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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 21, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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let's meet the players. we'll rank the top five teams, team pensky, hendrick motorsports. i think they vie for the top position. >> i put hendrick at the top of the list and penske second. >> hendrick motorsports, changes going on as far as crew chief. greg going to dale earnhardt junior, keith roddick is going to be kasey kahne's crew chief. as far as team penske, 11 wins and to my knowledge no changes whatsoever over there in that organization. >> oh, look good there. >> there were changes prior to 2014 as well. one group hit it out of the park, stewart haas. in particular, rodney childers and kevin harvick. i'll put them on the board at number three. >> unfortunately what we should do with stewart haas racing is put the fourth there and put a huge gap. >> motor failure. >> who the hell did not see that
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coming? >> i do believe they've made some changes over there. i think tony gibson is exactly what kurt busch needed. i think he'll win some races. of course daniel knaus at danika patrick, some unknowns. maybe for the first time in a couple years tony stewart has a clean slate. >> take a deep breath there. >> i like what you're doing, adam. >> no love for joe gibbs racing. >> i love it. >> one theme of our conversation has been change. we know there's going to be some change with jgr in 2015. they've got to get back to victory lane more. >> we suck at this, we are so bad. it is absolutely destroyed. >> can i jump up here real quick? how about getting michael waltrip racing and take it off the board. >> okay. you don't want me to throw it on the floor, do you? >> i'm sitting right here. >> i want to know about the rest of the story. there's been so much talk about you guys are going to have more
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of an alliance. >> we have to look at how closely we work with joe gibbs racing, how both organizations both racing toyotas can help make them both faster. >> throw in the fact the testing policy in 2015, it makes it more imperative that toyota teams work together. you know hendrick and stewart haas will. >> to help educate the fans as we get ready for 2015, it's going to be carl edwards for joe gibbs race sglg look what matt kenseth did when he came to joe gibbs racing, seven wins in a race for a championship. i wouldn't be surprised to see carl edwards have the same type of season in 2015. >> a little change in joe gibbs racing. pretty much the only driver-crew cheer combination will be jason rat cliff and matt kenseth. >> thank you, guys. >> i think you have to slide richard childress racing over to the fifth spot. >> there's a debate. rousch fenway racing and victor
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childress racing. i think outside of greg biffle, the rousch fenway driving lineup is very weak. >> basically replacing carl edwards with trevor bain. >> one career top five finish. it was big. >> it put ganassi ahead of roush. >> looking ahead to '15. >> jimmy mcmurray. >> an amazing chase. >> what about the darn all-star race? what a performance he had over there. i love kyle larson. how do you not think kyle larson won't be a nascar sprint cup champion? >> one thing i'll say about rcr, not only did ryan newman make the finals, but they continued to get better and better as the season went on, in particular in the chase. >> the one factor that tips the scale just a little bit, how do we not include an organization that came probably within one caution of actually winning the sprint cup series championship. >> we finished the best at our
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last, good place to start for next year. >> as you can see, our guys are ready to go racing. we hope you're just as fired up for the 15th consecutive season of nascar on fox. join us right back here for the 57th running of the daytona 500 on february 22nd. i'm danielle trotta, thanks for i'm danielle trotta, thanks for watching "nas there's a great way to buy high quality cars at low. i'm danielle trotta, thanks for watching "nas ...and i iall starts here, at carma log on to and start your search today... ...and choose from over 35 thousand carmax quality certified used vehicles. from cars and trucks to suvs and minivans. browse the store nearest you... ...or shop from our nationwide inventory
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>> a memorial growing at the spot where two new york police officers were ambushed and killed,. >> more about the killer. >> good evening, i'm joyce evans. >> i'm karen hepp. we've learned the gunman approached people on the street and asked them to follow him on stain gram and told them, quote, watch what i'm going to do. >> fox's brian with new details now from new york. >> candles, flowers, and an american flag, are placed at the scene after makeshift memorial after officers win lou and ramos were killed as they sat in their patrol car saturday. fellow city workers say they're heart broken? they were doing an innocent job, patrolling, making sure the streets were safe. >> the suspect believed to be from baltimore shot and killed himself soon after the murders based on instagram post,
