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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 25, 2014 3:00am-4:01am EST

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>> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future awesome. >> breaking news part of a building has collapsed in philadelphia's olney section. the fire department saying people may be trapped. good evening, i'm iain page. there are not whole lot of details right now. we do know the building is located at 125 west rose vest boulevard and one person has been taken to temple hospital. firefighters are still on the scene. we do have a crew on the way right now and bring you a live report as soon as we can. our other top story tonight of course a very wet christmas eve. a live look at radar shows the mess over much of the northeast tonight. the rain definitely cause something problems for travelers at the airport and train stations. even last minute shoppers trying to finish what's on their christmas lists. let's get you right over to chief meteorologist scott williams tracking what's on your radar tonight. >> hi there, iain. of course we're not done with the rain full just yet a little bit a lull on this christmas e
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eve. few sprinkles and light showers returning into parts of south jersey. we'll zoom in closer right now. you can see as we move into sections of camden and gloucester counties right now also around cumberland and salem counties we're looking at a few of those showers returning toward the vineland and the millville area. but take a look off to the west. we've been keeping tabs on this area of rainfall. even if a few thunderstorms moving out of the upper ohio river valley into the western part of the state, and this activity will continue to head in our direction overnight and early on your christmas day. so we'll go hour by hour and you can see by midnight we're watching the return some of showers, perhaps even a rumble of thunder. temperatures will be in the 60s overnight. by 4am we're still looking at some clouds and showers. also, as we move toward 6:00 a.m. as well. so a role the clock and watch out things play out with future fox cast. by midnight more showers returning across the area, and then as we move toward the overnight time frame, here's 2:00 a.m. south jersey, sections
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of delaware looking at some of that rain. and look at 4:00 a.m. pretty good coverage across the area from the poconos lehigh valley moving north and west to the suburbs and also back down into south jersey with more rainfall and this will continue for the early part of the day. coming up we'll talk about the changes ahead for christmas day as well as that seven day forecast. see yann, back to you. >> all right, scott. thank you let's take live look at the airport tonight. today's weather caused several delays only few cancellations. a lot of people left ahead of christmas eve because the airport had a crowd. it wasn't too busy. we did run into some people who admitted they were weary travelers but most are happy who have reached their final destination with a few bumps along the way. >> we were delayed about two hours and we sat on the tarmac for about half an hour. it was kind of sweet because we met a bunch of people. i met a farmer telling me about a cows and a woman coming up
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here to see her grandkids. it was kind of sweet. >> 30th street station was bustling with people hoping to make it on time for christmas. most trains we saw were running pretty much on time. meantime in other parts of the country major travel issues. as in tee weather system down south had a lot of passengers camping out at the airport in charlotte, north carolina. at chicago's o'hare airport people had to deal with delays and canceled flights because of all the rain, snow and ripped. before head out tomorrow for christmas festivities make sure to head to our website at and get the latest forecast as as any problems out there on the roads. just click on the weather tab. christmas eve marks holy night for christians around the world. masses are celebrated traditionally at midnight to commemorate the birth of jesus being born at night. ♪ >> pope francis celebrated mass in vatican city earlier tonight. this evening's mass kicks off busy week for the pope that will include his traditional
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christmas speech. new year's eve sunset service and 2015 greetings meantime closer to home many filled the lutheran church of our save your tonight much this was the 8:30 mass at haddonfield, new jersey. there's another service that starts at 11:00. we are following a developing story this christmas eve. a deadly hit-and-run in philadelphia's holmesburg section tonight we know the name of the woman killed. she's 33-year-old theresa pozzi. shawnette wilson spoke with the victim's sister tonight. >> tell my mother that her daughter was killed on state road by a hit-and-run. >> reporter: carol is over overcome with grief at the death of her 33-year-old sister theresa pozzi. >> i identified her body this afternoon.
