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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  December 24, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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at least in a few theatres. where you can watch it, and in our area. >> quincy here to cheer us up, oh, boy. he of course at termini's brothers such a great tradition, quince. >> i yes, everyone comes here and gets their canoli's, i have the hard job to stay here, now, usually, the line is wrapped around the corner, outside, but because of the weather, they let everyone inside, so people are in the kitchen, it is jam packed in here, and i may bring some con old an i's back for you guys. >> we got, look at the crowd, we got canoli's yesterday. we'll get termini's brother today. this is the best! right? >> it isment bob kelly brought us jelly donuts this morning, cream donuts from the holmesburg bakery. >> that butter cake might be the best think i ever put in my mouth. >> really? >> brought everybody butter cake. >> i never had abut err cake being okay, i'll get it, i've heard so much about it. >> i didn't until about an hour ago, changed my life.
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>> welshing i need to get that a zap. what a mess. >> i'm chang the song to then one soggy christmas eve. because that's, actually, foggy, too, so we can use soggy and foggy today. a keeping track of saint, a latest position, over new zealand, and he's already delivered over 275,000 kids. >> tracking all of it thinning movement four out of ten, yuck, just icky out there. it would be a lower number except that it is mild, so there you are, with bus stop buddy, soggy and foggy, got all of the rain gear, that's what you need to have with you as you run out for the last minter and, last minute gifts, and maybe even visiting family today. >> we have heavy rain of our own moving into south jersey,
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and into dover, delaware, coastal flood advisory continues throughout the morning at times of high tide. current temperature, 5 miles visible, sunrise soon at 7:20, don't expect to see any sunshine, for today high temperature of 26 degrees, not only is the rain moving in, but so are the milder temperatures. but it will be rainy and windy, especially later on in the day. so, this is going to be a messy day, but bob, i'm promising you some improvement for christmas day. >> that's good. 7:02, good morning, everybody, this christmas eve, i think better shot at making better too time hopping aboard santa slay than coming through center city. vine st. expressway all westbound lanes are closed. >> the vine, east on the schuylkill expressway, they're in the process of uprighting the truck now. this is actual looking at the scene, you got the firefighters blocking all of the lanes, big tow trucks, in
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there, and the red brake lights are not for the holidays, gang, we are bumper to bumper crossing town, everyone on the vine street expressway is forced off, from there take either the kelly drive, martin luther king drive to work your way back on to the schuylkill expressway. but, if you haven't left the house yet, watching us now, come nothing center city trying to get out of center city trying to get to the airport, bamm. fifty-nine will take you around the whole mess, give you access to the walt whitman, access to south philly, and down to the airport, so, avoid the gridlock, and use 95, this morning, right out of the gate. media elwin line service suspended because of downed wires, rest of the system running on special christmas eve special. same deal with buses and trolleys operating without delays, but on modified schedule. i know live report from the airport in a second, but, get there early, and then give
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yourself extra time to get there averaging delays before an hour already out of the gate at philly international. chris, alec being back over to you. >> what a mess. that bad weather causing all kind of trouble as bob mention, at philadelphia international airport. >> looks like seeing some lines? >> oh, yes, you fight. well, i've been diligently setting the board today. take a look at my notebook, if you can see it there. i've just been writing down the list, and i've like no more reason to write tons every delays, delays foray rival and people departing here, right now work ' here at the security gate. you can see they're doing a decent job every getting people through, there is not really too much of a back up here any more. people are arriving getting through. people are starting to worry when they hear about their flight getting delayed or
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canceled. leguardia, to salt lake city, atlanta, charlotte, detroit, the list goes on, all of the flights, departing hawes delays arrivals, la, leguardia, austin, charlotte ville, denver, i mean, i can keep going on and on, not even getting around half of it. concellations, we're seeing, most of them coming out of chicago and buffalo. chicago you got to remember, they're expecting some snow today. so officials out there, o'hare, mid-way, they're getting ready for that snow. so, if you are headed out there, got somebody coming from there, really going to want to pay attention, and as bob was saying earlier, arrivals here, at philly international, delays averaging just averaging 60 minute all of that due to some cloud cover. >> so far so good, this guy, he didn't seem to have any problems. listen to what he had to say
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judge long, long road to the airport, open roads, so pretty stress free holiday travel. >> a lot of people hitting the roads, hitting the skies, so, you can bet, on top of the delays, and the weather issues, you're going get a loft busy airport, and long lines, so, you're going to want to give yourself a loft time zero get here, get ready, head out and check the flights with your airlines, guys. >> always good advice, sack even, a thank so much. 7:06. breaking news st. louis county missouri. authority say, a police officer shot and killed a man who pointed a gun at him. it happened at this gas station, police say officer
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end court heard two men during routine business check. one of the men pulled gun and pointed it at the officer. the officer fired several shot, killing the gunman, and the second man, fled the scene, and now as you can see here, there are dozen of people gathered at the gas station, as police investigate. looks lick there is a lot going on, there of course, we'll bring you more updates throughout the morning as this story unfolds. >> tempers, just flaring in that part of the country right now. new this morning, three philadelphia police officers are recovering after their cruisers collided. >> this happened overnight at 22nd and montgomery avenue just after 11:30, one officer has a concussion, but everyone is expected to be relatively okay. police say officers had been responding to shooting call before this crash happened. and a man was beaten, shot and robbed, in the fernrock section of philadelphia overnight. this happened just before 1:30 near the intersection of olney and ogontz avenue. police say the 44 year old victim was beaten and shot in the side by three men in the courtyard of the apartment buildingment robbers took 100
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bucks. victim right now is in stable condition. we'll keep an eye on that for you. >> police are investigating a deadly hit-and-run out of the holmesburg section of philadelphia. they say a tow truck hit and killed a 45 year old woman who was just crossing the street. witnesses say that they watched in horror, as the driver just took off after that. medics raised to the 8100 block of state road just after 5:00 last night. they took her to the area torresdale hospital. but she did not survive. >> police believe speed may have been a factor in this incident. >> first, cell phone hit the windshield of the witness, knock her e-zpass device off of the inch signed of her front windshield. >> debris at the scene should help find the vehicle involved. also hoping surveillance cameras in the area just caught something to help them with this case. >> montgomery county mother of three accused of having sex with a teenager, in a car.
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police, they say, they caught this woman, 42 year old irish giveny in the act with a 17 year old boy, alleged encounter happened last month at parking lot in pots grover. her husband would not speak when we showed up. >> okay, hole on. >> i work with kids, and just seeing that, thinking ...
