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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 21, 2014 10:00pm-10:37pm EST

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next at 10:00 remembering two police officers killed in an ambush. we're live in new york city. >> plus an important new clue in the search for shane montgomery. keep it right here. your news starts in 30 fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. >> right now on fox 29, sadness and disbelief in new york city. a vigil tonight to remember two
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police officers ambushed and killed in brooklyn. wenjian liu and raphael ramos were sitting inside a patrol car yesterday afternoon when they were shot. tonight, we're learning much more about the gunman and his disturbing past g evening everybody. i'm joyce evans. >> i'm karen hepp. that gunman had long criminal record and apparent hatred for police and the government. our team coverage begins with fox's kelly wright in new york. >> reporter: police say ismaaiyl brinsley has been arrested 19 times in georgia and ohio for crimes including assault and robbery at the time of yesterday's shooting he was angry at the police for the deaths michael brown and eric garner. >> police described the moments before the shooting when ismaaiyl brinsley speaks to two men on the street before making his move. >> he asked them to follow him on instagram and then he says watch what i'm going to do. he then walks northbound on tomkins asked the two officers
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in the car, circled back around, across the street and comes up behind the officer. >> he shot officers wenjian liu and raphael ramos in the head while they were sitting in their patrol car killing them both. then he went to a subway station where he shot and killed himse himself. as vigil is held in honor of the two officers, ramos' family is pleading for an end to the violence. >> i hope and pray that we can reflect on this tragic loss of life that has occurred so that we can move forward and find an amicable path, peaceful company existence. >> meanwhile some community leaders are calling on new york city bill diblasio to take action. and give police officers more support. >> we need to work with the community and the police department. we don't need you to just go to one side. the police department needs you as well. >> reporter: shooting is drawing attention across the entire country. president obama condemn the attack and expressed his condolences n new york, kelly
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wright, fox news. >> thank you, kelly. unless brooklyn this evening, there are so many candles and flowers and tears. vigil for those officers. people turned out from all over the city of new york and calling for change. dave kinchen right now is live there just an outpouring of emotion. dave, what is it like to be up there? ♪ >> reporter: the sound of faith in the middle of tragedy. >> everybody is just still in shock. we're still in shock. >> reporter: hundreds gather at the corner of tomkins and myrtle in brooklyn's bedside neighborhood to pray. >> let the love and the light of the lord. >> and light candles where nypd officers raphael ramos and wenjian liu were ambush sitting in a troll car shot dead by
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police say ismaaiyl brinsley. >> they were very hard working, very good people and dedicated to what they were doing. >> they were two innocent souls, you know, who didn't expect for this to happen. it's a tragedy to us here in brooklyn. to everyone array cross the country. >> reporter: officers and civilians came together sharing in the pain. >> those officers were considered to us to be family. it's a very very tough time. you can feel the tension in the air. >> reporter: tension already driven by the police involved death of eric garner. a motive for the brooklyn police killings according to social meet media posts traced back to the shooter and that make it hard for many mourners at the vigil to be hopeful it. >> it looks like it's never going to end. it's becoming a vicious circle. >> reporter: community leaders hope the power of prayer and communication can ease that tension and bring a return to peace. >> i think we got to keep talking and showing a united front as it relates to community and police officers. >> reporter: i spoke with city council members this evening. they of course are very very concerned.
