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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  December 26, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EST

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a christmas miracle, delivered on a septa train this one has got all of the element drawn, heroes and a happy ending and chris, of course, our favorite exclusive video. we will show it to you. >> looking forward to that, thank you. meantime hack attacks just keep coming now make soft and sony are victims on the same day crowds hit the the theaters for the movie the interview. to is admitting to the crime? we will look at. that but first sue serio tracking weekend weather. happy boxing day, sue. >> thank you. i don't think it is boxing with gloves and punching each other, no, of course not. it is about stuff that comes in boxes. hopefully you got that stuff yesterday. what about the weekend?
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what is left of the holiday weekend and when you can expect rain coming up in your weather authority forecast. all right. then services begin today for one of the ny pd officers killed in the execution style attack in new york, how one company is honoring police around the country with the heart warming offer. good day, it is friday, december 26th. the the day after christmas. sue serio, how was your holiday. >> terrific. we made a quick trip with baltimore, spent great time at my brother's house with family. you know, that is what it is all about sharing that time together. hopefully you had a great time too. lets see what we have in store today. we will start off with satellite radar and in the only do we not have any rain in our part of the country but we cannot find any cloud either. that bodes well for plenty of sunshine for today. lets start off with the current temperature of 34 degrees. 8 miles an hour wind out of the west southwest, wind
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chillies 27 degrees, and sunrise time is 7:21, in the morning. so temperatures range from 30 in pottstown to 32 in mount pocono. thirty-four in philadelphia good thing there isn't any precipitation or we would be talking about wintry stuff. thirty-five in wilmington. 39 degrees in wildwood. checking the wind, nothing extreme here either, calm wind in some places, 8 miles an hour here in philadelphia out of the southwest and 3-mile an hour breeze in wildwood. so, that is actually we will have to go past that because that was an older little thing, when we were counting down to christmas. things did play out the way they were supposed to. dry and sunny today with temperatures above average. the lets break down the day by 9:00 o'clock it should be about 38 degrees, chilly but sunny. we will zoom up to 47 by lunchtime and probably top off at 52 degrees for a high temperature for this day after christmas. we will go through the seven
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day forecast and tell but when we can expect that chance of rain over the weekend, coming up in just a few minutes. so friday morning, bob kelly, hopefully it is a light traffic day for you. >> i think it will be a light traffic day at least beginning of the morning will be light. later on once everyone wake up and they load up car and realize kid are off from school, they are driving us crazy what will we he do around lunchtime is when we will start to see the the jams out there probably around some of the shopping malls getting those sales and making returns. a live look, south jersey route 30 no problems at all working your way out of the front door and early morning start, quiet roadways, roads are dry. no problems at all here on the the schuylkill expressway coming in or out of downtown philadelphia. i-95, looking good as well, in northeast philadelphia, in problems at all. we are not going to see any construction crew is today tying us up. that is good news. a live look at the the blue route right outside of mid county. using mass transit, a couple curve balls here, regional rail lines are running on a
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regular, weekday schedule, you are good to go there from the suburbs. however, the buses and trolleys are running on a modified schedule. the route ten running with no delays. buses are looking g keep that in mind. that is an old graphic from the airport. so far so good at philly international. we will keep an eye on that and check bridges. tacony palmyra bridge opening coming up at 4:25. chris, back over to you. lets get to this at the 4:04. a man is recovering after being stabbed in the holmesberg section of philadelphia overnight. police say the man was stab in the chest over the the 5600 block of ditman street. the man was taken to the hospital in stable condition. in word yet on any possible arrests. meantime an area couple gets a special present on christmas, and fox 29 is only camera on the scene to catch septa officers in action. sabina kuriakose will bring us up to date live from center city, hi sabina. >> reporter: i don't know how a story can get any better.
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we have a baby delivered by two septa police officers on christmas day. unbelievable. it all happened here at 15th and market, subway station here one of the most unlikely of places around 6:00 o'clock yesterday. lets take a look the at that exclusive video we have been telling but this morning. fox 29 is the only crew there to capture that baby being rushed out by those officers. officer daniel cabin and jarel james got a call of the woman in labor and they ran over and found baby was already crowning when they got inside of the train car. it was all happening so fast, they jumped in to action, they put on their gloves and they were able to deliver a healthy baby boy. >> baby was breathing. maintained the head and make sure the cord was not around the neck or anything like that. >> we got our gloves ready and we delivered the baby. that is all we could do. >> reporter: quick thinking officers, they know know what they will face on that job but obviously they are very good and heroes.