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>> candlelight vigil, event started on social media. organize here is veteran felt like police under attack right now, most recently because of the deadly ambush in new york. >> it is hard breaking all around. i think everybody here, is not for or against. just listen to the conversation in the country. let's get everybody talking. you know, violence isn't going to heal anything but talking will. >> the people of cheltenham say they have a great police department. they wanted to take the time to just say thanks. >> and in new york silt the city honored those two nypd officers playing over the weekend, empire state building along with others, dimmed their light last night if honor of officers wenjian liu and ralph yost ramos. new york sit mayor bill de blasio, after moment of silence yesterday, afternoon. >> and as you just mention
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earlier in the day, new york city held a moment of silence to honor the two fallen officers. >> that happened at he can actually 2:47 in the afternoon. the he can act time when officers wenjian liu and rafael ramos were shot to death, as they just sat there, in their patrol car saturday. shortly before that, the mayor urged the community, and police, to come together. >> so the belief we could do better, we could come together, that we could keep people safe. >> a wake for officer ramos will be held friday. his funeral is set for saturday. funeral plans for wenjian liu will be finalized once family arrives from china meanwhile president obama asked philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey to find ways to unite communities and their local police departments. he's head ago task force on that issue. >> a 7-eleven is backment sony's movie the interview is now going to hit theatres at least some on christmas day. sony says it never gave up on the releasing the seth rogan
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and despite threats from hackers, says even though the major movie theater chains don't want to slow it, sonsie going after other theatres, independent theatresment the plot of the film, a as you know, assassination attempt on north korean leader kim jong un, by tabloid and his producer, so far doesn't look like any philly theatres will be showing this fillment. but the pen river cinema in wilmington will have it, coming up at 7:30, our legal analyst ken rotweiler talk about any possible legal ramification that is could come with sony's decision. >> 7:12 the time. government looking to end the ban on blood donations for gay and by sexual men, food and drug administration now recommending an end to that lifetime ban on donations, it is suggesting new policy barring donation frost men who have had sex with another man if the previous 12 month, now the lifetime ban, date to the early days of course the aids crisis, meant to protect the blood supply with advances though in hiv testing, many
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medical organizations say no longer needed. >> former president george h.w. bush spent the night in a houston hospital after experiencing shortness every breath. the hospital stay is only just a precaution, bush's 90 years old, he spent nearly two month in the same hospital back in 2012 when he was treated for wrong kite and other health issues. >> president obama who is vacationing in hawaii has been notified about former president bush's hospitalization. the white house releasing a statement sending their well wishes to the former president and his entire family. the first family is in hawaii until after the new year. >> so you watch him hiking there. and knowing the president, he's an after i had golfer. so, what happened was michelle the first lady said can we go for a hike? he's like ugh. ya. >> and there they are. >> i guess we can go for a hike. >> i'm sure it is a beautiful view, though. >> the whole time he is walking he is dying to hit the golf course. because hawaii has so many good ones. >> and you know how he feels, you love to golf.
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>> spoken like a fellow man f haven't finish your christmas shopping left, still hope to get the present under the tree in time. >> millions of people will be head today stores and malls to check those final items off their list today. but, procrastination doesn't have to mean desperation. retailers know the rush is coming, and they're doing everything they can to attract all of those last minute shoppers. that includes extended shopping hours, and also, exclusive promotions. >> getting a lot of deals. vera bradley bag was like 40% off. >> i think a loft people do some of their own shopping at the same time they're gift buying. >> and i got me some tom ford cologne. smells awesome. awesome. >> sounds fancy. national retail federation spec holiday sales will rise more than had% this year, that would be the biggest gain that we've seen over the past three years. >> tom ford? >> is that what you are saying? >> i have the michael kors on. >> smells pretty good. >> tom ford might be betterment speaking of holiday
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shopping, a loft people getting their pastry from term any brothers this morning. >> yes, we will get another. live look and remember quincy said that because it is so rainy, cold outside, let everybody come inside. so look at this line. back through the kitchen as people are trying to wait and get their goodies, so quincy will be there, at 7:45, sampling some of the famous canoli's there, so we'll check in with him later. >> sue, you're italian, cannolis big christmas interested anything. >> well, i'm half italian. >> okay, so do you eat half a can oldy? >> yes, my father's hatch e didn't do the cooking in my house. so, i know, but i know people who do the feast of the seven fix tonight. so that's all in who you know, and then getting invited to their house. so it is all good. look at the little kitty cat, mini mouse dress, thank you for passing along your merry christmas eve wishes. still tracking santa, this morning, he's going all over
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the entire world, last spotted in art art did a, has delivered now over 375,000 gift, and he's just getting started. so, at least the 60 minute delay at philadelphia international, 47 degrees, and rain. and these reporting stations are probably not all that accurate out there. but it doesn't look like any of the major cities have any delays. i think that's going to change, especially, down around atlanta, charleston, raleigh, durham, a lot of heavy rain out there, and they are probably experiencing the same issues we are with fog. rain haslett up a little bit this morning, but there is plenty more on way. in fact, i real believe the worse is yet to come. thunderstorms late another day, but we've got a break-in mount pocono. we've got heavy rain down in millville. and around dover, delaware, few pocket there, all of the rain will probably add up to maybe about an inch and a half, 2 inches of rain, and
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when does it end? that's the important part. well, we are going the rest of the day philadelphia with some heavy downpours later on, few breaks in the action, but we really don't see the whole system out of here, not 4:00 in the morning on christmas, but maybe 7:00, 8:00 in the morning, then it is all done, we get plenty of sunshine actually. so the rest of the day locks pretty good. that is a look at the future cast. let's get back to the present moment. and show you some visibility, 5 miles at the airport, 2 miles in reading, less than a mile, less than half mile, in mount pocono. temperatures are in the 40's everywhere, too warm for anything but rain, 52 degrees in wildwood, and 50 atlantic city. wind are picking up little bit in the higher elevations, we've got 10 miles an hour here in philadelphia, that's another thing we expect to change. we expect it to get windier, and temperatures on nice warming trend, but wait until you see what happens after the weekends. pretty nice weekend on the way with a chan of showers maybe late in the day on sunday,
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with a cold front, so then, a wintery mix possible on monday, yuck, and then we start off with flurries on tuesday. so, it is officially winter now. and by early next week, it is actually going to feel like it. so that's a look at your holiday and beyond bob kelly? >> yes, good morning, sue. live look, jousting my cameras little built, what's left of this overturned truck, that has been causing havoc all morning long, in center city. this was the truck that flipped over on it side at about 4:00 this morning, right now, has the vine street expressway closed on the westbound side with no access from center sit, to the schuylkill expressway. they got the big tow trucks in there, they lifted it puppy back upright here. but obviously a lot of damage. so they'll have to tow him out before they can get traffic moving again. here is a live look, look at this mess, this bumper to bumper to bumper all red brake lights, not for christmas, but
7:19 am
with hot tempers here, anyone coming through center city on the westbound side, forced off to the ben frankly parkway, navigate the kelly drives but i just say forget about it, right now, you are leaving the house, grab your coffee, your keys, let's go. we take 95. stick with 95, no matter where you are going, 95 will get new south philly. it will get you to the walt whitman. it will also get you to the airport. so that's the way to go. the christmas eve special schedule on all of the regional rail lines in effect today, but the media elwin line suspended balls of downed wires, also christmas eve modified schedule on all of the buses and trolleys, operating today. eastbound on the pa turnpike, an accident rye near ft. washington, we heard from the folks down at the airport, just get down there early, give yourself extra time getting there specially with the problem, in center city, and already, averaging delays of about an hour. because there were a loft folks stranded yesterday, so they're going to be very
7:20 am
anxious us to take that empty seat f you're running little late. hey if you are taking picture of your light yet and sends it us to, let's get a move on. snap the picture of the tree, the front of the house, tweet it, use hashtag fox 29 light so we can put your picture in lights here this morning. chris, alex, back over to you. >> you talked about the mess get to go philadelphia international. that said the tsa relaxing their rules this holiday season. what you will be able to bring through security, that you couldn't before. >> and a dream come true for a man had just wanted to be a mummer for a day. how he's finally getting his wish.
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>> ♪ >> so norad tracking saint, a he's busy, on his way, almost in figi. look at that. >> tell you what, you know, rudolph can casino of dim the nose right now over that area, it is relatively calm, but boy he has to shine it brightly once he hit our area. >> santa will need a rain jacket. >> yes. >> doesn't have to go through snow, though. he knows what he's doing.
