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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  December 18, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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live are philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. >> community in mourning, after student from bensalem high school is hit and killed by a car. friends, giving their cheerful thoughts about the driver, and what else they believe led to this crash. >> i'm vowing to just kind of stupid, sounds like instance ate dollars threats. >> mixed reaction in manhattan this morning, after sony canceled its release of the interview. now, president obama's weighing in, what his message is, for you and i. >> and a case dating back more than seven decades, back into the spotlight today. why a boy, a young boy, 12 years old, cleared of 14, excuse me, cleared of murder all of these years later. >> good day everybody, it is thursday, december 18th, 2014. >> let's go to sue serio, because when you walk out the door today, look up. the sun's not already up.
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you can see every star in the sky. it is beautiful. >> right. that's something we haven't seen for awhile, because we've had quite a few cloudy mornings, and in some cases rain, it was very damp, cloudy yesterday, in the morning, today, clear, but a seven out of ten. that means it will be a little chillier, and with those gusty breezes it, will feel even chillier than it is, but a sunny day, as in store. not bad at all for today. we've got skies, that are clearing in our area, where you can see the absence of clouds, might see few clouds when sunrise happens, but nothing until quite a while from now. 36 degrees, there is your un rise -- sunrise time, 7:17, counting down first day of winter sunday. so 36 degrees, feels like 28, thanks to those winds out of the west-northwest. we have temperatures ranking from 31 in pottstown, it is below freezing, also, in mount pocono, we've got 36 degrees here in philadelphia. and in dover, 35, in millville. these are temperatures that
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are indeed colder than yesterday, as much as 10 degrees colder. so, dress appropriately, because it feels like it is in the 20's out there. a 28 degrees windchill as we told you here in the philadelphia area. northwesterly wind what we've got. so that wind, really, makes it feel colder than it is, but we'll deal with it, because we've got sunshine on this shortened day, because we'll get sunset, 4:38 tonight. so we have breezy conditions this morning, windchills in the 20's, mostly sunny during the day, our high temperature will reach about 43 degrees, and that's 10 degrees colder than it was yesterday. but i think as long as we're prepared, bob kelly, little extra layer here and, there we will be okay. >> will not hurt. definitely little chillier this morning, you're right, walking out the front door. good morning, everybody, live look at the 42 freeway coming in from south jersey, not bad at all. south jersey waking up. no problems at all between the atlantic city expressway headed up toward the walt whitman bridge, ben franklin bridge, looking nice, pretty shot from the camden toll plaza. no problems up and over in
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toward downtown philly. live look at i95, out of the northeast, again, through that girard avenue construction zone, crews have been working, putting in new concrete barrier, where they pack up, headed home for the morning. so we are good to go for the beginning after morning rush hour. and brand new traffic pattern, ready for this morning, as you head south, along 202. between route 29 in malvern, headed down in toward the 30 bypass, you'll notice everyone's pushed over to the right, onto that newly paved stretch of the roadway. so, that will be a little bit after surprise for you this morning. an accident on the boulevard, right at f street, it is blocking the inner drive, otherwise, we're looking good on the pennsylvania turnpike out every downingtown, no fog, and no delays this morning, on the 30 bypass, and mass transit off to good start as well with no delays there. chris, kerry, back over to you. >> bob, kelly, thank you. 5:03 the time. bensalem high school mourning the loss of student who was struck and killed inside a crosswalk. >> yes, some say that particular area is known for being very dangerous, really bad intersection. fox 29's lauren johnson live
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outside of bensalem high school this morning, lauren? >> good morning to you, kerry. district superintendent says there has never been history of having crossing guards, watch over high school student, but now they will be talking to police about this idea, the move probably coming after anger and outrage errupted over the death of 16 year old monetzeika. people who live in the area says not the first student don't lose her life just trying to make it to school. friends, family member, gathered for vigil last night to remember the girl, people of course had heavy hearts over the tragedy that happened early wednesday morning. police say the girl was trying to cross bensalem boulevard at bridgewater road to catch the bus, but before she could make it to the parked bus, across the street, she was hit and killed by another teen driver who police say ignored school bus safety rules. now, an entire community is heart broken. >> impossible for me to think that i am not going to see her ever again. it is just not fair. >> grabbed a couple of week
