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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  December 16, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EST

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>> right. >> um-hmm. >> and then eight days of gifts. >> you know, hi, karen hepp. >> good morning to you you. >> we had amench on the bench. elf on the shelf. >> fox 29 weekend i saw it. >> what else do we have today. >> well, just real quickly here i found a brittany spears controversy i want to show you later on in this hour. always fun to talk about brittany. i still get a kick out of. that it is tuesday, december 16th, 2014. you know what, i may have some good news for you you folks out here, do you think divorce rate is going up in this country? no, no, three reasons why the majority of marriages right now are lasting. >> i like that. >> that is good news for you, mike. >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen. >> and, do you recognize this beauty. >> yes, she's tired, she has to sit down. >> she has a picture, to buck it it backup.
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>> she's the new guess girl and she's from doylestown. samantha is on good day this morning and she's having quite a year. we will tell you about the other major magazine you have probably seen her in. >> oh, yeah. >> plus also, top four, holidays right now man service, i hope thinks catching on. it is a fabulous idea. i may be extreme out there but apparently some women are willing to pay $30 a month, barely reasonable but to have some hot guy like your instagram picture. >> if you put a picture on instagram and don't get any likes. maybe five or ten. how many do you have to have before it just goes to numbers. >> i think it is like at least ten. >> yes. >> so you never get to the numbers. >> i need a main servant, rosie o'donnell says i want them to be like vacuuming, doing those things. that was her dream to have tom cruise vacuuming out her home, that is what i want my man service to do. >> she's a lesbian.
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>> she still likes tom cruise. >> she likes tom cruise. you know that whole more than half of all marriaging end in divorce thing that we have talk about forever in this country. >> um-hmm. >> well, it may not be true. >> according to the new york times divorce rates have been declining, since the 80's. the reason being three factors >> one, birth control, and the rise of marrying for love researchers at the university of michigan say if things continue the the way they are going nearly two thirds of marriages will never involve a divorce. how does tha make you feel, mike. >> it makes me feel good. >> you have some good news there. >> you mean people were getting married not because they were in love back if the day. >> you had had to, all different reasons, parental obligations, felt like you should, shotgun weddings. >> fox security. >> financial security. >> on is people marrying for love now. >> and other people would skew
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those numbers, because what would happies they would get divorced and then they would get married to somebody else and get divorced from them. those people, tend to get more often then more often. >> what are you saying second marriage people get divorced more often than first marriage people. >> oh, boy. >> first ones are more likely to get divorced. >> yes, michael eugene. >> okay, let's call this whole thing off. >> we will in the do that. >> let's get back to this guy, this man servant that you can hire this summer we told but a serve that is offers, well, for a fan man hill there is man you can pay for basically a hot guy to act as your body guard. >> oh, no. >> your personal assistant. your personal paparazzi, in other word go around in public and he will take pictures of you like you are famous. >> that is silly. >> he will come to your house and serve you drinks, do house chores and stuff like. that master mind behind this
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company are offering yet another service and explain this to me, karen. >> i will make a lot of money. it is call instant lover through man servants. he likes and comments on your holiday instagram pictures thaw will be taking. we know lots of our friend, we will not name any names, they take pictures in their drizzlees and gowns, but if they don't get likes, they can feel less than whatever. >> sure. >> so this service for only 30 collars, i think it will do well. if it was more money that is $30 a month though. >> you are one wasting your mob toy get your hair done and you want people to like you and you are attention seeking, attention seeker, then it might be for you. >> here's the thing, can you only like it ones? you cannot multiple like something. >> you're paying 30 bucks a in so you are posting picks so every day it will be like. every time you post a pick he can like and comment. >> i think it has to be more than one guy. you don't want one hot guy you need to have a whole fleet of
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30 hot guys. >> i thought they were doing it to make it seem like some guy really likes you. >> then you you see hoist liking her and he's hot. >> this is pathetic. you think people would do this. >> a apparently, she just tweeted me would i hire mike to like my picks. >> isn't that sweet. >> where is she. >> let me see her. >> men always have have to look. >> oh, she's hot. >> yes. >> i will like her back. >> you don't need to pay somebody to like your pictures. >> yes. >> adorable. >> you like mike jerrick he will put you on tv. >> sue, i'll like that. >> you don't need to lake me. >> do that for free. >> my gosh, okay. >> terrible. >> i just made $30 a month. we will talk after the show. >> oh, wow. >> this young woman, her name is julie crammer, okay.
