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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 20, 2014 3:00am-4:01am EST

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. >> right now at 10 demonstrators flood a busy intersection. sky fox over mayfair this evening where a big crowd gathered. their message, very simple. support our police officers. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. rally comes at a tense time here in philadelphia and across the country. relationships between police and a lot of communities have been strained. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in mayfair tonight. shawnette. >> reporter: well people came from several communities to join in on this rally in support of police. it started as an idea on facebook. drew a crowd big enough to nearly shut down an intersection.
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hold assign in support of all philadelphia police officers. >> they just get a bad rap. there are some bad people and some good people just like everywhere. i wanted to show my support. >> reporter: dearest to her heart who passed away but retired after 30 years on the force. >> he would be so proud. he would be really proud. >> reporter: this rally at frankford and cottman avenue in mayfair was put on to honor philadelphia police officers. at a time when pensions are running high not just here but all across the country. jim farrell and his wife susan heard about the rally on facebook and drove an hour and a half from the lancaster area to be here. >> it's crazy. it's absolutely craze seem they're out there to safe everybody's life. someone gets in the way, you know, for something that they did wrong any way, i mean, they're just doing what they have to do. >> the rally comes on the heels of a rough week in philadelphia. sunday police shot and killed 26-year-old brandon tate brown who they say reached for a gun during a struggle when they pulled him over during a traffic
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stop. then a philadelphia paramedic caused outrage when he posted this picture on social media from a rap video. it showed two men with gun pointed at a cop's head. overnight, someone spray spray painpainted georgia feet tee ona fence in west philly it reads "cops lives don't matter" nearby was a message about brown. even children are aware of the strained relationship. this little girl's dad is a police officer. >> a little sad because my dad is really in danger because of a lot of people who are being bad. the people are doing wrong stu stuff. >> reporter: and word of this rally spread all over social media. many people posted comments reminding of the lives lost taken by police. iain. >> shawnette thank you another rally tonight in new york city. protesting the decision the eric garner and michael brown cases. both men of course killed by white police officers and the decision not to indict those officers sparking outrage across the country.
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a die in protest planned for king of prussia mall tomorrow. >> still not sure what happened there on jamison avenue in northeast philadelphia. but police think a woman may have been run over by her own car. sky fox over the scene shortly after 5:00 tonight. police say the 46-year-old may have thought she put her car in park but did not and when she walked in front of it it ran over her pinning her. the woman is at arrow ya torresdale hospital in critical. >> carjacking report police investigated as a lead in the bradley stone manhunt earlier this week now has bucks county man in whole lost trouble. police say luke, claimed he had an end continue with an armed man near burpie and shady retreat roads in doylestown ton monday. leading police to believe it may have been bradley stone. a manhunt for stone was in full effect at the time. after stone's ex-wife and her family members were found dead. the entire area was on alert. neighborhoods in and days town hospital were put on lock down. the da says his acts were
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inexcusable. >> this is just plainly outrageous conduct and we will be dealing with it as vigorously as the law allows. stop was found on tuesday. preliminary hearing for sander land is set for next month. >> night on your radar. a dry one. that is going to set us up for the weekend. so not bad looking weekend at all if you still have shopping to do or parties to go to. you'll be just fine. here's a look at your future cast temperatures. start it out in the morning. 31 as we start with 20s mainly up to our north. the winds won't be as bad so tomorrow we don't have to factor in too much of a wind chill. but by afternoon time looking at temperatures in the upper 30s. it definitely stays chilly and then we'll fall in the low 30s and 20s again as we head into the evening. more of the same for sunday, but we are monitoring what could be
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pretty big christmas eve rainstorm around the area. we'll talk about that and also our other rain chances we'll be logging at by the beginning of the work week coming in just a bit. >> lucy. check in with you then. you can track the temperatures any time of day or night at click on that weather tab. a busy weekend ahead for holiday shoppers. guessing a few will be somewhat freaked out wonder thug get it all done. saturday before christmas is usually one of the business guest shopping days of the year. almost a guarantee malls and stores they'll be packed. telling you what. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live in mount lauer. you got my shopping list with you, right, jenny? just want to make sure you got it. >> reporter: i may have forgotten that back at the staying. >> all right. >> reporter: believe it or not tonight was actually pretty tame. we seemed to meet people who had their shopping lists under control and were actually in the holiday speary. it's the final weekend before christmas and some shoppers are
