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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  December 17, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> i amazon involved? love amazon. >> who is he can tending free shipping for all of ooh last minute shoppers. >> amazon. >> yes, mike gave us a hint there? >> maybe? we'll give you details because it is kind of cool. yes. >> it is 7:00. >> it is kind of cool outside. >> it is kind of cool. i know, not cold, it is kind of cool. i mean, for december, you know, put it in perspective, in i weigh, we go with a eight today. >> i'll take a eight. >> that's great. >> yesterday? >> sunshine later on, lick icky yesterday, just as predicted, but it is going to stay on the mild side today. the thing about today, the winds will pick up later on. >> bus stop buddy holding onto his cap there. still dressed warmly, for temperatures in the 40's, but he does not need the umbrella today, all of our rain, moved up to boston, and new hampshire, so, it is their problem now. but, we still have a lot of mist and haze and fog out there, now, we have 8-mile per hour wind out of the southwest, 41 degrees in
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philadelphia, but 4 miles visibility at philadelphia international. looks worse from this picture, 7:17 our sunrise time. we haven't even got tone sunrise yet. we do expect some sun mixed when clouds rest of the day, early high of ooh degrees by lunchtime, in the four's, for the afternoon drive, but the drive later on in the day will be a lot better than yesterday when it was pretty messy, but the roadways bob kelly still kind of wet out there. >> curbside 42 freeway, as we head in toward philadelphia, the headlight, working your way in toward that 295 construction zone. you can see the glare, that's a sign that the roads are little wet. good morning to the benny coming into downtown, live look from the jam cam above the towers, stack up for four lanes coming into downtown philly so starting to seat rush hour volume pop hearty at this 7:00 hour. northeast philly south on 95, heavy from cottman avenue into girard. accident on the schuylkill
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expressway. live look, just got word, westbound pushing the cars over to the right lane, was left lane, so police stopped all traffic, because exactly what he's doing, pushing everybody off to the side. how much, if you're leaving town right now, center city bumm for bumper city line out to belmont. already back up inbound because of earlier accident, on the eastbound side at 30th street. so the schuylkill, not behaving this morning, south 95 little slow at girard. philadelphia international, rough going yesterday. everything good to go this morning, no delays on arrivals and departures, and mass transit looking good. mike, alex, back to you. >> 7:02, these stores have big red targets on them. >> they do. >> maybe robbers see that and go for. >> police have now arrested two men they say broke into the target store in northeast philadelphia this morning. but here's where it gets little different. cops arrive on the scene, suspect were still in the
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store. >> what do they do, try to go in through the roof? >> well, it was the week before christmas, all through the house, two creatures were certainly stirring, the cops are calling them houses. all right, thousand? a series of targeted burglaries, at target, in just the past four weeks, around philly, may have finally come to a close here, where it was unlucky seven, for these burglars. so, the silent alarm is tripped at 1:15 this morning, that's two hours between woodhaven, red lion roads, shut in the last workers left. philly police rush over here, no false alarm, finds the burglars running through the store, lights left on. no employees overnight. after closing at 11:00 the police call in back up. the police in philly surround the target. huge store, back cents cars up, all against the steel doors that the shoppers don't normally use, that are used by the employees for deliveries. and you see them, they block every exit, every possible
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escape route out of here. then they call in the philly fire department, because they see the guys have gone up the target ladder in the store. they quickly realize, these guys know target, know the blueprints to the store. they say these guys even cut the wiring to the surveillance system, however, not all the wiring, because target employee comes in, and shows police these guys in the store after the break-in. now, once police go up on the roof, the burglars go back down into the store, and go into hiding in the target, three hours at least, three philly police k9 dogs are called in, going up and down the aisles, trying to sniff them out. now, here's how the burglars got in. they used a strong steel cutting saw that cuts through a very thick door. it cut through a double plated steel door in the back ransoms insulation, 3-foot high hole. these guys didn't have to squeeze through, they could almost walk through officer
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reaper and another went in these had back up. >> where they were found in the ventilation duct on the roof, laying on top of each other these two suspect. they had a back pack with them. portable saw in the back pack as well as some walky-talkies. that portable saw most likely is the tool used to break into the steel door, in order to commit this burglary. they were determined. they got in. they were determined to hide. they hid for over three hours on the roof in this air duct, the police did great job finding them. and taking them into custody. but the police were tenacious. they searched inside the property, in in the storage rooms, everywhere in the property, they new they were in there. they didn't give up. and it paid off. they found them on the roofer hiding. great blearer. >> pay off on video just around 5:30, after that first alarm sounded.
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>> burglars one at a time being taken out unhurt in cuffs. no shots fired, no weapons shown. no k9 dog bites even. no cooperation at all from the bad guys according to investigative sources, would not even same their names even, and if they don't talk, a lot of fingerprints may be will tell the police who they are, and maybe their faces, may be matched by mugshots or other surveillance video from the other hold-ups, and they may talk eventually because state police will urge them to say hey if there was another guy involved, you better tell us who it is to help your case. and police tell us, they had a pennsylvania state police task force zest up, since six targets in the philly suburbs, where all burglarized just outside the city, just since november 15th, at these guys the same burglars as they really think now, i took this picture of the suspected get-away car. , knife minute walk from where we're live in front of the target right now, then inside on the floor i took this second picture, you see two walky-talkies that investigators tell me match the he can act two
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walky-talkies, found in the burglars' back pack with the steel cut cutting caught. they'll ask these two guys if there was third accomplice, get away driver who got away once he saw the police swarming all over this place, at the target here on the boulevard. so, alex, mike, i was at a target over in mt. laurel, on "black friday", and they use that phrase door buster. here it is, for the first time. >> a real door buster. >> for sure. almost like a movie! >> all right, steve, thank you for. that will clock 07. >> new jersey experiment with red light cameras, is over. the five year pilot program began in 2009. it operated in about two dozen new jersey municipalities, and it ended at midnight. towns big and small have raked in millions of dollars in fines since the program began. supporters say the cameras have made roads safer err. but opponents say, the statistics show otherwise. a garnet valley teacher accused of having sex with a student will be back in court today. william barber was arrested knack september accused every having sex with a 15 year old
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former student at garnet valley middle school. barber work at the school as a physical education teacher. well, attorneys and law student in los angeles participated in a die-in demonstration. this scene expected to play out locally, we'll tell you where. philadelphia area lawyers are organizing their own die-in, at 9:00, this morning, in the criminal justice center, will lay on the floor for four and a half minutes to represent the hours michael brown was left on the gown after his shoot interesting in ferguson, missouri. pennsylvania elect tom wolf will be in town today to talk about the future of the keystone state. he lives in philadelphia. tom wolf will head over to the free library of philadelphia, at 11:30 this morning to discuss pennsylvania's fiscal
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situation. da calling the gruesome killing spree against the pennsylvania family, pre-meditate dollars. she's quite sure that far. >> what investigators don't know why suspected killer, brad stone went on his rampage, let's get to jenny joyce, because there are so many questions still this morning. >> we know brad stone was in bitter custody battle with his ex-wife over their children. last night vigil held at the emanuel luther ran church for nicole stone and her family members. the community desperate for comfort. we talked to some people who knew one of the victims, anthony flick, the 17 year old survivor of the rampage who remains in the hospital with multiple stab wounds to hands and head. >> praise god, a family lost,
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whole family, of a survivor heart breaking. >> we know god is with us, he'll get everybody through this. it is just going to be a long hall. hopefully anthony will be okay. you know, our prayers have been answered so far. he's still with us. >> according to the montgomery county district attorney's office, brad stone's body was found yesterday afternoon, in a wooded area, about a half mile from his home, with a self-inflict the wounds. two day manhunt began after six people were found dead at three different locations, monday morning, including stone's ex-wife nicole, nicole's mom, grandmother, sister, brother-in-law, and their daughter, again, a 17 year old was the lone survivor of the rampage, he's still at jefferson hospital being treated for stab wounds to his hands, and head. the community has organized a go fund me page for him, anthony flick, we are also hearing, that donations are being collected for nicole stone's two children.
