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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  December 17, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EST

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certain states, i've lived in, is because something like this can happen. so many blind spots for both the driver of any vehicles passing and kids who run the but it is running late or run offer of busses to get home. what happens was you see bronco two, with that camo kind of paint job on it, has lights on the top of it, male driver driving that stopped obviously as you shy there, likely, to face charges in this case, and pass the school bus with the lights flashing for loading and unloading kids. >> like lick kids on the bus if they didn't witness the accident certainly got off of it and witnessed the aftermath, so, that's why it is such an awful day out here, and that's why the bensalem high school had people coming over here, right away the ad minute straight ores in the jack totes help identify themselves to the police and everything. so awful day. you can only imagine what a
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kid would think having to see that and then the parents, and all of the fellow student and friends and teachers of this poor 15 year old girl, and again, sun glare today, wet roads can you not see light flashing on bus because of sun glare? who knows, that vehicle is not facing where the sun is rising, so he's riding away from the sun, sun glare would hit the bus driver but not only lights flashing, but sometimes the six comes out to keep people passing it on the left, so there is a lot of safety precautions they put on the busses to prevent this from happening. yet it still can still happen. you told you earlier, next to elementary school. see one of the bensalem high school jackets i am aim talking about, blue and white jackets, there woman and walky-talky here, helping get the parent and get the kids in here, this elementary school, kindergartners, and up to sixth grade. see others caught in the traffic detours back there,
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around the school zone, and so you have another school, with little kids so close to this, and good thing that they start little later and they didn't witness this stuff. so, just an awful day out here, awful scene out here, tan will be a scene for few hours, as they do an investigation now, of this fatal accident where 15 year old girl killed just before school today. >> horrible, steve. >> and awful for the family for sure. >> for sure. all right, let's try to move on here with our show in this 9:00 hour. need your opinion on something. some of these fashion magazines, like that harpers bazaare, vogue, of course, catching little bit of flack for not featuring any minority models for the whole calendar year of 2014. >> yes, the fashion spot looked at 44 major print publications across the globe in recent survey, they found lack of across the board white models appearing 567 time on covers versus just 119 times for minorities. >> vogue uk was actually even
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worse. they haven't featured a minority model in 12 years. >> what? >> ever not since naomi campbell. have featured african-american celebrities like beyonce, rihanna, but not african-american models. >> twelve years! >> that's insane. long time. >> how does that pass mossers how does that happen? >> i don't know. vogue uk. >> was even worse, yes. >> why don't we switch this up a little bit? >> should check into that. go through, you know, check it out. >> who we've had, you know, we're covering all of this ethnicity, butte any every form. >> different colors to the age-old controversy. you know, saturday morning cartoons? throughout the year, violent?
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>> hit with hammers and stuff, getting run over? but bounce back up. >> that's right. the explosives. so what do you think? do you really know what your kids are watching, and what affect it has on them, even if you do, you may not realize how much violence and deaths appears in their favorite cartoons and movies. here is a sample. >> my god! >> a lot of gun bleigh. >> all of these cartoons growing up. >> maybe that's what happens? >> age old debate. goes on. well, now, a new study, this one happens to come out of the british medical journal, finds that children's cartoons.
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>> twice as likely to be killed off as actors in grown up application. and two thirds of cartoons depict important character compared to only half in adult films. >> this was extensive study, but you think back, even to like the movie frozen, so popular. >> parent died. >> parent dead, right? >> finding nemo. mommy's gone. >> what about bamm bye? >> bamm bye. >> oh, this that was something. >> old yeller? >> old yell err. i still haven't had the courage to watch that. >> evil stepmother. >> snow white with all of the short guys. >> yes. short guy. >> he. >> had the evil stepmother. >> goldilocks, did she have
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anybody? >> golds i locks going to up see her grandmother? >> no, that was red riding hood. >> oh, little led riding hood. >> awe apparently the holidays, also cheating season. >> according to mobile dating app clover, there has been 300% increase for sign ups for people already in relationship. >> so what's clover? >> already in relationships yet going to date i site. >> look at 150,000 users, 6% of women already dating. and nearly 5% of men, already dating. >> open? >> like that website -- >> the cheating website. >> specifically designed for people already in row lakes ships. vying for adultery. >> merry christmas, everyone. >> happy holidays.
