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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  December 23, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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we will have all of the highlights. good thing mike is off for christmas week he would not want to see that rushing the court, we love it. we love seeing the temple owls. that is celebration right there. >> crazy. >> someone on twitter says mike must be off for festival us. >> seinfeld is his favorite show. >> sure. >> i'm anticipating mike is probably with his new grandson in the denver area. >> i think he is on his way there today. >> nice. >> did you see daily news, everybody celebrating the cherry christmas. look at that, victory, sweet. >> yes. >> that is a christmas gift isn't it. any win over kansas. i went to missouri. they are big rivals. i'm sad mike is not here. >> temple is giving us some wins because nobody else is giving us wins. >> the other side, chip kelly says i sit you no, all of the starters will play in new york. within more game. it doesn't matter.
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well, we have a soaked santa, it will be tomorrow night, but for the eve of christmas eve, it is pretty damp as well what number do we have for today. >> four. >> three. >> i gave it a five. tomorrow will be a four. >> okay. >> we have tomorrow that will be worse with heavier rain. we have milder temperatures at least but with the showers on and off will be here throughout the day along with a bonus of drizzle and fog. bus stop buddy last day before the winter break, clouds showers temperatures in the 40's out there. so pretty icky standing by and waiting for the bus. there is a look what is going on ultimate doppler radar. it is only rain. it is day before christmas eve and folks wishing for snow but it is easier to get around in this at least. 48 degrees. sunrise at 7:20 this morning. 50 degrees is the high. tonight we will only get down to 48 degrees which is higher
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temperature then the normal high if you know what i mean. the bottom line is it is mild. the seven day forecast is coming up. i necessity what i meant, bob kelly. >> yes, 7:02. grab another cup of coffee, lets get to it. the tuesday, we are dealing with wet road this morning. it will be one of those yucky morning rush hours and probably last day of school for kids. they have a half day. live look here at schuylkill expressway, between conshohocken and belmont avenue. we are seeing beginning of the morning rush hour but we have that spray kicking up off cars and trucks in front of you. we have been dealing with morning fog all day long. so far this morning. eastbound four to 22 slow from collegeville into king of prussia, 30 bypass socked in with some fog and here's a live look at route 202 working your waste up through the fog and construction zone at route 29. your travel times inbound on the schuylkill put 20 minutes on the clock, southbound i-95 just under half april hour from woodhaven into downtown.
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in south jersey, north on the 42 freeway an accident right here near lower landing road so that is separating, right before you get to route 55. pennsylvania turnpike, eastbound between the delaware valley interchange and the turnpike connection bridge. so heading in to new jersey we have a crash to look out for and that was on the ramps. so just that be a indication that some of the ramps could be slippery with the rain, crash on the boulevard southbound at harbison, mass transit checking in with no problems. so far so good at philly international, chris and alex, back to you. 7:03. the there is a growing memorial for two new york city police officers killed of course over the weekend. monk those bringing flowers eric garner's daughter. >> we can get our voices heard. we can do what we need to do but we just have violence that is not the answer. >> rafael ramos and wenjian liu were shot and killed bias mail brinsley, a apparently in
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retaliation for deaths of eric garner and michael brown. their families are still reeling over their sudden death. >> this is just such a difficult time for both of our families. we have to stan together and get through this together. >> that was officer liu's widow speaking. officer liu's funeral will be held once u.s. arrives in china they will be held saturday, and at a church in queens. mayor deblasio is holding and, and, and, appealing for calm out of respect for their families. >> i'm asking everyone and this is a across the spectrum to put aside protests, put aside demonstrations, until these funerals are passed let's a focus on these families and what they have lost.
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>> but protest leaders say they will not stop the demonstrations while the funerals are being held. and coming up on 7:05. police are looking for a shoot shore injured a three-year old boy in the neighborhood. >> the shooting happened in the grays ferry neighborhood. lets bring in fox 29's jennifer joyce live look at the investigation, jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. fortunately we did receive news that the three-year old boy as well as the innocent bystander are expected to be okay, fox 29 news obtained this video of the toddler in his hospital room at chop, after he was shot in the leg while inside his home on south newkirk street. it is believed that the boy's father mo was intended target of the shooting but instead a second innocent person was wounded in the gunfire. neighbor by the name of william pew. the mother-in-law was upset. in one made any effort to call 911 after mid-morning shooting. police inspector anthony
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washington says they are still trying to determine a motive. >> my concern is now with what is going on in the city to day is that not one person on this block called 911 until my daughter called me from the emergency room screening that her husband was shot. >> is it callus, somewhat, is it just evil, to a degree, yes but we are trying to seek information in terms of trying get information from the neighbors and also shooting victim to see who it is and why they would want to come here. >> reporter: both victims are expect to be okay, according to police the shooter took off running. the southwest detectives is handling this investigation, chris and alex. >> thanks, jenny. hopefully that three-year old will be okay. we will get to another story in grays ferry. police are searching for a suspect that happened shortly before is 1:00 at 25th and moore street. police say the the 30 year-old victim was walking from a store when he heard several
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shots and realized he had been hit in the back. he then ran home ape called the police. the the victim is at hup, police are reviewing nearby surveillance camera for more information on that. 7:07. dozens of people gathered for a vigil in souderton to remember 14 year-old mia flick murdered a week ago with five relatives. >> so some shared heartfelt word about flick during the the vigil held in souderton high school. teen lost her life when brad stone showed up at her home, and killed her mother, her father, and wounded her brother. stone that same morning murdered his ex-wife her grandmother and mother. he was found dead two days later. pain is visibly still raw for those mourning. if you didn't know her, she would try to get to know you and if you did know her you were friends with her for life. >> nina's brother anthony survived the attack but was
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taken to the hospital. officials say with stab wounds, no word at this point, on his condition. we will keep an eye on. that. and, is spending christmas with her family in lackawana county. he is currently under rehabilitation in new york. he is said to be in good spirits but has a long way to go. suspect in the shooting eric frein is scheduled for january 5th hearing. at 7:08. this surprised me. triple a says more than 98 million americans will be on the road this holiday season. >> little dicey around here steve keeley because roads are wet, good morning. >> reporter: it is like our miracle on 34th street miracle on route 73, real misty, foggy route 73 but the mist here also under a lot of peoples eyes tears of joy because they are filling up for the cheapest they have filled up in american five years, new jersey now one of 24 states
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with gas under two bucks a gallon. the closest for now we will get to philadelphia 40 miles down route 07 in toms river and lakewood but right over the bridges and then low 2.20's and mostly because of our sports teams no surprise since the complaint capitol of the world that we had no trouble here in wawa, pennsauken, finding a humbug behind the wheel in the so happy and more bye the extra christmas cash in his pocket because gas is so much cheaper this year than last christmas. >> i think they are good but are they go to go stay. >> reporter: you are worried about them going backup. >> of course. >> reporter: can't enjoy christmas season and gift you got with cheap gas. >> what did they really give me, right? it has been high for two or three years. the it is good it is going down but it will not stay. >> i hepp they keep it up. there is a big savings. >> reporter: can you believe how they keep falling and
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falling. >> it is kind of weird but i love it. >> reporter: you are not complaining. >> it is le, gets me into work nice and cheap. >> reporter: use extra money on nice goods from wawa. >> yes. >> reporter: does this make you feel richer because you didn't pay so much for gas. >> yeah, plus paying tolls and stuff like that. you have to save anyway you can. >> reporter: maybe rich is too strong of a word but money to fill some kid stocking somewhere. >> i have three kids so i have three stockings to fill. >> happy new year, move on. >> reporter: is pessimism big part of your life. >> no, not at all but when it comes to anything with gas, you know, stuff like. >> reporter: scrooge liken joy company, is that right. >> you got it. >> reporter: like mr. potter of it's a wonderful life these gas companies. >> i don't know, i just think it will go up, that is my own personal feeling.