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mike, al next. >> my goodness, all right. >> police on the main line using clever police work for people wanted on out standing warrants. listen to this. radnor, havertown, marple newtown township police say they've been trying to round up 46 people for nearly two years, so they came up with a plan they thought could work, tan did. detectives mailed letters to suspect telling them they had refunds coming their way. set up fake location for the suspect to arrive, sure enough, nearly two dozen people fell for it. >> they brought them into separate room, after the verification cents were made, they with us were subsequently n into custody as a result of a different warrant. >> most of the people were wanted on dui, theft, and quality of life warrants, police say, the operation was such a success, they planned to use a similar method in the future to find people on out
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standing warrants. >> well, prosecutors will not charge bill cosby for a decades old molest takeuchi claim. they changed their minds. >> because of the statute of limitations, passed comes ten days after the accuser met. accused cosby in a civil suit, performed him to perform a sex act in the 70s when she was 15. cosby has come under fire in the past few weeks for more than dozen women who have accused him of sexually assaulting them over the past 40 years. cosby is mostly staying quiet about the accusations, meanwhile 24 year old woman now says the community drugged her at the playboy mansion in 2008. chloe said she woke up make but wasn't raped, instead, she claims, she found the comedian was doing something else unusual. >> cloe chloe is model and stripper. she spoke with daily mail. she claims that in 2008 bill
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cosby saw her at the playboy mansion, she says he drug her, and she woke up in a bedroom, and he was sucking her toes. >> accuser plans to give a statement to the los angeles police department, and what's different about this case, because it allegedly happened just six years ago, statute of limitations of course for criminal charges has not expired. >> sony pictures entertainment tells theatres, they can cancel their plans to show the interview. that moyer the interview comes out christmas day, after hackers threatened september 11 style attack. i'm sure you've heard about this. >> many have take em them up on it, including the venue of the new york premiere. >> that's right. landmark theatres canceled the film's manhattan premiere, supposed to happen tomorrow night. >> so comic cinema's, which
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operates about 300 theatres across the country, also pulled the film already. sews they're getting what they want. hackers issued threats against theatres, patrons of this movie the interview, which depict fascination attempt against north korean leader kim jong un. it is a comedy. the department of homeland security has said that there is no yet recall intelligence to indicate there is a true threat here. coming up at 8:00 we'll talk with our film crit i can, who has inside information from the people at sony pictures out of los angeles. how they'll handle all of this. >> a loft talk about it, major announcement expected this afternoon to address the history of the mummers parade. >> yes. >> philadelphia mummers association, will gather at the manayunk perform performing arts center, at noon, will help support and preserve philadelphia's beloved mummers tradition, for
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years to come. give the mummers some relief here. >> august organizer asked them to change the parade route because of dwindling crowds. >> sue, do you like the mummers everyone lovers the mummers. >> do you have experience it to believe it. a lot of fun. and very long parade, lots of sequins, lots of feathers. as long as this intro is lasting, the camera is taking its -- >> oh, look. >> shots reversings. >> what's there is our weather map. high ray. here, low pressure system, that's exiting, it is getting rid of our rain, so the rain, we're finished with that for now, and the winds will be picking up as that storm get further out of here. so you see the closest rain we can finds is in the
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northeastern part of the state, or way up in the higher elevations of the poconos, even north of scranton. philadelphia, we just got some clouds left over, it will be a little while before the sun comes out. but now we look ahead to the weekends. sunday's storm, we've been talking about the possibility of this coastal storm, and it looks like if we get it, it is going to be a track that moves east of the coast, won't be hugging the coast, some of these storms do. wintery mix is saturday night into early sunday morning, but that changes over to rain, as the storm pulls away, so it, looks like it is not going to be huge deal, but could be pretty messy, on sunday morning, depending on where you live. better handle on that coming up. we have 41 degrees, in philadelphia. about 8 degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this time. winds out of the southwest at 8 miles an hour. so, it was raining and mild yesterday. even with the rain, we got up to 53 degrees.
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so, could have been worse. forty-four, is the average hi, so we were well above average there. and we will be again today with high of 50 degrees, but then back at the seasonable temperature of 44, tomorrow, still kind of breezy out there, and real quiet weather thursday, friday, and early saturday, saturday night into sunday, we expect that messy weather, for the first day of winter, and those showers could linger into monday morning. >> wet roads, looks like fog is starting to come out of here, live look at 422, heads lights eastbound, working your way in toward oaks, we had earlier accident, that is off to the shoulder there. this accident on the schuylkill expressway, also off to the shoulder. this is a live look at the westbound schuylkill between city line and belmont avenue. officers have everybody offer to what would be the right lane here, the right shoulder, but we're back up pretty much
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from center city all the way out towards the accident scene. jammed city line out to belmont. inbound on the schuylkill extra heavy. earlier crash at 30th street. the other slow spot is southbound 95, from cottman avenue into girard. jammo on 42, coming in toward the city, from the black horse pike, in toward that 295 interchange. we were dealing with early fog out along the downingtown bypass interchange route 30 heading as you work your way in toward route 100. mike's getting his sexy back along with justin timberlake tonight. >> yes. >> big con another south philadelphia tonight. so that's going to impact our evening rush hour. even if you're in the going to the concert coming into and through south philadelphia. we will get tight on the schuylkill and 95. 8:00 is the show time there tonight. the benny coming into downtown, eastbound little slow from mid-span into center city, at eighth and vine. are you decorated yet? snap a picture, sends it to us, we want to see your holiday shots. here is a live picture from
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russ, of his christmas tree, in the living room. he says here that he brought an ornament every year that they've been married since 1984. >> awe. >> isn't that sweet? >> that's nice. >> thirty years. >> thirty years, so sends us your pictures, inside and out. i want to see the outside lights, too. because i think i'm going to decorate one of the news advance and -- news vans and head to somebody's house before christmas. >> oh, are you doing that? >> we're going on the road. >> that will be fun. by the way you have to have sexy to get sexy back. >> yes? >> at some point. >> you got it. >> ya. >> okay, a lot of people came out for special creeping of our new show on fox, empire. this place was packed last night. >> yes, there is so much excitement. everyone's ready for this to happen. of course we were there, as all of these people came in to get that screening. you see that right there? that is the mother of one of the characters on the show. >> oh,. >> name is yaz on the show. hopefully he'll get to common the show.
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>> what's it about? >> sort of evolving around dynasty, head of music empire, terrence howards, three sons, ex-wife, all battling for the thrown. >> oh, they want his empire? >> they want it, the money, the fame, all of it. new show premiers wednesday january 7th right here on fox 29 at 9:00. >> okay, that's cool. hey, we are bea a week away from christmas as you know. in fact, week from tomorrow. are you finish buying your gifts in well, if not, don't worry about this. amazon is extending a little treat for you. >> this will help you out. >> yes. >> speaking of gifts, how about giving a gift that gives back? we'll tell you how you can help those who need it the most this holiday. >> okay.
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>> a lot of people flooding me on twitter with pictures of their tree. >> do you have a christmas tree up? >> , no i don't. >> what? you still have some time. >> i live alone. >> so do i.
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>> they don't allow me to have live trees in my building. >> well, use a fake one. >> oh, fake. >> excuses, excuses. >> i do have -- but my coffee table has concave bowl. i filled it with balls. >> christmas balls? >> christmas balls. >> just checking. >> you want to hear about my christmas balls there at my house? amazon, target, delivers -- so what's happening adam son and target? how are they going to help us out for christmas. >> are you guys done with your holiday shopping? >> i truely have not started. >> nope, not at all. >> okay, well, all right. i'm part of the procrastinator club this year, too, rare for me. now extra time. so we can procrastinate little bit more. amazon says if you're a regular member, not a prime member, you can shop until 11:59 on friday, and get free shipping with promised guaranteed delivery by christmas. >> now that's good. >> if you live in philadelphia, and because i live in new york, almost scared to tell you this. you can shop from home on christmas eve, all through the morning, up until 10:00 a.m.
