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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  December 22, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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executives are saying about the shelved film while tension was north korea grow stronger. i could not imagine they could have just a week ago but yes, they have. it is monday, december 22nd, 2014. bobbies joining me, jennifer and sue and me at the desk. i direct mize attention to you because this monday, december between the second, is their busiest delivery day to day alone, 34 million packages. >> wow. >> that is crazy, right. >> last week i had ups come to the house. he is running. he is running from the truck to the house and run backup. >> this is their weight loss. >> do they wear shorts in the wintertime. >> no, he did not wear shorts in the wintertime. >> how is the weather. >> usually the highlight of my day. >> yes. >> yes. anyway, we are looking at, you know, lets take a look. >> we can dream. >> that is right, and usually that dream come true. >> um-hmm. >> six out of ten, but you you
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know, that is my life and how exciting it is, dry to start but early sunshine. we have rain for later in the day. that is why number is no higher then six for today. the bus stop buddy is smiling because christmas is getting closer, and, he is, also, carrying the umbrella because rain arrives sometime a after lunchtime. maybe on the way home from school. is there your satellite radar picture showing us the rain well to the south, not here in the area just yet. it is 30 degrees in philadelphia with 7-mile an hour wind. it feels like 23. now that winter is officially here the days might start getting longer. not noticeably but they will. sunrise at 7:19. forty is our high. mostly cloudy skies and rain arriving this afternoon. so that takes care of your monday, we will talk about the holiday forecast, counting it down coming up, hi there bob kelly. >> if you are sue's ups driver all she wants for christmas is for to you wear your shorts today. live look at 42 freeway coming from south jersey, no problems
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or delays, working towards philadelphia, light volume so far. the roads are dry this morning. we're off to a good start. here's a live look at i-95 in northeast philadelphia, you starting to see volume pop southbound through construction zone at cottman avenue. the sign that rush hour is starting to build here. a live look at, 422, eastbound coming from collegeville, not a problem or a delay, to be found, in the cameras. so we're off to a good start, on this monday morning. but, on the trolleys, septa's using some shuttle buses on route 13 trolley, between mount mariah and the yeadon stations, all because of overhead wire problems. and here comes the penndot crews. they are working today, during the day, westbound, on the schuylkill expressway, between gladwynn and conshohocken from 10:00 to 1:00, going down to one lane, heading out of town, out towards that conshohocken curve. keep that in mind leaving the city after 10:00 o'clock this morning. and a new traffic pattern today northbound on 202 is in play between route 30 and
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route 401. otherwise we're looking good on the bridges, jenny, back over to you. new this morning philadelphia police are searching for suspects in the armed robbery that happened shortly after 12:30 at the 7-eleven on 54th and city avenue. one arm with the gun stoled an unknown amount of cash from the register. the suspects reportedly fled on foot. also new authorities are investigating the death of the man who was struck and killed by a septa train. it happened around 10:00 o'clock last night near 31st and market streets at this point, it is unclear why the man was on the track. and we are learning more about the man who was already say shot and killed two new york city police officers this weekend. >> those officers, rafael ramos and wenjian liu were sitting in their car in brooklyn on saturday when 28 year-old ismaaiyl brinsley walk up to the passenger side of the vehicle and opened fire, hitting both officers point blank in the head. now earlier in the daze brinsley shot behind ex-girl
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friend at her home in baltimore and he vowed in and instagram post to put wings on pigs as retaliation for deaths of eric brown. brinsley started to talk to people on the street and he a said to them follow me on instagram ape watch what i'm going to do. officer ramos family is pleading for an even to the violence. >> i hope and pray that we can reflect o& this tragic loss of life that has occurred so that we can move forward and find an many cable path towards peaceful coexist tense. >> how does she hold it together. each of the officers leaves behind a wife, officers ramos had two sons and recently celebrated his 40th birthday. officer liu was married two months ago. shooting of two police officers in new york has departments around the country on alert including right here in philadelphia. >> for that part of the story lets go to fox 29's sabina kuriakose not news room. >> big city police departments