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and whoever that person is, it's cruel and heartless. >> reporter: police say someone driving a truck hit theresa tuesday evening around 5:30 and kept going. it happened while she was crossing state road in the middle of the block to get bus stop. >> there were witnesses and there were kind people around not to leave her there alone. like that man or woman who hit her and knocked her so far when he clearly or she clearly knew that something happened. >> reporter: carol says her sister had just left prison on state road where she visited her boyfriend. the person who hit terese saw what driving attack colored pick up. she was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> they didn't deserve what happened to her. no one deserves what happened to her. >> that was shawnette wilson reporting. also developing tonight, the
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centers for disease control says a lab technician may have accidentally been exposed to ebola. cdc spokeswoman says that a person working in a secure lab may have come in contact with a small amount of the live virus. it was being used as part of ebola experiment. the potential exposure is under internal investigation and has been reported to the secretary of health and human services. additional employees have also been notified. in new castle county, two people rushed to the hospital after a car drove through the lobby of a nursing home it happened at the coax berry village nursing home. 89 year old man was found opinioned between the car and a wall. he was taken to christiana hospital in critical condition. another person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. police are still investigating the accident. police in missouri shoot and kill a teen but they say the circumstances were different than that deadly shooting in ferguson. this incident happened at a gas station in berkeley and it was all caught by surveillance cameras.
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police say they were responding to a call when one man pointed his gun at an officer. that's when police say the officer grabbed his open weapon and killed 18-year-old antonio martin. still with tensions high, police were force forced to make severl arrests after demonstrations and protests turned violent. >> you couldn't even compare this with ferguson or the garner case in new york. i can assure you that did not happen last night. we had a policeman responding to a call, protecting the residents of the city of berkeley. police say the suspect in this case had been arrested several times before. they are still looking for one person who took off from the scene. >> jet blue offering to fly police officers from around the country to new york city so they can attend the funeral of new york police department officer ramos. he was one of two police offic officers killed last saturday and what officials are calling
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along assassination. jet blue there fly two officers from any department to new york. ramos' funeral is being held on saturday. a funeral for the second officer wenjian liu has not yet been scheduled. you looking for christmas movie to watch after the news. the interview is now an option. in a change of heart sony pictures is now streaming the movie online. it will be released in about 300 theaters across the country tomorrow including one in wilmington. houston' alamo draft house cinema another one stepping up to show the flick. >> we're just very happy in houston to be able to spotlight this movie and to bring it to an audience that wants to see it. >> one republican senator has said president obama a letter requesting white house screening of the interview. he will wants members of congress invited so there can be serious discussion about how to deal with cyber attacks. a montgomery county grandfather holds on to the memory of his late grand season by keeping saved voice males until one day they are accidentally erased.
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fox 29's lauren johnsson tells us how the kindness of one man helps bring holiday peace for another. >> you're in my thoughts and prayers and our hearts go out to you. >> reporter: ed o'hanlon had big plans on saving cherished voice males. >> i have all my voice males going back to 2007. >> the messages about his grandson john matthew shapiro who was diagnosed with brain cancer. >> john was our hero. our super hero. >> six-year-old lost his battle in 2011. >> i just feel so very, very sorry for your loss of john. >> reporter: words of comfort helped ed and his wife becky through loss and devastation. >> you can't buy this. i don't care if you have all the money in the world. >> reporter: 10 days ago trying to add a line of service at home the messages were mistakenly delete. >> i was in state of depression. i mean especially this time of year. >> reporter: becky was worried her husband would have a heart tack. >> try to cam down and you'll have to call and we'll see what
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we can do. >> reporter: after hours and days of hitting dead ends, ed phoned a close friend who put him in touch with this man, do doug. >> definitely hearing the background story, you know, tragic thing that happened. >> reporter: doug called comcast team in denver, colorado and four hours later -- >> you have 106 new messages. >> the o'hanlons were back in business. >> you're in my thoughts and prayers always. >> on christmas eve doug and ed meet for the first time. >> greater just to know we were able to will he solve it and give him back something so close to his march. >> reporter: greatest gift to this grandfather the. >> the best present i could have ever gotten. >> reporter: now he adds another super hero to his list this christmas. >> they did for me something i cherish for the rest of my life. in blue bell, lauren johnson fox 29 news. >> terrified women recording as the drivers lunch them off the road and charges at their car claiming she's asher rips depu
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deputy. what less say happened just hours earlier and -- >> i'm brad satin about an hour now before all of the malls close ask any guy and they'll tell you, heck, that's all the time in the world. the story coming up. ♪ >> plus we are tracking santa. take a look you can see right now he's heading for tampa, florida. hey you all kids out there you better head off to bed soon. we'll continue to track santa throughout this newscast.