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and if you spends 599, you'll get that item on the same day. >> what? >> same day delivery. >> say that again? >> until 10:00 a.m. >> only in new york? all across the country? >> certain cities, and philadelphia is one of those cities. so place an orders, christmas eve morning, by 10:00 a.m. in the morning, and you will get that item sometime that night. >> amazing. >> i mean, you definitely get a star for that. >> too close for comfort. way too close for comfort. i would be so nervous if i did that. >> little risky but cool, though. >> could you get it that quickly. >> wow. i do remember one year, lauren, that i got fed ex delivered on christmas morning. do they do that any more, do you know? >> not offhand, but i want to say they do. i mean, you probably paid an arm and leg for, that right? >> has to be a pretty penny. >> oh, it was ridiculous. >> but worth it? >> it had to be something
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important. >> yes. >> no, no, no, it was for my children. it was something like a doll that i couldn't find, i finally found it. >> yes. >> fed ex it to them. but that wouldn't have been right. because i would have been with them. i don't remember! >> he made it up. >> no, dow remember it happening. >> i'm glad to hear about free shipping, though, that's the thing, when i'm shopping on line, like the shipping and handling prices, they're -- they just get me. >> pay attention tomorrow. it is like a free shipping day. a lot of retail remembers offering free shipping, last possible day to ship out is tomorrow. >> oh, it is? >> target go, on line, you have until saturday to get your items shipped for free in time for christmas. >> do you have to wear a red t-shirt to shop? oh, never mine. >> thanks, lauren, see you again tomorrow. >> red t-shirt, bowtie, i am the stores for procrastinators. >> she's great, isn't she? >> i loved her earrings, did you see those? bling bling. >> she's glamorous. >> 7:26. turning to more serious story now, that shooting spree, you know, montgomery county, the whole country have been talking about this thing, police trying to figure out
7:27 am
what sparked all of this violence out of this guy. so, it is hard to shield your children from, you know, the news coverage. so if they ask you about it, what are you supposed to say? man killed members of his own family. we have an expert in here, expert to tell you what to say. >> and late, some local college students were trying to spread holiday cheer. and, instead, well, they got a lot of people upset. so, we're going to show you what some are calling an offense i have holiday cards. >> yes. and for many, it's a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine, what if there was a new class of medicine that
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i don't know. you can't make sense of it, but a lot of people are trying to make sense of this shooting spree, in montgomery county a lot of parent wondering how to talk to their kids, if your kids are watching the coverage, and it is almost hard to shield them from it, what do you say, why would a man do this to his supposed, well, former loved ones? >> local fraternity's holiday card sparking some national outrage. what they included that a lot of people are finding, well, offensive. good morning, it is he can actually 7:30, let's get right to weather and traffic. the weather's going to be good. >> it is improving. yes, definitely improving. i'm going to talk and then eventually you'll see me. >> whether you want to or not,
7:31 am
folks. bus stop buddy your pal who is wearing his nice warm sweatshirt, coat kinds of thing, with some gloves, because it is still chilly, it is in the four's, but it is not as cold as it could be, which is 20's, 30's, often happening in december. we've got eight out of ten today. some sunshine, milder temperatures today, gusty winds, though, that probably will ends up being the headline today with the winds picking up later on, you see some frozen precipitation in the central part of the state. that will may make it to the poconos, but that's as close as it will get. it is 41 degrees right now, and pretty foggy, at philadelphia international. now, we have 4 miles visibility listed here, but it looks a little worse than that, this is casino of what happened yesterday. luckily we have 7-mile per hour breeze. that will hopefully stir the air up, and prevent it from getting too too foggy. ooh degrees our high temperature today, clouds, some sunshine, windy, mild, winds gusting as high as 30 miles an hour at times, then 33 degrees tonight. so we will be colder night
7:32 am
tonight. and getting ready for some chillier temperatures as we get towards the ends of the week. so we will talk all about that in the seven day forecast coming up. bob kelly is here right now. >> good morning, 7:32, live look at 42, coming in toward philadelphia, the headlight, working past our camera curbside at creek road, starting to see some volume and the fog starting to burn off, as well. but the roads still little damp working your way out of the driveway. good morning to the benny, coming into downtown philly, all four lanes open for your driving pleasure here this morning. but we are pretty much at a steady crawl from mid-span, into downtown at eighth and vine. northeast philly live look at i-95 southbound, heavy from cottman avenue in through the construction zone. down near girard avenue. and here's a live look at the schuylkill expressway, where westbound, approaching belmont, we have dealt with earlier crash, they just moved that out of the way, but leaving the city right now, really heavy, on the schuylkill between montgomery drive and belmont avenue. accident popped up north on the freeway coming in toward
7:33 am
philadelphia right at the black horse pike, causing a delay. crash in ben cell em, bensalem boulevard right at bridgewater. otherwise, mass transit, looking good no delays. mike, alex, back over to you. >> tough one. 7:33, mourners packed a souderton church last night, to honor the lives of the six family members murdered in a montgomery county killing spree on monday. the suspected killer now as you know is dead. after investigators say he took his own life. and this morning, tricia ferrara, family therapist and family therapist, joins us to talk about dealing with cases of tragedy involving an entire community. >> so victims in a situation like there is so difficult to know how to respond. parents really needs help. they need guidance. i think the most important thing, to see where the children are at. you know, ask them what they know. finds out how much information they have. because you don't want to overload them either. and they're going to take cues from the adults.
7:34 am
you know? if the adults are calm and reassuring. >> and specially the kids watching the news coverage, they ask about it. why would that man do that to people that he snows. >> let me say this at the onset. mike, we know the younger set, five and under, really, really need to shield them little bit from the media. okay? the older kids are going to find out about it, and probably see it in the homes. so, what we have to do is ask them, again, how much do you know? and go from there. >> some people are troubled, always shielding our kids from making good choices in life, making health shims that are healthy. >> this situation, many years in the making, this just did not happen last week there is man was truly troubled and making sure that our children have awareness every mental health, mental health is their friends. >> you said, you know, five and younger shouldn't be watching the media. even talking about a six year old, that's still pretty young. how do you refer to death, to six year old?
7:35 am
>> children resilient. they do have the filter if you will, to sort out what they can deal with, and when they can't. okay? the biggest issue is language. they don't have the language to describe what's happening to them. that's why epi like music therapy, art therapy getting back into routine with the family, giving reassurance, that helps them process, then they can move forwards. the biggest problem is that the trauma halt their growth. tram an is distraction to a child growing. you know, this 17 year old involved here. >> the 17 year old boy who was stabbed is a sworn, clinic to go life, what -- he's lost his sister, looks like the guy kills her with a sword. >> horrific. >> his parents are dead. >> you know, when he comes out of his situation, what would you say to him? god willing, he comes out of it, okay? what do you have do is see
7:36 am
where he's at. the fact are the fact. he'll be dealing with this for the rest of his live. what you want to do is make sure he can re-establish sense of safety in the world. i mean, we're having difficulty under standing this. i don't know in a we can ever have the true under standing, the ability to cope, move forward and continue to grow. >> real quickly too. this guy that did the killing, he has infant, new wife and infant, that he didn't hurt, but now has left him behind. >> mike, it is to will just take time. and you have to see where the children are at at different developmental stages, and address them then n my practice i have seen it take many years. but they can come to sense of engaging life, in a healthy way, that's possible. it is worth it. >> one more thing, what do you say something to children watching us, i just would rather not talk to my kids about. >> this i don't want to go there. is that a wise decision? >> i think, listen, this is the worlds we live in.
