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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  December 19, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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iain page will be along at 10:00 o'clock. let's get right tout fox 29's dave schratwieser whose live in cheryl. dave, you spoke with police today. >> reporter: we did. thieves are targeting women holiday shoppers more than half a dozen times in the past month and in one case they stole credit cards and racked up over 14 grand in credit card bills at two-end stores in just a matter of minutes. >> that's right. shoppers beware. >> reporter: tis the season to be jolly but for some unsuspecting holiday shoppers, at south jersey stores, it's anything but jolly when they find out their pockets have been pick. >> it's horrible. i just can't believe that people, you know, this time of year they could do this. >> this goes on all year but picks up this time of the year because you have more shoppers. people and a hectic schedule and obviously they're not paying attention. >> reporter: several suspects have been caught on camera after police say she stole wallets from shoppers at this big shopping center on route 70 in cherry hill and at the cherry hill mall. >> somebody will walk up and
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start talking to you while another person comes up behind you and removes a credit card or your wallet from your handbag. >> reporter: investigators say once the thieves get your wallet, they go on an instant shopping spree at stores close by like best buy, target, macies nordstrom's and the apple store at the mall. >> not so much the money it's the personal stuff that they grab a hold of and go with. that's what bothers me. >> the apple store i'm not sure the exact dollar amount but it was several thousand dollars and they did it win minutes. >> reporter: shoppers were on guard when we spoke with them friday with just six days till christmas. >> people are out enjoying themselves and have to w worry about something like that. very concerning. >> reporter: pickpockets have also targeted diners at bahama breeze and pa nair rah bread as well as shoppers at wegmans and the christmas tree shop. >> i just think you better keep your purse zippered up a lot of purchases leave their purchases in shopping carts. >> coming up at 63:00 good points of advice from cherry hill police on how to prevent
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becoming a victim of these thieves. coming up at 6:00. dawn. >> dave, thank you. police believe a pair of robbers are responsible for up to seven crimes in north philadelphia. six of them caught on camera. these two are terrorizing convenience stores they've been doing it since last month. most recently -- recent one happening on wednesday and the majority of crimes the men getting away with money and cigarettes. officers say the suspects are wearing hoods and sweat pants with reflective stripes. >> anti police graffiti is popping up in west philadelphia. someone spray paint add fence at 48th and baltimore avenue with the words "cop lives don't matter". police believe it happened sometime over into the and they're taking this very seriously. it comes on the heels of a philly paramedic's post showing two black men holding the gun to the head of a white cop. pro police rallies are hitting the streets and we have it live in a live report coming up at 6:00 o'clock. >> cloudy but dry friday across our region. live look in old city
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philadelphia this evening. pretty picture. not bad night at all to get out and get that holiday shopping done. but what about the last weekend before christmas? meteorologist domenica davis here for scott williams with the answer. a lot of people are hoping for good weather. domenica. y, indeed. they're going to get because this last weekend before the holiday is looking pretty quiet. now that doesn't mean, though, we still don't have some big weather to talk about. because a storm is brewing by the holiday. so this weekend though is going to be quiet and it all starts off tonight. happy friday. we're still looking at a little bit of cloud cover around but it will turn partly cloudy for this evening. really no weather worries for tonight or even as we go into saturday and sunday. here's a look at the temperatures. 40 degrees in the city. we have 25 right now in mount pocono. it's 37 in wildwood. still hanging on to a bit of a wind out of the northwest. so that is making the feels like temperature a bit chilly. it feels like 33 in philly.
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11 in mount pocono. definitely bundle up. here's a look at your fox cast. wind chills will stay in the 20s through the evening. we do have a big storm system to talk about and guys it arrives just in time for christmas eve a lot to talk about and we'll do so coming up in a little bit. back to you. >> not good timing. thank you. you can stay ahead of the weather any time this weekend go to and click on the weather tab. >> developing right now fbi is officially linked north korea to the hacking attack on sony. the cyber terrorism targeted the movie the interview and caving to the hackers major movie chains refused to show it. then, sony decided to shelf it. in a national address today president obama says he thinks sony made a mistake in pulling the film. the comedy is based on plot to assasinate north korean leader kim junk un. the president says the us will respond to north korea's faction a place, manner and time that we choose. we'll have much more on this story at 5:30. >> and hackers are hitting very close to home.