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many of those council members at the vigil they say they will continue to talk with both their colleagues in law enforcement and all the precincts in the community and they will also talk with community leaders to try and keep conversations going and come up with solutions. joyce? >> thank you, dave. torments night philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsay is calling on his officers to be careful and ale alert. he says, he's concerned about the current environment for police. commissioner ramsay also encouraged those leading local protests against police brutality to call for calm. >> hopefully this tragedy now makes everybody take a step back and think about what they're doing. think about what they're saying. this is the time for thoughtful discussion, and i don't want to lose that opportunity for that discussion to take place. >> it does i think cloud a very important issue and that is police community relations that we do need to take a hard look at and make some corrections,
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and this is really kind of overshadowed it and it's a shame. all you have to do is -- >> earlier this month, president obama tapped commissioner ramsay to help lead a task force on 21st ken tree policing. the group is focusing on building trust of law enforcement officers in neighborhoods around the count country. meanwhile tonight another protest against police brutality is moving through the city. hundreds of demonstrators with the group blackout philly are still out there right now. the march began at 15th and arch in center city. the protesters calling attention to what they say is police brutality an lack of justice in the michael brown and eric garner cases. tonight's pro protest has been peaceful. >> and also in florida, another police officer is dead from a shooting this one happened early this morning in tarp poon springs right along the gulf coast in central florida. 45-year-old officer charles cun duck was checking out nuisance call when a suspect shot and killed him. the alleged shooter then tried
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drive away but crashed into a pole and another car. he was arrested. officers say that shooter new exactly what he was doing. like this guy is a cop killer who said that he felt like a caged rat. he felt the officer's presence. he knew what that meant. and he knew that he was going back to prison where he should have been. there's absolutely no excuse. there's no, you know, mistaken i don't care what you told you guys when he was walking into the jail. all a bunch of nonsense. this guy knew what he was doing. he killed a cop and he needs to be held accountable for that. >> the officer was a father of five an 17 year police department veteran before working in florida he was an officer with the nypd. happening now a development in the search for missing college student shane montgomery hasn't been seen since thanksgiving but today drive crews made a discovery they hope will lead to clues in his disappearance. chris o'connell is live in
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manayunk with the latest oh and this. report roar joyce, the latest development came this morning as you said those diver crews found a set of keys belonging to shane montgomery. they found it about 100 yards from where he was last seen right off of main street. that clue suggesting that shane may be in the schuylkill river. >> we are all part of shane's family now. not a blood line but we're all part of this much it's captured us all. >> reporter: hours after a new clue surfaced in the search for shane montgomery, the roxborough manayunk community gathere gatht saint john the baptist church to pray the rosary for his return. >> we all feel so sad. >> reporter: celebrating hanukkah nancy brown came to a catholic church to pray for shane's family. she says, faith has no bounds when a friend is in need. >> a friend of mine comes here and i said, you know, i wanted to come. i'm jewish. i don't know rosary from anything. i was just like i wanted to come for the family i said my own
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prayers. >> his parents confirm that his keys were found along the banks of of the schuylkill river mind main street where shane was last seen the night before thanksgiving. after more than four weeks, the family's pastor says, shane's parents are staying strong and are still holding out hope their son will be found. >> knees are weak and arms are limp and hearts are fainting a bit, but to come together collectively and to pray together fortifies and strengthens all of us. >> after the rosary prayer, the community was invited to hang green ribbons on the christmas tree. symbolizing the hope shane will be found before the holidays. >> my heart goes it to them. i pray for him every day. i pray news for his family one way or the other. >> reporter: as we bring you back out here live, you see flyers still remain here on main street. lining this of a $65,000 reward still being offered for
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information leading to shane's whereabouts. we can tell you that volunteer dive teams searched for four hours today. they've been asked to come back tomorrow. dawn, joyce? >> thank you chris. on your radar winter is officially here right now. our meteorologist caitlin roth, caitlin. hi, karen. winter officially began earlier this evening. 6:03. the winter solstice starting tomorrow we get a minute more of daylight. that eases you into the winter season. even though we know it has been cold long before winter officially began including this weekend. clear skies outside right now. we'll have clouds increasing quick fool tomorrow. it was really nice to see the sunshine most of today. right now 34 degrees outside. winds are calm so it's clear and calm a good set up for temperatures to really fall off overnight tonight. we're already seeing that. take look at current temperatures. only 23 in atlantic city. it's 28 in wildwood and 25 in millville. you guys will probably fall further as we head towards day
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break. 24 pottstown. 26 in allentown. 34 in philadelphia. so it certainly feels like winter. daytime highs earlier today across the area below normal. just 40 in philly we stayed in the mid 30ing north and west and for anyone who's at the slopes this weekend high temperature of just 28 degrees in mount pocono. overnight tonight the city we call to 29. 23 in the burbs although locally we'll see colder spots probably waking up to some frosty teens in some areas. mostly clear tonight but we turn mostly cloudy as we head into tomorrow. isolated shower or flurries is possible these clouds are moving in as a result of some on shore flow so it's chilly it's cloudy and this is all ahead of some rain which will move in and make for a very mild but probably very wet holiday. at least the first half of it. we'll have your full christmas forecast straight ahead. >> new jersey governor christie disagrees with president obama's decision to work to try to normalize relations with cuba. would like the president to admit demand the return of the convicted cop killer before diplomatic relations move
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forward. he outlined his request in a letter sent to the white house last week but that letter was just released by his office today. joanne chess march was convicted of killing a new jersey state trooper back in 1973 but escaped from prison schenn fled to cuba where she's been granted asylum. spokeswoman for the white house northerly secure particularly council will continue to press the cuban government to return u.s. fugitives. >> still ahead tonight a deadly fire leaves dozens of people homeless. why some residents of this local apartment building may have ignored the warnings to get out. >> plus, what do you think about this one? snakes pent grams not exact al typical christmas display but there is one right now it's up at one state capital lawn. the fight by a satanic temple to get it put
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♪ >> welcome back everybody. a deadly fire at an apartment building leaves dozens of people homeless in new castle county, delaware. it happened overnight sending them out into the freezing cold. fox 29's brad satin spoke with residents about the tragedy. report. >> oh, my god just flames everywhere. >> reporter: cell phone video from haley english's camera living a couple blocks away she rushed over to see this 22 unit apartment building go up in flames just after 2:00 a.m. >> i just feel so bad. four days before christmas. >> reporter: fire started on the third floor of building 221 at the harbor house apartments. one person died.