7:24 am
>> let's talk money, honey. time to go to the business studio, where laura is talking about what else on this day, wrapped gifts. because we used to go through the security line at the airport, all of those gifts had to be unwrapped, and you got, there you had to bring, what, wrapping paper, then quickly do it before you showed to up grandma's house? >> i was just telling, i'm very particular about the way i wrap my present, and i'm starting to tweet out what some of them look like. my bows tremendous, complicated, all of these ribbons, ornament, so if you unwrap my present, i'm going to be annoyed. because -- >> oh, i don't blame you. >> so if you're bringing wrapped presents, nightsly wrapped or not nicely wrapped to the airport you might be fine. they might let you through security no problem, no one will touch them. however the tsa does reserve the right to unwrap those items, go through them, inspect them. and whatever. that's fine. we get it. they have to do. that will that's their job. >> yes. >> but do you have wait. so does everybody else in the line, do they have to wait, too. let's face it, holidays are like amateur hour for
7:25 am
travelers, when you travel a lot. you know you have to take your change out of your pocket ahead of time, take the belt off. there are some people and we've all been hine them, maybe you are one of them, when you get to the scanner, you decide to do everything right then and there instead of doing it as you're waiting. so it takes forker. >> really, wrap and travel at your own risk because getting the chance they may in the have to unwrap it. >> will you had you. >> the thing that really surprising with this, we all stand there, and we're, you know, exposing ourselves any more, a we wait in the security line, the whole thing. can't they do that with gift? i mean, do they really have to take the wrapping paper off? >> i guess if it is something when it goes through the scanner if it doesn't look legitimate, yesment aim sure you've had your bags look through before? >> oh, yes. >> i have to say they are pretty gentle, you know? very slow and meticulous, sometimes i'm like just get it over with, move all of the stuff.
7:26 am
>> and they gently pat you down typically r as well. lauren, quickly, what are you doing for christmas? >> long island this evening, and new jersey tomorrow. >> what about you guys? >> we are hosting a little ton due dinner party tonight for some neighbors, and then getting ready for santa to come. >> what's that end snail. >> tondue, a lot of dipping, cooking your meats. >> no, but just cheese or chocolate? >> no, no, three different meats. >> oh,. >> cheese, and then chocolate ton due for dessert. that's the best. >> oh,. >> oh, wow, see, lauren, i'm just simple. i'll within my parent have, nice little fire, talk and watch the preachers wife. love that movie. >> all right. well, merry christmas. >> enjoy. >> have fun. >> love to see you guys until 2015. >> what? >> oh, you have off? >> merry christmas. >> and happy newspaper year. >> i have next week off. >> enjoy that happy holidays to you. >> that's why she's smiling. >> i know, i'm so excited.
7:27 am
>> all right, lauren, thanks. sony getting ready for christmas release of the interview. why this could lead to legal issues for sony, brinking in our legal analyst, we'll talk to ken rotweiler. >> standing by and without a tie, going casual today. hey, quincy, he's there with all kind of people, termini's brother right now. >> reporter: this is paul. hey, yo, how you doing? he is keeping me how to talk south fill. >> i, no you grade to say a yo how you doing? >> now, remember, you're in south philly so south philly at termini's. >> hey, zach and charles fry bellmawr, new jersey, yo, how you doing? >> how you doing? >> hey yo, mommy down here at termini's, too. >> hey no, ma'am i. >> hey, we'll be back,
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lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. >> you will be able to see the interview after all, but only in a few issues. what the company has would r i about now. >> would you like beer with that pizza? that's the most stupid question i've ever asked. it is now possible to get beer delivered to your home. but, there is a catch. how you can have your beer, and drink it too. >> and a young man had one big dream. to become a mummer. and now, it is coming true. how an un lukely partnership
7:31 am
helped him become a mummer even for one day. >> i think i would rather have red wine with pizza than the beer these days, i correct myself. >> what about champagne? since we are area talking about it. >> it might work. >> good morning, happy christmas eve. thanks for being with us as you race around, hopefully you don't have to race around. >> have all of your gift together, everything wrapped. sue, do you have i have wrapped? >> pretty much. usually something along the way, but you know who is waiting for saint a your pal and mine, bus stop buddy. we dressed him in red and green now, changed his colors this morning to be appropriate for this season. soggy, foggy out there, take a tip from buddiment make sure you have the rain gear all day long. it is a four out of ten, in your weather by the numbers, this is why, rain is here, more rain is on the way. so, we'll keep watching that for you, and watching the poor visibility at philadelphia international. 48 degrees, only can see 4 miles, a 9-mile an hour breeze, and your forecast is
7:32 am
for high temperature of 62, get milder air information in here. rainy, windy all day long. and it get little worse before it get better it, will get better we'll talk about that in the seven day forecast just ahead. that's look at your christmas eve outlook. again, it is rain, and wind, that you will be dealing with, especially later on in the day. but, don't worry, we're tracking santa, tracking all of his progress, and rudolph is on the job, bob kelly. >> sue, i tell you what, the crews are on the job, big tow trucks are on the job here. and overturned truck, it happened about 4:00 this morning, looking live at one of the penndot cameras here. this is the ramp, from the vine expressway, to the schuylkill expressway. so all westbound traffic leaving center city, forced off on to the ben ben franklin parkway. happened about 4:00. and here is a look at the, next camera there, there is a look, look at the red brake
7:33 am
light, nothing but jammo. from 95 all the way over to the ben franklin parkway. if you are getting ready to leave the house right now, any it for a serbs let's go for little bit of detour. stick with i-95. ninety-five is going to take you down past the accident scene, you won't get stuck in the gridlock on the vine, you will be able to begin access to the walt whitman, can get into south philadelphia, to get your canoli's, also get south on 95, down toward the airport. so, anyone that's leaving center city right now, head the opposite way, head for 95. and that will get you around this mess, accident eastbound on the pa turnpike near ft. washington, and otherwise, the media elwyn regional rail line service suspended this morning, because of downed wires. chris, al edge, back over to you. >> all right, the big story of course is this. sony hack, and sony now has reversed their decision, now saying it, will release the interview the move any some theatres tomorrow. >> yes, actor james franco one of the stars of film called it victory adding that the people
7:34 am
and the president have spoken. >> but could there be any legal ramifications to this decision? let's bring if fox 29's legal analyst ken rotweiler explain. so, ken, first of all, merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you too. >> so, speaking of christmas, they initially had this movie the interview scheduled for release on christmas day. >> right. >> threats against theatres, nothing specific, now they're saying let's go ahead and re less this thing. if there is any sort of terrorist attack, heaven forbid, is sony pictures going to be liable legally? >> with regard toison, no. sony doesn't own any theatres. they're just putting the movie out there letting the theater owners decide whether it show the movie. big movie chains, regal, amc, will not show it at all. so all of these movie theatres going to slow it are independent movie theatres. there is about 200 across the country that will actually show it. guess how many theatres it was schedule to be in before this whole hacking incident? >> how many?