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>> reporter: since we are so close to the bridge a majority of pennsylvania people pulling in and filling up you can see as we did our survey of license plate and when we did every plate on every vehicle at every pump here was a pennsylvania plate. all leaving higher taxes of our own pottersville, pennsylvania, new jersey the highest tax state in the country and almost every category, except gas taxes, and isn't that a bonus? you don't to have get out in this awful weather and fill up, somebody does it for you, but a lot of tip tours day for guys doing it. how about tipping the guys at the gas pumps. >> that is cool you got money to spend. >> your references are off the hook, drawing in jim stewart on this story very clever way. >> he is always with that. >> reporter: do you want a tease for 8:00 o'clock. >> okay. >> reporter: all right. no guilt for those who own 12 cylinder cars i will show off a flashy, fill her up, at
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8:00 o'clock. >> is this a fur airy what a tease. >> impressive. >> all right. it is. >> dozens of protesters take to the streets in milwaukee this time and this is after the district attorney there decides not to file criminal charges against a white police office shore shot and killed a mentally challenge black man. demonstrators chanting name of dontray hamilton following that decision. he is the man fatally shot by officer christopher manny back in april. manny was doing a welfare check after calls about hamilton sleeping in the downtown park. he says that the two exchanged punches before hamilton grabbed his baton and hit him. manny fired back hitting hamilton 14 times. college football game goes from the miami beach bowl to the miami beach brawl. >> my goodness. >> memphis got the win, mom a
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beach bowl at brigham young university but the the celebration turned into a fight. look at that right on the field. it started with the take down of the byu quarterback during a second overtime. dozens of people from both sidelines started throwing punches as they reached middle of the field, in word if any of the players will be disciplined. >> look at that. >> of course we have to talk about this again, did you see the temple game last night. >> big upset right. >> owls pulled off one of the biggest wins in years. >> the owls rolled over number ten kansas, and they beat up on them. final score 77-52. this is at wells fargo center, will cummings scored 19 to lead owls, temple won four of their last five games. we need some good sports headlines in this town. >> we need some w's. we like to see that. 7:13. family of the window washer is looking for help after the worker fell 11 stories on to a car in san francisco.
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perez's family says he is, slowly recovering after the fall last movement his injuries included a shattered pelvis, ruptured artery and numerous other broken bones. osha is investigating but his daughter says he does in the remember how the fall happen. family is having trouble making end meet with perez out of work. >> it is not easy for me to stand here and ask for help and i wouldn't be doing it unless my dad and my family really needed it. >> perez is set to leave the hospital soon and will then of to go to rehabilitation center. family set up a go fund me page for donations. 7:14. i guess i should just start getting used to this rain because i have my umbrella which has been by my side. >> last year all this rain was snow. >> that was true. >> it is true, although there are plenty of people who watch our show who say i would rather have the snow at least on christmas eve but one thing we can promise, look, there is a fact full of presents right
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there on the roof, right by the chimney. waterproof sack. as long as you are good there is a good outcome here despite all of the rain. the at night on christmas eve it will be in the 50's. we will be in the 60's during the day but it will be rainy, windy, that will obviously not deter santa claus and the reindeer dear because that is my prediction of gifts hopefully for you as well. now we have the rain but it is widely scattered showers but you can see looking down towards the southwest that there is more to come but at least with these temperatures it is rain and only rain. visibility isn't great, one and a half miles in mount pocono, two and a half miles at philly international, 3 miles the atlantic city international airport. 48 degrees. pretty mild for december 23rd, 37 in mount pocono. we don't have any problems with any icing situation.
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fifty-two in atlantic city. nor'easterly winds at ten keeping us cloudy when it is not raining and we will see when the sun does come up. the next seven day, we will take a roller coaster ride. your credit is mass eve temperatures in the 60's and then by monday of next week we have actual snow flurries in the forecast. better later this never but a busy couple days with all that rain on wednesday, christmas eve, rain giving way to sunshine on christmas day but it will be windy, blustery on christmas day and then for friday when we start kwanzaa gorgeous weather day 54 degrees and keep it going for saturday and sunday as well, bob. >> good morning, everybody. rough go this morning head ing out the front door maybe last day of school for kids and some may have a half day, maybe we have the the whole week off getting ready for holidays, some folks heading out there, dealing with wet roads and fog. here's the 30 bypass leaving
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downingtown, thick as you work your way toward frazier. downtown no fog we are seeing wet roads and steady flow of headlights into philadelphia on that schuylkill expressway coming in the vine street expressway and then westbound same deal stacked up approaching boulevard out towards belmont avenue. we have word of a ladder on the pennsylvania turnpike. if the work crews show up and they are missing their ladder send them back to the turnpike it/the eastbound side right here near philly bensalem interchange. north on the 42 freeway coming toward philadelphia watch for delays because of a crash at lower landing road. an accident still working here south on the boulevard at harbison and south on i-95 heavy from the betsy ross bridge down through girard avenue in the construction zone. keep pictures coming, the holiday pictures we are looking for your holiday lights display. here's another pictures sent to us by cherry hill, washington, james schmidt from cherry hill, take a look at
7:18 am
this one. we have every color imaginable out there. he has the top of the roof all lit up here, candicans. cherry hill new jersey, lighting up, his electric meter is spinning like craze you there. if would you like to show your picture this morning, tweet the picture and use the hash tag fox 29 lights. the chris an alex, back over to you. >> speaking of christmas lights, many people love the sight of a beautiful home but one home has putting all of the neighbors to shame. >> take a look a this... >> ♪ this is john wills home in media also, this is sue's neighbor because she lives in media. >> would i notice if it was my neighbor. >> well this features a ten
7:19 am
minute musically timed show with 20,000 lights. he has a long history of creating over the top holiday theme through his company jmw entertainment group. >> would you not only notice that but would you notice it from space. >> yeah, really. >> what time does he stop the show. >> is there noise ordinance no later than what ten. >> probably. >> yes. >> you should take the familiar and go there and see this. >> we will find it and get there. >> for sure. >> sony face ago lot of backlash for pulling their movie the interview and now more than 200 movie theaters say they will show it the anyway, petition that is making round on line. later ismaaiyl brinsley the man who killed two uniform officer in cold blood made threatening posts on social media before the attack. is there anything police can do before something like this happens again. we will bring in our local analyst ken rottweiler to talk
7:20 am
about it. i'm sheldon yellin,
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yes, they clash on to their ipad. >> yes. >> so sony is feeling the heat now to release the interview. >> let's bring in fox business network studio reporter lauren simonnetithis has been the big story for more than a week and theaters say there is some money to be made here. >> i say release it, what do you guys think. >> do you want to see the interview. >> there is so much talk bit, i don't know. >> i don't want to see it for the hype but i want to see if it is good. >> reporter: it is probably in the good but reason everybody
7:24 am
wants to see it new because we're not stopping talking bit. latest news about this controversial film about the assassination of the kim jong unis the spoof that a group of theater owners, thinks an independent theater group, 250 screens represented, and they have a petition, that has been signed by hundreds of people already, saying to release movie, we guarantee you, we will show it, we stand in solidarity on behalf of artistic integrity and personal freedom to show this thing already. >> hello, who this. >> sony can show it. they have, not widespread means of distribution but they have play station network, they can show it there, right. there has got to be a way to get this out, if you will, and new this group, 250 screened, say we will show it, absolutely. >> what are sony's options, they have their play station, they can do it on. that what are their options. >> reporter: sony entertainment network, content
7:25 am
store and next year they have a video streaming service they plan on launching, you know, i think more of these smaller groups will come out in support of sony. >> yes, maybe they should do that because if they want to get excitement about their streaming service because there is others, if they hold it, everybody will see it and get streaming service just to watch the movie. >> reporter: some people say thinks a big pr move in the end by sony. i don't know about that. but this is the best pr that any movie could ever get. >> i will take them to task on that for just one minute. here we are talking about this movie more than any other. none of us have seen the movie. it could garbage. but is there so much talk bit. but you will see long lines when it comes out. >> reporter: exactly, just for all of the hype. so if sony does not release this in theater they say they could lose a hundred million-dollar and cash of the north korea hack attack, sign's tackies tense of millions of dollars.