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ago to keep her from getting hit by a car. i wasn't there for her today. >> i'm mad at the school district, because they think high schoolers don't need crossing guards. >> 6:30 in the morning, and it is dark, and i understand that they're high school kids, but they're still kids, they still need someone to look out for them. >> disregarded the school bus activation lights, stop signs, and proceeded through the intersection striking and dragging the child. >> i know she is looking down on us right now and telling us not to be mad at the driver because he didn't do it on purpose. >> the 18 year old driver has not been identified, and he's not facing any charges at this time, according to police, counselors, social workers and mental health teens will be on hand chris, terry, at the high school, to make sure teachers and student kent deal with the tragedy. >> you hope changes will come from this, as well. >> 5:05, police arrest add man who allegedly set at least two fires at the same house. twenty-four year old leonard monroe charged with aggravated
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assault, arson, and stalking for allegedly setting off molotov cocktails at a home on east cult err street in germantown, this is back on november 9th. and then again, they say, on december 1st. police are also investigating if he's responsible for third fire at the home on sunday. >> federal investigators have linked a cyber attack against sony to north korea: formal announcement from the justice department is expected today. >> so this comes as sony canceled its christmas day release of the movie, the interview, in light of these recent threats. and serious threats at that. executives made the decision after five of the biggest theater chains decided not to screen the movie because of, well, yes, safety concerns. sony says, no further plans to release the film. meantime, president obama says, americans should feel safe going to the theater. >> 5:06 this morning. learning some new details about the death of the man that investigators say murdered his ex-wife and five of her family members. >> now, an autopsy rules out the initial theory that bradley stone died from
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self-inflicted stab wounds. more toxicology reports have to be done to determine the exact cause of death. but yesterday the montgomery county district attorney released more details about the environment stone's body was found in. a michetti, an axe, prescription pills, and an emergency or energy drink bottle with white powder on it were found at the scene. so, the d.a. says, any of those could have contributed to stone's death. meanwhile, spokesperson for stone's family says that they were speaking out about this tragedy, as women. here's what they had to say. >> this is not the brad that we know. and we are struggling to come to terms with what caused our son, husband and brother, to act in this manner. we are cooperating with the investigation in every way possible. we appreciate all the support that we have received and ask for your respect of our privacy during this extremely difficult time for the sake of the children. >> stone's toxicology test results are due back next
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week. a 18 year old taken into custody yesterday after a gun was found at a high school in northeast philadelphia. so this happened at samuel fels high school in the city somerdale section. the school was placed on lockdown, after a student showed a cell phone picture after gun inside of the school to an administrator. this is the second lock-down at that school this week. parents say it is simply unacceptable. >> she won't be returning to school tomorrow, though. i can't jeopardize that, because i love my child too much. >> i want to get transferred. this is like the second lockdown that they had. i want to get transferred out of the gloom that is scary. police say the gun wasn't loaded. thankfully nobody was hurt. and the high school does have metal detectors. investigators are now looking into how the gun got past them. >> police have a man in custody this morning, as a person of interest, after meteorologist at a texas tv station was shot multiple times. the station's in wako, tiny, tiny town, police are not saying whether the guy in custody is, in fact, the guy
