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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 22, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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neighborhood just after this morning's shooting. police say a man showed up looking for someone. then opened fire. the bullet hits two innocent bystanders and adult and that three-year-old. ton night the search is still on for the gunman. good evening, i'm i can't page. >> i'm lucy noland. that child's father spoke exclusive toll our bruce gordon. he's live in grays ferry tonight with a story you'll see only on fox. bruce? >> reporter: lucy, the holiday season is upon us, but the mid morning visitor here to the 13 hadn't dread block of south newkirk street was no santa clause. he arrived armed and looking for his target. left just a few minutes later on foot with a neighbor innocent neighbor and a three-year-old boy nursing gunshot wounds. exclusive footage shows a lucky little boy recovering in his bed at children's hospital after being shot in the leg inside his home on the 1300 block of south newkirk. this is his father, he goes by the nickname mow and was the apparent target of the gunman. he asked that we not show his
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face. >> my season was laying on the sofa and i'm checking him out. i said i got hit. he wouldn't move. he was very active. >> reporter: you didn't realize at first your son had been hit? no not at all. >> reporter: the gunman may have been looking for mo but first end continued his next door neighbor 43-year-old william pew, argued with him and shot pew in the leg. then say police -- >> this defendant goes to the next hour, 1335, and he opens the door and fires right now it looks like one round into the house. that ends up striking the three-year-old. >> reporter: mo tells me the boy's twin sister was also at home at the time but was not hit. the boy was rush to the hospital. >> that's my boy. make sure no arteries was hit. save his life. his mother's only son. i didn't want to tell her that her son was dead. >> reporter: district councilman describes this neighborhood as a hot bed for drugs and gun violence. mo admits he's had plenty of run ins with the law, but insists that's all behind him. he is defiant. >> are you going to stay here
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tonight. why wouldn't i? why wouldn't i? >> i'm not going to run. if he comes back, guess what, i feel sorry for him. i feel sorry for him. you know, because if it's meant for me and they come and do something to my family, i'm going to protect my family. by all means necessary. >> reporter: again, the good news mr. pew and the three year little boy are both expected to make a full recovery. police still do not know why that gunman opened fire. again, he is on the loose. described as 5-foot 10-inch black man wearing blue jeans and a dark hoodie. iain? bruce, thank you. >> holiday warm in this your fox 29 weather authority. let's take a live look outside in old city after a cold weeke weekend. we're get something milder temperatures but we'll get some rain, too. chief meteorologist scott williams has a look at what we can expect. scott? >> that's right, iain. the rainfall that's going to be moving in and also temperatures will be warming over the next couple of days. tomorrow will be in the 50s and then by christmas eve, get this, in the low 60s, yes, 60s for high temperatures believe it or
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not still chilly right now stepping outdoors. some pockets of light rain showing up on ultimate doppler. zooming in a little closer, a lot of this not making it to the ground. if it is just some sprinkles around philadelphia, moving into south jersey, also, north and west into parts of chester county and lancaster county. toward the pocono mountains where it's cold enough, temperatures at or below freezing some of that precipitation will start off as some freezing rain. so that advisory until 4a tomorrow morning but look at all of the rain to the south and to the west. it's coming together and it will head in our direction. temperatures right now you can see freezing, 32 in the poconos. low 40s in philadelphia. as well as parts of south jers jersey. atlantic city checking in at 43 degrees. so bundle up if you're stepping outdoors. and watch out for some pocks of scattered light rainfall it's not going to be heavy at all so the bottom line light showers, even some fog and drizzle around for tonight. tomorrow, we'll see on and off again showers but coming up i'm timing the heaviest of the rainfall for christmas eve. if it moves out in time for