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feeling the heat. >> a little bit of panic. kind of excitement. >> got to get everything you can before it's all sold out. >> reporter: joe has his week and cut out for him. >> shopping. shopping. and shopping. >> reporter: he and had us wife started their christmas shopping tonight but say their children are easy. >> games and clothes. amen. >> reporter: so far the crowds at best buy haven't been too b bad. >> we've been here, what, 10 minutes. >> you guys have been here about 15 minutes. >> even customers who had to wait for assistance didn't seem to mind. shoppers at kohl's in marlton knew there was no rush. kohl's stores will now be open 24/7 until 6:00 p.m. christmas eve. >> you're checking items off the list one by one? >> trying to, yeah. >> reporter: the mood tonight was festive and fun. >> i don't dress like this normally. >> reporter: little ones are all excited. >> i heard the door open once and i tried not to wake up. reindeer just landed on the
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roof. >> reporter: wow! >> i heard it. >> reporter: despite the holiday rush we found cleavers of all ages. >> i need two santas. i need double the gifts. >> reporter: who like to keep the spirit alive. >> keeping the belief even when you get older and keeping the spirit of christmas. people with family and friends it's always fun. >> reporter: and hopefully that fun will continue as those days go by and the time starts to run out. iain. >> jennifer, thank you. >> alleged pizza pay off has one philadelphia man facing some serious charges. police arrested 35-year-old adolpho della cruz charging him with two counts of bribery. della cruz an employee of stacey's pizza in philadelphia is accused of bribing an undercover agent posing as a health inspector. investigators say he paid hundreds of dollars to ensure his stores would pass its health inspection. the philadelphia da' office says della cruz turned himself in and confessed. >> developing right now australian mother arreste arresn
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the murders of eight children. seven believed to be her own. the 37-year-old woman's 20-year-old son walked into the home, found her and the children and called police. it was breaking news last night right here on fox 29. the woman is hospitalized in stable condition with stab wounds to her chest. the children ranged in age from 18 months to 14 years old. authorities say one of them was her who was visiting. >> i'm really shocked, too. yeah, because, you know, i just saw her this morning, um, on the veranda with her kids. >> investigator are still at the home collecting evidence and they say the woman is cooperating with their investigation. >> fbi is blaming north korea for the cyber attack on sony pictures entertainment. fox news reporter catherine herridge has the story from washington where president obama says sony did not do the right thing. >> reporter: technical analysis reveals similarities to
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other malware previously used by north korea. the fbi also finds significant overlap with other cyber activity linked to yank. the hack mirror as 2013 north korean tack on south korean banks and media companies. the attack on sony initially compromised information on employees and projects. >> why are you telling us all of this. >> reporter: hackers threate threatening to attack theaters during an interview. president obama calling sony's decision to cancel the movie's christmas day release a mistake. >> we cannot have a society in which some dictators some place can start imposing censorship here in the united states. >> reporter: the administration has stopped short of placing blame on yank until now. president obama noting north korea's decision to attack a movie studio apparently over a comedy starring seth rogen and james franco is revealing. >> the notion that that was a threat to them gives you some
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sense of the kind of regime we're talking about here. they caused a lot of damage. and we will respond. >> reporter: intelligence and defense officials say sony attack is a water shed event because it was designed to physically destroy the data and cripple operating systems. the nsa director recently told congress, the us could no longer afford to be on the defensive. in washington, catherine herridge, fox news. >> we have breaking news right now coming in from cherry hill. skyfox is live over route 70 and haddonfield road. you can see an accident right there. a police car also involved in that accident. we don't know what happened. no word on injuries but several roads in that area are closed right now. so this is some place that you want to avoid. >> pick pocks mingling with rushed holiday shoppers ripping off wallets and racking up huge credit card bills in the blink
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of an eye. where cops are warning to you watch out. >> a field trip to wal*mart gets a teacher fired. what she did with a handful of students that some believe -- that some actually can not believe. a school day a local student will not forget. the surprise that brought a crowd to its feet. that's coming up. >> a lay away nightmare. a woman says she was so close to paying off brand new couch but the store just disappeared. how fox 29 is working to get results.