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in the country are warning their rank and file to wear bull pet proof vests and here in philadelphia commissioner ramsey urged protest leaders to call for calm, and in the let any of this escalate any further. ramsey made those comments last night and indeed there was another protest in the city. 600 people gathered in center city at 15th and arch to march and a protest was organize by the group blackout philly in response to what they call police brutality and the lack of justice in the michael brown and eric garner cases. the protest was peaceful, but last night commissioner ramsey spoke of several scary incidents, involving police, shooting, people shooting at police and may have been spark by ongoing tensions between cops and the community. so you can see why ramsey is warning his officers to stay alert. now mayor nutter also released a statement denouncing the murders of the two new york city police officers and sending their condolences from the city to their families. earlier this month president obama tapped ramsey to help lead a task force on 21st
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century policing. group is focusing on building trust between officers and people in the community. chris and jennifer. >> is now a tall order, thank you. police involved shooting in dover, delaware, police say man pointed a firearm at them but police department sent out a picture of that weapon that turned out to be a bee-bee gun here it is, two officers were called out around 10:30 last night to the country club apartments on green way square to respond to the suicidal man identified as james long. according to police when the officers enter the apartment long pointed bee-bee gun at them and officers fired back in the knowing that the man's weapon was not a firearm. police say long had made similar suicidal threats before. police officers say that long rig his a apartment with the booby trap that would have treated a gas. dive team made a discovery. >> shane shane montgomery has
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been missing since thanksgiving morning. fox 29's steve keeley is live in manayunk for the very latest, steve. >> within a interview with shane's mom. this is confirmation of the worst fears, shane's mother has had. she has holding out hope. his keys were found by a dive team yesterday, and in the schuylkill river. it is not the manayunk canal where dive teams searched after he was vanishing in manayunk after a night with friends, thanksgiving eve but shane's mom karen told morgan, last night that her hearties broken. my sonnies somewhere in that river and i need to find him. i need to bring him home. i don't think you can print a mother's broken heart. appreciate everybody's prayers and thoughts. i want people to know that we are not going to stop looking until we find shane. that is what we need. prayers and thoughts, and we need to find him and bring him home. jennifer and chris. >> all right, steve. >> powerful words there.
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a fire broke out in clay inmont delaware miles from the deadly fire from over the weekend. three people were hurt, including a paramedic. how they are doing this morning straight ahead. parents in the aurora theater shooter james holmes writing a open letter to reach out to the victims of the
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we're dry at the moment. sue serio is telling us that may change later this afternoon. we will hear from her in a little bit. in the meantime a fire in new castle delaware leaves several people injured, fire fighters responded to a apartment, on butternut court around 9:30 last night, and investigators say two residents and two emergency workers suffered injuries. none of the injuries is life threatening. another fire, new castle county delaware claims a life. this one happened midnight sunday in the third floor of the harvard house apartment. the p-2 year-old resident is now listed in serious condition at christiana hospital. fire investigators are trying to figure out why the building burned so fast. >> and it is because, of this situation but you know, in any sense, the structure, the fire can be advanced pretty quickly. >> this fire, went from being so small to then just bursting out of no where. the the whole entire roof was
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engulfed almost, in seconds. >> so, right now red cross is assisting dozens of misplaced residents. north cover reace threatening to attack the united states, but now sony says that there could be a chance for you to see their shelved movie the interview, how this is all playing out, bob. good morning. off to a good start. light volume so far as we go for a ride leaving south jersey on route 55, heading up towards deptford mall. mall will be busy next couple days. sue is busy behind the corner who are, around the
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we will call there a preview.