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>> we want to update you on breaking news we told you about at the top of the newscast. we do know at least one person is in the hospital after a partial building collapse in philadelphia's olney section. that happened just before 9:30 tonight on the 100 block of west roosevelt boulevard. we still don't know what caused the collapse or how badly that person was hurt. all right. a scary drive for a young woman and her friend when a truck forces them off the road and that's only the beginning. >> that driver then as you can see gets out of her truck and runs up to the victim's window telling them she's a sheriff's deputy. they knew better and the drive called 911 while the passenger caught the whole thing on her cell phone camera. they sped off trying to find the closest highway patrol officer and the other driver followed. >> she even got out of her car then, ran towards our car and the officer, the woman had to yell at her, ma'am, stay in your car, stay in your car g that officer arrested the woman. she was just released from jail
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that morning for a different hit-and-run charge. all right. back to that breaking news. building collapse in philadelphia's olney section. brad satin just got there on the scene. so, brad, what can you tell us? >> reporter: iain update is this. two people with minor injuries everybody is going to be okay but two with minor injuries. one at a taken to temple. the other taken to einstein. this is 125. you can see as we kind of pan down the collapse, the rubble there. apparently, in 125 there were five adults on the second floor at the time. the connecting building 127 there were sick adults an child. so a total of 12 people at the at the time when this collapse happened. they were all taken out we're told through the back via a latter. so they were all taken down. we don't know at this point what caused the collapse. it happened within the hour here but we know that two people suffering some minor injuries taken by ambulances to two hospitals here at 125 west roosevelt boulevard. the fire department is here
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trying to get down to the bottom of what happened everyone is out of the home at this point. crowd kind of gathered around as we try to figure out more on this but again two minor injuries. it's nothing more serious at least than that. iain, back to you. >> brad, that is good news. thank you for that. let's get a check on your fox 29 weather authority now. what's on the radar tonight, scott, instead of all that rain moving out of here. >> iain certainly has been a wet christmas eve. a half an inch to an inch of rain and we're not done just yet. we still have another round to get through. let's zoom in closer and you can see we have a few pockets of light showers and parts of south jersey right now moving toward the hammonton area, winslow, also moving into sections around millville. looking at some of those light showers, not the heavy rainfall we saw earlier in the day. but look off to the west. you can see another line of some showers even some thunderstorms toward the western part of the state. so that will continue to head in our direction overnight. so as we roll the clock you can see around midnight we're looking at some pockets of rainfall across the area. and we'll continue to watch the
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clock here 2:00 a.m. south jersey and delaware looking at much of the rainfall but by 4am, take look. widespread coverage from the poconos to down the shore. we're looking at that second round of rainfall moving in overnight and early tomorrow morning. but it look like after about 7:00 o'clock it starts to clear the coast. we start to dry out but it turns blustery behind that system and temperatures will be dropping. so the bottom line another round of rain overnight after midnig midnight. above average temperatures lows tonight in the mid to upper 50s. morning showers on christmas day but turning blustery. winds will gust up to 40 miles per hour. so as we look at that forecast for christmas day an early leftover shower. once again most of the rape is out of here by 7:00 a.m. 52 degrees will be the high temperature, but it will a little colder because of those winds. continuing to watch the track of santa, thankfully rudolph has that red nose to kind of go through those clouds and the rainfall overnight but santa has arrived in the united states as
