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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  December 16, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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closed to bay because of that manhunt that started in montgomery county yesterday morning and the pen ridge school district. >> right. >> they will be opened for the kids but operating on what they called a modified lock down schedule. once they get kid inside the school they will in the be able to leave that school for recess. >> any outdoor activities. >> lock those doors. >> just a precaution, under tannably so. we will bring you more about the hunt for bradley stone. lets get to the weather today. we will start with the number that we choose every day between one and ten. it is a six. yesterday's number upside down. we have possibility of sunshine this morning. we will have milder temperatures then we are supposed to have for middle of december but we are getting fog around this morning and showers this afternoon. bus stop buddy has this just in case umbrella with him and make sure it is warm, as you'll need that umbrella after school. not at the schooling bus right now. temps in the 30's. is there your visibility.
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2 miles in pottstown. 4 miles visibility at philly international. thick fog in millville and atlantic city. rain is on the way but still in the western part of the state. you can see the fog. it seems to have gotten worse from what we can see. 35 degrees, 7:16 is our sunrise time. eon't look for sun today, clouds and some showers and a high of 50 degrees. forty-two is your overnight low so at least it is only rain that we're getting bob kelly if december you you never know. >> we could be counting our lucky stars on that one. tough to see the stars last night and this morning because of the fog we are dealing w the most of us are in the fog to begin with at this hour and we're all driving through it this morning. here's a live look at the thick soup 202 right here near route 29 in malvern, pennsylvania. headlights heading northbound. so between west chester and king of prussia we have thick fog on 202. also seeing some thick fog on both the and portions of
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pennsylvania turnpike. some trouble on the bridges, in the trouble but just opening this morning. we have a, tacony a palmyra bridge opening at 7:05 and another opening to the burlington bristol bridge between 7:30 and 7:45. as you head out the the front door this morning watch the clock. maybe use betsy ross bridge as your alternate instead of the tacony to play it safe. southbound lanes of i-95 heavy from cottman real tight through girard another slow down is westbound on the schuylkill from city avenue out toward conshohocken. philadelphia international so far so good. even though we have fog and low ceiling, not just at philly but new york airports okay at the moment. we will keep our fink ers crossed there that it stays that way for rest of the morning rush hour. mike and alex, back to you. 7:02. >> lets get to the big story, police are looking for the a man shot and killed six people in montgomery county. >> started yesterday morning at 3:15, 3:20 search is span
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nothing to bucks county. >> yes. >> jenny joyce is live in harleysville with reaction there but first lets get to steve keeley in warrington bucks county with more on the search starting up again this morning steve. >> reporter: well, let's start with the positive if there is anyway to use that word and that is the story of the lone survivor which is an amazing story but brutal sounding story to tell. seventeen year-old anthony flick. here is his picture. his whole family of six wiped out. he was a being in the the first people shot but the last found in their home in souderton. his mom dad and 14 year-old sister killed in that house. anthony had three fingers cut off by the killer and then stabbed a family member tells us while trying to save his little will sister nina around 3:00 a.m. and in the found until after authorities set off that flash bang around noon and went in the house. they thought stone was in there, that was nine hours later, anthony flown to jefferson hospital where
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authorities hoped that the despite his devastating injuries he continues to show strength and can somehow tell them how you this all began and what stone may have been saying if anything as he began his deadly rampage. lets get to the video and update from where we are, the search shifted here two hours ago at 7:00 p.m., this is 25 miles away, and 14 hours after stone was last seen, safely handing off his five and seven year-old daughters unhurt to a neighbor at 5:00 in the morning yesterday. a guy up here is walking his dog. he is armed with a concealed carry gun permit and was a attacked by a guy in army fatigue as montgomery county's district attorney says he might be wearing with a knife fitting stone's description. the authorities would only say that there is a strong possibility it was stone who then rap off and got away, likely bit by the dog but in the hit by the shots that the dog owner fired as he was income down to the ground. after that warrington resident and a lot of other towns in
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bucks county had reverse 911 calls go out to everybody telling everybody to stay in and lock their doors. those alerts, mike anal he can, lifted just before midnight after a super wide ranging search that may or may not continue today. they don't know where he may have went to and look for u.s. marshals to jump in on this. they are expert at finding fugitives and wanted people in this country. so right new here we go 28 hours and counting no idea where he is but they are wand, how he is getting around. if he got 25 miles distance in between how did he do it? they just don't know. they got his car, cell phone and new we necessity him using a knife fit is stone up here, and then gannon this dog walker not hurt fortunately. >> steve, bring me up to dayton this, does he have difficulty getting around? does he use a cain or walker or something. >> reporter: here's what we have learn. did he four months of a tour of duty in iraq in 2008 and
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may have got some kind of wound. he didn't get a purple heart for that according to his record. he may have been using that to get some benefits authorities believe and reesea furhman came out and says he may be with the cain or walker but they have since learned that he does not use it or need it. doubtful he has that. dog walker didn'te any cain or walker obviously good we will check back with you all morning long. >> this is affecting the community that is dealing with this the loss of those lives. >> just so shocking, jenny joyce, live in harleysville with that part of the story, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, mike. last night we have talk to friend of the gunman's ex-wife, nicole stone, they described the the absolute horror that unfolded before yesterday. they watched as police and swat teams swarmed their neighbor's lansdale home and bodies of the two friends were removed. a mother and grandmother of the accused gunman's ex-wife identified as yoann hill and
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patricia hill. that is just the beginning. couple eventually learned that a total have of six family members were shot dead including brad stone's ex-wife nicole at her harleysville apartment. stone thone took off with the couple's children later found safe. >> a man took out four generations of a family in hours. >> we have been their neighbor and their friend for 25 years. we have had our children together. we were at the hospital when their first grabbed child was born. we know everyone that is involved. we know the shooter, we know the the family. it is horrendous. >> it is very sadest specially for the children, they were going to be fatherless and motherless. >> reporter: police later discovered bodies of nicole stone's sister patricia flick, brother-in-law aaron and niece, the couple's 17
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year-old son was injured and medivac'd to jefferson hospital in philadelphia. the the suspect in these shootings, brad stone, apparently got remarried, in word on the whereabouts of his wife, mike and alex. >> i would imagine she's in police custody for protection. just like the person nicole was dating a man. >> she was engaged to. >> he is in police custody as well for his own protection. >> we will definitely continue to follow this breaking story on air and on line. just go to my fox and look on the main page for updates and pictures from the scene as the search unfolds. 7:08. a man with law enforcement ties ace accused in a deadly shooting at a delaware county home, cord to go delco >> yeah, two women were shot at a glenn field will avenue home last night, one of the women, died. the news site reports suspect steven was allegedly shot by the deceased woman's husband. he was taken to the hospital
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for surgery where he will be under police guard, of course, the authorities believe he was upset about being served protection papers from his ex-girl friend. very complicated. suspect is report liz a former colwyn police officer. and it is 7:09 on this tuesday, more charges are expected in the district attorney's ongoing investigation of city lawmakers a allegedly taking bribes. an attorney, for state representative, donald waters told the philadelphia inquirer he was making arrangements for his clients to turn himself in. the attorney says he expects waters to be charged with conflict of interest and bribery. or targets include three other philadelphia lawmakers, and a ex-philadelphia traffic court judge, who was charged in october as you may nose with bribery. a priest limb nature i hearing is set this morning for suspects in the center city assault. catherine knot, kevin harrigan, philip williams, all