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pine forge academy in douglas township received an e-mail that state police in reading are are now investigating. from a group who calls itself the heart of the people, and it says pine forge alumni offered it $900,000 to launch a cyber attack against the school. the group's threatening to go through with the plan unless the school antis up $1 million. >> happening now arrest murders of eight children in australia. police are not saying if it's the 34-year-old woman found stabbed in the home. the bodies of the children were discovered early this morning. fox' pass tricia stark has reaction from stunned neighbors. >> grizzly scene in australia as police find the bodies of eight children inside a home. the discovery happening friday morning in the town of cans. queens land state police said they were called to home after receiving a report of a woman with serious injuries. when police got to the house, they found the bodies of the children inside. a 34-year-old woman was also
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found with establish wounds to the chest. >> as it stands at the moment there's no need for the public to be concerned about this other than the fact that it's a tragic event. the situation is well controlled at the moment. there's no -- shouldn't be any concern for anyone else. >> reporter: police have yet to say exactly how the children died. they range in age from 18 months to 15 years. officers say the injured woman is the mother of seven of those kids. the news of their deaths leaving people in the community shaken up. >> i'm really shocked, too. because, um, you know, i just saw her this morning with her kids. >> i just saw it on the news. my family is back home they're waiting. >> prime minister tony abbott speaking out about the incident saying "the news out of cannes is heart broken. all parents would feel a gulf
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wrenching -- gut wrenching sadness at what has happen. police are expecting to remain at the crime scene for the next couple of days. the injured woman was taken to the hospital where she's being treated for her wounds. patricia stark, fox news. >> deadly car crash shut down a busy road in chester county. one car involved and one person died in the 5am crash on modena road. sky fox shows it shut down all the lanes. no word yet on what happened. police were on the scene of another car accident that happened just after 2:00 this morning on the westbound said of i-76 between the 30th and market street exit and the exit for 676 east. no word yet on what caused that. >> it's a holiday ritual at least in washington. president barack obama delivering his year end news conference today before then jetting off to hawaii for a two week vacation with his family. it's been a rough year for the president. his approval rating dropping and democrats losing control of the senate. today the president speaking about the improving economy and changing policies in america's
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relationship with cuba. he's also weighing in on the sony hacking scandal. the president says the movie studio should not have backed down. >> i am sympathetic to the concerns that they faced. having said all of that, yes, i think they made mistake. >> the president also says we cannot have a society in which some dictator can start imposing censorship in the united states. the first family is expected back in washington in early january. it is now official. jimmy rollins is a los angeles dodger. the trade of course happened last wednesday but the i's had to be dotted and t's had could be crossed before it became official. >> a phillies favorite for almost 15 years now begin. keith russell is here with a loss for this team that in many ways can't be quantified. keith. >> ladies, you know the phillies get prospects names that may mean something one day. but not now. what they lose was a guy who
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personafied that p on that hat, his performance, perseverance and pride he brought to an entire organization and city. now some people hated his form when he first came up, his rap music in the clubhouse, his attitude for interviews. some questioned his 2007mvp award. without jimmy rollins let me keep it real. the phillies are still stuck on one world series title. not two. if you spent any time around the team, you know he was the unquestioned leader with his voice and his presence. how do the phillies replace that? who knows? >> it will be a loss for the organization. at the same time, um, this is important for the organization, because it's fairly obvious. i mean, we -- we made the very con serred effort to decide that it was time for us to turn the page. >> you know rollins leaves as the phillies all-time hits leader and heads to the dodgers not far from his hometown of oakland.