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we take look at those temperatures, 62 right now in philadelphia. so well above average for this time of year. temperatures tonight in the 50s. another round of rainfall and as we take a look at that seven day forecast, we dry out on christmas day but once again it's blustery. low 50s for friday, sunshine saturday. 54 for the high and then sunday there could be a scattered shower chance. upper 40s for highs. and then monday we're looking at the potential for, yes, some rain, maybe even some wet snow. it stays cold for tuesday. there could be some flower less around. there kohl's be some flurries as we move toward new year's eve with temperatures in the upper 30s. so enjoy the 60s, because, yeah, it's changing as we move forward next week and close out the month. >> all right, scott, thanks. we will enjoy. at least i will. thank you. have you gotten all your shopping finished by now? maybe if you don't the malls of course filled with last minute gift buyers as you can imagine which had our brad satin asking tonight that age old question. why do us guys always cut it so
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close? >> reporter: it was the night before christmas and all through the malls those last minute shoppers were out this gift wrapper has seen them all. >> it's the guys. guys wait till the three minute. >> the 3:00 o'clock. the mall closes at sick. tag along with someone who hasn't done any shopping and see how they make out. easy enough. just find a guy. >> we're with fox 29. >> i'm in hurry. >> you don't have any time to talk. >> with a long christmas list. >> i don't have time. i wish i did. >> no thanks. >> with the clock ticking -- >> i'm too busy i got a lot to do. >> can i ask you a quick question. we're with fox 29. >> to talk to us. >> how is your christmas shopping coming? go, go, just go, hit it. >> thank you. >> apparently stopping for an interview would just kill the mojo. getting a little flustered myself, we're doing a little story. there's our camera. here he is. we took a break. picture here, a quick selfie with the news guy there. we're doing it. and then back to work with a new
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strategy. >> maybe we have better luck with women. >> after all they're shopping has been done for weeks. they're obviously just here for quick bite to eat. r and r, even quick nail trim. >> you're not stress. >> no. >> and offer us guy a little holiday cheer. >> say hello. >> cheered me up at least. >> how is your shopping coming. horrible. >> we saw him lupia run the july row counter few times, stop, look down, put his hands in his pocket and as the minutes went by we were about to give up on him when suddenly he made purchase. >> why do we wait till the last second? >> we're guys. that's it. we're guys. >> just when you thought all hope was lost, faith in the male gender restored. bags in hasn't his christmas shopping complete. how did this super hero succeed when so many before him failed. >> because i have a list. >> oh, right. the list. good reminder, guys, for next year. in cherry hill, brad satin, fox
3:21 am
29 news. >> you can always get gift cards and give them all out. buy them right now for next year. >> you can do it online. you don't even have to go outside. you can do it right there at your desk. >> all right. wait a minute. i see you doing it right now. they can't ship it overnight. to be a good player and teammate in football it's not about personal goals. hear from one eagle who gave up -- gives it up for personal accomplish many for a team goal and the head coach has some joy when he could let one of his players know about a special moment. that's coming up in sports. >> we'll still tracking santa. santa in in south carolina. we will continue to track him throughout this newscast. stick around. ♪
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>> i got to hurry up. i am trying toiseac to catch sa. the eagles are doing something we didn't think would happen three weeks ago they're final playing their final game of the season. no playoffs. playing new york on sunday. no playoffs but some individual honors. eagles got five players name not nfl pro ball. if you have a chance to make the playoffs or play in in a pro bowl, there can onlily one for the timers it's a great honor. >> i don't really know how much
3:25 am