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who shot this person. the station went into lockdown, after the man shot the morning show meteorologist as he was walking through the parking lot t took several hours of surgery, but patrick crawford is in stable condition. >> cross our fingers for him. student in philadelphia will participate in die-in protest in front of school district headquarters before tonight's src meeting. protests will be similar to this one, from earlier this month, at the eagles game. die-in protest haves been staged across the country to protest the killing of un armed black men by police. in delaware, governor jack markell will attend event to mark the congressional passage of delaware's first national park. this is video of vice president joe biden, visiting the site in new castle last year. after five years, in a cuban prison, american allen gross is finally back on american soil. >> cuba released the six a year old yesterday along with an american described by officials as a quote us intelligence asset. he's been held for more than 20 years. the united state released
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three cuban prisoners, they're convicted of espionage for spying on anti-castro groups in miami. gross' release is the first step toward normalizing relations with the islands nation, that's just 09 miles off of the florida coast. >> i've instructed secretary kerr toy immediately begin discussions with cuba, to re-establish diplomatic relation that is have been severed since january of 1961. going forward, the united states will re-establish an embasy havana. >> new jersey senator robert menendez disagrees, democrat says the united states is crossing a red lion, and president obama's policies regarding cube are miss-guided. menendez says president obama's actions have vindicated brutal behavior of the cuban government. >> meanwhile, new jersey state police hope the plans to normalize relations with cuba will lead to the capture after woman convicted in the death after state trooper, joanne was convicted of murdering
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trooper westerner, back in 1973, she later escaped from prison, was granted asylum in cuba. several attempts to extradite her have failed in the past. new jersey college tops it all when it comes to value. kip linger personal finance runnings princeton university as the top of the best college value. which combines the ranking of public, private, liberal arts schools. i believe princeton got the top honors by us world news and report as the best university. magazine gave princeton that overall high rang at affordable price, yale came in second, philadelphia by another local school, swarthmore college in delaware county, fourth is washington, and lee university, and rounding out the top five, wellesley college in massachusetts. >> cool. >> women go through a lot of changes during pregnancy. >> tell me about it. >> but men may be feeling that hormonal roller coaster, as well. >> i feel so bad for you. >> i know, it is tough on us men, that whole pregnancy
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thing. >> why expect and the dads may actually understands your pain a little more than we
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>> ends up being the shortest day, longest night of the year, three days away for that, although the threat of wintery weather is diminishing, for the first day of winter, earlier this week,
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we told you about the possibility after coastal storm, well, that storm hasn't actually formed yet. but it does look like the path of the storm will take it a little further away from us, so we're expecting now a glancing blow. we still have storm up in new england, and it is dumb ago lot of snow on the state of maine, but none expected to affect us at all, there were some showers, some flurries along long island, this morning, but that's in the process of pulling away, as well. so it is dry here, 10-mile per hour winds out of the northwest, winds are going to be an issue for you today, 22-mile per hour winds, in wilmington, already colder, and then the winds will make it feel even colder than that. so, now we have 20-mile per hour wind gust in philadelphia, and 29 miles an hour in wilmington, our favorite number. county by county, temperatures, we go up to mount pocono, and we see 29 degrees, 34 in allentown, and lehigh county, doylestown, bucks county, 31 degrees, 36 here in the city, 33 degrees in chester, delaware county.
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thirty-four in atlantic city, and down in cape may county, 39 degrees. but, of course, it feels colder than that. so you see a loft windchills in the 20's, feels like 18 in mount pocono, temperatures feel like they're in the 20's in the metro area, down at the shore, as well. so, there it is, dress for temperatures in the 20's today. for the past five days, we've seen the nice warming trends, two days in a row with 53 degrees, not today, we lose 10 degrees today, with high of 43, and we're right around there tomorrow, as well. with few more gusty breezes, but at least it is sin, both of those days, and we'll have some early sunshine saturday. looks like maybe nighttime wintery mix, that isn't going to last very long, i think the sun may end upcoming out sunday afternoon. that's forecast improves. now we've got to get rid of the rain christmas eve. bob kelly? >> sue, good morning, 5:16. no rain this morning, actually just cold out. if you get ready to step out the front door this morning, bundle up the little ones headed out for the school bulls.
