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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  December 23, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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men of new york calling for calm in his city after two officers were shot dead in cold blood. now one of the widows is speaking out what she has to say to all of the people of new york. also ahead and first on fox a three-year old boy shot in his own home, his father is the intended target why he a says despite what happened he is in the leaving his home. gas prices are going down, good news, that means a number of cars on the road this holiday season is going up, what triple a says they had never seen before. but if you do flap to travel, this could throw a wrench in the plans. look at philly getting hammered right now. sue serio a has your santa claus forecast. bob kelly is checking reds which are wet at fourth and market on this december 23rd, 2014. happy birthday, 50th to eddie vetter and my dad, a little over 50. >> christmas eve, eve. >> yes. >> this is day festivalus. >> yes. >> last minute gifts. >> yes. >> last minute wrapping. >> last minute trips to the
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grocery store. >> super markets will be mobbed today. >> yes. >> in one is running anywhere, that slow crawl all day good partly because of the the rain. how long will this stick around. >> i think all the way through christmas eve, even through early christmas morning but imagine if it were snow. >> wouldn't that be nice. >> we would have about 6 inches. >> i'm in the ready. >> i'm not going to do it. we will have a five out of ten today, it is in the raining every minute but it will be cloudy, gray, showers on and off drizzle and fog but the temperatures are getting milder and they will stay that way through christmas. we have bus stop buddy, this is last day of school for a lot of kids until winter break begins for many, tomorrow. so rain coat at the the bus stop, umbrella at the bus stop, temperatures in the 40's so don't bundle will them up too much and there it is, the rain, clouds all on satellite
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and radar and it looks like the entire region at least has something and it is on and off throughout the take here in philadelphia we're seeing light rain on and off. 49 degrees in philadelphia right now, 7:20 is our sunrise time, little breeze. the clouds and showers throughout the rest of the morning, rest of the day. we will have a high temperature of around 50 degrees and these days are still short. that high will come early but temperatures don't move a whole lot is what we're saying. sunset time is 4:40. believe it the or in the bob kelly the days are getting a little bit longer. >> there you go. >> 6:02. it will take a little long they are morning then it did yesterday mainly because of the weather conditions. we can have rain, following, and yucky spray coming up off the cars in front of you. good morning to south philadelphia, live look at i-95 near stadium, headlights north bound up into downtown philadelphia we are dealing with some fog out along that 30 bypass heading in towards downingtown or between
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downingtown and that king of prussia interchange, here's a live look at that schuylkill expressway right under tunnels here at 30th street station. the roads are wet, just factor in some extra time and extra wiggle room between, and, and, and, pain in the neck here this morning. we have an accident on the roosevelt boulevard northeast philadelphia, at harbison avenue taking out outer drive. north on 202, fog tics with us through paoli and there is that new traffic pattern this morning between bypass and route 401. you'll find some minor delays coming out of the mid county interchange, again starting to see morning volume southbound in towards saint david. all bridges look fine and mass transit running with no delays, chris and karen back over to you. police are searching for a suspect shot a man in grays
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ferry at 25th and moore streets. police say that the 30 year-old victim was walking from the store and then he hears gunfire around and realizes he was struck in the back. he manages to run home, and then call police, he was raced over to the hospital, police are reviewing, some nearby surveillance cameras to find information. police are looking for a shooter to injured a three-year old boy and neighbor this shooting happened in the grays ferry neighborhood. lets bring in fox 29's jennifer joyce with the latest on the investigation, jennifer, good morning. >> good morning, chris and karen. we are hearing that both the three-year old boy and that innocent man also shot are also going to be okay. three-year ole miss to is one of the victims. fox 29 news obtained this video of the toddler in his hospital bed at chop after he was shot in the leg while inside his home on south new kirk street. it is believed that the boy's father mo was the intended target of this shooting but instead a second innocent person was wounded in the gunfire and a neighbor,