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but ladies, his infectious smile and contagious confidence will sorely be missed. much more on this story at 6:00 o'clock. >> it will. thank you, keith. >> serious warning tonight about apples. caramelized. >> pre packed ones they could be deadly. >> also ahead a lay away nightmare a woman were you so close to paying off brand new coach but the store vanish. fox 29 is working to get resul results. >> plus jerry sandusky's new legal battle were a judge has taken a way from the convicted child molester that could have a huge impact on his bank account. >> tiny p running for the first time in his life. new technology is given this dog the chance to live live like never before. >> domenica. >> if you'll be out and about this weekend the weather is looking pretty fantastic, but, ut-oh, we have a storm brewing for christmas eve. i'll detail it all coming up.
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♪ >> philadelphia police are looking for this guy caught on camera holding up a kicks usa sneaker store on the 3600 block of aramingo avenue in port richmond. it happened tuesday night. the man took his items to the counter as you see. the employee rung them up. the next thing you know he pulls a gun. wants everything out of the
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register. he took off with the cash and the clothes. >> in delaware spas and accusations of prostitution have landed the owner of several spas behind bars. police say this man is in jail after an incident at the relaxed spa in rehoboth beach earlier this mom one of the other spas in middle closed almost a year ago after arrest for prostitution there as well. >> there's a gold alert tonight for a missing delaware woman. state troopers are searching for door net at a paterson the 40-year-old woman from magnolia, delaware. paterson who was last seen leaving her home was said to be wearing black jacket and no one has heard from her since 2:00 a.m. anyone with any information on the whereabouts of door net at a paterson is asked to please give police a call. >> thcenters for disease control is linking five deaths and more two dozen illnesses to pre packaged caramel apples. these hit these states so far starting on october 17.
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officials say they know of 28 cases of listeria poisoning. investigators are trying to determine the specific brands of caramel apples involved. until they do figure it out, they're asking you not to eat any pre packaged caramel apples. >> fox 29 working to get results for a bucks county woman caught up in a furniture fiasco. she pretty much paid off a new sectional sofa only to see the store disappear in thin air. bruce gordon has seen all this before. >> he joins us in studio. bruce this is no way to start off the christmas holiday. yeah, ladies. ba hum bug what it say. lay away plans can be a lifesaver for some customers. they can hold the furniture for example while making payments and then have it delivered once they come up with the total price tag at least that's how it's supposed to work. >> he's my world. he's my world. >> reporter: when anna four-year-old german leopard leo u went surgery this summer she did everything in her power to make life comfortable for this member of the family which left
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her living room sofa in pretty rough shape. >> my dog has been house bound for six months on my couch. >> reporter: anna wept to bristol mattress tress and furniture on bristol pike. dealt with tone into many order add brand new sofa and otto man. $952. she spent the neck several months making small at all times just a few days ago still about 250 bucks short of getting her sofa, she paid another visit to the store to make another payment. >> what happens? >> the store is empty. >> completely gone. >> reporter: you looked through the window and there's no furniture. >> nothing in there at all. >> reporter: how does that mack you feel? >> burned. >> reporter: the store sits or sat in a strip shopping center that's been hammered by a major road project on bristol pike. nearly impossible just to get to the place. which some weeks ago led anna to ask tony -- >> you're not going to up and leave some day and leave me high and dry? no, no, no, we wouldn't do that to you. >> reporter: tony's business
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card labeled the store bristol mattress and furniture. but signs outside the place call it bristol furniture mattress and east coast mattress and furniture. another sign nearby calls it bristol furniture. whatever the name no one has returned her repeated calls. >> just square up with me. no response. >> reporter: days before christmas, anna appears to be out 700 bucks. has no new sectional and no answers. >> you reached out to us why? because you guys seem to get thing taken care of. you get people, you know, interested and you get things resolved. >> reporter: we're trying. we called the phone number for the store it goes to a answering mr. we left a message. no response yet. i spoke this afternoon to the bucks county consumer advocate. we're sending complainants his way. go to we'll link to you that contact information. by the way i've also received out to the bristol borough
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police who we are told are investigating. if the store has simply moved, we'd like to know where. if they have closed, anna wants and frankly deserves her money back. lucy? >> if anybody can track down that owner it's you, bruce. keep us posted. >> it will be double the fun at philadelphia and camden rink in the new year. philadelphia mayor michael nutter and camden mayor dana redd announced plans for the big evening at the sugar house casino. they're joining forces to make the waterfront the best place to celebrate the new year. the fireworks on the waterfront in both cities will light the skies at 6:00 p.m. and again at midnight. >> there will be great viewing opportunities for the fireworks both shows at wiggins park in camden, at penn's landing and at sugar house casino. >> don't forget the 2016 mummers parade has new route. broad street from city hall to washington avenue. parade starts at 10am and the mummers have another celebration on main street in manayunk.
