chance and starts in the struggle with a guy, gets some shots off, and, and they swarmed the area and they don't fine him after searching for hours, here in warrington and other communities, called with this robo calls stay inside lock the doors and that was alert was lifted just before midnight as was will be down on the doylestown ymca where people were working out in there at 7:00 o'clock when all this went down. they have no idea where he is as we go in today two for search for brad stone and search for answers at this same time. >> horrific details emerging, steve, thank you. let's see, the community is trying to figure out is what happening with this situation. by all accounts it is completely devastating. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce picks up that story from harleysville, good morning, jen. other shawnette wilson talked
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to friend of the family who have have men the family for about 25 years, watched them grow throughout the year. they describe the absolute horror that they witnessed yesterday. police and swat teams swarming their neighbors main street lansdale home, and then bodies have their two friends were removed from the home. the mother and grandmother of the accused gunman's ex-wife, they are identified as joannhill hill and patricia hill. that is just the beginning. couple learned that a total have of six family members were shot dead including the suspect brad stone's ex-wife, nicole at her harleysville apartment, stone then took off with the couple's two children who were later found safe. police discovered bodies of nicole stone's sister pennsylvania trish flick, aaron and a knees as steve keeley mentioned a 17 year-old was also injured in that shooting, medivac'd to jefferson hospital in philadelphia, investigators believe that is where this whole shooting rampage
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happened as that 17 years old's house, chris and karen. >> jennifer gist in harleysville, thank you. we will stay on top of this situation because it continues to evolve. we will have breaking details on my fox updates will be will be sending out latest on twit eras well. bill cosby's wife is breaking her silence what she has to say about sexual assault allegations a against her husband. and the director of that hit movie, from disney, frozen, apologizing new to the parents what she's sorry about. (vo) nourished.
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good morning, this is penns landing. the family of the man the shot and killed by police in philadelphia a are calling this shooting unjustified. they had a candle light vigil last evening and that familiar national rallying cry. >> hands up, don't shoot. >> no justice, no peace. >> no racist police. >> twenty-six year-old brandon tait-brown was killed early yesterday morning right along the 6700 block of frankford avenue. according to the police department he was pulled over by two officers for driving without his headlights on and that is when officers say they noticed a handgun in his center console and asked him to get out of the car.
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there was a struggle. police say he reached back in the car for a weapon but his family members do not believe the police department's account. brown does have a criminal history including two prior arrests for a attempted murder. meanwhile the officer who shot brownies on desk duty down an investigation. scientists believe they have found the key to being, forever young. the the tip to live longer, and healthier for that matter. bob kelly is tracking our traffic, hi bob. >> good morning everybody. we're on stand by for the tacony palmyra bridge in about eight minutes or so, betsy ross your best bet, sky line lighting up and downtown philadelphia, we will check rest of the roads, sue with th
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happy hanukkah. what is the forecast? we will be coming down from a high of 50 degrees, even with the clouds during the day time, it should be a decent temperature and at least for visiting, it is only going to be rain. that is your first night of the holiday forecast. visibility has been reduced in pottstown now to .8 of a mile, these numbers, keep changing because the fog kind of comes and goes. we have been seeing a lot have of it on bob kelly's traffic cameras this morning. now we are socked in millville, new jersey and wilmington, visibility isn't great only a mile and a half. all this moisture is in advance of the frontal system that is heading our way. it is starting to rain in the pittsburgh area widely scattered showers which is what we can speculator on in the day but not yet here, not even as far as harrisburg, our buddy punxsutawney phil may be getting rain this morning. here is your future cast that
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does show a smidge of unshine before clouds take over and rain moves in the afternoon, and it could get a rumble of thunder, it is not likely but it is a possibility. so for the evening rush today, promises to be mess which rain and on and off, through midnight, maybe one or 2:00 in the morning. these are current temperatures, 33 in coatsville. thirty-six in strawsberg. lancaster at 36. we are chillier in pennsville, new jersey at 33. thirty in camden. thirty-three in middletown. so some of these temperatures below freezing like mount holly where it is 29 degrees. we expect 50 degrees by end of the day. fifty-two tomorrow, sunny and breezy. there will be an early high of 52 before the colder air moves n we will in the get out of the 40's on thursday. 40 degrees on friday. increasing clouds, on saturday, with some rain, and maybe some snow mixed in, at night, on saturday, lasting into sunday, this is, a possibility of a coastal