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charge in the assault of the gay couple in center city. the incident happened in september of this year over near 16th street in center city. philadelphia mayor michael nutter will be on hand to take for the green 2015 ribbon cutting ceremony at hank gathers recreational center on diamond street in north philadelphia. the rec center is one of the first completed green 2015 sites in the city. this space includes shade trees, new play spaces, and an ungraded picnic area very nice. >> 7:10. wife of the entertainer bill cosby is breaking her silence about the the sexual allegations against her husband. >> been married 50 years. >> in a statement camille cosby writes he is a kind man, generous man, funny man, wonderful husband, father and friend. he is the man you thought you knew, she also blamed news media for not vetting her husband's accusers. they have been married since
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1964. wow. >> in atlanta a college is cutting ties with the comedian bill cosby. spellman college, for woman sauce suspending its endowment with cosby because of allegations he sexually assaulted several would machine. program was create todd bring positive attention and scholars to the campus. school says that goalies than the currently being met under these circumstances, cosby has stayed mostly silent after self women have accused him of having drugged and raped them. cosby is denying allegations. lets get to some international stories here. we will continue to follow this developing story out of pakistan. at least 126 people are dead, dozens more wounded after taliban gunman stormed a military run school, in their northwestern city of peshawar. the school has grades one through ten and most of those killed are said to be children are. army commandoes quickly arrived on the scene and exchange fire. officials say the fighting is
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still unfolding at that school even as we speak. we now know more about the gun man in that australian hostage standoff. social media posting revealed gunman thought of himself as a mortar, gunman has been, identified, as, haron monis an iranian refugees. he has been out on bail when he took 17 hostages at a hot chocolate cafe in sidney australia his criminal past included charges of being an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife, he was out on parole, sexual assault a, many sexual assaults, and sending a offensive letters to military families. people who have lost their loved ones fighting in pakistan and afghanistan. two hostages died in the a attack, the suspect also was killed. president obama is back in washington d.c. after a visit
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to new jersey's joint base man guy dixon lakehurst, marking end of combat operations. after three years u.s. and nato troops closed their operational command last week. some troops will stay behind to finalized the mission. new jersey governor chris christie was there, also, on hand, to greet commander in chief, president obama using visit to show his gratitude to the troops heading into the holiday. former philadelphia sports broadcaster don tollefson has a change of heart in the bucks county courtroom. he withdrew his guilty plea. he appeared before the judge for what was supposed to be sentencing day. tollefson is a accused of scaming charities with bogus travel sports packages. he is a once noing he is canceling his plea deal telling judge he will represent himself and he wants to go to trial. >> the more i prayed about it with a number of religious leaders in the area, the more i talk to my counselor bit, it
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seems that withdrawing my plea and going to trial was the most appropriate and honest things to do. >> i am disappointed, i had hoped to put this case to rest. i was anxious that mr. tollefson take responsibility for what we have accused him of and what he pled guilty to but this is his right good court resumes january 5th, don tollefson was a former employee of fox 29, don's attorney is not happy with his decision, of course. fundraiser will be held for a local fire fighter battling brain cancer. >> medical expenses has taken a huge toll on this fire fighter's family. this is a go page set up for dale simms of the black rock volunteer fire company his family says he has a rare form ofrain cancer and owe grady's of phoenixville will donate a portion have each
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bill to the family. also gift baskets are raffled off. the restaurant is at 273, schuylkill road, 273 schuylkill road. help out if you can. exactly 7:15. well, first day of hanukkah will be celebrated at sundown this evening. all over the place. especially at 30th street station. >> so we are so excited about this. we are going to take a live lookat the menorah there mayor nutter will be there in a candle lighting ceremony. president is opened to the public. it will feature games and food. maybe we don't have that view just yet. it starts at 4c. if you would like to see it theny was at 30th street station, the other day, it is already up. there is another one a block away from it, sue. >> there it is. >> well, that is the one just down the block from frustrates, near independence visitors center, in front of the national constitution center basically at market street and fifth. >> i got the one too.
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>> you do. >> it is virtual menorah. >> i got your draidles going. >> they are spinning all over the place. >> spinning draidle forecast. we have showers in store for tonight. sunset time is 4:37 tonight. that is when hanukkah begins. temperatures will be in the 40's. scattered showers around. but we like the first candle tonight. so visibility out there right now is not great in many places. 4 miles at the airport but it looks misty out there. 2 miles in pottstown and new we've got more fog in lancaster that reporting station anyway. .8 of a mile. mile and a half or so in wilmington. much less in millville and atlantic city think morning. all this means is you could run into fog from your travels this morning. make sure you are not running late because that could slow you down. temperatures are running late, 35 degrees in the city but hovering right around freezing and mount pocono, reading,
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lancaster, below freezing in millville and cold over there in atlantic city a bit of the sea breeze there is there ultimate doppler radar showing our front moving in the western part of the state, raining around pittsburgh area this morning and in the here, in the yet, rain has not made to it harrisburg from the higher elevations, frozen precipitation milk in but we don't expect that to happen here. by the time rain gets here temperatures will have warmed up to well above freezing and here we are at noon seeing some rain moving into lancaster county and then into the rest of the area between noon and 2:00 p.m., western part of the viewing area will get rain last. it is around for a messy evening rush hour today, slape with the rain here and there through five, six, seven or even 8:00 tonight. it is all out of here by in midnight. our temperature trend over the last five days we are starting to go up, 48 degrees yesterday. we should make it to 50 by the even of the day to day, 52
7:18 am
tomorrow, that is our early high temperature, and then, things start to get chilly with a cold front that will follow and then 44 will be our high for thursday where we will only manage 40 for friday. saturday mess of the day should be dry for whatever preholiday activities you have. 38 degrees. code one on at day with that cold air in place we will get this coastal storm we have been talking about it looks like it will spread precipitation saturday night into sunday which also happens to be the first day of winter. so that takes care of your seven day forecast, lets take care of your commute with bob kelly. >> sue, 7:18. good morning everybody. we are socked in with the fog here in some of the our area as we roll out of the driveway. you'll fine thick fog like here at 30 bypass passing our camera near route 100. gang leaving downingtown. get hit with the fog here on the turnpike near the downingtown interchange. also down below here, route 100, again, working your way over towards valley forge.
7:19 am
just watch for natural slow downs. here's intersection of 100, 113 where fog comes into play. there is that fine mist that could cause roadway to be wet. there you just watch it on left and right turning lanes. bypass here pass pennsylvaniaing our camera at 282. it looks like chester county out west is really getting socked in with the fog. gets lighter as you work your way toward schuylkill and 476, and then an accident here on 295. it is northbound 295, jammed up between wood crest station to approaching route 70 where we're bum per to bumper there. tacony palmyra bridge slow from the an earlier opening but one is set to occur just after 7:30. >> another opening, another show. thanks, bob kelly. 7:20 right now. as i mentioned at sundown is hanukkah, first night of hanukkah and christmas, boy, just a few days away now. is your child asking for a smart phone?
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how you can make them happy and keep them safe at the same time. a trip to new york could cost you an arm and a leg, you go on the tours see all on the it's. but a few tour buses are offering refund, how you can get your money back. >> do you have to ask the the police officers of the city or is what going on there. >> maybe they will help you.