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>> just put that in your profile. i'm in a relationship, look to go expand. >> looking for other opportunities. >> would you like to go out? >> i'm telling you, wait until i show you some pictures of last night, this whole engagement thing is working. >> oh, my gosh. >> just kidding. >> kidding. >> the ring on your finger, and my husband has a specific name for that ring that i can't utter on tv. >> oh? >> but as soon as you have ring on, every woman in the world comes out of the woodwork and wants to -- >> again, wait until you see the pictures from last night. happens to people t happens. you know, people get hurt when they're working out. they'll drop something, whatever. twist an ankle maybe during palatis', or -- >> palatis'. so you might throw out your back lifting weights. >> one guy took a spill on the treadmill because he was checking out a girl. >> that's right. >> oh,. >> he turns it into a push up! >> and he turns around -- oh!
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nice save there. oh, my gosh. >> oh, wow. >> is that awesome? look at her? she is like uh -- >> should i be impress in the. >> she walks away. >> oh, i meant to do that. i meant to do that. >> got us thinking. he has got his head sweat band on ... >> did you see her strutting? >> yes. >> she was moving. a lot of people feel like they go to the gym just to pick up people. >> oh, sure. >> i can see that. >> that very same thing happened to me in philadelphia. believe it or not i used to work out, at the bellevue hotel. very nice -- >> yes, gym. >> so they have a whole room full of treadmills. every treadmill was filled. so i had to go up front, and be on the front one, with a bunch of women across just like this. but i wouldn't looking at women. i was looking at something on
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tv. >> uh-huh? >> not paying attention? >> yes? >> fell down in front of all of them. right on my face, and slid off the thing. and of course, no, on tv, you know? >> and they know who you are. >> no one hemmed you? >> , no i got up, i ran out of there. and i never went back to that gym. >> are you kidding me? >> never went back. >> oh, hon. >> i haven't been back in ten years. as you can tell. >> the worse when you are not keeping up with the pace, and slowly inning back toward the end, and you don't realize it until you take the accidental step-off the back. >> but for people who go, pick up people, i don't get it. because it is like i'm not cute when work out. i mean, i am panting, i'm sweating, trying to survive. like it is not a cute thing. >> it is more like i'm in pain and in torture. >> bet you look great working out.
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we all know anything can happen on live television. look at this mess. >> really? >> referring to himself here? >> but two politically divided brothers got big shock on c span when their mother called in to the show to skoal them for fighting over the holidays. check this out on c span. >> you're right i'm from down south. and i'm your mother. i was very glad that this this thanksgiving was a year that you two were supposed to go to your in-laws, and and i am hopig you will have some of this out of your is tell -- system. >> she does not want them arguing over the christmas dinner table. >> she is like oh, my god, it is mom. >> so those are the wood houses, democrat brad wood house and republican dallas wood house. they got that surprise, ya, their mom called in and said you get this out of your system, before you come to holiday dinner. >> well: thankfully it was on
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c span. >> no one saw it. >> that's terrible. >> mom is loyal viewer. you got to love that. >> she is the viewer. >> i know. i'm so awful. (laughing). >> i watch it every now and then. >> of course. great speeches on there. >> yes, that guy, what's his name, last name lamb, bill lamb? he's been on therefore 30 years. >> he sounds like he's real dynamic. >> like a lamb. baa. >> he's been on therefore 30 years, but i don't know his name. >> could you bring over the ad event tree? only few more days left of this. >> we have kids of all sizes. >> and look at this. >> hi, what's your name? >> adrianna. >> okay, adrien a are you sure about that? >> how about you guys stand on
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both sides. what's your name? >> joe. >> high joe, where are you from if. >> from elkton maryland. >> yes, you really want to open the little calendar? no? sit here. >> he's honest. >> okay, that's good. >> what's your name? >> don. >> where are you from. >> elkton maryland. >> do you know him? >> he's my brother. >> and that's your sister in see, i am piecing this altogether. >> you're rocket scientist. >> can you do the honors? could you hold this for your sister? okay? now, what, this is the 17th? >> today is not the 17th. >> it is the 17th. yes. >> so you see 17 there? do you see 17? pull that drawer out. see what's in there. keep going. okay, take it out. what is it? >> canned. >> i yes, how many pieces? >> two. >> so you're out. >> who are you going to give it to? are you going to share it with your brother. >> okay, we'll give him one. there you go. well, thanks for coming in.