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>> schools wind down for the holidays a special act hem dick award ceremony held today at a philadelphia charter school. and this one with quite a special twist. students gathering this morning for an assembly at the charter high school for architectural and design in old city philadelphia chad. seniors being recognized for out standing a chief many. one senior in particular called up at the very end for something she never ever expected. >> so let's ask shy gordon to come up. (applause). >> we have a surprise for shy gordon. >> you can tell she looked very perplexed there. coming up alt 6:00 why that surprise means so much to this 17-year-old student. >> can't wait to see that. >> deadly sin city shoot out caught on video coming up how an
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altercation over a bus pass led to the shooting near the vegas strip. >> saving money when you travel this holiday. the new trend that could put cash back in your pocket while you're on vacation. >> wouldn't that be a nice thing. extending your life. speaking of good things. one thing you take for a nasty headache could also have a major impact on your life. what we are learning about ibuprofen.
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>> a 19-year-old woman in new york is accused of killing her five-year-old cousin. police initially issued an amber alert aft tiffany van alston called 911 saying kenneth white had been abducted yesterday afternoon. his body was later found across the street from his house. police say her parents have been legal guardians of the boy, his twin sister and their four-year-old sister for the
5:24 pm
last few months. she's facing second degree murder charge. >> bus fight and a shooting on the vegas strip caught on came camera. police say the violence started when a city bus driver told a man his bus pass wasn't valid. the rider wasn't happy and started a raucus. security officer told him to leave so he did get off but for the next 13 minutes the man be littled and aggravated another security officer who had already stepped off that bus. moments later it look like he was about to apologize but that is not what happened. the rider pulled out a gun and started firing at the officer. >> the security officer was struck. he went down to the ground and prior to going to the ground he actually reached down toward his duty belt and unholstered his firearm and returned fire. >> hail of bullets there. the man shot the security officer six times. the shooter was shot twice and died at the scene. no word on the security officer's condition. in world news u.s. marine on trial. the marine appearing in court in
5:25 pm
the philippines where he's accused of murder. private first class scott pemberton accused of killing a transgender fill low mean in a woman two months ago. police say estranged jennifer loud in a motel after finding out that she had had a sex change. they met earlier in a local bar. supporters of the victim's family rallying outside the court. they want pemberton held in a local jail during the proceedings. the philippine government asking the u.s. embassy for custody of pemberton but that request rejected. >> nearly 10 years have passed since a massive deadly tsunami hit indonesia, india and sri lanka killing 230,000 people tom this day the regions are working on getting the word out especi especially to rural areas about preparing for any disaster. indonesia took the brunt of the 2004 tsunami's force. schools continue to train students on what to do if an earthquake or tsunami strikes. experts say the country still has a long way to go even though the country's preparedness is better, it stl needs to improve
5:26 pm
in vulnerable areas. back in the states, slow-moving but relentless lava on hawaii's big island pushing toward a shopping center. the laugh has moved about 50 yards in one day. businesses in the marketplace are now getting ready to pack up and get out. a gas station has taken out the fuel from its tanks. now in new jersey, a beach battle is brewing. >> it is still ahead why some beach owners want nothing to do with protective sand dunes. plus the f boulevard i says north korea is in fact behind the hacking of sony pictures. what the president says will happen next and how the scandal is impacting a lot of people in hollywood. >> guess what? winter hasn't even started yet. the winter solstice is on sunday. we'll have a look at the forecast and see if it does get a little wintry
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>> it looks like former penn state sift tan football coach jerry sandusky will not get his pension back. his pension of $4,900 a month was canceled two years ago after his child molestation convict. his attorney says he does plan to challenge state employees retirement system in a lawsuit. happening now, fbism says north korea is in fact behind the hacking a tack on sony pictures. this coming as the president says sonny made a bad call. president obama criticizing the studios decision to cancel its premier of the movie interview.