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proud pop, of course, so happy he took pictures with the officers before heading over to meet mom and baby at hahnemann hospital and we are told at last check that the family, and baby are doing well, chris? good that is very good news. what timing, right? all right, thank you. 4:06. here is your chance to stump out hunger with the cast of international percussion sensation stump which is currently performing in philadelphia student, fans, theater goers will receive a special lesson from the cast today at kimmel center participants are asked to bring canned goods which will then go to philabundance. great cause. another hack, yes, another one begins sony, this time affecting play station and microsoft x box, also experienced disruptions. yesterday, christmas day a hacker group called lizard squad is claiming responsibility for the disruptions on its twitter accounts. the group that claimed credit for the attacks on the play station network in august and sony pictures was target of
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the massive hack attack involving a series of leaked e-mails from the company which, of course, we and everyone else has been reporting on quite a bit. the crowd around the country, that said turnout for premiere of sony's the interview. penn cinema is one of 300 theaters that decided to show the the film after sony reversed the the decision to pull the move any response to that hack. now that is down from 3,000 screens. hackers had threatened to attack at showings of the film so bomb sniffing dogs were brought in as a precaution to wilmington but many movie goers say they weren't worried about their savety. >> unaudible. >> meanwhile russia is offering support to north korea. the the white house blames the sony hack on north korea who denied the allegations. now a russian spokesperson says north korea's anger is understandable and u.s. threats of retaliation are
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counterproductive. police arrested a with man for running down a will valet the outside mainland restaurant and then taking off. michelle simmons pulled up to the valet stand at season's 52 in upper merion wednesday afternoon. they say she grabbed one valet the's cell phone, a second valet as it was going on. that is when police say simmons hit the gas, evidently that second valet was standing in front of the car at the time and he was thrown on to the hood for quite a while, right there by the windshield and then fell a short time later. and, several apartments tried to pull simmons over before they say she crashed in the parking lot in whitpain township. that woman is now in custody. we will keep an eye on that. at 4:08. the christmas celebrations are put on hole in sierra leone as officials deal with the ebola up dep i can. they are affect more than any other nation. the epidemic has put a strain on holiday shopping and travel. sierra leone has more than 9,000 ebola cases.
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office party contest in salt lake city takes a wrong turn and co-workers end up in the hospital. it all happened when a worker accepted the alcohol free eggnog chugging contest invitation. we don't have that here at fox 29. participants said everything was going well when he was declared the winner. but 12 seconds later after, downing the quart of eggnog he could in the breathe. he was rush to the hospital. he had eggnog in his lungs and oh, yeah, it took the man a week to recover. former president george hw bush did not getting to home for the holidays. he haded to spend christmas at a houston hospital after experiencing shortness of breath earlier this week. family expects men says the 90 year-old had a terrific day and is in great spirit. a big cat grabbed on i a hong kong street after two million-dollar falls off an armored truck.
