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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 19, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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the words "cops lives don't matter". good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. iain page will be along tonight at 10:00. >> i'm lucy noland much this is a story you saw first on fox. let's get first to fox 29's shawnette wilson live in the mayfair neighbor. demonstrators are rallying for police. shawnette? >> reporter: this is where one of three rallies will happen in less than an hour as you mentioned it will be held in support of philadelphia police officers. take a look behind me. the scene is being set here. the rally come on the heels of several incidents this week in philadelphia that have raised tensions between police and the community. this the most recent incident. people in west philadelphia woke up this morning as we just mentioned to graffiti on fence at 48th and baltimore avenues. someone spray painted the words "cops lives don't matter". more showed up nearby mentioning gordan tate brown. sunday police shot and killed the 26-year-old. police say brown reached for a gun during a struggle when they
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pulled him over during a traffic stop. all of this coming the same week of philly par posted on social media a picture from a rabb video showing two black men holding a gun to the head of a white police officer. mayor michael nutter addressed the incident earlier today. >> particular type of anguish in the country that citizens are feeling, that law enforcement officers are feeling, public safety, first responders are feeling, and so, you know, i think we just -- a certain point we need to calm ourselves down, be mindful of the impact that our actions or comments or statements can have on other people. >> reporter: organizers of tonight's rally say that not all police officers are bad and they want to support the ones who go out and risk their lives on the job every single day. again this rally starts at 7:00 o'clock. back to you in the studio. >> all right. thank you very much, shawnette. a man's under arrest for deadly hit-and-run almost two weeks ago in bridge pour. investigators say two suvs hit thomas daily on december 5th. prosecutors say christian
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fuentes was behind the wheel of one of those vehicles. they say fuentes hit daily when he was crossing the street just after 11:30 in the evening. fuentes faces numerous charges. >> a dry friday across the area. live look right now at center city at the skyline. it looks pretty out there, and you can bet an awful lot of people will be headed out for some last minute shopping. meteorologist domenica davis in for scott tonight and we're hoping the weather will hold out for the weekend because i think a lot of people still have a lot of shopping to do. myself included. yes. well the good thing is it will. this weekend forecast is shaping up to be pretty nice. we really dodged a bullet because we do have a rain system that is going to our south and it's going to stay to our south. which will be nice. 39 degrees. that's where we're looking at for the current temperatures right now. fur headed out this friday evening, bundle up. because these are actual air temperatures. the feel like temperatures though are much cooler. so we have 20s and teens to our north, and then pretty much 30s
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and even some 20s popping up for the wind chill even to our south. so it will continue to be a quite but a cold evening. your fox cast shows the wind chills staying in the 20s across much of the area right through 11:00 o'clock tonight. we'll have partly cloudy skies. here's the weather headlines. it's nice and quiet for the weekend. we do have some rain coming into the forecast monday and tuesday. a chance of rain showers. but it's wednesday that we're focused on christmas eve storm is brewing. we're looking at rain and a lot of wind. it means it's going to be a tough travel day. i'll have all the details coming up. >> all right. thanks domenica. you can get weather updates any time. go to for the weather tab at the top of our home page. >> happening right now, a warning for holiday shoppers. while you're looking at the shelves and through the racks thieves have their eyes on your wallet. they are striking over and over again at busy malls such as the cherry hill mall. fox 29's dave schratwieser joins us live in cherry hill. dave, if shoppers know about
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what's going on, are they worried about it? >> reporter: they are. they're on guard. in fact cherry hill police tonight warning holiday shoppers women shoppers that they're being targeted and they're telling them be march. watch your pock book zip it up when you go in the store and don't become the next victim. >> christmas joy turned to ba hum bug for unsuspecting choppers at south jersey shopping centers. police say it's been anything but jolly when shopper fine out their pockets have been pick. >> i work hard for my money. so i want to keep it safe. >> picks up that is time of the year because you have more shoppers, people on hectic schedule and they're not paying attention. >> reporter: several suspects have been caught on camera after they stole wallets from shoppers at cherry hill mall and at this shopping center on route 70. >> someone will walk up and start talking to you while another person comes up behind you and removes a credit card or