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headed out for the benny, live look at downtown philly ben franklin bridge coming into philadelphia, no problems or delays at all, i-95, the headlights headed northbound, from woodhaven, i should say, academy up toward woodhaven. no problems at all coming in toward the city, yes, we still got the construction at girard avenue, but nothing else is new there. live look, delaware county blue route 476, right at the i-95 interchange, in delaware county. guess what today is? >> this is thursday? >> thursday, but today is national answer the phone like buddy the elf day. >> what? >> are you making this stuff up? >> what's your favorite color? buddy the elf, what's your five are you color? that's how bee answer the phone here at fox studios. >> did you make this up? >> i have not made this up. from home office in milwaukee, i get alert every morning. >> i'm googling this. >> no problems or delays on arrivals and departures, i think we will be in a good shape if you are flying in or out of philly this morning with the clear skies, the bridges, the benny, whitman,
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tac-pal, all looking good. we've been asking for to you sends us pictures, of your holiday light. here's one. that just came in from our buddy, jeff nicer in kensington. look at all of those lights on the, look at the light on the front lawn, and the front of his house there in kensington. we would like to you take a picture of your house, so be before you pull out of the driveway, snap a picture of the front of your house, and tweet it, using hashtag fox 29 light. we will be showing pictures all day long, here on fox 29. >> back to you. >> thank you, 5:18 right now. one person is dead after police say a driver drove into a crowd of pedestrians outside after california church several others injured, some of the victims are still in critical condition. the crowd had just come out after christmas performance, when it happened, it was in radondo beach. driver ran a red light, hit pedestrians, then hit another vehicle. trying to figure out if the driver was drunk or maybe on drugs. >> similar scene played out in
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santa monica several years ago. okay, time now, 5:18. federal prosecutors have charged 14 people in a 2012 meningitis outbreak that killed 64 people, the co-founders, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians at the now closed new england compounding center are being blamed for making tainted steroids, used expired ingredient, molds, bacteria, were on -- in the air, i should say, and on those workers gloves. a judge overturned the murder conviction after 14 year old boy executed 17 years ago for the death of two girls in south carolina the judge said george got unfair trial, and it was impossible to determine the boy's guilt or innocence. he was put in the electric chair just 12 weeks after he was arrested. it is just coming up on 5:20 this morning, and we've got some health news to get
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to. women may not be the own ones that experience hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy. new study shows after evaluating hormone levels for both mom and dad, four times during the pregnancy, women's hormone levels increased, but men showed substantial declines in testosterone, some of their other hormone levels, as well. researchers can't complain these changes in men, what exactly they mean, though. findings appear on line in the american journal of biology. >> so, if you fine yourself shed ago tear or two when you hear a christmas song, blame your brain. a new study in the journal plus one finds the part of your brain that stores memories and controls emotions actually like that when a familiar song is playing. researchers also noticed that sad tunes can make us happier because they can evoke a feeling of nostalgia. sad songs make you happy? >> that's the elton john song, right ♪ put on those sad songs. >> oh, ya, ya, ya. >> the whole idea behind that
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song. 5:20 the time. former president of facebook, welshing sick of dealing with his food allergies, so he's donate ago maximum amount of money to find a cure. sean parker seen here with his wife is deathly allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish. the tech end interest pre your hand was hospitalized more than dozen times as an r so, he has decided to help solve the problem. parker donated $24 million to create new allergy research center at stanford university. the goal will be to develop single treatment cure for all types of allergies. wouldn't that be nice? >> that would be amazing. >> brew your own beer is as easy as brewing a cup of coffee. how does this even work? >> like a beer cure i can, we'll talk to the inventor after
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>> cheers after the federal reserve announced raising interest rates, the dow jones soared up 288 points yesterday. landing at 17,356. the s&p 500 gained 40 points, to land at 2013. and the nasdaq added 96 points. that's a huge increase to land at 4644. >> 5:24. cure i can changing the way many of us get our coffee. now, there could be anyway to get a beer.
5:25 am
peco brew has created something called zimatic, first high-tech beer making machine, that lets you make beer at your own home. but it is not as fast as brewing a cup of joe. it takes about three hours, to get your brew together, and about a week for it to be done. >> with your new brewer, brew great beer the first time. if you're an experienced brewer there is allows to you focus on the art of the craft. >> hmm. so brewing your own beer, with this machine, comes at pretty steep price. the base model: 1700 bucks. >> we could use it in pennsylvania though. finds a beer distributor. >> beer machine. >> then the one i go to closed on mondays. >> horrifying. >> ya. irish catholic. >> real tough. >> yes. >> my gosh. okay, 5:25 this morning, dispute over a bill turns into an all-out brawl at a restaurant in -- >> florida, has to be florida, right? >> violence caught on 911, made by some real scared
5:26 am
employees. >> this is pretty serious stuff t all went down at big bear brewing company, in coral springs. police say this group of four people, along with about nine other, made a scene after they got a 350-dollar bill. so, as many as 13 people, all sitting together. so the bill comes, 350 bucks. >> like kinds of cheap actually for 13 people? >> either way they looked at the bill, they got so upset, that the waitress said hold on, let me go to the back, talk to the manager. she came back, said guys, good news, the manager gave you guys a discount. well apparently that was not enough. one man through change at the waitress, saying: here's your tip. and then violence errupted. >> can you please come over to big bear brewing company? >> what's wrong? hell snow what's wrong? what's going on? >> there is a fight. they're arguing over a tab, now they're inside the restaurant -- >> how many -- can you get away from them? >> oh, my god.