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do you have to go to school now? nice! well, thanks for coming in. mom and dad? you all in there? yes? >> let me help you down. common. okay, well, thank you, thanks for holding it. >> see you guys later. >> bye! so, how many more days? >> nice little family trio. officially seven more -- well, ya, seven more days. >> we're so glad you started this tradition, mike. >> yes. well, it is a one year thing. >> one year tradition. >> what do you think, knew. >> i'm saying elkton maryland, how cool that we have viewers in elkton, maryland. >> they watch all the time. >> right on the border from pennsylvania, when you go down i-95. >> i think they may be related to nanna. are you related to nanna? >> oh, nanna's family, yeah. >> i don't know where you are, hiding in the shadows. >> oh, i know you, high. how old is nanna now? she watches every day.
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>> 105. >> oh! >> high, nanna. >> good morning, nanna. oh, yes. >> i'm on the radio now i just want you to know. >> are you? >> want to hear my dis embodied voice. >> well, takes me back to the beginning. anyway, nanna sophie is our devoted viewer. we love her very much. so thanks, merry christmas, everybody. let's take a look at the seven day forecast, we are already already ooh degrees. forty-four tomorrow. gets chillier. nice tranquil weather pattern now through saturday morning, increasing clouds during the day saturday. and then, at night, into sunday morning, we get mixed precipitation. that changes over to rain for the first day of winter, so old-man-winter there, on our seven day forecast, for sunday, but not going to be that cold. winter will officially be here as of 6:03 sunday evening.
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monday and tuesday, temperatures warming up just little bit. so, there is a look at your seven day forecast from the weather authority. >> oh, traffic? >> i'm blocking everybody else. i'm not paying attention to anything that's going on in this kitchen except for what i am ' doing. >> many doing up: the last two minute. >> last two minutes. >> yes, chef. >> 302nd to go. >> okay, that's clip from tonight's big two hour finale of hell's kitchen. i've been watching the entire season, because right when it started we new we had philadelphia connections on the show, so we invited you to the studio. here is a reminder they were on month ago.
9:16 am
>> you guys know what will happen? you're not going to tell? >> no. >> so this whole show has already been shot? >> yes. >> so one of you guys could be the winner? >> may be. >> watch every week. >> guess we have to tune in. >> well, they're back. because two of them on the final four tonight on hell's kitchen, welcome back, you made it to the ends. >> congrats! >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> where are you nowadays? >> actually kateer. >> good for you. >> and you're still over at cuba lib ray? >> fantastic. >> what is it been like watching this unfold? >> to say the least, definitely exciting, but we know what happens, because we were there, but to actually see it, with the world, and, you know, receive all of the criticism and the love and it is exciting, it is exciting.
9:17 am
>> so are you is up it -- are you upset with the way they edited? looks likes sometimes more mad than you are? right, hiker a -- you are a certain type. i'm a little upset with editing, but that's me, true turn, pure, who i was then, and i'm who i am now. so -- >> what's the grand prize? >> executive chef position at gordon ramsey's new public and grill at peter's palace in atlantic city for quarter million dollars salary. >> can you at least tell us out of the four did one of you win? >> maybe. i don't know, two hour finale tonight. do you have watch. it will be good. >> because you guys know? >> yes. >> i can't wait for the finale. >> can't wait. >> is there a reason you can't wait. >> i have nothing for you. >> it is a good show. can't wait. >> how long have you known? >> a year and a half. >> oh, my gosh. >> it is a $5 million secret. that we are not sharing.