7:26 am
>> i don't think aim's crying over sony losing hundred million-dollar. >> otherwise, they win it back in the end. >> good talking with us. >> is this just the end. >> i'm just wishing merry christmas because we're kind of inside three days here. >> we're in the merry christmas eve, eve. >> that is right. >> there you go. >> i hope have the spirit. we will get you in the spirit tomorrow good okay. >> follow her on twitter and cheer her up. >> yes. >> that was lauren on our sister network. if you are not sure where to find fox business network in your area log on to fox business channel finder. holidays will have people looking to help those in need but some organizations say that they need that christmas spirit all year round, how you can make sure that these people have a happy holiday. speaking of happy holidays, quincy is making sure santa get ready for his big day. what are you up to. >> well, santa, the extra
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prep, we are here at salon and spa, he needs a spa day as well, we want to talk to santa and get prepped all morning long, ready santa. >> santa is a happy pennsylvania man. >> coming back on no matter who you are, if you have type 2 diabetes, you know it can be a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine ... what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers.
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is there anything police can do to prevent another tragedy like this from happening. >> a lot of people may be get would go of these, and it could cost you their house. how tablets can hurt you and how to stay safe. and you know him from big movies, like inn glorious bastards and django unchained and now nominated for his film big eyes, christopher walls is on the show today. >> he is one of the best actors, when i saw inn glorious bastards i was so afraid of him. >> i was mesmerized. he cans transform into his character. he is opposite of bus stop buddy, cheerful and cute he is and very excited, for him because this is indeed the last day before winter break, 40's our temperatures out there but clouds and showers around as well.
7:31 am
kind of drippy, drab, dreary, on this day before christmas eve. a five out of ten. we have a milder temperatures but we have messy weather around. split is showing up on ultimate doppler radar and even if you get the break from the rain it is coming back. you can see it moving from the southwest as well. here in the philadelphia area we're in the little break and areas to the south across the river in gloucester county that will head our way, so it looks like visibility is getting worse at philly international. 48 degrees, and 50 is our high with clouds, and rain and areas of fog on and off throughout the day. so what you got now is what you will have have, for the rest of this tuesday. get used to it. we will tell you when the sun returns, it may be your christmas gift coming up, bob. good morning, everybody. on a tuesday, we are dealing with delays now 7:31. we will take a live look, and heading in to philadelphia, we are dealing with, fog and wet
7:32 am
roadways. take a lot at fog here in the background we would typically be able to see girard point double decker bridge. this is i-95 in the stadium area, link to my back here, to give you an idea. here's the 30 bypass socked in with fog leaving downingtown, heading in toward king have of prussia. here we go sue just showed us a live shot at the airport philly international. it says weather delays of one hour and 50 minutes, on arrivals and, of course that will turn in and departure delays as well. if you have a flight scheduled out of philadelphia you may want to check with the airline before we head down to the airport, chris and alex, back to you. >> man who shot two new york city police officers posted threats on social media, before the shooting that showed, hatred for police, on instagram ismaaiyl brinsley wrote quote i'm putting wings on pigs today, they take, one of ours, let's take two of their. >> his account has been suspended as police investigate this. this brings up an important
7:33 am
question can you you face criminal charges for what you write on social media. lets get to fox 29 legal analyst ken rottweiler. we tell people be careful what you put in social media but now it has a new meaning. >> if it is a true threat you can be arrested. there is a man in james, alanis here in federal prison in pennsylvania. he was arrested for making threats to his wife on facebook. they arrested him. sentenced to four years in jail. his case is now before the supreme court of the united states, on this issue of whether threats are actionable from the criminal standpoint he is from the red airing use. >> right. >> in this case chief justice john roberts say how is what anthony did on facebook any different from what rapper and eminem writes in his lyrics threatening specific people with death. >> right. they say it is then artistic expression but they are getting away from this. this will set a standard from what you can say on the
7:34 am
internet. fit is a true threat. if it is a true threat and person you threaten is reasonably threatened by that that is test that so far courts have applied in making decision whether you can be criminally prosecuted. what she's basically making an argument before the supreme court it noise the what the reese nal person would think it is whether i intended to be a threat. it is a ridiculous standard. subjective standoff. you have to get in the mine of the person who makes the threat this will be decided by supreme court and it will come down in like june. when it comes down it will set standard for everything that goes on the internet. >> it is a amazing, sometimes when you see things in social media tweeting about, facebook status, i mean to go through and you cannot tell, it is all about wording, and you are reading, how do you know fit is actually a true threat. and take it a step further, whether it is verbal or in writing by way of of being on line, how is the the law, protecting person who makes
7:35 am
the the threat at this point and reciprocal of that how do you prosecute words, where does the law fall on verbal. >> they will make a distinction here. i think they will say there is in distinction if you say verbally face to face or if you say it on the internet fit is a true threat and if reasonable person would believe they are threaten that will be criminally prosecuted. my question is, there was protesters and they were chanting what do we want bed cops what do we want it now. >> throughout the streets of new york city. >> is that protect streets or could those people shut down because those are threatening words. >> isn't the difference that is just a mass statement in general verse making a specific threat begins a specific person. >> that is very good. you should go to law school. >> very good, chris. >> i could get paid better. >> it does make a difference whether it is specific to a person or just generally to a group. but police could say by what they were saying by what that crowd were saying we were
7:36 am
threaten. now what happened is two police officers have been shot. there was in reason to be threaten. i think supreme court could make a ruling shut down speech such as that threatening speech. >> even with the suspect involve with the nypd officers that shooting fact that he posted stuff in social media and he said someone else, posted some things and they sent officers over to investigate to question him. when it comes to a judge signing off a warrant to go in someone's house is that enough to seeing something on instagram. >> as we go by first amendment was created, thomas jefferson and james madison never intended to protect speech where one person threatened another. that was not purpose of the first amendment. so now supreme court has taken a look at these cases. social media is a new animal, new way of communicating between people. supreme court will come down on the side of this is not protect speech if you threatened somebody whether it be in person or internet you will be criminally prosecuted.
