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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  December 18, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EST

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grief counselors expected to be here at bensalem high school after tragic lost yesterday with student killed trying to get to school. more coming up in a live report. >> learning more about the manna cured of killing his ex-wife and five of her family members in two local counties. why that day he was not the brad they know. but first, sue tracking some beautiful weather ahead, knew. >> i think we have a nice weather pattern for the next couple of days. we had our rain already this week, we will be fixing things up for you for your thursday. sunshine on the way, guys? >> all right, sue, and then hollywood hijacked. sony setting down premiere of the interview altogether. but, president obama has a message for those worried
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about the threats of attack on the united state, what woe like you to do. good day everybody, it is thursday, december 18th, 2014. >> so -- >> it is a week away. >> week away. now let me ask you a question based on how you feel right now. do you think christmas day you might have the same cold? are you going to be able to kick this? >> i'm kicking this. >> you're going to kick me in a minute. hi, sue serio. so getting up this morning out to the car for the first time, boy, the skies are clear. >> that's why it is colder outside. it will be noticeable difference from yesterday, not that yesterday was warm, but for this time of warm it wasn't bad. yes, colder day, even with the few clouds, that we see on our satellite and radar picture, we zoom in little closer, every place that the sky is clear is where the temperatures are a lot chillier than yesterday. so first we check philadelphia, remember, we were in the 40's at this time yesterday. it is 36 degrees, and there is our wobble cam from 14-mile per hour winds, so the windchill is colder than that. we will check that in a
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minute. 7:17 is your sunrise time. we've got 29 degrees in mount pocono, 36 in trenton, 33 in reading, 35 in milville and 37 in dover. windchills though are all in the 20's. so, make sure you are dressed for temperatures in the 20's at the shore, we've got 32 as windchill, wildwood, these temperatures are six, eight, 10 degrees colder than they were yesterday at this time. so be prepared for colder day and windy day, as well, with 14-mile per hour winds out of the northwest, 18 miles an hour in wilmington, well, look at that, we will get 5,043 degrees. >> wow. >> that was yesterday's forecast, right? fifty, today is 43. here we go. 50 degrees later on today with mostly sunny skies. now i have to walk out because bob kelly has to walk in. trying to cover my mistake. >> that's all right. the boss is never up this early watching.
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we're okay. 5:43, coming up on 4:03 on this thursday. live look at route 202, where they are putting in the new traffic pattern shuffle i've been telling you about all week long, north and southbound between route 30 the bypass, and route 401, down to one lane here, in both directions, as you roll through chester county leaving northeast philadelphia, so far so good here on i-95. no problems out of the northeast heading in toward downtown philly. the ben franklin bridge coming into center city philadelphia. looking good this morning, four lanes into downtown. we have an accident on the boulevard. the roosevelt boulevard at f street. up and down the boulevard from the northeast down to the schuylkill, we're in good shape. south jersey, no problems out of the ordinary here, 295 looking good, 42, little bit of delay headed through the construction, and i95 looking good, no problems on the schuylkill, and mass transit at the moment running with no delays. chris, kerry, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. let's turn to this coming up
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on 4:04, bensalem high school mourning the loss after student struck and killed right at a crosswalk. >> some say that particular accident scene is known for being a very dangerous intersection. fox 29's lauren johnson live outside of bensalem high school this morning, lauren? >> good morning, kerry, the district superintendent hearsays that there has never been crossing guards for high school students, but that could change, they are now talking to police, and that move probably comes after anger and outrage errupted over the death of 16 year old monetzeka. people who live in the area say it is not first student losing her life just trying to make it to school. gathering erring last night to remember the girl, people had heavy hearts over the tragedy. police say the girl was trying to cross bensalem boulevard at bridgewater road to catch the bus, before she could make it to the bus that was parked on the other side of the street, she was hit and killed by another teen driver who police say ignored school bus safety
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rules. >> disregarded the school bus activates light, striking and dragging the child. >> i've known her since first grade. it is impossible for me to think that i am not going to see her ever again. it is not fair. i'm mad at the school district, they think high schoolers don't need crossing guards. >> now that 18 year old driver has not been identified and he's not facing any charges at this time. back out here live, counselors, social workers, and mental health teams will be on cam pulls for the rest of the week, chris, kerry, to make sure students are okay and trying to help them deal and cope with the tragedy. >> lauren, thank you. horrible story. time now 4:05. man now charged with letting a unlicensed teen drive an s.u.v. that crashed until the poconos last summer killing three teenagers. fifty-three year old michael wear facing several charges, including danger of well