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brinsley was angry about the recent deaths of michael brown and eric gardner, but in a press conference garner's family members say this is not what they wanted. >> we want you not to use name for violence, we not about that. these two police officers lost their life. >> meanwhile new yorkers are beginning the from grieving process, nypd, attended sunday mass at st. patrick's cathedral, where cardinal timothy dolan mentioned the officer's death, and offered words of prayer. >> i invite to you pray with reference and gratitude for them. >> i invite you to pray for consolation upon their sobbing families: we pray for their brothers and sisters, in uniform. >> president obama released statement in response to the shooting. he says he unconditionally condemns the murder of the officers, and asked people to reject violence and words that
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harm. turned to words that heal. in new york, fox news. >> short time ago, called for peace and inter spec sean while statement was brief, it was emotional. >> i hope and pray that we can reflect on this tragic loss of lives that have occurred so that we can move forward and find an ample pass for peaceful co-existence. >> tonight police ounce and warning officers they should only responds to calls use too long patrol cars, for them to only make arrests when absolutely necessary. also, philadelphia mayor michael nutter released a statement today offering sim batty and condolence, and also the nypd. he says in part quote we had passionate views whatever we want our great nation to be, and to uphold but we must turn away from violence and hateful
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speech and toward construction actions and words. philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey is calling on his officers to be very careful and to be on alert tonight. he says he's concerned about the current environment for police, commissioner ramsey is calling on those leading local protests against police brutality, to call for calm and keep things from escalating any further dave kinchen is at the site of the murders and talking to people, and will be joining us in just a couple of moments. police commissioner will be joining us on good day tomorrow. >> the killing in new york city drawing a heart breaking parallel with developing story in florida, where another police officer is dead from a shooting, it happened early this morning, in tarp end springs, that's along the gulf coast in central florida, 45 year old officer, charles was checking out nuisance call when suspect shot and killed him. alleged shooter tried to drive away but crashed into a pole and another car.
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he was arrested, authorities say that shooter new what he was doing. like this guy is a cop killer who said that he felt like a caged rat. he felt the officers presence, he knew what that meant, and he knew that he was going back to prison where he should have been. there is absolutely no excuse. there is no, you know, mistake, i don't care what he told you guys whether walking into the jail. this guy new what was doing, killed a cop, and needs to be held accountable for that. >> officer was father of five and a 17 year department veteran, before working in florida, he was an officer with the nypd. >> also developing tonight, new information in the search for shane month gem i police say they found shane's keys today in manayunk near the schuylkill river. the 21 year old college student hasn't been seen since early thanksgiving morning, did i appeared after leaving kildare's on main street. surveillance video shows him
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headed toward the river after leaving the bar. charges have been filed against man and woman accused of home invasion robbery, it happened in exton in west whiteland township. but the couple interestingly still on the loose, this all happened yesterday at the exton crossing development. police say 36 year old leonard bernard polls dollars as worker from home hells care company, pushed his way into older woman's home, 76, robbed her of her jewelry. before he left they say he tide his hands together. ' and bleigh anna mitchell wanted for this crime, facing numerous charges. there was terrible fire, deadly fire in an apartment building that's left dozens of people homeless in new castle county, happened overnight, brad talked to people about this tragedy. >> oh, my gosh, just flames everywhere. >> cell phone video from haley english's camera, living couple of blocks away, she rushed over, to see this 22 unit apartment building go up in flames just after 2:00 a.m. >> i just feel so bad, four days before christmas. >> the fire started on the
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third floor of building 221, at the harbor house apartments, one person died, a second person, 72 year old man, had to be rescued from a balcony with a ladder, and was then taken to christianna hospital in serious condition. >> flames about 30-foot hi, i guess, hi, hi, hi, maybe hire. >> nearly 08 firefighters battled this frein, still on the scene by sunrise, even they were surprised at how fast the fire moved. >> an unusual situation, but any structure, fires can be advanced frequent. >> this fire went from being so small that it just burst out of no where. whole entire roof was engulfed almost in second. >> older building the fire chief says does not have sprinkler system. tenants say the fire alarms tends to go off regularly, they worrisome may not have take ten seriously. >> don't get excited when you hear them, because you hear them so often. >> the red cross was there within 90 minute of the start