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christmas eve will be the the tough one out of holiday forecast. we will have rain that will be heavy at times, on wednesday, christmas eve, now we will be mild, with a high of 62 degrees, but, we will not rule out a thunderstorm for christmas eve. how crazy is that. possibility of left over shower or two in the morning, on christmas day maybe in your pj's opening up your gifts. and then by the afternoon the sun shutting out. it will be windy but a high of 51. still above average. same for boxing day as they call ate cross the upon, which is the day after christmas, sunshine and 53 degrees. right now, we have rain on the way. we are watching this system to the south. there will be another one that comes up the coast, on christmas eve, and that will bring heavy rain. i don't think today will be that dramatic, with the showers, and lets look at the future cast and see. we will not be until tonight, evening rush hour, will be tonight, mess which on and off showers but again, this rain will be kind of like watch out in the lehigh valley and
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poconos mountains because that is where we could get further precipitation before everything changes over to rain, tomorrow, and it rains on and off throughout the day. this isn't a big deal. it is christmas eve rain that starts to get we have i and see darker green there by 11:00 in the morning on wednesday and possibility of a then are storm or two popping up, can't rule it out for christmas day itself, everything is out of here in the morning and it looks like to the north and west of us those will be the places that get a white christmas if you are traveling out to pittsburgh. freezing rain advisory for carbon and monroe counties from 6:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. these are current temperatures. twenty-seven in mount pocono. colder then that in reading. that is where skies are clearer. some clouds up in the poconos. 29 degrees in lancaster. it is 30 here in the city. twenty-six in atlantic city. 25 degrees in wilmington. not too much of a breeze. the wind chill isn't that much colder. 35 degrees is all we managed for a high temperature on saturday. it was a cold one. 40 degrees, yesterday for the
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first day of winter and so that was quite the december chill. it is, day seven, or night seven of hanukkah, tonight, and temperatures will probably be in the 40's, range and maybe the lower 40's upper 30's with clouds and some showers around, this evening. seven day forecast, has, a warming trend as we get into christmas eve and christmas day. we're in the 50's friday and saturday and then temperatures dropped back down to normal by the sunday in december. which is, this sunday, bob kelly. boy, time is going fast. 6:17. it will go fast, crunch time is here as we lead up to christmas, a live look here at 492 freeway, not bad at all, light volume so far heading in towards philadelphia, the brakes are tapping as you work your way in towards i295, same deal on i-95 and northeast philadelphia southbound heavy at approaching cottman avenue down through girard. typical for this hour as you work your way in to downtown philadelphia coming from the suburbs, royersford, collegeville, headlights,
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starting to see a lit built of volume up and over the hill here in collegeville. your slow spot is on i-95 southbound towards girard. septa having some wire problems this morning, so route 13 trolley, using shuttle buses, between mount man rice a and the eighth on station, this morning, and lights are out, the overhead streetlights are out, along the the lincoln drive, as you work your way down, toward the kelly drive. so you will notice a difference for next hour or so as you work your way down to the link, in towards the ramps for the kelly drive. and then work coming our way today, the 30th street station area, the ramps from 30th street to both 676, and the schuylkill express waste will see some lane restrictions, from about 10:00 o'clock on and regional rails, septa's warminster paoli airport line all running with no delays.
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authorities say the shooter knew exactly what he was doing. >> look, this guy is a cop killer, he said that he felt like a caged rat. he felt officer's presence. he knew what that meant. he knew he would go back to prison where he should have have been. there is, absolutely, no excuse, there is no, you know, mistaken, i don't care what he told you guys walking in the jail. the it is all nonsense this guy knew what he was doing. he killed a cop. he needs to be held accountable for that. >> and under score the sadness of all of this, officer conndack was a father of five and a 17 year police department veteran. he was an officer with the nypd before working down in florida. parent of the suspect in
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aurora, colorado deadly theater shooting make a plea for their son's life. in an opened letter to the victims and hear families, robert and arlene holmes ask that they spare their son james holmes from the death penalty. they were we believe that the death penalty is wrong when the condemned is mentally ill. the prosecution has refused a plea deal. one victim, questioned the timing of this letter. >> we have not forgotten it one day and so, for them to put out a letter two and a half years later right before the trial starts, that is not, i don't think it is by their design that letter came out. so, we're a little angry. >> twelve people died and 70 others were injured in that shooting. jury selection in the trial is set to begin on january 20th. 6:20. new jersey governor chris christie says he disagrees with president obama's decision to work to normal ice relations with cuba and wants the president to man the return of the quick cop killer before diplomatic relations move forward.