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william pew, pew's mother-in-law was especially upset as she said in one made any effort to call 911 after mid-morning shooting, the complaint was disturbing. fox 29 also talked to the toddler's father, he says he has no idea why he was targeted. he needs to make sure that his family is protect, again, both victims are expected to be okay. the shooter took off running. anyone who has any information should call southwest detectives. karen and chris? >> as always, a good idea. jennifer, thank you. there is a growing memorial for 29 new york city police officers killed over the weekend. >> such a tragedy. >> we can do, you know, we can do what we need to do but violence is not the answer. >> that is emerald garner, eric garner's daughter, she's the daughter of one of the people that was killed that started all of the protests. the officers rafael ramos and wenjian liu was shot and killed bias mail brinsley in
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retaliation for deaths of eric garber and michael brown. those families are still reeling as everybody is over these sudden deaths. >> we would like to express our gratitude the two police departments, our neighbors, and the entire new york city community, friend and co-workers for the help and support. >> just newlyweds, how sad for her. meanwhile new york city mayor bill deblasio is asking protesters to hold off on demonstrations until at least until after these officers funerals. >> i'm asking everyone, and this is a across the spectrum to put aside protests, put a aside demonstrations, until these funerals are past, let's
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focus just on these families and what they have lost. >> here's what we know about the funeral arrangements. officer liu's funeral will be held once his family in members arrive from china funeral for officer ramos will be held this saturday at a church in queens. let's turn our attention to this, some good news at 6:07. low gas prices may prompt more americans to hit the roads. >> you feel like you have more money. you can spend it traveling and shopping. triple a says 98 million americans will be traveling. steve keeley is in pennsauken where drives are filling up and you are talking to these drivers, steve. >> reporter: we knew new jersey would join the growing number of states almost half states new, 24, with gas below two bucks a gallon and here in new jersey you have to go closer to the shore to get below $2 a gallon prices, down route 07 in lakewood, in brick and toms river it is in the 1.80 if you have a costco member in brick township. two and a quarter here near
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bridges here in new jersey. we are at wawa. very busy. the mostly pennsylvania people come here. right off tacony palmyra bridge. triple a says not only sit low gas price that he is has everybody driving around today, busiest travel day of the year they predict but because christmas and new years are on thursday that is making them like four day thanksgiving holiday weekends so a lot of people getting a way for a big long holiday week if they don't have the whole week off. other busy thing today is busiest delivery day. i just talk to the ups driver who stopped in and told me he averages 120 to 150 package deliveries a day. yesterday 330, more than double his normal route, 13 hours, he has five kids at home. he will not see them until christmas morning because he will be so busy. if you see a delivery daze whether it is a flower guy, ups guy, fedex guy even that tastykake guy, chances are they are doing something for somebody for christmas. give them christmas gift of letting them in and letting them pull out in front of you
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and that would be a nice thing. greg what did you want me to do. look at this we are waiting for gas prices to go further. i doubt we will ever see this price, but if you can get diesel for zero, that is, the best deal possibly would say, right. >> it is not zero it is 9/10 of a penny. >> reporter: that is right, i for got taxes. even when gas is zero new jersey has got to get their taxes. >> we have learn growing up, anything is in the the zero, is zero but in the so in new jersey. no place like home. no one knows that more than this man here the hero who is finally back home for the holidays. and also, there is a window washer, so lucky to be alive after falling 11 stories. take a look at this vehicle he landed on that car and what his family needs help over these holidays but what they are asking for.
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] welcome back. >> well, i know, joe cocker. >> his passing, 70 years old: his voice was amazing. >> this is his big hit, that made him a big deal back in the day.