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faring of children. three sophomores died in the crash, and now officials have said a 15 year old girl was behind the wheel, she survived. police arrested a man who allegedly set at least two fires at the same house. twenty-four year old already adder monroe charged with aggravated assault, arson, and stalking for allegedly setting off molotov congress tails at home on east cult err street and germantown november 9th. then again on december 1st. police are also investigating if he's responsible for a third fire at the home on sunday. >> and learning new details about the death of the man investigators say murdered his ex-wife and five of her family members. >> yes, autopsy report ruling out the initial theory that bradley stone died from self-inflicted stab wounds. more toxicology reports need to be done, to determine the exact cause of death. but yesterday, the montgomery counties district attorney released more details about the environment that stone's body was found in. michetti, a axe, prescription pills, and an energy drink bottle with white powder on it
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were found at the scene. the d.a. says any of these could have contributed to his death. meanwhile, spokesperson for stone's family had this to say. >> this is not the brad that we know. we are struggling to come to terms with what caused our son, husband and brother, to act in this manner. we are cooperating with the investigation in every way possible. we appreciate all the support that we have received and ask for your respect of our privacy during this extremely difficult time for the sake of the children. >> stone's toxicology results are due back next week. 4:07, new deal will reportedly keep the trump taj mahal in atlantic signature i open. according to the new york post, moon set over the casino has agreed nearly all of the de mant of the union. both sides expected to formalize deal later today. without an agreement, the taj was scheduled to close saturday. to become the fifth atlantic city casino to close this
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year. students in philadelphia are participating in a die-in protest in front of school district headquarters before tonight's frc meeting. protest will be sim floor this one from earlier this month, at an eagles game. die-in protests have been staged across the country to protest the killing of unarmed black men by police. and, in delaware, governor jack markell will attend an event to mark the congressional passage of the first national park. this is video of vice president joe biden visiting the site in new castle last year. >> at least three people taken into custody at high school in northeast philadelphia yesterday after police found a handgun in a trash can. the incident happened at samuel fels high school in the city's somerdale section, now the school placed on lockdown after student showed cell phone picture after gun inside the school to an administrator. >> this was the second lockdown at the high school this week. parent say this is just unacceptable. >> she won't be returning to school tomorrow. i can't jeopardize, that i
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love my child too much. >> i want to get transferred, this is like the second lockdown that they've had. i want to get transferred out of the school. >> police say the gun was not loaded and no one was hurt. the high school does have metal detectors, investigators looking into how that gun got there past the in metal detectors. >> police can call career criminal, gruesome case in august where two men were beaten, stabbed and dumped in the schuylkill, third barely he is kinds with his life. tam lee from the born to kill gang on the run charged with murder and attempted murder. authority added him to the 50 most wanted fugitive lists hoping his days on the will many are numbered. $25,000 reward in this case. investigators say they have enough evidence to connect north korea with cyber attack. >> formal announcement from the justice department expected little later today. >> this comes as sony canceled its christmas day release of the movie the interview, in light of some of the recent
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threats. executives made that decision after five of their biggest theater chains decided not to screen the movie because of safety concerns. >> i think sony is in a stage every siege. you see entire film studio just torn open by a hacking, all of its inner secrets, correspondent. >> sony says it has no further plans to release the film. meanwhile, president obama says that the threats should not deter you from going to the movies. he says his administration is taking the breach seriously and movie-goers should feel safe. 4:10 right now. it is seven decade old case that got a teenager executed, back in the 1940's. now he is cleared of murder. >> why this case is so timely, to what's going on right now in our country, and how the boy was cleared, all these years later, straight ahead. then an american held in cuba is released. this as the us aims to mends its ties with cuba. why that's bringing up raw emotions for people in new jersey.