a pro bowl really means. um, you know, i do my four years here, played in one playoff game so far. not going to play in any this year. i think that this game is not about individuals. it's always been a team. most team oriened game i think there is a around. >> amazing playoffs. you got 16 games and then you really got to get there. another player making it for the first time first year eagle darren sproles had had great year made the pro bowl as a special teams specialist and it was fun for chip kell toll give him the news. >> i was happy for darren, really, really happy for darren. i think he was genuinely happy himself being 11 years and not ever making it and finally getting the recognition he deserves. making those calls that's kind of the fun part of it. some of the alternate calls weren't exactly fun but those calls i think darren was really excited about it. >> all right. let's step back. even without playoffs there are moments you real dollar have to step back. give thanks on this christmas
3:26 am
eve. >> especial ale round your family and, um, you know, obviously like you said we're not, you know, where we want to be, but, um, you know, there's more to life than football. you know, and try to faux can you on the positive thing right now. everything that we do have and that we're blessed to have. being able to play at this level and realize how blessed we really are. >> all right. merry christmas to everybody and the stores are still open for 30 minutes. as soon as you're done get out. >> speaking of that one last look at santa tonight and take a look. we have been tracking him all night. you can see right now as we take a look, look at this. listen to the music. santa has now made it to virginia. kids if you're out there you better get to bed because santa coming and we're tracking it also remember to watch tmz at 11:00 o'clock. we're back her at 4:00 a.m. for the fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". be sure to stay tuned. have great holiday, everybody. thanks for watching. ♪
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♪ >> merry christmas, i'm lucy noland. i'm iain page, thanks for joining us for beautiful sights and sound of season. >> we will start off with the enan tabernacle baptist church singing angels sing. >> hark the herald angels sing, glory to the new born king. peace on earth and in mercy
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mild, god and sinners reconcile. join the triumph of the skies. with the angelic host proclaim, crisis born in bethlehem oh, hark the herald
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angels sing, and we say glory to the new born king. thank you, jesus. thank you you jesus. the greatest gift of all. i'm so glad that over 2,000 years ago, you gave him to us lord to leave your thrown of glory and come down to eternity, to fall into generations. just to become, god.
3:33 am
and you were born the virgin mary. and you are the gift of light for me. yes, you are. you gave us the greatest of all. >> the greatest gift of all. and we're so glad you did, my lord. you gave. >> you gave us. you gave us the the greatest gift of all. >> the greatest gift of all. and we say glory. >> glory. >> we thank you jesus. >> thank you jesus.
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>> oh, you gave us. >> gave us. >> the greatest gift. >> the the greatest gift. >> the greatest gift of all. >> ♪ >> beautiful. >> well, christmas just isn't christmas without a little charlie brown. >> i agree with you, iain. here is pea on owe player david guburt with christmastime is here. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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a three boys in my home all the same age, of course, triplets i can tell you sometimes they can make a lot of noise. >> they are so well behaved. >> yes. >> however, when a group of boys is in, sink it is a blissful thing. here's philadelphia boys choir singing merry christmas, merry christmas.
3:42 am
♪ merry christmas, merry christmas ♪ ♪ sing a song for the glorious season ♪ ♪ merry christmas, merry christmas ♪ ♪ sing a song for a happy new year ♪ ♪ sing merrily, merrily, loud and strong ♪ ♪ welcome the wintry season ♪ just follow along with the holiday song ♪ ♪ santa is here again, yes ♪ merry christmas, merry christmas ♪ ♪ sing a song for the glorious season ♪ ♪ merry christmas, merry christmas ♪ ♪ sing a song for a happy new year ♪ ♪ the reindeer fly, if you need any proof ♪ ♪ it's merely a matter of reason ♪ ♪ just listen, you'll hear when they land on the roof ♪ ♪ santa is here again, yes ♪ merry christmas, merry christmas ♪ ♪ sing a song for the glorious season ♪ ♪ merry christmas, merry christmas ♪ ♪ sing a song for a happy new year ♪ ♪ merry christmas, merry christmas ♪ ♪ sing a song for the glorious
3:43 am
season ♪ ♪ merry christmas, merry christmas ♪ ♪ its a magical, miracle, annual, lyrical ♪ ♪ sing along now, sing a song for a happy new year ♪