9:18 am
>> okay. also 6,000,005 for them, can't do it. >> because i'll take the extra. >> oh, man, i can't wait to watch this. >> i pray one of the of two you. >> we do too. >> what did you bring in from cuba libre. >> new fall winter menu, mixa, our classic shrimp cocktail with a cuban cocktail sauce, avacado salsa, on the other side duo. >> you're such a good cook. i go there all the time. >> amazing. >> tuna with topped with sea salt, and a cilantro jalapino salsa, pickled onions. >> for such little bitty dish, that's a loft ingredients. >> a lot goes into it. >> delicious. >> what about -- >> oh, what i have, what i want to do, follow with the
9:19 am
holiday scheme, it is around christmas time, so cranberry eggnog muffin, cranberries, pam granite. >> oh, it looks so good. >> really good. >> perfect christmas morning breakfast, bite, or after christmas. >> and love the history of good day philadelphia, even after 15 years, we still don't have forks. >> okay, okay, but you've been doing this famous, almost about a month now. >> oh, i've been doing this for very long time. but i decided to take time out go back to the restaurant so i could hone my skills, work with the dishes in the business. and i had the privilege at tremont, now off on my own, doing a good job. >> is that still snow. >> of course it is. >> you guys having watcher? >> atlantic city watching the show. new restaurant. >> the winner will be there. >> hole on. that's where you're watching? >> that's a hint. >> it may be. >> or maybe just watching the show. >> we'll both be there. >> so when do you start at the
9:20 am
restaurant. >> well, the win letter start when the restaurant opens. >> good advice. >> that was good. >> well thank you for coming in. >> thank you so much for having us, a pleasure. >> yes, thank you. >> you're both winners. >> of course, in our eyes, for philly you will always be a winner. >> come on, one of you. >> so, starts at 8:00 tonight? >> yes. >> just before the 10:00 o'clock news. hey, do you believe in love at first site? some swear by it. i don't know. i don't know either. you know i don't believe. just how long it takes us to form an opinion about another person.
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9:24 am
fell over. >> that's the worse. >> i've come out, the tree on the gown. i agree. >> where did it go. >> let it go. let it go. >> so, opening the ad event tree, it is quite aways back to their school. so, left this note for us. please excuse, you know, the kids here, because they had to appear on our show,. >> and think we find it all here, has some authorities. >> i think that's good excuse. we can try it. >> so high school, that's elementary school. oh, my goodness, okay? >> all typed up and nice. >> did you sign. >> i didn't sign it yet. >> want to do a sharpee? good luck with that. >> let us know, yes. so tweet us, let us know, probably hinder more than help your cause, true. >> wait. i haven't signed it yet. >> sorry. >> goodness, while you're
9:25 am
signing, watch this (movie clip). >> oh! >> should we feel that way? love at first site? >> that's creepy. >> if love at first site creepy? some people really swear, you can do it. >> it is a thing? >> i don't know if i believe. >> have you ever just seen somebody, you know? >> yes. >> no? >> i mean, i have made a quick judgement on somebody, when i see them, but like whether they are attractive or not, or whether, but whether i love them? >> what about you, al next.
9:26 am
>> one time in eighth grade there was this one boy, and every time i saw him my heart would just boom, boom, boom, boom. i could in the say anything to him. i would see him every sunday, went to the same church, also one got so annoyed, if we go to church this sunday, if you don't say anything to this boy, i'm if the g you on punishment. you talk about him all the time then you come in here and can't speak. >> did you? >> no. every time he came out -- >> like in true love with him or was it more kind of like a crush. >> i think big crush. but that the pointy thought i was? i was young oh, he is so nice. >> aid church crush, all saint catholic church every sunday morning, sat in the same pew. and i cannot remember the woman's name, the girl, she had big family. they sat right across from us. so i look forward to going to 11:00 mass. >> of course. >> because they always went to the same mass, sat in the same pew. there she was. >> awe. >> oh, i remember her name.
9:27 am
>> what? >> it is an odd name, kerry kerry, kerry organ. the organ family. >> organ? >> yes. >> rolly? >> awful. >> how could you forget that? >> i don't know. >> kerry organ? >> the woman i'm engage today now, the first thing out of my mouth when i met her? i met her at a wedding. i said i think i'm your husband. and i'm not kidding. and she says well i'll be your wife. >> did you say that to lot of people. >> all the time. but it finally work. >> wow. >> i said that to joe dan err up in the control room. >> and he wanted to be your wife? >> listen to this, when is garth brooks -- i haven't seen this guy. >> where has he been? >> oh, he's back now. >> caught in a horrible fire. >> no. he's releasing a new cd. his first cd in 13 years. and i have a question.