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and joe cocker died at the age of 70 yesterday. he will be missed. he had lung cancer. so path trooper injured in september's deadly ambush outside his police barracks is home for the holidays. >> sobriety spot in that tragedy. alex douglass will be spending christmas with his family in lackawana county, he is currently under going rehabilitation in new york. he is said to be in good spirits but still has a long way to go. that suspect in the shooting eric frein is scheduled for a january 5th hearing. last month, window washer fell, 11 stories and survived but now his family says they need your help what they are but now his family says they need your help what they are
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we like to use our fancy
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graphics but let me make it clear, no snow in the forecast. there will be christmas decorations, there will be christmas trees around, but no snow. did you see that sleigh and reindeer go by, i think that is in the the forecast as well. so for christmas eve this forecast hasn't changed too much since yesterday. showers, occasional heavy downpours, possible thunderstorms. 62 degrees. fifty-five for christmas day itself. rain early in the morning but then sun comes out in the afternoon. it is windy, blustery for friday and start of kwanzaa: temperatures in the the 50's. friday looks like an excellent weather day. that is it in a nutshell for those three days. here's is what coming at us, several storm systems, the one that started last night and one in the future. future cast shows a lot of clouds even when it is not raining. we will move into wednesday christmas eve, on and off rain, thunder and lightening is a possibility not everybody will see thunderstorms and we will hardly dover on christmas eve. here's thursday morning
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8:00 o'clock rain still lingering by 11:00, out of here. we will get some sunshine. that looks good, for ladder part of christmas day but we do think it will be windy and blustery even have at sun comes out. the this is current doppler radar and scattered showers, and it is too warm for anything but rain, so there is a bright spot as well. you cannot see much in the higher elevation is today. they are socked in with fog. half a mile visibility. so our temperatures are pretty mild, already and we will get to 50 degrees for a high temperature today. look at tomorrow 62 for christmas eve and those 50's throughout the weekend and then that winter chill returns with a vengeance on monday with the possibility of some snow showers as well. so there is a look at your seven kay forecast, bobbies traffic light tore day. >> we have not seen the first jam in the traffic cam. i said this week upside down, kids are off from school or
6:18 am
they have probably, any of the kids that do have school do have a half day to day a lot of folks have taken the rest of the week off, one of the busiest travel days of the year and we are dealing with some rain and some fog out there this morning. the here's a louisiana at the 30 bypass as we work our way from downingtown, schuylkill expressway running slow, headlights coming out of the conshohocken curve heading toward downtown philadelphia. we have some fog in the area and that spray that is kicking up off the cars and trucks in front of you. it will naturally take you longer to get there today then yesterday. here's a live look at 422, starting to see a backup out of collegeville toward king of prussia accident on the pennsylvania turnpike, eastbound ramp to the delaware valley interchange. just let that be an example, the ramps all toe not icy slippery from the rain. be careful coming on and off any major roadways out there and south on the roosevelt boulevard an accident a at harbison avenue right there in the great northeast, taking
6:19 am
out the outer drive. slow down south on i-95 from cottman in the betsy ross and then again working your way in through girard. all this week we have been looking to share your holiday christmas lights with us. here's a picture sent from dora, this isidore a mcfarland, nice pretty home. where is she living at, you have snow and everything out there, looking good with the ice sickles and ornament on the front lawn. looking good. we will to have find out where she is living. she has snow up there. it will be white christmas for dora and rest of the gang. if you'd like to share your holiday lights just tweet a picture and use the hash tag fox 29 light, chris and karen back over to you. >> that picture taken from 1962. >> she didn't clarify whether it was this year currently or not. we will have to investigate. >> holiday spirit is timeless. family of the window washer looking for help have after the worker fell 11 stories on to a car. that happened in san francisco. danielle perez family says he is slowly recovering after the
6:20 am