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>> good morning, welcome back. a shot from the airport looking back toward center city. you can see through all those miles, so clear out there, sue
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serio. >> the thing with clear skies it, does get colder with the radiational cooling, we love to tell you about, where the blanket of clouds sort of keeps the heat of the day in when you don't have temperatures tend to plunge. want to correct if you were with us 15 minutes ago, high temperature today will be 43 degrees, mostly sunny, breezy and colder than yesterday. and that's the key to your honor standing today's weather, it is colder than yesterday. luckily our precipitation is all to the north, and a lot of this is -- some of it is lake effect, some of it is storm from the other day that casino of stalled up in the state of maine main. so, we have no flurries or anything to show this morning on radar. it is all about the temperature, 36 degrees in philadelphia, 32 pottstown, we have 29 in mount pocono, lancaster has 33, millville, new jersey, 35. but, do you have factor in the winds now, because they have pick up a bit from yesterday, at this time, 22 miles an hour, sustained in lancaster, 14 miles an hour in philadelphia, and 12 miles an
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hour in wildwood. these are the wind gusts, out there, 25 miles an hour gusts in wilmington, very winds think morning in lancaster, 30-mile per hour gust this hour so this makes it feel in the 20's, that's what you dress for, be sure don't forget the gloves, wear a hat, and the kids have the one extra layer under the coats. right to the seven day forecast, last day of the seven day is christmas eve. as we get into next week it, looks like we have not white christmas, but potentially wet christmas, some showers moving in monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week. as far as the week sends concerned, that forecast improving from the coastal storm. we may get little bit after mix of precipitation at night saturday, but looks like things will clear up now, on sunday, as that storm is less of a threat for the first day of winter. but again, today's high, bob kelly, 43 degrees. >> it definitely feels cold her you step out the front
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door this morning, be sure to bundle the little ones up. good morning, everybody, 4:14, live look at 202, hot bed of construction between route 29 down to the 30 bypass, ben dot working all night to move the southbound lanes of traffic over to the newly constructed stretch of the roadway. so they have everybody down to one lane, they're moving all of the concrete barriers around, and hopefully by they say 5:00, 5:30 this morning, we're ready to rock-and-roll on the newly paved stretch of roadways headed south down toward the 30 bypass. that's something new for us, live look at the 42 freeway, coming in toward philadelphia, light volume at the moment working your way out of south jersey headed in toward philadelphia. live look at the roosevelt boulevard, no problems at all from pretty much broad street on down to the schuylkill expressway. there is an accident on the boulevard, right at f street, with police on the scene. otherwise, i95 looking good out of the northeast, if you are catching an early flight out of philadelphia international, clear skies, no delays at all at philly
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international on arrivals and departures, looks like good day for air travel headed down to the airport. bridges look good. ben franklin, walt whitman, tac-pal. one week until christmas, you better have your decorations up so we want to see them. snap a picture or video and send it to us using the hashtag fox 29 lights, and we will try our best to get your home or your lights or both on tv to show the rest of the world all of that hard work that you did put putting up all of your lights. >> it is hard work. >> it is. do you have your light up yet chris? >> yes, on the tree. >> you're lying. >> i'll take a picture and hashtag it to you. >> dzhokhar is due in federal court today. >> this will be the final pretrial hearing before his trial begins next month. security as you can imagine is expected to be very tight, in and around the courthouse. he has not been seen in public since he was arraigned in july
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of 2013. he faces the possibility of the death penalty if convicted. police have a man in custody this morning as person of interest after meteorologists in a texas tv station was shot multiple times. the wako station says police are not saying whether or not the man is in custody, whether he is, in fact, the shooter, the guy that got locked up. now the station went into lockdown after the man shot the morning show meteorologist, as he walk through the parking lot. it took several hours of surgery, but patrick crawford is in stable condition this morning. >> scary. one person dead after police say a driver drove into a crowd of pedestrians outside after california church. several others injured. some of the victims remain in critical condition. the crowd had just come from a christmas performance when the accident happened in rodondo beach. he ran a red light, his pediatrics and another vehicle. >> new york governor andrew