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storm, always trick toy forecast but that is early call on some potential messy weather for sunday. now back to today, bob kelly, where is the problem. >> the problem right now sue is on the platt bridge coming into, southwest philadelphia, here's a live look at our penndot cameras, 26th and pen rose a disabled tractor trailer, the right lane, at the base of the bridge. so anyone leaving the airport area, coming over in toward southwest philadelphia, that right lane is blocked there. we have a police crew on the way there and just watched for delays coming into southwest philadelphia. otherwise the schuylkill expressway starting to pick it up a inch here delays between conshohocken and city line as rush hour starts to unfold. then we're dealing with the fog especially out in the suburbs like route 10113, socked in, really tight along that 30 bypass, portions of the new jersey turnpike, pennsy turnpike, and near the downingtown interchange. here's a live look at airport circle rolling through camden,
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just make out the the fog in the background as you work your way up toward ben franklin bridge. speaking of bridges tacony palmyra on stand by we have got two minutes to make it 6:20 is time for expect bridge opening. grabbing your coffee and keys and heading out front door right now would i head right for betsy ross bridge as your alternate and give it 25 minutes until it gets back to normal. otherwise delays on the freeway coming in towards philadelphia, as we head into that 295 interchange but mass transit looking good, chris and karen, back over to you. >> 6:18. former philadelphia sports broadcaster don tollefson has had a change of heart while in the bucks county courtroom and withdrew his guilty plea. he appeared before the judge yesterday for what was supposed to be a day of sentencing. he is accused of scaming charities with bogus travel sports packages. tollefson has announced he is canceling his plea deal telling the why he will now represent himself and wants to go to trial.
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>> the more i prayed about it with a number of religious leaders in the area, the more i talk to my counsel about it it seems withdrawing my plea and going to trial was the most appropriate and honest thing to do. >> i'm disappointed. i hoped to put this case to rest. i was anxious that mr. tollefson take responsibility for what we have accused him of, what he pled guilty to but this is his right. >> so here we go, court is going to resume, right after the holidays, january 5th, don tollefson was a former employee of fox 29. we're continuing to stay on top of this tragic developing story out of pakistan, the death toll has now been, raise there had at a shooting a the a cool mostly children have been killed, 126 people have died there. dozens more wounded after
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taliban gunman stormed a military run school, in the northwestern city of peshawar. the the students are in grades within through ten. most of those killed have been children. army commandoes arrived at the scene. there was an exchange of gunfire. official says that the fighting is still unfolding, at that school. stay on top of that one. also an update now social media revealing some more about that gunman from that australia hostage siege. he indicated he thought of himself as a morton. he a has been identified as monis an iran refugee. he was out on bail and he took those seven hostages at the a cafe in sidney. his criminal past include charges for being accessory to the murder of his ex-wife, sexual assault and end ising offensive letters to military families, two hostages were killed in that attack the suspect was also killed. families of the the victims of the newtown school massacre are suing the manufacturer of the gun, distributor and seller of the rifle used in that rampage.
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families of the nine of the 26 people killed in the shooting, filed this negligence and wrongful death lawsuit yesterday, lawsuit seeks unspecified machine try damages. wife of the entertainer bill cosby is now breaking her silence and speaking out about sexual allegations against her husband. the she's standing by herman n a statement camille cosby writes he is a kind man, between rust man, funny man, wonderful husband, father and friend. he is the man you thought you knew. she also blamed the news media for not vetting her husband's accusers. they have been married since 1964. college in atlanta is cutting its ties with cosby. spellman college says it will sus pen its endowed professorship with him because of the allegations involving so many women. the program was create todd bring positive attention to scholars and bring them to campus. the the school says that goalies currently not being met under all of these circumstances. cosby has stayed mostly silent after several of those women have accused him of drugging
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them and then raping them. cosby denies those will allegations. 6:21 is the time. so creators of frozen, well, they are rich, right. >> yeah. >> like they really care but they say they do. they say they owe all of us parents an apology. >> why? >> well, we will tell you straight ahead.