7:37 am
this community, sense of safety, has been shattered. i'm not saying that you should take details of this, be overloading your child, but they have to have a sense of awareness that things in life do happen. that you have to deal with. and just minimal on the facts. >> it is unfortunate a reality. >> it is unfortunate. >> thank you. >> your welcome. >> 7:37. i know who the day season, just all around us but it is giving better than receiving? what do you think? >> we'll tell you how you can help those who are in need the most this holiday season. why buying something, you'll give to somebody in need. >> and he's back, garth brooks going on tour, but first he's making appearance on good day philadelphia. >> gotch ya.
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>> beginning after day that's number eight. >> eight on scale everyone to ten. been getting christmas cards.
7:41 am
now dan our financial guy, tradition, bicycle by the christmas tree, isn't that kind of cute? >> yes, i think supposed to be this way. no wait, this way. >> thanks, alex. >> yes, that's jim ' here. >> that's why you're the best. >> little kids, little kids running around. >> that one. >> cute. and maybe just spreading the words of peace. yes. >> beautiful. >> you know, would you like to see a christmas card with a blow up doll in it? >> what? >> yes, university of pennsylvania fraternity is is in the middle of a controversy because of their holiday card t involves a blow up doll with all of the guys around it, ya. remember when were you in college you just did a bunch of stupid stuff? >> ya. >> the cards appeared, then popped up on the student paper, daily pennsylvanians. look, this is what mike was talking about. fraternity members blurred outment but take a look what's in the picture, yes, this is the few delta phata.
7:42 am
black blow up doll. the inflatable beyonce-sex toy originally meant as a gag gift at the group's secret santa event in a draft of apology to the paper. the group acknowledges, it was distasteful, bore no resemblance to the entertainer. several organizations are calling for disciplinary action, against thighs fraternity members. >> what? >> so i thought -- is there really such a thing as a beyonce blow up doll? so i went on the internet. there it is. you can get a beyonce blow up doll. >> can i not believe that this exists. >> so they say that's what they got. and they pulled it out of the box, and it didn't look anything like beyonce. >> did you see the writing on that box, in the lower left mike what it said? >> yes, you don't have to put a ring on. >> this oh, my gosh. >> whew. yes. well, what's going to happen? >> well, we'll see, right? who knows at this point. these guys could be in some trouble. i mean, it is way out of line. >> out every line, bad taste, not against the law.
7:43 am
>> some people also commenting, then behind them, you can't see because it is blurred out, but the shows two pictures of confederate jingles, too, robert e leon one side, so a the love people talking about that. >> this fraternity started down in florida in the 1800s. so there is a long, you know, tradition, history behind it. >> i was a member that far fraternity for about six months, my already ends insist i join a fresh at this it, because they thought my grades would improve. ha. >> wonderful. >> how about let a black person join your fraternity, maybe somebody would have had a meeting and say this isn't a good idea. >> all white kids in the picture. >> 2014, seeing stuff like this? not good idea. >> chris? >> christmas? >> 7:43. >> well, jen, talked to the, you know, movie the night of the, what is it? >> night at the museum.
7:44 am
>> sequel, and she got to hang out with them. >> didn't take it easy on them at all. >> glands like to be more historic, we showed them thousand rolls, right? >> so, this is why i'll roll. >> this such a weird owe interview, and why is jen, why has she been shrunk? she's in the next movie, how i shrunk the interviewer. she's in the next movie, how i shrunk the interviewer. >> and short, but that's just
7:45 am
7:46 am
♪ it's only for a couple nights ok, she's in the next movie, how i shrunk the interviewer. >> and short, but that's just yep. ♪ baby. uhhh ... (sarcastically) for me? ♪ she'll love it. thanks. (vo)rescued.ed. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
7:47 am
>> the sun will be out. the rain has left us. it is moved up to the northeast, of us, as we look little closer. there may be a little bit of activity, where we are just looking in the pocono mountains, before the morning is flew. maybe some light rain there. but here, we're done. forty-one degrees, 38 in mount pocono, 39 in allentown, 41 degrees in lancaster, 40 in
7:48 am
millville. so these are all temperatures for this time of year, that aren't really bad for standing outside waiting for ride waiting for the bus. still have to wear a coat. yesterday, was 53 degrees, and i think today we get to 50 by the time all is said and done. forty-four, tomorrow, and 43, on friday, very tranquil, fine, weather days, perfectly seasonable, for mid-december. then saturday night, into sunday, is when we expect a messy experience. >> well ... >> i can't wait either. because it is over the weekend. >> bob? >> good morning, everybody. 7:48. on a wednesday morning, a live look at the roosevelt boulevard. leaving northeast philadelphia, heavy from broad street down to the schuylkill. the sun popping out, burning off some of this fog that we've been dealing with this morning, here is live look from our jersey side of the ben franklin bridge. no problems at all, each mid-span, then the delay hits
7:49 am
new downtown, at eighth and vine. good morning to delaware, live look at i-95, northbound, from highland avenue, up in toward chichester, watch for a delay, and then that earlier accident, on the schuylkill, leaving us with delays here, westbound, from montgomery drive out toward belmont. an accident, north on the 42 freeway, headed in toward 295, mike, guess what today is? >> wednesday. >> wednesday, national maple syrup day, so we have will ferrell and his syrup here. remember? >> i remember that scene. >> what are the four major food groups, albaladejo next. >> candy, candycanes, candy corn, and syrup. >> four major food groups there. and an accident in bensalem, bensalem boulevard just off bridgewater. and if you're not decorated for christmas, you'll need some help. but we're asking for folks to send us your pictures of your christmas lights, already put up. here is a picture that came into us, from somebody, they said this is the first time that they decorated the front
7:50 am
window and the first time that they left the kids decorate the kids alone. this is from angela. >> okay? >> decorating the window, i think the tree there is in the background, so -- >> i think the tree looks great. >> it looks great. doesn't it. >> definitely looks good. tell you what, a lot of guts letting the kids decorate the tree all by themself for the first time. >> christmas ornaments to the window. >> yep, got the string hanging down there. real cool. so sends us your pictures, fox 29 lights. mike, alex, back to you. >> 7:50. this corpus christi texas homeowner went all out. look at this. snagging the honor of having the best crest mace lights in the whole country, more than 40,000led lights, are synchronize today music, and animated nativity scene. twenty houses are competing for $5,000 prize sponsors by inside today and and inside edition. you have until midnight to vote on line for the winner.
7:51 am
>> extravagant lights, my goodness. >> indeed. >> let's get to this special story. some of santa's elves from virginia animal shelter make christmas wish come true for one lucky family. >> car kerry barrett, tell thus store. >> i so these elves from the fairfax county animal cheryle. they're about to shop for kids with a new furry edition to their family, these kids have no idea it is coming, their parents adds operated the puppy little earlier in the week to surprise themment and these elves agreed make the delivery. >> we're santa's elves, bringing awe present. this is your new pup. >> i thank you so much! >> awe! awe. >> hi, you guys. >> high!
7:52 am
>> their voices rise an octave. see james, cat lynn, welcome the pup which open arm. the fairfax county animal shelter says the family is the perfect test family for their new elf delivery system. they're hoping to get more reactions from families all over the area. very cool. for the first time, by the way, they're offering pet delivery by costume volunteers. for any family that's interested in adoping a animal, will even make the celebration on christmas eve or christmas day. cool? >> really cool. >> i really like the idea. and the kids were not stunned that santa's elves are middle age men, ya. they weren't frightened. >> beer breath. >> sure. >> 7:52. all right, this film is causing a lot of controversy. and now some theatres are refuse to go play the film called the interview. so our film crit he, kevin mccarthy, has been talking with people over at sony watch are they going to do about this terror threat?