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cuomo announcing plans for his administration to prevent fracking in new york. government siting health concerns, uncertain economic benefit is the reason. the gas grilling boom in marcella was possible by fracking. the runs through four states including new york, pennsylvania, fracking long controversial issue in many rural pennsylvania communities >> a judge overturning the murder conviction of 14 year old boy executed 70 years ago, for the deaths of two girls in south carolina. the judge said that george got an unfair trial, 14 years old, and put to death. >> the judge said it was impossible to determine his guilt or innocence. he was put in the electric chair just 12 weeks after he was arrested. >> after five years in a cuban prison, american allen gross is back finally on american soil. >> cuba released the 65 year old yesterday, along with an american described by officials as a quote us
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intelligence asset held for more than 20 years. so the us released three cuban prisoners. more than a year of secret talks led to this day, the three cubans, the us released, are convicted of espionage on age for spying on anti-castro groups in miami. allen gross thanked the many americans who visited and helped him over the past five years. >> crucial to my survival, knowing that i was not forgotten. your prayers and your actions have been comforting, reassuring, and sustaining. >> gross' release is the first step toward normalizing relations with cuba, just 09 miles off the florida coast. >> i've instructed secretary kerr toy immediately begin discussions with cuba to re-establish diplomatic relation that is have been severed since january of 1961. going forward, the united states will re-establish an embasy havana. >> how times have changed, right?
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back to the cuban missile crisis, whole thing between kennedy and castro. new jersey senator robert menendez disagrees with this. the democrat said the us is crossing a red lion. president obama's policies regarding cuba are quote misguided. menendez says president obama's actions have vindicated the brutal behavior of the cuban government. >> meanwhile, new jersey's state police are hoping plans to normalize relations with cuba will lead to the capture after woman convicted in the death of a state trooper, joanne was convicted of murdering trooper warner on the new jersey turnpike, back in 1973. welshing she later escaped from prison, and she was granted asylum in cuba. several attempts to extra diet her have failed. comes say two ex cons in florida tried to pull off major heist. >> some bad acting foiled their plan. did you say this in florida? >> indeed. so police say tara scott and jen adder dupre hatched a plan to steel christmas gifts from
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a wal-mart. dupre fell to the ground faking heart attack. while everyone was distracted, helping him, scott walk out of the store with a cart filled with toys and tablet. this is all according to police. but dupre's quick recovery didn't fool anyone. >> you see, he started out with a heart attack. but when he saw that barbie car pass by, then there was christmas miracle. he was well. he walk out, you can even see little smile on his face. well, look at the smile on my face. because you're in the county jail. >> that's great sounds. >> really is. >> so the police went on to say the surveillance video helped them identify and catch these men, they're facing now several charges. >> come on. very confident seven year old boy gives fan mail to famous nfl player. but extra gift with the letter sent this touching gesture over the top.
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>> good morning, two games left in the regular season, for the eagles it is like the playoffs because they really have to win both games to have chance to make the playoffs. they have to win saturday at washington, against the redskins. and there will be no trent cole, at least this game, he had surgery on his broken left hand, where a plate was put in, so at practice you will see more of brandon graham, but even if the eagles win the
4:25 am
last two, that could be 11 wins, they still may not make the playoffs. >> for us to think of questions like that, i mean, i've -- i don't really think about it, if we win 11 games, not good enough to get in, shame on us, we didn't win the right games. bottom line. that's what the whole deal is all b we know it going in. we with could do go highly prepared for washington that's what we will do. >> no local teams playing, let's go to cleveland. cleveland goat smoked, labron james in cleveland, 16 for 28, atlanta, in the dark jerseys, they win it, 128-97. unbelievable. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> oh, all right, 4:00 tax little more sports news to get to. seven year old football fan sending -- excuse me. that will wake you up. >> you were thinking about calling out sick today. >> oh, i should have, so sorry. i'm get through the next two and a half hours. let me just say the sentence. seven year old boy, football fan, sends nfl player an autograph jerry?