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good morning. i'm howard eskin. eagles have more problems and needing help to make playoffs. i'm told trent cole has a broken hand, may need surgery. nick foles is in the cleared yet from his broken collar bone and still out and i hear it may be the regular season. the eagles play washington on saturday but chip kelly is not the worried about their mental approach. >> we only can play one game. just wasting energy if you think of anybody else except washington and that is our job as coach toes make sure they truly understand that. i don't where bye this group from that standpoint. if we don't beat washington then there are in scenarios that really can be played out in anybody's head. >> the 76ers played 23 games so far this season and have won none at home.
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that is nerlens noel. he missed the rim from 6 inches. it leads to a fast break and guess who makes the shot, former sixer evan turner. sixers lose 105-87 to the boston celtics. that is sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. philadelphia phillies. >> oh, yeah. >> no, no they are helping people and giving thanks and giving back to the community. >> last night phillies were at annual holiday party for phillies charities. a lot of people coming out to the diners club at citizens bank park. it recognizes local community heroes who provide valuable services to those in need and all organizations in attendance have received grants from phillies charities to help people in our area. the guests including homeless shelters, and groups working with inner city kids. and does your teenager think that e cigarettes are in big deal? >> well, think again, right. >> why you need to sit down and talk with your child about nicotine addiction and do it soon. our steve keeley is
6:27 am
following develop story out of bucks county this morning, steve, good morning to you. >> reporter: well, amazing story of heroism and survival from another teenager, a young 17 year-old man had his whole family of six from his great grandmother to his little sister wiped out as search for a crazed gunman continues in the day two and u.
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search for a killer now spanning two counties in pennsylvania, six people are dead and neighbors are on edge. where the suspect gunman was last spotted. and it might be dry over your head right now but we have fog out there, we have seen that. we have seen what it is coming on the way, some rain, our ultimate doppler radar right there, moving into our area. sue will tell us when we can expect that storm to be over our heads. secret to living a longer healthier life could be as easy as feeling younger. what scientists say could be the key to the fountains of youth. >> good day everybody. it is a tuesday, december 16th, thank you so much for joining us. >> there you are. >> yes. >> by the minute. >> we have some important news and developing story right new we want to get to especially with the schools. >> we will begin with upper perkiomen schools they are new closed officially for that manhunt in montgomery county and penn ridge is opened but operating on a modified will be down schedule. kids will stay indoors for entire day including recess.