fall last movement his injury included a shattered pelvis, ruptured artery and broken bones. osha is investigating this but his daughter says he does not remember how he fell, family is having trouble making end meet, with perez out of work. >> it is not easy for me to stand here and ask for help and i wouldn't be doing it unless my dad and my family really needed it. >> perez is set to leave the hospital and soon and then will have to go to bunch have of rehab. the family has set up a go fund me page for donations. 6:20 is the the time. protesters have have taken to the streets in milwaukee after the district attorney there decided not to file criminal charges against a white police officer who shot ape killed a mentally challenge black man that is another name you'll get to know they are chaptering the name of dontray hamilton following that decision. he is the person fatally shot
6:21 am
by an officer named christopher manny back in april. manny was doing a welfare check after calls about ham ill top sleeping in the downtown park. they exchange punches before the victim grabbed his police baton and hit the officer and that is when the officer fired back hitting hamilton four times. >> deeply aware of the very real historical reasons for concern but i cannot be suede by passion or prejudgment when making these decisions regardless of how popular or how unpopular that decision is. >> that officer lost his job but he has appealed trying to get some disability, hamilton's family says he suffered from schizophrenia and had recently stopped taking medications. north korean web sites are back than line today after a massive hut down yesterday. the white the house and state department refused to say whether the u.s. was behind the outage but it did come just a a day after president
6:22 am
obama said he was exploring options for how to respond to north korea for the the sony hack. north korea has continued to deny responsibility for targeting sony studios. man it turns in the the miami beach brawl
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big game in town last night. it was not 76ers. temple defeated the number ten team in the country. the lets go to the wells fargo center, temple and kansas. temple in white, kansas in blue. temple led bias many as 30 points. temple wins it 77-52. it is never fun when eagles play a game that doesn't mean anything in the final standings. when eagles knocked themselves out of the playoffs and playing final game sunday at new york giants. the the media wanted to know if chip kelly would put matt barclay in for sanchez or play his younger players. chip said no. the question was, why lieutenant. >> we will go win a football game. that is what this whole organization is all about. it is not about trying to see what the future is. we've got a game. i would not be fair in any of
6:26 am
my beliefs and fair to any football player right now if i said somalia guy i know you are a better play but we will play a younger guy. that is not what we are all about. >> that is sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. football game goes from the miami beach bowl to the miami beach brawl. >> cheap shot here. take a look, they get the win in the inaugural miami beach bowl verse brigham young university. celebration turns into a fight on the field, it starts with the take down of the byu quarterback, look at that, man during a second overtime, dozens of people from both sidelines throwing punches and reach the middle of the field. schools have in the commented if any of the players will be disciplined but you can bet on it. a local seven year-old on a mission, how mia turns her birthday into a life changing night for hundreds in need. very merry christmas for travelers this holiday sees than good news, steve.
6:27 am
>> yes, weather, rain, roads are wet but everybody is in a good non-road rage feel because it is christmas, plus gas is under two bucks a gallon here in new jersey. if you go to wawa, free air, as an added bonus.
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first on fox a three-year old boy shot in his home and he is recovering but his
6:30 am
father has a in message for the gun man. why he a says he is not leaving his home. >> god doesn't really care for them but they do. >> sometimes god works right through children like that little girls giving to others during a time when mess children are thinking about what they will be getting, how she's helping hundreds this holiday season. santa claus will have a hard time flying around this mess, rodolph, he has got his work cut out, lots to work through this radar picture right here, when will this clear out? sue has your full forecast. bob kelly has travel that is on the ground. good day, it is a tuesday, it is december 23rd, so many of us have so much work to get done probably last day of school for kids in this area. >> kids will be home while we try to clean the house cook meals last minute gift wrapping and, we still have a couple days to buy that last minute gift. >> that is true today and tomorrow that is, it. so, bus stop buddy, i think
6:31 am
for so many kids as you said, this is the the last day before winter break, so, extra big smile on his face. i wonder if he is wondering if the reindeers to have put plastic bags on their antlers, do you think? i don't know. one of those questions that may never get answered. anyway temperatures are in the 40's this morning. we have the rain around for sure. five out of ten. milder temperatures. that is nice. we also have, showers, the clouds, and little fog out there in a few places as well. widely scattered showers throughout the region and they will be sticking around the rest of the day. we will expect a high temperature of around 50 degrees today and on and off showers all day long and when it is not raining, skies are cloudy. your send sit time 4:40 p.m. that takes care of tuesday, we're getting in the meat of the holiday season and now bob kelly's forecast is coming up. >> good morning. 6:31 on this tuesday morning. only two shopping days left a lot of folks out and about, kind of an upside down kind of
