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tv   Fox29 Weekend  FOX  December 21, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EST

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♪ >> this morning on fox 29 weekend in life and death. a woman demands her dog be buried with her. the problem, the animal is still alive. the social media campaign to save bella. plus, more parking problems. who that famous face fighting a ticket from the ppa? the hilarious moments caught on camera. >> grab your computer, smart phone or tablet and let's get interactive. >> your news, your neighborhood, life and interactive, this is fox 29's weekend. ♪ >> we've got breaking news from overnight. lots of news tragedy in delaware this morning. one person is dead after an apartment fire in claymont. several families are left homeless this holiday season. we've got brad satin there with
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a life report from the scene. we'll check in with him in a matter of moments. good morning to all of hugh are joining us on fox 29 weekend. on this last sunday before christmas. >> it's already the 21st. i can't believe it. i'm karen hepp. >> i'm lauren johnson i tried to battle the crowds yesterday on walnut street. nightmare. >> a lot of news to get to including president barack obama responding to the murder of two new york city police officers. >> and that game yesterday you watched, your heart was breaki breaking. the jaw dropper eagles fall to the redskins making the playoff hopes slim, not impossible, but slim. >> all right. we begin this morning with your interactive weather taking a life look outside this morning and caitlin it wasn't as bad as i thought when i walk out there. a little chilly but not too bad. >> it's cold but we shall get a little more sunshine later this afternoon. you see the gray skies as we take a life view of center city and that's all we saw yesterday. temperatures struggled. we stayed in the mid 30s didn't see any sun but with more sun today i think we maybe get close to 40 degrees or above that here in philadelphia. outside right now pretty quiet. there were some flurries moving
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through northwestern suburbs already they're diminishing. otherwise we should be dry and see some sunshine threw today. your fox future cast does show more sun hopefully breaks out through the afternoon and that should help warm us up at least a little bit. otherwise it's a pretty mice day and as i said temperatures should be into the 40s. by monday, clouds have increased waiting on some showers maybe a sprinkle or two monday night. but then by tuesday, we'll start to see the better chance for some showers move in this is all ahead of storm system that's going to bring rain to us on christmas eve. very different feeling and looking holiday. 28 in pottstown. these are temperatures, air temperatures 32 in philadelphia. 31 in wilmington and 32 in dover. but with no wind we're not really seeing those harsh wind chills. 39 degrees by noon we should rise into the low 40s fall back to 40 degrees with more sunshine later today. lauren and karen. >> thank you so much caitlin. we want to get right back to that breaking news we just told you about at the top of this hour. there's been a deadly fire overnight in claymont, delaware.
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>> the fire broke out just after 2:00 o'clock this morning. one family is mourning the loss of a loved one days before christmas. several others are left without a place to live. brad satin joins us live now from the scene. good morning, brad. >> reporter: good morning, karen and lauren. very sad story here as you mentioned. one person did lose their life. we know a second person was injured taken to christiana hospital. we know firefighters left the scene only about 20 minutes ago after arriving here a little bit after 2:00 a.m. i'll step out of the way and take a look what is left just kind of a burned out shell of the building here as you see. you mentioned this fire started 2:00 a.m. a two alarm blaze took about 78 firefighters to put this fire out. spoke to a neighbor a short time ago who showed us some cell phone video that she shot. we want to show that to you. shot a little after 2:00 o'clock this morning. red cross has a total of 10 families out of their homes. a total of 17 people displaced. the red cross now in the process of helping them to relocate. of course we mentioned days
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before christmas. this fire started we heard in the third floor. no word and a cause at this point but it spread according to the fire chief within minutes. the entire building engulfed. let's hear now from one of the neighbor who's shot that cell phone video. >> oh, my god just flames everywhere. everywhere. i have so many pictures and videos i just feel so bad. four days before christmas. >> the only issue that, you kn know, prevalent right now the fire was well advanced prior to us getting here. so with that said, we're playing catch up the entire time. >> reporter: again the fire department leaving just a short time ago but you could see that fire is still smoulderring from the third floor. you could see it coming up into the sky there. but again the fire out. the fire marshal is still on the scene as we mentioned, again, one person killed, one person injured. we're told with non-life threatening injuries taken techies chi anna hospital. we'll monitor this through the