9:28 am
he keeps falling down at his concerts. he keeps falling down at his concerts. let's talk to him
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it is 9:31. this interest deduction will take a while because this guy is so accomplish. our next guest has sold, listen to this, 140 million cd's. he performed with the president of the united states, named best selling artist of the last two decades, international song writers hall of fame, national song writers hall of fame, country music hall of fame, he is in my hall of fame, here he is. >> ♪
9:32 am
>> ♪ >> i love that song, it makes me cry. >> yes. >> but now have after 13 years garth brooks is back with the brand new album man against machine and he is on a world tour with his talented wife, trish youngwood and we are so excited garth brooks is joining us this morning. we want to thank you for setting up this tour to promote your new album and come to philadelphia. >> welcome to philadelphia, garth. >> thank you, guys, what a introduction. i said that is sweet. >> we don't necessity anything else. >> a we don't have anytime for the segment so thanks for being with us. hey, are you coming to philadelphia on the tour. >> you know what we just a announced pittsburgh, so we are going to go down there and do a stint but i don't get to see too much out in front of the schedule, but i can't imagine a tour without
9:33 am
philadelphia a, what a great, great market to play. >> that is so true. >> so, you're going to get this question over and over again today, 13 years. >> where have you been. >> we missed you. >> been raising our babies, greatest gift i have ever received from god and people was time off just to raise our babies. i always said when the the last one went to college, then, we'd look around and see if there was any chance of us getting to play music again. we launched the tour. people showed up. so, the next thing, of course is music and that is where we are right now good that is how old we all are right now your kids are in college. >> my kids are in college, the first brooks ever to graduate high school in their teenage years, i was very proud of them. >> pretty good. >> did you move back to oklahoma to raise the kids. >> yeah, we moved back to oklahoma in 2,000 just
9:34 am
recently moved back to nashville in august of this year to launch the the tour and to make music. so, it is, we're in a pretty sweet place right new so we feel lucky how does it feel to go back on the scene. >> it feels like everything is going pretty fast right now. you know, it slowed down to raise your babies and you you did your thing and you watch from the identify lines but to step back in it new, it is running hundred miles faster then it ever has but the tourist showing up in record numbers, we feel very lucky to see faces out there and just hope it continues. >> i have seen footage from the tour, you know, and this very high energy and all that. have you got even rid of the conveyor belt, another justly, i get nervous for you have time you get on it. >> everybody does it, it is so much fun but it fits so perfect for the song and, you know, jimmy is doing it while playing fiddle, i'm doing it just try to stay up with it. >> but it is a neat little
9:35 am
part of the show good i agree with you, the tour has got to come to philadelphia, the minute we hear the date we will tell our viewers. garth brooks, great to see you. >> thank you guys very much, merry christmas from my family to yours, can't wait to see you guys. >> happy holidays. >> i found this great clothing drive, they have turned tonight to a fashion show, what a really cool idea and you will meet the young woman, local creator of this incredible event, the kid get to keep the clothes from the fashion show. >> so cute. fashion show. >> so cute. >> beautiful
9:36 am
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i love this segment a fashion show that is serving as a clothing drive for the less fortunate. >> it is first annual holiday social and set to take place tonight. >> today. >> joining with us more details about the event we have jessica smith, who is hosting it. >> and the creator of the whole idea. right, jessica. >> that is me. >> congratulations. you have brought two models here. we will talk to them in a second. you only thought about this a month ago. >> four weeks ago. right before thanksgiving. i was cleaning my room and i said, i should get rid of these clothes. what do i do with them? instead of taking them to goodwill or thrift shop where they will be sold i said let's have a clothing drive that functions as a fashion show for kids who need it this season. >> you put it out there on twitter. we started talk about it. darn thing is sold out. >> sold out 150 tickets sold out. >> i have no idea how i did it. >> here's a fun way also to do this. >> yes. >> all of the kids are very
9:40 am
excited, i brought three kids in the show tonight. >> hoist next to you now. >> this is anthony right here. >> hello there. >> i dressed them up this morning in the outfits that were some of the clothing that i donated. >> they are styling right new. >> so what is the green, it looks ike a green blazer. >> yes. >> christmas colors. >> christmas colors good you guys are coordinated. >> we like it do you like the clothes. >> yes. >> lets look up and down here, you know, is everything involved. >> everything but the shoes. so i have had about 75 plus, over 75 bags donated of clothes, large garbage bags and i organize them, very stressful but i organize them into different sizes and i have six stylists, three guys, three girls and they will dress kids up for the runway. >> could you come work for us, please. >> who is this young man. >> this is anthony. >> are you guys ready to walk the runway, you have your
9:41 am
model walking. >> they are my oldest and then you will see the youngest model. >> describe what he has on a western jacket. >> pretty awesome, right. nice with some leather suede accent. >> let's say some people have clothes they want to give can they still do that. >> we are taking clothing donations and any kind of money toe nations go toward buying warm winter gear for the kids for the the season and if you'd like to donate any clothes we are taking drop off at fifth and spring garden called northeast treatment center, and or, people coming to the event tonight can drop off clothes and they will be donated. >> event location tonight is. >> neighborhood house at christ church second and market. >> right around the corner from frustrates. >> we lost our other model because she apparently want to be an anchor person now, are you through? you have been talking to kerry get something idea. >> turnaround here, look here. >> big smile. >> we were talking like this. >> with your fingers.