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christie outline his requests in a letter sent to the white house last week. the letter was released by his office over the weekend. so, joann chessmar was convicted of killing a new jersey state trooper in 1973 but escaped from prison and then fled to cuba where she was grant add sigh lum. spokeswoman for white house's national security council says it will continue to press the cuban government to return u.s. fugitives. it is war of words between north korea and u.s. after feds put the blame on the sony hack on the authoritative regime. >> back to the president obama a for this where he says he is reviewing what steps to take against north korea the country still denies involvement in the attack officially but now claims the u.s. was involved in the film the interview which sparked the sign's tack. the and north korea's key fence commission says it is prepared to use quote all types have of warfare, to defend itself against the u.s. meanwhile sony is defending the decision not to release the film to theaters.
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>> the theaters were subject to threats of physical violence against the theaters and a against their customers. and, quite understandably large number of them, majority of them, decided not to show the picture, when it was scheduled. when that happened sony had no alternative. >> meanwhile sony says it could eventually release the interview but it does not know in what form. movie depicts an assassination attempt on dictator kim jong unwho currently holds power there. a young girl has a very special wish for her seventh birthday how she's helping others this holiday season.
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flyers pulled out an overtime win late last night in winnipeg. jay voracek scored ten seconds in the overtime, to give the flyers a four -three win. goalie rob z ep picked up the win for the flyers in his nhl debut. do you remember that name. for a look at the rest of the the night in sports here's
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howard. good morning. i'm howard eskin. it is over for the eagles. they didn't take care of business in the last three games. with dallas and detroit winning, eagles have no chance for the playoffs. players know they just screwed up. >> we're just so difficulties a appointed in yourself. i mean everybody i'm sure is in here thinking that they could have just played better, you know, it could have made the difference in winning this game. >> dagger was dallas cowboys crushing colts to at&t stadium. tony romo do you believe he had four touchdown passes. how does that happen. cowboys beat colts who didn't show up 42-seven. sixers fans can celebrate. they won their third game of the season. my god out of 26 games, they are killing it out there. michael carter williams, a pass too henry simms, this team probably will win a championship within the next year. i can see it coming. obviously i'm being sarcastic. that is sports in a minute.
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i'm howard eskin. sports related here. a crazy scene outside a football game in florida. nearly a dozen people taken to the hospital, when lightening struck the parking lot. what one person saw when the lightening bolts hit. hey! guess what day it is??
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♪ ♪ we put all the apps you love inside a car designed to connect you to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo. innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us. officers across the
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country in mourning for their brother in blue. two officers killed in new york city completely taken by surprise. what the the gun man was telling people on the street, right before he attacked. twenty-one year-old shane montgomery went missing almost a month ago but now divers make a discovery that could help fine him, what they found in the frigid waters. a local girl has a big wish for her birthday, but it is not for herself. how she's helping those in need. and, good day, it is monday, december between the second, 2014. the the final days, before the big guy comes. >> well that is why bus stop buddy has had such a big smile today. >> yes, he smiles every day, but to daze, just getting closer and closer. he knows he has been pretty good. so a chance are, pretty good, that he might get something under the tree, anyway, there is the umbrella that is for later on. it is not raining right now and it won't be for the regulars of the morning. temperatures in the 20's and 30's. it is a good thing we are not getting any precipitation or we would have a big slippery
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mess on our hand. six is our weather by the numbers, number because we have had some early sunshine. it will be dry to start with the late day showers and north and west of the city we could get some freezing rain, depending on the the temperatures. that is where the rain is right new in norfolk, virginia, eventually moving our way. if you are down say in sussex county, delaware or in at the jersey shore you'll get rain before we do here in philadelphia we are breezy there. 7 miles an hour winds which makes 30 degrees feels like 23 right now. it is a cold one out there this morning. sunrise does not happen until 7:19. so your fox cast for today has the early sun, clouds in the afternoon and then eventually on showers and a high of 40 degrees and then three three- owe 38 i should say is your overnight low. good thing it is 38 and not 33. that is why it is rain and only rain. those showers will be on and off, throughout the night, tonight, so that is a look at your monday forecast, as we count down to christmas, we will have the outlook coming up, bob kelly.