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day to try to get some more information on the one person who lost their life. guys, back to you. >> all right. , brad thank from you that sad news to some more sad news this out of new york city. they are mourning their after an ambush style attack on those two men officers with the new york city police department. new york's finest gunned down in what that city's police commissioner called an assassination. the two men officers wenjian lou and raphael ramos killed by a gunman who took his own life. they were just sitting in their patrol car. investigators say the officers were shot in the head at point blank range. they say the gunman ran inside a nearby subway station after the shooting and then shot and killed himself. new york city mayor expressing his outrage. >> these officers were shot execution style. particularly despicable act which goes at the very heart of our society. >> the suspect is believed to be a gang member from baltimore
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just hours earlier police say he shot and seriously injured his ex-girlfriend before driving up there to new york. the shooter reportedly boasted about his plan on instagram and referenced the deaths of garner and brown two innocent black men killed by white police officers saying i'm putting wings on pigs today. they take one of ours, let's take two of theirs. president obama is on vacation in hawaii and released this statement overnight. he said in part "two brave men will not be going home to their loved ones tonight and for that there is no justification. the officers who serve and protect our communities risk their own safety for us every single day and they deserve our respect and gratitude every single day ". >> since that shooting, nypd lives matter is now trending on twitter with posts from people all over the world offering condolences to those fallen officers and their families. so many people calling for an end to all of the violence. our coverage on this story is
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continuing online. we fine out a lot more information throughout the day. come right to our website also knew this morning there's a man under arrest accused of firing his gun at police in philadelphia's mayfair section. this happened just after midnight on the 4400 block of cottman avenue. police say a fight started inside a bar and when officers arrived, someone shot at them. the officers were not hurt, didn't not fire their weapons back. >> and we all know just how powerful social media can be and this morning a life is on the line your on life support could help save it. the tweets you see on the bottom of your screen part of the #save bella campaign. who is bella you ask? well this is bella, a healthy nine-year-old german shepherd whose life could soon come to an end. the issue, bella's owner recently passed away. according to her will, the owner wants bella to be put down and buried with her. well bella was set to be euthanized earlier this week but her owner's attorney says there's another option in the
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will if enough money can be raised bella's owner said the dog could be sent to a no kill sanctuary in i was tam for now bella is safe while supporter try to come up with that money. joining us on skype attorney heather hanson. heather we want to start with our viewer comments. hundreds of people had something to say about this on our own facebook page. shawna writes anyone who truly loves their pet would never choose to have it euthanized over letting someone a doubt and give it a loving home forest of its life. this disgusts me. meghan says, it's her dog, if that's what she wants it's nobody's business or place to say otherwise. sarah simply asked, how is this legal? heather, where do you stand on this issue when you hear all of these points? >> well meghan said it's dog and she can do what she wants and under the law that is sort of true. dogs and animals, pets are considered property, and therefore one disposes of them in their will. however, there's also some other laws that talk about the human treatment of animals.
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you sort of have to balance the two. here what this owner wanted to do is completely legal. however, it appears as though given there's two options, one seems much more humane to push to put bella in no kill shelter. >> it seems we're able to buy some time and try to raise money. as a pet owner myself it seems to me slightly selfish for the owner but as you said, it's her will and this is what she wants. >> we kind of have to honor that. >> not only that, but there are other competing interests here. it appears that bella has has history of aggressive behavior and i think to give the own are in fairness here, she was afraid that the dog would be put with someone and then ultimately put to sleep in any event. and she had hoped that bella would be placed with her. if bella is placed in a no kill shelter shell be in perfect hands and it will be the perfect result. the law has sort of got to catch up with our attitude towards animals and to make sure that we're protecting them in this type of way. i think it's going to open up so many discussions and people have their opinions on this either way.