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wallet from your happened bag. >> they go an instant shopping spree at stores close by. like target, best buy, macy's nordstrom's and the apple store at the mall. they're ringing up hundreds to thousands of dollars in merchandise in minutes. >> it's a shame. you know, it's a real shame but that's the way it is now a days, you know. everybody, you know, everybody needs money, and they're going to get it any way they can. >> reporter: shoppers had their guard up when we spoke to them friday with just six days till christmas. >> a lot of people leave their purses in shopping carts not thinking and being unsocial security speccing. >> pick pockets have also targ targeted diners at bahamas breeze and panero bread, shoppers at wegmans and christmas tree shop. >> keep your handbag turned facing you, flat facing you. don't leave it unattended in a shopping cart. and don't hang it on the back of a chair in a restaurant. >> i'm going to pay attention to my surroundings with everything. >> reporter: if you want to get another look at those suspects we have surveillance photos on our website at
6:06 pm if you recognize any of them you shall call the cherry hill police. dawn? >> all right, dave, thanks so much. camden county police hoping unique design on a man's jacket right here leads them to an arrest. take a look. two men rob the grocery store last night. that's on the 2600 block of federal street. police say that the suspects entered the store one flashed his gun. got some cash and took off. if you know who these guys are, if you recognize that jacket, you're asked to please contact police. >> authorities are hoping that you can help them solve a cold case in wilmington, delaware. last february the body of wayne capelly was found on the 2100 block of dell view avenue. someone beat him with a bat similar to one there. white aluminum louisville slugger. detectives believe the bat used may have been taken from the open are in without them knowing about it. capelly was last seen alive leaving the super fresh in bryn mawr plaza. fox 29 is working to get results in the case of the disappearing furniture store. bristol bucks county woman says
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she was hip deep in payments for a sexual sofa on lay away when the store closed its doors without any warning. nan tells our bruce gordon she paid seven hun doctor dollars towards the total price $952 for a sectional sofa and ottoman she ordered at bristol mattress and furniture on bristol pike this is back in june. she says she always dealt with the man named tony. but when she went to the store a few days to make her last and final paper, guess what? gone. >> reporter: what happens? >> the store is empty. completely gone. >> reporter: you looked through the window and there's no furniture. >> nothing in there at all. >> reporter: you see nothing through that window and what are you thinking? >> i was heart broken. >> signage at the store gives several variations of the actual name of the business. we have reach out to the bristol borough police and we've asked the bucks county consumer advocate to investigate. if you are a customer with a complaint go to and we will link you to the
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contact number. >> two places to party will be twice the fun for the new year. philadelphia mayor michael nutter and camden mayor dana re did. d a unnod plans for the big evening at the sugar house casino. they are joining forces to make the waterfront the best place to celebrate the new year. the firework on the waterfront in both cities will light the skies at 6:00 p.m. and again at midnight. >> they'll will be great viewing opportunities for the fireworks both shows at wiggins park in camden, at penn's landing and at sugar house casino. >> don't forget the 2015 mummers parade has a new route broad street from city hall to washington avenue. the parade starts at 10am and the mummers have another celebration on main street in manayunk. so, christmas comes early for a local high school student and it's a gift she's never going to forget. >> still ahead tonight fox 29 is there as the surprise brings everyone to their feet. the tear jerk kerr just in time for the holidays.
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>> you know most people new him as j roll. now that j has rolled out of town we'll tell you why the phillies may not be able to replace him any time soon. stick around for sports. >> winter is getting ready to roll into town. we have the winter solstice this week and it starts at sunday and it will be the shortest day of the year. so how will this weekend's weather fare? we'll have a look at the were there coming up. >> all right. thank you. coming up tonight at 10:00 o'clock are you ready? no. is holiday panic setting in again? yes. the shopping rush extenting store hours and last minute deals. we'll have it all for to you knit the 10:00 o'clock.
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♪ >> children in delaware county experiencing the true meaning of the holidays as they give out toys to those in need. pick ups were made at the darby rec center on ridge avenue today. and the kids say they felt just like santa and it was great. >> yes, indeed. nothing like having family around to celebrate the holidays it's something that a lot of us probably take for granted. but one area school helping in a special effort to bring some extra holiday cheer this christmas to one of its studen students. >> achievement for academic he can lense in english. >> special award ceremony today at the charter high school for architecture cher and design in old city philadelphia. seniors at chad being recognized for outstanding achievements.