7:53 am
>> and we have a golden globe nominated director in our studio this morning. she's making history, the director of thelma, new film documenting doctor martin luther king famous march will ♪ ♪ it's a marshmallow world in the winter. ♪
7:54 am
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7:56 am
♪ 7:56 on a wednesday. >> night of museum three opens this weekend, and jenn fred had a santa sit down with the stars. well, casino of. different kind of interview, kind of stood up to them in a way. >> welshing stood up, but stood up this high. judge we know usual area huge in fill. >> i you're the director, this is the best could you do? >> the best coy do. >> okay, so let's make fun of owen for his green jews juice, this is what i get. >> why don't you take a picture? it lasts longer. >> this is like welcome to my
7:57 am
world. >> there are no small reporters. >> now, listen. ben, you chase those little dudes all around the thing. did you feel like, you know, you're not the tallest guy on the red carpeted. was it important for to you chase, like, owen, you got to chase him around, right? >> you want to speak? >> come on, shorty, what are you doing here? >> what happened here? >> what an attitude. >> really. >> why do you have to take things to a dark place? >> glands always likes to be fancier, and more artistic, more historical than us, we showed them how it rolls, right? >> i feel like you're trying to bathe us again into a dark place, where we're trashing another country. >> philly thing. >> oh, philly thing, i get it. we get along well.
7:58 am
we get along well. >> owen, don't make me run over and get you. >> it would take you seven hours to run over to us at your scale. >> maybe you and owen could date? >> you guys would be a super cute couple. >> i mean -- >> what a sang, you trying to get over here. >> now, listen! (all lawful). >> owen, this size, could you put me in the barnes museum. you like a little bit of filly? >> oh, i do, yes, i do like philly. and you've got the, you know, the rocky statue there, that's what museum is that called? >> that's the art museum, babe. >> i art, ya, ya. >> running up the steps scene. >> really cute when do you that at that size. (laughing). >> well, i like philly because they make the nicks look good. ya. >> ya. >> you have to go there? >> just saying, you snow. >> oh, hey.
7:59 am
>> the cheese steaks, you know? >> now, mr. green juice, would you ever go cheese steaks? i don't see you going cheese steak? >> i did go when i was there. >> ooh! >> okay, they're telling me i have to go. they're telling me i have to go. >> why? that's it. >> that's it, i got to go, run outta here. >> come on, you little cutie! >> bye! >> bye. >> she looked like the size of the coke bottle. >> so, i screwed that up. >> i didn't set it upright. so in the movie, the characters are are all bitty ones, little bitty people. we have to remember that from the first two. >> so, they shunk her for the interview. >> so she could see what it feels like. >> very cute. >> looks like it was fun. >> ya. hey good day to you, it is wednesday, december the 17th, 2014.
8:00 am
>> this is "good day philadlephia". >> here we go, week before christmas, and the target here on roosevelt boulevard, in northeast philly, just opened at 8:00 for business, but mike, seven hours ago they had a real door buster on their hands. >> that's right. the cops got him. there is that trend. the sony hackers now threading 9/11 style attack over this movie called the interview. who movies theatres responding, will they be hike end security when it opens christmas day? the hundreds of theatres pulling the film already this morning. >> there is no word to be had. >> she's been nominated for golden globe, and the director of thelma is in our studio this morning. so we ask her about the real and raw account of dr. king's
8:01 am
famous 196 a march from thelma to montgomery, alabama. >> as you shop for the holidays, why not shop for gift that give back? what you can buy today for your friend, family, right now, that also benefits those in need for the holiday season. good idea. >> guess who is on good day this morning? where has garth brooks been? can he still sing? >> ♪ >> it is true, garth brooks bringing little country flavor to "good day" philadelphia, we'll ask him about his first cd in 13 years. wow, that's going to be fun. >> yes. >> first, we have to get to some traffic news. >> we had problems all morning long, had the wet roads, we had the fog, then just got word of a school bus accident,
8:02 am
so, skyfox, on the scene, in bensalem, pennsylvania. here is a live look, all we know at the moment, is that the school bus involved in a accident at the intersection, you see it all roped off there you also see the police on the scene. don't have any word, any confirmation of any injuries, whether it is children, or adults, but what i can tell you, from doing this for 20 some years, when they have the crime scene tape up around the intersection, and the police are there, that is not good. so this is a live look at bensalem boulevard at bridgewater road in bensalem. and now if we go to the maps here, this is actually causing a detour of course into and out of the neighborhood. you want to use hulmeville road as the alternate this morning. as soon as we get more information on exactly what's involved with this crash, of course, we will be able to pass it along. live look at the rest of the major roadways, southbound
8:03 am
roosevelt boulevard, heavy from broad street, down through the schuylkill expressway. the sun popping up, burning off some of the fog, but we're looking good on all of the bridges, and mass transit running with no delays. so let's get a look at the forecast, we toss it over to sue. >> bob, thanks for the sunshine. eight out of ten in your weather by the numbers today. it will be another mild one, as well. so, it is not quite as bundled up as bus stop, bus stop buddy, as he could be. temperatures are in the 40's, right now, we expect to make it to high of 50 degrees, by the end of the day, but, be aware, hold on too your hat. winds gust to up 30 miles per hour this afternoon, then colder night in store tonight when we get down close to freezing, with partly cloudy skies. so that takes care of wednesday. seven day forecast, is coming up. guys? >> thanks, sue. 8:03. so good story, target, the store target really became a target. >> for sure. >> the police arrive on the scene at target store where a burglary was happening right in the middle of northeast philadelphia this morning. >> and they got him, yes. steve keeley was there watching the whole thing go down. hey, steve?
8:04 am
>> well, the first shoppers coming in at 8:00. so it opened on time. they probably don't know what happened, why they were sleeping, but this was the seventh after six local target before this one, hit by burglars, taking expensive easy to care easy to sell small apple iphones, ipads, electronics, adding up to over $100,000 at the six suburban targets, just outside philly, only since november 15th, a week before "black friday", this has been going on. well, here there is was going to be the seventh. but the silent burglar alarm was tripped 1:15 this morning, two hours after the target on roosevelt boulevard between woodhaven and red lion roads closed for the night. all of the employees left, not stocking the shelves in the middle of the night here. philly police rush over, find no false alarm, but real alarm and real cause for a lot of back up. they see the burglars running through the store and again the lights are on, because target probably uses that as some casino of deterrent. but it didn't work in this case. but, good thing the lights
8:05 am
were on. that's how the philly police could see the burglars before they even got to the store. they call for target employees to get the keys, so they let tell n they don't even know how the guys got in at that point. they block the exits. see the police cars blocking all of the steel doors, you probably never noticed before, because you go in, you know, the customer doors, but they got lots of thick steel tan doors all around all four sides for deliveries. and then the cops see the guys go up on the roof. they call in the philly fire department so they can go up on the roof and chase them. well, they chase them back down into the store, then three philly police k9 dog officers called in. they go up and down the aisles. they try to sniff the back storage rooms, the offices, everywhere, and then here's how the two burglars got in. they use a strong steel cutting saw that cuts right through the thick steel door, that cut big 3 feet high hole and 3 feet wide so they can almost walk in there right through the double steel plate dollars doors in the back. then the k9 dogs reaper anbar on go, in two burglars go back
8:06 am
up. >> they were laying on top of these two suspect, and they had back pack with them in ventilation of the roof. there was portable saw in the back pack as well as some walky-talkies. that portable saw most likely is the tool used to break into the steel door in order to commit this burglary. they were determined. they got in. they were determined to hide. they hid for over three hours on this -- on the roof in this air duct, the police did great job finding them and taking them into custody. but the police were tenacious. they searched inside the property, in the storage rooms, everywhere in the property. they new they were in there. they didn't give up. and it paid off. they found them, on the roof, hiding. so it was a great burglary arrest.