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oh, my god. oh, my god. what's going on? >> so police eventually arrested these four people, and they say there could be more arrests. the group caused more than $2,000 in damage, and this is where it gets really scary. they through everything from saltshakers to chairs and one employee had to get 13 staples in his head. >> going to cost a lot more than $350 when all is said and done. >> lawyer fees, damage, oh, boy. >> 5:27. a confident seven year old gives famed football era letter. but it is what he gave along with that letter that made this gesture even better. >> and 5:47. this almost seems unreal. a blind student has his cane taken away. and in it place was given a -- why the parent emotional
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we are starting on the beach and boardwalk in atlantic city where the taj mahal is all lit up and will stay lit, in a breaking news story, reported and broken by the new york post, it will stay open and not go dark, chris. >> all right, steve. then lawmaker makes a decision whether it comes to a lawsuit, over the george washington bridge scandal, what it means for new jersey governor chris christie. >> remember this guy, he was offering up free trip to lucky lady, he got his holiday wish,
5:31 am
as well. just in time. what her qualifications had to be, and we'll introduce you to her. >> let me introduce to you sue serio now. if you haven't seen her, been on good day for couple of months now. >> yes? >> new add toyings her family. >> 18,000 months, yes. >> you grews up in baltimore. >> been on the air since 1997. bus stop buddy, amazing how he hasn't aged but i have. he came along not after i d he's bundled up this morning. be sure to have the winter coat on the kids today, because temperatures in the 30's, but chin chills are in the 20's, so yes, mom will say wear a hat. he's going to say i don't want to. happens every morning. sunny day, much colder, though, that n yesterday, with gusty breezes as we just told you, windchills in the 20's there is morning, so satellite, radar picture shows the clouds clearing, that's why temperatures are dropping.
5:32 am
36 degrees, sunrise not until 7:17 this morning, other temperatures are in the 30's, probably, mid 30 east, just about everywhere, and but these are much colder than yesterday, so be prepared for. that will it was a nice couple of days with high temperatures in the 50's, wind chills as we mentioned, are in the 20's, just about everywhere, those winds coming out of the northwest this morning, and they're going to be issue all day long, those gusty winds. so your planner for the day, chills in the 20's this morning, sunshine in the afternoon, high temperature today, around 43 degrees. but, what a short day, sunsets at 4:38 p.m. >> 5:32, this thursday morning, live look at the schuylkill expressway, looking good, come on down, no problems at all here, the schuylkill near girard avenue. no delays at all from king of prussia, all the way into downtown. live look at the boulevard, for the gang from the great
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northeast headed south, down over the schuylkill river, again, light volume so far here on the boulevard. live look at i95, northeast philly, starting starting to see pockets, work southbound down in the construction zone, so starting to see things pick up a notch here, in this 5:30 half hour. brand new traffic pattern, be alert as you head southbound this morning. along 202, between route 29 through malvern, down into toward the 30 bypass, everybody's pushed over to the right side of the roadway, that new stretch of the new con vukovich stiff stretch of the roadway there headed down toward west chester, and south jersey, not bad at all, looking good along route 73, working your way through maple shade. no problems through cherry hill, the 42 freeway, normal brake tap headed in toward 295. all of the bridges are fine, benny, whitman, tac-pal, mass transit running with no delays. chris, kerry, back over to you finds push to keep the taj mahal open. >> live in atlantic sit which
5:34 am
that story and the famous hostile take over, carl icon getting involved. >> he is going to look a lot like santa claus. the taj will not shutdown as planned saturday morning 6:00 a.m. the 3,000 workers here will keep their jobs. >> in a last moment deal, the post breaks the story reports it has been broken by governor christie, the billionaire carl icahn agreed give the workers back and health and pension benefits, in exchange the post report icahn will get 150 million in taxpayers to re purpose and bring back the closed trump plaza back as a hotel and entertainment center. the post report the new jersey legislation will not just get fast tracked today, to trenton, but essentially drag stripped, proposed today, and passed today by both the senate and assembly to give icahn the big tax breaks, and
5:35 am