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♪ >> this guy is wanted for holding up a port richmond
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sneaker store all caught on camera tuesday note at kicks usa on the 3600 block of aramingo avenue. that's in port richmond. the money took his items to the counter, the employee rung them up and the guy pulls a gun and wants everything out of the register. he took off with the cash and the clothes. >> while your out shopping pickpockets might be targeting to you get their holiday presents on your dime. suburban police say thieves are right now racking up thousands of dollars from unsuspecting shoppers. >> our dave schratwieser has the details of where it's happening. >> reporter: christmas joy turned to ba hum bug for unsuspspecting shoppers at south jersey shopping centers much police say it's been anything but jolly when shoppers find out their pockets have been picked. >> i work hard for my money so i want to keep it safe. >> picks up that is time of year because you have more shoppers. people on a hectic schedule and obviously they're in the paying attention. >> reporter: several suspects caught on camera after she stole wallets from shoppers at this big shopping center on route 70 in cherry hill.
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and at the cherry hill mall. >> somebody will walk up and start talking to you while another person comes up behind you and removes credit card or your wallet from your handbag. >> reporter: police say once the thieves get your wallet they go on instant shopping spree at stores close by. like target, best buy, macy's in order tromm's and the apple store at the mall. they're ringing up hundreds to thousands of dollars in merchandise in minutes. >> it's a shame, you know, it's a real shame but that's the way it is now a days, you know. everybody, you know, everybody needs money and they're going to get it any way they can. >> reporter: shoppers that their guard up when we spoke to them friday with just six days till christmas. >> a lot of people leave their purses in shopping carts and just not thinking and being very unsays speccing. >> become pockets have targeted dine are in at bahamas breeze and panera bread as well as shoppers the wegmans and the christmas tree shop. >> keep your handbag turned facing you flat facing you. don't leave it unattended in a shopping cart. and don't hang it on the back of chair in a restaurant. >> i'll pay attention to my
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surroundings with everything. >> reporter: if you want to get another look at the surveillance photos of those suspects, you can go to our website at if you recognize any of them, you should call cherry hill police. in cherry hill, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. >> two men are wanted for up to seven robberies in north philadelphia. six of them were caught on camera. two have been terrorizing convenience stores since last month. the most recent happening wednesday and majority of crimes the guys get away with money and cigarettes. officers say the suspects are wearing hoods and sweat pants with reflective stripes. accusations of prostitution have landed the owner of several spas in delaware behind bass. wang is in jail after an incident at the relax spa in rehoboth beach earlier this month. they say one of his other spas in middletown closed almost a year ago after arrests for prostitution there as well. >> it's a two for this new year's eve. philadelphia and camden are
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ringing in the new year with double the pleasure and double the fun. mayor michael nutter and camden mayor dana redd announced plans for the big evening at the sugar house casino. threated joining forces to make the waterfront the best place to celebrate the new year. the fireworks on the waterfront and both cities will light the skies at 6:00 p.m. and again at midnight. >> they'll be great viewing opportunities for the fireworks both shows at wiggins park in camden, at penn's landing and at sugar house casino. >> don't forget the 2015 mummers parade has a new route. broad street from city hall to washington avenue. the parade starts at 10:00 a.m. and the mummers have another celebration on main street in manayunk. a teenager in old city philadelphia gets a fantastic surprise. we're not talking award or a on a test. >> something shed been missing this holiday season. fox's dawn tim money knee
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reports. >> reporter: a special award ceremony at the charter high school for architecture and design in old city philadelphia. seniors at chad being recognized for outstanding achievement. >> highest score in the class goes to tiffany. >> reporter: but this assembly taking a special twist. no one quite expected. >> every once in while something happens that make us think about things we don't often think about and one of those occasions is today. >> reporter: with that senior shy gordan is called up to the podium looking rather bewildered. >> we have a surprise for shy gordon and it's a surprise for all of us because it's a way of celebrating service. (cheers and applause).