6:32 am
a schedule. last day of school. if they have school they have a half day. here's downingtown where we're sock in with the fog at route 100 near the the pennsylvania turnpike, roads are wet, we are dealing with that spray kicking up off the cars and trucks in front of you here. here's the 30 bypass stacked and packed leaving downingtown heading in towards that frazier interchange and that 202 construction zone. live look at schuylkill expressway seeing brake taps here working your way eastbound toward downtown philadelphia rush hour in this 6:30 half an hour starting to pick up and a accident on the eastbound on the ramp between the delaware valley interchange and that turnpike connection bridge. heading eastbound in towards new jersey, watch for a slow down and on and off ramp and we are not just dealing with ice but wet roadways this morning and slippery conditions, on some of the on and off ramps. boulevard south bun accident outer drive at harbison avenue. otherwise delays on both 55
6:33 am
and 42 starting to make your way out of south injuries any towards city. so far so good coming down 295, no problems on the bridges a and mass transit looking good at the moment. chris and karen, back over to you. >> mr. kelly, thank you. father of the three-year old injured in the shooting is speaking out, this shooting happened in grays ferry neighborhood. jennifer joyce is their life with the look at the investigation, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris. we are live outside police headquarters where police are actively investigating this double shooting. little boy and necessary event bystander are expect to be okay. here is video of the three-year ole miss ter, fox 29 news obtained this video of the toddler in the hospital bed at chop after being shot in the leg while inside his home in south new kirk street. it is believed the boy's father mo was the intended target but a second innocent person was wounded in gunfire and neighbor william pew, whose mother was upset. she said in one made an effort to call 911 after mid-morning
6:34 am
shooting. complacency she says was disturbing. fox 29 talk to the toddler's fat shore says he has no idea why he was targeted and needs to make sure his family is protect. >> i feel sorry, for him, you know, because if it was meant for me, and someone coming doing something to my family ill will protect my family by all means necessary. >> reporter: again, both victims are expect to be okay, a according to police the shooter took off running. southwest detectives is handling this investigation. chris and kerry all right, jennifer joyce, thank you. he was headmaster of an elite delaware prep school and new he is quick of 25 counts of dealing in child porn 567894 year-old christopher wheeler ran tower hill school in wilmington, allegations of child sexual abuse prompted police to search his home and tower hill office and what they have found led to his conviction. however, prosecutors are not charged him in connection with
6:35 am
those child sex abuse accusations, wheeler's sentencing is set for march. each of the 25 counts carries a minimum of two years in prison. in delaware day care provider faces child endangerment charges after police say she left two kids in her car, while she went shopping. that was just the beginning. police say while four year-old tanya robinson was shopping the car was towed with the one and five-year old kids inside of the car and tow truck driver says he could not see the kids in the car because of the tinted windows. when robinson reported car missing, can you imagine by the way. >> absolutely not. >> day care provider, she goes in the shop, comes out, carries gone. after that happened police went to the tow yard and found the kids in the back seat in the back seat of the car not tow yard. thankfully the kids were not hurt. >> they must have been so confused and scared. former philadelphia sportscaster don tollefson has a trial on fraud charges right around the corner from now.
6:36 am
>> now that he is talking publicly about this. prosecutors say he sold phony travel packages to 200 people and he got more than 300 you this dollars. tollefson pled guilty to the charges back in september but last week he took it all back. he says he has new evidence that will help his case but as of now he is not elaborating on. that yesterday he did talk to reporters about his drug abuse and says it began after he was injury in an accident. >> it was during that time when my chillism was continuing when i added oxycontin and i added percocet and i added codeine three's, none of them street drugs, all prescription drugs that i had been prescribed that my addiction worsened and worsened and worsened. >> the prosecutor in the case says he was prepared to recommend that tollefson serve his sentence in the treatment center if he made adequate restitution to the victims. tollefson is a former employee of fox 29.