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heather, thank you so much for your perspective. >> thanks, lauren v great day. you too. merry christmas! >> you too. >> let us know what you think. do you think that the opener is right what she left if her will or do you have another opinion. use the #fox 29 weekend. >> lauren people are doing that right now all over our facebook page. we'll get to some of those comments in just a matter of seconds. turn that around. sony hackers are at it once again. the message they have for the fbi right now. plus also we love that you talk with us all morning long. keep your cell phones out and make sure you have this conversation with us but after the show, you may want to put them away because there could be a problem. this morning we're taking your music requests. brian wanted to hear this one, happy holidays by steve lawrence. let us know what you want to hear. you got to use that #fox 29 he can weaned. in response to our story about bella. doing should be adopter out when bella passes her ashes can be united with her previous owner. she is just a beaut team thank you very much for that comment. ♪
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>> so many of us last night went to bed and woke up this morning to what many of you are calling an eagles hangover. it's really simply heartbreak. eagles fans are still stunned and disappointed after the birds failed to win a must win game against the redskins.
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eagles fall 27-24 now. the cowboys have to lose their last two games and the eagles have to beat the giants next week. if those three things do not happen, there will be no post season. >> so many of you are tweeting about it. we're so sad. take a look at the headlines 8:15. the united states is now asking china for help to battle north korea's hacking of sony systems because north korea's internet traffic actually goes through china. north korea says it is being framed and had nothing to do with the hack and yesterday hackers released a new statement calling the fbi idiots. near death experience caught on dash cam. we've got a fed ex truck crashing into a georgia state police patrol car narrowly missing -- the officer there. he was just trying to make routine traffic stop on the side of the road always dangerous when that truck game barreling through and hit the officer's car. fortunately here's the big headline he is okay. but the fed he can driver did
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have to be airlifted to the hospital. we don't know the extent of his injuries. >> lauren? >> all righty. it's that time to head back outside and take a look at our interactive weather. i know some people are not even thinking about going outside today, caitlin, they're just inside sad and still like, devastated about the eagles. >> oh yes, i know. well if you just can't imagine to get out of bed or from underneath those covers we totally understand and sympathize with you. it is another cold morning but as we take a live view of residents, new jersey, there camera not shaking too much. it's not windy and we should see some more sunshine later today. and today is officially first day of winter the winter solstice curse later this afternoon at 60:00 3:00 p.m. shortest day of the year as we get the least amount of daylight by a minute once we head towards tomorrow we gain a minute of daylight each day so that kind of helps maybe take the edge off the fact that winter is here although it's not going to feel very wintry the next couple of days. here's why. ultimate doppler showing clear skies right now. we have a lot of cloud cover to overcome again. but i think we have a better
8:17 am
shot seeing some sunshine today. 24 in the poconos, good weekend for the slopes. 28 in pottstown. 32 in philly and 32 in dover. your seven day forecast 42 degrees more sun later this afternoon but then the clouds quickly return monday. showers are around on tuesday but look at those temperatures soar into the 60s by wednesday. that's christmas eve. it will be a mild but rainy and breezy maybe even a stormy christmas eve although luckily that won't deter santa at all. he can move in any weather. early showers on thursday christmas morning we should clear out and look at a nice weekend friday and saturday. >> in your health this morning, our furry friends are just like family, right? traveling means including them in the plan. now do you find a place you trust to keep your fur baby or they hitting the road with you? beth galvin has all the answers and joins us this morning. beth, we'll start with our first question from evelyn who says, help! i have to board my dog bella for the very first time over christmas break. i have no idea what to look for. beth? she needs answers.