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poem were scrambling to collect money before police showed up. police believe money was secured in three cash boxes before it became undone. police are urging anyone who pick up the money to hand it over or risk being arrested. president obama and the the first lady are marking the even to the war in afghanistan in
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good morning, welcome back on this day after christmas and christmas day lunch for those, less fortunate. second pilgrim baptist church in fairmount has been offering christmas meals, for the last 20 years now. organizers of the lunch say helping their neighbors is what the holiday is all about. >> that is what we do, we just love everybody. we all need some help, that is all it is about helping someone else. we love what we do we love it. i wouldn't change my place for nobody. >> in addition to the lunch the church also gifted clothing and shoes to those who attended. sun, surf and sand for christmas a record breaking turnout for annual surf and santa event, this is in cocoa beach, santa one man started this five years ago and look
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at what this has turned in to part of the proceed will go to the cocoa beach surf museum and another partings to the organization called grind for life, a cancer survival and recovery organization. the pretty cool stuff there, sue serio. >> i could see you doing that totally. >> i think i'm the the only native californiaan who has never tried surfing ever, once. the it was always all about baseball. >> that is all right. we all have our thing. here's the thing, we don't have anything to where bye weather-wise, visibility is good. we don't have any fog to tell you about. we don't have any rain. at this time yesterday it was still raining, if you were up really really early but that went away and we had plenty of sunshine for christmas day and all kind of played out just as predicted and we told you friday would be a nice day and we cannot find anything even nearby to show you, on ultimate doppler radar. so, we will take a look at what is happening after that,
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except that we're, okay, i thought we were frozen. let it go. all right. now we have a closer view of nothing on ultimate doppler radar. now we will jump ahead to our future cast to 4:00 in the morning on saturday, again, nothing going on there, weather-wise, it really isn't until sunday that we will start to see the the clouds and by 8:00 in the morning we have rain around. so if you have outdoor holiday weekend things you want to do, today is the day, tomorrow is the day, sunday is your indoor, go to the movies or museum or maybe just all kind of fun indoor things to do on sunday because that rain is on and off throughout the day and won't be gone until after sunset on sunday. so temperatures right now are pretty chilly thanks to those clear skies. we've got 30 degrees in pottstown. thirty-four in philadelphia 29 in millville. 39 degrees in wildwood. but the wind are not making it feel much colder then that. 8 miles an hour out of the southwest so maybe a little
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bit of the wind chill but nothing dramatic, temperature trend over the past five days, has been going up. now this 65 degrees we got to on christmas day was an early high while the rain was still here and then temperatures did drop after this sun came out and we averaged in the 50's during the day which is what we shall do today. 52 degrees is our high temperature. we won't have significant wind chills. get outside and enjoy that one and tomorrow with the high of 55. scattered showers around on sunday and then really cold temperatures after that because those showers are coming, with a cold front so the high, on monies for 42 degrees. get ready for a cold new years eve. the day time high is 35. so at night it will be down there in the 20's at midnight and it stays cold for the first day of the year and for the mummers parade, on thursday, new years day. so, the at least, the mummers are happy when it is dry bob kelly. >> exactly. >> i'm sure they will take the cold over the rain. i will wearing my fox 29 long
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johns for part raid there next week. live look at 295 in south jersey, quite it this morning, we will stay that because through most of the morning rush hour. later part of the rush hour will start to see some volume pop, live look here at i-95 near philadelphia international, no problems or delays at all at the airport and no problems getting there. here's a live look at route 202 through construction zone working your waste up to route 29. tacony palmyra is expecting an opening at any minute at 4:25. heading out the front door, be ready for a stoppage. mass transit running with no delays. chris, back over to you. at 4:17, a prankster had a little fun on the garden state parkway turning the clark and westfield exit into clark gris world, the father in the christmas vacation series, taped on sign, has been since reviewed, well, reviewed and removed by the turnpike authority as you can well
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imagine and alex holley was great to be dressed up for christmas. food and drug administration is reminding consumers not to eat happy apple brand carmel apples. they announced a possible connection between a listeria out break and it apples. three people have died, 29 illnesses have been link to that out break. 4:18. world leaders are relaying a message of hope and peace on christmas day in bethlehem, the bible town where christians believe jesus was born, tourist from around the globe traveled for mass and vatican city pope francis delivered his christmas message and blessing for those caught in conflict. president obama spending the holiday with his family in hawaii and asked americans to celebrate and honor u.s. troops, veterans and their families. in just a few days our combat mission in afghanistan will be over. our longest war will come to a responsible end. >> in afghanistan american
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soldiers are looking forward to a home coming of course but they still got to celebrate christmas, even if it was from very far away. fox's leland vetter reports. >> pretty important mission here. it is an honor to be part of that but at the same time it is difficult. >> reporter: american and nato troops are celebrating christmas at the international security assistance forces headquarters in afghanistan. this is expected to be the the last time, most of them spend the holiday in the country. many of them are expect to leave afghanistan by december 31st. in cuba, catholics are not only celebrating the birth of jesus christ but they are celebrating the news that the you had and cuba will resume diplomatic ties. >> now we can be united and love each other like brothers, united, and peaceful. >> reporter: meantime across the atlantic and united kingdom. >> for me the life have of jesus christ, prince of peace
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whose birth we celebrate today, is an inspiration and a anchor in my life. >> reporter: queen elizabeth the the second taking part in her christmas broadcast, the queen calling for reconciliation across the world and taking time to praise medical workers fighting ebola in africa. >> i have been deeply touched this year by the self lessness of aid a workers, medical volunteers, who have gonna broad to help victims of conflict, or of diseases like ebola are the report are queen made her first christmas broadcast all the way back in 1952, and then it was on radio. in new york, leland vetter, "fox news". services begin today for one of the officers killed in an attack in new york city, how one company is stepping up to make sure that the officer's brothers in blue can be there to show their support.