6:37 am
coming up at 6:37, pittsburgh police are trying to find a man native of montgomery county. paul, pictured right here, was last seen on wednesday, the two three-year old nurse is native of pottstown. according to reports he had been in the sports bar with his roommates earlier in the night. his friend later returned home but at some point went back out for food and when they got back they say he was gone. >> it is 6:37. so many of you will be traveling this holiday season, triple a is saying right now, 98 million americans will be traveling for the holidays. >> fox 29's steve keeley live in pennsauken more on that, at least these travelers are facing lower prices at the pump, steve. >> i thought i was here for two big headlines gas below two bucks a gallon in new jersey and busiest travel day of the year two days before christmas. i have new breaking news did you know that wawa now has deep dish pizza? they have everything. >> that sound good. >> what are the topping
6:38 am
choices. >> i will call that focac cia. >> it is like black friday in this wawa. like a mob scene. everybody shopping for stuff with their extra money because gas is so cheap. instead of filling up for 50 bucks we are filling up for $23 now, how good is that. today, thanksgiving, new years, they are on thursday, they will be like thanksgiving holidays, and now with the warm weather this rain if it was snow we would be in real trouble wouldn't we but nobody is complaining about the weather because it is warm even though it is wet and everybody is in a good mood and holidays and they have their first gift already when they went to get credit card or cash out for the gas and found out it is only 20 some bucks for a fill up. these low prices have many figuring they can afford to drive and visit family this christmas and big auto club triple a says this christmas will be the busiest on the road, since triple a began
6:39 am
keeping records. >> steve, this is a christmas miracle for everybody. people can go shopping. they can do things. they have a little bit more money in the pocket. it is great for economy and i hope it keeps going. >> i can't believe it, every time you see the price and you say that cannot be ride. and you go that is really right. then you are thinking under $2 that far behind report is this low enough for you. >> i'm happy where they are but i have a feeling we will see under $2 real soon here in this area. >> reporter: give you a sense i can have more money in my pock to buy more stuff. >> absolutely, yep, buy stuff, travel further, sure. >> reporter: you have a big truck. you are in the getting great miles. you don't feel guilty driving this big truck. >> it feels better when you pull away from the pumps. >> reporter: gas in the 2.20's, stations closest to the bridge necessary philadelphia most of the philadelphians are coming over here. look at that facing is right
6:40 am
now when you see no plate in the front that means they are in from and guy in the pickup truck pennsylvania. mostly pennsylvania people here in the pennsauken gas station here in new jersey. to get under two bucks you have to go about 40 miles east of here, down route seven on several stationness lakewood, brick township and toms river area, along route 70 and route nine, gas is now as low as 1.80 something at the costco in brick township. costco membership coming in handy. i bet there is gas lines there. people want to feel good about getting two bucks a gallon, you will have a gas line. i remember in the 70's sitting in gas lines with my parents and then when i was driving in the late 70's before you guys were even born. >> get out of here. >> when your license plate ended in whatever digit, even odd, remember that, you can get gas and fill up. >> reporter: i never filled up in until those days and i used to buy $3.05 worth. when you could only buy it on
6:41 am
odd or even day and wait in line you would fill it up every time. >> is this a way to beat that is sit there with your foc ac cia pizza. >> reporter: good idea. >> as always. >> another bright spot on this morning, little girl on a mission and determined to make a difference. instead of getting presents for her birthday, this seven year-old wanted to help others in need. coming up next the night that helped change lives this christmas. sue? sue, we have not changed the forecast, unfortunately for you if you weren't looking forward to the rain today and tomorrow but we will break it down for you you coming up, chris. >> all right, sue. don't forget to end is us your holiday lights. tweet with us fox 29 light and bob kelly will show you them tweet with us fox 29 light and bob kelly will show you them live on our a
6:42 am
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♪ ♪ we put all the apps you love inside a car designed to connect you to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo. innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us.