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>> highest score in the class goes to tiffany win. (applause). >> this assembly taking a special twist. no one quite expected. >> once in while something happens that makes us think about things we don't often think about. one of those occasions is today. >> with that senior shy gordon is called up to the podium looking rather bewildered. >> we have a surprise for shy gordon and this is a surprise from all of us because it's a way of celebrating service. (cheers and applause). >> shy's sister schenn whose serving in the air force coming home for the holidays early to surprise her little sis. >> i really wanted to surprise her.
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i didn't think it would turn out to be this big i really thought i was going to walk into her class and just like surprise her just take her out of school but it just -- it just exploded. >> i'm really surprised. i was so confused when they called me up. i'm really happy. i really am. >> last time schenn was home march when she left for basic training in monterey california. >> it was so exciting. i'm so nervous. my hands are shaking. i haven't seen my little sister in so long. i'm very excited. i'm home for the holidays. >> brought everyone to their feet in the auditorium. schenn gordon is home until january 3rd and looking forward to every minute she can spend with her family she says she hasn't watched tv or played video games since she left. something she definitely wants to do. lucy i love this. the older brother was there. yes. >> and the mom was there. >> right. >> but dad was out parking the car and he missed the whole thing. >> hopefully he watched so he didn't miss it al all. >> you need to tell me you're doing these things because i ned to do put the waterproof mascara
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on. >> i know. >> touching. >> so wonderful. >> happy holidays, merry christmas. that's awesome. >> in camden police are helping to make the holidays super happy for families. earlier today officer has a long shopping list at the price right in camden. that list included everything they did to make that perfect holiday dinner from the turkey to the stuffing, the officers bocked up the full sized christmas meals just in time for the holiday. >> and that was a great story by the way. >> thank you. >> wonderful. >> well, we have some pretty decent weather. it is winter. but it's dry and we're definitely take that as we try to finish up our holiday shopping. >> and domenica slightly above average. there you go. it is. this month is trending slightly above average which is great and this is the last weekend before the holiday. so a lot of people are counting on this forecast so they can get stuff done and it is cooperating. which is certainly the good news. but we do have some problems in our seven day. let's start though with the temperatures tonight. if you are out and about, bundle up.
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33 right now in allentown. we have 25 in mount pocono. here in philly we have 39. we dropped a degree over the past hour and it's 30 in doylestown. up along the shore temperatures in the 30s and low 40s. but the wind chill with winds coming out of the northwest there's still pretty brisk. so that wind chill is definitely a factor. teens up to our north in mount pocono 33 for the feels like in philly. 33 in wildwood. so definitely it is going to be a chilly night. with wind chills staying in about the 20s through much of the evening. now here's a look at ultimate doppler high pressure over us and keeping us quiet. the storm system sitting down to our south this stays to our south so it doesn't bother us for this weekend. and we will stay high and dry right through our saturday and sunday which is certainly good news. a little bit of a cloud cover going on right now. we'll keep a partly cloudy sky overnight. and then those clouds sort of go back and forth through saturday and sunday. so not a whole lot of sunshine but we will see peeks of it from
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time to time. so here's look at fox future cast through tonight. not much to show you. saturday more of the same we'll start off with a good amount of sunshine and then by late afternoon those clouds start to thicken up close to the sun going down. it won't matter by the time the clouds come in you won't notice it that much anyhow. sunday more of the same. back and forth between the clouds and the sun. temperatures both days are going to stay in the upper 40s or the mid 40s. so it's going to be relatively quite weekend. but monday we have the first of a couple of series of disturbances coming through and that will start some showers. light showers that will e the picture by monday evening and we'll see that shower chance continue to tuesday. now, the storm that we're watching this is a bigger system that comes through and is more potent. that will be wednesday morning and this will be a low pressure system that moves up from the ohio valley. it is looking to be an all rain event. temperatures are going to be sitting in the upper 40s, low 50s around the area. so if we do see any snow it will