8:07 am
>> these guys walked out, in custody right now, the question is did they have get away driver? look at this picture i took. about five minute walk from the front doors here, there is suspected get-away car, it is a rental from hertz, inside the car, second picture i took, walky-talkies on the floor that matched the exact two walky-talkies in the burglar's back pack with the steel saw. and then i want to mention this, as well. this same target, our every day viewers will remember, was robbed just april 19th, earlier this year, by three guys, who came in after, right at the end of the -- before closing time but came out of the mens room hiding after it closed and robbed the place and got away with $30,000. alex, mike, i want to mention this, when bob kelly mentioned close to ben cell em, we'll take a look at the school bus accident within minutes. >> see outlove in just a bit. 8: 07. investigators in montgomery county of course still trying to piece together motive in connection where the shooting
8:08 am
spree monday that claimed six lives. >> the suspected killer was found dead yesterday after a long manhunt. the swat team found bradley stone's body near a stream half mile from his pennsburg home. police say he killed himself with a swot to his stomach of the as to his victims, all shot or stand. ex-wife nicole, and five of her relatives murder. only survivor 17 year old last reported in serious condition. serious, but stable. everybody's rooting for him. i think you know this by now. sony pictures out in hollywood , they telling their theatres if they want to you can cancel the showing of the interview, the name of the movie that's supposed to premiere on christmas day after hackers, maybe north korean hackers, threatened a september 11-style attack. that will was their warning yesterday. >> many theatres are actually taking them up on the offer including the venue of the new york premiere.
8:09 am
>> cancel the people mere tomorrow night. another, carmike cinemas, close to 300 theatres across the country, also will pull that interview film. and there are reports the stars, james franco, and set rogan, have canceled some media appearances, hackers issued threats against theatres, and patrons, anybody who would go see this movie, which depict assassination attempt against north korean leader kim jong un. department of homeland security here in the u.s. has said that there is no credible intelligence to indicate an actual threat. >> would this stop you from seeing the fill until. >> no, not at all. i'm gregg to the movies like i normally go to the move ills. i think the movie theatres, my opinion, my second home.
8:10 am
so i'm not going to let this stop me from going. it is a very interesting story, obviously, and as you said, mike, car mike has pulled the move fry their theatres. have not heard anything from regal, and by the way according to the hollywood recorder, have not heard anything yet from regal, amc, or sin i maker. interested to see how they react. i actually just bought ticket to see the movie. going to see it next wednesday at 7:00. so that's in the going to stop me whatsoever. about this is not the first time we've seen a movie depict fictional assassination after leader. back in 2005, movie called team america, world police, which is an awesome fun movie, directed by dray parker, matt stone, south park guys, that depicted fictional assassination of kim jong un. the original person in the interview was supposed to be kim jong un, years ago, when the script was being written, but changed to kim jong un, the dictator. death after president, which was british documentary that fictional depiction of george
8:11 am
w. bush. that owned opened up in 2,000 theatres. made $50 million world-wide. >> back to this one. because this terrorist now on the internet are trying to get this film crushed, don't you think a lot of people will say, you know, i'm not going to go. and the terrorist also going to get what they want? >> ya. i definitely, definitely feel that people will it, will affect some of the box office sales. it isn't just affecting the movie, affect all movies playing in a movie theater. any movie playing in a movie theater could be affected by. >> this so go see big hero six, the interview playing next-door to you, could affect you there. know yes, i do think could affect things, i don't think we should let that happen. i think you should still go to the movies. i think it is very serious, obviously, to see this, but, you know, i'm not going to keep it from letting me go to the movies at all. >> kevin, thank you for that. and get on twitter right now if you would. would you go see this movie?
8:12 am
>> we want to know your thoughts. >> seems like the threat is not that credible, i mean, just a bunch of hackers. >> the fact the threat is out there stilling. >> would it affect you? would you go see this movie? would you let your kids go to the movie? 8:12, controversial coverage, no controversy in the fashion world. major magazines not featured any women of color this year. whole 12 months of the year. >> but first as you shop for the holidays, why not buy some gifts that give back? what you can buy for your friends and family right now, that also benefits those in need this holiday season.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
>> it has been a while since we put sunglasses on bus stop buddy. we've had a lot of cloudy days lately. so it is lovely to see the sunshine. still, little fog in the suburbs, you might encounter, but things looking up, as the rain has gone. eight out of ten is our number of the day. and there is a look at radar real quick. you can see the sun trying to burn through that haze and fog, still, 4 miles visibility at the airport, but winds are out of the west at 7 miles an hour, and those winds will be picking up today. to maybe 30-mile per hour wind gusts, by this afternoon, so,
8:16 am
cloudy skies, 50th degrees your temperature today. we'll talk about the weekends coming up in the seven day forecast, hey, snob. >> hey, sue, morning, everybody. update that accident, in bensalem, we showed you last time around from the chopper, bensalem boulevard blocked at bridgewater road, in and out of bensalem this morning, hulmeville road, going to be your best bet. delays on the turnpike, little sun glare, from philly bensalem. over toward ft. washington, sun glare and an accident here, this is a live look at i59 northbound, we're at the newtown yardley interchange, you can see the left lane blocked, that rescue squad just pulled up to the scene there. again, this is north 95, heading up toward the yardley interchange. there is your speedometer readings, pick a number for you, 14 miles per hour on 95678918 on the schuylkill. even slow going on the blue route there between 95 and route three. and then, a crash on the 42 freeway northbound, coming in toward philly, that is at the black who are pike.
8:17 am
>> such great idea. buy christmas gift, and by simply purchasing that gift for friends or family member, you can help somebody out in our community, who is in need. >> really good. >> we brought in katie, tell us more about some of these gifts. >> hi, how are you? >> what's philly give. >> we're so excited, initiative to just kind of maximum positive community, and really just shine spotlight on that organization and cause that is are happening that are so positive. >> did i this right. if i buy something like sunglasses or something. >> yes? >> some of the proceeds will go to person in snead. >> absolutely. snow is our -- the product that we're featuring, call this our social cost conscious holiday shopping gift guide if you will. >> so this is our sunglasses there is company amazing, when you purchase their sunglasses, and these are some of my favorite oversized frames, they donate 10 percent of their purchase price to sea
8:18 am
international, which donates cataract surgeries. >> my gosh. >> 20 million people in the country, that in the world actually deal with blindness. and so due to cataract. >> being held? >> exactly, so 10 percent of every purchase -- >> what with this one? beautiful. >> one of my favorites. this is the jewelry collection, so this jewelry is actually made by survivor artisans of human trafficking in vulnerable countries around the globe. so this is their design in cambodia, give women farrah league ands, turn their lives around, so this piece is a gorgeous frosty element crystal, in platinum sea beads, runs for $606. >> okay. >> 100% of the proceeds go back to the foundation. >> 100%. >> did you hear that? 100% of the proceeds. >> absolutely. >> next up? >> next one, this is hand-in-hand soap. based here in philly. this is the orange blossom
8:19 am
collection. bath salts, liquid soap, lotion, candles, take a smell. >> what's that? >> this is actually their sugar scrub, my favorite. >> dig in there. ex folate. >> it rejuvenate the dry winter skin. they donate one bar of soap and one bath of clean water to children in need. >> oh, this stuff, good. >> this is a cologne developed by the founder of stop kade now. also the mother of two amazing boys. >> i know her. >> alex you actually presented them their awards at the stars ball couple of weeks ago. >> yes. >> so 100 percent of the proceeds from this go back to andrea. >> caid. it is a rare disease. >> actually an auto disease. >> let's bring in the models. >> gem any rose from embassy modeling agency. they're modeling clothing from
8:20 am
fred's -- threads for thoughts. echo sustainable clothing manufacturer, wearing fleece winter wonder land leggings. >> i love the pattern. >> calling this fireplace glam. can you imagine sitting in front of the fireplace, sipping the hot chocolate? so cool. dress them up or down. area wearing the mal boo zip front hoodie. >> really great. now, where does it go? >> to support the international rescue pollute renew roots programs. when refugees are displaced they give training for community financing, nutritional education, and actually help them casino of start a new life. >> you're cool. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> many more gift ideas, and we have them all on so go to that website our website, okay? where has garth brooks bin seriously? i've not heard or talk to this guys in 13, 14 years. >> i can tell you where you'll see him. >> where? >> on good day. >> he's on our show today. >> he'll be on our show. >> cool. we know all about the cake effect, looks like prince george is following in his mom's foot stems. coming up just how much extra
8:21 am
people are paying right now or just how extra they're trying to do. just how extra they're trying to do. >man you think you're going?t mr. mucus: to work, with you. it's taco tuesday. man: you're not coming. i took mucinex to help get rid of my mucusy congestion. i'm good all day. [announcer:] mucinex keeps working. not 4, not 6, but 12 hours. let's end this
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> breaking news right now, looking live from skyfox over the scene of this accident in center city. this is a look at 19th and spruce. looks like this taxi up on to the sidewalk and into the steps of one of the homes there. again, this is busy stretch, center city, 19th and spruce, about block off rittenhouse square. there were un confirm recovered of the a car, not sure if this was one car crash or not. we'll stay on top of this. just watch for local detours, a lot of police on the scene here, as women. so i think more to it than just this one car crash at 19th and spruce. looking live from skyfox, we will will come back with more as soon as we get more information. >> liberty cabs, you can see all over town. there is bike lane right there, too, on that stretch of spruce. >> look at the back of that cab.