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kind of neat, right? so this morning, they're going to be giving you -- i'm tiered up about it. >> this will be your awe moment of the morning. >> so you know this guy seriously, jj watts, the best defensive player in the ffl. so he post add piece of fan mail on instagram with a picture of the jersey reads dear jj, i'm seven years old, my name is anthony taranelli. i'm your biggest fan, people call me jj because i also play defensive ends and tightened like you. i wear number 99 just like you, and it is signed your friend, maybe one day the kid will end up playing just like his hero. >> may be. >> this guy is so good, too, they put him on the offensive side of the ball, too, he scores touchdowns. >> atlantic city ride for atlantic city casinos as you well know. very good news could be coming to the taj mahal today. yep, we will take you there live next. but bob kelly, first looking at what the a.c. expressway and everything else? >> the a.c. expressway, garden
4:27 am
state parkway looking good, also looking good on the blue route, 476, we go for a ride from saint david's villanova, clear shot headed down toward i956789 we will check in with the airport, crash on the i956789 we will check in with the airport, crash on the boulevard, sue with deciding between buying is no longer a problem. healthy pa offers name-brand health insurance for the cost of a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, call or apply online today.
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>> christmas isn't a week until today. but it is like christmas morning here on the board walk in atlantic city where 3,000 work remembers finding out
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they're keeping their jobs, and the taj mahal is going to stay open, the details straight ahead. kerry? >> all right, thank you, steve. >> and are your taxpayers -- sorry. >> are your tax tearing dollars just horrifying f my hacking didn't wake up, that certainly will. what investigators are telling but an alleged kickback scheme. sue, how is it going to be today? >> not so hot actually. looking at ultimate doppler, at least we don't have any precipitation. in fact, we do have an improvement when we look at that weekend forecast. coming up. so there is much to look forward to in the seven day. >> and big news for sir elton john. ' cents a plan for the future that everyone is buzzing about over the internet this morning watch could happen for the musician, as soon as this weekend. good day everyone, it is thursday, december 18th, 2014. >> up close and personal,
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steve keeley as i ever wanted to be. >> we love every bit of him. >> of course we do. >> satellite and radar picture showing this morning that there are some clouds around. you see some flurries in the western part of the state. that's because of the colds air coming across lake erie, yes, it is a little bit of lake effect snow flurries. then our low pressure system from the day before yesterday is still up in new england, so there is still some precipitation up there. but it is colder. so for them, it is snow, for us we're looking forward to sunshine for today. 36 degrees our current temperature, 14-mile an hour breezes, out of the west-northwest, 7:17 is our sunrise time. here are temperatures throughout the rest of the region. we have 34 degrees in allentown, reading, 33, 36 in trenton, 33 atlantic city, and 37 degrees in dover, delaware. so, these are temperatures that are as much as six, 10 degrees colder than yesterday at this time.
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and then you have to factor in the winds, and what it feels like outside, well, that's temperatures in the 20's. so, dress for the 20's, the roaring 20's, 14-mile per hour winds out of the northwest, here in philadelphia. 43 degrees, is our high temperature today, with sunny skies, breezy, and chilly, not necessarily as windy as yesterday, northwesterly's, ten to 15 miles an hour. that takes care of your thursday, yes, christmas is one week from today. and we will take you through the seven day forecast, coming up. a lot of it looks better than it did, bob kelly. >> yes, it does. actually we're in pretty good shape this morning, 4:32 sue, only major problem we have really right now, is re shuffle of the lanes here, along 202. i have been telling but it all week, penndot has been out all night long moving all of the southbound lanes of 202 over to the newly constructed stretch of the roadway. and it is all happening right here, 202, through malvern, from route 29, down to the 30 bypass, so as you roll out of the driveway head south this
4:33 am
morning, you will be pushed over to the new stretch of the roadway just another phase moving in the right direction as part of the reconstruction of that 202 interchange. so, this should be done by about 5:30 this morning, live look at the ben franklin bridge, from the camden toll plaza, no problems or delays at all, into or out of the city. we're in good shape. northeast philadelphia, good morning, i-95, looking good from cottman avenue, into downtown, no problems at all through the construction zone. on the boulevard, an accident, at fifth street. that's blocking the inner drive. otherwise, the boulevard looking good from the northeast on down, no problems up and down the i95 corridor, schuylkill in good shape, no problems on the blue route, mass transit running with no reported delays. chris, kerry, back over to you. >> bob, thanks so much. as the year winds down, what a year for atlantic city casinos in 2014. latest information, deal has reportedly been reached to save atlantic city's second biggest casino, the trump taj mahal. steve keeley live in atlantic sit which that story this morning.