7:37 am
>> interesting. >> we will talk later. >> merry christmas to both of you guys. >> merry christmas. >> happy holidays. foot pant triness our area grateful for everybody giving spirit this holiday. >> they say it is just in the enough. how you can help give more people a happy
7:38 am
7:39 am
i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ]
7:40 am
i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] that is right, a blue look over philadelphia international the airport, look at that, fog, rain. >> when elvis sang this song. >> there is delays also at the airport, what are the delays. >> one hour and 50 minutes. >> wow. >> basically two hours. >> 150 minutes between three and a half hours. >> at the airport. >> organizations throughout the country are working to provide toys and food for those in need for christmas. >> but local volunteers are reminding us that giving, must continue throughout the year to meet all of the demand. karen, so what is causing the the shortage. >> more people in need really guys. charities say governmental budget cuts combined with job loss and other economic factors are increasing their
7:41 am
demand. we visited montgomery county oic and the society and hundreds of families will have a happy christmas because of the toys and meals donated through their programs, this year but meeting goals is toughen with more volunteers and donations and the hardest part really is meeting those needs all year round. >> food that you see here right now is food that will get us through winter and into the spring. >> this isn't enough. >> well, it is not enough. >> if you can give, remember the society says they have about 600 private donors but serving 1500 families, today will be a big day for both charities. they are trying to get the those prearrange donations out to the registered families ahead of christmas. come to mize fox and click on the as seen ot v tab to find out how to contribute to the charities. >> obviously a great cause. >> hopefully inspiring people to give then. a story gaining national attention now but for some have of our viewers they are
7:42 am
starting to see this in our area do you notice any strange about this picture? what shoppers are so upset about. quincy is enjoying a spa day with a surprising guest, santa. >> i have santa with me, we are here, are you okay, getting your mustache trimmed. >> i always stop in here to have it done, these boys are good. >> man, south philadelphia santa coming back.
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
yes, here's another look at fantasy christmas, the christmas card, it looks like this but we will have the denning racials of course and they will be wonderful, hopefully with your family but christmas eve really rainy and possibility of some thunderstorms popping up. 62 degrees. fifty-five on christmas day, we will have the sun coming out in the afternoon but it will be a very blustery day and for friday which we will start first day of kwanzaa, 53 degrees and some sunshine.
7:46 am
so for today, the rain a a arrives, last night, still with us this morning, on and off, very drippy, really not any heavy rain, we're saving that for tomorrow, which will be a very difficult travel day for that reason but you can see in the central part of pennsylvania temperatures are low enough it is icy so we don't have that to deal with in our area, right now, and, visibility is not great. it gets worse every time we check philadelphia international. 1.7-mile. mile an a half in mount pocono and same in lancaster, so with all this rain and moisture in the air, even with some breezes, it is still foggy but temperatures are well above average, 48 degrees in philadelphia, 48 in dover, this is why it is rain and only rain that we are dealing work 12 miles an hour wind, it is not helping with the fog at all, and next seven days we will be taking a bit of the roller coaster ride, really plumetting, towards monday and we will check in, and, seven day forecast already ran
7:47 am
through, friday it looks like saturday and sunday will be okay. mix of clouds both days and then temperatures really plunge on monday, and flurry is possible, in the morning, we will see what happens with that but mild temperatures all the way through the weekend, bob. >> sue, good morning, we are dealing with wet roads and fog on this probably what is, last day of school for the kids. you can see them crossing the street here maybe half a day here. live look at the blue route, 476 in the the area of saint david villanova roads are wet. we have been dealing with fog all morning long, thick fog out in the burbs, here's a live look at schuylkill expressway right here near south street and here's a live look at i-95, right here near philly international airport. poor visibility giving airline pilots tough run for their money. delays of 150 minutes on arrival and, departures. that is a rough go especially since today is one of the busiest travel days given the way that the holiday is set up
7:48 am
with christmas being on thursday, tomorrow christmas eve, folks moving out of town early. speedometer readings slow on south i-95 from the betsy in through girard. schuylkill running slow westbound up the hill in towards conshohocken. the accident southbound route 130 right before you get to what is the airport circle. coming in from new jersey north on the 42 freeway watch for two earlier accidents causing a a back autopsy approaching route 55. we have been getting pictures of the front of the house, getting pictures of the christmas tree, how about pictures of the shopping malls. they have been decorated for the holidays. can you pick out what is wrong. >> seasons greetings. >> they have the sign backwards. >> wow. >> look at that, greetings seasons. >> it is the winter season. >> how about convertible jennifer. >> stick to furniture, folks, thanks for sending us a
7:49 am
picture. if you like to, put your picture on tv tweet the pick and use hash tag fox 29 lights. >> this is no jammo but this is good. we have isgrow pastries. >> um-hmm, we're in trouble. >> hi doctor mike. >> step away from the canolis. >> yes. >> step away. >> doctor mike, can we have one of these. >> i'm italian, this is in the the time to avoid canolis. >> thank you for guilt trip yet again. >> you cannot have any doctor mike. >> will you take this. >> yes,. >> we hope santa has a big day ahead of them so we decided to see how he prepares. what is the prechristmas routine. q, you say he is getting his hair done. >> i'm in moorestown. it is a spa, salon but real experience. i have owner frank rosery here. what do you have here, this is like this is massive.
7:50 am
>> we have a complete salon, haircut, color. we have a blow dry bar. blow-dry bar and massage and facials are affordable luxury are. blow-dry $30 accounts facial and a massage 55. we love people to try us out. then we have a full salon and barber shop. >> so santa is getting a trim, in the barber shop. >> does he come in here often. >> he does, he gets busy. he cannot handal lot of things because he is traveling so he is coming over, getting groomed because it will be pretty tough. >> sanity, how is everything going. >> everything is good i'm here for my yearly stop get cleaned up before the big night. got to look good. >> sand, do we take beard down because you you are on the sleigh. >> i don't need it blowing up in my face. >> now frank is what going on right here. >> right now tj is trimming up santa's beard getting it nice
7:51 am
and groomed and laying back and so he is really comfortable. >> i see your hair, can i touch it. >> yes. >> will we take some off the top, taking a couple inches off. >> sure, why not, anything that works pennsylvania makes me more sleek and i can move around faster. >> is it difficult to cut santa's hair. >> no, not at all. he kept getting cook is in his beard. >> has tj been naughty or nice. >> if this comes outlooking get gets bumped up. >> how many places you have to go because you have a long day tomorrow. >> i have a very long night. i don't count them anymore i have so many gifts, this is why i get in and out, good to go and happy with these guys every year. >> gotcha. >> now frank we will will do something for santa next hour, what will we do. >> we will do a shoulder and neck massage. give him a little bit, limber
7:52 am
because santa will be on that sleigh and get cramped up. we have to keep him feeling good. >> i'm a little stressed out. >> we will take care of you. >> maybe give you a shoulder neck massage, reflection massage keep it healthy so santa, next hour we will have you, get some massages, are you okay with that. >> ho, ho, ho. >> okay with that. >> next hour. >> santa is enjoying it. >> this is great. >> merry christmas. >> santa will be looking good when he he goes down the chimney. >> yes, he is. >> thanks, quincy. >> i know chris you have been getting sick. >> yes, i have a cold. >> our doctor mike will tell us simple things you can do right new to keep those germs away. >> where was doctor mike two days ago. >> he is here now. >> you know him from the movie inn glorious bastards and django unchained and now
7:53 am
nominated for his best act or called big eyes. christopher walls on our show coming up.