7:35 am
>> 3800. so you can see the economic lost thereto sony. but i don't think sony has any legal liability at all. matter of fact i don't even think the theatres themselves have any legal liability. >> really? >> the reason for that is there is not a specific threat here. >> couldn't they say because there were some sort of threat they could have had more security or done more? >> i think the theatres will have more security, the talk is more after police presence, sink your at this, and the cute fry legal stands point is to have reasonable security. well, what's reasonable security for these 200 theater owners where there is not a specific threat? maybe couple more policemen there. off duty policemen, lan have met their obligation in terms of their legal obligation. >> what about thisy? know some of the hackers said if sony does distribute this fill until anyway, then a lot of the data from the employees and also the company will release more stuff. then could sony be held lane? >> that's a whole different issue and great yes. if now there is another cyber attack, all of this information from sony get out there in the public, a lot of
7:36 am
it hurt some of the sony employees, there could potentially been litigation against sony. already is litigation against zone fry former employees, as a class action suit, so, you know, sony does have some potential liability here. but bravo to sony. you know, what they said you know what we are not going to take this threat, we're if the going to pull back our movies. now, but tell you the truth, now the bigger issue in the country. now everybody want to see this movie. >> and now get a loft money. a loft people want to see it because they thought they couldn't. >> and probably video on dough planned, so over the christmas holiday to watch this move fry home. i bet you within the next week somehow you will be able to get it on netflix or something else, pay 12.9, be able to sit in your living room and watch in your jam us. >> or on bravo. >> thank you so much for coming in. >> so, we know botox can help with wrinkles, even prevent sweating. but what about giving you nicer hair? how it can give you those long lucious locks that a lot of people always dream of. >> inject me all over then. don't forget we want to see
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>> this weather is a mess. delays at the airport. if you are headed out this morning make sure you leave early, early, early. 7:40, dream come true for young jersey man not letting autism to slow him down. >> he's becoming a mummer. >> good morning, guys, love. >> this so he is 23 years old, doug hoffman, he said it has been a dream his entire life in order to be a bedroom. proves you can be anything if you just put your mind to it, so happens to be retired mummer, dennis clark, who is helping this dream to come truth. look at the smile on his face. it turns out the former mummer works over at been croft home, which serves folks with autism in that happens to be where hoffman lives. so, little built of coaching right now, get that strut on down, he'll be mark his stuff in this year's mummers parade. >> when did you start learning
7:41 am
about it? >> since television. >> on tv you saw it for the first time? >> yes now you're on tv. >> he came to me, dennis, can you make me a mummer? that's what he said. at first a little hesitant, because the factice was away from here for four years, then all the sudden now, get back in my age, i can still do it. then decided to go with it. >> oh, yes, once part of the mummers family always part of the mummers family, always setting new challenges for himself. lags year he bowled in the special olympics for the first time, also studying right now to become a master gardner. and we can all watch him this year. make his debut in the mummers parade. >> be looking for him, that's for sure. >> pennsylvania one of the toughest states to buy beer in, what if you could have it delivered right to your front door. women, now you can. how you can get beer delivered
7:42 am
right to your home. >> and quincy at termini's brothers for us this morning, and there is quite a crowd. high, quincy. >> this organization group right here, and they're going to do something right. no guys want to do little feast? maybe at the break. maybe at the break. but a lot of people here, and getting canoli's, and
7:43 am
♪ it's only for a couple nights ok,
7:44 am
yep. ♪ baby. uhhh ... (sarcastically) for me? ♪ she'll love it. thanks. ♪ ♪ we put all the apps you love inside a car designed to connect you to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo. innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us.
7:45 am
>> the temperatures pretty mile, so sloppy skiing up there, if they are at all, in blue mountain. so, let's cheer you up a little bit, if that's what you were hoping to do. a look at this, the pup, tracking santa, with us here on "good day", philadelphia. thanks to karen for send that picture, look at that face, can you just love it. little christmas collar on. all right, so tracking santa claus, who is making his trek all over the world today. nobody knows in advance what his route will be. but we track it. the latest position is the island off the east coast of russia. so we're getting geography let on along with our santa tracking today. he's delivered over half million gifts, so far.
7:46 am
all over the world, countdown to christmas, heavy downpours today, areas of fog, and it will be mild, for christmas day the rain ends by early morning, and we will have sunshine in the afternoon, but winds will be gusting tomorrow, up to 30 miles an hour during the day, so if you are traveling and driving over a bridge you will have to hold on to the steering wheel, friday, dry and sunny, temperatures above average, friday looks like an excellent day. so, at philadelphia international looks like those hour delays are continuing, we've got some rain on and off at the airport, and visibility isn't great, it was about 5 miles last time we check. so let's get to that seven day forecast, and break it all down for you, thunderstorms later on, winds picking up four out every ten, 62 degrees, tomorrow 53 for high temperature, sun coming out in the afternoon, for friday, high of 50 perhaps kwanzaa celebration, saturday my and nice, high 565.
7:47 am
sunday chance of showers, probably late in the day, getting ready for cold front which will really take temperatures down to wintery levels, high of only 40 monday with possibility of wintery mix, tuesday, flurries in the morning, that's your seven day forecast, from the weather authority, really different every day, isn't it, bob? >> yes, little different, certainly different ride this morning trying it get through center city. all westbound lanes leaving center city are closed with no access to the schuylkill expressway here, this is all bus after earlier overturned truck blocking the ramps from the vine expressway, to the schuylkill expressway. we show you a shot hereof downtown philadelphia, look at the brake light, jammo, from pretty i much 95 all the way over, there is your closure point in the back gown, hahnemann hospital. just to a locator, dealing with the fog, but we are just gridlock crossing town bass
7:48 am
everyone forced off to the ben franklin. imagine all of that traffic being pushed off into center city on to the parkway at this hour. so you have couple of options, best one, grabbing your cover ian keys, and trying to head out the front door, head for 95 south. ninety-five south from center sitly give you access to the airport. get back into south philly to get your canoli's, be able it get down to the airport. ninety-five is the way to go over wise anyone who comes into center sitly get pushed off. otherwise not bad at all. seen light volume. the only pain in the next rid there in center city. there is your speedometer readings for the schuylkill, 95, blue route looking good, dealing with some rain, dealing with some fog. so do factor in little extra wiggle room between you and the bumper in front of you. septa reginald rail line running on special christmas eve special. scheduled today. and media elwyn regional rail line service suspended because of some downed wires. we continue to look at all of
7:49 am
the your whom daylight pictures, from emma marie, look at that, got the pink tree going on there, with the white light, thank you so much for sending the tree to us, she has it up on the table, even got the santa hat on the top there continue he had. so send us your pictures being look as them all morning long, use the hashtag fox 29 lights so we can put your picture in lights this morning. >> why did you have to show a pink tree? >> i don't know. >> now my daughters going to want a pink tree next year. >> the barbie christmas tree. >> oh, no, the worse. >> that and easy bake oven and we're good to go. >> hey bobby think i'm hook now. >> okay, go ahead. >> bob just gave me some butter cake. i just tried it for the first time. >> can i lick the plate? >> i want to. oh, i'm forever changed. amazing. >> from holmesburg bakery in northeast philadelphia. >> butter cake; this a philly thing? >> clean plate club. right there. >> can't get butter cake other part of the nation. >> probably, like use that up there in the northeast, but thanks to the guys therefore
7:50 am
send that in. >> i appreciate it. >> my family is german and it is all but the when he they cook. >> i love it. >> so let's get some shore weights. to south philly. >> hey there, quincy. >> my friend joe from mt. laurel. you've been coming here for a long time. >> since i was a kid, my dad brought me here, i it is -- i passed it onto my children, my daughter. my daughter with me here today. a tradition now. >> got you. now, what did you get? i saw like your tray. >> pick up carol cake, tried to get some italian cream cake by the supplies, they didn't have it available, and getting some italian cook us. >> do you have get here early. people down down here, not only family tradition, but so many other people. someone came from out every state.
7:51 am
>> this family from baltimore. >> yes, ten years for all of us, and then about 57 total for the family, for grandparent, great grand parent, everything. >> are you guys from filly? >> , no not at all. >> migrate grandmother started the interested figures south philadelphia. >> so your great grandmother. does she live in baltimore? >> , no coming to visit. having the whole family over, so we have to get it every year. we woke up at 3:45 to be here. >> she is 87 years old. >> she made you guys? but the cannolis are amazing? >> best thingser. >> what's on order? >> cannolis, at theonis, chocolate covered bananas, mixed cookies, birthday cake for baby jesus for our neice, and we move on from there. >> okay. >> so what time will you guys get back to baltimore today? >> we have to go get our raviolli's, yet, another stop, then we fin wish breakfast at geno's and pat's. >> this is an interested anything. >> yes, a tradition.