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>> good morning, everybody. just before 6:32, on a monday morning. we're looking good for the the most part across our major roadways. nothing out of the ordinary. roads are dry. that is g live look downtown philadelphia here, vine street expressway and schuylkill expressway in and out of the center city looking g good morning to delco. live look at i-95 in delaware county brake lights heading northbound up towards philadelphia international. and then out to the suburbs we will go, good morning, five points where 309 and 202, all coming together to look good this morning. folks starting to wake up and heading out the front door. no problems from say downingtown, or from the 30 bypass, we're looking good, heading in towards frazier. the south jersey there is a delay north on the freeze waste heading in towards 295. septa is having a problem this morning, wire problems on the route 13 trolley, so they are using shuttle buses between mount man rice a and yeadon street station, so this morning, the lights are out, the overhead streetlights are out, along the lincoln drive, so just be careful as you come south down towards at approach of the kelly drive there you
6:33 am
will notice something is different and that is what the situation is, the overhead street lamps that are out. and then jammo, expected on the schuykill to daze, penndot will be cleaning up drains out westbound on the schuykill, between gladwynn, and conshohocken down to only one lane, from 10:00 to 1:00 leaving center city philadelphia keep that in mind. chris and jenny, back to you. new this morning at 6:33, philadelphia police searching for suspects in the armed robbery that happened shortly after 12:30 at a 7-eleven on 54th and city avenue. police say two suspects, one armed with the gun, stole cash from the register and then they took off from foot. also new, a man was struck and killed by a septa train in university city this happened around 10:00 near 31st and market streets. authorities are still trying to figure out why he was actually on those tracks. lets go to new york city where they are morning the loss of two police officers, who were shot and killed, this weekend, as they sat there,
6:34 am
like sitting ducks in their patrol car. >> officers rafael ramos and wenjian liu were working in brooklyn which ismaaiyl brinsley walk up to the passenger side of the vehicle and opened fire striking both officers in the head. he then went to the a subway station where he shot and killed himself. earlier in the day police say brinsley shot his ex-girlfriend in baltimore. he also vowed on instagram to put wings on pigs, as retaliation for the deaths of eric garner and michael brown. moments before the shooting police say brinsley started to talk to people on the street. he asked them to follow him on instagram and said that watch what i'm going to do. community leaders are calling for an end to the violence. >> we need you to work with the community and the police department. we don't need to just go to the one side. the police department needs you as well. >> each of the officers leaves behind a wife, officer ramos had two sons and recently celebrated his 40th birthday, officer liu was married only two months ago.
6:35 am
the shooting in new york, has raised fears, of course, about the safety of law enforcement officials nationwide including right here in philadelphia. >> fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live in the news room with more. >> this is definitely a tense time. police commissioner ramsey is calling on his officers to be careful and to stay alert. ramsey is concern about the current environment for police, and he encouraged those leading local protest as begins police brutality to call for calm. and indeed another such rally moved through last night. hundreds of demonstrators with the group blackout for philadelphia marched in center city calling attention to what they claim is a lack of justice in the michael brown and eric garner case. the the protest was peaceful. we spoke with commissioner ramsey last night about the murder of the two new york city police officers and what it means for ongoing discussion of police community relations. >> hopefully this makes everybody take a step back and think about what they are doing and what they are saying. thinks the time forethought
6:36 am
full discussion. and, i don't want to lose that opportunity, for that discussion to take place. it does cloud a very important issue and that is police community relations. we do need to take a hard look at and make some corrections. this is really overshadowed it. it is a shame. >> just listen to some of the rhetoric, that you hear. >> reporter: mayor nutter released a statement reading in party join in all philadelphians in expressing our utter discuss in the assassination saturday of two new york city police officers who were on the job and sharing the safety of new yorkers. this cruel and irrational act was perpretrated by a person who wanted to make a statement about police community relations and instead he underlined the evil of violence. last week was especially rough in philadelphia sunday police shot and killed 26 year-old brandon tait brown whom they say reached for a gun during a struggle when they pulled him over during the traffic stop that was last week and then a