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is putting it up yesterday, afternoon, got up just in time. >> yes, okay we will put up a picture on sunday, up in new york, and i thought my caption was, what are you looking at. isn't she pretty. >> yes. >> she's upset, and wand shore this dufuss is. >> it looks like they are in
7:24 am
the argument. >> brian austin green. >> well, city sites, new york, tour buses, double deckers, they have blue and red ones and i get you have gone up there in times square by hershey store. >> you can hop on and off. >> lower manhattan, upper manhattan, all that and it cost a ton of money. well, if you have done this over the last, five years you may get a refund, lauren simonneti. >> yeah, hi. >> what is the deal, why would we get a refund. >> i'm not a tourist and i'm too cheap. they are so expensive. hello. >> i'll do it in another city, okay. is there a bunch of lines that operate these, bus tours. they go around new york city, and they are expensive. they started to join together and allegedly started to price fix to over charge customers by at least five bucks, $20 a
7:25 am
ticket. morning attorney general, with these bus company, 19 million-dollar settlement, you can get a part of that 19 million-dollar back, if you file a claim, eye just tweeted out link, if you head there, january 19th is the deadline. you are saying, $50 on that ticket. we're hearing up to $20 but we won't know until january. >> is it a complicated process. >> no be, super easy yes. >> they better be darn easy. >> i hope i don't have to have my receipt i'm terrible with my receipts. >> yes, they should be giving some refunds, i would think other things pricey in new york. >> i have to admit i never wanted to get on one of those buses. my sister maryann came to the it i instead of driving her around, lets just get on this bus and we did lower manhattan, harlem, all over the place. on fifth avenue knew i get hit
7:26 am
with the tree branch right in my face. >> did it leave a mark good i was bleeding. >> oh, no. >> you had to get off the bus then. >> did you get your money back. >> it was just a surface wound. >> once you are up there my only problem when i sit up top is unbeating down on you you. you have to put sun screen on. >> or it is freezing cold and exposed to the elements, wonder how people in the winter set up there as if no big deal. >> i do have a special i will rent a convertible and do my own tour with my own commentary for friend and family. >> i will do it for you lauren. >> would i like to partake in that. >> do you want to. >> i have been on one before, i got sick, do you remember. >> that is right, she threw up. it was a great time. >> wow. >> you should come do it really. >> all right, twins. >> i don't know about his
7:27 am
driving. >> that is true. >> we will see you again tomorrow. >> we are dressed alike look at that. >> weird. >> pinkies the color of the day. >> yes, all right pinky we will see you tomorrow. >> what were burning questions of 2014. what did you google most what were you most interested in. >> i google like ten times a day. >> what was number one topic on google for 2014. and jen freddie's checking out toys for to the warehouse. hi, jen. >> it looks like it is full but really this is the year where they have had the lowest donations, in as long as anybody can remember. how can you help. we will tell you toys for tods u.s. marine core they need your help.
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police search for person who killed six people in montgomery county, that man right there, bradley stone. do you think e cigarettes are no big deal, they say all of the kids are doing it now. why you need to sit down and talk to them about nicotine addiction. my goodness, is she successful. she's on our show. there she is. hi am that. she's a cover girl from bucks county, just landed a modeling
7:31 am
campaign for guess jeans, right. >> yeah. >> and sports illustrated. she's in that. >> maxim. >> well, samantha is in our studio, today, to make it even hotter. >> why do i have a feeling you have something to do with this. >> i did. i actually did book this? there is nothing wrong with that. >> nothing at all. >> we're celebrating, local people doing great thing. >> yes good including sue serio doing the weather. >> it will be on knitting daily magazine i'm sure. >> here's bus stop buddy, he has the umbrella for later on, it is dry for your morning wait for the about bus coming home you'll get some rain. temperatures in the 30's but they are starting to rise. we will have have milder then average temperatures today, that is a plus, but maybe some early sunshine. not seeing much out there right now, six out of ten because of the fog and rain coming later in the day. only a mile wrist built in mount pocono, same in lancaster checking visibility
7:32 am
in millville and atlantic city. they are still socked in. 1.7-mile visibility in wilmington. it is moisture moving in ahead of this, warm front, that will be followed pretty quickly by a cold front. rain in the western part of the state right now, still a couple hours away here but it looks like, we see 4 miles visibility, from our camera which is supposed to be looking at the airport. we don't see a whole lot there it looks kind of socked in at philly international. 35 degrees. call ahead if you have a flight or waiting for somebody to come in today. 50 degrees is the high temperature, we will have showers around today and tonight, showers don't arrive until after lunchtime but at least it is only rain. seven day forecast is on the way, bob kelly is here right now, am i the only one who thinks it looks worse at the airport. >> it does look worse. i just check airport and not reporting any delays. that is good news. it is good advice if you have a flight scheduled out of philadelphia international this morning or heading down
7:33 am
to pick on one up or drop somebody off may not be a bad idea to check before you head down there. there is what it looks like, chester county getting whacked hard here with the fog. this is 30 bypass near 282, portions of 202, pennsylvania turnpike, upper end of that schuylkill near king of prussia, getting socked in here with the fog. here's the deal, burlington bristol bridge underway with the scheduled opening here so traffic stopped on both sides. hopscotch here along the way. the freighter is going up and down the river, openings at that cone pal my, yeah this is last one set this morning. give it a few extra minutes before you head out front door heading to the burlington. north on 295 we are jammo from the 42 freeway all the way up to route 70, all because of an accident on the northbound side and then northbound 42 heavy from the black horse pike heading in towards walt whitman bridge.
7:34 am
mike and alex, back to you. manhunt on right now, the man suspect of killing six people in montgomery county, yesterday morning still on the run. >> lets get to steve keeley live in bucks county where they think you are in the area but where he was last seen, steve. >> lots of that morning fog, sue and bob were just talking about is up here in bucks county and adds to the erie uneasy feeling after authorities say quote it is a strong possibility that brad stone was around here and tried to steel a man's car sees last night the at 7:00 p.m. it was a stunning shift in the search suddenly in prime time last night out of montgomery county and then all the way up in bucks county. 25 miles away, 14 hours away as to last time anybody saw brad stone at 5:00 yesterday morning when he dropped off his to daughters, five and seven, unhurt with a neighbor. when police learned he looks different then the first photo he put out to the public that had him in the beard, but for now he is clean shave even without a beard. the district attorney in
7:35 am
montgomery county says he could be dressed in military fatigues, all day, and then in one spotted form mare reen sergeant honorably discharge after a tour in iraq three years ago but then stone up here in doylestown likely, a guy walking a dog around 7:00 last night said a guy who fit stone's description to a t wearing army fatigues. he pulled a knife on him and tried to steel his car keys in stonington court apartments, and police swarm the area the guy with the dog also had a gun with him. he had the permit to carry a conceal weapon. he got shots off as he was knocked down, the the dog bit stone they think, no shots probably hit him, the doylestown hospital nearby put on heightened alert as well. we have learn through court records that the stone was in court friday for status hearing in the drunk driving probation where he is in a veterans court program getting special treatment. court records we have obtained, showing we get had a combat wound from four months in iraq and treatment for post
7:36 am
traumatic stress disorder whiz may help explain this we have learned some graphic details about the lone survivor in the rampage. here he is, 17 year-old anthony flick, stone's nephew. anthony had three fingers shot off and first shot in the head as well. anthony trying to save his 14 year-old sister nina shot and killed with their mom and dad, anthony's family wiped out not just at home but in the other two scenes, his aunt, grandmother and great grandmother, all six people killed, anthony was flown to jefferson hospital. he and his familiar liz first attack but last found nine hours later, alex and mike he may be the only one besides stone who may have an answer to that ever constant unanswered question in these kind of shooting rampagees and that is why. >> yes, my god. >> a lot of people are wondering that this morning. >> 7:36. lets get to some other stuff here. what did you google most in 2014. we will tell you most google willed stories of year.