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final game of the season in sunday in new york. not a great christmas gift for eagles fans. i asked players to remember back to their favorite memories and gifts on christmas. >> nintendo 64. >> a train. >> i got the a train that blew out smoke and things like that. that was best for me. >> it was a radio that i wanted, you know, on the radio and i just remember recording tape and all kind of stuff on there. i mean it was someplace you could do it. that was my best gift. >> my first bike. it was like a harley davidson, and it was making a met or cycle, and yeah, that was my favorite one, i rode the wheels off of that thing.
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>> all right. at 4:25. new york city police are on alert ahead of funerals for two slain officers awake is scheduled for rafael ramos will be laid to rest tomorrow. ramos shown the on the left was killed along with his partner, wenjian liu in an ambush last week even. funeral services have not been announced but six people have been arrested amid more threats with police. jet blue is planning to offer free flights to police officers across the country, who attend the funerals of fallen nypd officer this weekend. new york post reports two officers from each department nationwide will be allowed to fly for free. jet blue is working to bring liu family from china to new york at no charge for the wake today and their funeral tomorrow for liu's partner. 4:25 is the time. oh, no what a bum are on christmas what one guy found in his brand new play station box let's just say it was not
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the gaming system. plus giving back to the same group that got him back on his feet, very special meaning behind a local will holiday dinner. mr. kelly how does the kid enjoy christmas. >> they were bumped with that outage with microsoft their play station, whatever that was last night. >> they told me about the system getting hack. right here north on 202 we are in good shape up in toward king of prussia, a bridge opening coming our way. i'll have details and sue with the forecast when we
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time right now his 29:00. only on fox, cameras were there as septa police raised a new born out of the septa station. that baby was delivered on the train. hear his inspiring story and we've got new video of the incredible moment coming up. but first sue serio has weather. >> things changed a lot on christmas day and they change for the better. the at this time yesterday we were still looking at some rain but that cleared out, how long will good weather last, can we make it through the whole weekend without any rain? you know the answer to that, chris. probably not. >> thanks, sue. a lot of people loved this time of the year but do you know the the history of the holiday lights we see driving through the neighborhoods, hint, it has a little something to do with new
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jersey, we will explain. >> good day, it is friday, december 26th, 2014. so, sue is there just wrapping paper all over the living room floor that needs picking up that. >> that is true because we went to my brothers for christmas, so we unwrapped our stuff and hit the road, so, yeah i'll be looking at that for a while because i won't feel like cleaning that up when i get home either. anyway, satellite and radar picture shows we don't have any rain, anything nearby at all, high pressure in control today. because of have that skies are cleared and that means temperatures are, definitely on the chilly side, we've got the 34 degrees, and a little bit of a breeze, 8 miles an hour out of the west/southwest, 27 is the wind chill this morning, and so if you are heading out early this morning you have to dress for temperatures that are in the 20's, sunrise at 7:21 this morning. temperature is 32 the at mount pocono and only 30 in pottstown. thirty-four in here in the city. twenty-nine in millville.
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thirty-six in dover, delaware. and these wind are not extreme but they are making it feel chillier then it is, 8 miles an hour in philadelphia. so, i did it again, anyway, things did really play out. this was from christmas eve, of course, and the rain ended by early morning. that worked out okay, it was windy, now today dry and sunny. average is in the lower 40's but we expect to make it to about 52 degrees by the end of the afternoon, so at the short day but at least while it is here you'll see plenty of sunshine. if you are going out to return things or bob kelly as i like to do is get that half priced christmas wrapping paper for next year. >> i have a bunch of the blow ups last year that i was able to use this year hoping i can do that later on today after a the show. we're in great shape. nice and quiet no problems or delays. sue mentioned what a difference a day can make. 309 and 202 in the
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neighborhood, in problems there. the schuylkill expressway looking good, right here near conshohocken curve, light volume, road are dry, no incidents really to speak of. here's a live look at 422, headlights, heading eastbound in toward king of prussia. we're in good shape there. tacony palmyra on stand by for an opening and then that freighter will impact the the burlington bristol in about 45 minutes or so, so about 5:15 we will see burlington go up but right now stand clear the tack pal or grab a jumbo coffee and be ready to sit in the delay on either side. betsy ross is your best bet, otherwise south jersey looking good, 42, 55, in problems toward the city. majors on the turnpike and 295 in good shape. the as i showed you in the camera. the schuylkill, i-95, blue route all looking good this morning. if you are using mass transit, a regular schedule on the regional rail lines today, but buses and trolleys are operating on a modified schedule and at the moment they are all running with no delays, chris, back over to you.