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she lives in tabernacle, new jersey. she was on the ellen show yesterday to discuss her battle with cancer. she's 23 years old. now she loves the phillies. >> she likes the l even show. >> i watch ellen show after bold and beautiful and tmz and then ellen comes on. >> that is great. >> we will get this tape together because i want to make sure you sit around and wait for this and it involves the philadelphia phillies and this woman from tabernacle who got national attention. we will play tonight just a bit. but first let me tell but jennifer aniston. apparently she's fed up with the pressure people put on her to have children especially during the holiday. jennifer, when are you going to have a child. >> in a new interview with a magazine, the the actress says she wants people to just quit asking about her familiar liz life and that it is unfair to treat woman like they have failed because they don't have children. aniston says she has been criticized for being career driven and selfish for not
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having drinks. >> my gosh. >> no one has a right to assume why a woman has not given birth. actresses has faced rumors about different pregnancies for years. >> sue. >> could you google how oldies jennifer aniston. she's in her early 40's. we care because we love her. she's america's sweetheart. is there certain people whole nation takes to and we just love. >> yes, 45, 45, 45. >> that is the problem. >> people, she was married to brad. and the couple, we all loved to follow. then you feel like we have to get married. when are you having a kid? when are you going to have a kid. >> i have two children. >> but now you are getting married again. >> no, no, no. >> you are married. >> let's plan the baby shower. >> no, no, no. >> wedding shower. >> and baby shower. >> no, no, no. >> it would be inappropriate.
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it wouldn't be fair to the children. >> why. >> who that guy joke lemon he was like 70. >> it was tony randall was 75 and he married a 25 year-old woman. he was a actor back in the day, tony randall. well, 75 and she was 25. i think they had two kids. >> yes. >> can you see how many children tony randall has. >> we love sue google. >> yes. >> okay. did you see this, karen, i don't know if you were watching the show. google released the most googled words of this year over the last 12 months. >> i found them surprising. this one wasn't surprising just because of the mass amount of people struggling with this. certainly ebola. >> number three what's bowl a, the disease that killed thousands and thousands of people. still killing people in west africa. it has kind of left the headlines here toward the end of the year because we have had other issues but those
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countries still struggling with that horrible disease. >> number two the world cup, brought the globe together, this summer in brazil, germany would be world champs but the u.s.a. they did well for a while there. >> it is true. >> this got big. >> that is your global sport right there but the number one googled name of the year robin williams and i wondered why. >> so many people loved him. >> why do you have to google him. >> people wanted to know more information about it because they were so shock the fact that it happened. >> they loved him, that is for sure. >> all of the movies, to see his parts, and you just remember when we reported on his passing he had just checked himself in order to maintain his sobriety. they labeled him as unfortunate what did we just read and how could this all be possible. it is a sad one that people googled there. there were times that were really good that helped people. >> bucket challenge. >> yeah, we did that. >> yes. >> that was sure fun. >> we sure did.