7:52 am
>> merry christmas to you nice. >> you too. >> man, you see that? they're focused. i. >> wanted to touch the cannolis, but it says please do not handle pastry. so i'm try to bring some back to the studios, but i can tell you i had two already. don't tell. they're amazing. >> i love the 97 year old mark tree arc of the family still issuing orders. >> pretty cool. >> long list. >> you better comebacksment thanks, quince. >> i wow. >> nice tradition. >> sue has been talking about the storm all morning long it, will stick around for awhile. thousand will affect your holiday travel plans. >> could that be any messier? and later looking for healthy hair? the answer may be botox. thousand could give you those long lucious locks, you always dreamed of.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> look like he's in russia already delivered 580 million gift. santa just amazing. >> well, they had a spa day with quincy yesterday to prepare. >> that's true. >> so he's well rested, relaxed. christmas is here, here on this christmas eve. run aways marking the occasion in song. >> students performed what you're going to call your baby. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
7:57 am
>> ♪ ♪ ♪
7:58 am
>> ♪ ♪ ♪ >> wonderful performance. >> i'm in the spirit now. >> reminding us of the true reason port season. >> kids, beautiful voices. >> and their faces, beautiful,
7:59 am
witloof see that. thank you. good day to you, it is christmas eve, december 24th, 2014. >> this is "good day philadlephia". >> then one soggy christmas eve santa is going to say, hey, we're off. we need the extra bright lights today. we've got rain on the way. it is already here. and more on the way forecast is coming up. hey, sabina? >> reporter: hey, sue. well, headaches here at philly international. the delays, and the concellations, are piling up. we've already got travelers thanking us forgiving them the news all morning long and helping them catch their flights. maybe we can help you coming up. >> i'm here in south philly. this is my friend, barb. she won't let me touch the cannolis. can i make a cannolis, barb? >> do you want to make one. >> we've been at termini's.
8:00 am
>> okay, we'll go to the mack -- back. >> back to you guess in the studios, let's go deliver these can old us. >> no, not done yet. i have to get more. >> oh, okay, getting more, then i'll make some cannolis, back to you in the studios. >> ♪ >> so check out beyonce bling. she woke up like. >> this the designer of her crown and jewelry an u pen grad. she will show us how to access rise like the scene, queen bae, for the holidays. >> she prep. >> i she s her new video 7-eleven came out. >> how do you like it? >> someone from u pen put together that. >> she flipped it, and it is a crown. >> that's right. >> she going to show us thousand rock t. >> more butter cake? >> how many pieces have you
8:01 am
had today this. >> it is not important. the important thing is -- >> i brought in this morning jelly donuts, cream donuts and butter cake from holmesburg bakery. >> thank you so much. >> so alec's first time trying butter cake. what do you think? >> amazing. it melts in your mouth. >> you have created a monster. >> can't go wrong. >> i'm hook. what can i say? all about the tradition cents all over the place. most people with traditions go to termini's, holmesburg bakery, and get it for christmas. >> knew. >> tradition of snow. >> that's not happening. happening somewhere, but not here. rocky mountains to find some. bus stop buddy here to let you know that it is soggy and foggy out there this morning. temperatures are in the 40's, and you're going to need that red and green rain gear, all day long. you're only getting a four out of ten today. fan it were colder, it would be even lower number. we do have the mile temperatures coming in. along with the rain. and out of the southwest, there you see, spotty showers, on and off, few areas of heavy
8:02 am
downpours, this morning. most of those looks like are in atlantic county, cumberland county this morning. so, it is 49 degrees your current temperature, 8-mile per hour breezes out of the east northeast, 5 miles visibility at philadelphia international. and rain is going to be with us, on and off, all day long, hang your stockings by the chimney with care. 62 degrees the high temperature, for later on today. improvement in the forecast, yes, we will be drying out eventually, we will tell when you coming up. hey, bob kelly, we've got a loft messy traffic this morning. >> we have, sue. good morning, 8:02, for what would have been or should have been a light morning rush hour, it has been casino every busy inbetween eating our butter cake here. live look downtown philadelphia, where the vine street expressway is closed right now, all westbound lanes closed and forced off at the parkway, because after overturned truck that occurred early this morning, at around 4:00. no traffic here. but take a look at our sky came here. look at this, red, all red
8:03 am
lights, not for the holidays, these are the brake lights on the vine street expressway. and an absolute parking lot, from 95, all the way over to the ben franklin parkway. where all traffic is forced off into center city here, on to the parkway, from there, motorists are using the kelly drive, martin luther king drive, making u-turn laugh earns, obviously a loft confusion for you stepping out the front door, grabbing your coffee and keys, here is how we do it, take 95 south, from where ever you are starting, use 95 south, that will get you down into south philly. that will get you over to the walt whitman, it will also get you down to the airport. so 95 south is the way to go and avoid coming into center city use that vine st. expressway. otherwise, we're in great shape. the roads are wet. dealing with some thinking fog. but has been light volume other than the problem in center city. 59 miles an hour on 95, the schuylkill looking good, you got that spray kicking up off the cars and trucks in front of you. so wiper wednesday this
8:04 am
morning, the regional rail lines, running on special christmas eve schedule. and the service is suspended on the media elwyn regional rail line all because of downed wires. chris, alex, back over to you. >> mr. kelly, thank you. happening now, millions of people of course traveling for christmas. but the weather is not playing at you. >> no, korea, sack even, a lou things going there? >> right now in a little lull, guys. see things have slowed down little bit. not the same big crowds we were seeing earlier this morning, but i think it is just the first wave of this early morning flights are out of here. they are expecting a lot more flight later on this morning. now, get this, you guys, 20%, one fifth of the arriving flights here at phl, delayed. they expect that number to grow as more flights take to the skies. again, because they have more air traffic scheduled, little bit later this morning, so that means about an average of
8:05 am
an hour for these arrivals in terms of delays, so these arriving flights delayed about an hour. now, talking from akron, to albany to austin, to baltimore, cleveland, date ton, all of those places have delays and/or concellations, dayton, indianapolis, they've got hour-long delays, coming in here, to philly international. buffalo, norfolk, chicago, richmond, rodge chester, head today those places you'll have tough time getting there some. flights have been canceled. talking delays and flight all across the country people are dealing w caught up with one woman, trying just like everything else to get to atlanta to get to her family for the holidaysment and her flight has been delayed, she is a little worried. >> well, i'm flying companion pass, so casino of hoping that i can still make one for 8:00. since all of them are delayed, maybe i can get on other flight. not that it delayed me too much.
8:06 am
i'm prepared to hang out if i have to. >> as long as i get back by tomorrow morning. >> and back here live, now, we've been saying all morning long, but listen up, if you have a flight, your a leaving here, from philly, or you're picking somebody up from phl, make sure to check the status of your flight. we actually had some folks wake to up us saying they've been watching us all among long, so they new they had to get here early, and get prepared so they could catch that flight and get out of here. make it to their destination, us. >> absolutely, sack even, a thank you, we'll check back. >> 8:06. three philadelphia police office remembers recovering after their cruisers collide in the north philadelphia. >> this happened at 22nd and montgomery avenue. just after 11:30 last night. one officer has a concussion, but everyone is expected to be okay. police say officers have been responding to a shooting call before the crash happened. more turmoil near ferguson, miss your think morning, take a look at this scene. police say an officer shot and killed a 18 year old man, who pointed a gun at him.