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happening today chosen 300 ministries is continuing the holiday giving, in west philadelphia volunteers will hand out meals to families in need in mantua. charity is opening up a new facility in that neighborhood. christmas baby celebrates the who will will day and a milestone, allen caln, president of the disable center in camden turned 100 years young yesterday on christmas day. her family and friend all held a party in the center's community room. her daughter says she's thankful that her mommies still around. >> everybody loves her here. everybody loves her. you know, she's here. unaudible. >> at least five generations were represented, at that part day party. happy birthday. special kind of christmas delivery came yesterday, for one area couple, fox 29 is the only camera to witness the
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septa officer's lending a hand. sabina kuriakose is live with the story, hi there sabina, how are you. >> hi there chris, i'm sure septa police officers have to deal with the un expect quite often but delivering a baby i think is probably one of the more unusual. it happened here at the subway stop at 15th and market street just around 6:00 o'clock last night. officer daniel cabin and darryl james got a call of a woman going in to labor and then they ran over. the wabe baby was already crowning when they got to the train car. unbelievable. they immediately, of course, jumped in to action, put on their gloves and delivered this healthy baby boy. we have talk to the officers just after it happened, after they rushed that baby in to the ambulance, long with its mother. let's listen to what they had to say. >> the the father took pictures and i'm happy, they were happy, i'm happy i was there to wish them this christmas baby. so, almost like a present for
4:35 am
myself. >> reporter: what a great guy. did he all that work and dealt with the unexpected and at the end of the day he says he felt pretty good about it. the it was a christmas present for himself. we love that. so again, the officers delivered the baby, a healthy baby boy and last check we're toll the entire family is doing quite well, proud poppa joined the family at the hospital. back to you guys. >> that is amazing. 4:35. always a great feeling to give a gift, all right, you know someone is really going to love but this guy says he got the shortened of the stick when he bought this play station. what he says he found inside. atlantic city is having a tough time, now an issue with the revel buy out what the buyer is asking for that could cause a big problem for the the now ne
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it will be cold in the forecast, sue will have that straight ahead but nice clear skies today and tomorrow. we have a lot of sunshine. another blow, to atlantic city's troubled revel casino. flat developer in line to buy the proper, now wants a discount. lawyers for glenn straub says in a court filing that the casino should sell for 87 million-dollar, that is
4:39 am
8 million less than what the bid was at auction. he says the auction was, not fair. a judge is set to consider the sale january 5th. >> what a a mess. a local animal shelter making sure our fury friend, weren't forgot then christmas, saved me adoption center in philadelphia's, poplar section served a special gourmet meal to the home less dogs and cats that currently live there. pups were giving chicken, rice and they have fresh bake sal monday. >> it is really good for the the animals. we think they should be treated like they are at home while they are here at our shelter. i'm sure that if they had a found home by now they would be already spoiling them so we want to spoil them today. >> those animals also got lots of new toys, thanks to donations, and santa claus. this could have been a tough christmas gift to get, a man in colorado thought he was buying a play station four for
4:40 am
his family but he got this instead, two bags of rocks. angry shopper says he got the runaround when he confronted store employees about the whole thing. >> i opened it up and said oh, my god. they don't have proof how it came in, nothing. >> in the end the shopper was given his money back, giving him an opportunity to buy his holiday gift, at another store. crazy story there. just in time for, well, rhode island's finest steps up and spreads some christmas cheer. we will tell but that in just a minute. a providence fire department is delivering gifts to a family that they helped save christmas eve. the good deed coming just days after the mother's house burned down on tuesday and the family lost everything. but the family was trapped in the third floor of this burning home, fire fighters managed to save the entire family. >> it is my children. i cannot replace them.