local 54 union president says without giving details, the deal will be formalized this morning, and official announcement bob mcdevitt said coming before noon. so after an awful year in ac, it is ending on very happy note, at least for the workers here at the taj mahal, maybe unemployed workers who may be able to get jobs back if the trump plaza comes back to life soon. >> right before christmas, too. >> lawsuit in connection to the new jersey bridge scandal, moving forward. >> chang being made to the suit, the governor was cleared of having any prior knowledge of the incident, judge console dated two lawsuits into one by people stuck in the jam. they make several claims, including, tep brief agents of constitutional rights, racketeering, the governor cleared, in an initial investigation, and another one led by state den kratz, but, former aides of the governor are accused of shutting down the lanes as a form of
5:36 am
political pay back, 5:35, incredible gift why a man needed a pick me up. why this gift is changing his life in more ways than
5:37 am
5:38 am
>> the egg else, like the playoffs, they have to win both games to have a chance to make the playoffs. so they have to win saturday at washington against the redskins. trent cole will not play. after surgery on his broken
5:39 am
left hand yesterday, had he a plate put in, so that means, more plays for brandon graham. >> , increase add lot more, just on paying attention, little more detail than, you know, just coming off the ben: i mean, just one of them things, i'm excited to get out there, man, just compete and, you know, try to get the w's. i know what i can do. and i just control what i can. just go out there, work hard, just do what is asked of me, you know, the best i can. and, man, i'm going to show you on saturday. >> no local teams playing last night, but cleveland got smoked at home against atlanta. this is three by atlanta, 16 for 28 from three. they beat cleveland, 128-97. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> all right, seven year old football fan, seven year old, sends an nfl player, autograph pee-wee jerry? so cute. definitely going to be your aw moment in the morning.
5:40 am
houston posted piece of fan mail with a pick of the jersey. letter in part reads i was the most feared rush nerve my league this year. i'm sending you my autographed game jersey so you will know me, when i'm famous nfl player. >> isn't that great. >> presidential race starting to take shape. one the names that keeps popping up is chris kiss at this, of course new jersey governor. >> so, you know what the governor says he's going to do over the holidays. >> he go-go against someone he stumped for, tom corbett says he's also considering a 2016 presidential run. >> really? >> corbett steps down in january after unsuccessful re-election bid, against tom wolf. >> would you do something like this blind student's cane taken from him. what is this bus driver thinking? and the bus driver gives him
5:41 am
an instead? wait until you hear what the mother has to say about this. >> bob kelly checking the traffic for us this thursday, where are weeing. >> going for ride. ready? buckle your seatbelt. ready, set, go. there is the word we're looking for, schuylkill eastbound, not bad at all headed in toward downtown coming around the conshohocken curve. we check the rest of the roads. sue has the cold forecast for
5:42 am
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>> a big happy birthday to one of our viewers. he's on twitter with us. this is paul. he goes by i'm retired. boy, wouldn't that be nice? you're retired, it is your birthday. >> so, paul, thank you, sir, happy birthday to you, and thank you for watching. >> do we know how old? >> he's 59 years old today. zero six kind of big one next year. whole year to plan for that. >> his wife watches every morning, she loves watching you, kerr. >> i oh, thank you. >> sue be do, good morning to you. >> how did he manage that? retired at 59. >> wouldn't that be nice? >> i need to get him on the show. >> we're in the wrong business. >> guess so. we've got the cold front from yesterday. has come through, so winds will be picking up today in the wake of that, and chillier temperatures have moved in. high pressure will be our weather maker today. so, a stretch of dry weather today, tomorrow, most of
5:45 am
saturday, keep the snow up in maine, boston, that area, that system has stalled. but dry weather here in the city, and the surrounding area, as well. but temperatures are a lot chillier, mostly mid 30's, 36 in philadelphia, 37 wildwood, 35 in wilmington, winds out of the northwest now, sustained at 10 miles an hour in the city. higher winds in wilmington, and atlantic city, and wildwood, and the wind gusts getting up there, too, at 31-mile per hour wind gust in lancaster, windy out there this morning, so it just makes it that chill really go through you, makes it feel even colder than it is, windchills are in the 20's, this morning, and that will really hit you, because not only is it colder than yesterday, but it is win year than it was at this time yesterday. we did end up with 53 degrees yesterday, that was little easier to take than the normal high of 44, we will be right around that for high temperature today. so, for the third night of hanukkah, light the thirds