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one of the first things i did to mike when i got here. >> and isis, people want to know what is this terror organization isis all about. that was google. so malaysia a airlines, the one, they had two disasters. one crash and the the other one they cannot fine the plane to this day. >> yeah good then other interesting light ones i find that i thought were just other topics. do you remember v stephano and that advisor and everybody wanted that big advisor. >> donald sterling's lover or friend. >> yes, their special friend. >> that was in the top ten. >> not in the top ten. >> but these are things are googled. that is what i'm googling. >> what did you google most in 2014. >> oh, my gosh, samantha hoops, i don't know. >> engagement ring. >> that is probably what he was doing. >> adrian a lima. >> no,. >> i'm sure it was all pour
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stuff. where is my advent tree. who is this little girl. >> hello. >> my goodness, hi. >> that is a cutie. >> welcome to good day philadelphia nice to have you here. here we go. what a beautiful dress. i love the silver in it and your tights. who are you looking for your mom. >> did your mom bring you. come on over. >> i will hold this. he will pick you up. >> it is all right. >> what a beautiful. >> all dressed up. >> what is your name. >> what is your name. >> tara. >> what are you going to ask santa for. >> yes. >> that got her talking. >> do you like ella is a. >> do you like ana. >> yes. >> do you like candy.
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>> today is your birthday. >> today. >> is it today. >> how oldies she. >> she's three today. >> hi. >> happy birthday. >> it is time, do you know how this works. what is today, the 16th. >> sixteen. >> i didn't check to see if there was candy in there. pull out that little drawing right there. pull that one out. >> you got candy. >> yes. >> do you want to pull it out. >> where do you live. >> port richmond. >> yes. >> is it ka the r a. >> kara. >> kara. >> i'm mike. >> kara. >> okay. >> that is a cutie. >> have you been nice this year. >> yes. >> santa will want to hear that. >> do you have any brothers or sister. >> yes. >> you do. >> share when i get back home in port richmond.
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thanks for being here. thanks so much. we will heat you down. do you want to go for a ride in the chair. that is the fun of this show. >> we have jen fred on her thing, and look at the her smiling. >> she's enjoying that. >> we need a seat belt for these chairs and then spin at the end and then back to mommy . >> bye. >> what was her name. >> kara. >> you have to yell it. >> yes. >> it is still foggy out there. good morning. this is the toughes act to follow, cutest kid in the world. here we go with fog . .3 of a mile visibility. philly international. same in lancaster. can't see anything up in the mountains. it is bad still out there. i really think our chance of sunshine may have passed
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because by the the time we get to lunchtime it will be raining and we will see that rain moving in later on, first night of hanukkah, so here is your holiday forecast, as the draidle begins we will see some rain this evening. temperatures in the 40's. sunset officially at 4:37 p.m. so be prepared for those scattered showers. today's high will probable liz a make it even with the clouds and the fog to 50 degrees. it is a warm front first and then a cold front so 52 tomorrow, and then a high of only 44, on thursday. by friday it is a high of only 40 degrees. saturday and sunday is when things get very interesting with perhaps, if we get this coastal storm, some precipitation, spreading in saturday night, into sunday. first day of winter is on unday and we could get wintry weather right on time. there is your seven kay
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forecast. i'm looking at philadelphia style magazine. i love this magazine every month. >> it by the full. >> she likes techno and house music. samantha hoops is in the house. >> pump it up, hi, samantha, come on in. >> hi. >> hey, how are you doing. >> good. >> get right in there. >> there is samantha. >> don't look in there. >> nice to meet you. >> you are gorgeous. >> thank you. >> for the love. >> how fast can we get that camera over there. >> welcome. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> good to be here. >> i grew up watching you you guys. i know you are new. >> you grew up with him. >> yes, i did with my poppy. >> she grew up watching me.
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>> well, good luck at the party now, now get out good i heard about you, congratulations. >> thank you. >> you are not engaged, are you? >> furthest thing, i'm not. >> the furthest thing. >> all these guys coming after you. >> i mean i have options. >> i like that. >> i got options. >> do they know they are just options, these guys. >> yes. i'm completely honest and up front. >> let's talk about this. you have the cover of philly style magazine tonight. there is. >> where is it. right around a the corner from here. >> where is the party. does anybody know? is it over in the old mtv house. somebody look it up. for the love of... >> you have people. >> you have hand letters that take you places. you don't need to know things.