5:30 pm
>> catherine herridge has more now from washington, d.c. >> as the fallout intensified over sony pictures entertainment dropping the movie the interview under duress, president obama's aids edged closer to pointing the finger at the regime of north korean dictator kim junk un. officials reviewing they're holding daily white house meeting with top military and cyber security advisers. >> this something being treated as a serious potential security matter. there is evidence to indicate that we have seen disruptive activity with malicious intent that was initiated by a sophisticated act. >> they refused to name north korea and would not discuss possible sanctions if the fbi comes forward with evidence against the communist regime. as unlikely bed fellows ranging from hollywood stars to republicans like senator tom mccain all slammed sony for caving and potentially setting a press department that will jar other art. mccain hit the president by declaring quote the need for sony pictures to make that
5:31 pm
decision ultimately arose from the administration's continuing failure to satisfactorily address the use of cyber per weapons by our nation's enemies. >> critics want thed president to show he'd get behind sony if it decided to go with the film that depicts the deck tater getting assasinate. >> if we see something that we think is serious and credible we'll let the public know. my recommendation would be people going to the movies. >> those comments were focused on the terror threat that might show the film. white house aids tried to say it was a full throated endorsement of sony. >> i thought the couldn't tech of the question was concern about terror threats. >> it was. it was a show of support for artists and other short making films including the artist who's made this film. >> daily beast revealed at the request of sony two state department officials screened the movie back in june. including the final scene showing the leader's head explode and said it was okay. administration officials today
5:32 pm
said they didn't did not under estimate the fallout from north korea because they were merely making suggestions to sony and not dictate wagon to do. meanwhile several theaters around the country had planned to show the 2004 comedy team america world police as a replacement. but now paramount pictures snuffed that out. since it also myfoxphilly the regime. the state department tried to pour cold water on the idea that they endorsed the film saying that sonny only met with one of the officials and that the other administration issue official did not meet with sony, did not see the movie and only relayed messages to the company. at the white house, ed henry, fox news. >> new jersey beaches are smack dab in the middle of a new lawsuit just filed against the state. on the heels of super storm sandy the state wants to put up protective sand dunes between communities and the ocean. point pleasant beach is one of the states largest and most popular beaches. jenn kin son's pavilion is there and the own are in filed a lawsuit in federal court he did so today. he claims the project along the shore line would transform his
5:33 pm
privately owned beach into a public one. other ocean front property owners have also objected to signing easements for a portion of their beaches to let the work move forward. however, governor chris christie has vowed the state will use eminent domain to seize the land if they don't sign. >> and time now for your fox 29 weather authority. definitely a chill in the air. >> yes. >> it's the wind. >> and, guys, it's not even winter yet. can you believe that? we haven't even started until sunday. >> i keep thinking december this is not bad for december. that's what i keep thinking. it's actually not. average of december we are about up roughly just over a degree. >> see. >> we're right around where we should. >> you're right, lucy. that glass is half full lucy noland. >> thank you. >> we have -- it is chilly out there because we're still dealing with northwest wind so that is making things a bit brisk and that's going to last through the first part of the evening before those winds will die down overnight. so tomorrow we don't have the
5:34 pm
wind factor to worry about. but it's 34 right now in allentown. we have 24 in mount pock know. the feels like is around 11, 10 degrees. so that is quite chilly. 40 in the city for the current temperature and pretty much right around the city the wind chills are in the 30s. it's the 20s north you go. and along the shore as well still dealing with wind chill. 40 in cape may. 38 right now in ocean city with those winds coming out of the northwest. now, we're being controlled by high pressure and really lucking out this weekend because there is a big storm system down to the south. that is going to continue to track off to the northeast, but the good thing for us is, it is going to stay to the south and move off to the coast. so we don't get in on it at all this weekend which means we stay dry as that storm system will just go right out into the at atlantic tick. so we are talking clouds and sun both saturday and sunday. if you're doing your last money shopping out and about you do not have to worry about the weather. you will have to start worrying