7:37 am
think about what you can think about, isis,e bowl, ferguson protests, another story that touched our hearts came in as google's most searched topic of the year. try and guess what it is, what do you think we have googled over last 12 months. look at this, this is pretty, we want to see holiday lights. send us pictures or video using hash tag fox 29 lights and we will show you have beautiful decorations all morning long. >> what a way to start, is that today. >> right now. >> yes, it is cool. ♪ ♪ it's a marshmallow world in the winter. ♪
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♪ ♪ high gosh, look at that fog. you can barely see past the airport. >> hey bob are flights delayed or anything. >> nothing yet. >> nothing yet, okay. >> in the yet. >> still good. very thick fog. okay. we have asked what did you google over the last 12 months or so what are the most searched topics on google. >> someone tweeted me and said the septa bus schedule. that makes sense. >> yes. >> i have done that.
7:41 am
>> chris, lets do the top three. >> number three, guys, number three ebola. >> oh, yeah. >> disease killed thousands during out break in west africa and began to show up beyond african continent when health a and aid workers return to the u.s. and other home countries. doctors without boards comes to mine. and. >> hold on, who won the world cup. >> do you remember, germany, yes, we thought they had a chance. >> number one trending topic on google comedian and actor, robin williams, he claim his own life after a very long public battle with depression. other topics trending this year, a als ice bucket challenge, isis, beheadings, which have been awful, a and
7:42 am
malaysia airlines disasters, plural. so there you go. it mirrors what we saw from facebook earlier last couple weeks. >> facebook has trending topics on the side, i'm sure they see that and go to google. anytime i sees something going on, google it. >> yes. >> what is life without google. >> i google all day licensing. >> i'm googling right now. >> remember encyclopedias, mike. >> that is right. >> chris, what did you google most in 2014. >> alex holley. >> look at that. >> pictures, images of alex holley. >> what is weird is you bring that malaysia airlines plane. >> all those families of all those passengers with no resolution, in answer is so much time has passed. >> all right, guys. >> i refuse to say this line, anyway, christmas is, days a way, hanukkah starts tonight.
7:43 am
is your child diagnosis for you smart phone for holidays in do you want to make them happy. you have to do all sorts of things to disable all these different things, we will teach you you how to disable their smart phones. jen freddie's checking out toys for tots warehouse we will get more donations, right. >> reporter: they like to put some stuff in here, doesn't need to be a smart phone, or a smart could or barbie doll and why they need so much help this year.
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7:45 am
7:46 am
it looks like winter on blue mound tane, but it is not yet, it is still technically autumn but we have five days to go until the winter solstice which happens on sunday, at 6:03 in the evening. we will go help most of the day without it really being winter but let's call it first day of winter and the shortest day, longest night of the year. visibility has been quite a issue and we have a reading from philly international down to .3 of a mile, and the
7:47 am
meters picked it up, they were getting more and more socked in at philly international. best advice call a ahead with a flight in and out of the airport. only a mile visibility, .8 in a mile in lancaster and things worse in millville and atlantic city. in the great in wilmington delaware eater with less than 2 miles visibility. we have a warm front first, cold front have after it and the rain moving in this afternoon. so we should get to 50 degrees. the there is the good part. tonight the first night of hanukkah, it may be raining when you go out this evening after sunset, 52 degrees tomorrow and then temperatures drop with the cold front, 44 is all we will manage for thursday, and chillier on friday and saturday. saturday we may not get out of the the 30's and possibility of the mix of precipitation, maybe some snow on sunday. saturday night into sunday if we get that coastal storm. still only tuesday, so got a few days to work on that one. that is your seven day forecast, bob kelly is here,
7:48 am
is what happening. >> we have a disable school bus every kid's dream, you get to stay home today. disabled school bus south on i-95 at the girard avenue on ramp of i-95 and socked in with the fog up and down that i-95 corridor as well. we are heavy from cottman into downtown philly. guess what today is. >> tuesday. >> it is tuesday and it is national chocolate covered anything day. anything you want, all right. >> anything. >> anything, mike. >> we will go with the chocolate covered pretzel rods to start off this morning. burlington bristol bridge scheduled, another opening, the the fourth one this opening on the bridges here. 8:05. we are running late here on this one here, probably 8:10, 8:15 an opening set for that burlington bristol bridge, tacony pal will my use back to normal and we will go for a ride north on 295, bumper to bumper to bumper from the
7:49 am
freeway all the way up to route 70 because of an accident. it is off to the shoulder but the traffic is backed up from route 42, all the way north into the the 70 interchange. mike ape alex, back to you. >> i love doing stories about toys for tots, nothing better than to see a kid who maybe family doesn't have much money and they get a toy and their eyes light up. >> wonderful thing to see. it really is. >> here's the problem, toys for tots say this year donations are really low. >> so hopefully jen, in bristol at their warehouse they can hopefully get some donation this is morning. >> here's the situation, people can continue to give until december 22nd, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. >> good morning you are talking about toys and cash and checks, right. >> that is correct. >> talk to us how low are you. you say this is lowest you have been in years. >> we're very low, we had normally at this timed up to 38 or 40,000 toys out on the
7:50 am
street this year we're 22,000. it is terrible this year, way down weeks need help. we definitely need help. >> let's get real. do you get more toys for boys then you do for girls, right. >> yes. >> are you looking for more toys for girls. >> we are looking for everything. >> i will say it because you can't they need girl toys. other thing is, it is like ten year-old and below you need those toys right. >> they are the biggest age group. >> yes. >> lets talk about you cannot do the guns, there is no nerf, any kind of toy guns at all. >> in toy guns at all. >> other thing we talk about which was interesting, no two part gifts, because you don't know what kind of cell phones. >> anything that you need something else to operate and enjoy, because we don't know what these families do and don't have have. >> other thing that we thought was interesting, cash, check, but it is like you can buy
7:51 am
more toys for less. >> in the only do we get tax free, the vendors to the foundation, they give us discounts if we buy so many. >> so you start taking, year round, you accept requests for toys from organizations, little bit from families. right now you are still filling requests from september. there is one today, from september and it was updated to the end of october, beginning of november, that we're actually hitting them now but we do have some that we have tried calling, right where nobody responded, from september ones. >> we want people to know you guys can fulfill that kind of wish, natural disaster, fire and family needs toys you can give toys. once the christmas season is over. >> the foundation authorize us to operate year round, before and after disasters and things like that. >> cash and checks fit is check it needs to say from philadelphia otherwise it will
7:52 am
go to the foundation. >> it is a locally collected locally distributed foundation, organization, and we cover philadelphia, bucks county has their own, plane toys for tots you can go anywhere in the u.s. if you wanting to to philadelphia, it has to be in fail. >> thank you for your service. we do appreciate that. thank you for doing all of the work that you do. >> i'm a marine too. >> thank you for your service. >> thank you mike jerrick wants to come hang out with you. >> hooray, brother. >> give, give, give. >> by the way we're not done. we will show some more people getting great stuff this morning. give, give, give. >> we have a nice surprise too coming up for a family. >> i can't believe that with toys for tots. hopefully we will get donation is people will donate now because they didn't realize is there a huge shortage this year. glad we go that info out. so these e cigarettes are out and a a lot of teens are going to say this is safer. man they are hooked.