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stay far to our north and our west. this is mainly rain and wind we're talking about and we will see it from start to finish on wednesday. so that will be a tough travel day for people on christmas eve. the storm does pull away after midnight which will leave us with a dry christmas. it will be cooler and windy. no rain on christmas day but christmas eve that really is going to be the problem. tonight no problems. 28 degrees. we're looking at a partly cloudy sky. that wind will slacken overnight and setting up for really a nice light wind on saturday with a high temperature of 41 degrees. not much of a wind chill factor. now we do have summer solstice coming in shortest day of the year unfortunately it happens every year always the shortest day of the year. winter officially begins at 6:03. monday some showers, tuesday some showers. but really that main event christmas eve it will be a tough travel day. the good thing it is a rain event. >> not a snow event. >> that's great thing. because around thanksgiving it
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was an icy thing. >> hopefully with the wind -- >> i'd like a white christmas. >> can we have an hour of snow for dawn. if possible. >> i'll try. >> i'll order that up for 10:00 o'clock. >> ladies it won't be a white christmas for jimmy rollins. >> no, not at all. >> hopefully he like palm trees. >> we've heard from the philli phillies. what does jimmy rollins have to say about taking his game to the west coast? for starters he tweeted his favorite color is blue. coming up in sports, we'll tell blue. coming up in sports, we'll tell you another re ♪ ♪ we put all the apps you love
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♪ >> you know i remember taking part in a celebrity roast for jimmy rolen. one of the easiest punch lines was, his lack of height. but truth is no athlete stood taller in the city on or off the field. the trade to the dodgers is complete. so jimmy leaves the phillies. he tweeted his new team is built to win right now. the greatest stretch of phillies pace ball 2007 to 2011. five straight play off pierces. three straight trips to the nc ncls. two straight world series appearances and one title. the leader of that rollins. his departure means that era is officially over. and who knows when it's coming back. >> we have to work for the philadelphia phillies first and for most and do what's best for the organization, and these types of trades are not easy before the they're also necessary. we felt like this is a necessary
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move to try to get younger and get better and, you know, just part of the process. >> you know the flyers just lost a guy, too. but for a different reason. goalie steve mason won't be the team this weekend helped off the ice today at practice. it's an injury to his upper body and he'll be re-evaluated monday. among all the scenarios in which the eagles could make the playoffs as they wait for d.c. they can worry about the help they need from other teams later because tomorrow if the eagles lose at washington, those slim hopes could be officially gone at the end of the weekend. the skins let's face it dysfunctional. six straight losses. but rgiii might be auditioning for another team. so he will try his best to knock us off for that reason alone. >> if you sleep on that guy, trust me, you guys will be sitting here after the game going boy he ran for 100 yards. how did to happen? that kid is athletic as heck and he can run really really well.
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trust me. we have to understand where he is on every single play. >> eagles looking for a special delivery at fed he can field we have a special day and time for eagles "game day live". fox 29 weekend tomorrow morning from eight to 10:00. at 10:00 o'clock we kick things off with "game day live". ladies, you know, this game when we look at it on the schedule it was supposed to be just a mop up for the playoffs. now it's like, ooh -- >> do or die time. >> it's like ooh, really? >> what's going to happen. what do you think. i think they beat the redskins but they need the cowboys to lose to the colts sunday. >> other things need to happen. some other mojo action going on there. >> hopefully you never know. >> you never know. >> keep hope alive. >> all right. >> weather looks good down in d.c. for them. temperatures in the their if's anybody is traveling down there for the game. >> you know there's people traveling down to the game. you know that. >> exactly. >> good shopping weather. >> great shopping weather this weekend but we are watching a storm tracking a storm for christmas eve and we'll of course update that tonight at 10:00. >> all right. dougdough men any nikau, thank .
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>> that does it for us at 6:00. >> iain page will be along at 10:0
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furious george. >> slamming hollywood over sony assure reppedder. >> and the president fires back. >> we will respond. then, he is not a monster. >> the parents of the accused colorado movie shooter breaks their silence. and imagine having this land in your baby's crib. wrong family s.w.a.t. raid. >> they entered through this door. you can see the damage. then how this total stranger is getting a free trip around the world. all because her name is elizabeth gallagher. >> it is a little crazy.y. and world's worst dog? bad to the bone dog that nobody wanted until now.


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