4:41 am
i can replace cars, couches but my children are in the replaceable. >> fire fighters say the entire department wanted to make sure this family could have the best christmas possible. do you put up holiday lights each and every year like bob kelly does? the history behind all started has something to to with new jersey. we will explain. here is bob. >> i will invite you over to help me take them all down now that the season is over. stand by on the tacony palmyra bridge any inn in now. we are waiting for an opening. that will impact another bridge before we are done in the morning. sue has the forecast, fill up that
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sue said should they be making snow. >> it is cold snow. >> shawnee mountains in the pocono mountains. its is certainly cold enough. down here it is 34ish. >> thirty-four, it feels like it is in the 20's with the wind chill. >> but they are in the 20's. >> ballpark. >> will we see any snow this coming week or just too warm. >> well, when we get into next week and we will show you in the seven day forecast we have a little bit of the possibility because colder air is moving in after sunday. so all of the more reason to enjoy the the sunshine we will get later on today. can't find any precipitation in the entire north east on
4:45 am
ultimate doppler radar, including our area. so, we've jumped in the future, and saturday looks like a vry day, mix of sun and cloud, pretty nice, it is not until sunday morning that the clouds roll in first with the cold front and then by 8:00 in the morning, sunday it does look like we will see some rain around, it is widely scattered showers, should not be a big deal but will keep us cloudy and glummy throughout the day on sunday and then once that cold front passes through we will have really chilly air in place in time for new years eve celebrations. future rainfall totals on sunday probably no more than a tenth of an inch, maybe half inch in some places, so this is now not a big deal just more nuisance rain and then it will be on sunday. temperatures in mount pocono at freezing, 32 degrees, let snow making go on. 35 degrees in reading. thirty-one allah even town. thirty-four in the city. 35 degrees in wilmington. factor in the wind and it feels like it is in the 20's just about every where. 8 miles an hour wind in the
4:46 am
city. we had been going on a nice, mild, trend for christmas eve it was 64 degrees. early in the morning we had 65 degrees high yesterday and then temperatures dropped as the sun came out in the afternoon and wind picked up. so we will settle in at 52 degrees today and that is 10 degrees colder. i'm sorry, warmer then the average temperature for this late december time. 55 degrees tomorrow, very nice day, scattered showers as we said around on sunday and then we will get that cold trend and in answer to your question chris murphy, monday morning, it looks like actually we do have a chance of a bit of a mix of precipitation before that cold front exits. then maybe a chance of flurries new year eve with that high of 35 degrees. look at new years day. daytime high is 38 degrees. when that mummers parade gets started in the morning it will be colder then that. burr. >> make sure you have hot chocolate. we will be ready next week and ready for those feathers
4:47 am
keeping us all warm. good morning. 4:46. live look at this friday airport circumstance until south jersey with 38 and 70 coming tegether. the light volume, nice and quiet, roads are dry. live look at the blue route, 476 between mid county and schuylkill expressway. even quiet long the bypass, 30 bypass, we are not dealing with fog like we had to deal with earlier in the week. nice and quiet start to our friday morning. however, tacony palmyra bridge in the middle of an opening. traffic stopped on both side of the river. your best bet leaving the house right new just head right for betsy ross or give yourself some extra time to delay your trip five or ten minutes or so and then that freighter will be heading northbound and will impact burlington bristol bridge, around 5:30 this morning. otherwise, chad forward west chester in problem up and down route 202. we are in good shape up and down the blue route heading toward the airport, schuylkill expressway looks good i am bound. only 14 minutes coming into downtown from conshohocken to
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center city. the southbound i-95, 13 minutes from woodhaven to center city, chris, back to you. 4:48. reese weatherspoon does not take herself too seriously. actress tweeted this picture, do you see her there, it is, reese whither spoon. the concept comes from the mindy project. mindy responded to the tweet saying you win, at christmas, queen, that is cool, wreath weatherspoon. actress jennifer lawrence spent her christmas visiting children's hospital in her home state of kentucky. she shared two photos via twitter. lawrence visited that same hospital, last year. good for her. it was a big christmas surprise for movie goers in los angeles where set h rogan showed up in person to introduce his movie the interest view. >> just want to say thank you if it wasn't for theaters like this and people like you guys this literally would not be
4:49 am
bleep happening right now. >> rogan and the interview, after an goldberg were cheered after thanking the crowd. the film was shown on 300 movie screens across the country and available on a variety of digital platforms such as google play. sony had pulled the film and then in response to that hack attack. impressive displays of christmas lights and yard filled of festive figures are a stapel this time of the year but how do you all begin? fox's matt king is in brooklyn to explain. >> this year we changed the theme up, we went multi colored to go back to a traditional christmas. >> this time of the year john knows he fears his electrical bill. >> pretty steep. >> reporter: twinkling history of this neighborhood where he grew up and lives today. >> this neighborhood is lights. >> reporter: but john may not know 135 years of american ingenuity it took to drape his house, his block and his hood with these millions of electric bulbs.