7:53 am
we need to sit them down and talk about e cigarettes and give you fur in two minutes. we are bringing in boot friday bucks county. we are about to show you where she is new you face of guests, who is on the show today. >> she's the pride of central bucks east. >> yes. >> doylestown area
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
the governmental study shows a rise in e cigarette use among teenagers, teens and adults both think it may be a little bit better than smoking a real cigarette. >> no way. i think this is the worst idea, and it is frightening me. the fact that 1/3 of 14, 15 years old in this one study were using of e cigarettes makes me really, really nervous. why? one, we have no idea the long
7:57 am
term effects, number two, lots of these kids go on to using regular cigarettes, and number three, as a physician, anything that you inhale and put into your lungs, like nicotine in the vapor which is what e cigarettes are, it is just a bad idea. we're creating people and getting addicted to nicotine. >> here's the thing some are advertising this is better for you, vapor, it is not the same thing. >> it is ridiculous and, in my opinion, absolutely the wrong way to go. they should ban e cigarettes for young people because in my opinion, we use this term gateway, like a gateway drug to use of other things like regular cigarettes. it is just a bad idea. >> you know, i was reading this story about where these cigarettes are coming in from. they come from chine, 300 million of them a year. look at this factory of china
7:58 am
these are testers of the e cigarettes with the charts in front of them on the desk. that is good, we are making it right and all that. just, can you you in imagine that being your job they expect all day will be and then ship these e cigarettes over to our teenagers here in the states. >> i wonder if they are able to even sleep with all of the knicks teen in their body. nicotine is a drug, it has effects on the brain and body, and it is a addictive. i just think this is a terrible, terrible idea. >> how long do you think it will be because first smoke everybody thought it was cool, and, health risk. how do you think it will be before they find out what it will do for you. >> i think feds are taking a good look for this and i believe there will be legislation coming, and they will ban e cigarettes. if you are an adult and you are a smoker and want to get off cigarettes, i'm okay with that. but to have 14 years old using e cigarettes and in this study
7:59 am
17 percent of them only used e cigarettes, that it is just a bad idea. >> real quickly, we have got 45 seconds. tell me i was looking at this study saying our kids especially checking their e-mails constantly. they have come up with a psychiatric term, condition for doing this too much. >> well, they did a study looking at people. they took doctors, lawyers, business people and they put them in two rooms. in the one room they said you can check your e-mails only three times a day. on the other room you can check it all you want. then they switched them up. the people that were limited actually had less stress in their life but they were so addict to their e-mails they in immediately, went back and started checking constantly. can you imagine how many times do you check your text messages a day. >> i cannot even count. >> would i say continually,
8:00 am
justinly. >> yeah, and then twitter, there is a study that looks at moms at the dinner table, they are and they are getting so distract with technology smart fence they can't have an interaction with their kids. >> 8:00 o'clock. thanks, doctor mike. good day, tuesday, december 16th, 2014. report report morning fog certainly not helping with any continued search for an accused multi rampage killer, certainly not helping with this search but certainly making it feel even more erie, jennifer? >> reporter: well, steve, friends of the gunman's ex-wife tell us they are devastated by yesterday's horrific events, hear from some of them coming up next, sue. >> reporter: fog is a problem now, you won't need it now but you will need an umbrella later on. there is some rain coming our way for the first evening of hanukkah, we will have your
8:01 am
forecast coming up. >> first we are dealing with fog and now rain. >> yeah. >> fog is a affecting people. we actually saw sunshine yesterday. >> thank goodness but fog has sock in and it looks like it has gotten worse in the last hour. could impact airport. i know some of the schools are closed with the situation. >> because of the manhunt. >> let me give you details. the upper perkiomen schools are closed today because of that manhunt going on right now up in bucks county. it started in montgomery county of course yesterday morning. pen ridge school district they are opened but operating on something they are calling a modified lock down schedule. once you get kids in the school they lock doors and window. >> no outside recess. >> until they find this guy. >> as a precaution. weather traffic and then back to the manhunt. >> a lot of moisture in the air. we have all that fog. we will give you six out of ten. bus stop buddy in the clouds and fog this morning. chilly start with the temperatures in the 30's but we will have above average
8:02 am
temperatures and these numbers looking at visibility keep going down in some places. .3 of a mile in lancaster and philly international and mount pocono and in millville, new jersey. it just depends where you are you may run into that thick soupy fog ahead of the frontal system which is moving through the western part of the state right now. it should be here after lunchtime. our visibility has really reduced in philly international. nothing. that is our camera. normally it looks at the terminal. you have to take your word for it now 356789 degrees at the moment. getting to 50 later on than and showers roll in after lunchtime. they are lingering on and into the nighttime hours as well. overnight low 42 degrees. it is only rain but oure meade chris problem is seeing where you are going bob kelly. >> we are sock with fog and it varies where you begin and end your trip. lets begin right here route 38, route 70, airport circle, working your way towards that ben franklin bridge.
8:03 am
here's a live look at i-95 in center city philadelphia. the headlights out of northeast philadelphia is market frankford el line at spring garden street station. lets go to 309, right near paper mill road and king of prussia ain't change jammed solid from ramp to 202 heading on to the schuylkill. route 30 socked in as you work your way through route 100. we have 21 on i-95 out of northeast philadelphia, five on the schuylkill. all major roadway in slow go mode here and crash route 55 southbound at little mill road and burlington bristol bridge scheduled for an opening any minute now and head for that tacony palmyra as your alternate. mike, back over to you. lets get back to the manhunt we have been dealing work 29, 30 hours now, yesterday morning at 3:15 this man bradley stone a allegedly went in the home in souderton and killed three people, a 14
8:04 am
year-old girl and wounded a 17 year-old boy who is now in thomas jefferson hospital here in philadelphia. then killed two more adults, extended family members in lansdale. and then moved over to harleysville in lower salford township killed his ex-wife, took his two kids, a five and seven years old, his daughters, and then dropped them off in pennsburg 20 minutes later. then yesterday evening somebody thought they saw him in doylestown, and then, a k-9, a police dog, seemed to get a hit, tracking him up in the warrington area and that is where our steve keeley is, right now, steve, what do you have. >> reporter: mike, less's add a one more at tome that time line and it is only positive thing on here. twenty-nine hours and counting and an amazing story of survival as we show you fog up here and latest search area. seventeen year-old anthony flick, lone survivor in the rampage, his family entirely wiped out. he was among first people affected by this and his
8:05 am
family first people shot and attacked but last found in their home in souderton as his mom, dad, and four year-old sister was killed. anthony had three fingers cut off by the killer and then stabbed trying to save his sister nina around 3:00 in the morning. then not even found until authorities set off that flash bang around lunchtime, nine hours later thinking that it was stone in that souderton house. anthony then was flown to jefferson hospital in philadelphia where authorities hoped that despite his devastating injuries anthony continues to show amazing strength and can somehow tell how you this started a and what was the killer saying, if anything, as he began his deadly attacking concrete barriers to kill anthony's aunt, stone's wife and his grandmother and great grandmother, four generations of his family wiped out as wanted man brad stone, still not found, 29 hours after this attack on anthony's family. a man with the knife, in army fatigues as authorities described the iraq war marine veteran might be. tried to steel car keys from
8:06 am
the guy up in here in bucks county, just 25 miles away from the montgomery county students, 15 hours later, up about 7:00 last night. the guy with the dog has a permit to carry a concealed weapon and he had his gun on him. fighting guys off to matched the description to the t got many shots off but they don't believe he shot stone. he was knock to the ground. his dog may have helped too biting the attacker who got away in the woods. that set off this massive search. doylestown ymca lock down, everybody inside working out had to be kept inside so search outside was done and all clear came, and, reverse 911 calls went out to warrington. and, they lock their doors, and stay inside until the alert lifted just after 11:00. so no one really slept really well understandably in bucks county. we have since learned stone was in court just on friday,
8:07 am
and two cases going on, custody battle in family court with his wife, ex-wife that is and in a special veterans court program after two drunk driving convictions where we know from court records he had a combat wound from four in months in iraq ape treatment for post traumatic stress disorder and another precaution two montgomery county judges involved in this cases now with extra security. so alex and mike, something here now that looks so erie, it is among items on brad stone's facebook page, a quote from a fellow marine, general james mattis. be polite, professional but have a plan to kill everyone you meet. how often does that quote sound this morning the daze after. >> that is for sure. >> so many horrible images. this story is getting national attention, in question about it. here's the picture that kind of says it all, you just and you sit on the stoop and just
8:08 am
wonder why. what was this man thinking and what affect him so much in his life where wow do this. >> a lot of people in that community especially those who knew victims of yesterday's shooting spree, i guess you could call it that, there is shot, grief. people just hard to comprehend, jenny. >> that is right, alex. last night we were able to talk to some people who knew nicole stone and her family, for maybe as long as 25 years. some just devastating by yesterday's turn off events. some of them watched in horror as police and swat teams swarmed their neighbors home and then bodies of their two friends were removed from the lansdale home. mother and grandmother of the accused gunman's ex-wife they are identified as yoann hill and patricia hill, and that is just the beginning. couple eventually learned that a total of six family members were shot dead including suspect's brad stone ex-wife nicole at her harleysville apartment.