4:34 am
steve? >> reporter: by the way that was the plan to be tight on my ugly face. we wanted to scare people out of bed so they'll get up and pay attention to this story. >> your eyes are beautiful. >> i've never taken the time to look into your eyes that closely. >> i better keep quiet here, i have good jokes in my head. >> what's going on with carl icon? >> reporter: well, the reason we could have fun, would actually have great news story to lead with today, how rare is that? it comes at the perfect time of the year, it is the gift giving time of the year. santa claus comes in the form of carl icon here, at the taj mahal. so just two days before it was scheduled to shut down saturday morning, it is an early christmas gift to the 3,000 taj mahal workers and all of the other local businesses like my friends, frank, and his bread company, employees he has who supply this place. and playing the part of santa, billionaire carl icon, who has always been thought of more of a scrooge or mr. potter type this time of year, in the
4:35 am
past, when it comes to saving jobs, the head of local 54, says, an announcement is coming before noon today, after the new york post, we're going to show you that, because they broke the story. they got an exclusive. they have t they report new deal with the casino workers union will be put in writing. the union is really standing firm, they did not give in to the trump entertainment ceo demands to drop the union's appeal of the bankruptcy court ruling earlier this year that took away all of the workers pension plan and healthcare benefits, but after the 5:00 p.m. monday deadline passed for trump entertainment ceo, he asked icon to step in and save the taj mahal. now, eye cahn holds $2 million in loans, the trump end tapement has, he concede today all of the union demands restoring all of the workers benefit, the post also reports that icahn did get one huge win, reporting state senate president today will propose legislation to give the taj 150 million in tax breaks, and
4:36 am
it is hoping that it is instantly improved in sales by today, and the reason they think that's going to happen is it was governor christie's gaming staff that brokered this whole deal in the first place. and here is another huge benefit, and another huge positive for atlantic city. as an extra benefit, to all of the unemployed people down here, all every those tax breaks the post report should help icahn re purpose the closed trump plaza down at the other end of the boardwalk. so we could have that place come back to life as a big hotel and entertainment mecca. so, nothing but good news here in atlantic city. if that's not enough, i tweeted this story last night, the new york gaming board, they had 16 proposed casinos for new york, everybody thought they were going to put them right against the board nerve new jersey, compete with atlantic silt, closest one they approve 60 miles away in the catskills, all four proposed actually six sites proposed closer to new jersey, orange county, the one that boarders new jersey, did not get approved. not as much competition close by whether it comes to new york state.
4:37 am
so how about that for like three big great stories for atlantic silt anyone day? >> good news for sure. philly casinos sifening off, and got the big new casino down near the ballpark. so, we'll see how it plays out over the years. interesting development today, steve, thanks so much. >> meanwhile massive kickback scheme uncovered, ten people involved, all of them now facing charges. >> they are accused of pocketing more than $1 million from taxpayers. now the conspiracy allegedly involves two former penndot managers. investigators say, they took kickbacks from highway inspectors in exchange for turning a blind eye to inflated time sheet and mileage reports. the charges stem from a lengthy state-wide grand jury investigation that is not over yet. >> in this case, every door we've opened has led to at least two other, two, three other doors, and we are no where close to being done. >> the investigation into this scheme began in march of 2013. most of the defendants turned themselves in yesterday, and were arraigned in montgomery
4:38 am
county. >> 4:37. this almost seems unreal, a blind student has his cane taken away and in it place, he's given a pool noodle. why a bus driver took it away, and what the parents are saying
4:39 am
4:40 am
>> two kansas city par rent beyond upset about their blind son's school bus driver, taking away his cane, and replacing it with a pool
4:41 am
noodle. school officials say that eight year old dakota was miss behaving on the bus, hit somebody with his cane. so the driver took it away. the problem is obviously he depends on his cane, and noodle does not work the same. >> judge would you take the one thing that he is supposed to use, all the time, and that's his eyes. he's gone through so much in his life already, eight years, eight years. and i just don't like someone else putting my son in that position. >> dakotas dad says the bus driver was mistaken when he believed dakota was miss behaving. the boy was using his cane to figure out where he was. >> oh, my goodness. >> yes. >> little guy. >> 4:41, pope francis was treated to cake, cards and a tango demonstration for his birthday. when i say poke, i think tango. dozen every couples performed the pope's dance in saint
4:42 am
peters square. did he not dance. the pope turned 78 yesterday. a spanish producer also sent the pope more than 1700 pounds of chicken meat. >> a lot of chicken meat. >> the vatican says it will be distributed to soup kitchens. >> there go. >> seventy-eight, happy birthday. >> oops, one school accidentally sends out letters to rejected student. how the student found out they didn't actually get into that university. >> all right, and 4:43, back street is back. but what's it like to be in a boy band 20 years after their time in pop culture history? they're giving awe inside look.