4:50 am
in 1879 thomas edison strung together a line of lights, in this new jersey lab. three years later an employee, said he could sell more edison light bulbs if he used them to replace candles on his christmas tree. >> in this neighborhood it is like amazing with all of this fun christmas lights. >> reporter: 1903 general electric sold its first kit, which evolved over next 07 years not to disposable strands of lights we see today allowing neighborhoods like this and guys like john to fend off the darkness. >> because it is so dull, depressing in the winter. >> reporter: earlier organizations and faith man has harnessed sources of light and heat of the days of the year grow shorter. christmas light bulbs played some role in that struggle and seem to represent one of america's contributions to civilization, one manifested by dentist elfs and red-nosed reindeer. >> you don't want to see that bill, i'll tell thaw much. >> reporter: math king, "fox
4:51 am
news". >> good for him. the city in glow there in brooklyn heights. matt king reporting from fox. coming up object 4:51 a south jersey synagogue, gives health and hope to a dozen homeless men. volunteers at this reform temple annual christmas dinner take in 12 home less people for two weeks as part of the inter faith outreach program, one of this years helpers remembers when he was on the receiving end of this program. >> i have been in cherry hill for two years and as things financially went downey could not pay rent, i got evict, i have no family here and i ended up being homeless. >> recipients say program gives them an opportunity to find a way out of their current situation. 4:51. always exciting when you see a huge present under the tree with you who is this one for? this family is in for a big surprise when they find out what is
4:52 am
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4:54 am
good morning. welcome back. who sings this? , is that billy holiday? really. >> new born babe ace cross the country perfectly wrapped in stockings?
4:55 am
this one was at a hospital, in california, hospitals across the country are doing this as a way for families to celebrate, their precious gifts. so here's proof of santa's magic. a little boy writes a letter to saint nick asking for his grand pop to get the the day off. so here is a look the at letter it fridays nine year-old julian otero. it says dear santa, my greatest wish is that you talk to my grandfather's boss and ask him if he can give my grandfather christmas day off. would i like it if he could within his grand kid and his family. can you imagine being that boss? his mom promised to send it to the north pole but instead gave to it grand pop who gave it to his boss. the boss was moved and sent a letter back, saying he received the request, from santa, and grand dad was given christmas day off. how cool is that. i love that story. 4:55 is the time. solder returning home for christmas gave this family the best gift, himself.
4:56 am
>> you know, one, two, three. >> patrick conwell spent past nine months in the middle east and enlisted help of his brother matthew to surprise their parents. they thought matthew and pregnant wife would reveal the sex of their child but instead solder popped out. the solder also learn that the baby will be a girl. congratulations all the way around. true friendship is tested in india. one monkey falls on the train tracks but can't get out but then another monkey springs into action and saves his friend's life and the the way he does it is something that well, we think you won't want to miss. we have incredible video straight ahead. holiday stapel reverend a man to the hospital and believe it or not this is an office, christmas party, this is not some frat party.
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] it is video you will see only on fox. septa police rush to save a baby's life after he was born on the septa train. those officers will join us later this morning. coming up, right now, we've got new video to show. also, another hack attack, this time the culprits are admitting to it. so, who hit up, not just
5:00 am
sony but microsoft as well. and a company stepping up in a big way to show their support for the police, how they are helping officers across the country as nypd prepares to lay one of its own to rest. unaudible. santa is giving this girl flowers for christmas but that is definitely not what she asked for. it is coming up in the trend. >> um-hmm. >> you know where this is going. >> my wife sent my mother-in-law flowers for christmas. that is what she wanted. she just loves flowers. >> well, that is the thing, to know what they want, not what you want to give. >> totally. >> something like that. >> sometimes those are the at odds. >> right. >> especially where cost is


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