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>> reporter: shy's sister schenn whose serving in the us air force coming home for the holidays early to surprise her little sis. >> i really wanted to surprise her. i didn't think it would turn out to be this big. i really thought i was going to walk into her class and just like surprise her. just take her out of school but it just exploded. >> i'm really surprised. i was so confused when he they called me up. i'm really happy. i really am. >> reporter: last time she was home march when she left for basic training in monterey, california. >> it's so exciting. i'm so nervous. my hands are shaking. i haven't seen my little sister in so long. i'm very excited. i'm home for the holidays. >> reporter: schenn gordon is home until january 3rd and is looking forward to every minute she can spend with her family. she says she hasn't watched television or played video games since she left and that's something she definitely wants
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to do. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. >> bold robbers smash through glass as jewelry store workers run for cover. the ordinary thing one woman did that led to this terrifying crime. >> at the white house, they're hoping if they build it, they won't come. what is happening the heels of some embarrassing security breaches. >> and it's incredible. this guy is still playing golf. he's 103 but wait until you see what he did at the 14th hole that left everyone on the golf course stunned. >> you want to grow up and be him.
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♪ >> these guys definitely knew what they wanted and they took it. smash and grab rob bro at a jewelry store in brooklyn earlier this month. two men walked in, one flashed a gun while the other smashed the cases with a hammer. they got away with a quarter avenue million dollars in jewelry. police are also looking for woman who posed as shopper then opened the doors for those robbers. >> a new york teenager who set off an amber alert when she called 911 masked men stole her five-year-old cousin is now charged with killing him. police say tiffany, strangled kenneth white and dumped his body not far from the home they
3:23 am
shared. her family had legal custody of white along with her twin and younger sister. police and the and tire community are devastated. >> senseless death. and quiet honestly basically throwing away like a piece of trash. it's sin full and it's sad. >> the sheriff says white died of asphyxiation due to strangulation. she's now facing a second degree murder charge. >> charges to night against a 56-year-old woman accused of driving into a crowd outside a california church. four people died. now among those people, a six-year-old boy and his mother. wednesday night in las ang suburb police say margo bronstein sped around other vehicles, slammed into the crowd then crashed head on into another car. bronstein now faces four counts of vehicular manslaughter and one count of driving under the influence of a drug. 13 people including bronstein and the other driver are injur
3:24 am
injured. in washington, d.c. changes at the white house. >> the fence around it is being raised. you might remember iraqi war veteran climbed the fence and made it inside the white house back in september. well an off duty agent stopped him. a review of secret service procedures found that fence should be higher so today crews started raising it. >> her dogs long recovery from surgery did a number on her couch so she put a new one on lay away and that is when she says she got burned. bruce gordon is working to get results. >> olympic gold medal michael phelps pleads guilty to drunk driving. what he has to say about his mistakes and where his life is heading now. >> he is running for the first time in his life. how new technology is giving this dog the chance to live life like never before. domenica. >> we are dry and quiet for the weekend but we're talking about a pretty big holiday storm. i'll have the details coming up.