8:25 am
does that look like something underneath the back of that cab? >> it does t looks like something. >> they're -- you're saying bike lane, look at the back, right where the guy is stand interesting? not sure if it is like a flower pot? maybe it is trash correction day? something under that cab? >> it could be a trash can, let's hope something like that. >> and somebody obviously walking in the street there. >> there goes the bikers. >> so we'll stay on top of it, bring you any more info as we get it. 8:25, little prince george sends parent all over the world including -- they all opportunity buy this little outfit, what was this, first birthday picture. >> so cute. we showed this monday. these prince george's official christmas photos. >> got you. >> his sweater on sale for 16 pounds, which is of course 25 american dollars, you can imagine the sweater quickly so many out. now people are bidding for nearly four times that price on ebay for similar second hands version.
8:26 am
>> oh, yes? >> so prince george has the same effect as his mother, whenever she wears something, instantly sold out. >> well, the coat that she wore -- >> that pink coat when she was here in new york city? oh, my gosh. >> exactly. so -- >> that was sold out. can't finds it anywhere now. >> let's start making them in our basement? we don't have a basement. well, we have a basement here. >> we do. >> we could sell them. >> she goal end globe nominee already. this woman may win ac academy awards, i don't want to jinx her, but manpower fulfill many. >> real i we have the director here. we haven't seen mlk film from major studio in 50 years. so we ask her all about this movie. >> it is call thelma, of course. >> high. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. good to be here. >> thank you so much. good to be here. >> good seeing you
8:27 am
8:28 am
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>> morning once again everyone. updating breaking news from center city philadelphia. looking live, from skyfox, over the scene of attacks i cab accident at 19th and spruce, police on the scene, this guy up on to the sidewalk, looks like they crashed into one of the steps there. >> nineteenth and spruce into center city philadelphia. going to bensalem, pennsylvania, skyfox was over the scene within the last half hour you can an accident that involves this school bus. now, that's all we know at this time. what you can see there, that entire intersection, is blocked off, you can see the tire tracks, in the grass. so, no word as to whether there were kids on the bus, where there kids involved, other vehicles, we do know, though, it is an active police scene just at the intersection of bensalem boulevard and bridgewater road in bensalem, pennsylvania. >> northbound, an accident right at the newtown yardley interchange. that is taking out the left lane, sue, looks like the
8:31 am
sun's popping out, and that's going to give us sun glare, help get rid of the fog we've been dealing with all morning. >> happening gradually, and we're glad to see the sunshine after yesterday and the rain, 41 degrees in philadelphia, right now. we have 38 in mount pocono. forty-one in lancaster, and 40 in millville, new jersey, down at the shore, 41 degrees in wildwood and atlantic city. here is your planner for the day many temperatures stay in the 40's, and clouds are in the process of clearing, so the winds are going to pick up this afternoon, i think we will reach early high of 50 degrees. >> we must mark, we must stand up.
8:32 am
>> (movie clip). >> i heard about the attack of innocent people. i just couldn't stands by. >> looks like army out there. (movie clip). >> so that was a clip from thelma, and thelma is a real and raw film about dr. king's fight for civil rights. it documents the march from thelma to montgomery, alabama in 1965. and this film has been nominated for some of the goal end globes biggest categories including best director. >> welcome to philadelphia.
8:33 am
>> morning. >> congratulations on this. you know why i love the fact you made this fill until. >> why? >> because i was alive, watching this as a kid in black and white on black and white tv, there wichita, kansas. when i try to tell the people, you know, younger people today, about what i was feeling, they just don't get it. you snow look at this footage. this is the real footage from back mid 60s. so, i don't know, alex, what did you think of the film? >> a lot of times glossed over. talk about the mars, people marching, talk about the speeches, but this felt real. >> absolutely, it is important. >> if we don't know our history, where are we? >> people say, what, are you telling me they turn fire hoses on people?
8:34 am
>> they put bashed wire around, and beat people? >> yes, yes. >> yes, they did. >> yes, they d so, yes, something they don't realize, friend of mine, who works for the studio, said someone approached him at one of the screenings, and said, so, is this about a girl named selma? >> oh, my gosh. >> no, no, no clue about it. so anyway, we hope this sed dollars little bit. but kind of like thriller in the way that it is built. you know, a story that just keeps, keeps you moving. >> i have to say it, brought me to tears. egg to dig in my purse, finds tissues, kept flowing. i think one thing to hear about it, read about it, but to actually see it, and detail, in this movie specially important. >> you know, doctor king, takes him from this speech in the holiday, really view him with some emotions, so you get to see him as a man, as a human being, and fast naturing. >> you even said that you're almost allergic, to historical drama?
8:35 am
>> i was charge today make one, so toyed make one that didn't feel like the same old thing so coy keep myself interested. so we just tried to tear apart everything that you usually see in historical dramas', what was the most physical part about putting this together? tear gas -- really the emotion of it. so many people, so many of the marchers, extras who played. my kids actually were survivors that far brutal -- >> amazing. >> so they came out, that emotion was always a challenge. but it was beautiful to experience. >> how difficult was the casting? oh, gosh, huge cast. huge cast. david, who plays dr. king, better know the name, because this guy is the next one, yellow, with 2o's on the side. don't get scared when the w comes up. just keep going. yes, doctor king, transformed, transcended, so many great people all around, including oprah winfrey.
8:36 am
she's really very -- >> she really is. powerful movement. and of course the timing of this, couldn't be -- oh, ferguson going on? >> yes, junk nel new york few days ago on saturday, in the room, talking with press about the film about march, the nation, we hear margs goes on right outside. >> parker? >> right there. >> exactly. >> incredible. >> i saw it, too. >> you guys even at the premiere you had shirts on saying i can't breathe. >> yes, we want to stands in solidarity with the people on the street. that's white, young, old, i mean, we were out there, saw all faiths marching. so we wanted to stand with them. >> so being from the fact that means were you so involved of course putting this together, and studying the mars of course, 1965, what would you say to people today who were part of the movement, the ferguson movement, or the i can't breathe movement? what can we learn from that? >> this is not happening for the first time. sometimes things happening to you, you feel like it is all
8:37 am
new, teenagers, like only one experiencing this. this happened before. there were tactics and strategies that was a pride that were successful. so it is just something to know as people decide what to do next. >> okay, she's been on the road for two weeks talking about this, she get to go home now. >> my last interview. >> you saved the bets for last. >> exactly. >> powerful, moving, selma, bring some tissues. >> 8:37. >> are kids shows more violent than say r-rated movies? talking about cartoons. >> the you cannily truth about cartoons, why these application for kids are more damaging than you might think. class of 2015 class has been announced. major musician getting huge
8:38 am
honor this year. major musician getting huge honor this year. >> do you love rock-and-roll
8:39 am
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8:41 am
>> named their class for next year's awards, i guess do it in new york, but the rock-and-roll of fame in cleveland. 2015, nominees out. nominees, they're in, hall of fame. >> so what do you think made the cut? we start first with ... joan jet and the black heart. >> i love rock-and-roll. >> ya. and joan actually has local connection. did you know that? >> she does. >> born in september, of 1958. >> at lankenau hospital. common. >> you know her real name is joan marie larkin. she still looks good. i saw her about two weeks ago on a show. >> yes? >> ya. >> let's go to the next
8:42 am
person, lou read. >> there is lou. her song walk on the wild side. >> bands open underground, to the rock-and-roll hall of fame, back in 1996. >> stevie ray vaughn, guitar solos are still marveled by so many people. man, he was good. >> green day being inch duct in the year. what makes this interesting, is that this is the first year that they're eligible, and they already made the cut. >> there go. >> came out back in 1989. >> at least billy joe armstrong, billy joe -- >> yes. >> he's a cool guy. >> i think hall and oath got in last year, didn't they? pretty sure. we should mention that the hall of fame is also honoring ringo starr this year with the award for musical excellence. >> we all know who he is. former drummer for boot else. >> really? >> yes, inch duct in the 1988.