5:35 pm
about rain in the forecast by monday. i'll tell when you coming up let's look at fox future cast. we'll roll it right through this afternoon and this evening. we are dry. partly cloudy skies for tonight. the same for so many it will be more sunshine in the first part of the day and then those clouds start to thicken up by late afternoon into the evening. sunday it's more of the same. so another dry day. we'll go back and forth between the clouds and the sun. temperatures stay in the 40s both days. so relatively speaking the temperatures are going to be nice. by monday, though, night we're looking at a first of a couple of systems that come through. that are fairly weak monday and tuesday but it will bring showers into the forecast boo monday night. we'll see those showers linger on tuesday. and then it's christmas eve that we're looking for a much bigger system to roll through here. it starts in the morning and we are talking heavy rain and strong winds. the good thing with this system is, the snow stays out to our west. so i81 that corridor you will have a chance for some snow and
5:36 pm
sleet but for all of us, pretty much this will be a rain and a wind driven event so if you are doing your traveling on christmas eve, just know you could have some problems certainly and it's going to be up and down the east coast really reminiscent of what we saw on thanksgiving. a very similar storm. 28 for the overnight low tonig tonight. no worries about the weather. partly cloudy skies, it will be cold, though, and breezy. 41 tomorrow, sun and clouds. winds lighten up and that is going to make huge difference. there's a look at the fox cast for the eagles tomorrow. they are in d.c. it will be chilly, but dry. and then the seven day forecast shows a lot going on by monday but just showers monday and tuesday. the main event is christmas eve. it's out of here by christmas day though. it will be dry and breezy but it is going to be a tough travel day christmas eve. >> no snow, just rain. no snow, yes. >> thanks domenica. your go to when you have aches and pains, could help you live longer. >> what you may want to know about a popular item in your medicine cabinet plus he's got to be the happiest dog in
5:37 pm
america. how knew technology is helping this pup run for the very first time in his life. >> and coming up a new at sick clock, a major break. what police want you to know about a baseball bat and a local cold case killing. (vo) nourished. rescued. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> in your health new study says ibuprofen may um move long fifty three is the of the regular doses have shown to extent the live span of multiple species. the researchers used bakers yeast which is an established aging model and say they noticed that the yeast treated with ibuprofen lived longer. they trade the same process with worms and flies and saw the same extended live span. the world health organization includes ibuprofen on its list of search medications need a basic hit system. >> there's a fruit you may want to add to your diet. wild blueberries are called bill berries and they can apparently reduce harmful effects of eating feat foods. researchers found handful of them cut down on inflammation
5:41 pm
and blood pressure concerns. and the more acidic guess what the better. the study conducted at university of eastern finland. >> got to figure how to find them around here. exactly. >> strangers to the rescue. >> how far good samaritans went to save two men from a burning car. >> saving money when you travel this holiday sounds good, right? >> a new trend could put cash right back in your pocket while you're on vacation. >> talk about christmas tradition. what one family puts inside their home each year that would make clark griswold very jealo jealous.
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>> are you hitting the roads to visit family over the holidays, if you are we got good news. it looks like filling up that tank won't put a huge dent in your wallet. doesn't that sound nice? gas prices are down this year. the average for a gallon of gas is below $2 and 50 cents for the first time in years. i'm still going for the less than $2 thing i'd like that. even better though prices will probably continue to drop over the next few week. we'll see how throw government if you're looking to fly somewhere warm today may be the dye book a trip. frontier airlines having a one day sale from flights from philadelphia international airport. fairs as low as 39 bucks. that is less than what a lot of us pay to fill up our gas tanks. the destinations a few spots in florida. miami, orlando, tampa and cancun, mexico.