7:54 am
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7:56 am
music video for dave matthews song every day, hugging everybody he sees. it turns out hugging might actually help stay healthier this winter. we will have much more on that in just a second but first. >> you know, curling up in bed with your tablet or ebook might sound like a great idea at the end of the long day but it can keep from you getting a good nights sleep. >> this has to be the light, right? doctor mike is here to plane medically. how are you sir. >> i'm fine. >> good. >> this is wild. this is one of those stories
7:57 am
that grabbed my attention. everyone, nine out of ten of us read some tablet before we go to bed. >> true. >> researchers did a study, they looked at people, they had them read a kindle, ipad anything that emit that had blue light because that is much different light then natural light. they compared the people reading a regular old fashion book and they found that the people that were exposed to that blue light before they went to bed had less rem street, harder to fall asleep and they were more tired the next morning and have long term effects. >> so stop for just a minute, if you are holding tablet it is coming from the device in your eyes verse light behind you while reading a traditional book. >> ambient light or natural light is much different light then blue light emitted from electronic devices. so was we think is that it effects melatonin, harmone in
7:58 am
the brain. lightings into the eyes, brain, and effects things like melatonin and these other types of hormones and effects your czar cade yan rhythms and will mess you up. >> i need a good night sleep because i'm get sick what can we do to help chris out because he is feeling down. >> how about a hug. >> really. >> yes. >> i love you chris. >> you are the man. >> how does that work. >> i'm a firm believe that hugging is something that we don't do enough. we don't touch each other anymore and i don't mean in an in a inappropriate way. >> a group hug. >> yes. >> i love you. >> yes. >> you know what i made a mistake i kissed you. >> kissing transmits germs you gave me that cold two weeks ago. >> hey, ken is enjoying this too much. >> he and karen are having a good time.
7:59 am
>> look at bob and sue. >> we're leaving room for the holy guess. >> yes. >> dance party. >> now, how does hugging help. >> by reducing the stress and chemicals allow your body to fight off infections. >> what is that. >> they are stress hormones. and what they did in this study was they purposely infected people with a cold flu like a virus, and then they -- >> you're getting sick now i'm sick. >> i'm all choke up when i'm next to you. but basically what happens is people that were infect with the the virus actually that were hugged the most, did not get sick by one-third. it has to do with stress reductions. >> what you are saying is all you need is love. >> beatles. great song. >> what the world now is more
8:00 am
hugs. >> that is true. >> what the world needs now. >> i love you man. >> love you. >> thanks for coming in doctor mike. >> we will hug more this year. >> all right. it is tuesday, december 23rd, my dad's birth the day, 2014. there it is, rain has arrived and it looks like it is a visitor for christmas eve. will it soak santa? we will let you know in the forecast. karen? >> reporter: it is sue steve and i'm not soak because i'm inside a nice maserati, gas under two bucks a gallon in 23 states, giving scrooge-like penny pinchers like me extra cash this christmas to maybe splurge on a special self gift, new selfie, thanks santa, hey look, windshield wipers even spray the
8:01 am
headlights. >> fancy pants, he is so fancy, thank you steve. how about this blashy controversy. one of the viewers send us a jolting tweet, skin color not the only difference between these two dolls, the disturbing difference grabbing the attention of so many. >> eyes are the windows to the soul. >> that is why i'm seeing that it way. >> why are you lying. >> family people don't lie. >> academy award winner christopher walls is on good day and now he is nominated for a golden globe for his role here in big eyes. why he says that this is the movie to see this christmas. anything he is in i like and you know it will be good. >> i called him christopher waltz about five minutes it is christoph. >> good morning. >> good morning.
8:02 am
>> how are you. >> is there a canoli here. >> is it purple day to day. >> apparently so. >> i'm color blind. >> you put it together pretty well, then. lets put the forecast together for you and give you five out of ten. temperatures are milder. that is a good thing. we will have showers on and off and drizzle and fog around all day long but look who is so happy because tomorrow starts the the winter break and he is ready for his last day of school before that happens. forty's your temperature waiting for the bus but boy is it damp out there. we have got on and off rain, throughout the area, and more on the way throughout the southwest. no matter where you are here in the metro area you will give that umbrella. and, we have 49 degrees. and, mild visibility. that is from our camera's vantage point. we will see what that is doing to flights for bob kill any just a second. high will only make it to 50,
8:03 am
not much higher then right now, clouds, showers, fog, you name it, we've got it: everything except snow bob kelly. >> i will take rain over snow over next couple of days. here's a live look at i-95, right at philly ain't national airport. you can see the fog, and of course that is impacting the flight at philly international, averaging one hour a and 50 minute delay on arrivals and departures. that will set the tony think for the rest of the day here. do check with the airline before you head down to the airport this morning. otherwise our roadways are in jammo mode on a tuesday, southbound i-95 heavy from the betsy ross bridge into girard, westbound on the schuylkill stack up from the boulevard up the hill in towards conshohocken, wipers in that interest tonight tenth stage as you are kicking up the spray from the cars and trucks and marlton pike, right before you get to the airport circle. and then north on the 42
8:04 am
freeway, extra slow as you work your way towards lower landing road from an earlier accident. mass transit looking good with no delays. chris and alex back to you. >> we did that hug store which doctor mike a minute ago. my wife texted me and said watching hug story and erin my daughter gave me a spontaneously a big hug. >> kids are the best. >> hopefully it inspired a lot of people for a hug. >> millions of people are getting ready to hit the road to hug loved ones. triple a is saying today will be busiest travel day of the year and steve is traveling in style. >> reporter: alex, i thought when chris would talk about his wife e-mailing him she would say stop holding up missle will toe over karen's head in every commercial break. i thought somebody gave her the goods i thought somebody ratted you out to your wife. with you we have got a christmas gift here. look at this place, it is like black friday at a gas station here. low gas prices making this christmas a record breaker for
8:05 am
travel and spending last carbon gas means more miles and vehicles then ever driving those miles. more savings from gas below two bucks a gallon now in new jersey and 23 other states means in other money for christmas shopping. with triple a saying this will be the busiest travel day of the year likely, combined with one of the busiest last minute shopping days and the wet foggy weather, bob and sue have been warning everybody about all morning driving may be a bit tough if you don't have a flying sleigh and red nosed reindeer or like me a nice new maserati grand tourismo. >> i can't believe it every time you see the price you have to do a double take and think that cannot be ride and you have to say that is really right. >> steve this is a blessing, what a christmas miracle this is for everybody. people an go shopping, you can do things, they have got more money in their pocket. it is great for the economy. i hope it keeps going. >> it is low. gets me to work nice and
8:06 am
cheap. >> reporter: eye extra money on some nice goods from wawa. >> every day. >> best thing. >> i hope it keeps it up. is there a savings, big savings. >> reporter: our thanks to our friend right across the street on route 37 at kerbeck and joe mcgreat among the local retailers getting ready for day after christmas sales on friday and this weekend. so if you get a real high limit gift card from kerbeck from sanity awe can stan out in bob kelly's foggy traffic cameras like i'm about to, thanks to the kerbeck. so have have a nice christmas. this is my last live shot of 2014. and bob kelly, moorestown, for today, see you later. >> off he goes. >> what do those cost. >> if you have to ask you cannot afford it. >> so true. >> only steve. >> riding off in style. >> bye, steve.
8:07 am
>> 8:06. new york city mayor bill deblasio is asking protest leaders to hold off demonstration as begins police until after the funerals so two officers killed in the ambush attack over the weekend. >> he is appealing for piece out of respect for their families. officers rafael ramos and wenjian liu were shot and killed bias mail brinsley in retaliation for deaths of, eric garner a and michael brown. officer liu's widow speaking publicly for the first time thanked the community for their support. >> the liu family would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for the police department, our neighbor and the entire new york city community, friend and co-workers. for the the help that they have provided. >> i just can't imagine what she's going through. she and officer liu have been married only two months by the time this happened.