5:46 am
candle there, some clouds around, it will be chillier than it was with temperatures in the 30's, instead of 40's, sunset 4:39 tonight. breezy, chill think evening, lower 40's, precipitation at night saturday. >> this weekend forecast is improving a lot. looks now from the computer models like the storm will mostly go out to sea, and we get glancing blow saturday night, maybe into early sunday morning, bob kelly, you might end up sleeping right through it. >> you know ill. good morning, pretty good shape kicking off the thursday morning here, but starting to see some volume pop. looking liver at 422 on the ride, the gang heading inbound toward king of prussia. this is usually where we start to see the first traffic jam in the cam. , 6:15 is the time to beat. northeast philly same deal. starting to see pockets of volume out of northeast philly
5:47 am
headed south on 95 between academy road down in toward girard avenue. here is a live look, at the ben franklin bridge, looking good, coming into downtown philly. schuylkill expressway, no problems at all, coming into the city, watch for that spring garden street off ramp closed with construction, but otherwise, nice and quiet working your way through 30th street station, if you are headed toward the walt whitman bridge, or down toward the airport, you're in good shape. for the gang in delaware, southbound 95, the construction, blocking the ramp to 202, they said through last -- through tuesday, so we'll see if that's going to tie us up. but again, keep in mind through the weekends, with the holiday shopping, that southbound ramp shutdown there. then new traffic pattern, south on 202 this morning, between route 29 and the 30 bypass. you know the big question: white lights, colored lights, twinkled light. asking to you sends us your pictures, here is a picture from jimmy james in lansdale, pennsylvania. he's got his house lit up. >> this looks like the shed in the backyard, all lit up, as well before you leave the
5:48 am
house today, snap a picture of your holiday lights, and tweet it with hashtag fox 29 lights, we will be showing pictures all morning long, all the way through christmas here on fox 29. chris, kerry, back to you. >> you know what lights i go with? the ones that work. >> how about whether half the strands works. >> yes, we have the whole tree all set up last night. and half of them work. sort of half lit tree. >> there go. >> and you just got it up yesterday? >> we're so behind. don't laugh. >> sorry. >> it is kind of loafer recall, isn't it? >> five 48 is the time. >> after blind sun's school bus driver took away his cane, use this instead pool noodle hit someone with his cane. he's blind. so, the driver took the cane
5:49 am
away. the problem is dakota needs his cane obviously to get around, and the pool noodle doesn't work. >> why would you take the one things that he's supposed to use all the time, and that's his eyes. he's gone through so much in his life already, eight years, eight years, and i just don't like someone else putting my son in that position. >> all right, so the dad, you see him here weighed in, as well. and he said that the bus driver was mistaken when he thought dakota was miss behaving. his boy, he says, was using his cane to figure out where he was. >> reaching around the bus. >> the bus driver had a pool noodle with him? >> how does that happen? >> that's interesting, too. >> for what reason? >> remember we told you that the mummers had a big announcement coming? >> yes, they are adding a second parade now to the mix in 2015. the mummers strutting their stuff down main street foreman
5:50 am
young mardi gras sunday february 22, in addition to the new years day parade. the parade coordinated by congressman bob brady and the manayunk development corporation, hopefully raise tens of thousands of dollars so the mummers association, by the way, the mummers are going to be on our show today on good day right around 8:00. >> did you say february 22? that's george washington's birthday. >> just full of all of this fantastic trivia. >> i don't know. >> pope francis treated to cake, cards, tango demonstration, right? doesn't that sounds like very papal? dozen of couples performed the pope's favre rid dance in saint by the ers square. however, he, himself, did not dance. he turned 78 by the way yesterday. a spanish producer, also, sent the pope more than 1700 pounds of chicken, as a gift. the vatican says the chicken will be distributed to soup kitchens. >> he is the cool pope. >> yep. >> the o'connor family in ireland, wanted to give their daughter special welcome home.