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>> reporter: that's great question. lauren first of all i would suggest asking for your friends whom they trust with their pet when they leave town or else going online and really reading reviews of the kennels and boarding facilities in your ar area. most important, though, go there and visit and take a tour and see what it's like and see how you feel about it. get a feel for the staff. do they seem caring? do they seem attentive? >> do they seem competent? ask them a lot of questions. how often will my dog be taken out? will you give my dog medication that the dog might need? you know, will all the animals be in a common area together during the daytime having a play time? all of those issues you want to kind of work out so that you've got a really good comfort level and you have somebody that you can trust with your pet so you can go on vacation and not worry about it. >> okay. let's get to our second question, beth. robin writes my two dogs or rio and and cookie get nervous when i take them to strange place. i'm worried about traveling to my in laws over the holidays
8:19 am
with them. how can i make sure they're going to be okay? one of these places use cameras now, don't they? yes. a lot of the kennels use camer cameras. if you're taking your pet with you, there's some things you flood to think about on the road. so first of all i would make sure that you've got your pets restrained in the back either with a seat belt or they're in some kind of a kennel that they can actually get up and turn around in but keeps them in a confine space. you want them in the back seat and you want to really be careful when you're taking pitt stops at those rest areas that you're careful getting in and out of the vehicle because that's the time when the pet can be at risk of getting loose, make sure they're staying on their leash in the rest area. not getting -- getting away from you, and then just make sure in case anything happens and you lose your pet you want to make sure that your pet's gone on a collar with all of your contact information on there. and it's a good idea to take a picture of your pet print it out, take it with you just in case so that if you lose your pet, you can get that picture out to every, you know, local
8:20 am
vet and shelter so you too can get back together. lauren. >> beth, thanks so much. happy holidays. hope you and joy your christmas. thank you, you too lauren. >> if you have pictures of your fur babies like this one here check out diamond she's on the plane you can always send those to us use the #fox 29 weekend. >> all right. the year is coming to close. we would like to know how do you describe this last year in just five words? it's been trending on twitter. we'll share some of your answers coming up next. >> plus, check this out. a boot on your car. well what this woman did when she saw that and now she's facing some charges. >> all right, karen last night i had the pleasure of judging an ugly sweater contest to benefit the leukemia and lymphoma society. this is a picture from last night. the judges to my left miss -- 13. marissa producer for the preston and steve show and iain crumb and the winner, check it out. i picked him, karen. >> good one. ugly sweater 2014. nick is his name.
8:21 am
and the story behind he stole it from his girlfriend's father. stash it away in his basement and decided to pull it out yesterday. he won an employee discount at city tap house for one year thanks to them for hosting the event it was a great time last night. >> it look like a fun time. i saw your pictures on instagr instagram. also right now we're listening to do you hear what i hear by whitney houston? i love this version. stacey wanted to hear this one. thank you stacey. let us know what you want to hear in our weekend juke bock use the #fox 29 weekend. ♪ >> holiday time is family time but what do you do the other 50 week of the year? parents, are you sneaking looks at your smart phone you probably didn't need science to tell you that you do and you probably don't need science to tell you that it's not the best thing for your kids. but researchers went ahead and looked into it any way.
8:22 am
new research in the journal of academic pediatrics says mom who's check their phones don't talk or interact as much with their kids. our dr. mike says this study might seem silly, but moms need to listen up. >> in a study looking at moms using smart phones while they're eating dinner with their children found no great surprise that their children were being ignored. this is a big problem. you really need a technology free time when you have dinner. this has long term consequences in terms of kids interacting with you as well as society. you also want to make sure that they are eating the right kinds of food. ♪ >> so, mom and dads out there, this study may sound silly but dr. mike always has smart advice
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>> welcome back. it is going to be an okay day. the sun is out. it will be beautiful morning but here's the problem. that loss tam march writes in on twitter the eagles loss is just heartbreaking. we know it. we are loyal fans and deserve to have a winning season. we got this one -- ouch! sorry i didn't mean to jump. good morning ladies a good one for me. >> #piece out. >> we're done with you. >> all right. let's put a wrap on this year right now, lauren. it seems like just yesterday we were watching the ball drop rinking in 2014 it was a new year, well now believe it or not there's only 10 days left in
8:26 am
2014 that has lot of people reflecting over the last 365 days. >> many of those people are reflecting about the last year, of course, on twitter. 2014 in five words has been trending on wider. it got us thinking about how we would describe the year in just five words. >> some of things you've been putting out there on twitter. here's the first one. it is distraction, fun, confusion, failure, struggle. >> that's good one. >> how about this one? super fries --ing. >> what? >> super fries. >> super fries. you have to understand we can barely read this. >> i'm hun grow in the morning. >> that's part of the problem. >> achieving collision all goals with my family. another waste of a year. come on. it's better than that. lauren what's your year in five words. >> oh, gosh. um, five words. is it over already? jeez. i'm serious. i remember like new year's last year and i'm just like it's already the end of the year.