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christmas day, that entire holiday forecast is coming up. iain and lucy? >> we'll talk to you then, scott. to developing story right now. nypd is taking extra precautions after saturday's ambush of two officers. officers are now only working in pairs and suspending certain patrols. a man shot and killed officers wenjian liu and raphael ramos saturday as they sat in their patrol car. police say 28-year-old ismaaiyl brinsley killed them and then afterwards he killed himself. brinsley said to social media he wanted to retaliate for the deaths of eric garner on staten island and michael brown in ferguson. civil rights leaders are calling for calm and now new york city's mayor is asking demonstrators to suspend protests as the department prepares to bury the two fallen officers. philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsay is emerging as a national spokesperson on how to police as part of community. fox 29's jeff cole is live at police headquarters tonight where he spoke to the commissioner. jeff? >> reporter: iain the president of the united states
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has turned to charles ramsay, philly's top cop not just for advice on big city policeman but as a spokesman in times like these. times of horrible tragedy. commissioner charles ramsay hustles to his waiting vehicle on his way to national tv interview. in the wake of the shooting of two police officers in new york city ramsay is in demand. >> we have got to make in roads. people some of our more challenged neighborhoods that really don't have positive view of police. >> reporter: philly's top cop since 2008 is data driven community policing have been credited with reducing crime here. president obama has given him 90 days to offer solutions to the problems that have led to unrest in ferguson and new york. >> we are going to look at certain key areas. one is building and stabbing trust and many of our most challenged neighborhoods. some communities of color and also some are that just really challenged with crime and
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disorder. >> reporter: in philadelphia, ramsay asked the justice department to review police shootings, a move the head of an advisory panel applauds. >> we certainly hope that the results of the justice department's review of shootings here gives us all more information about what's building been going on with these incidents in the city. >> reporter: while members of the public say they want police, community relations to improve. >> i would love to see people of all races and ethnicities sit down and talk about what's going on. >> i think it's a tragedy. you know, police defend their lives to protect the citizens, not only in this city but also across the state and the count country. >> reporter: ramsay is expec expected to do national tv interviews through the night tonight and into the morning tomorrow. his message, police need to have better relations in poor communities, communities often ravaged by crime. live at the round house, i'm jeff cole. iain, back to you. >> jeff, thank you.
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a former head master of an elite delaware prep school is convicted of dealing child pornography. 54-year-old christopher wheeler was arrested after a search of his home and the school. the search was prompted by allegations of child sexual abuse but he's never been charged in connection with those accusations. wheeler sentencing is tentatively set for march. >> right before christmas a fire has forced two families out of their homes. skyfox was over the 4,000 block of tacony street in philadelphia as firefighters battled the flames. they got the fire under control quickly but two families cannot go home for awhile. the american red cross is assisting them with shelter and food and a winter clothing. >> reporter: possible cold spot in the warming relations between the u.s. and cuba tonight. cuba says it's got a right to grant asylum to u.s. fugitives which could be a signal the communist government has no intention of extraditing america's most wanted woman. new jersey governor chris christie has urged president barack obama to demand the return of fugitive joanne chess
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march fidel castro granted her asylum after she escaped from the prison where she was serving a sentence for killing a new jersey state trooper back in 1973. several other long-time us futures tiffs live in cuba. cuba head of north american affairs says every nation has the right to decide when and to whom to grant asylum. >> discover row at the schuylkill river sends divers back to the search for that missing college student. sky fox overhead in manayunk divers with the police marine unit return to the river today after volunteer divers found keys belonging to 21-year-old shane montgomery yesterday morning. the west chester university student disappeared early thanksgiving morning after hanging out at a bar in that area. yet another reminder tonight as the age old addage it's better to give than receive. we have got a big one for you. >> we do. charities throughout our area want to you hear the message. how you can make a difference for someone in need this holiday and we're just talking about donating food. howard?
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>> the eagles season will be over next sunday against the giants. so what will chip kelly do with a game that means nothing in the standings? here the testy responses come from the head coach with those media people coming up in sports. >> and coming up in weather, rain is on the way. it's already here for some. when to expect the heaviest and also when to expect temperatures in the 60s neck.