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you'll be seeing rain this morning. if you have somebody flying in and out of philly international, big travel day, you may want to call ahead because we will have some rain and some fog it looks lick in our forecast as well. sue will have the forecast in a spending. lets talk about weather in other parts of the country, dangerous combination on the san diego companies. king tides are making for extreme weather on the beach. take a look, there is a combination of high astronomical tides and also the elevated surf, churning up
6:45 am
very, very strong rip currents and putting the ocean in that person's house right there or that building, whatever it may be. it is unusual warm waters that are creating these additional problems. >> the 63-degree water temperature is very unusual and inviting to people. that is biggest hazard is they get in the water and they feel so comfortable and they just get overly confident, therefore, they are more apt to get caught. >> talking about the surfers people that love those big waves, forecasters say there is four to 7-foot surf with occasional set to 8 feet up and down beaches there. sue serio has a look at weather here. we're so envious. >> so different from what we're experiencing right now but it is a holiday. the day before christmas eve. marcell our friend on twitter says i'm up making a list heading to the supermarket were the crowds. there is her special christmas coffee cup this morning. you go. here's your christmas eve
6:46 am
forecast. this is the day where you may either be traveling or running around and doing last minute stuff. we have wind with possible then are storm and 62 degrees. nice and cozy inside. we see snow underneath their christmas tree the fake kind. here's rain moving through. very spotty. on and off. very light rain the at the moment. not really adding up to much and there is more on the way, just streaming in from the southwest, several storms heading our way, keeping us kind of damp even when it is not raining, half mile visibility in mount pocono, reduced visibility in lancaster and reading as well and now only two and a half miles at philadelphia international. it is tougher to see. we have to slow down. be prepared. northeast terly breezes, if i can get it out at 9 miles an hour in philadelphia right now when that wind comes from the north east and keeps us cloudy. that is the glummy day we will to have day, tomorrow 62,
6:47 am
rainy. windy. in the afternoon on christmas day after a little bit of rain left over in the morning. then it stays really nice throughout the weekend. lots of sunshine, and mix of sun and clouds on sunday and then really cold temperatures rolling in on monday with a possibility of a snow from your i or two. that takes care of your seven day forecast, now lets take care of our commute with bob kelly. >> no snow flurries, just rain drops and that is causing delays this morning as we kick it off 6:47 on a tuesday, 422 eastbound delays between collegeville and king of prussia, plus out in the suburbs we have been dealing with some fog all morning long, hit and miss depending upon where you begin and even your trip on the 30 bypass, you're going to find some fog, thinks a a live look at i-95 from the folks coming up fromcy delaware, wilmington, we have spray coming up off the cars and trucks in front of you. that is naturally alone will slow us down more than it did yesterday. schuylkill, running slow between conshohocken and center city. the lets go to the maps here some problems in the
6:48 am
neighborhoods, north on 295, an accident at route 322. there is a crash north now on the 42 freeway approaching lower landing road so that is tying us up, everybody trying to get in towards philadelphia. a crash on the pennsylvania turnpike it is eastbound between delaware valley interchange and turnpike connection bridge. thinks impacting everybody heading east in towards new jersey and it is on the ramps. the let that be an example of the slippery conditions out there. crash south on the roosevelt boulevard at harbison avenue in the outer drive. i just check with the airport so far so good on arrivals and departures. we have been asking townsend us your pictures of your holiday lights. here's next one up for our screen here this is from daniel bell, nice christmas name, daniel bell, merry christmas to you and from all of us here at fox, here's this guy, look at the size of the stocking is here. man, santa will have to have make a extra stop there.
6:49 am
>> that name bell has a nice ring to it. >> there you go. >> keep them coming. all you have to does tweet a picture using the hash tag fox 29 lights and show your picture on tv later this morning. karen and chris, back over to you. we want to introduce to you this really special little girl, who decides to celebrate her birthday in an humbling way. >> she comes face-to-face with the homeless and just breaks her heart. instead of letting it get her done this strong willed seven year-old decides to make a difference by giving back to her community. fox 29's chris o'connell has this heart warming story. >> what would you like. >> reporter: spend a few minutes with mia montgomery and you'll realize that she's a special kid. after all, how many little girls would invite 300 of camden's home less to a holiday dinner? the idea came on a recent trip with her parents to new york city. >> i saw home less person laying on the floor.