8:08 am
officer liu's family, once family members arrived from u.s. in china funeral for officer ramos will be held at day at a church in queens. 8:08. north korean web sites are back on line after a massive shut down yesterday. >> although only a minority have access to the internet in north cover reat outage has been significant in that it lasted nine and a half hours. outage came just a day after president obama said he would exploring options for how to respond to north korea for sony hack but white house and state department, and, u.s., and north korea continues to deny responsibility for targeting, sony. at this point there is a lot of rhetoric and questions remain. >> for sure. >> college football game goes from the miami beach bowl to the miami beach brawl. memphis got the win at inaugural miami beach brawl verse brigham young university but it turned into a fight right on the field. it all started with the take down of the byu quarterback
8:09 am
during a second overtime, thousands office people from both sidelines, throwing punches as they reached middle of the field. look at that no word if any of the players will be difficulties blind. music world is mourning loss of the true rock legend, joe cocker. >> listen to this. >> ♪ >> cooker died after a lengthy battle with lung cancer. he performed at original wood stock in 1969 and leaves behind an eclectic body of work including an icon being cover of the beatles a little help with my friend, he won a grammy and, oscar and cocker was 07 years old. i'm in the sure what the oscar was for but maybe nine and a half weeks. o, that is right. can we bring your sue up. >> i don't left. >> up where we belong.
8:10 am
>> i'll look it up. >> one thing for sure his music will live on. >> okay. russell crowe calling out women of hollywood, coming up why oscar winner is telling them to just act their age. but first, so you bought all your gifts but did you forget about the stocking stuffers. we have you covered. hot items you can buy locally and last minute coming up next.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! we will check the next couple days in various cities. you heard steve keeley and bob kelly talking about a busy travel day. heading to los angeles temps in the 07's today. lower 07's tomorrow and for christmas day, cooling down to the 60's. oh, boohoo. for dallas we have temperatures in the 50's. rain today but should be brighter for christmas eve and christmas day. headed to think, well, of course, it is colder there, christmas eve, mix of rain and snow, 39 degrees. thirty-eight with sunshine on christmas day. in atlanta, georgia we've got some rain today and some tomorrow, possible thunderstorms for christmas eve just like here but sun
8:14 am
comes out christmas day with a high of 50. it cools off in atlanta holiday weather in new york city not too much different. 52 degrees today. fifty-six, rain for christmas eve but eventually sunshine on christmas day. that is some places you may than traveling this morning. lets check forecast for right here. 62 degrees for christmas eve, christmas day, 55, after the sunshine comes out and then for friday it looks nice actual which sunshine and a high of 53. that takes care of your holiday forecast, from the weather authority, taking care of the roads for us, here's bob kelly. >> the weather has impacted the community this morning. the here's a live look what it looks like on i9 five we have rain drops on your windshield, roads are wet kick ago this spray off, wipers getting a work out on this tuesday morning. i'll get delays at the airport in just a moment but lets go to the accident here live look at i495, northbound north of
8:15 am
wilmington approaching the split for i-95. we are down to that one lane only left lane getting through and is there the scene of the accident. leaving wilmington and heading northbound this morning you will want to stay with i-95 and that will avoid delay out of wilmington. the accident on the lincoln drive at gypsy lane do you see yellow cars there. that is a slow go on the schuylkill westbound from the boulevard out to belmont and thenar delays at philly international averaging one hour and 50 minutes on arrivals and departures and that will set tone for rest of the day. do check with your airline before you head down there there is your travel time 19 minutes in bound on the schuylkill and half an hour southbound i-95 between woodhaven and center city philadelphia chris and alex, back to you. we are just getting by to i can't get over this shot, i look so short, compared to you, appreciate that. >> dodo you ever date a guy shorter then you.
8:16 am
>> i have not. >> how tall good 5 feet two with shoes on. >> so is my mommy could not ignore that. >> if you still need a last minute stocking stuff, we have some great ideas for you. >> joining up is lifestyle expert amanda hill. hi, amanda. >> right away you have me glued. >> yes. >> well, are you done your christmas shopping. >> it is the 23rd, we have two days left here. >> are you finish. >> i'm not done i'm not done either. >> i know you meade me. i'm here to give you a few items to get locally and fast. >> first thing. >> starting off with the glow jacket. we pick it up at willow grove mall. great down jacket. might in the look like a stocking stuff but it fits in here this huge jacket that we have here can fit, once you stuff it in this bag. >> right in this parch. >> women who have coats and go inside you are like i will not
8:17 am
lug this around. >> yes. >> it is light weight wait. >> that is just your size. >> that is funny. >> and it comes, in a bunch of different colors. >> are you sure that is not child's side. >> i tried it on. >> what is next. we went to century 21. the dapper guy in your life, so we have this great tie this great bow tie, cuff links. >> all around there. >> bow tie makes a statement. you have to make sure recipient is in to the bow tie. >> if i give it the to you you should at least try it or something. bow ties are in right now. >> you have to be confident to wear the bow tie. >> are these cuff links. >> yes. >> they are a little holiday theme because they are red and black. >> perfect. >> nice. >> now chris you are the man here so tell me, are you guys over cuff links. >> no, very sharp, always. >> good to know.
8:18 am
>> and then for ladies you cannot go wrong with the scarves and these are inexpensive, found at century 21. they are a great gift for woman. plus body butter. >> what is body butter. >> in the wintertime you need something more serious to put that on. >> right. >> i like these because they are holiday flavored. >> yes. >> when do i stocking stuffers i like things all theme, best way to go. >> yes. >> this caught my eye just the name of it. >> it is raining men from lush. lush is great because everything there is hand made. great gift for woman in your life, girl friend, girl friend's mom, parents, whoever. >> chris was liking it. >> yes. >> nail polish, face and body scrubs, can't go wrong with that good we have beauty stuff. >> guy stuff down. >> next up restaurant easy to get a gift card last minute. >> anything to one of steven star's restaurant. >> thirty-three.
8:19 am
>> yes. >> that is the best. when someone gives you a gift card to one restaurant. i don't like place. >> parents get me these every year i use them within a movement you can get them at any star restaurant in the city. and then this cookbook you can pick it up in more mote owe. >> muscles and fries at park, steven star. >> magnets are always good. there is a million things here. >> this is all from the papery on locust street with a awesome gifts in there. >> i like this. >> it says anyone can be cool but awesome takes time. >> yes. >> candles, luggage tags all stocking stuffers. >> these are in stores in philadelphia where can we get magnets and things, these are all from the papery in locust. shea trap is interesting good for college student in your life. >> i love that. >> shake shack. >> and shake shack ornament. if you spend $25 in shake shack gift card you get that
8:20 am
cute ornament to go witt. >> we will, thank you so much. >> merry christmas. >> thanks for having me. >> so when it comes to gifts we have talk with stocking stuffers what do you prefer, store bought or hand made? you may want to close out that pinterest page because overwhelming statistics that we will give new a bit. >> but first hang up those aprons set to be a record year for restaurant and on christmas day why some families would rather be waited on then to cook themselves.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> here's what you need to know about. is there a brewing system, well, is there a burn hazard according to the consumer product safety commission. if you this have product. >> yes. >> they can get you a least pair kit. visit my fox to see if the exact product and cereals numbers. i was in so much trouble saying think don't know why. >> kuirig. >> yes. >> okay, i'll let you say it. >> it is difficult for me. >> we will move on.