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we will get to that story, details of it with steve keeley and jennaphr joins in a minute. >> lets get you out the door. people are heading out. lets get to sue with the check of the weather. >> waiting for the bus this morning will be dry but chilly, bus stop buddy is if his warm, waterproof coat. why? because we expect rain later in the day. umbrella is with him. not up but there. temperatures in the 30's and we have clouds and we have a chill and we have some fog out there as well. so with weather by the the numbers today we will go with the six out of ten. we may see sun this morning. i don't know with all that fog around but possibility and we will have milder than average temperatures for highs today, but with those afternoon showers, can't give it too high of a number and visibility have have been all over the place, in some places, 2 miles in pottstown, 3 miles at philly international, .3 of a mile in millville and less than a mile in dover, delaware as well. so where you are driving, you may run into some fog, bob has
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something to show you on traffic cameras this morning. here's rain heading our way after all that moisture moves in the western part of the state right now. with 33 degrees in philadelphia, wind calm which is why we are seeing that fog form. 7:16 is our sunrise time ape is there your pal bus stop budd which temperatures in the 30es a. we should make it to a high later on after around 50 degrees. the that will take care of your forecast for tuesday, and the seven day forecast is on the way, including some interesting weather for the second half of the weekend. now when we say interesting, bob kelly, that doesn't necessarily mean good. >> things that make you go hmm. good morning everybody. we are dealing with some fog as we step out the front door. most of us are in the fog to begin with at this hour. we are driving through it. we will say live look to 202 through construction zone at route 29. mainly gang through chester county, 202, 30 bypass, portion office route 100 is
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where we are seeing fog and gets thick at times. live look south philadelphia in fog here but we have had a disable tractor trailer on the down side of the platt bridge coming in towards southwest philadelphia, traffic looks like it is moving nicely. rolling out chester county route 100 near route 13 and that fog is leaving a mist on the road your face there this morning. here we are, 30 bypass near route 100 fog in that chester county area. burlington, tacony palmyra first of all in the middle of the opening. track stopped on both sides of the river, heading out front door right now, head for betsy ross but watch the clock because sometime after 7:00 a.m., usually takes about 45 in minutes, to make it upstream at 7:15 we will say an opening expected at burlington bristol bridge. some action on the river going to throw us for a detour this morning across the bridges. right now, here's your slow spot southbound i-95 from cottman into downtown and
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westbound schuylkill from city towards conshohocken. mass transit looking good. the chris and karen, back to you. big story this morning that is search right now. police are looking foreman who shot and killed six people in montgomery county. >> that search has new extended into bucks county. jennifer joyce is live in harleysville with reaction from there but lets go to steve keeley in warrington bucks county with the very latest, steve, good morning to you. >> it will be in surprise if you hear from anybody lives anybody near this last possible sighting up here that it was a sleepless night because they all got called on their phones to tell them to lock their doors and stay inside. that will make you you oner y hard to use the word positive in this horrific story but there are two positives. he let his two daughters go seven and five safely unhurt with the neighbor. other story of survival of the 17 year-old anthony flick, lone survivor of the rampage. his family wiped out. first people shot but last fun in their home in souderton. his mom dad and 14 year-old
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sister killed. anthony had three fingers cut off by killer and then stabbed while trying to save his little will sister around 3:00 o'clock. original reports had anthony hot in the head. it turns out he may not have been shot in the head just struck in the head and in the found until after authorities set off that flash bang around nun in his house thinking for a while had stone was the one in the house. anthony was flown to jefferson hospital in philadelphia, where authorities hope despite his devastating injuries he continues to somehow show strength and on how tell them how all this started and what was the killer saying, if anything, as he began his deadly attacking on to kill anthony's aunt, anthony's grandmother and great grandmother his entire family of six wiped out. as for wanted man mr. stone, well, he is still in the found. twenty-seven hours after the attack on the family here. a man with a knife, again, in army fatigues as authorities described stone might be since
6:36 am