8:27 am
>> you had a big transitional year you made a big move. very true. it went by so fast, though. >> i think i'd have to say, very long winter, better summer. >> good one from the meteorologist. >> i love #fox 29 weekend. very well done. >> anything over there in your neck of the woods? >> you know, i was actually -- i was actually thinking the exact same thing karen just said. >> would you get out of here. >> get out of here. >> you got to have your own. >> my word five of them right now, rap wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap. >> before we wrap -- >> stop talking. >> we need to celebrate and we love to have a little bit of celebratory tour a libation. the best beers to keep at your holiday table or maybe to give away as gifts. ♪
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>> welcome back. your news now, an investigation is underway after chicago mayor rom emmanuel's son is robbed right outside the family home. authorities say 17-year-old zach was approached by two men who grabbed him, put him in a choke hold, punched him in the face and took his cell phone. zach was treated for cuts and bruises to his face. people who live near there say security is beefed up in that neighborhood. >> it's been at least one more, um, paddy wagon out here this
8:31 am
morning, and, um, just a couple unmarked cars up and down the street. >> more than normal? >> yeah. usually there's just 21 in front one in back. >> and the mayor has around the clock police detail but where they were at the time of the rob bro has not been disclosed. police are checking nearby surveillance video for clues. let's get a check of our interactive weather right now. so many celebrations today. something at the wynnewood jcc from 12 to 2:00 we'll be heading over there. what will it be like about that time, 12 to 2:00 outside. >> probably seeing more sunshine at leave. we have a lot of clouds around but already seeing a few peeks outside. so improvement for today meaning we should have some more sunshine it should be a little bit warmer. one of our viewers wants to know about the forecast in middletown, delaware. of course, you can always tweet me ask a forecast question yours #fox 29 weekend. well down in new castle county it's kind of the same thing you start out with clouds. gradually seeing some more sunshine temperatures should make it into the mid 40s towards our south.
8:32 am
clear skies later tonight just past sunset and it is the shortest day of the year our winter solstice this afternoon. 24 mount pocono. 28 in pottstown right now. 32 in philadelphia. and 30 in wildwood. it is chilly this morning. but as i mentioned with the clouds eroding seeing more sunshine it should look a little bit better than as we take it into 10:00 o'clock sunday night clear skies. for i don't care cast for today 42 degrees, clouds to sun later today. and into tonight. we are going to fall back probable fool the 30s for most of us low temperature of 30 degrees in philadelphia. 20s in a lot of our outlying suburbs rain on the way before we hit the holiday. we'll that have that still ahead in your seven day forecast. >> whose ready for holiday cheer. always that eggnog but what about people who are not eggnog fans? there's warm apple cidar, maybe there's a candy cane mold wine a tweet that caught our eyes and it has to do with a video playing behind me from sammy who writes the best way to spread christmas cheer is with some friends and drinking beer. so what are the best beers for the holidays. we've got don russell also
8:33 am
better known as joe six pack joining us by skype this morning. don, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, karen. >> thank you for joining us. we got a message from shane who says, christmas beer is the best beer. #exams over, #holidays. so first of all what does define christmas beer? >> well, that's great question. because it's really not a style of beer it's actually a tradition. a tradition of making a special beer for the holidays it actually goes all the way back before christmas to those pagan celebrations of the solstice that's real wrl lot of this begins, and it's never just about a specific type of beer. it's basically just a special beer for the holidays. >> all right. speaking of special beer, nick writes in, to x mass by southern brewing company possibly best christmas beer on the market. warrior favorites, don? >> i have 2x is very good. based on the old scandanavian sort of like a malt beer, and
8:34 am