5:46 pm
for the 411 head to click on the scene on tv tab and you will find a link. >> i like that. >> travel costs can add up fast from the flight, the parking lot and car rem. there's a new trend that can help you cut down on those costs and put money believe it or not right back in your pock. >> foss' laura evans has a concept that's catching on fast. >> reporter: with the soaring costs of airline ticks, it's hard to stay on budget. but theresa price has no choice. >> i'm on budget because i have two sons in college and another one who is headed to college so i have to save funds where i can. >> reporter: when she was headed to boston to visit one of her sons at school, she searched for an economical way to rent a car. she came across flight car. >> i had never herd britt. >> reporter: what were you thinking? >> i was thinking, oh, this looks pretty interesting. >> reporter: the innovative car rental company was a concept created by two guys childhood friends when they were seniors in high school. their idea allow people who are
5:47 pm
traveling out of an airport to park their car for free while they're away. >> while they're gone you rent the car out to other travelers who are coming into the same airport. so for the owner of the car they get guaranteed free parking it occurred to us if we can add additional value for people in terms of the free parking to not make money but add free parking it would make it for attractive for people. >> they were so confident in their business plan they decided to defer college and launch flight car instead. >> get a lot of experience doing this, because you either do it right or you mess up big time. report roar so far it seems they're doing it right. they opened up at their first airport san francisco in february of 2013. 18 months later, they're now at five airports, la, boston, seattle and now dulles. reagan national and bwi marshall may not be far down the road. so what's the cost? a typical rental car is about 35 to 40 bucks a day. a flight car can be as low as 17 to $18 a day.
5:48 pm
>> for the renter it's simply a better deal than with standard rental car company. >> cars are clean and everything was just like any other enterprise or anywhere else. >> reporter: theresa price says she had a great experience using flight car. she would use it again and now that it's at dulles would be comfortable renting out her own car. >> when people leave town they leave their cars, they have to pay. now you don pay and you get paid. so it's like more sustainable and i think it's great. >> reporter: in washington, laura evans, fox news. >> strangers to the rescue in massachusetts after a car accident traps two people. wednesday night in lowell mark and his son were traveling home when they heard the sounds of a screech and brakes applied really march. a saab rear ended another car sending it if you have tee yards past an intersection. the saab burst into flames. and side two young men and they were trapped. that's when the father and the son jumped into action safing them.
5:49 pm
>> neither one was talking. glass their face. when i was dragging the% one out he was a heavy guy and he was, you know, ouch, ouch, you hurt? but i mean, it is what it is. >> well, thank goodness they were there. firm said he'd do it all officer again in heartbeat although he hopes it never happens again. >> one tennessee family's holiday tradition has evolved into a winter wound lander that includes dozens of christmas trees inside their home. fox's roger, shows us what it looks like. >> reporter: tonight we learn there's nothing that symbolize the holiday season quiet like a single beautiful christmas tree. except, of course, 50 beautiful christmas trees. this smyrna home feels like a christmas carol. >> i like to look at the trees. they're pretty, and people enjoy them, and it's been a delight. >> reporter: gloria displays more than 50 christmas trees. she designs all of them herself. she's got some real beauties like travel tree, a gold and
5:50 pm
silver tree even a golf tree. ♪ >> reporter: she's the brains behind this christmas magic. her husband buddy is the braun. >> we start in september if not before. >> reporter: yup, it sure does take time. gloria says it's worth it and she's not alone. >> they have to have points to come. >> reporter: this year folks come from all over the country for a feeling even santa claus can't deliver. >> i'm proud of it. i think it has turned out good. >> we actually started out with like every standard family just one tree. >> they went went to two. >> reporter: and now a hundre hundred. in other words they're collection has really branched out. >> we've been doing it so long but as long as we can go up the ladder we'll do it. >> maybe eighths little bit crazy it's something we really have passion for. >> reporter: now the wither row's know their home really is like a classic christmas carol. beautiful, time less and finally complete.
5:51 pm
>> it's just gotten to the pinnacle -- to the point where we say okay, i don't think we can top it. >> santa comes down the chimney there he won't leave. looking to save a little cash. a 14-year-old coupon experts offering advice. 14. meet mark, he says that he uses coupons to buy things cheap and resells them at a profit. in the past sick months he's made more than $9,000. >> nice. >> past six months. he says neighbors even come to his room to shop. that's where the store is. his mom, she very much appreciates the said dee supply of laundry detergent. >> as you can see height rear 14 count. retail at 5.99. they were on sale for 3.94. i had a $2 off coupon making them 1.94 and then when i bought 10, i got a $10 gift card i paid about two bucks for 10 of these. >> that's amazing. he says he donates excess items to a local food bank so he's giving back to boot and already investing his earnings.