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a second person a 72-year-old man had to be rescued from a balcony with a ladder and was then taken to christiana hospital in serious condition. >> flames about 30-foot high i guess. high, high, high. maybe higher. >> reporter: nearly 80 firefighters balanced this fire still on the seen by sunrise. even they were surprised at how fast the fire moved. >> it's kind of an unusual situation but, you know, in these places -- structures fires can be advanced pretty quickly rt. >> this fire went from being so small to then just bursting out of nowhere. the whole entire roof was engulfed almost in seconds. >> reporter: older building the fire chief says does not have a sprinkler system. tenants here say the fire alarms tendon to go off fairly regularly and they worry that some may not have taken it seriously. >> don't really get excited when you hear them, because you hear them so often. >> reporter: red cross was there win 90 minutes of the start of the fire helping nearly two dozen people. >> at this point, we have 10 families that we know of that
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are displaced. it's a difficult morning for them. especially since it's so close to christmas and they've lost their homes. >> reporter: state fire marshal on the scene all morning long. trying to figure out what caused the building to burn so fast. >> we're playing catch up the entire time. >> reporter: in claymont, delaware, brad satin, fox 29 news. >> charges have been filed against a couple accused of a home invasion robbery in exton, pennsylvania, but the couple still on the loose. this crime happened yesterday at the exton crossing development. police say 36-year-old leonard bernard posed as a worker from a home health care company. he push his way into a 76-year-old woman's home and robbed her of her jewelry before he left. investigators say he tied her hands together. bernard and 41-year-old brianna mitchell are wanted for this crime. they face numerous charges. delaware state police are investigating an accident, an elderly woman was hit and kill killed. authorities say the 78-year-old woman was crossing the street but she was not inside a marked
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crosswalk when she was hit by an suv on cocks neck road saturday night around 6:15. she died right there at the scene. >> legendary boxer mohammed ali is in the hospital right now reportedly with a mild case of pneumonia. the boxing great is expect to do only spend a short amount of time in the hospital. three-time world heavyweight ham is that bat links parkinson's disease. he's being treated by a team of doctors and is in stable condition. no other details are being released at this time. and tom brokaw says his cancer is in remission. >> the veteran nbc newsman announced today that after months of chemotherapy, he'll be starting a drug maintenance program and soon. last february brokaw revealed that he had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer affecting blood cells in the marrow. now brokaw calls the past year a challenge but he added he made it through thanks to quote world class hospitals with brilliant
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physicians. elton john just upgraded his civil partnership with david furnish to marriage. the legendary singer posted a picture on instagram showing the couple sit tag table with a sheet of paper in front of them with the caption "that's the legal bit cup, now on to the ceremony". they have been together since 1993. and became civil partners in 2005. same sex marriage became legal in england and wales in march of this year. elton john and david furnish have two sons. >> well a controversial display is quite the talk in the capital of michigan. >> meant to be so. it's a snake and a pent gram part of an exhibit by the satan nick temple of detroit. this is the first time the doctors play sim pole liesing that threat has been set on the capital lawn. organizers got permission to put it there after a church put in a request to have a in a tiff will the scene. many upset because the display
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is during christmastime. satanic exhibit at the capital will stay there until tuesday. >> a dramatic rescue off duty firefighters did not have the tools they needed to pull three people from a burning car but they did it any way. they described the terrifying scene. that's coming up next. >> but first, we love when you send us pictures. these are from tracy from pine hill, new jersey, tweeting us this picture of her two trees. the smaller one she calls her travel tree. this is a cool idea decorated with ideas from cities all around the country. very nice and thank you. we want to is he your holiday lights. post your pictures or video on social media anyplace that's easiest for you. if you like pictures put them on instagram. want to put them on your facebook page, maybe you can tweet them. use the #fox 29 lights we can fi
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♪ >> what an explosion, what a scene there are it goes coming down part of texas a and m's kyle field comes tumbling down. crews demolish the west side of that football stadium as part of a $450 million improvement plan. you can hear the cheer of the crowd. the implosion knocked down the second and third detectives of the alumni section as well as the press box and some elevator shafts. crews will now build up a newest side which should be ready by