9:42 am
>> yes. >> are you ready to come over and do your fashion segment i will give you a ride. >> here's like ago this. >> how about a spin. >> she looks like a ballerina. >> she can spin i love her twirl. >> do your nice curty. >> stay writ there. >> stay right there. >> they will keep the clothing. >> they will be picking out they like and outfits are dressed up. >> this is wonderful, you are putting smiles on your face. >> congratulations. >> i met yes, sir contact at temple university television class, i went over there and gave a little talk. met her. it was great. >> very proud of you you, jessica. >> next year hopefully it will be even bigger. >> bigger and better every year. >> we will. >> thank you so much.
9:43 am
>> thank you. >> lets get to quincy, we are ready to see rodolph. >> do you want to see rodolph the red nosed reindeer in a aquarium. >> yes, i do. i'm waiting for rodolph, i don't know where rodolph is. i'm waiting for rodolph, i don't know where rodolph is. deciding between bread is no longer a problem. healthy pa offers name-brand health insurance for the cost of a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, call or apply online today.
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oh, no. >> there you go. >> now, do you want to see this rodolph red nosed reindeer in an aquarium. >> yes. >> something special. >> in camden. >> right, quincy, are you all ready to go. >> yes, i think rodolph is a here and kim is back. i'm doing well. >> scuba santa was great. >> the best. >> you have other things going on here. >> absolutely for christmas celebration here at adventure aquarium not only can you see our amazing exhibits but we have rodolph the red nosed reindeer here. it is 50th anniversary of rodolph, extra special time to see him add adventure aquarium. >> we have rodolph right here, guys. this is rodolph. we found rodolph. now, if i come because my son
9:47 am
loves rodolph, can he take pictures with rodolph. >> in the only can you take picture, give him a high five with his huff and see his nose shining bright. not only do we have rodolph but we have the abdominal snow monster here, and i promise you can see bum many too. >> this is bumble. >> yes. >> how are you doing. >> can i get a hug. >> yes good can we hug. >> you can hug, they love to dance. >> lets see your dance moves, bumble. >> where are you, um, um, give him a little bit. give him shoulder. >> wow, wow, this is pretty cool. >> pretty a awesome. >> pretty a awesome. >> what better was toy spend christmas then to see scuba santa and rodolph and bumble, does not get any better than that. >> reeve to do a dance off, come on, bumble, now back to you guys in the studio. >> come on, bumble. >> i have never seen the snow
9:48 am
monster do that before. >> i like the the shoulders. >> yes. >> anyhow, thanks, quincy. so, a lot of people came out last night. we has a special screening of fox's new show empire. everybody is talking about this. take a look at this crowd. >> fantastic. >> thinks the the reserve wine bar at seventh and arch. that was the mother of one of the characters from the the show, from philadelphia. >> the real life mother, you're right. >> yes. >> so cool, when he comes home for the holiday he will be able to stop by . we talk to people were involved with this film. is there charlie mack, a great thing this story involves a family dynasty that follows the head of the music empire, terence howard and his three sons and ex-wife are battling for the thrown because he a has a disease, he only has three months left to live, the whole plotting and there is really interesting
9:49 am
show. this new show premiers wednesday, january 7th at 9:00 right here on fox. >> now at the screening i ran into some philadelphia eagles cheerleaders. >> that place reserve at seventh and arch was filled with good looking humans. then i go over to the philadelphia style party, where the young with man we met yesterday from bucks county, samantha hoops was there, the headliner. we just had a fun night. this whole engagement thing is really working for me. >> yes, it is. >> it really is. >> you put a ring. >> and everybody wants a piece of you. >> new, listen to this, the beautiful, 23 year-old woman we haddon yesterday, samantha, has four other sisters, yes. i met their dad. >> and his life is something, he is raising five daughters. >> he is so sweet, i said how proud are you of samantha. >> he goes i'm equally proud of all of my daughters. owe sweet.