8:09 am
stone then took off with the couple's children who were later found safe. >> that man took out four generations of a family in hours. >> we have been their neighbor and friend for 25 years and we have had our children together. we were at the hospital when their first grandchild was born. we know everyone involved. we know the shooter, we know the family. it is horrendous. >> it vice sadest specially to the children, they are going to be fatherless and motherless. >> reporter: police later discovered bodies of the nicole stone's sister pennsylvania patricia flick, brother-in-law aaron and niece, couple's 17 year-old son was also injured and medivac'd to jefferson hospital in philadelphia. the suspect in these shootings, brad stone, parentally was remarried and nicole stone was recently
8:10 am
engaged according to neighbors. mike and alex. >> 8:09. we will have coverage 24 hours a day on this story because it continues to develop and our web site at my fox real quickly here let's punch up the shot from philly international. we got word from the airport that because of the fog there is a complete ground stop. >> just to show how bad it is, we are trying to lot at airport but all we see is fog. >> that is the shot of the airport. ground stop at least until 9:00. there are not flights coming in or out, bob, anything else. >> ground stop means all flights destined for fail dan not leave their destination until at least 9:00 o'clock. >> if you are in st. louis trying to get into philadelphia, not leaving until 9:00. >> ripple effect will be there for newer. >> eight there ten. >> did you buy your child a tablet for the holidays there are tech dangers you may in the necessity b what you need to down load right now
8:11 am
before you give those tech gifts. oh, g do you think divorce rate is going up in this country. coming up, three reason were majority of marriages right now will notend in divorce. that is good (vo) nourished. rescued. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need.
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8:14 am
no. uh-huh-huh! it has all been about the fog this morning as in stunning fashion, we have just suddenly are sock in at philly international, and so many other places, so, lets check some of those visability throughout the region and show you. we have a tenth of a mile visibility, if that at philly international, and very, very poor visibility in lancaster mile and a half in pottstown. we are sock in millville, new jersey. it comes and goes. it sure came into philly international but bob will tell you more about that situation at the airport. no matter what the weather it will be the the first night of hanukkah tonight, so as you are celebrating, if you are going outside, at all you will probably need your umbrella it will come down from a high of 50 degrees and temperatures in the 40's tonight as you you are walking around, showers on
8:15 am
the way with that warm front coming and it looks like it will arrive between let's say noon and 2:00 p.m. when we will see first rain drops and rain throughout the rest of the night. sun comes back out tomorrow, 52. chillier air moves in thursday, friday, saturday high of only 38 degrees. and then possibility of the coastal storm saturday night into sunday, stay tuned, for more on that. there is your seven day forecast, bob, it is stunning how quickly this fog enveloped the airport. >> not just airport but all of our major roadways. we will check roads first, chester county live look at route 100 near route 113. live look at route 30 bypass right here near 282, downingtown, chester county, socked in and now it is impacting the schuylkill expressway. look at the background you can barely make out the scene westbound heading out towards belmont avenue. here's the deal at the airport a ground stop until 9:00 a.m. that means all flights from
8:16 am
other airports that are destined for philadelphia cannot leave the gate of the other city until about 9:00 o'clock. that will slow down the incoming planes here in to philadelphia and of course as mike mention that had will have a a domino effect on air traffic in and out of of philadelphia and a up and down the the east coast here the rest of the day. us best bet check with your and line before you head down to the airport this morning. is there your speed meeting reading for rest of the major roadways in jammo mode here as we get in the 8:16 on a tuesday morning, mass transit, looking good though, with no delays, alex, back over to you. 8:16. you know smart phones and technology can get tricky for parents especially this holiday season so many kids are asking for latest gadgets. we will bring in our tech guy anthony, who is here to talk about this. really a lot of things you're telling us something that parents can do to restrict what things are doing with the phones. >> first thing would i say is we have to watch what they down load. apple iphonies more protective
8:17 am
than android because apple monitors app store. >> apple has it down good not to say that they are perfect but you do have to watch with the kids, right. your ten, 11 years old they want to talk, text, instagram, twitter you will show us what parents should do right now. >> i will show you something right now. this is for apple iphone, we will check on the it goes button. we will get down to general. now, restrictions here. this is all of the stuff you can restrict on the phone. if i were to click that and enable restrictions it would ask me to put a pin number to access any apps i restrict. do not rush, do not forget this pin number. if you put tonight there and forget it you have to wipe the entire phone. you can do a lot of great things for free. >> let get this straight. >> they go in there they see enable restrictions. a parent can have a pass word
8:18 am
so kid cannot come back in and change. >> if the parent want to use camera, they put pass word in, and it is back off again. this is very important. you are being free. >> that is keyword. >> it is not just so general things you can do app this is way. >> one little app here cold co pilot, and with what this does is something very cool. basically ate allows you to track where your children are. you can put multiple devices. >> wow, that is big. >> hold on, anthony that is huge. >> as long as their phonies on and they are using it. >> they can see where their kiddies. >> if you bring up this picture you can see battery life so i had cannot say my phone died this isn't good bye if we look down there there is a map where they are at. you can wipe content if the kiddies giving you trouble lock the phone. >> even if you are at home kids at the mall they won't come home. you can lock their phone.
8:19 am
>> you can hit a button. >> you are in trouble. >> yes. >> there is a lot of neat things. i happened to highlight this app. there is plenty of them for both android an ios. you can get them for 4.99, 3.99. you will not break the bank lets put it that way. >> it is priceless. i have a little cousin. she has itouch and all these apps. my aunt and being will i'm in the sure what she's doing on there. this is one was to see is what going on there your kids don't need a smart phone get them itouch and get them something else. once you get into smart phone land it is scary. there are all alternative. >> this is a way to be in the know. there will be a lot of kids in trouble this holiday season, anthony. >> you ruin it good do you recognize, this beauty we are about to show you. this is the new guess girl and she's from doylestown. samantha is on good day this morning and we will tell you other major magazine you saw
8:20 am
her in this year, oh, yeah, a hottie. but first apple a's new ad is a tearjerker holiday message making us all emotional this morning. we will show it to you next.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
christmas is a week from thursday, yikes. >> no good. >> one thing. >> well, actually my elsa and ana tolls came in from qvc that i ordered four months ago. >> why dit take so long good they had to make some more. >> i text my daughter jessica and say i got them now. does teddy my granddaughter have too many elsa. >> they say no. >> never too much elsa. >> cannot be any overkill on this. >> so this computer, the people over at apple, they
8:24 am
seem to be playing on mye mowing this holiday season. >> check out this new holiday ad a teenage girl updates song and a gift to her grandmother. >> you will always be in my heart. >> ♪
8:25 am
>> ♪ >> i get it now. >> teenage girl makes the song a due it. >> with her grandmother. >> oh, boy. >> so, what does apple saying there, you cannot make your grandmother cry without an apple computer. >> my gosh, that was beautiful. >> that was very nicely done. >> you cannot make her cry unless you have our technology for $800.