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september. all right. gone, but not forgotten. >> dozen of people gathered in oregon today to hahn are in the memory of a teenager who was shot and killed at school. 50 people sank carols to em meal yo hoffman's family. the teen was shot and killed at reynolds high school by another student back in june. the shooter then killed himself. since, this will be the first christmas for the family without em meal yo his friends he wanted his family to know they are there for them. >> he was one of my really good friends and he was someone to give to us so we wanted that give it back to him and his family. >> a teacher was also wounded in that shooting. 25 brand new bicycles were handed out to children at baptist church. that's right over 57th and grays avenue. councilman kenyata johnson was helping santa hand out those new bikes. look at the high fives. the bikes were donated by the chm2 hill company for many of
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these children it's their first bike. a present they will never forg forget. >> when you get a chance to give back to the community, that's what it's all about. also goes to show the great things the city of philadelphia does. >> some kids don't -- can't get a bike or can't -- won't enjoy a bike so for them to give them bikes are that's a lot. >> it is wonderful. each recipient got a new helmet and school supplies to go with their bikes as well. >> way to go. bags of coats line a south philadelphia street ready to be given away. the winter coat drive was held this afternoon by ibew local 98 the folks dropped off gently used coats and they were able to enjoy soup concerted of dock's union pub. coats will be distributed to children and adults in philadelphia. in montgomery county today a hanukkah celebration that allowed everybody to join in on the fun. >> this was hosted by a congregation on old york road in
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elkins park today. so much fun. look at everybody. dancing, this is adult adults wh development mental disabilities. their family and friends coming together to have a great time and enjoy the sinking and dancing and crafts and gifts. >> three firefighter doctors not have the tools that they needed to pull three people from a burning car, but they did it any way. and they described that terrifying seen next. >> caitlin? >> joyce, winter may have just officially began but showing up on radar just some rain and this is all pretty far towards our south. it will be rain impacting us this holiday season. feeling not very christmas like. we'll show you how this could impact your holiday plans that's next in your seven day forecast.
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♪ >> it was just a ride to work that turned into a live saving rescue mission. three st. louis firefighters headed to work separately. they pull off a very remarkable feat. they rescue three people from a burning car.
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andy banker explains how they got them out when they didn't even have any gear. >> saw a car up against the traffic light on fire. i didn't think anyone was in there, but when i rolled up, there were people trapped inside there. >> every time we would put our hands in, the heat. >> there are things you see that closing your eyes won't make go away. firefighters see them and get closer, even off duty. even when it looks hopeless. >> this is what we do on our job, and off the job we're on the job. to be prepared at any time. >> actually we kind of felt hopeless. we have the skills and the knowledge but we didn't have the equipment. you sitting there looking at these people burning alive. >> reporter: all three stopped to help. glad to find the others there at broadway and humble three people unresponsive in burning car around 7:00 o'clock on a saturday morning. >> you had three firefighters here but three firefighters who were on their way to work. they didn't have their gear and really didn't have any way to
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get the people out of the burning car. and that's where they say passengers by really pitched in. grabbing bricks, carjacks, whatever, to help get the people out. >> well no, i don't have time to wait. i was just thinking of the best thing to do to help these people. get them out of the car. that was the most important thing. was to safe someone's life. >> reporter: female passenger's leg was sticking out of a hole torn in the bott top of the car. the mail driver slid underneath her but both of them on fire. another man unconscious in the back seat. >> once the fire started to come up her legs it started to wake her up. and she was able to -- she was moaning and screaming. >> reporter: she helped free her own leg. they got all three of them out of the car and then went to work putting out their burning bodi bodies. the fleece firefighter vincent smith was wearing was a god send. >> i pulled it off and started applying it to her body right away to put her out and cool her down as quick as possible.