9:50 am
i met daughters. >> they are all amazing. >> they are a fun time. >> great personalities. >> that was a good space. i have never been in the downtown club. it is right there basically in the curtis building, isn't it. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> at sixth and chestnut. >> yes. >> it is big building there on the corner. they have doctor's officees and stuff like that too. >> they have a beautiful view but it was a nice view you could see far out. >> but philadelphia style magazine they put on a nice party excellent party. >> he is going to rock the wells fargo center tonight, that is how i normally talk. >> is it. >> justin timberlake is back in town. >> this will be good. >> too bad i can't go. >> he was on jimmy fallon's show last night, to you want to see, him and jimmy together because when they get together
9:51 am
to see, him and jimmy together because when they get together it can
9:52 am
9:53 am
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9:54 am
karen carpenter. >> ♪ >> such a beautiful song. >> by the way, thanks to jerry blavat, the beater with the heater. >> really heavy good there is something underneath it. >> yes. >> do a little work out. >> yes. >> so, anyway, last night, justin timberlake hoist performing here in south philadelphia tonight was on jimmy fallon's show and they took a little trip to summer camp. >> do you want to sing. >> do you want to sing.
9:55 am
>> do you want to sing a congress we listen to all the time on cd player. >> on a compact disk. >> i think they are talking about jumper from third eye blind. >> i love that song. >> we have to keep it down, because it is lights out. >> ♪ >> that is hilarious. >> oh, yuck. >> did you see jimmy fallon have braces on. >> yes, the the beard, full beard, for a 13 years old.
9:56 am
>> so, if you go to the show tonight, tweet some pictures tonight. >> yes, i will be wishing i was there. >> have he ape jessica a announced that they are pregnant. >> jessica kline. >> although jessica kline our producer probably wishes she was involved in that. >> she has a bit of the crush on jt. >> she is going tonight. >> are you taking your husband? >> you are not taking your husband? >> no. >> she's going with her mom. >> her mom. >> her mom looks about 25. >> i know she's hot. >> great. >> they will have their sparkling tops and tight jeans. >> i love you jt. >> i love you yt. >> what did you say. >> do you want me to try to get you backstage. >> i'm not jeopardizing your marriage. >> it probably wouldn't be good. >> you know what they a about the ring. >> what do they say about the
9:57 am
ring. >> i a agree with you. >> okay. this is a creepy story that is back, steven collins the actor is publicly admitting to child molestation. >> the guy from seventh heaven. >> yep. >> he made a statement to people magazine that he molested three girls from 1973 to 1994 he is scheduled to sit down with katie couric in an interview. he has been silent since october when this came out with the secretly recorded tape with him admitting to the abuse, well, he admitted to his wife during a therapy session but he is famous for his role on seventh heaven, the dad. >> so wife is the same one talking about it right now. he feels like he could not get prosecutedy thought they were all back in the 70's and 60's, 1994. >> not too long ago. >> okay. >> well, have fun tonight at justin timberlake concert if you go, tweet the picks, we will put them on the air tomorrow. we will have a great fantastic
9:58 am
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." today, rock legend gene simmons hits the "wendy" coup for tch f first time. and more amazing surprises as the holiday gift grab continues. and the reviews are in. mariah carey kicks off her new york christmas concerts. we've got the inside scoop on how she did. plus, all of today's super juicy "hot topics." now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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