6:50 am
i got sad. >> she saw home less people on the curb and on the street and it a affect her in a way that she could not comprehend why people were living that way. >> reporter: why did she did. >> i asked her what did she want to do for her birthday. she said i wanted to the people. >> reporter: no princess party for this girl, mia enlisted help of her family and started raising money. they shopped for food and got help of the life assembly ministries who opened its doors to people like lance white. >> i have been sleeping in the streets for the last 13 months. >> reporter: white, a dad himself, says gesture from this little girl impact him in a big way. >> it gave me a better outlook on my situation because i was ready to go do some crazy things. >> reporter: they not only got meal but donated clothes, shoes and a special treat to go on. inside, sandwich, water, snacks, gloves, and
6:51 am
handwritten note from mia herself. >> a a lot of people think god does not care for them but he does, so i decorated these when i was three. >> for this little girl it didn't seem like a big deal but for those on the receiving end it was everything. i really appreciate it. >> something happened inside of her that is different from many of us and that the lord just showed her something and she responded to it. >> reporter: oh, it is not the first time she has done something like this for her fifth birthday mia started a toy drive for local kids. what did she think of her good deeds. >> i think it will be a happy christmas and i think i will be on the good list. >> reporter: in camden, chris o'connell fox 29 news. >> karen, you and i have kid, young kid too, well, not together but separately but you can instill them in them.
6:52 am
that comes them. you cannot teach that. >> if you say you know what we will do for your birthday we will do this project, a big awakening and wake up call. we wish our kids could be likely will girl. what an example. maybe we will try to bring that to our lives and work on projects and share that spirit. >> yes. >> speaking of spirit, we like to be kids of heart, jimmy fallon gets a funny bit when they play little kid instruments. here he is rocking it again to you recognize those famous fa
6:53 am
i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me?
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no. uh-huh-huh! welcome back. it is rain, so you may want to leave extra time as you begin your day and your commute, getting the kids outside the do. in the news right now 6:55. jimmy fallon makes elementary school instruments cool with the help of the coolest kids that are out there, do you see who they are? lets take a look. >> ♪ santa claus is copping to town ♪
6:56 am
that is jimmy, the roots and one direction rocking it out, these classic instruments mash up a as we call them. that is a holiday tradition. do you remember when mariah car difficult her version of the all i want for christmas in 2012, pretty cool and fun. also in the news, sony facing a whole lot of pressure to release their film the interview and now, more than 200 theaters are saying they will show it, is there a petition making rounds to get this movie out there. also spirit of christmas has so many people helping those in need but there is some organizations who want you to know we need your help all year round how you can pitch into help make sure people have a
6:57 am
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santa claus is coming to town but he may get soaked getting here, rain is moving in putting a damper on travel plans. sue serio has your full holiday forecast. despite all that rain triple a is expecting a record number of cars to hit the road this holiday season. reason you'll see more travelers then ever before. mayor of new york calling for calm in his city after two officers were shot dead in cold blood. new one of the widows is speaking out and what she has to say to the people of new york. a cherry christmas, temple owls played a huge upset on mike jerrick kansas jay hawks.
7:00 am
we will have all of the highlights. good thing mike is off for christmas week he would not want to see that rushing the court, we love it. we love seeing the temple owls. that is celebration right there. >> crazy. >> someone on twitter says mike must be off for festival us. >> seinfeld is his favorite show. >> sure. >> i'm anticipating mike is probably with his new grandson in the denver area. >> i think he is on his way there today. >> nice. >> did you see daily news, everybody celebrating the cherry christmas. look at that, victory, sweet. >> yes. >> that is a christmas gift isn't it. any win over kansas. i went to missouri. they are big rivals. i'm sad mike is not here. >> temple is giving us some wins because nobody else is giving us wins. >> the other side, chip kelly says i sit you no, all of the starters will play in new york. within more game. it


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