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>> fox 29 wants to see your holiday lights. this is layer rule's home on stony brook drive in levittown much the lights they are timed to music. you can tune in on your own car radio. post your pictures or video on social media, facebook, instagram, twitter, just use the #fox 29 lights and we might just
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>> right now fox 29 is working to get results. a bucks county woman is caught up in a furniture fiasco. she had mostly paid up for a new sectional sofa only to see the store disappear. lay away plans can be a lifesaver for some customers and hold the furniture for example while you make the payments and then you can have it delivered when customers come um with the total price tag. >> which is wonderful but as bruce gordon knows all too well it doesn't always work that way. >> he's my world. he's my world. >> reporter: when anna bauers four-year-old german shepherd leo underwent surgery this summer she did everything in her power to make life comfortable for his member of the family which left her living room sofa
3:29 am
in pretty rough shape. >> because my dog has been house bound for sick months on my couch. >> anna went to bristol mattress and furniture dealt with tony and ordered a brand new sectional sofa and ottoman. price tag $952. anna put 150 down then spent the neck several months making small payments just a few days ago still about 250 bucks short of getting her sofa she paid another visit to the store to make another payment. >> what happens? >> the store is empty. completely gone. >> reporter: you looked through the window and there's no furniture. >> nothing in there at all. >> reporter: how does that make you feel. >> burned. >> the store sits or sat in a strip shopping center that's been hammered by a major road project on bristol pike. it's nearly impossible just to get to the place. which some weeks ago led anna to ask tony -- >> i'm like you're not going to up and leave some day and leave me high and dry? no, no, no, we wouldn't do that to you. >> reporter: tony's business cards label the store bristol
3:30 am
mattress and furniture. but signs outside the place call it bristol furniture mattress and east coast mattress and furniture. another sign nearby calls it simply bristol furniture. whatever the name, no one has returned anna's repeated calls. >> you know, just square up with me. no response. >> reporter: nothing. now just days before christmas, anna appears to be out 700 bucks, has no new sectional non answers. >> you reach out to us. why? because you guys seem to get things taken care of. you get people, you know, interested and you get things resolved. >> reporter: we try. the story phone number goes to an answering machine. i've left a message. no response as of yet. i made contact witness bucks county consumer advocate's office. they want to hear from complainants. if you're a customer go to we'll link to you that contact information. finally, i've also made contact with the bristol borough police department who we are told are
3:31 am
investigating this apparent store closure. if the place is simply moved, we'd like to know where. if they've closed for good, anna wants and deserves her money back. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> rightly so. a big tradition for many familiar unless our area this time of year is just soaking in the sounds of the season. so how sweet it is when the philadelphia orchestra takes the stage. ♪ >> mendelson club of philadelphia singing the classic. if you want to see the show in person jingle all the way down to the kimmel center. there are performances running through sunday. >> it gives me the shivers. love it so beautiful. all right. domenica davis you got some weather for us. what are you talking about right now? >> i feel like it should be snowing after that. looks like a white christmas. unfortunately we're not going to see white christmas but we do have a storm system that's going to be coming in here actually a
3:32 am
couple of them starting monday. but the weekend is dry. and we're off to nice start. it's just cold out there. 34 in the city. it's 28 in wilmington right now. 24 in mount pocono. we are still dealing with the wind out of the northwest. so wind chills are in right around 11 in mop pocono that's wait feel like. 27 in wildwood. 26 in dover. those winds are easing up and they will be much lighter by tomorrow. we'll be dealing with the wind out of the north about two to 5 miles an hour. really a wind that doesn't cause much of a chill. here's a look at ultimate doppler. we're dry here but we have a storm system sitting down to our south. the good thing with this it will keep moving to the south. so it doesn't bother us for the weekend but this is really one of several disturbances that are going to be coming up from the south and the other ones do get us starting monday. we are dry though. still dealing with partly cloudy skies and that will be the case through the weekend. so it's going to be a mix between sun and clouds and that back and forth both saturday and sunday. here's a look at fox future
3:33 am