he is an iraq war marine veteran. well, he shows up 25 miles away in montgomery county shooting scenes up here in bucks county around 7:00 last night tries to steel car keys from the guy walking his dog. that guy who may be a law enforcement officer and reason yes had a gun with him, somehow fights with the attacker while on the ground gets some shots off and dog probably, bit the attacker ran in the woods and despite a warming police presence, instantly and search all around doylestown ymca put on lock down keeping everybody there working out last night locked up until all clear signal came in the until around 11:00 o'clock last night. reverse 911 calls in warrington and other bucks county towns telling everybody to stay put, that was lifted just before midnight. now, they have day two and in surprise people are still very uneasy here. we have learn stone was just in court on friday. he had two cases that custody battle for kids in the family
6:37 am
court and in a special veterans court program after two drunk driving convictions where we have learn that court records showed he had both combat wound from his four months in iraq and plus he was getting treated for post traumatic stress disorder as yet two montgomery county judges involved in both cases we have learn got a whole lot of added security since. they don't necessity where he is or who he might go after next. >> steve keeley in bucks county for us, thank you. all of these victims we are learning so much more about them. this he were so well known in their community, jenny joyce is live in harleysville with that part of the story, jen, good morning. >> good morning, well, last night we have talk to devastated friend of nicole stone's family people who have men this family for as long as 25 years and they described the absolute horror that they watched, unfold. swat teams, large police presence swarming their neighbors main street lansdale home. bodies of the two friend were
6:38 am
removed from the home, mother and grandmother of the accused gunman's ex-wife they are identified as joann hill and patricia hill. that is just the beginning. couple eventually learned that a total have of six family members were shot dead including the suspect brad stone's ex-wife nicole at her harleysville apartment, and stone then took off with the couple's children who were later found safe. >> a bad man took out four generations of a family, in hours. >> we have been that are neighbor and friend for 25 years and we have had our children together, we were at the hospital when they were first grand child was born. we know every one that is involved. we know the shooter, we know the family, it is horrendous. >> it is very sadest specially to the children, they are going to be fatherless and motherless. >> and police later discovered
6:39 am
bodies of nicole stone's sister patricia flick, brother-in-law aaron and niece, couple 17 year-old on was also injured and medivac'd to jefferson hospital in philadelphia, the suspect in these shootings again brad stone he was remarried and according to neighbors nicole stone had recently got engaged. >> a lot of backdrop. >> chris. >> much more to come, jennaphr, to that end we will get very latest on my fox, look at the main page for updates and pictures from the scene. there is a man with law enforcement ties accused in the deadly shooting in delaware county at a home there according to the tell co times. two women were shot last evening, one of those would hen has died. the suspect's name is steven, and he was ledgely shot by decidessed woman's husband, suspect was taken to the hospital and is in surgery. he is under guard. police believe he was upset after being served protection
6:40 am
papers from his ex-girl friend. the suspect is a a former colwyn police officer. happening today at 6:39. more charges expect in the district attorney's ongoing investigation of city lawmakers taking bribes. lawyer for state representative ronald waters, tells the inquirer he was making arrangements to turn himself in. attorney says he expects waters to be charged with conflict of interest and bribery, other targets of the sting operation include three or philadelphia lawmakers and a ex-philadelphia traffic court judge who was just charged in october with bribery. preliminary hearing is set for suspects in the center city assault. catherine knot, kevin harrigan and philip williams are charge in the assault of the gay couple in center city that grabbed headlines. the incident happened in september of this year. philadelphia mayor michael nutter was on hand for the green 2015 ribbon cutting ceremony at hank gathers recreational center on die machine streets in north philadelphia this rec center is one of the first to be
6:41 am
completed as the the green 2015 site in our city. this will be including shaded trees, play spaces a and great place for kids to get together and have fun. also another big thing tonight, it is start of the hanukkah. >> yes. >> mayor nut are will be there to help celebrate the celebrate the beginning of the hand contact with the 30th station. >> the event is opened to the public. it will feature traditional music, games, food, candle lighting ceremony starts at 4:00 p.m. >> often we have a big menorah right here on independent mall which is fun to see as tell light that one. >> festive in philly. makers of the frozen are now apologizing to families specifically the grown ups, whether they are saying they are sorry about. sue serio, good morning. >> i would a will guys for weather but i don't make it, i just tell you bit. we have is rain on the way, for later on today, it shouldn't be a huge deal but you did need to know bit. we will break it down for you coming up in a few, chris?
6:42 am
>> all right sue serio. and we want to see your holiday lights. even us your pictures, video, or pictures, use the hash tag is what i'm trying to get out fox 29 lights. show your
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6:44 am
beautiful picture from blue mountain.