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♪ >> former philadelphia sportscaster don tollefson is talking about his decision to fight fraud charges against him in september he plead guilty to selling 200 people sony -- phony travel packages. last monday he withdrew that plea and now preparing for a january 5th trial. he's arguing that the case should be in civil court, not criminal. and that he should pay about $100,000 in restitution. for the first time today he talk
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about his alcoholism and drug abuse he says he began after he was injured in an accident. >> it was during that time when my alcohol alcoholism was continuing when i added oxycontin and i added percocet and i added codeine threes. none of them street drugs all of them prescription drugs that i had been prescribed that my addiction worsened and worsened and worsened. >> tollefson says he hopes to have an attorney before the start of the trial. the prosecutor in the case says he was prepared to recommend tollefson serve his sentence in a treatment center if he made adequate restitution to the victims. tollefson is a former employee of fox 29. a raid in delaware yields thousands of dollars in cash and drug laced candy. a six month drug investigation ended at a home in the 2600 block of speak man place in wilmington when they searched the house, they found over $5,000 in cash, hash filled candy. they also found more than nine hadn't dread grams of ha
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hallucinogenic mushrooms and marijuana as well as a high grade form of called dabs. >> they arrested andre corbett and charged him with possession. organizations are working to fulfill christmas wish lists of toys and even provide the bear necessities like food. >> but for many the need isn't only during the holiday season it really is all year through. and our joyce evans is live in norristown with a tight situation a lot of folks are facing. joyce? >> reporter: well this year, lucy and iain, this is what we have. see this bock right here? toys for tots. these are the things that are just coming in. yes, it is monday night, and christmas is thursday. so the deadline is wednesday at 12 noon. the problem is a lot of the donations are coming in very late this year because a lot of the businesses are trying to sell as much as they can and then they donate the rest because things are tight. well, what's happening is families get down to the wire and what they end up doing, spending money that they don't
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have. >> there are times where you don't know what you're going to do. you don't. >> reporter: crystal butler unfortunately has plenty of company. non-profits like montco oic in norristown and struggle to meet demands year round. even though they have more volunteers and donations. >> right now what we have will more than likely not serve the people with the need of toys. >> this will be the monthly a lot many for the people coming on tuesday most likely it's going to be their christmas dinner. >> reporter: 600 private donors keep the patrician society going but they're now serving more than 1500 families. >> but the food that you see here right now is food that will have to get us through the winter and hopefully into the spring. >> reporter: this isn't enough? >> well it's not enough. >> reporter: the organizations say it's a trickle down effect.
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government budget cuts and job losses putting more pressure on the programs that remain. >> there are possible coming at different levels now. that are in need. >> reporter: and there is still time for you to help. in time for christmas, but way beyond that, too. that's what they really need. we have put together a number of clinics on our website all you got to do is go there. if you want to help, you can. joyce evans reporting live from norristown. back to you iain. >> joyce, thank you. some camden kids much warmer on this chilly night after getting some new coats. the foreman mills in pennsauken, new jersey, partnered with the woodland community center to identify 1,000 children in need of a warm winter coat. the kids were bussed to the store today where they did some shopping and when they went back to school, decked out in their new coats. >> absolute necessities when it's so cold outside. fantastic stuff. ba tock your fox 29 weather authority right now. >> it's cold but it will get warm and we'll get wet. i hear.
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>> yeah. we'll get real wet and we're talking about up to an inch or more in some locations, by the time all of this mess clears the coast but it will take some time as we look at ultimate doppler right now, you can see the heaviest of the rainfall still to the south as well as to the west. but we have some light showers across our area right now and then around the philadelphia area moving into parts of south jersey, camden, gloucester county, burlington county lookinlooking at light rain if e stepping outdoors to do holiday shopping on this monday, bundle up and take along the rain gear as well. toward the pocono mountains temperatures will be at or below freezing for several hours so a freezing rain advisory has been posted there until 4am tomorrow. once again this is for carbon and monroe counties. so we'll be on the look out for the potential for a light glaze on some of those elevated road surfaces just be mindful of that once again freezing rain advisory for the pocono mountains only until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. so by 8:00 o'clock we're still looking at pockets of light rain across the area. some fog, some drizzle.