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>> a week before christmas, few tranquil weather days in store. even with the winds today, i think it will be more breezy than windy. so if you need to get some things done, wet letter cooperate with you today, tomorrow, and most of saturday, as well. so, that's a nice weather pattern. but here is the trade off. it is colder outside. that's a price we'll pay for sunshine later on in the day. so 32 degrees in pottstown, 34 in allentown, 29 in mount pocono, 36 degrees here in philadelphia, and 37 in wildwood. but, now you have to factor in the winds, it is coming out of the northwest, yesterday, we had southwesterly winds, that's milder air, 14-mile per hour sustained winds here in
4:46 am
the city. 9 miles an hour at the shore, 22 miles an hour in lancaster, and 30-mile per hour wind gust there, and winds are gust any other places, as well, like wilmington, wildwood this morning. that makes it feel like it is in the 20's, windchills in the teens, in the mountains, this morning. so do you have to add that extra layer, make sure to have your gloves, maybe put hat on, and make sure the kids wear a hat, as well. so, third night of hanukkah, tonight, and for this evening it, looks like we'll have few clouds, but will be breezy, colder, instead of the 40's, as you walk out the door after sunset, it will be in the 30's. so, 43 our high today. forty-two tomorrow. chilly temperatures, but as we said, nice quiet weather. increasing clouds saturday. chance of a little bit after mix of precipitation at night. maybe lingering into sunday morning, but that looks about it. looks like this coastal storm is becoming less and less after threat to our weekend, so that we see the sun coming out in the afternoon on sunday. after that, some rain moves
4:47 am
in, it looks like it is going to hang around potentially through christmas eve. so, instead of a white christmas, it may end up being a little wet. we'll have more on that, coming up. that's your seven day forecast, here's bob kelly. >> santa will have to put some winds she will wiper blades on the old slay therefore christmas eve. good morning, 4:47. live look at the 42 freeway, not the only once up this earliment folks starting their trip in toward philadelphia. headlight headed northbound in toward the walt whitman bridge, walt whitman looking good, so is the benny. live look from downtown philly, the ben franklin bridge, no problems or delays coming into center city. and here is a live look at one of the penndot cameras, not quite sure what we're looking at here, about this is 202, in the construction zone. this is that stretch, where they've been working all night, moving the traffic barriers, the traffic pattern around, by moving the concrete barriers, so that this morning, as you head south, between route 29 and the 30 bypass, everyone is moved over to the right, on to the newly constructed stretch of the
4:48 am
roadway. so, that's little bit after surprise for you, as you head south down toward chester county. accident on the boulevard, roosevelt roosevelt boulevard, f street there in northeast philly. otherwise we're in good shape. major roadways like 95, the schuylkill expressway, and 476, are in good shape, nice and quiet this morning, same deal on the jersey side as you roll through cherry hill, and evesham, new jersey, come on, what do you like to do for the front lawn? do you like putting up all of the blow ups, or is it just lights? i would love to see that the front of your house looks like, tweet it using hashtag fox 29 lights. coming up at 5:00 we'll start showing pictures of your house on the air here on fox 29. chris, kerry, back to you. >> thank you, 4:48. so have you ever been on a plane rock by turbulence? mobile phone video from an american airlines flight shows just how bad it can get. the flight actually had to make an emergency landing.