8:26 am
>> it must be the secret to a wonderful relationship with your loved ones. >> or you could go over toker house and play the song and sing it for her. >> in person. >> you could touch her, hug her. >> you will also need the the extra adapter. >> and a recording device on your apple computer to hear your voice. >> for $200. >> editing system to turn it all together. >> $2,000 to make your grandmother cry. >> relationship with your grandmother, priceless. >> priceless. >> that is right, alex. >> it is one of the most famous movies ever, so why are the makers of frozen, apologizing to parents? what they are sorry about, but first here's a quincy. >> see, he doesn't have have apple technology. >> no. >> had he spent the extra $1,500 you could actually hear him, and make your grandmother cry. >> he will go get something from
8:27 am
8:28 am
the holiday season is here,
8:29 am
which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models.
8:30 am
boy, things sure have change throughout the time we have been here since we started at 4:00 a.m. and fox 29 morning news. we have been sock in with fog. buddy, are you there? i think i see him. yeah, the fog horn, it has just gotten that bad and you will need the umbrella, i don't know if you can tell for later on in the day when we get rain. out of ten we will give you a six. we have nine yesterday. we did see some sunshine, yeah, i don't think that will happen. fog is just getting worse, 1/10 of a mile visibility as we are sock in with the soup at philly international. pretty bad in mount pocono, lancaster, pottstown, mile visibility, atlantic city a has gotten better but this fog comes and goes in advance of the front that will bring some rain later on in the day.
8:31 am
we do expect to get to 50 degrees today and we will have our sunshine, in the with us, but the showers moving in, later on in the day and then tonight, on and off shores and then overnight low of 42 degrees. that gets you through tuesday, a lot of moisture in the air, and it is creating quite a few problems on the roads and what is supposed ton in the air bob kelly but nothing taking off. >> we have been having trouble all morning licensing not only on the road here as we take a live look at chester county route 30 bypass an example of the fog we are dealing with in the counties. portions of 202, route 100, pennsylvania turnpike, even i-95, up and down northeast philadelphia from bucks county all the way in through center city down into delaware county. philly ain't national right new is in a ground stop until 9:00 a.m. what that means is that all flights leaving other airports coming to philadelphia, they are being held at the gates at those other cities not
8:32 am
permitted to take off but come into philadelphia. that will result in a domino effect for departures rolling through the rest of the day in the just here in philadelphia but other cities around the country. if you intend to fly today or have someone you are dropping off or picking up i would certainly check with the airline and make sure you get the flight status, throughout the rest of the day and do that often. an accident north on the new jersey turnpike at exit number four, that is interchange for route 73 and mount laurel. all of the bridges are slower than normal socked in because of the fog and poor visibility. mike and alex, back over to you. mike, with the who will taste coming, my parents come to town next week for christmas, of course, still trying to find different holiday traditions. >> i'm a new girl. >> morris arboretum, they have that holiday railway, and quincy is checking it out, hey quincy. >> oh, no.
8:33 am
>> we do have him. >> can you guys hear me? owe kay. >> fine. >> what is going on, you guys have earn things this holiday season. >> yes, this is morris arboretum holiday garden railway and thinks our 14th holiday and we have all sorts of special events, including something called friday night lights that we're trying tout, and we have two more of those events coming up on the 19th and 26th, next two friday nights and go on line to morris and sign up and get ticket. >> so my sonny had to bring my oldest son, he loves thomas the train. he came here with my wife in the summertime, and training. >> yes. >> he loves trains. >> jordan, are you having. >> i want to see thomas the train over there. >> so, we will get you to to go over there just go have fun. he is having too much fun over
8:34 am
here. if i'm a member how much will it be. >> $8 for adults to come in for that night. >> if i'm in the a member. >> it would be free with your admission. >> guys, next hour i'll check out more different trains, what is this over here. what are these railways right here. >> they would be reminiscent of the railways that would go up and down the mountains and it is fun to have those and just in the all trains that run on track and they will run through cables. >> we will check some more stuff out, my sonnies here, we are having fun. jordan, are you having fun. >> yes, he will if we could see thomas the train. >> yes. >> what trains do you want to see. >> he is so cute. >> adorable. >> jordan is the cutest thing. >> yes. >> and maybe next time we can actually see him. >> if you air parent with a small child like quincy, you you might have received some glares as you have walk on to an airplane with your child
8:35 am
like oh, no. >> don't sit next to me, my goodness, i think he will cry. >> within couple had a genius idea how to soften blow when you get on the plane with your child. for other traveles, goody bags. >> what do you mean. >> they made goody bags as a peace offering when they brought their within year old daughter on game the plane. included in the bags were junior mints, roll os and ear plugs a very important part and a note warning recipients of the baby's presence. >> that is cute. >> i like that. >> you shouldn't have have to do that but it is nice. >> kind of cool, yeah. i know what you are going through, and a must will, there was a must will. >> no. >> but seriously, but it is what you are thinking, when they come on with the baby, please don't cry. >> well, tonight marks first night of hanukkah, and what better way to celebrate then with vodka. >> yeah. >> we will show you how you can make the potato pancakes
8:36 am
at home in a little bit. but first we have a restaurant controversy, there is this eatery offering discounts based on a customer's weight. i mean down right disturbing qualifications to get a free meal. qualifications to get a free meal. based
8:37 am
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8:39 am
a lot of people in the delaware valley are lighting up for christmas. >> yes, we look at these photos. he has christmas lights up in the front yard. and then we have charlotte's christmas tree. it looks like it is made out of of ribbon. there is a lot of ribbons on it. beautiful. show us your picture. use the hash tag fox 29
8:40 am
lights. >> is there a network show, it was on last night, all about putting up elaborate christmas lights at your house. >> intense. >> best scene is that move which cherry chase, national lampoon's christmas vacation. oh, man. the vding machine of the future may be able to deny you, anything too salty for you. >> um-hmm, so this is the touch tv vending machine. it uses facial recognition technology to identify customers and remember their profiles. it will know your history. according to reports from the telegraph that same technology could also one day deny you an unhealthy snack, based on your age, or your medical records. the report says that they could prom refuse fatty foods to people on diet or they could not put fatty foods in the vending machine. >> how about that, yeah. >> just don't put fatty foods in the machine. >> what is that monday which tom cruz, minority report and
8:41 am
it scans your eyes and ads walking down the hall way change based on how are. >> yes. >> there is a restaurant that happens to be in china this would never work in the united states. they are offering discounts to customer, based on their weight. >> what? >> the restaurant prices meals a courting to the scale. for men heavier they are the cheaper the food. for women the the less they weigh the better the discount. >> thinks outrageous on every level. >> if a man weighs over 308-pound, that is specific, he gets a free meal. would hand gets a free mail if she weighs less than 76 pounds. >> she better get a meal. >> my gosh. >> you may need american one meal for that. >> big, bloated is cool if you are a guy, but you better be bone thin if you are a woman. >> 76-pound. >> what is going on in china they are making e cigarettes trying to kill us and they are weighing people for food. one of the most famous
8:42 am
movies of all time, frozen. >> yes. so the the people that made frozen, the producers, directors and all that a apologize to go parents around the world, what they are sorry about, specifically. we will tell you.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
hey bob. >> is what the situation at the airport. >> still 9:00 o'clock. a ground stop was in place until 9:00 which means all flights leaving other airports could in the leave that airport until at least 9:00 o'clock. >> who at this. >> you cannot even see the airport. >> no. >> you have seen frozen the movie from disney people, right. the director is apologizing for the movie frozen because of this. >> ♪ let it go >> i know every word of that
8:46 am
by now let it go. woman who directed the movie tells hollywood reporter a big magazine out there, newspaper, when movie started taking off parents were really exited to meet her, the director, oh, meet my kids, telling her that they loved the songs and they sing it all the time at their house and car. now a as she travels aren't the country people are saying we are still listening to the song, and she says she's gone from saying thank you to i'm sorry. >> a lot of parents are upset. >> yes. >> my goodness. >> every time i see my granddaughter teddy, hoist three and a half, she talks about elsa. she wears this elsa dress every where she goes, they let her wear it to school, church, she sent me a picture on santa's lap wearing elsa. >> that is so cute. >> she's constantly going to target and bob's dollar and every time that he sees something to relates to frozen which is every where she says i want, i want.