cast. note the time. 8:00 o'clock or 6:00 o'clock rather in the morning. we are dealing with mostly clear skies and we'll see that through the first part of saturday and then those clouds start to come in by late in the afternoon through the evening. it's dry, though. saturday right through sunday. it's more of the same. back and forthwith the clouds and sun. it's monday that we have a system that starts to come up by late monday afternoon. we could even get little bit of sleet in that models just starting to pick up on some cold air on the western edge of that storm. we're not talking any accumulation. these are just shower showers tt we'll deal with monday and tuesday. the main event comes christmas eve, and this will definitely be an all rain event as temperatures will be in the 50s. low pressure system moves up from the south. so we're talking start to finish on wednesday. not only are we looking at heavy rain over the area but it will be very windy and not just for us. pretty much for the entire eastern seaboard into the midwest. so it is going to be a tough travel day for two-thirds of the
3:34 am
country on christmas eve. tonight no worries. it's just cold. 28 degrees partly cloudy and breeze has really come down over the past couple of hours. tomorrow, it's more of the same. 41 degrees. we'll have clouds and sun lighter winds. sunday there you go. we are into winter. it's officially winter. starting at 6:03 on sunday there's the solstice and it will be the shortest day of the year. so that's december 21st. believe it or not winter has not begun yet officially. there's a look at the seven day forecast. 46 on monday. temperatures are pretty mild all week long. monday showers come in to play by evening. same thing on tuesday. we'll have some on and off showers and then all day rain and really some wicked weather but no snow with this because look at the temperatures. 54 degrees. so it is a rain event. no white christmas for us unfortunately. >> all right. i'm okay with that. i know you are, too. >> a little bit. for an hour or two would be ni
3:35 am
nice. >> all right. thanks domenica. major cell phone carrier ordered to pay up. why it's giving $90 million back to its customers. that's coming up. >> a quick road trip for snacks caused a teacher her job. why parents are saying the trip to wal*mart was down right dangerous. >> and he's got a history of running but it looks like rocky the bobcat is staying put. why a judge says the beloved pet will not be going home for the holidays. ♪
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♪ >> historic settlement tonight in the deadly 2011 indiana state fare stage collapse. country duo sugar land concert promotor life nation and 16 other defendants have agreed to pay $39 million to settle clai claims. high winds toppled rigging and set the stage roof on to stands waiting for the concert to begin. seven people died. nearly 100 others were hurt. an investigation found that rigging did not meet safe tow standards. in your money tonight a big t mobile settlement. it will pay out $90 million in refunds to customers. the federal trade commission says t mobile charged those customers for cell phone text service they did not order. and continued to do it even after customers let the company know about it. 50 states along with the fcc were involved in the suit. >> staples customers may have been hit with a data breach retailer was looking into a cyber attack on customer credit cards. today the company says hackers may have had access to information from transactions at
3:40 am
more than 100 stores in the us that includes card holder names, card numbers, expiration dates and veer if you indication codes. staples will give free identity protection service to any customer at risk. >> a snack run to wal*mart costs an oklahoma middle schoolteacher her job. >> heather, took 11 yearbook students to the store for snacks in objection. a couple of problems here officials say. start with all of them jamming into her honda accord. two even climbed inside her trunk. also she took the kids without the parent's or school's permission. during a school board hearing, she said it was just a terrible mistake and she never meant to hurt anybody but board members say the trip which was just across the street from the school was still wrong. >> this was a lark. there wasn't any danger. and it was a farce. all you got to do is cry lawsuit or something these days. it wasn't the best judgment. she went four hadn't dread yards on an empty road through a
3:41 am
parking lot. >> despite several parents and former students speaking out on her behalf, the board decided to let her go. >> olympic gold medal michael phelps pleads guilty to drunk driving. what he has to say about past mistakes and what's next. >> he's running for the first time in his life. look at him go. how new technology is giving this dog the chance to live large. >> and wait until you see what this 103-year-old golfer did on the 14th hole in sarasota florida that left everyone on
3:42 am
3:43 am
3:44 am
♪ >> he's been buffed for drunk driving twice in 10 years but olympic gold medal swimmer michael phelps is not going to jail. he spent 45 days of inpatient treatment and has enrolled in alcoholics anonymous. fox's will carr tells us that got him probation. >> reporter: he's gained a lot of acclaim for feats inside the swimming pool but the most decorated olympian of all time is also getting attention for his behavior on dry land. michael phelps plead guilty inside a maryland court to driving under the influence. >> last three months of my life have been hardest times i've ever gone through.