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continuing for tomorrow morning. so the first half of the day tomorrow is our best chance for some scattered light rain showers. then we'll keep it cloudy, but i think we'll get a break for much of the day tomorrow. here's 10:00 o'clock tomorrow night. we're dry but we're socked in with the clouds. there could be some drizzle around and then the heaviest of the rainfall arrives by wednesday on christmas eve. really throughout the entire day we're looking at showers. some of which will be heavy at times toward the lehigh valley and the poconos as well as down the shore where we could see over an inch and a half of rainfall before all is said and done. here's wednesday evening. still looking at clouds and showers across the area. and then it looks like most of the rainfall starts to get out of here this is early on christmas day at 8am. leftover showers, but clearing and turning blustery. how much rainfall to expect between tonight and tomorrow, we're looking at only about a tenth of an inch to quarter of an inch. so the heaviest of the rainfall not tonight and tomorrow really
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until wednesday watch the clock. you can see how things really start to tabulate here an inch and a half toward atlantic city by 11:00 o'clock on christmas eve. up to 2-inches perhaps in cape may county. half an inch to an inch or more once we move north and west. mid 40s for high temperatures today and right now we're still a little chill. we have low 40s in millville, atlantic city, upper 30s in pottstown. freezing in the pocono mountai mountains. so area wide above freezing except for the poconos so fog and drizzle scattered showers around. as we look at that holiday planner tomorrow 50 degrees christmas eve and low 60s wet and windy and then christmas day 51 for the high. starting to dry out across our area. the seven day forecast showing you that temperatures warm over the neck several days. but it's going to be kind of wet once again 51 early on christmas day. then dropping blustery and then actually staying pretty mild as we move toward friday. kicking off kwanzaa and then we move toward early neck week,
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turning much colder but still not looking like arctic blast or even snow in the forecast. >> beautiful. >> all right. tough weekend for the birds, howard. >> yeah. it was a tough day today, too. it was not a fun day for chip kelly at his weekly news conference. hear the tension with the variety of questions from the media and with this sunday's game having no importance in the standings, what will chip do with the quarterback and other
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>> back to the breaking news of a pedestrian hit in bucks county. police tell us he was a 10-year-old boy. they say a 50-year-old driver hit him at lakeland and foster avenues just after 4:30 in bristol township. the driver did stop. the child was flown to saint mary's medical center. he is now at chop. we do not know what condition he's in. the accident is under investigation. >> monday morning quarterback is sponsored by xfinity. your home for the most life sports. ♪ >> this is going to be a tough week for the eagles and eagles fans. they have one game left that's next sunday on the road against the giants. but finality is here. no playoffs an long lost season. so many reasons the eagles are out of the playoffs. turnovers, now they're a big part of it. the quarterback is always the focus. again in landover, even with mark sanchez completing 37 of 50 passes by the way too many passes, he average 7 yards a pass much that's not good. turnovers chip kelly is playing
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the last game to win. and was asked if matt barkley and other backups would play on sunday. wrong question for this head coach. >> we're going within a football game and that's what this whole organization is all about. it's not about trying to is he what the future s it's about we got a game i would not be fair any of my beliefs and i would not be fair to any football player right now if i said to some guy i know you're a better player but i'm going to play a younger guy. if you want to do that go do that. that's not us. in the two years i've been here we'll play football. if it wasn't like that i wouldn't be here. >> not many people thought the eagles would not be in the playoffs. another question. it was the suddenness and chip asked the obvious about the disappointment. >> i lost a national championship on a field goal to end of the game. that was sudden. that was really disappointing. i mean any time you don't get to the ultimate goal that's -- that's the way you feel whether you were close or far or whatever.
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i think it's always that way and in this league there's going to be one happy team when this whole season is over. i don't know who it's going to be. last year it was seattle and it's the same exact things. >> these news conferences are not the favorite part of chip kelly's day. so now with bradley fletcher starting or apparently going to start at that point chip was not happy about that question. >> we haven't talked about any of that. so again -- >> looking at the next game. was like a wise ass comment or -- i just told before you we haven't done anything game plan wise. >> okay. okay. no he we that was about him but we done any game planning that say what we're going to do. so --,. >> the question was why you start bradley fletcher if you want to win the game. that's not question that's a comment basically. >> right. >> chip he doesn't like the reporter. that much. >> you can tell. -- who do you think is going to super bowl at this point? >> i hope it's not seattle. >> okay. >> i don't like marschon lynch little bit with his stupid non
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answers to questions. >> that does it for here -- us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at here at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at
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it'll come from my kitchen. the biggest surprise this season won't come from an upset, try our new philly cheesesteak pizza. a large for $12. add a red kettle cookie for $6 and a portion of the proceeds go to the salvation army. better ingredients. better pizza papa john's.
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♪[ music ] high alert. after the assassination of two new york city police officers. >> this is crazy. two cops got shot in the head. >> is there a war on cops? >> this man was incited by the anti-cop racist rhetoric. >> what we've learned about the gunman, new video of his confrontation with k-9 cops. plus, first pictures of the ex- girlfriend he shot at the start of his murder rampage. then, about face. >> sony changes its tune on pulling the plug on "the interview." >> it will be released. >> dr. evil spoofs theca


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