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of the fire, helping nearly two dozen people. >> at this point, we have ten families that we know of that are did i placed. it is a difficult morning for them, specially because it is so close to christmas, and they have lost their homes. >> state fire salon the scene all morning long trying to figure out what caused the builds to go burn so fast. >> we're playing catch up the entire time. >> in claymont, delaware, brad saton, "fox 29 news". >> delaware still police investigating a accident, an elderly woman was hit and killed. authorities say the 78 year old woman was crossing the street but not inside marked crosswalk when hit by suv on coxneck road. happened saturday night around 6:15. she died there at the scene. >> legendary boxer muhammad ali in the hospital right now reportedly with a mild case of pneumonia. the boxing great is expected to only spend a short amount of time in the hospital. >> the three time world heavy weight champ also battling parkinson's disease, being treated by team of doctors, in
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stable condition. >> no details further. >> dramatic and heroic rescue. >> off duty firefighters did not have the tools they needed to push -- to pull three people from burning car, but did it anyway. they describe this terrifying scene coming up. >> and crossing thousands of miles to turn strange nears families. four year old madeline has come a long way from a hospital in china to live with a family in our
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>> anti-castro protesters gathering in florida, opposing the plan to open up relation was cuba. cuban ex whiles were in the crowd. have i to continue fighting between our country and cuba, and to try and stop any further lifting of the embargo. estimated 2 million cubans living in this country. the majority of course who live in south florida. meanwhile new jersey governor chris christie says he disagrees with president obama's decision to try to work to normalize decision was cuba. woe like the president to demand the return of the convicted cop killer before diplomatic relations move forward. he outlined these requests in a letter sent to the white house last week there is letter just released by his office today. joanne was convicted every killing a new jersey state trooper back in 1973, but escaped from prison and fled to cuba where she has been
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granted asylum. spokeswoman for the white house's national security council says it will continue to press the cuban government to return us fugatives. well, a ride to work turns into a life saving rescue mission, three st. louis firefighters who were headed to work separately pull over remarkable feat. rescued three people from a burning car, fox's andy banker explains how they got them out of there without any gear. >> saw a car up against the traffic light on fire. >> i didn't anyone was in there. but when i rolled up, there were people trapped inside there. >> on ten we put our hands, in the. >> the there are things you see that closing your eyes won't make go away. and yet firefighters see them and get closer, even off duty. even when it looks hopeless. >> this is what we do on our job, and off the job we're on the job. to be prepared at any time. >> actually we kind of felt
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hopeless. we have the skills and the knowledge but we didn't have the equipment. so you are looking at these people burning alive. >> all three stopped to help, glad to find the other there, at broadway and humble, three people un response nay burning car around 7:00 on a saturday morning. >> so you had three firefighter here, but three firefighters on their way to work. they didn't have their gear. and really didn't have anyway to get the people out of the burning car. and that's where they say passersby really pitched in. grabbing bricks, carjacks, whatever, to help get the people out. >> well, no, i don't have time to wait. i was just thinking of the best thing to do to help these people, yes, get them out of there, that was the most important thing, but to save someone's life. >> female passenger's leg was sticking out after hole torn in the bottom of the car. the male driver slid underneath her, both of them on fire, another man unconscious in the back seat. >> once the fire start today come up her legs, it started
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to wake her up. and she was able to -- she was moaning and screaming. >> they say she helped free her own leg, they got all three of them out of the car, and then went to work putting out their burning bodies. the police firefighter vincent smith was wearing was a god-send. >> i just pulled it off and started applying it to her body right away to cool her down as quick as possible. so we use what we had. i mean, we used rags, t-shirts, socks, whatever, even though she did burn somewhat, i thank god that we got her out. >> and she is alive. >> yes. >> and that makes it easier to see those things they'll never stop seeing. andy banker, fox two news. >> wow. well the woman and one man in critical but stable condition. the other man is in serious condition. >> still ahead on "fox 29 news" at 6:00. >> we have some good news on this day, holiday special delivery on a highway in a speeding car. a couple describes the white knuckle birth of their baby
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girl coming up. >> don't exactly say christmas, display containing both up on one state capitol