6:37 am
philadelphia paramedic caused outrage when he posted a picture showing two men with the gunpointed at a cop's head. friday somebody spray painted a fence in west philadelphia that read cops lives don't matter. jennifer and chris? >> thanks, sabina. time right now 6:37. happening today a vigil, fundraiser will be held it in at 6:30 at souderton area high school in honor of the montgomery county killing spree. seventeen year-old an continue on flick shown in that picture is the only survivor from the rampage after six of his family members were either shot or stab during the attack last monday. police say suspect murderer bradley stone targeted his ex-wife's family before claiming his own life the next day. twenty-one police department including white hall township in lehigh county i are being equipped to help save lives. officials announced that officers will start carrying, this drug. they can help save a those with overdose of prescription painkillers and more over,
6:38 am
heroin. a dive team has made a discovery that leads them to the missing west chester university student. >> shane montgomery cast hot been seen since very early thanksgiving day morning. steve keeley is live in manayunk where he difficulties a appeared, good morning. >> reporter: his mother is facing reality. she thinks next time she sees him it will be most sad sight of her life. shane's mother her worst fears became reality yesterday, when divers here finding his keys, and the schuykill river, not the shallow, slower manayunk canal where the the dive teams were searching immediately after shane went missing night before thanksgiving but this, deeper swifter current, schuylkill river, after his uncle confirmed that they were shane's keys with the eagles long landyard on them. he took them over to the family's house in roxborough and they work in the front door. shane's mom karen told the daily news reporter, morgan dale last night my hearties broken. my sonnies somewhere in that river. i need to find him. i need to bring him home. i don't think you can bring a mother's broken heart.
6:39 am
those attending a pray your vigil nearby the catholic church last night, talked about his the mother, karen's strength throughout this, the whole family's awful ordeal that began thanksgiving week and now it seems and christmas week gives them the the first physical evidence that shane ended up somewhere here in the schuylkill river. >> steady but sure, and they are inspiring. each and everyone of them. even shane's grandmother, i think that is where the colonel of this faith has, was begun, and she was here this evening. praying with us. so they are remarkable people of faith. >> we also feel so sad in the community, that has come together and it is just so sad. i can't even begin. it is all we think about. it is very close kn it here. >> just knowing, walking around trying to find shane and a hoping that he will come home to his family. >> reporter: maybe family and his mom will find strength in
6:40 am
the community support that has been there for four and a half weeks looking for him and now in the weeks or maybe days until they find him. she told the bailey news a appreciate everybody's prayers and thoughts, i want people to know that we are not going to stop looking until we find shane, that is what we need prayers and thoughts, we need to find him and we need to bring him home. jennifer and chris. >> they absolutely have that support, steve, thank you. 6:40 on this monday morning. let's turn to this where a young girl in new jersey is offering a helping hand to people in camden. >> seven year-old mia montgomery didn't want a birthday party. she wanted to do something to help the homeless. mia came up with an idea called blessing bags. she would fill the bags with food, hat, gloves and a christmas card and hand them out to the less fortunate. so tonight at life assembly ministries in camden, mia will be handing out the blessing bags and serving a hot meal to more than 250 people. how sweet of her. also in camden today, the
6:41 am
price right is holding a give away at 4:00 this afternoon. the first 500 customers will receive a free voucher for one holiday toy item. dana a red and former philadelphia eagles jeremiah trotter will be there as well. almost a dozen people rush to the hospital, have after they were struck by lightening, what one person saw when a flash of lightening hit. is the holiday forecast anything to rejoyce about? we will find out when we bring you the all the waste through the the whole week in the seven day