8:07 am
tempers flaring, as you can see, this happened late last night, at a gas station if berkley, missouri, as the officer was conducting routine business check. berkley about just 2 miles from ferguson. authorities say 18 year olan tone yo martin pulled a gun, pointed it at the office here then responded by firing several shots back striking and killing him. martin ace mother says her son was out for a walk with his girlfriend at the time of that shooting. >> his girlfriend told me, that the police -- he was going to get up and run, when he was trying to get up and run, they saw him shoot. >> dozen of protesters have been gathered at the scene, as you can see, from this video, and across the street, another gas station's doors were shatteredment demonstrators could be seen looting that store. >> let's get to new york silt, the city honored those two nypd police officers slain over the weekend. the empire state building
8:08 am
along with other buildings in the city dim their lit last night in honor of officers wenjian liu and rafael ramos near city mayor bill de blasio requested the dim after offering a city wide moment of silence yesterday afternoon. >> former president george h.w. bush spent the night at a houston hospital after experiencing shortness of breath. >> his it is only a precaution, bush is 90 years old, spend nearly two month in the same hospital back in 2012 while he was being treated for wrong kite and other health issues. >> 8:08. it is back. sony's movie the interview now going to hit theatres at least some theatres about 200 on christmas day. >> so sony says it never gave up on releasing the set rogan franco comedy despite threat from hackers. ceo says even though the major movie chains don't want to show it, sonsie going after other theatres. the plot of the film by now you have heard assassination attempt on north korean leader
8:09 am
kim jong un, has so far no philly theatres, but in delaware the pen cinema riverfront in wilmington will have it. >> both set rogan and james franco excitedly took to social media. rogan tweeted the people have spoken, freedom has prevailed, sony didn't give up. the interview will be shown at the theatres too long play it on christmas day. >> and chris, actually how i found out. i saw that tweet oh, they'll play t and frank owe, instagram victory, the people and the president have spoken. sony's going release the interview in theatres on christmas day. >> interesting. ken rotweiler talking about any sort of legal ramifications, in fact, any of the threats bore themselves out now that the these letters have some of this. he said i don't think so. >> but you can probably expect some movie these letters have increased security there, just in case things happen. the problem is the threats were so general, how do you protect everyone? >> exactly. >> hopefully it will all be okay.
8:10 am
>> in this day and age we're getting used to security check points, go to an eagles game, they pat you down, go through your bags and everything else. >> way of lie now. >> sign of the times. >> does christmas have you stress in the new study claims today is the most hectic day of all. coming up, the exact time we'll tell you the exact moment when your stress will just peak. >> but first, christmas is not just about shopping and presents. all right, kids? do you hear that? it is nos just about the presents. the true meaning of the holiday next. ♪ >> and we're still tracking santa this morning. so he's off the coast of japan right now. see going right there on the screen there, see little santa hat, making had way delivers all kind every presents this morning, we will keep
8:11 am
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8:13 am
kidney or liver problems. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> what a crazy week of weather. the governor of mississippi declared emergency for at least two counties, where officials say four people died and several more hurt by. >> this significant damage as they reported to many businesses, and homes,
8:14 am
thousands are now without power, what horrible timing. survey team will be sent to determine whether that tornado was responsible or not. sue, you told me when i came in this morning, yes, not just that here, in the south. it really has been slammed. >> right. now that line of thunderstorms has moved to the east. so now we're seeing this line right here, cutting through georgia, and down into the panhandle of florida, and unfortunately we could see a repeat that far situation for christmas eve in some of these places, because there are tornado watches up in that area for this morning, it is also raining in the carolinas, and if you are traveling there, traveling to virginia, it is rain interesting. the rain has become a little more spotty, in our area, few heavy downpours, in atlantic county, gloucester county, camden county, in new jersey, but it is pretty light up in the mountains, let's go down to south jersey, and there is that heavy rain right there around the morris river, and cumberland county right in there, cape may count which some lighter rain.
8:15 am
so now, our estimates, according to the computer model, close to 2 inches of rain for many places, at least a inch and a half by the end of the day because continue heavy downpours are in our fox future cast. look at. that will by noon, we have the possibility of some thunderstorms popping up. and maybe even in the overnight hours, this is 11:00 p.m. still some spotty showers around, now it is time, of course in the overnight hours, when santa will maybe be arriving at your house, but it is all right. rudolph has, you know, the well lit nose, and by 4:00 a.m., still raining, by 7:00 a.m. still raining at the shore, then all gone by about 10:00 in the morning tomorrow. then we can look forward sunshine in the afternoon on christmas day. so, it is going to be windy tomorrow but at least dry out, couple of nice days friday, saturday, and then, we will have but change in the weather sunday night, cold front comes through with some showers.
8:16 am
that will change to colder temperatures, giving us the possibility of a wintery mix, on monday. so, there is lots to look forward to, and some things to dread weather wise. >> we'll just go one day at a time, live look at we zoom in with our penndot camera there. an overturned truck. >> continues to shut down the vine street expressway on your right, there that's the westbound lanes closed to vehicle traffic. >> gasoline, oil, spilled along the way, look at all of the pretty red light. they're not christmas light, they're brake light. barely moving. it is jammed solid, on the vine expressway, from 95 all the way over to the ben franklin parkway, that's where all traffic is forced off so if you are going to end near center city be ready. stay with vine st. local or
8:17 am
best bet, ready, 95 today, avoid coming into center city on the vine expressway, and use i95 south, that will get you down to the walt whitman bridge, and it will give you access into south philly it, will also give you access to philly international airport, no et a on when they will have that open, septa's regional rail lines running on christmas eve special schedule. and service suspended on the media elwin line. you can use the 110 bus or 201 -- the 101 trolley as an alternate. >> 8:17. of course scrambling today to get the last minute gift. it is important that we remember what christmas is truly about, chris, my mother, my grandmother used to always say to me, jesus is the reason for the season, hon. >> i exactly. just reminds of kids of. that will here to explain the real reason for the season the reverend doctor thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me this morning. >> two churches. >> that's right. >> mt. airy and the germantown section.
8:18 am
>> so you are busy this time of year. >> just little bit. >> so remind us, what christmas is truly about. >> fundamentally we who are christians celebrate what we believe to be the birth of our lord and savior jesus christ, not that we believe actually that december 25th is the birthday, but that he was born, that god is in christ reconciling the world and to himself, and that it is a message of peace and good will toward men so the belief this fate that we embrace, begins during the season. >> i think at some point you said some key words there, piece and good will toward men. at this point, i mean, if you watch the news of course, you see, so much unrest going on. we had with the death of eric began err, michael brown, then with the protest and also the unfortunate death of the two nypd officer, what would you say to people right now? because the climate just seems like so much unrest going on. >> message every christ is a message both of justice, and mercy. the fact that jesus was born
8:19 am
when he was born at the time when all the world was to be taxed, his birth was a statement about justice, if we have piece, we have justice for those wronged, but that he was born, with no place to lay his head, and in a ends that he came to shepherd, is a reminder that he -- this fate that we have, is for all of those who are hurting, and it is a fate that teachings home, care, concern, so woe need to be concerned about all those that are hurt being, that are helpless, and bring the message of hope that is in christ jesus. >> how do you share that message, though? one of the slogans on the streets, no justice, no peace, what you just said. >> if you feel like these grand jury rays not doing any justice how do you tell people please be calm, please, you know, react in a calm way?
8:20 am
doctor martin luther king, jr -- >> well, i think be calm, but i wouldn't use the word be calm, i would say be focused. be focused on what is real justice, what are appropriate outcomes. i think there is a reason to draw attention to what happened with eric garner. but we can't just simply draw attention to it, we have to have expectations of justice. but along with, that we have to have an expectation of being concerned about the police officers, that were hurt, and we have to have concerns about those families that are missing their loved ones right now. >> i was just about to ask you that, this is the time of the holidays, everyone gathers their families, two nypd police officers and families of, you know, eric garner. >> and shane montgomery here. >> right here in our area. >> thanksgiving morning.
8:21 am
>> what would you tell them? >> what i would tell them, is that there is still hope. what i would tell them is that there are still more, still more good in the world, and more people that are working for good. >> we will work for justice and for peace, and there is still hope. if i didn't believe things could get better then i need to hang up my robe. i still believe, as dark as it is, the christmas event is all about how god says we are going to fix this thing. and those of us who really believe that will get caught up in trying to fix these things. >> all right, which state, have the most christmas
8:22 am
spirit? pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware, all on brand new list, but these two on the naughty list, alex. oh, but first, botox for blow outs? yes, ladies, this is a growing trend, why women are getting injections, to keep their long trend, why women are getting injections, to keep their long locks int
8:23 am
8:24 am
it'll come from my kitchen. the biggest surprise this season won't come from an upset, try our new philly cheesesteak pizza. a large for $12. add a red kettle cookie for $6 and a portion of the proceeds go to the salvation army. better ingredients. better pizza papa john's. find options to fit your budget.