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>> spectacular scene this sunday as part of texas a&m kyle field comes tumbling on down, crews demolished the west side of the football stadium, as part of $450 million improvement plan. implosion knocked down the second and third decks of the alum my section as well as the pressbox and the trio of elevator shaft. crews will now build up a new west side which should be ready by september. well, it was arrays to the hospital for baby who just could not wait. >> i love these stories, this is danny and jessica thurman of eye woe with a, realizing their little bundle of joy was ready to make her grand arrival, oh, how cute, look at them there. that's the happy ending. on friday they jumped into his work van, racing to the hospital, but then when they're on the way they have to pull over, call 911 to try to get some assistance, next thing you know the little baby was already here. airiole rosa. >> screaming talalay, my wife
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screaming at me, it is coming, i look over and you could see it casino of coming out -- she had sweat pant on, you know, and like oh, no. in the sock van, you know, going down the road, she just whew just comes right out. >> oh, the ambulance finally caught up to the couple and rushed them to the hospital. look at how cute that baby is. mom and baby are expected to be them in -- home in time for christmas moving. >> controversial display is quite the talk, and the capital of michigan. snake and pent grab are a part of a exhibit by the saturday and i can temple of detroit. it is the first time a display symbolize that fate has been set up on the capitol lawn. organizers got permission to put it thereafter a church had smith add request to have a nativity scene there many are upset because it is happening at christmas. still ahead on "fox 29 news" at 6:00. crossing thousands every miles to turn strange nears
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families. four year old madeline has come a long way from a hospital in china. to live with her new family in bucks county, the special teamwork that is making it all happen. caitlin. >> and karen, the winter season did just officially begin. as we head toward the holiday, i will be tracking some rain, some winds, possibly even temperatures into the 60s. stay tuned, your seven day forecast is coming up. heist heist >> always special, birthday, this year she will be 84 years old, hand i birthday, granny.
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>> we continue to follow a developing story in new york city where people are reeling after two police officers gunned down in while inside their patrol car on saturday. tonight people are speaking out against violence. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in brooklyn tonight where vigil is being held. dave? >> george, there is shock and sadness here at the
6:31 pm
intersection of tompkins and hurdle, i'll step out of the way and show you at least a couple of hundred people out here in a candlelight vigil at the spot where these officers lost their lives yesterday afternoon. let guess to video. memorial growing since this tragedy took place, people laying candles at the spot where officers ramos, and lou, lost their lives sitting in a patrol car ambushed according to police investigators shot in the head and shooter brinsley ran to subway station, took his own life according to investigators, stain gram posts linked to the suspect, say that this was in retaliation to the shooting death, the death of eric garner and michael brown. but so many people here are showing support for the officers, they're looking for healing, and this one woman new the fallen officers.
6:32 pm
>> they were very hard-working, very good people, down to earth, and very dedicated for what they were doing. >> i wish it didn't have to happen. they were two innocent souls, you know, who didn't expect for this to happen. it is a tragedy to us here in brooklyn, to everyone across the country. >> to will take some time for the city to heal but we will definitely heal. >> you seymour video of the vigil taking place, and all of this coming at a very tens time here in new york city, of course, since the choking death of eric garner and a grand jury in staten island, not returning an indictment against the officer accused in that case. there have been protests, you have seen the video, we've all seen it, and of course tension very, very high here, in fact, at least five people were arrested, during a incident on the brooklyn bridge when a new york police officer was assaulted there during a mallet. so a lot of tension. but still people here looking for healing. back to you in the studio.
6:33 pm
>> all right, thank up, dave. we'll see you later on. we'll have continuing cover running from new york city tonight at 1:00. meanwhile go to for this evening's new developments. well let's take a live look outside, a lot of you out and about doing shopping, many of you are traveling ahead of the christmas holidays, certainly. santa came to my street on the firetruck today, caitlin, nice night to, you know be out doing stuff. maybe some problems coming up? we'll check back with her in just a moment. also tonight, a legendary singer says i do. who tied the knot just in time for christmas. >> a hands made mushroom is swiped. the owner says it is to took them weeks to make that, his unusual message to the ones who took
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the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature,
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you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models. welcome back, elton john just upgraded his civil partnership with his partner david to a marriage. posted picture on instagram showing him sitting at table with a sheet of may nerve front of them with the caption that's the legal bit done. now on to the ceremony. they've been together since 1993.