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we're back live, with a look down at the stadiums. how are we feeling about that stadium right now. >> that is the wells fargo center, okay, both sixers and flyers won. i don't know if they showed the link, not so much. >> well, we will keep the link out of that shot right now. a terrifying scene following a football game in florida. >> as we stayed with the stadium theme. a dozen people were struck by lightening following the bucks/packers game in tam pennsylvania witnesses said they heard a boom and then they he saw smoke over their cars. >> it was a flash bag, that fast, you know what i mean. it just took you tour knees. you looked around to see who
6:45 am
got hit. you know it was close. >> wow. >> at least one people were treated to injuries. eleven people. one person is in critical condition. you just hanging out, getting ready to watch football and that happens. >> that fast. >> well, thunder and lightning florida this time of the year is not unusual. it is unusual to have it in the forecast for us for christmas eve? but, yeah, that is the possibility there. as we give you the christmas eve forecast, because this might be the most difficult travel time, not because of snow, but because of rain, and heavy rain, at times, so as we look under the tree and little train going there, we have the fake snow for the the christmas eve, but it looks like rain, windy with a possible thunderstorm. look at the the high temperature for christmas eve. 62 degrees. also unusual. it is all because of another low pressure system not this one heading our way on wednesday. this one will be troublesome, but more of a nuisance storm
6:46 am
then the mess we will have on wednesday, so here it is, today, tonight, probably until afternoon rain starts and it is on and off. we will get a break between storms during the day on tuesday but then by wednesday here it comes back again and we have possibility of some showers as well and that rain heavy at times with thunderstorms in the outlook as well. when this rain arrives tonight it could be tricky up in the mountains especially and lehigh valley as it starts off with some freezing rain before things get warmer. we have chilly temperatures right now. nineteen in lancaster. twenty in reading. twenty-six in pottstown. we have been still below freezing at 30 in philadelphia. twenty-four in millville. we will have to bundle up but not quite as much as saturday, when we only got to 35 degrees. yesterday for the first day of winter, it was 40. today, day seven, of hanukkah, i should say night seven and we have the possibility of some showers around for that, this evening. it will definitely be cloudy.
6:47 am
some showers around tomorrow as well. so late day showers, today, we have i rain, wind, thunder, on christmas eve, but the pay off is, sunshine, in the afternoon. we think on christmas day. it should be drying out pretty nicely. we have a couple decent day on friday, saturday, turns chillier gannon sunday, so that take you through the holiday week at least the first holiday. we will deal with new years later on. >> we will be able to drive our new bikes out there, on chris mass day, for the little ones. live look in cherry hill, new jersey this joint is jumping. the route 38 right in front of the cherry hill mall, mall in the background right here near haddonfield road. the the roads are dry for the moment. we will will take it while we can. live look at 30 bypass good morning to downingtown, leaving downtown heading in to king of prussia, we are seeing volume pop here as a rush hour starts to unfold. same thing eastbound on the schuykill roads are dry but a delay starting to wild here
6:48 am
from city line avenue, on in, five points we're at route 309 and coming together. we have the traffic light stopping everybody. new traffic pattern northbound on 202 this morning. the peb dot was busy, stretch between 30 bypass and route 401, moved on to that newly construct stretch of the roadway and then heads up, penndot will be harped at work today, on the schuylkill expressway, they will be working westbound, from around 10:00 until 1:00 between gladwynn and the conshohocken curve only one lane, put a little sticky tab on the dashboard or set an alert to your phone after 10:00 o'clock it is a hot mess leaving the city on that schuylkill expressway. don't forget we are looking for your holiday pictures, whether it be the front of the house, inside of the house, we have the kids, home, and the kid version of the tree, in the corner there but check out his slippers. come on, chris, i think chris movie i has a pair of these
6:49 am
here. they are little truck slippers. >> those are cool. >> i cannot see. >> yes. >> look at that. >> yes. >> little trucks. >> they have their own little tree version of the tree, family photos of the background there. keeping us warm with our little slippers. >> you know what is cool, it is a race, no, that car ace head, that car ace red. >> so make sure you send us the the picture using hash tag fox 29 lights to show your pick on tv this morning. jenny, back to you. pope francis addressed the faithful ahead of christmas day. >> the pontiff wishing a quote joyful and paternal christmas for those gathered in st. peters square on sunday. thousands visited the square. an italian businessman climbed the st. peters church out of protest. he is upset with the european union and lawmakers over business reforms.