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>> i just wake up and go. i have no idea where i'm going, and what i will do next. >> fantastic. >> this great beautiful spread there, are you okay here? are you falling down here on the couch. >> did you hurt your leggy broke it a little bit good well, it is really cool. >> i could not walk or stan in those shoes, so it is a beautiful magazine. >> it is, i'm so excited to be here from mize hometown back in philadelphia. >> where did you grow up though. >> i grew up in doylestown so i went to central bucks east. >> oh, yeah. >> so what is first thing you do when you come home, one thing you have to do. >> first thing turf do is go, because i live in california and you you would think i love mexican food there way better. but you is there a place, where they have the best margaritas. >> in doylestown. >> in doylestown. it is actually like in southampton or something like that good again, she doesn't know where she's going.
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>> i'm just a model. i just go. >> they take her to get mexican food. >> you do racing too. >> my mom is in racing. i scrape the mud off the the cars. >> what do you mean racing. >> race man like sports man sports man. >> dirt track where they slide. >> it is, it is, it is super slippery. my mommies obsessed witt she loves speed and fast cars. >> now, did you play sports or anything. >> i played sports in seventh grade, if that counts but other than that. >> i played field hockey and lacrosse a little bit, and then tennis and then would i rather just text. >> yeah. >> is that working out, is that a sport. >> i think about it. >> let me sees your thumbs. >> very strong thumbs. >> yes. >> they are gigantic. >> they are disgusting. >> what about big modeling jobs, guess jeans.
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>> yes, i am's wearing my guess jeans right now actually. >> yes. >> they are my favorite kind of jeans. i have dreams of it sips i was little and i would go shopping because it was the kyle thing to do here. >> you are in good company, wasn't drew barry more a guess jeans girl. >> and anna nicole smith, kate upton. >> yes good are you cool with kate upton. >> she's cool. we don't talk that much but when we do it is nice. >> you were a sports illustrated swimsuit model. >> yes good in the big anniversary. >> where did you shoot this. >> this was shot in saint lukes. >> oh, yeah. love it. >> look at you girl friend. >> do you have any tips for us regular girls how to take amazing photos. >> you need to find your angle, and take it from above and. >> selfies they hate when they do selfies and they go low like this. >> yes. >> you have to go above. >> above and good side of my
9:20 am
face. i go like this and make sure your face is relax. >> and then you lift it up. >> yes. >> exactly. >> then you look so good. >> minute you walk in i went... >> yes. >> so this is good side of your face. >> how do you know if it is your good side. >> well, this side is hideous. >> but, this side is my better side. >> we covered sports illustrated, and maxim hot 100. >> yes. >> were you a cheerleader at bucks. >> no, never a cheerleader. i was just basic kid. >> living in l.a., behave out there. >> always. >> some bad, bad men there. >> i know. >> you just be careful. >> stay true to yourself. >> thank you. >> for that. >> i will give you you another ride. >> where are we going to next. >> we will talk about the holidays then again. >> we have a brand new way to
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help you relax, take a look why you should consider doing this, to help you you out during the holidays. >> i need to ♪
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♪ it's a marshmallow world in the winter. ♪ deciding between buying food and health care is something else.