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♪ merry christmas, merry christmas ♪ ♪ sing a song for a happy new year ♪ ♪ sing merrily, merrily, loud and strong ♪ ♪ merry christmas, merry christmas ♪ ♪ sing a song for a happy new year ♪ ♪ merry christmas, merry christmas ♪ ♪ sing a song for a happy new year ♪ ♪ merry christmas, merry christmas ♪ ♪ its a magical, miracle, annual, lyrical ♪ ♪ sing along now, sing a song for a happy new year ♪ >> impressive. welshing gabriel hurtsmart from the new covenant church in philadelphia has a heavenly voice. >> she's sing oh, holy night accompanied by dancer amber anderson. ♪ oh holy night! ♪ the stars are brightly shining ♪
3:45 am
♪ it is the night of the dear savior's birth! ♪ ♪ long lay the world in sin and error pining ♪ ♪ till he appear'd and the soul felt its worth. ♪ ♪ a thrill of hope the weary world rejoices ♪ ♪ for yonder breaks a new and glorious morn! ♪ ♪ fall on your knees
3:46 am
♪ oh hear the angel voices ♪ oh night divine ♪ oh night when christ was born ♪ ♪ oh night divine ♪ oh night divine ♪ fall on your knees ♪ oh hear the angel voices
3:47 am
♪ oh night divine ♪ oh night when christ was born ♪ ♪ oh night divine ♪ oh night divine ♪ oh night divine >> and, every where you go, right now you see fantastic holiday lights, displays but you know what there are extra special when they benefit charity, and such is the case in marlton, new jersey. beth and tom have turned their
3:48 am
home on kings avenue, it is an attraction with 100,000 lights, and this year people will do it, and can donate to the make a wish
3:49 am
3:50 am
3:51 am
and, berwyn, chester county beautiful music is being made, the joy bells of melmark are a choir made up of 12 adult with intellectual disabilities. >> all they they cannot read music, they sure can play. >> ♪ >> music therapy, are just creative endeavors have a huge place for our folks. >> i love to make music. it is my dream come true. >> the music we make, a lot of sound, loud sound, soft sounds. some are really big, big
3:52 am
sounds. >> and, the bells involve the entire person, it is cognitive, it is will physical, social, emotional and spiritual, it touches them on every level. >> we have to have dedication, we have to work hard. >> we break the music down, note by note, measure by measure, line by line, and we practice it over and over again until each one of us have our own part memorized. >> ♪ >> they love to perform. it gives them an opportunity to demonstrate their talents
3:53 am
to the community. it should be appreciated for the the skill that they have. >> i love the sounds. >> ♪ >> it sounds beautiful. >> it is really fun. i have all of my friends. they really like it, and all my friends like it. it is really nice. >> ♪ well, good cause now this one comes from the larry rule in levittown, bucks county, lights on stony brook drive are brilliantly timed to music. you can tune in on your own car radio what a show. donations are a
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3:56 am
thank you for joining us and we leave you now with a performance by performing arts charter high school. >> it is carol of the bells, have yourself a wonderful holiday. ♪ hark! how the bells ♪ sweet silver bells ♪ all seem to say ♪ "throw cares away." ♪ christmas is here ♪ bringing good cheer ♪ to young and old ♪ meek and the bold ♪ ding, dong, ding, dong ♪ that is their song ♪ with joyful ring ♪ all caroling ♪ one seems to hear ♪ words of good cheer ♪ from ev'rywhere ♪ filling the air ♪ oh how they pound ♪ raising the sound ♪ o'er hill and dale ♪ telling their tale ♪ gaily they ring
3:57 am
♪ while people sing ♪ songs of good cheer ♪ christmas is here ♪ merry, merry, merry, merry christmas ♪ ♪ merry, merry, merry, merry christmas ♪ ♪ on, on they send ♪ on without end ♪ their joyful tone ♪ to ev'ry home ♪ christmas is here ♪ bringing good cheer ♪ to young and old ♪ meek and the bold ♪ ding, dong, ding, dong ♪ that is their song ♪ with joyful ring ♪ all caroling ♪ one seems to hear
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well, merry christmas. >> yes, december 25th, 2014, finally, good to have you with us. >> you say finally because we both have young kids. how many more days until christmas, how many more taste until christmas. >> how many sleeps. if you take a nap does that count as two sleeps in one day. >> finally here. >> merry christmas to you. thanks for being with us. >> did you do the the whole count down. >> every day. >> yeah. >> we do not have to count down not for another 364 days. >> we are already counting. >> we wanted to start this morning with music. >> here's gabriel hurt smart from the new covenant church in philadelphia, singing o h holy night accompanied by dancer am will ber anderson.


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