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they became civil partners in 2005. same sex marriage became legal in england in whales in march of just this year, they have two sons. tom brokaw good news he said his cancer in remission. announced today after month of chemotherapy, he'll be starting a drug maintenance program and soon. last february brokaw revealed that he had been diagnosissed when multiple mile emma, a cancer affecting blood cells in the marrow. now, broke awe calls the last year a challenge, but he added that he made it through, thanks to, quote, world class hospitals with brilliant physicians. well, somebody has been very naughty in oregon. a thief made off with this hand made homemade mushroom statue in northeast portland. the owner says he carved it out himself, with a chain saw, and it took him several weeks to do it. >> now he has a message for the people who took it. >> i love those guys who stole
6:38 pm
my mushroom, i told him awesome mushroom. i'm sorry that, you know, i forgive them for stealing it and i thank them forewarning me that it was outside. >> oh, just bring it back. the incident is under investigation, so far no clues as to who may have taken that statue. well, still ahead on "fox 29 news" at 6:00. a christmas storm threatening travel. caitlin? >> and joyce, that christmas storm will affect us, not in the way you think, mainly just rain, seeing showers toward our south. we'll have a few chances for rain, all being timed out for you, up next in our seven day forecast. >> this time out, bill bo and company forced to engage in a war against erray of combater ants. >> you have peace or war.
6:39 pm
>> what is star power? >> yes. >> guess is in it? >> you know whaty? just want them to win. i want them to win. they have the big seat. they have big hearts. i just want them to win the war and be done with it. >> you know this is like pre quill to the lord of the rings, eventually they do win. >> good. >> even better news, which usually flock at almost three hours and some change, this is the short one. >> this movie is two hours 24 minutes long. >> oh. still long though. >> it is, but it is a perfect move toy take a break out of the christmas shopping, and take your mind off the worlds for little bit. so if that's what you need to do in this
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judge welcome back, local agencies teaming to up a help area families adopt some very special children overseas. >> it is all part of this great campaign to inspire local cup tolls think a little bit out of the box. our jennifer joyce introduces us to a very special little girl. >> she's a four year old bundle of dynamite. loads of energy, lots of giggles, a contagious spirit.
6:43 pm
madeline is settling into life in the u.s. bucks county to be specific, with the only family she has ever known. >> love mom a lot or a lot? >> a lot. >> her adoptive parent stephanie and patrick farley, big sister amanda, and older brother, column begin she just walk in and she said hi, hi, hi, and everybody just can't resist smiling. >> the last year hasn't been without challenges. madeline has a mild form of cerebral palsy. >> yummy, can i have some? >> the farrellly's adopted her from a hospital in china. >> after like 45 minute of just having her scream at us ... >> they documented the dramatic trip with these pictures. and visited the spore where their little girl was
6:44 pm
abandoned at just six month old. >> just a miracle to watch her come home and just thrive. >> jennifer chance is with bethany christian services, the agency that helped the farley's bring madeline home. bethany is in the middle of a two year campaign cowell these 400. a push to get people to consider special needs adoption. as more regulation also put into place, and many adoption agencies are closing their doors. >> needs are kids that are overseas in orphanages, that really have no resources, if agencies aren't going over there and finding families for these kids, then they're going stay in those orphanages for their whole life. >> adoption shah challenging thing, foreign country, and additional special needs, the thought might intimidate you. but bethany christian services has an ad option center to provide extra resources for families. dr. seuss and freedman is the medical director.