5:51 am
carmel has been living in australia for the last four years, and this will be her first christmas home. here she is, with the help watch this whole thing unfolds >> oh, my gosh! >> ♪ >> common in. >> common in. >> i'm if the going back. >> fun, right? yes, you heard her right. carmel surprised her family with the news that she is staying in ireland for good. >> kind of cool. >> very cool. >> my family emanates from
5:52 am
galloway. haven't been to ireland. what's your favorite christmas movie? tweet us, use the #fox29goodday. what's yours, kerry? >> favorite christmas film of all time? >> oh, i'm big fan of the christmas carol. >> that's great. >> all right, we'll show you those favorites, yes. >> you know, i got to say, probably as i think about it further, national lampoon. >> that's great. chevy chase. >> yep, yep, yep. >> also ahead there is guy had a lot of nerve. he got his heart broken and made a bold plea on line. now he's got his holiday wish. we'll tell but that straight
5:53 am
5:54 am
behold, the subway steak, egg white and cheese: start your morning off right with juicy, sizzly steak, stacked high with protein-packed egg whites, melty cheese and whatever else you love, like jalapeños or spinach - all on warm, toasty flatbread. subway. eat fresh.
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judge a free trip to a woman as his ex girlfriend, have found a match. >> twenty-eight year old jordan, and his then girlfriends, elizabeth gallagher, broke up just a month before they were supposed to go on a trip around the worlds together. he didn't want the ticket to go to waste. and since passport information wasn't required when booking, anybody with the same name could go. kind of cool. polls dollars his request, and after thousands of inquiries, he has pick his travel partner, 23 year old elizabeth
5:56 am
quinn gallagher. >> she's cute. >> she is cute. jordan said the trip is strictly platt on i can, she has a boyfriends. >> right. >> okay. >> if she has a boyfriends. >> please. >> how is she going on this trip? >> on this trip around the world with a complete stranger? offered to put them up in fact in separate rooms, during their trip, whether or not they will sleep in separate room, to be determined. >> how about the boyfriend letting her go? >> letting her go? what's that about? she's her own woman. homeless man in indianapolis, indianna, guess what he hopes will be a life changing christmas gift? >> well, here he is, 26 year old chase moorely, has been legally deaf since he was a kid. avoided going to a doctor for the last ten years to get new hearing aids, could not afford them. as a result he struck told keep a job, and he's now homeless. so his loved ones nominated him for the whisper hearing
5:57 am
center here for the holiday campaign. chase was one of the three winners chosen. >> it almost brought tears to my eyes, just such traumatic thing in my life, i've needed for month now. so just something amazing for me. >> he said these hearing aids hopes will get him a start and restart in life. that's what this holiday campaign is all about. >> of course. that's fabulous. >> hollywood hijacks sony canceled it premiere of the interview, that movie, why they pulled the plug, and when president obama's now saying about the wh
5:58 am
get ready for some german engineered holiday excitement. at the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. right now, for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a new volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta and the precisely engineered passat tdi. ah, the gift of clean diesel. for the new volkswagen on your list this year, just about all you need, is a pen. festive, isn't it? get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models.
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] judge how the school is hoping to help students in mourning, what those kids are demanding from the district. >> could it be the christmas miracle workers in atlantic sit have i been praying for? good news coming out of the casino town. big announcement expected from the taj mahal casino in live report from steve keeley. >> hoping to start better relations, but some people in new jersey are hoping for something else. what is bringing up raw emotions for state troopers


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