3:45 am
some of the biggest learning experiences that i've ever had finding a lot about myself. >> 29-year-old was stopped for speeding and crossing a double yellow line while driving in maryland. police say he registered a .1 4% on a blood alcohol test the legal limit is .0 8% in the state. his second drunken driving charge in the last 10 years with his guilty plea phelps avoid jail time and instead will serve 18 months probation. >> i'm happy to be moving forward, and i'll continue to grow from this and continue on my path of recovery. >> reporter: latest mark on his record is yet another embarrassment for the famed swimmer. back in 2009, a photo was published of him using a marijuana pipe at a party in south carolina. despite what some say is bad behavior, his attorney says his client can use his mistakes as teaching tool for others. >> give mr. phelps an opportunity to share with others hopefully he'll have an influence to prevent someone
3:46 am
else from making the same type of mistake he made. >> reporter: phelps will focus on his training and return to competition in march swimming the remaining events in the us grand prix. will carr, fox news. >> big warning tonight about pre packaged caramel al peoples. cdc is linking five deaths and more than two dozens illnesses to them. the illnesses have hit these states so far on october 17th. officials say they know of 28 cases of listeria poisoning and investigators are trying to determine the specific brands of caramel apples involved. until they do they're asking you not to eat any pre packaged caramel apples. >> it seems the popcorn zoo park zoo now has a new permanent resident. rocky the bobcat. we've told you about rocky before. he's the pet bobcat of jenny fine fighting with stafford township for months to let rocky stay in her home. well today a judge ruled that rocky has to live in popcorn
3:47 am
park zoo where he's been stayi staying. fine plead guilty to letting him run loose. >> we have heard of prosthetics for humans using 3d printer but for doing this could be first. >> the designers say it's way more cost effective than the traditional process. fox's lauren demarco shows us a very heart warming video of derby the dog running for the first time. >> reporter: animal ortho care in chantilly virginia one of the only practices in the world which creates prosthetics for animals. and they've now discovered a game changer in the industry all because of one very special dog. about 3 million views on youtube and growing. derby the mal la mute mix was born with deformed front legs. but he's now touching hearts with his joy filled run and it's all thanks to cutting edge technology involving 3d printi printing. >> we want to implement this on a grand scale i mean we want to use this in almost all of our cases. >> reporter: meet derek capano a virginia prosthetic specialist
3:48 am
who decided about 10 years ago to start treating the devices for animals. as you learn in the video, derby's foster mother works for 3d printing company called 3d systems. >> i had to try and help this dog. >> reporter: she believed the technology could be used to help the pup and sought out capano. >> we knew right away he was a good candidate for prosthetics since he wanted to use his legs. >> reporter: the 3d printer was able to scan derby's body and create the molds used to design the custom fit prosthetics. >> the cool thing about derby was he's a case that i would have had to rebuild prosthetics multiple times. it wouldn't have been cost effective. it would have been very labor intensive, so we would have had to alter do tons of different design changes when using the 3d systems printing we can use literally alter on the screen and printout. >> reporter: his energetic spirit is infectious. derby who's now been adopted immediately took off running
3:49 am
once he was fitted. >> i'm so desensitized because i've seen so many animals with issues, and this was one of the first times where i literal you was crying when i watched the video. we were happy we were able to be a part of this success story and we'll use three dint printing in the future to help a help a lot more animals like derby. >> i love this story. sarasota golfer makes history on the green. gus is 103 years old. look at that swing. he became the old defendant golfer in the country to get a hole in one. his ace coming on wednesday he was out playing with his friends. drives his own little cart there. got his ball. some of the guys in his foursome they knew his shot at the 14th hole was a good one right off the club. >> i'm looking like this. bang, went right in the hole. perfect shot. >> jumped up and down, it's in the hole. they all got excited about in the hole, in the hole! >> how about this.