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we used what we had. we used rags, t shirts, socks whatever. >> even though she did burn somewhat,ing i thank god we got her out. >> and she's alive. yes. >> that make it easier to see those things nail they'll never stop seeing. >> that was andy baker. he says that the woman and a man are in critical but stable condition and there's another man who is in serious condition. >> somebody has been very naughty in oregon. a thief made off with this homemade mushroom statue in northeast portland. owner carve it out himself and he used a chain saw. took him several week to make it. now, he has a message for the people who took it. >> i love those guys who stole my mushroom. it's a awesome mushroom. i'm sorry that, you know, i forgive them for stealing it and i thank them for warning me it was outside. >> the incident is under
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investigation. so far no clues as to who may have taken that statue. turning back to your fox 29 weather authority now. sunshine today but some nasty stuff on the way. caitlin. >> so great to finally have a full day full of sunshine. >> the sun. >> yes. rare. >> very rare. it's going to become rare again as we go through the rest of the week. the sun comes back by christmas day. at least christmas miracle will occur but before it we have a lot of rain to talk about. >> and it's. >> it is cold. right now you wouldn't think we'd be talking about rain with temperatures in the 60s on christmas eve. that's rain. >> that's all wacky. >> we're still transitioning. winter did officially begin earlier this evening winter solstice of course but this time of year we've had many christmases some cold and snowy others very mild and that will be the case again this year. so early this week a dry and chilly monday. scattered showers arrive tuesday. the actual heart of the storm moves in christmas eve. rain possibly even a thunderstorm as those winds gust to 40 miles an hour at times and christmas day early leftover
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showers quickly clear it will become sunny and breezy and much better travel day. outside showers across the southeast. these have all been towards our south all weekend long. hee pressure still anchored towards our north that cep us dry and also allowed to us see some sunshine earlier today. what a welcome change. didn't do too much for our temperatures still very chilly we're seeing a few more clouds increase right now but for the most part it's clear and cold temperatures dropping off quickly. today's high temperature in philadelphia just 40. the normal is 43. that record high just a year ago 67 and we'll be close to 67 by christmas eve. now right now it's only 34 in philadelphia. and some of us very chilly. 23 in ac. 28 in wildwood it's only 27 in dover actually colder towards our south right now. 24 in pottstown. 26 in allentown it will be a very chilly morning tomorrow. fox future cast shows clouds will start to slowly increase moving on shore by day break tomorrow. so some of us could start out with sunshine it look like the clouds fill in as we go through the rest of the day. also a shower not out of the
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question especially towards our south. this is the rain that's arriving by tuesday. some of our southern counties could see a rain earlier by mid afternoon and with it being so cold outside right now, and temperatures in the 30s, most of the day, i think some of that even starts as a little bit of snow or maybe a mix early and that's on monday. but warm air comes in with these showers by early tuesday morning it is light rain but temperatures should rise into the 50s keeping us just rain. scattered showers and probably still low impact on tuesday. this doesn't look like too much still fine for any traveling. come wednesday christmas eve, we see more rain come in and that will be more organized rain throughout the day it will also be very windy and just with the nature of airports on christmas eve compared with the low ceilings and the rain and the wind probably expect some dela delays. maybe on the roads, too. but we're not dealing with wintry weather much that's good at least. tonight 29 in the city, 23 in the bushes mostly clear and co cold. 40 degrees tomorrow. mostly cloudy with isolated shower or some flurries that holiday forecast as we head towards it, tomorrow is the 22nd but by christmas eve the
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24th temperatures in the 60s with some showers. santa will be coming in on his sleigh with reindeer into wet but warm weather. by christmas day it will turn cooler as the cold air comes in behind that cold front. early showers clear it to sunshine boxing day gorgeous 52 degrees and sunny that looks really nice. seven day forecast 40 for tomorrow still chilly. temperatures warm as the rain moves in. windy an possible thunderstorm on wednesday. that's christmas eve. nicer christmas day and the rest of the holiday does look like it starts off really nice but it will turn cold again sun today. 33 degrees that's it for the high temperature. >> all righty. thank you so much, caitlin. >> sure. >> will do it for us for the fox 29 news at 10:00. >> but keep it right here for sports sunday with howard eskin. ♪ >> tonight on sports sunday the question what the heck happened to this eagles team? former
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eagle jon runyan joins us in the studio and gives us his view of what the heck happened. and today it became official. the eagles are out of the playoffs. we'll take look


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