8:25 am
nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! >> people are already using botox to get rid of wrinkles, migraines, even sweats. >> sweats? >> sweats. >> all right, well, you know what, where did you put that? i've heard of that, never really asked, where would you -- >> i sweat everywhere, that could be painful. >> my gosh. now you can add another thing to that list. frizzy hair. >> what's going on here? >> doctors say injections work just like those used to treat excessive perspiration, the injections are placed around the hairline, and result is reduced sweating, there you go, so put it along the hairline in your scalp which then reduces friz.
8:26 am
>> interesting. >> he says, dad, you need more hair right here. >> he called you out, didn't he? >> right here. >> got to love kids. what did you say? >> so i called a doctor, got to do some transplants. then here, have you noticed that getting up early, sometimes the way you look in the teleprompter there? right there. >> so -- >> botox, ready? >> you need to go to the doctor. is that what it is going to look like? >> if that's what it looks like, don't do it. >> how about cough syrup? anything for the next hour and a half, please, don't hold it against me. >> regular day for you. >> all right, so, you know from gossip on the wires, john doeman here this morning, you may not know this talented man is from philly. so we will catch up with him at 9:15, see, in our studio. we'll talk to him on this christmas eve. >> first, karen, good morning
8:27 am
to you. >> thank you, i want to know anything about botox, whatsoever at all, of course. >> uh-huh? >> my forehead, really moves. all right, so, how about this? this is a moment that so many of have you been waiting for. you can now legally have beer delivered to your door in pennsylvania, chris murphy, so we will tell you what you're going need to order with that we will tell you what you're going need to order with that alcoho
8:28 am
♪ ah, push it. we will tell you what you're going need to order with that alcoho ♪ ♪ push it. ♪ p...push it real good! ♪ ♪ ow! ♪ oooh baby baby. if you're salt-n-pepa, you tell people to push it.
8:29 am
♪ push it real good. it's what you do. ♪ ah. push it. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ ah. push it. i'm pushing. i'm pushing it real good!
8:30 am
>> it was about three hours ago, that santa and the reindeer took off from the north pole. and we've been tracking him via norad ever since. australia, where he's right now, our geography lesson continues, over 760 million gift have been delivered so far through christmas magic. so, we'll keep watching and you still have a chance to be
8:31 am
good and get the cookies and milk out to leave for him, too. bus stop buddy is already for that. but he also put on his rain gear, so he can help you out this morning, and remind you that you will need it all day long. soggy, foggy right now, that will continue, throughout the rest of the afternoon, we have four out of ten, in your weather by the numbers, and this is why. even getting break in the rain right now, much more on the way, looking down toward the washington, d.c. area, there is plenty of rain there, 49 degrees, visibility, has not improved, in fact, gotten worse at philadelphia international. now 2 miles visibility, easterly win at just 6 miles an hour, and your christmas eve forecast, the mess continues all day, it is wet, not white, christmas, and boy is it going to be wet, maybe 2 inches of rain in some places, and the winds gusting up to 30 miles an hour, a little later on in the day. so, hope you get through all of that, there will be improvement for christmas day, that will be our gift for you coming up in a little while, bob? >> good morning, you will not
8:32 am
like the gift i have for you, shutdown of the vine, been that way all morning long, looking live, the westbound lanes of the vine, closed, as you approach the schuylkill from early morning truck that overturned, and all traffic coming through center city right now, is forced off on to the ben franklin parkway. look at all of the brake lights, just absolute parking lot, everyone coming in to center city forced off of the parkway, so they're jumping off where ever they consideration and just causing havoc, here, in center city. so here's what you want to do. g ready to leave the house trying to come in or through center sit or even leaving center city use i59, take 95 south, stick with it or get you to the whitman or to south philly, it will also get you down toward the airport area, then, if you are in center city g trying to get over to 30th street, same deal. take 95 south, and come back in on the schuylkill the opposite way. the media elwyn regional rail line service suspended because every downed wires, look at holiday pictures all week long, keep them coming, going
8:33 am
to south philly, yo, pauley, you ready? >> here is pauley's christmas tree. >> seasons greetings from south philly, yo. he's with the shooting stars new years brigade. he's got the light, he's got the wreath. in the picture window. looking good south philly. and if you like to send us a picture of your christmas lights whether it be the tree or the front of the house all do you have do just make sure to use the hashtag fox 29 lights. >> burt young the actor. >> past few days we've been showing off your fancy christmas lights, but this morning we have a look at some christmas decorations sales. >> all right, so these all come from the website ugly christmas lights, take a look, so first one pretty funny. >> oh, my gosh. >> that guy is hanging on for deer life there. oh, wait, it is a dummy. i thought it was real person. >> but eventually that home own her to take it down, kept scaring people who they wanted to save that guy. probably calling the police and stuff, oh, help him.
8:34 am
>> what would have made this even better, put recording device there, little speaker, help, help. >> oh, help. >> okay, going to the next one. these decorators couldn't get the order right. well, we showed this one, seasons greetings, and convertible generators. >> look at this homeowner. more is more instead of vest more. look at all of the inflatable, couldn't even get in there. >> oh, my gosh. okay, here is another one. oh, wow. when you got to go, you got to go, right, santa? >> oh, my. >> all right, shear another one, original take on the nativity scene. did you know winnie foot was there? >> no. >> real santa hat on. >> where is eore? >> that's true, eore should have been there. >> all right, a change to state liquor rules clearing the way for something very few people in pennsylvania have ever experienced. >> talking about beer getting delivered right to your front door, and our karen hepp in the news room with how is this going to work?
8:35 am
>> first of all you and have i worked together for over a year, you know my big beef for the state of pennsylvania, so hard to get beer in the state. >> now we're going get this listed on our speed dials in our phones, normal pizza place, if they serve beer at your pizza place, may also be able to bring you beer. so that's how it will work. state liquor control board, has made home deliveries beer officially legal, but we always put some of the strict regulation noose place. businesses like our hoagie, and pizza shops can bring beer to your front door if they have what's known as transporter for higher life. so, if they can deliver stuff to you, they can probably deliver you beer. not in every case, but his some. customers have to pay by credit card. you can, when ordering by phone, can you not hand cash to the delivery person. and of course, there is always a limit. there is a hundred 92-ounce limit, i did the math on that one, it equals out to about a 12 pack. so wine being liquor store,
8:36 am
wine and liquor, still not available for home delivery. the pennsylvania licenses beverage and tavern association calling this win for con supers. and so am i. >> the whole thing, i mean, so many people for so long, in native pennsylvanians, have been calling for change on. >> this and you just wonder if -- >> we don't do anything quickly, chris. get used to it, things happen very slowly, like aircraft carrier. >> this was huge, like earthquake shift. we just turned it a little bit. get the biron your speed dial now. >> here is the thing i find interesting. is that not only state controlled, you know, liquor store. >> yes? >> but you can't get beer at the liquor store. >> no, that's a beer distributor. >> different for me, too, used to getting your wine, that casino every thing. >> grocery store own remembers frustrated, they would love to be able to sell bare and liquor. >> wegmans. >> and the giant, there is the new giant that's right over not too far from you, chris. twenty-four hours. there go. >> all the spots!