8:43 am
>> all right, quincy harris, what are you doing today? >> in camden, at ventura car yum. and did you know, christmas, eight days away. santa claus getting ready here. he's a scuba diver, as well. here. he's a scuba diver, as well. saint,
8:44 am
♪ ah, push it. here. he's a scuba diver, as well. saint, ♪ ♪ push it. ♪ p...push it real good! ♪ ♪ ow! ♪ oooh baby baby. if you're salt-n-pepa, you tell people to push it. ♪ push it real good. it's what you do. ♪ ah. push it. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ ah. push it. i'm pushing. i'm pushing it real good!
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breaking news in ben psalm. school bus accident. >> steve, what did you find out? >> well, i got ahold of the public safety director fred out at the gym. he made some calls and found out and confirms we have a 15 year old high school girl hit and killed by a car on the way to school today. and here is the story, and i can explain how the school bus comes into play. see the usuv with the funky paint job there surrounded by the police and the investigators what they do they are using lazer on that tripod to start taking the tests, that's why we can tell the bensalem boulevard probably shutdown for hours today. all right, so, fred says the early investigation even though the vehicle stopped, which is one good sign, the male driver may have obviously went through a red light. now, that school bus was here,
8:47 am
stopped completely, with its red flashing lights going. not supposed to pass the school bus with red flashing lights going. >> that may have distracted the driver, may have not caused any visibility, to be complete or the 15 year old girl. she was not on that bus. that was dropping off kids for the elementary school here k through six. so the school bus has no play other than it was doing it job here, for the school day. >> and the blue and white jacket you see there, that is the bensalem high school colors, they're called the owls, a lot of the bensalem high school teachers and administrators are showing up here and one told me this is just going to be an awful day for the whole staff and the whole student body, over at bensalem high school, 15 year old girl, killed here, on a, you know, the grounds, you can see the road, it is a wet day. we have a lot of sun glare. we were driving over here, the sun is blinding, there is
8:48 am
going to be a loft factors coming into play, but the driver did stop a.m. strong pog being of charges to come. but doesn't do anything for this poor girl's family and her friends. >> jest horrible. my gosh. all right, 8:48. why don't we do some weather and trash and take a break. >> that incident just showing from steve's camera there, right here in bensalem. bensalem boulevard right off of bridgewater road. obviously steve mentioned with the investigation, motion likely the rest of the morning rush hour, use hulmeville road your best bet to stay away getting stuck in the detoursment good news here 95 back in business, we had earlier accident northbound, up near the newtown yardley interchange. a crash in cherry hill, new jersey, along route 70, right at the ramps for i-295. and then also in new jersey, a crash south, on the new jersey turnpike, at exit number three, that is for the black
8:49 am
horse pike. otherwise the ben franklin, minor delay coming into philly, and mass transit, no delays. but sue, starting to see the sun pop out little bit. >> yes, the rain ended about 3:00 in the morning. >> should be drying out from the sun and the winds picking up as the storm makes its exit. all of the heavy rain moved into new england, cheering massachusetts now, vermont, new hampshire, the state of maine, so for us, it is to just looks like maybe shower or two in the poconos, as the storm exits, it is 41 degrees in philadelphia, 30's to the north of us, but everybody is above freezing at the moment. raining, mild yesterday, high of 53 degrees, i think right around 50 for today. stays chilly into saturday night, we see some precipitation it, means, mix of precipitation, at least to start, changing over to rain. for the first day every winter
8:50 am
sunday. there is your seven day forecast from the werth authority. good day philadelphia will be right back.
8:51 am
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8:53 am
>> sometimes, you know, take little break, go for little swim. >> is that right. >> over at the camden aquarium. >> oh, of course, is santa in the water yet? >> 's in the water, but -- >> turn your mike on! >> it is on? >> the mike is on. >> okay? >> it is on. >> has it been in the water? >> you guys! it hasn't been in the water. i don't know. can you guys hear me? >> no. >> cool. all right. well, that's santa's helper right there. this is the direct or of the exhibit. how are you doing.
8:54 am
>> good. >> what does santa do? >> soy, santa what everybody knows as santa claus, but the animals here know him as sue a santa. that's because have has to get the scuba gear on. >> okay, so -- >> santa, here until january 1st. >> how do we get santa to come out? >> do you have think really hard about the spirit of christmas, the warmth it gives you, happiness it gives you. >> right. >> do you have say the magic words. you have to say: i believe in scuba santa. >> okay. i believe in scuba santa. >> keep saying it. >> i believe in scuba santa. >> keep saying it. >> i believe in scuba santa. scuba santa. scuba santa, is he here? >> ho-ho-ho. merry christmas. ho-ho-ho. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. how are you? have you been a good boy this year? >> yes, i've been a great boy this year.
8:55 am
santa? >> i do believe in scuba santa. this is amazing. >> can you get me something for christmas, santa? >> you've been a good boy. >> okay, scuba santa, i would like the eagles playoff appearance. >> i think i can grant that. i think i can grant that, except i think eagles -- ho-ho-ho. >> scuba santa, thank you. next rude move. >> yep, we'll see rudolph and bumble. >> i'm so excited. thank you, scuba saint a back to you giles in the studio. >> ♪ the first noel ♪ >> pretty cool. i guess probably needs a therapeutic before the big day? >> sure. we have to relax, stress reliever, sure. 8:55. are children shows, talking cartoons, more violence than r-rated film you see in the
8:56 am
theater. alarm willing new study reveals the ugly tooth about cartoons. why these, you know, little application on tv, called cartoons, may be more damaging than you think. oh, gosh. than you think. oh, gosh. age old
8:57 am
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or has recently received a vaccine. in a medical study, most stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin... ...and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara® helps keep my skin clearer. ask your doctor about stelara®. >> we now know 15 greer old girl. >> looks like hit by car and killed. fifteen years old, my goodness, steve actually right there at the intersection where it happened. steve? >> well there you saw the school buses, bob kelly, you guys were talking about this, and that comes into play, not in the accident itself, but this 15 year old girl may have been getting, going to get on the bus, the bus was stopped with it lights flashing, that's the most serious violation you can do, pass a school bus with its lights flashing, and the reason that's such a eight-point violation, i know of, in
9:00 am
certain states, i've lived in, is because something like this can happen. so many blind spots for both the driver of any vehicles passing and kids who run the but it is running late or run offer of busses to get home. what happens was you see bronco two, with that camo kind of paint job on it, has lights on the top of it, male driver driving that stopped obviously as you shy there, likely, to face charges in this case, and pass the school bus with the lights flashing for loading and unloading kids. >> like lick kids on the bus if they didn't witness the accident certainly got off of it and witnessed the aftermath, so, that's why it is such an awful day out here, and that's why the bensalem high school had people coming over here, right away the ad minute straight ores in the jack totes help identify themselves to the police and everything. so awful day.


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