8:24 am
>> all right. >> thousands of families will be skipping holiday feasts and they are heading to the restaurant. >> this is such a good idea, right? holidays are so stressful, it is nice to step back sit down and relax. two major booking companies are report ago this restaurant reservations, are up, many eateries say, that they were booked several months in advance. book a table is reporting reservations are up by more than 150 percent in britain, since 2011. so sign one of the economy improving. so many people have been scraping together the means to offer gifts to loved once but now they will also go out. do i scrape together fund for gifts, yeah. >> we have gone to the move business we typically don't go out to eat good do you cook. >> i love to cook good do you cook christmas meal. >> he is not answering any questions. >> i think i will now, thanks for putting me on the the spot. >> my mother, my parents are in town, i have to say all right, mom, if you want we can
8:25 am
go out to eat. she says no, i want to cook. so she wants to cook. >> if you are entertaining and you have family in town it is night to have everyone around the kitchen, glass of wine, cook, catch up. >> tonight i'm taking them out. >> where are you going. >> i don't want to tell them, it is a surprise. i will tell you later. i am taking them out to dinner tonight. >> are they on twitter. >> yes. no, they are not. >> you can tweet it. >> that is true they wouldn't know. >> live vicariously through someone that doesn't have any children. >> really. >> we're going to mcdonald's, it is fine. >> if you want to grab a bite to eat out locally on christmas day we know a few place their opened. >> lets take a lot at list. here is a few we the spotted opened up on christmas day. they have holiday menus. bistro and lounge, bank and bourbon i like the second part of that chart house, and paramour. some include meals with several course that he is can
8:26 am
cost but $50 a person in some places so make sure you plan for that but check around your neighborhood. these are a few restaurants opened up on christmas day. >> always good to know trying to find a place is it opened, not, drive up and it is closed. if you wanted to break the internet kim kardashian attempt did not even make top five list of the the best viral moments of the year. look at. that coming up what we looked at the most on line this year and apparently it is not this. >> this little girl shared something special we first introduced to you her yesterday on the fox 29 morning news. wait until you see he how she spent her
8:27 am
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8:29 am
it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. here we are with bus stop buddy. temperatures are in the 40's.
8:30 am
clouds and showers are around. the not only right now but really all day. we're still giving you a a five out of ten. it would have been a lower number but we have milder temperatures. it could be worse. we've got a break down in delaware but more rain is on the way. even if you don't have rain at the the moment, there are plenty of clouds around and damp and fog. so here comes another area of rain in the city out of delco and visibility ain't great at philly international. that is actually a a picture of airport. 49 degrees, 2 miles visibility. 50 degrees during the day, 48 at night, so not much different from where we are right now. temperatures remaining almost steady, more rain and fog overnight, when will it go away by christmas day. we will let you know in just a few minutes, bob. 8:30 on this tuesday, jams in all of our traffic cams, a combination of the weather, rush hour, we have that spray coming up off the cars and
8:31 am
trucks in front. 422 eastbound heavy from royersford through collegeville in toward that king of prussia interchange, wipers are on, headlights are on. here's what it looks like on the roadway down near philly international airport, i-95, we have poor visibility, rain on your windshield there. this is northbound lanes of 495, right before you get to the 95 split there where i-95 and 495 come back together. this is on the northbound side. there is only that one lane opened. so if you are leaving wilmington heading north up toward the airport area, stick with i-95 out of the gate this morning. if you are heading to the airport pack your patients, one hour and 50 minute delays on average and arrivals and departures and that will set the tone. you don't recover from two hour delays. so factor in extra time heading down to the airport to maybe fly out or drop someone off. east on the schuylkill about
8:32 am
20 minutes not bad at the moment. south on i-95 and 30 minutes from wood have men to downtown. we have been looking at your christmas pictures all week long. your decorations, your holiday lights this one sent to us from a actually robert sent this to me on twitter. thinks the the time line. trees decorated with the presents, but then cat got loose and then what happened. here's final product out here. the cat pulled all of the lights off of the tree while they were sleeping on the overnight. >> hopefully cat is okay. >> i hope cat is okay and they have a good sense of humor bit. but send us your holiday lights, use the hash tag fox 29 lights. chris and alex, back over to you. >> bob mentioned the delay, one hour and 50 minutes at philly international. that same weather is delaying our getting with chrisoph waltz, so if we can get him from germany, we will. >> but right now weather, it
8:33 am
is getting in way. >> okay. let's talk about this. a special little girl decides to celebrate her birthday in an incredibly hum blink way. she comes face-to-face with homelessness and it breaks her heart. >> this strong willed seven year-old decides to make a difference by giving back to her community. chris o'connell has this heart warming story. >> reporter: spend a few in minutes with seven year-old mia montgomery and you'll realize that she's a special kid. >> come back. >> reporter: after all, how many little girls would invite 300 of camden's homeless to a holiday dinner. the idea came on a recent trip to new york city. i thought they are laying outgrow floor. i got sad there was a lot of homeless people she saw on the curb and street and it affect her in the way she could not comprehend were people were living that way. >> reporter: what did this pint size dynamo do.
8:34 am
>> i asked her what did she want to do for her birthday? she said i want to feed the people. >> reporter: no princess party for this girl, no, mi. enlisted help of her family and started raising money. they shopped for food and got help of the camden life assembly ministries who opened up its doors to people like lance white. >> i have been sleeping in the streets for 13 months. >> reporter: white, a dad himself, said the gesture impacted him in a big way. >> gave me a better outlook on my situation because i was ready to do some crazy things and i will not do these things. >> reporter: guests not only got a meal but donated clothes, shoes and a special treatment to go. inn seed sandwich, water, snacks, gloves and handwritten note from mia herself. >> some people think that dod doesn't really care for them but they do. i decorated these when i was three. >> reporter: this little girl it certainly didn't seem like
8:35 am
a big deal but for those on the receiving even it was everything. >> i appreciate it. >> something happened inside of her that is different from many of us, and that the lord just showed her something and she responded to it. >> reporter: it is not first time she has done this but her fifth on birthday mia started a toy drive for local kids. what did she think of her good deeds, i think it will be a very happy christmas and i think i will be on the good list of santa. >> reporter: in camden, chris o'connell fox 29 news. >> what a special, special little girl. >> i have a seven year-old. you just don't know what they will turnout light. that is such a special kid. you cannot teach that to little kids. that is something they are born with. special kid. >> beautiful to see. >> yes. >> they are arguablably one of the most famous families in the world but that doesn't mean they have ups and downs.
8:36 am
coming up an lean a jolie's surprising comments about marriage and children. >> as a parent nothing surprises me. >> but first barbie controversy skin color is not only difference between these two dolls disturbing difference grabbing our attention. no matter who you are,
8:37 am
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8:40 am
>> whatever. >> so, did you hear about this, one of the hottest toys this holiday season is caught up in a pricing controversy. >> so, some of the country's biggest retailers are selling barbies for different prices depending on the color of their skin. >> i cannot believe this. >> karen, what is going on here. >> it is hard to explain but let me show you what is happening. big question is why is there an african-american doll cost more than a white version of the exact same thing. that is what customers want to know. they tweeted us. they event is us a picture. take a look, what it shows is white barbie on sale at target for $11.99 african-american vision for a dollar more. what gives? we have looked into it. it is happening at different stores all around our country. there is a dad in ohio. he also spotted the price difference on target's web site. african-american barbie was priced for more than twice the amount of the white doll. >> what? >> he called customer service and they agreed to sell him doll at lower price.