4:49 am
>> some every them crying, praying, screaming, certainly, turbulence started little after taking off from sewell, south korea, forced to lands in tokyo. >> this was tuesday. more than dozen people got knocked around the plane and actually had to be treated medically after they made this emergency landing wet weather perhaps? >> pilot comes on, hey, we're going into turbulence, buckle up. that's why. worse when you get stuck in the tiny little toilet. okay, we digress. in entertainment news, sir elton john is hearing wedding bells, his rep confirms the singler tie the knot with david, and rumors are swirling it could happen this weekend. the couple entered civil partnership way back in 2005, followed by a $2 million reception. they have two sons together. >> ♪ jingle bells ♪
4:50 am
>> neil patrick twins with husband david, the actor posted the adorable video on instagram, saying the family is altogether, time to trim up the tree. >> so cute. >> that's fun. >> discovery channels mist busters about to take on hit fox 29 show. >> so the show will try to bus simpson's inspired myths. myths, to test out the episode where bart shows a cherry bomb in the toilet, where all of the toilet in the schools act like guisers, test a few other simpson gems, as well, no word on exactly how they plan to do these tests. by the way, yesterday, for the simpson's. >> and they haven't age add bit. >> no, they've done well. chemical peels. >> something. >> homeless man in indianapolis gets what he hopes will be life changing christmas gift. >> twenty-six year old chase
4:51 am
morally has been legally deaf since he was just a young kid. he avoid going to the doctor for the last ten years, to get new hearing aids, because he said he couldn't afford them, as a result, he struggled to keep the job. and he ended upgoing homeless. so, his loved ones nominated him for the whisper hearing centers, here for the holiday campaigning. he was one of three winners. >> it almost brought tears too my life. traumatic thing that i have needed for month now, so something amazing for me. >> that's so awesome. he says these new hearing aids mean that hopefully he can get a job, and begin to rebuild his life. the whisper hearing centers says that's what their holiday campaigning is all about. well done. >> johns hopkins university says nearly 300 applicants were takenly sent acceptance letters, i know, when they were actually rejected or deferred. university officials say the mistake was human error. a contractor who works with the school, an electronic
4:52 am
communications, pulled the wrong list of emails. so the student who had applied for early decision, received an e-mail with the subject line embrace the yes. oh, my gosh. this is horrifying. the school apologized in a follow up e-mail, but some say they would like university officials to make personal phonecalls to apologize. what's that, is that like there -- what is this music and video we're looking at? put their promo on youtube or something? this is not the e-mail that they sent everybody to say -- it is? okay, go ahead, we'll get to the bottom that far momentarily. >> are you betting -- okay. are you getting -- >> the best bang. >> oh, the best bang. >> not the bets bang. >> like it says bets? local college recognizes having the best value.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
4:56 am
>> the back street boys are back in a new documentary. >> i've been waiting. >> huge fans. >> about 2002, the biggest bands in the world. >> five members of the boy band, as they gear up for their most recent tour, and also features their rise and fall. the documentary will be in
4:57 am
theatres, on demand, as well, starting on january 30th, if you're so inclined. >> and unprecedented case, judge decides whether to charge 14 employees at a pharmacy, accused of causing a meningitis outbreak. do certain christmas songs make you tear up? reason for it. and it may not be what you're thinking. >> ♪
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
live are philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. >> community in mourning, after student from bensalem high school is hit and killed by a car. friends, giving their cheerful thoughts about the driver, and what else they believe led to this crash. >> i'm vowing to just kind of stupid, sounds like instance ate dollars threats. >> mixed reaction in manhattan this morning, after sony canceled its release of the interview. now, president obama's weighing in, what his message is, for you and i. >> and a case dating back more than seven decades, back into the spotlight today. why a boy, a young boy, 12 years old, cleared of 14, excuse me, cleared of murder all of these years later. >> good day everybody, it is thursday, december 18th, 2014. >> let's go to sue serio, because when you walk out the door today, look up. the sun's not a


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