5:52 pm
>> love it. >> i know. a new york brewery lights up an usual holiday at track. the jenn 93 see brewery in row chester creating a christmas tree out of beer keg. it took 300. the tree is designed with led lights and a rotating jenn 93 see sign. >> this could be a first. a dog with prosthetic legs created by a 3d computer. >> it's designers say it's more cost effective than the traditional process. fox's lauren demarco shows us the heart warming derby of -- video of derby the dog running for the very first time. >> reporter: animal orth though care in chantilly virginia is one of the practices in the world that creates prosthetics for animals they've discover a game changer in the industry because of one very special dog. about 3 million views on youtube and growing. derby the mal la mute mix was formed with deformed front legs but he's now touching hearts with his joy filled run and it's
5:53 pm
all thanks to cuttin cutting ede technology involving 3d printing. >> we want to i policemen this on a grand scale. i moon we want to use this in almost all of our cases if possible. >> reporter: meet derek a can know a virginia prosthetic specialist who decided 10 years ago to start creating the devices for animal. derby's foster marks for 3d printing company called 3d systems. >> i had to try and help this dog. >> reporter: she believe the technology could be used to help the pup and sought out capano. >> we knew right away he was a good candidate for prosthetics since he wouldn'ted to use his legs. >> reporter: the 3d printer was able to scan derby's body and create the molds used to design the custom fiss prosthetics. >> the cool thing about derby was he's a case that i would had to rebuild prosthetics multiple times. it wouldn't have been cost effective. it would have been very labor intensive. so we would have had to alter do
5:54 pm
tons of did you have designs changes when using the 3d systems printing we can just literally alter on the screen and printout. his energetic spirit is infectious. derby who's now been adopted immediately took off running once he was fitted. >> i'm so desensitized because i've seen so many animals with issues, and this was one of the first times where i literally was crying when i watch the video. we're happy we were able to be a part of this success story and we think we're going to be able to see lots of patients and use 3d printing in the future to help a lot more animals like derby. >> look how happy he is. you know where he luvs now, derby lives in pennsylvania. his adopted parents say he runs two to 3 miles with them every day. >> such a great ending. >> we have another half hour of news straight ahead. picture fallout. a philadelphia paramedic's controversial social media post against police gets major backlash. what some are doing to show their support for the ben and women in blue.
5:55 pm
>> a day won't local teen won't soon forget. the surprise at school that brought everyone to their feet. the tear jerk kerr just in time for the holidays. >> keith? >> lucy work years ago victorino won the title with the red sox. last year hunter pence giants. 2015, rollins, dodgers. we'll tell you why phillies slows la's gain in sports. pass. >> not a bad finish to the work week at all. temperatures reached a high today of 42 in the city. just a couple of degrees below normal. it stays warm through the weekend but a holiday storm is brewing. weekend but a holiday storm is brewing. i'll have the details coming up.
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>> right now at 6:00 growing backlash over an anti police picture. the photo shows two black men pointing guns at a white police officer and now this. someone spray painted a fence at 48th and baltimore avenue with
6:00 pm
the words "cops lives don't matter". good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. iain page will be along tonight at 10:00. >> i'm lucy noland much this is a story you saw first on fox. let's get first to fox 29's shawnette wilson live in the mayfair neighbor. demonstrators are rallying for police. shawnette? >> reporter: this is where one of three rallies will happen in less than an hour as you mentioned it will be held in support of philadelphia police officers. take a look behind me. the scene is being set here. the rally come on the heels of several incidents this week in philadelphia that have raised tensions between police and the community. this the most recent incident. people in west philadelphia woke up this morning as we just mentioned to graffiti on fence at 48th and baltimore avenues. someone spray painted the words "cops lives don't matter". more showed up nearby mentioning gordan tate brown. sunday police shot and killed the 26-year-old. police say brown reached for a gun during a struggle when they


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