8:47 am
my daughter takes a picture and i'm texting it to santa. so, you name it, it has been texted to santa so she gave meehan update yesterday and all of the things that she has picked out. >> look at that such a cute picture. >> yeah. >> so excited. >> can i have this. >> so the way to get out of the stories they take a picture with the cell phone, and then they says, teddy, we will text this picture to santa, so it gets on the list. >> she's wearing this. >> she wears it every where. >> no matter what she has on, no matter how cold or where they are going. she's got that thing on. >> this is so cute. >> you you should save these pictures when she gets old tore black mail her. >> she will have a boyfriend. >> obsessed about stuff. >> don't scare them off. >> that is one way to do it. >> my daughter jessica goes oh, yes, she has become a monster. >> a frozen monster good
8:48 am
frozen monster. >> big dictionary, websters's dictionary they pick something i don't know if they do this every year they call it the word of the year. >> this years winner is, culture. >> that its it. >> yeah. >> dictionary giant says there has been a spike in the interest in the word with many people looking it up. >> who does that anymore. >> well, i thought culture was a pretty known word wouldn't you say. >> yes. >> runner up word is nostalgia, filled by insidious, legacy and feminism, they pick vape as word of the year. >> oxford dictionary. >> picked its own word. >> vap e. >> that is cool thing with e cigarettes, i vape. >> really. >> it is short for vapor. >> vape is the the word of year. >> who is making these decisions. >> maybe i should look it up too. >> on oxford web site. >> okay, i'll tell you something that is hot for the
8:49 am
who will will day, man servants, women are getting man service. >> sounds nice to me. >> we think this may be extreme why some woman are paying $30 a month just to have a hot guy, you know, like their instagram pictures. you you can high someone to like your instagram picture if you are feeling, slighted that you don't get enough likes. >> an instant lover. >> yes. and for many, it's a struggle to keep your a1c down.
8:50 am
so imagine, what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar? imagine, loving your numbers. introducing once-daily invokana®. it's the first of a new kind of prescription medicine that's used along with diet and exercise to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. invokana® is a once-daily pill that works around the clock to help lower a1c. here's how: the kidneys allow sugar to be absorbed back into the body. invokana® reduces the amount of sugar allowed back in, and sends some sugar out through the process of urination. and while it's not for weight loss, it may help you lose some weight. invokana® can cause important side effects, including dehydration, which may cause some people to have loss of body water and salt. this may also cause you to feel dizzy, faint, lightheaded, or weak especially when you stand up. other side effects may include kidney problems, genital yeast infections, urinary tract infections, changes in urination, high potassium in the blood,
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8:52 am
it is the season of giving. general ren has a special surprise, for a local, woman that we're going to show you. do you see what we are about to show you these toys, they were sent to mom mom blogger joey portman for review for toy companies. she did not need to send them
8:53 am
out but she gave them out for kisses for kyle event in chester county. look at that fun photo. today she's hitting montgomery county. louise dickerson this moonlight here, great grandmother of six, and a huge fan of abington high school hockey team and all of her great grand kids means that she rarely takes time for herself. so, today joey portman is letting us watch as she surprises her, jen, we cannot wait to see this surprise. we're ready for it. >> what are you doing. >> first of all, i'm riding a crazy cart through salem baptist church. i got permission. good morning, guys. have you ever seen one of these things. come on over. how are you guys. good morning to you. tell me about your family. i understand you have an amazing family. >> good. >> i got to get up here. we understand that you are a huge hockey fan. good morning to you.
8:54 am
>> good morning. >> here's what i want to tell you, joey portman has a lot of toys. she wanted to give some to idea serving family correct, joey. >> yes, i do, how are you guys. all these toys here. who likes fire trucks. >> we have surprised you. joey said to him, i need a family that i can give to. and he said that you always give to others thaw never think of yourself. >> no, i do. >> and he says you are a number one abington hockey fan, you never miss a game. >> right good we wanted to ke sure that the people you care about got some stuff so you can care about yourself as well. >> okay, thank you. >> is there more, lets go downstairs. >> lets go downstairs. guys, you stay up here. >> she's 17 and got to be
8:55 am
cool. >> eighteen. >> i get it. >> how cool is that. we understand that she always gives to you guys, tell us about how much she does for you. >> he does everything for me i love her. >> are you happy that that we make sure she can think about herself a little bit. >> yes. >> joey has a big surprise. >> you guys stay up here so one of the things that joey says. we have to have a helmet. one of the things joey has said is she wanted to make sure she wanted to make sure that the kids would have an extra surprise for christmas morning. come here. as much as she wanted to give all of the kids something here she wanted to make sure they had something real to open on christmas morning, downstairs, you will just get excited when you see what we have down here. >> what do we have down here for them. >> okay, so for a couple years i have been working with
8:56 am
razors who makes these amazing scooters. they let me be a a secret scooter santa. >> all right. >> this is your favorite i know you love it. >> i did like it. >> you have been giving out toys all over the area. >> this is best time of the year for me. this is why i work. >> it looks like is there something for each one of them. >> there is. >> it is beautiful, thank you awesome, bottom line. merry christmas. the of course, santa will come in and fill in as well. this is from joey and everyone. this is "good day everyone. this is "good day philadelphia" we will be
8:57 am
8:58 am
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some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara®... ...your doctor should testor tuberculosis. stelara® may increase your risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you have any sign of infection, have had cancer, or if you develop any new skin growths. do not take stelara® if you are allergic to stelara® or any of its ingredients. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems- these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. serious allergic reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you or anyone in your house needs or has recently received a vaccine. in a medical study, most stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin... ...and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara® helps keep my skin clearer. ask your doctor about stelara®. that is for hanukkah. >> yes. >> it starts this evening at sundown.
9:00 am
>> right. >> um-hmm. >> and then eight days of gifts. >> you know, hi, karen hepp. >> good morning to you you. >> we had amench on the bench. elf on the shelf. >> fox 29 weekend i saw it. >> what else do we have today. >> well, just real quickly here i found a brittany spears controversy i want to show you later on in this hour. always fun to talk about brittany. i still get a kick out of. that it is tuesday, december 16th, 2014. you know what, i may have some good news for you you folks out here, do you think divorce rate is going up in this country? no, no, three reasons why the majority of marriages right now are lasting. >> i like that. >> that is good news for you, mike. >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen. >> and, do you recognize this beauty. >> yes, she's tired, she has to sit down. >> she has a picture, to buckt


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