6:50 am
the the man lost his restaurant in 2008 to a fire but new laws prevent him from getting a loan to rebuild. he plans to continue his protest until leaders agreed to meet with him. >> elton john and david furnish are now officially married. legendary singer posted photos on instagram, including one of the two singing their official, or signing, i would think singing when i think of elton, signing their official marriage papers. they have been together since 1993. they became civil partners, officially in 2005. same sex marriage became legal in england and in wales, in march of this year. the couple has two sons together. people magazine is giving readers an inside peopling of the nuptials of rance bass to michael churchin. twenty-nine tied the k in the on saturday at park plaza hotel in los angeles look for lance love michael, lance bass
6:51 am
wedding in an upcoming special on e. third, final hobbit movie was a big winner at the box office this weekend. >> when others fight our battles for us. >> i think they are in the dramatic enough. hobbit, battle of the five armies came in first rake nothing more than $56 million over the week and he loan. it has taken in 90 million-dollar in sales since opening last wednesday. night at the the museum starring ben stiller came in second opening with a strong 17 million. annu.n. third, 16 local million there. so, the hunger games you can see round out top five, close to 8 million. strange crime, in portland, oregon, when a statue, not just any statue, a mushroom statue goes missing. why he says (vo) nourished.
6:52 am
6:53 am
rescued. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru,
6:54 am
we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. blue mountain in the poconos, looking nice this morning. and an odd crime in the state of oregon when a thief makes off with the homemade mushroom statute in northeast, port land. take a look, the owner says he carved it himself with the chain saw and it took several weeks to make. now he has a message for people who took it. >> i love the guys who stole my mushroom, i told him it is an awesome mushroom. i'm sorry, i tempted them and
6:55 am
all of this. i forgive them for doing it. i thank them for warning me that it was dangerous to be outside. >> incident is under investigation, so far in clues as to who may have taken that statue. arizona cat burglar gets caught on puppy camas he passes -- pacifies the pets with treat. >> what is your emergency. >> there is someone in my house. >> home owner set up a live video feed to keep an eye on her dogs while she was at work. she takes a peak at it from her computer. this is time she caught a man on the prowl inside her home feeding treats to her dogs and trying to burglarize her house. he notices the camera and shuts it off but she had already called 911. she was on top of it. >> yes, i am watching my surveillance camera from work. my dogs are there. he is giving my dogs dog treats. >> lock down allies and streets and things of that nature and we witnessed the
6:56 am
suspect coming out of the backyard into the alley. >> officers had already surrounded the home and arrested him when he tried to get away. we continue to cover this story out of new york city, two officers gunned down sitting in their patrol car, philadelphia police commissioner charles rameses will be on the show with us, to talk about relations between minorities and police. a big day for ups, a as they embark on their biggest shipping day of the year but i may remember last years holiday shipping didn't guest so smoothly. the changes they are make to go make sure that your gifts get under
6:57 am
the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models.
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6:59 am
what he posted to social media just before the the attack. almost a month after serving dive teams finally find a clue in the search for shane montgomery, what they found in the frigid waters near manayunk bar where he disappeared. and will we get a chance to see the interview? what sony executives are saying about the shelved movie while tension was north korea grow stronger.
7:00 am
>> five seconds to go. the the redskins are up by three. >> that was a dagger. it was painful. eagles eliminated from the playoffs. who should take the blame for this december collapse. jon and sean from 97.59 fanatic are here to break the game down and alex is wearing black on a monday, wearing black. >> this is the third straight monday. >> it is sad. >> it takes a couple days too. this one will be worse because it will go through the christmas holiday. >> thing that under scores it is we were looking so good, sue mentioned on thanksgiving day we beat dallas in dallas, getting excitedded. >> we had a that pep band in here. >> they are in retirement now. >> just the the fact that it is over, what now. >> someone tweeted me we will see new september. >> yes. >> so many months away. and now it is officially winter, all kind of bad things this winter.


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