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healthy pa is now here to help, with name-brand health insurance that costs as little as a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, call or apply online today. ♪ ♪
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okay, oh, sorry, i'm getting my act together, so to speak. >> are you. >> have you met jen slaw yet. >> i have not the good she helps us reduce stress. >> good to see you. >> good to he sue guys. >> she has a brother name cole. >> i haven't heard that one before. >> that is most stressful thing that will be happening. >> yes. >> i have a challenge for you young with man. you can juggle those balls. >> yes, that is how it works. >> she's an expert on how to reduce stress during the holidays. >> all kind of things? we have a lot to juggle around the holiday season. so many more things we are trying to manage. >> okay. >> so, keith. >> yes, sir. >> can you hold her balls, throw those balls over to him. through you go. thank you, brother. >> now, here's the challenge. i don't want to throw you for
9:25 am
a loop here good we have trouble with stress, dealing with time. >> exactly. >> we don't have time during the holidays. >> but we want to have a ball. >> right. >> energy, our energy. >> yes. >> we're dealing with money because we don't have enough money for gifts we have to get. >> so keeping all these things in balance, balancing your time, energy and money is a challenging juggling act. but there are some simple strategies that we can learn to better deal with this. >> tell us. >> give me number within. >> do you want to help me out. >> we will trying on. >> alex, you help us out. >> toss one of those balls back. first step, think about a ball. a lot of christmas balls, whenever you you see a christmas balls think bit, b-a-l-l. >> yes good break it down. we are not going to start with three balls but one. hold that in your right hand. toss it over to me. we break it down. even though you have a lot to do focus on one thing at a time.
9:26 am
>> i'm focusing. >> we got that down. >> then a, ask for help. we are working together. >> what was b. >> break it down. >> break it down. focus on one thing. >> we know we can accomplish more when we work together. seek support from family and friends. throw that within to me. >> i will throw that back. >> you are helping me out. >> we are mastering the act of juggling together. now perfect timing because the third 1l, learn from the drop. >> we pick it up and try it again. >> when you see juggling ball here you throw the ball to me. >> one, two, beautiful. >> hang on, we got this. >> one, two. >> you have b-a-l. >> and the third l let it go. we have to let it go. we have to throw in the air some times it is in the worth it, in the worth trying to be perfect let it go, move on. >> hey i want to know more
9:27 am
about this. your viewers can go to struggle stress away to the come and they can see the tips that we talk about today and sign up to get more tips. >> hopefully learn how you to juggle, because apparently i need help. >> learn from your drops. >> exactly. >> i dropped these myself. >> lets go to quincy, back out here with little jordan. q,. >> there you go. >> he wants to see thomas the train. we will let him see thomas the train in one second. we are here at morris arboretum. check these trains out.
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of course talking about holiday lights all morning long, so take a look at this one. this is from jenny, and she says zach and jacob decorated the tree. >> oh, that's sews beautiful. we love to see your lights, and we can't get enough. so railways open, where quincy has been this morning, karen, with little jordan. did you take jordan to see thomas the train? >> i had to let them run. i'm freezing, i said i don't have a hat. he he said i want to go see thomas. >> right off northwestern avenue, right often tan avenue, by chestnut hill college. you guys need to come out for everyone, that loves trains, my son, i told him yesterday, that we were coming out here, and he was like i'm so
9:32 am
excited. we have eye had na. how are you? >> good. how are you. >> how many trains? >> we have ten looms, and we have six other lines running. so we have 16 different training running today. >> okay, and you guys will be here until january 4th? >> yes, we will. >> okay, i'm really having a really good time out here. what, i know you guys are closed on christmas eve, new years day? >> yes, open in the morning, at 10:00 o'clock, until 4:00. and we run every day, and we have two special nights coming up which are friday night lights, the 26th our last, the day after christmas there is friday, and you can go on line to our website, and look up and buy tickets to come on out and see the trains in the dark with all of these wonderful magical lighting. >> got you. listen, i give you guys little tour. i mean there is place is really spacious. george, walking down here, as you can see, like the christmas train right there, really themed. they have like a swine train, i don't know if you guys can see, it is over here, with like a hershey train, like little chocolate. so you come down here, as you
9:33 am
see, you see the swan, and then they have like swans, like real swans, in here. in the upon. really, really, really festive. really festive here. >> get to thomas the train, because if you have kids, if you have little boys, they love thomas. thomas is the equivalent, if you don't know, to frozen, okay? so my son is over here, right now, looking at thomas, and i don't know who green guy is, jordan, who is the green train? what's his name? >> what's the green train's name? what's his name? >> percenty? >> and who is that right there? >> call rink. >> okay, are you cold? he's not cold. he shook his head no, he's not coal. guys, you got to come on out here. such a great time, you having good time today? are you ready to leave? >> yes. >> quincy, before you lever, do you have take him over to the tree house, the coolest tree house up there, too, that you can hike around in and
9:34 am
pretend like you're squirrel. oh, he's so cute. what a good sport. >> we'll to tree house. you can have him, karen, alex! >> right, i'll bring my guys, we'll go. >> no, i love this place, i really do, i love it. we've been outside, for about two hours, you want to go inside? no, i want to stay right here. so i will try to pull him to the tree house, but he loves thomas. >> oh! >> back to you guys. >> thank, quince. >> i fun thing to take the kids. >> oh, it is great, great place, amazing. oh, look at this, tonight marks the first night of hanukkah. so what better twi celebrate than with -- >> oh, so many things you can put on them, little sour cream, little caviar, how to mix some potato pancakes next.