we've got so many sift varieties. i think locally most people are familiar with mad owl from hershey which is probably the number one local christmas beer made with cherries and honey. >> ooh. >> really a fine beer. but there's so many others. that you can grab. if that isn't what you're into there's more traditional types. for hop heads one of my favorites is from rogue which is out in oregon and it's santa's private reserve made with lots of hops. love santa claus on label. >> i do love santa claus and mad elves and everything else. thank you for the wonderful recommendations we love to have a nice libation with those we love over the holiday time. thank you. >> loved to it and cheers to y you. >> holiday cheers to you as we well. thank you joe six pack. what is your favorite sell bra la tower beverage? use or #fox 29 weekend. >> okay. since moving to philly i found
8:35 am
one thing that unites a lot of people parking problems something we all seem to deal with. well check out this picture. who is that fighting a ticket from the ppa? the hilarious moments caught on camera. we'll share that with you. >> karen. >> also listening to silent night by the temptations carlos thank you for requesting that one and of course you still have time to get your requests n we want to take look at some of your comments from the five words that sum up the year trend. one from mr. come back, did they find that plane? how about this one carlos, thank you, i still have my job. isn't that a nice sentiment. we can all -- people that are working reflect upon that and something nice to share the monthly day. look at that christmas present ah. keep your pictures coming. we appreciate them. keep your pictures coming. we appreciate them. ♪
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deciding between bread is no longer a problem. healthy pa offers name-brand health insurance for the cost of a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, call or apply online today. >> so a lot of times when we're down here in the studio we can see the intersection of fourth and mark. if you happen to peek outside and see things happening. friday this is what i saw when i getting miked up to do an interview. poor person. battling it out with ppa. it's tough, right? >> is he fighting a ticket. >> fighting a ticket. >> god, this is such a poor situation. i felt so bad for the person and i looked closer and guess who it was? >> who? >> check this out. >> this is quincy. you know him. in this video, okay, he's acting
8:39 am
all tough at terror behind the walls at eastern state penn share back in september. is that him? >> no. that's makeup. we still haven't seen him. he's somewhere in this video. >> everyone knows that quincy he's kind of a man's man really macho and tough he's been working out lately ready to rumble talking about his abs will be peeking through. >> at least talk the talk. i don't know if he walk the walk. he talk the talk. >> he was somewhere in this video. he was not. we managed to cut a video -- is that him. >> yes, that's him. >> you can never tell. >> oh, i had no clue. >> we know -- yeah. >> quincy is on our good day show almost every day. upping him if you watch "good day philadelphia". >> i had no clue it was him. and i look back outside and i like snapped a billion pictures he is like animated. he's like -- it was like this big production and i am crying laughing in the end he comes inside and gets two security guards to come to his rescue and beat the ticket. >> he beat the ticket? >> he beat it and sent us the video.
8:40 am
>> do we have the video. >> it's coming up later. >> that's what we call tease. >> a tease, yeah. he was like fox 29 you guys think it's funny i have something for you he zen this video. >> peeking of parking obviously he's not alone so many people are not alone. we have another woman who has a parking issue all of her own. she has a problem which not a pleasant surprise she's got a boot right there on her car but what she did that has her in so much trouble right now. also, thank you for sending in your pictures. we love your holiday lights. we love what you have to say. we love your comments. and -- this one cracks me up. thank you. i love that one. get that guy off the screen. never want to see him again. scott, thank you for that one. i almost had a core row nary right there. we'll be right back. ♪
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while they are doing this, but like this. with this, but like this. make the most live sports more live with the x1 operating system.
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>> all right. it's that time for to us get one last check of your interactive weather. taking a live look outside. is that the poconos again caitlin where there's snow. yes. >> people wish for would it christmas but secretly you don't really want all that snow to come down. secretly or not so secretly when you have to travel it's a huge pain. >> yes. if you're up in the poconos just boarding this weekend or skiing it's great. it has been actually really nice weekend for the slopes although it's cold out there. a lot clouds yesterday.