6:45 am
sue serio is talking about interesting weather details for the weekend, maybe some snow possibly. we will get to that in a little bit. >> but first a fundraiser will be held for a local fire fighter battling brain cancer. >> anybody necessary if you have a health problem, your medical expenses are so difficult, they are so high, there is really taken a toll on this fire fighters family. there is a go fun me page set up for dale simms on the black rock volunteer fire company. his family says he has got this rare form of brain cancer and all day, in phoenixville, they will be donating a portion of each of their bills to the family. also offering up these gift basket if would you like buy within of those that restaurant is a at 273 schuylkill road. >> 6:45 is the time. sue serio is looking at the earth's tilt. >> well, always a little. we have these fancy graphics we might as well use them. winter solstice is happening this weekend along with perhaps some interesting
6:46 am
weather. earth's tilt farthest from the sun so we will even up with the shortest day of the year and longest night. mid winter, i don't know what it is call, sunday, december 21st this sunday 6:03 eastern standard time is when winter officially begins. we have not had a plethora have of winter weather but it is tough to remember on a morning like this it is still autumn. 3 miles visibility in philly international. much less in millville, new jersey and in dover, delaware and now atlantic city seems to be sock in at the airport any waste with .3 of a mile visibility. fog coming and going. the moisture moving in advance of the storm system, and is there a look the a the scattered showers out around pittsburgh area and other parts of the western area of pennsylvania, for us though we are still drying and i don't see anything happening until probably after lunchtime today is when rain starts to move n we could have have a couple heavy downpours out to the west of us, think it will be on and off through the evening rush hour so kind of sloppy
6:47 am
and messy later on in the day, and get your errands donnas early as possible, if you are able to do so, rain continues until eight or 9:00 o'clock tonight leaving us after midnight. we will have 33 degrees in coatsville this morning. thirty-one in camden, new jersey. thirty-four in williams ton, nj and toms river has 27 degrees, this morning. here is your seven day forecast, we expect 50 degrees by the end of the afternoon, despite the clouds, despite the showers on the way, for the first night of hanukkah you you may need your umbrella going out to perhaps visit with family and friend. sunny and breezy tommy should say with five # degrees. forty-four is on thursday. you can see colder air moving in 40 degrees on friday, increasing clouds on saturday, it is saturday night into sunday that we are watching a postal coastal storm but no matter what happens with the weather it will be winter and we will put old man winter there on sunday. >> first time we pulled him out of the closet for the the
6:48 am
season. >> yes. >> 6:47 on this tuesday morning. we are dealing with some fog. here's a live look at south jersey 295 some foggy conditions, in the area of the 42 freeway and then we're also socked in with some fog coming from the suburbs. 422 on the eastbound side headlights starting to see volume, collegeville between royersford and collegeville, some thick fog, you work your way in towards king of prussia we are dealing with some fog up and down 202 as well, as 30 bypass. here's i-95 starting to see volume heading southbound in towards the city. we have a lot of activity on the river. tacony palmyra, slow from an earlier opening. we have another opening coming to the tacony at 7:05, and then an opening coming to the burlington bristol at 7:30. so we are playing hopscotch here across the bridges. your best bet betsy ross bridge or just watch the clocks, again. 7:05 the attack pal, 7:30 again at burlington bristol with some openings.
6:49 am
as you head south on i-95 we will start to get tight near girard avenue with just morning volume. schuylkill running slow westbound from city avenue up the hill toward conshohocken. mass transit looking good with no dilatation. chris and karen back to you. delivery truck disaster unfolds on a new jersey highway. when mike jerrick's gift is late to him this year i have an excuse. >> there it is. >> i see my gift. >> it is,. >> hundreds of boxes scattered across interstate 287, in mahwa. >> is there ace wawa there. >> officials say fedex rig was traveling down height way when driver flipped on the ramp. he was in a hurry. one of the two trailers overturn spilling those boxes on the road, no one was hurt but you what a mess, new you they have to put it on another truck and race to get this delivered on highway. number of teenagers smoking traditional cigarettes has gone down. that is good news. more teenagers are trying
6:50 am
those e cigarettes according to the national institutes of health. research shows teens who smoke e cigarettes show fewer negative characteristics compared to teens who smoke traditional cigarettes which includes impulsiveness, having behavior problems at school but health officials are warning while electronic version has fewer chemicals but still contains nicotine. there may be on truth to the old saying. you are only as old as you feel. researchers a say from two different universities if you feel younger then it can lower your death rate. you think you are younger, you believe it. trick yourself into believing it, compared to those who feel every ache and pain. studies author say people feel younger may have greater resilience and that will to live. >> i feel twice my age. it may be your family's favorite movie but director of the disney his ace pol guying for frozen. >> why? it is these songs. >> let it go, let it go.