9:35 am
>> christmas comes, here's actually couple of presents there, which was amazing, so i go to the tree, and i open up one of the presents. and i knew that my mom and dad must have told santa that that was the doll that my cousin in viet nam would want. so they got it for me, through santa, of course, and it was such a huge big deal. because i knew they couldn't afford it, but yet i still got it. >> go to to help families make memories of their own. visit pandora king of prussia mall, cherry hill mall, and quaker bridge mall for great
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♪ ♪ >> i know this group, based out of new york city, you can hear the shake it off song by taylor swift in there. yes, it is all about hanukkah, of course, tonight. and of course giant menorrah across from the mall. >> of course. >> lit tonight. >> i can see it from here, matter of fact, outside of our studios, put it up yesterday afternoon. and there it is! >> i think the mayor will be
9:40 am
there, they'll have the lighting ceremony tonight at sundown. >> continues for eight days. >> so how about celebrate this morning? we have rabbi himtall, right, thank you for being here. >> and chef alex. >> good to see you again. >> good to see you. >> over at circles in northern liberties, great restaurant. probably thinking only good day philadelphia when we're making latke's would have a chef from a tai restaurant to come in and do it, right. >> but there is a reason we're doing there. >> you've got cred. what's the awards? whether did you get it? >> got it last year for top potato award. >> you make the best latke's in the city. >> that's what they say. >> and you're a tai guy. >> yes. >> must and twist on it? >> i mean, we put our own little asian twist ton. >> okay. >> before we do that twist, rabbi, take us, what's hanukkah all about? it starts tonight. >> hanukkah is a celebration, commemorates miracle that happened in our holy temple
9:41 am
about 2500 years ago, it was very unusual miracle, no splitting of the sea, no putting up the sky, in the temple we have menorrah, candle and a, shed light for the entire building, and used, using oil. >> very little oil, and it last add long time. >> well usually one jug of oil per day. and when they recon crated only one jug, and that jug lasted for eight days, until they were able to bring in new supply. >> so, i get this wrong every year. you start with the highest candle. you light that. and then light the other candles every evening throughout hanukkah. >> right. >> so tonight we'll be doing what? give us demonstration? >> tonight we are doing the first time. this highest candle is called the hamash, one of the eight candles we light. we're not supposed to benefit from the candles, therefore, we have a lighting candle. >> okay. >> then we take it, we light the first candle, first night. >> always, all the way to the right? >> interesting thing though is on the second night, oops, the
9:42 am
second night, we will will be adding seconds cans. >> sure. >> so you begin to light from the left. >> okay? >> and then third night you always light the newest candle first. >> okay. >> and then move -- >> oh, so you go right to left, light it from left to right. >> okay. >> using oil or regular candles? >> use aisles or candles. since the miracle occurred with oil, traditionally we like to use oil, as well. >> then we start eating. >> celebrate. >> give us your twist on latke. first, what is it? >> potato pancake. >> you put, deep frying it? >> pan frying. >> and the skee the toppings? >> yes, you use several toppings. show us what you have. >> we have right here just traditional apple sauce, homemade, then a spice cranberry apple sauce, with raisins, and a fudge spice sour cream. >> oh, what spices in. >> cinnamin, cloves, pepper. >> how do you prep a pancake?