8:44 am
we see some more sunshine today. ultimate doppler quiet right n now. we saw flurries off towards our north earlier. not out of the early this morning. once the clouds thin and wee see sunshine a much better afterno afternoon. like yesterday but not as clou cloudy. sunshine breaks out late in the day and then as we head into tonight clear skies. the first night officially of winter with winter beginning around 6:00 p.m. this evening. 30 in allentown. 32 in philadelphia. air temperatures are cold but it's not too windy. so harsh wind chills not a problem today. seven day forecast let's break it down for you each day mostly sunny this afternoon, 42 so a bit warmer. but those clouds are back very quickly on monday. this is out ahead of a storm system which will bring rain and very mild temperatures leading into the holiday. showers very light on tuesday. i think the chance for instead yesterday rain will be on wednesday where high temperatures hit 62 degrees. so a warm and wet christmas eve. maybe some early morning showe showers. otherwise we clear out throughout the day christmas. and then by friday and saturday we're looking at some really nice weather. high temperatures in the low 50s
8:45 am
with mostly sunny skies. >> karen? >> thank you caitlin. it is 8:44. famed box mohammed ali is in the hospital right now. his spokesperson says he's got pneumonia but his prognosis is very good. he says his ills in was caught very early and the 72-year-old should be out of the hospital soon. >> let's take look at a parking fight. this is some cell phone video. this comes to us from texas. tmz reports there's a woman auditioning for the bad girls club when she goes out to her car it's got a boot on it. so she gets out there and what do you do when you're auditioning for reality tv? you yell and make a scene and then she tries to drive away with the boot still on her vehicle. well, they didn't take too kind toll that. a parking officer filed a police report saying she hit him. she could be charged with criminal assault. ♪ >> it might be winter break at area colleges and universities but our junior reporters are still very hard at work. this is one of our favorite
8:46 am
sessions right here at fox 29 weekend. caitlin a student at rider university is here with us this week. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you so much for having me. >> so this morning you're tal talking about sweet freedom. so all of our allergy lovers out there will love your story. oh york. anyone with an energy to any sort of food anyone whose vegan or kosher, basically anyone who wants a guilt free snack can come to sweet freedom and get it. >> all right. check it out. >> reporter: step through these doors and experience freedom, spree sweet freedom. imagine being a young child who can never eat their birthday cake due to allergy. your sweet treats no more not only can you push your allergies aside but you don't have to feel guilty about it either. this clean eating sweet freedom provides is free of dairy, eggs, gluten, wheat, peanuts and soy. only sweetener used most unusual and unrefined sugar. >> i come to sweet freedom because i'm focused on eating real food with ingredients i
8:47 am
know and can understand. >> it's just great to know that there's place i can go order out and feel confident about what is in the food. >> i have a little bit of dairy intolerance. so i found that out a couple years ago, and it's nice to know that what i eat in here is safe. >> you would never guess these sweet treats are missing refined sugar, they taste even better than their original counterpar counterparts. founder owner allison lou pet has allergies herself and when started out as an experiment has grown to become solution for the rise if food allergy diagnosis. >> the diagnosis of celiac disease for example which is an auto immune disease you cannot eat any gluten has rises zen so much and awareness about it has risen so much i feel really proud that we can provide a an a need for the philadelphia community for people adults children alike where they can come somewhere and it's save to eat whatever they like and it still tastes really delicious. >> we have mothers that are in
8:48 am
tears because their kid has never had birthday cake before because they can't have eggs and they can't have sugar and they can't have this. i mean it's just like on and on and on it. >> else feels great we're doing something rewarding the it's not just throwing food out. we're doing something that really means something for people. and we're shipping it to them when they're not local. we have three locations now. so they can actually get to us and it's very rewarding and it does feel nice to do something good and healthy. >> three locations bryn mawr is the newest location. >> yes. >> you are really impressed. so impressed. you couldn't even tell it was missing refined sugar and peanut butter. i had something that was made out of fake peanut butter. >> i want to zen these sweet treats to someone you know you can ship them. as long as -- it's win the three locations but you can ship them. >> caitlin, thanks so much. >> no problem. if you have any idea foss our junior reporters zen us an idea using the #fox 29 weekend. ♪
8:49 am
>> hi, i'm barbara king at the barn at valley forge flowers with this week's around the house. steven coevals tweeted us can i decorate my house with holidays without damaging my walls, mantle and doors? none us want to destroy the windows of or the walls with hammering nails into the doors or the walls. so there's lots of solutions out there and the hardware store is one of my best friends this time of year. they have so many gadgets that i love to peruse through like i found this one this morning. ooh love this. this is a hook that fits into your siding. you can hang something right on the siding with ease. love this one. the command strips, there's all differ types of command strips out there. there's even ones for your doors because they really don't work as well in the cold weather but they do have a new one out there that works up to i think it's 40 or down to 40 or 50 degrees.