6:51 am
>> do you want to build a snow man? >> it is a big, big hit, woman direct the film new tells the hollywood reporter when movie started taking off parent were exited to meet her. telling her how much they love what they have done. now she says they tell us we're still listening to those songs. she says that she has gone from thank you to i'm sorry. >> all the way to the bank. >> thank you. >> thirty-five years ago burt reynolds smokey and the bandits. i saw this move in 1977 or 78. fourteen times that summer. do you remember this, sally field, pedal to the metal, and everybody wanted expect i 1977 pontiac trans am. one lucky person just a maid that dream a reality. the car recently sold for $480,000 at auction. he was given the car after the
6:52 am
movie wrapped. >> do you have it in your garage. >> jackie gleason, that is such a good film. secret santa who gets a man from our area a gift of the life time, how about this 50 you this dollars fey very serious operation, who may be behind, that generou
6:53 am
trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, drive to your local car buying center. and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes. buying used cars is all we do... all makes and models... no dealership pressure. we'll even settle your loan or lease. so don't wait. get your free online valuation now at
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6:55 am
all right. so then, blue mountain in the poconos mountains, truly a winter wonderland, perfect timing for the season. a pennsylvania man battling cancer gets a much needed gift from a secret santa this holiday season. yes, meet matt, one year ago doctors found a tumor by a form of cancer and a sarah comb a since then he a has had several surgeries, chemo, a pile of medical bills, but in an anonymous gift of $50,000 will now allow him to get the help that he reel really needs an experimental drug that could save his life. >> it is just amazing, the support and all of the people that have come together to help me. it has been a god send and i'm really blessed. >> he believes that his secret santa could have been someone he met at a local restaurant. have you visited the big apple? why you could get a refund traveling to new york city. what was the the world
6:56 am
searching on guying this will year. serious news headlines make top ten list but number one search was story that touched us all. stick around good day is up
6:57 am
6:58 am
generations lost. where is he right now? day two in the search for bradley stone, the man accused
6:59 am
of killing six people in montgomery county yesterday morning, including his ex-wife. where police are looking for him right now. bill cosby's wife is now speaking out and standing by herman, how she is depending her husband amid the the sexual assault allegations. and if you take a a trip to new york city in the past few years, did you ride on the big blue or big red bus? you might be able to get a refund like some of those popular tour buses, we will give you their money back, what do you think about that. and what do we all want to learn about in 2014, google just released their top searches of the year, what stories made the top ten list and we will tell you about the story that came in at number one. >> please tell me it the is not kardashians. >> hi everybody, just want to let you know that right off the top here some very serious news we are covering ape it is a national story. welcome, first of all. upper perkiomen schools are
7:00 am
closed to bay because of that manhunt that started in montgomery county yesterday morning and the pen ridge school district. >> right. >> they will be opened for the kids but operating on what they called a modified lock down schedule. once they get kid inside the school they will in the be able to leave that school for recess. >> any outdoor activities. >> lock those doors. >> just a precaution, under tannably so. we will bring you more about the hunt for bradley stone. lets get to the weather today. we will start with the number that we choose every day between one and ten. it is a six. yesterday's number upside down. we have possibility of sunshine this morning. we will have milder temperatures then we are supposed to have for middle of december but we are getting fog around this morning and showers this afternoon. bus stop buddy has this just in case umbrella with him and make sure it is warm, as you'll need that umbrella after school. not at the schooling bus right now. temps in the 30's. is there your visibility.


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