9:43 am
>> with egg, flour, and starch. >> simple? >> add pepper, simple stuff. >> this is the water self right here. >> oh, that's what you use to put snot. >> yes. and you pan frying? >> yes. >> what oil do you use? >> vegetable oil. >> spoonful? >> yes. >> open tonight. >> circles. >> yes, and we will be serving our award winning latke's, as well. >> are you in the piazza? >> further down, 812 north second street. >> thank you for this. >> no problem. >> thank you, rabbi. >> karen, quickly, look at the menorrah they made last night. it is not leggos, it is connects, right? >> right. >> local company. and they made it just for you? >> local company, that we have hanukkah wanderland store in bucks county, and they were nice enough to provide that for us, the kids, and just like all of ooh guys, when i brought it in, said wow. >> yes. >> from three year old to nine year olds, everybody is just wowed by t i figure i would treat you guys here in philadelphia with this. >> oh, thank you! one of the flames is already lit. >> yes. and we add one every night, we
9:44 am
put little connects piece on it. >> oh, wonderful. >> thanks for coming in. >> chef, good to see you, as always. >> i don't get a ride on the chair? >> he want a ride. let's go to jen, and mike will take you on the chair. >> no, we call it the rabbi ride. >> the rabbi ride! >> rabbi ride on good day philadelphia, rabbi ride. >> okay, jen, what are you doing now? >> we go from hanukkah to christmas, it is the season of giving. bring it, baby! ♪ >> we're going to talk about all of the places that need you this time of year. it is amazing.
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>> you know that mommy blog? surprised -- >> grandmother, yes. >> a grandmother, right. >> yes. she has six great grandkids. >> wow. >> yes, over at abington high school. >> yes. >> doesn't miss a game. so, jen is in jenkintown, hey, jen? >> hey, you know, she great grandmother, six great grand kids, then team how she takes care of, as well, and that's part of the season of giving. you, you want us to know little bit more about her, right? she does not do anything for herself. >> she does absolutely flog for herself, watches out for her children, her grandchildren, and her great grandchildren. and you met tommy, who is one of the neighborhood children, who rides to school every day with them, who is like one of
9:48 am
hers, who all he says hey, mom lucielle, miss lucielle, do this, do that, so she is the casino of person we wanted to focus on year around, actually, but christmas time is a time to really celebrate and share that with everyone. >> we have a picture every all of them with crazy car joey for the man, can't ride at under eight years olds. and you want this to be -- you want people to like church, to like being together, even if it means a crazy cart, right here, right? >> yes, i want them to like themselves. i also want them to know that god is accessible. you don't have to find them in a church, mosque, synogogue. you can find god right where you are by doing wonderful random acts every kindness to people who live in your community, who don't live in your community, who don't look the way you look. but really reflect the glory of god. >> so, i talk to you, this is a time where we are all better people. we wish we could be better offer. >> in their. >> i toys for tots, needs, toys, i know you guys have -- >> we help toys for tots, helped any number i think our kids took 14 containers of toys back to them last weekends, that was our youth project for the christmas
9:49 am
season. >> cradles to crayons, they need winter clothes, so if you have and they can take gently used stuff, our closet, we focus on that, they stuff foremen and winter clothes. so you just want people to kind of find a neighbor, friend, a teacher, the wawa guy, and just be nicer to them? >> just be nicer to them. just do something useful, practical, some things impractical. sometimes toys are impractical, but bridges an immense amount of joy to children. so just do it all year long. >> love it. so here is the thing we only have one minute. why are you leaving me? get over here. tell us about the amazing guy right there that will play us a little song. >> doctor leon, minister of music in salem baptist church, product of philadelphia, product of the yale conservatory of music, product of lutheran seminary, former chaplain of amherst and smile college. >> he's got big smile on his face. i can't be in this room without letting him play little bit. >> do it. >> how about some handwriting the herald angel singment and