8:50 am
so make sure if you're using the indoor ones use them indoors because they will fall on the outside. now, it is pretty cold out there. it's going to get colder than 50 degrees. this is one of the perfect solutions. it's the over the door wreath hanger. you just want to be careful of the width of your door. if your door is real wide, this is not going to work. so we have a solution for those doors that are real wide. and i think this just looks so festive and old school looking christmas is just a big fat thick piece of ribbon that you want to double up and just measure to whatever cut length you would like your wreath to hang and cut your ribbon to whatever length is going to look best for your wreath on your door, and then fold it over about 2-inches. that gives it extra support. so we're going to slip it
8:51 am
through this wreath, then fold it over 2-inches two times going to give it a nice firm base and then you're going to take thumb tax just make sure they're the flat head thumb tax and you're going to thumb tack it into the top of your door. so none of the mechanic are seen and they're hidden really well and nobody is going to yell at you then for putting that big nail hole in the door. if you have any questions you want answered, tweet us at #fox 29 weekend
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
♪ (laughter). >> that was the funniest thing ever. >> a little jib jab fun. >> maybe you have that at your house. >> busy cleaning and doing stu stuff. >> yes. >> all right. we also to let upping santa is at the christmas village through christmas day.
8:55 am
you can go down there and meet santa. >> okay. a few minutes ago we told you about quincy harris battling it out with ppa outside. he knew we caught him on camera. we're hearing from the man. >> #fox 29 weekend my weekend was going good until the philadelphia parking authority gives me a ticket. i'm parked in front of the station. they say you need a special placard. i said i did have the special placard they said where is it? i said it was inside. i'm about to leave. they start the interrogating. i fell like i was on home land. they started moving meander as well i had to go get a security guard but the thing that irritated me most lauren johnson sees the whole thing taking all these pictures and sends them to my phone. why didn't you come outside and help me? it's okay. i beat the case any way. whoo, i'm free. thank you. (laughter). >> thank you. >> thanks for sending that video. we loved it. >> this is our last show before of course the holidays. we'll do our quick little merry christmas. >> yes. >> i like to spread cheer --
8:56 am
>> merry christmas. >> to each of you. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. happy birthday. >> thank you. >> karen's birthday tomorrow. >> this is my favorite type of gift. >> thank you, karen. >> so to nicole -- >> to nicole our boss lady. so i have this bag which i thought was so cute it is the boss lady bag. >> boss lady. >> and one is not as good as having two. she has a second boss lady bag. your cheer more substantial bathes the boss lady. >> lady can you look in that bag quickly? >> i can. i can. >> this show is about #s. >> i don't know how you found that one. >> yes. it was tough. >> thank you guys. >> thank you. >> speaking of finding things for the boss just because we have pope francis coming of course this september. i have found the bobble headed pope francis for you jim
8:57 am
driscoll this is our gift to you this will be on your desk come monday morning. >> that is awesome. >> you're absolutely obsessed about those things right now. >> oh, jeez. >> caitlin is the bling queen. open that. >> this is legwarmers i wear them all the time you may have caught me on good day the other morning wearing them with flip-flops. >> all things desserts. >> i was at reading terminal market. >> what are they called. >> whoopie pies you. >> never heard of them before. no it looks like a giant oreo. >> i'm from lancaster county i grew up the amish make them. they're very good. >> there you go. >> open your gift. >> thank you. >> i just noticed -- >> i know you love beer -- >> what are you people saying about me. >> wine and flask. >> she knows you too well. thank you. >> we've got about 15 seconds left. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's beautiful. >> i'm just trying to be like you.
8:58 am
>> everyone have a merry christmas. >> merry christmas everyone. >> i remember
8:59 am
9:00 am
i'm chris wallace. a gunman kills two new york city policemen he says to avenge the death of eric garner and michael brown. and u.s. officials are calling the cyber attack on hollywood one of the greatest national security dangers we face. >> we cannot have a society in which some dictator someplace can start imposing censorship here in the united states. >> how will the u.s. respond to the hacking attack on sony pictures? and how vulnerable is the u.s. to cyber warfare from north korea and other countries? we'll ask the chair of the house intelligence committee, mike rogers, who says we need much stronger fire walls against this growing threat. then, the u.s. and cuba


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