6:45 pm
she says special needs international adoption is the new normal. if parent want to adopt a healthy child from china, it is usually a six to seven year wait. >> freedman said chop's program has families every all types, including domestic adoptions, and foster care, review pro peck spiff child's medical history, explain to the families what it all means, thousand could affect their existing family unit, and help them decide whether or not they are a good match before they make the trip abroad. >> and support them, medical crisis a rises, while they are in country, we help them with. that will we help them as soon as they pick up their child to start working on attachment. >> the farley's say the before, during and after adoption services were invaluable. >> there are so many resources at chop.
6:46 pm
so we really felt through bethany, very supported. >> at first special needs? once we found out that every person has some kind of special need. >> thank god we had said yes. if we didn't say yes we could have missed out on her. people say to us oh, you guys did a great thing by adopting thing. and it just takes us by surprise when they say that because we feel like we're the ones that are just so bless today have her as our daughter. >> well, special needs adoption isn't for everyone, the farley's say they're greatly fulfilled. so much so, they've decided to adopt a second child from that same cerebral palsy hospital in chinachina where madeline was from. matthew is expect in the early 2015. reporting from the news room, jennifer joyce, "fox 29 news".
6:47 pm
what an inspiring family. we know that cost is a very big concern when it comes to adoption. bethany like many agencies say if interested there is grant monday that i you can apply forment there is also attacks credit worth about $13,000. we posted some links on our website >> and now to your fox 29 weather authority. we saw sunshine today t actually make made it a little bit warmer. >> we did. we saw eight hours of it, the longest we've seen in weeks actually. >> well, the shortest day, isn't it? >> he can actually. >> shortest amount of daylight, but the daylight counts. >> because you're right, winter off kurd 6:03 p.m. earlier this hour. the good news you start to get minute of daylight each day going forward. >> true. >> so take the good with the bad, right? >> we'll take it. >> the good holidays are coming up the bad forecast leading up to the holidays t could be snow. could always be worse. looking at a lot of rain moving in on christmas eve, particularly, going to be the toughest when it comes to
6:48 pm
travel. if that's your big travel day, phone it is in the airport or on the road, by train you will want to look at the forecast, ultimate doppler, everyone in the count here is some showers that have stayed toward the south, high pressure in control toward our north, so that kept the clouds and showers far out of our area. right now, clear skies, really nice night, nice evening, and it shouldn't be too bad as we head into tomorrow. 40 degrees was the high temperature, so despite all of that sunshine, it was still pretty chilly. normal, 43, record high, setback just one year ago today. 67 degrees. it is hard to imagine being that mild. but we'll be close to that 67 by christmas eve. along with the rain. we'll get the mild temperatures. right now not too mild outside. chilly evening. thirty-seven in philly. twenty-nine in pottstown, 30 in allentown, same thing for millville, 31 in ac and 30 down in wildwood. fox future cast, as we go through this evening, clouds will start to increase, on shore flow picks up, by early tomorrow morning, maybe starting with some sunshine,
6:49 pm
but those clouds thicken, we will continue to see overcast skies, let's go through the rest of the afternoon, not out of the question, isolated shower, just due to the on shore flow, maybe even flu our two toward our south. but the real showers don't look to arrive until tuesday. so monday is mostly dry, 99:00 a.m. tuesday morning, it is cloudy, we've got showers moving in from the west, looks like mainly afternoon and evening, best chance to see some rain here in philadelphia, this will be fairly light, so travel on tuesday, probably, not impacted just quite yet. bigger stronger storm system cranks up as we head toward wednesday, this is christmas eve afternoon. by noon as far out as the model goes, see a lot of rain here, rain accompanied with some wind possibly even thunderstorms, mild enough. so for tonight, mostly clear, cold, 29 in the city, 23 in the suburbs, no problems as you get up and go to work tomorrow morning. it is mostly cloudy, just 40 degrees for the high temperature, so we lose that full on sunday shine as early as tomorrow. isolated shower is possible, otherwise, we really wait for the rain until tuesday night, into wednesday morning. so as we head toward the holiday, biggest impact that
6:50 pm