9:50 am
merry chris, everyone, be nicer to people. >> platt mat tabernacle to woman from tabernacle, new jersey, and there she is. did you see this great surprise yesterday on ellen's show? chase utley shows up. so we have to roll the whole tape for you after the break. so we have to roll the whole tape for you after the break. ♪
9:51 am
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>> very busy working outright now, very busy. >> boy. good looking. okay, this is a great moment. a young woman, named julie kramer, she lives over there in tabernacle, new jersey, was on ellen degeneres' show yesterday, she's going through this battle with cancer. only 23 years old. and l end wanted to surprise her, because she is a big phillies fan. watch. >> you're 23. >> yes. >> and you're diagnosed with stage four sarcoma. >> yes. >> what's that? >> it is a very rare form of soft tissue cancer, very, very few percentage of people in the world get it. >> like how rare is it? >> what i read on line, thank you, like i think around 4% around, so i get up, the nurses help me, and i have like my little wheely thing. >> iv. >> yes, iv holder. >> your wheelyiv. walking around the hotel level and i don't know, i was
9:55 am
feeling something inside and like i'm going to make this fun, because obviously being in the hospital for a week isn't fun. >> no? >> and how are you feeling now? >> i feel amazing. >> oh, she feels amazing, all the stuff she's going through here. so, ellen gave her a check for $10,000, to help just little bit with the bills. but then they started talking about the philadelphia phillies. >> i am a huge philadelphia phillies fans. i don't know if anyone is, but go phillies. >> yes, go phillies. >> who is your favorite player. >> chase utley. >> chase is your favorite flare. >> yes, number 26, he is the man. >> he is the man. >> 's good man, too, he does a lot of stuff for animals? >> yes, his wife is involved. >> his wife, yes. well, you got you, phillies heard about this, they wanted to bring you some swag, so who -- hey, chase, bring it out, will you? >> shut up. shut up! ah! (cheers).
9:56 am
>> ♪ >> that's priceless, i love her reaction. shut up, shut up. >> she was totally surprised. >> and watch this. >> i can't say it. >> i'm with you. i'm totally with you. >> oh, please, sit down. >> oh, isn't this cool. >> oh, thank god. >> look who it is, right there. >> oh, we can rely on this guy big time. >> julie, how are you doing? >> great. >> ya? >> i hear you like the phillies a lot better now? >> she is like shaking. >> if you don't mind, would you be my guest next year as many games as you want? >> (cheers). >> think about it! >> do you want to come to every batting practice, with
9:57 am
the guys, come out, take a tour of the stadium, do whatever you snap. >> she can't -- it is like -- it gives you the chills when you watch it, when someone's dreams can be like that they can come true, that's the holiday season. that's so wonderful. >> the fact that the phillies did that, and they sent chase. >> and chase is a real private, low key private guy. very nice of him to do. that will let's hope chase is with the phillies when she comes to batting practice. >> oh, i know. >> he'll stay hopefully. oh, gosh. >> okay, well, where ever he is. >> yes. >> she go. >> all right, now, britney spears, britney spears on the cover of new issue of health magazine, some fans accusing the magazine of photo shopping her body. why do you that i? >> because she has had the two kids, amazing, looks beautiful, everyone that's a woman -- >> heard about her face, too? >> facebook little different. >> nose smaller? >> if you were to walk in a store and looking, would you automatically know that's britney spears? >> i don't think so. >> no? >> i want to be photo shopped,
9:58 am
right now! >> photo shop. right now! >> photo shop. >> wouldn't that b
9:59 am
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. >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." today from "the chew," celebrity chef carla hall is here. and she's headed to the tree to unwrap even more amazing surprise gifts as our holiday gift grab continues. plus, the juiciest hot topics! now, here's wendy! [cheers and applause ]


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