3:50 am
this is his eighth hole in one! his first one came 75 years ago. >> can you imagine. that's how long he's been playing he plays golf about three times a week and says he's going to continue to do so even if he can just make it through a couple of holes. that guy is my hero. >> you'll be him when you grow up, iain. he used to play every day. why don't you play every day, gus? >> come on. any way. >> great stuff. >> all right. keith. >> you should play just one ti time, keith. >> hey, if you pay for it, i will. (laughter). >> okay. it's oh and me. >> that simple. you pa it for 18 i'll play 18. >> i'll meet you on the 19th hole. (laughter). >> i'll take anything for free. jimmy rollins trade now complete, he's now showing his true colors. we promised to explain. and the eagles can try to explain the last two weeks but there's no excuse if they don't get the job done
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
♪ >> you know how did we go from when the eagles get into the playoffs, how do the eagles get there? how did that happen? i mean how? now they have to fight their way in. and do something that independent people don't like to do and that's ask for help. before the eagles can sit around and root for the cowboys to lose to the colts sunday they have to beat the skins tomorrow which is not an automatic within the way
3:54 am
they've been playing. >> we better be ready to play. that tells you kind of their mind set going into the game that, you know, they're coming to prove point, and i think if we show up sitting on our hands we might get punched in the face. i think we need to be able to have that same intensity if not more going into this one. >> i mean i've her the phrase punched in the mouth but punched in the face. that was new. we need a special delivery at fed he can field special coverage. "game day live" tomorrow morning at 10am immediately following fox 29 weekend. >> flyers goalie steve mason just be watching the show because he won't be with the team this weekend. today at practice he last with an upper body injury. he'll be re-evaluated monday. no need to re-evaluate the sixers. it is what it is. they remain the only team that has not won a single game at home. so, they avoided the worst start of all time period but closing in on a record for the most losses without a win at home. sixers zero-14 at home the record is zero-19.
3:55 am
sixers lose to the bobcats at home 109-91. >> speaking of loss, the phillies lost heart and soul of the team that once made five straight play off easterns three straight trips to the ncl. two straight trips to the world series and won it all in 2008 that was jimmy rollins leaves the phillies all time hit leader in franchise history. what he brings to the dodgers one of the best defensive short stops in the game. a guy whose been known to shine when the lights are the brought test the dodgers game is the phillies loss. >> it will be a loss for the organization. at the same time, um, this is important for the organization, because it is fairly obvious. i mean, we -- we made the very concerted effort to, um, to decide that it was time for us to kind of turn the page. >> phillies getting ready for christmas early. now a couple of -- (laughter). >> jimmy tweets to dodgers
3:56 am
insider. off always loved the color blue my favorite color and they are built to wip from this very moment and this is another tweet. i think the guys know the mvp cy young dude he makes you want to play behind him. of course he's talking about dodgers pitcher clayton kershaw one of the best in the game but hasn't done well in the post season and maybe jimmy can help with that. >> wish him all the bev. got a full page ad that said thanks at the fans we loved jimmy rollins. >> the phillies background looks like santa's workshop. >> they need some presents. yes, they do. >> tmz is up next. >> fox 29 weekend starts at eight a a.m. join karen hepp and lauren johnson. >> caitlin roth will have your forecast so be sure
3:57 am
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>> announcer: an animal love makes war. >> judge judy: she was told by miss cutler to stop feedin ducks. you caught her shooing the ducks out of the pool with a skimmer took a picture of it, and posted that picture on facebook >> announcer: and she'll defen them to the end. >> she also feeds possum >> no, the possum comes by himself. i don't go feed the possum >> announcer: "judge judy. you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin the people are real. the cases are real the people are real. the cases are real the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution cynthia marcus is suing he neighbor melody cutler for legal fees she incurred after postin a disparaging picture of melod on facebook. >> byrd: order! all rise


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