8:37 am
>> thank you. >> all right, so the list of the most overpaid actors is out. sandra bullock is the only woman in the top ten. but she's not on the top five. the men forbes thinks are just the most overpaid next. >> but first, listen to this. >> ♪ >> this might be my favorite video of all time, moriah carry of course, classic, but is it the bets holiday song of all time? most streamed christmas song in the country, just a bit. >> ♪ (vo) nourished. rescued. protected.
8:38 am
given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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8:41 am
>> san a now in mel born, australia. >> boy, right on the tasmania, and he's not devil, in fact, he is an angel. how many gift so far? >> more than 800 million gift so far. >> wow. >> oh, that saint, a's on arame. >> he's make his way youth to mel born, then veer to the west toward paris. oh, ya. we're going to keep an eye. >> look at him, going, going. love that. wish santa good luck. we want him to come to philly soon. okay, so forbes magazine is out with it annual list of the most overpaid actors in hollywood. >> so, they calculate this list by taking the gross' for the last three movies, the, right, then comparing that to the sal ray that that actor got for each of those movies. so going through the top five. >> remember this is according to forbes, okay? so number five, for overpaid actor, tom hanks. >> awee that's old. that looks like it is from forest gum up. >> really does. >> 1994 release, i believe. >> all right, going to number four, ryan reynolds.
8:42 am
>> good looking guy, right? look at that hair. >> really. >> and isn't he married to black lively. >> i don't know. >> yes, he is. ben stellar. i love all of them meet the parent mover us. >> meet the fockers? >> yes. >> so new movie out, which is what, the third installment, night at the museum? >> that's true, out right now. >> so number two, johnny dep, what's that all about? is he still the heart throb? >> one says yes, still a heart throb. >> pirate of the caribbean, huge, though. >> overparted actors means how far his movies make. >> how much the movies actually pull in. >> right. >> so one, adam sand letters. >> yes, he always get the most razzie awards. >> but like the thing; has he come up with anything recently, snow. >> no, but my son every day asks to watch happy gilmore
8:43 am
with me, that movie. >> oh,. >> the best thing he does, though, drink your gin antoine carra. >> so funny. i like sandler. i think he's fun. >> i yep, that's a funny song, too. on the list of ben afleck, danzel washington, will ferrell and also change tatum. >> sandra bullock the only actress in the top ten. >> our resident guy, quincy, yes, how is termini's brothers now, packed? >> you got a cone old i yet? >> i'm eating one right now. this is my friend, joe termini's, going to teach me how to make canoli's next. >> look at the line. it is crazy. people still here.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> awlwort down here, pocono mountains, blue mountain, see the snow, full effect. tear alert, sue serio everything tearing up during the commercial break, because we have a violin us named melanie hill coming in to
8:47 am
play. >> oh, you have to hear this. oh, touching. >> all tiered up already. >> love it, sue. so to south philly. quincy has been talking about these cannolis, eating one, we want to see you make one. >> yes, i'm going to make a canoli's, joe right here, you guys excited? (cheers). >> people excited here, joe, your third generation of the family. owning, you took it over 96, you and your brother. >> correct. >> your grandpop started this what year? >> geez, 1941. >> wow. >> so you guys have been making cannolis and pastries down here. >> big tradition. >> oh, ya. >> so we will make a canoli. which one will we make? >> fill this one right here. >> what casino of snelling. >> rick the a cheese filling, a lot of people call it our original filling, my grant another's original recipe. >> stick it right in there, all right, don't forget. >> okay. >> there you go. now, push. >> pushing. >> that's it. >> okay? >> turn it, turn it, turn it. >> all right. how is that?
8:48 am
>> do you have push harder than that, push it. >> like salt and pepper commercial? >> keep going. keep going. keep going. turn, turn, turn. >> ugh. >> hold on, can i give this to somebody? >> sure. >> how about you? you taste that. >> thank you. >> see how it is? i just made my first canoli. >> how was it? >> you can't even -- >> now, how many cannolis have i made today? you personally? >> we've been here since 3:00 in the morning, did i not count that. >> the roll question is how many more do i have to fill? >> i mean, the line keeps coming in. usually the line is outside. but you guys are nice enough to let people inside. >> yes. >> because it is raining, and the wetter. >> raining, miserable. thank god it is not snowing. >> can i back some to the station. >> italian kitchens on christmas eve. >> turn it like that.
8:49 am
>> you can give out as many as you want. >> okay. >> want to try it one more time. >> all right, let's do it. >> all right? >> use your hands as a clamp. all right? that's it. >> okay. >> all right, push this. >> push, push, push, push. >> that's it. turn it, turn it, turn it. >> okay. and how do you guys make this? how do you guys make the shell? >> welshing we make the shell right here. that's about 12 month of
8:50 am
preparation. but oh, there you go. >> oh, look! >> oh,. >> much better. >> you did it. now keep working on the south philly accent. >> ya. hey, how is my south philly accent? hey? >> oh, yo, cuz. >> yo, cuz. >> the filling will make the shell turn little sog. >> i so you want it crispy when you bite into it. >> new study claims men are most likely to wait until the very last minute to buy their christmas gift. >> what's wrong with us? >> but they are not sending the most time shopping for that special someone. coming up, who guys really want to impress with their parent. >> interesting. >> who could it be? with their presents. >> ♪ get ready for some german engineered holiday excitement. at the volkswagen sign-then-drive event.
8:51 am
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8:54 am
>> all right, still tracking santa at last report, according to knowrad, he was in gee owing if i list own here, oh, this guy, watch him fly around, in southeast asia. and, over 80,075,000,000 gift delivered spilling off the edge of our traffic there, that's how many, and that's so far, but what's a christmas eve forecast here in philadelphia, for when santa comes onto your roof with the sack of gift we hope if you've been good. temperatures in the 50's. rainy and windy. not the best weather for saint a but it doesn't matter, as long as you've been behaving yourself we'll be here. a look at the rain headed your way, from the south of us, and there it is, it is just all over the place, getting little break, don't get excited because the rain is coming back, temperatures in the 40's, but we're going to get into the lower 60s by the end of the day, can't rule out a
8:55 am
thunderstorm for christmas eve. sun comes back on christmas day, and the afternoon, 53 degrees, tomorrow, and the winds picking up to 30 miles an hour at times. a nice friday, nice saturday, and then a chilly change the beginning of next week, with some snow in the forecast, but not for christmas live look, westbound lanes remain closed no access to the schuylkill expressway. because after early morning accident that involved an overturned truck, and here's a live look from our center city camera, the brake light, jammed solid, crossing town, from 95 all the way over to where we can't see any further here, where they are pushing traffic off ton to the ben franklin parkway. if you're in center city or trying to work your way down toward the airport -- ♪ is this like the awards ceremony, like the awards show?
8:56 am
it is time to go. they're cutting moa off. here we go, the vine expressway closed, use i95 as your best bet to head southbound down toward the airport and that's probably going to be like that for the never couple of hours. >> it wasn't me. >> don't forget -- >> i would like to thank the academy. >> we like you, we really like you. >> we do. so another live look at the airport, many of are you getting ready to catch a flight today. but not so fast. we have a live report from the airport, letting you know about any delays because of this werth, also about those long security lines. >> like to thank the academy and my mom, my wife. >> ♪
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> so far delivered more than 900 million gift. go, santa, go. >> and he's just started. >> a billion. >> so exciting. >> i love. >> this you know, aim so excited about this song. this is my favorite christmas song. it is luther vandrose, mistletoe jam. they never play it much, but at my house we with play this, we would go around the house, dance, give each other kisses. >> go kiss me. >> starting to come down with it, too? >> covering. >> so sore. >> i oh, i blame you. >> good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> good point. what's your favorite christmas song? >> tweet us, let us know what your favorite christmas song is that you are putting on right now sitting around with your family if you are getting ready on this christmas eve. >> whenever i hear the voice it, remind me of my dad and the holidays. >> it is christmas eve, december 24th, 2014. >> so you know


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