8:41 am
target blames a glitch in the system and said both should have been the same price. barbies at toys-r-us are the also being sold at different prices this african-american barbie skating doll was on sale for $10.99, less than $4 price of the white barbie. toys-r-us says they will correct it so that both dolls will cost same. in one is accusing the stores of deliberately pricing the dolls this way but this is not the kind of mistake you want to make. you want everything to be equal, right? >> yes, that is it. >> it is shock to go me. >> would yo4 think in this day and age, my goodness. >> this is really big too because growing up for my parents, they wanted me to understand that all shades and all colors are beautiful so whenever it came to christmas and dolls i wanted they make sure to find an african-american doll so i saw someone that looked at me. but to see the price, one was $20 more for an african-american doll this upsets me. >> no the to mention disney with their princesses, they finally had an
8:42 am
african-american princess after decades. >> princess tiano. >> now that they have been called out, they will be put on the spot and say you cannot do stuff like this. >> okay, thanks karen for looking into it. so a couple days from christmas. santa has so much work, right? so he needs pampering before his huge night, quincy. you are doing pampering now. >> nice hat. >> well, thank you, this is santa's hat, he business to get a massage. what will do you for him. >> massage his neck and shoulders and back to relax him a little bit. >> santa is getting ready, we're prepping here, we will be back in a second. grandma is so happy to be here for your very first christmas.
8:43 am
i hear you're quite the expert at waking people up in the morning. let me show you how grandma does it. ♪
8:44 am
you're daddy made this when he was a little boy. ♪ this is your dad in my house, where he had his first christmas. thanks for making the coffee. well look who's up. i'm really glad you're here, mom. me too. ♪ look who's here!
8:45 am
maybe i can squint and pretend it is snow instead of rain. >> is there a snow flake there. >> thank goodness there is not polar vortex gripping us. >> that is true.
8:46 am
>> before we get back to sanity, you know he is resting about to get a massage, i have my own thing i would like to do. i have learned a couple things from santa here. i will put on my santa hat. do you like the crown there. >> very nice. >> i have some things. bob, do you want to come over here. >> yes. >> i will will play santa a little bit. >> now sue, i gave her, her gifts from the commercial breaks. >> these are fun gift, they are all made in good fun, but merry christmas. >> thank you so much. >> it is like a race new to see who will finish first. >> this is great. >> so am i first here. >> you have been talking about this. it is a elf's four major food groups, candy, candy corn, and and and, hopefully thinks big
8:47 am
enough. and i am clark gris world. and this is just perfect. >> right now. >> we will do better. >> that is cute. >> happy holidays. >> we will all drink coffee a tea here in the morning. >> i know you can't see it, but also gave sue a little gift as well. >> merry christmas. >> cute. >> alex got us cool stuffy don't know about you. >> he is with the real santa. >> and, this is just the the spot area where we relax. >> thinks we relax and come from the locker room get change, you come here, you have a nice cup of tea or coffee and chill out before or after your service. >> what kind of services do
8:48 am
you guys, do. >> facials and massages. deep tissue, massage, and a deep cleansing, conditioning facial. >> there is five treatment rooms. i think santa is getting ready. >> santa a, i'm whispering people are asking, why are you whispering. >> when you are in the spa. >> you have to talk lower. >> absolutely. >> the vibe is a little different. >> we have joe he will. >> yes. >> now joel, you have been here 16 years. >> with sanity a will relax him and work the back of his neck and his shoulders a little bit and give him a nice massage so he is ready for his day. >> i'm uncomfortable because santa is top less right now. >> we don't want to show full frontal santa. >> that within weird. >> might scare the kids.
8:49 am
>> okay. >> healed for mimi. >> you look scared. >> you have to relax. >> this is about relaxing. >> the man, just listen to amanda. >> yes. >> ho, ho, ho. >> so santa and i are relaxing. next hour, guys, we will do some foot massages. >> absolutely foot reflexology. >> yes, that is next hour with santa. >> how are you doing over there. >> a hh. >> sideways in a weird way. >> it is not going sideways, weird. >> this is going really good. >> it is not weird. we're relaxing. >> whatever santa needs. >> is this a couples massage.
8:50 am
>> he doesn't know what to say >> santa's elf, whatever he needs to make his big trip, we will do it. >> big trip tomorrow. >> ho, ho, ho. >> all right. so, you know, my first philly christmas another i'm very excited about that. >> welcome. >> not a white christmas but we will take a wet one. we had to do it right. i have been listening about great traditionness this area. i will show you my journey to linvilla orchard and how you to pick the perfect tree and out of 40,000 that they have there. >> tell me you brought back pie. >> is that what you are looking for.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! looking forward to the big day, this is the big day before the big day is the big day, and what would this kay be without a cute little nut
8:54 am
cracker. stockings are hung by the chimney with care but santa will have a few challenges because of of the rain and the wind. our daytime high on christmas eve will be 62 degrees, rainy, and windy all day and all night. definitely rodolph leading the team there. you know what it is last night of hanukkah tonight and we will have rain, and not so much wind but on and off showers tonight, temperatures in the 40's, this evening. sunset at 4:40 p.m. but it will be on the mild side. there is the radar, and the scattered showers around this morning. we may get a break in the action for a while but there is more to come. make sure you have umbrella nearby today, tomorrow and early in the morning say if you are going to early services christmas day you you will need rain gear but most of that rain should be out by eight or 9:00 and windy and blustery rest of the day, friday, saturday, sunday dry weather and then getting cold by monday.
8:55 am
is there your seven day forecast here's bob kelly. >> 8:54. live look, 422, tough to see through the if you go here, still thick at times out in the suburbs portions of 422, 202, by the 30 bypass. this is 422 eastbound in toward the king of prussia interchange. here's i-95 right here near philly international airport where that lose ceiling is causing delays. i'll tell but that in a second. 495 northbound where we had an earlier accident right mr. you get to that i-95 split. airport running with delays of about one hour and 50 minutes on average that will set the tone for rest of the morning rush hour. eastbound schuylkill just under 20 minutes and just under 30 minutes south on i-95 out of the north east. alex and chris back over to you. when it comes to gift the do you prefer store bought or hand made. close out that pinterest page because we will show you the overwhelming statistics on this one next.
8:56 am
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a little pearl jam to get your morning started. and, today is... >> eddie vetter's 50th birthday the pearl jam, very close connection to philadelphia, because they were the last band to ever play at the spectrum. they shut it down, the last night, was back in 2009, it was halloween night, and they came out in divo and just rock the place and shut it down. so many fond memories of the spectrum. >> taking us back there. >> good morning. >> hi karen. >> i used to live outside devon and cool prank back in
9:00 am
the day to get rid of the n in devon and make it devo. >> it is tuesday, december 23rd, 2014. now, they are arguablably one of the most famous families in the world but that does not mean they don't have ups and downs. angelina a jolie's surprising comments about marriage and children. >> plus she wanted to break internet but kim kardashian's attempt did not make top five list of the the best viral moments of the year. >> what? >> exactly. >> what we looked at the most on line this year. >> chris's top five. >> quincy? >> we're here in moorestown new jersey, amazing place. we have seal use, helping out. how are you doing. >> fine, are you doug. >> are you helping him out. >> yes, i am sanity, how are you doing. you got your massage, haircut, are you you owe kay. >> i think santa is ready to get these feet out of these boots and fix up


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