the weather will be christmas eve, just plane old rain for everyone in our area. why? well, it will be 62 degrees, so warm, windy, showers may link near early christmas morning. otherwise we should see sun on the rest of the holiday, it will be breezy but the holiday looks nice. boxing day, sunny, beautiful. the storm systems comes up. not white christmas for it, it will be a wet christmas with the rain continuing through early thursday morning. but, luckily, nothing closing down santa claus. he doesn't care what type of weather, neither dot reindeer. into thursday night we start to clear out, looking at beautiful friday. weekends looks nice, much colder by this time next week. >> all right, we'll take it. >> yes. >> thank you so much. >> we all have an eagles hang over this morning because it was just so december depressing, howard? >> hang over is a good words for t the eagles season really went up in flames last night in washington. hear from the eagles players trying to figure out what the
6:51 pm
heck happened to the season. and and desean jackson, chirping like a bird after big game against his former team. he took the
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judge eagles season came down to a crash and burn and still one game remaining next week they have to play. anywhere this team was and is right now. they were nine and three, on their way to the playoffs with a possible bye in the first week of the playoffs, but now it is just playing it out. >> what happened yesterday in washington em bar g, lose to go a bad football team. not hard to figure out. let's go to lands over. what's not hard, mark sanchez, you have to have awareness if there is somebody around you. field fowl by washington in the first quarter, redskins turn over, lead the leak in
6:54 pm
turnovers. this is a problem with sanchez, he won't throw deep. everything is short and it leaves him with third down situations, which he did all game. i don't think his arm is strong enough. then when it looked like they might have the winning drive, he throws the interception in the fourth quarter, under two minutes left. what's left to say by the quarterback? >> you got to win games. >> hid coach, quarterback, the only ones that keep a record. so that's -- goes with the territory this position. but there have been three really tough games. and this one came down to the wire. we just came up little short. >> just a little short. that's not good enough. all right, lack of discipline, watch cary williams, play to the other side, third down, he gets called for penalty, which gives the redskins a first down, they score. this is i think the key it the game. eagles are up 17-14 at the half. and miraculously, they get a fumble in the 16th. they don't score a touchdown which they really needed to. and then codey parkey like
6:55 pm
automatic any cents a field goal. just unbelievable what happened. what happened the last three games, the answers different. >> we just haven't executed when we needed tonight we had opportunity in every game, the past two games, very frustrating for us to be in nine and three, then to be in the situation, we didn't envision this. disappoint the in the season, you have to be at your best, and as a group, as a whole, we've had too many mistakes, too many crucial mistakes, inch opportune times, they haven't put us in a situation to win these games, until we get that fixed, things aren't going to change. >> you got to win the turn over battle. and we haven't done a good job of that. so i think that's a big one every our big issues. >> frustrating, you know, three weeks ago, you you know, shooting pretty, now we need a
6:56 pm
lot of stuff to happen, so we don't have nobody to blame bye ourselves. >> then to makes things worse, identification develop to listen to the smack from desean jackson. and his catches are not just one players fault. let's take a look, two catches over 50 yards. this one from 55. bradley fletch is her not good enough. but nate allen was supposed to have double coverage over the top. it is easy to blame bradley fletcher, but they both aren't good enough. after the game desean rubs it in what he thought was single coverage. >> how they play, you know, very naive, they play how they play, so they could careless, you know, who is out, there or who is at wide receiver, they play the defense the way they play t i'm just glad i was able to get on them. >> yes, he had to take the shot. it wasn't supposed to be single coverage. both long passes supposed to be double coverage. but it was bad. whatever, it is bad. >> wow. so there is no way now for them to do --
6:57 pm
>> done, done, done, done. >> just total depression this morning, everybody on twitter was talking about it, and we're depressed. >> well at least we have a little bit better to look forward to the weather for couple of days? >> it is christmas, it is hanukkah. a storm. >> holiday, right, well the temperatures will be in the 60s, the only good part, not that you can enjoy it as we watch rain move in by christmas eve. showers likely by tuesday afternoon. rain steadier on wednesday, kind of looks like all day thing, this is not huge impact, but with the rain and the winds and the possible thunderstorms, expect delays at the airport just because it is christmas eve, and because we have foul weather, it will be an issue. we do clear up for christmas day itself. better weather through the rest of the week. >> , i'm completely bummed now. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00 o'clock with better news. >> muscle anisi coming up next.
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