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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  December 26, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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christmas delivery the likes of which you have never seen a baby been on the septa train delivered by two officers and fox 29 cameras were only ones there as this mother and child were taken to the hospital. christmas day excitement at the movies as people finally get to see sony's new film the interview. why people say they had to watch this movie. jet blue airlines is offering a very special gift to police this holiday season how they are helping officers in mourning pay their respects to two cops killed in new york city. now we can be united and love each other like brothers. >> time for a celebration, all around the world how different cultured celebrated this joyous season and why it is
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bitter sweet. it is friday, december 26th, 2014. first of all, let me apologize the only thing i gave alex this christmas was a touch of this cold that is going around. >> that is true. >> but it made me slow down, that is a good thing. >> kerry barrett gave it to me and i gave it to you. >> new we will have to toss to it bob. >> do you want to give me a hug. >> do you want some of this. >> i'm in. >> so here's more of our forecast. >> yes. >> at least we're sharing, sue. >> it is a season of sharing germs, viruses, all kind of fun but go outside and soak up some sunshine. maybe that will help you, fresh air, it is a nine ot of ten. we will have sunny skies and temperatures in the 50's. so even though buddy is home from school, he is not at the the bus stop but he is going to show you that it is cold outside, make sure you wear your gloves and hat heading outside especially early this morning with the temperatures
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in the 30's out there and some wind chills in the 20's, right now 38 degrees but it feels like 30, that is at philly international, 7:21 is your sunrise time and that is still aways away but still 52 degrees, sunny skies does look like a lovely day for day after christmas first day of kwanzaa, boxing day as they call ate cross the pond. 37 degrees, with clear skies. that takes care of friday, we will get you through rest of the holiday weekend all the way through new years day in our seven day forecast coming up. bob kelly, what is going on. >> we are all coughing in the background here all morning long. we will need those little surgical masks like the hospital has here. as we work on this friday. good friday morning. i hope you had had a great christmas. light volume. not bad at all. live look at 42 freeway from south jersey. we will see a light morning rush hour. actually non-existent morning rush hour. kid are off from school.
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a lot of folks do have have the day off from work. it will be later this have afternoon once we get up, getting and make those returns and kid start driving us craze that i we have to get out of the house. here's a live lot at neighborhood harbison avenue at sangor and northeast philadelphia, an accident in media, delaware county on northbound lanes of route one right the here near blue route 476. also a crash, this one here actually a vehicle hit the fire hydrant, and we have water gushing in the air there at 16th and masher. so watch out for some local detours. the burlington bristol bridge on stand by for an opening any minute now. we have been delayed for last 15 minutes waiting for this guy, any minute burlington bristol will be sitting on both side. tacony palmyra is your best bet getting ready to grab your coffee and keys and head out front door. using mass transit regional rails on a regular schedule but buses and trolleys are running on a modified schedule with no delays so far this morning. chris and alex, back over to you. lets get to this new this
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morning at 6:04 a man is recovering after being stabbed in the holmesberg section of philadelphia overnight. police say the man was stabbed in the chest, this happened on the 5600 block of ditman street. that man was taken of course to the hospital and at last check he was in stable condition and there has been no word of an arrest. it is christmas story one couple and several septa workers will be telling for a long time. in this only on fox video our news camera catches the action. >> sabina kuriakose live in center city with this story, hi sabina, good morning. >> reporter: well, i don't care how are, no woman wants to give birth on the sub waste. so i cannot even imagine what this mom was feeling when she goes into labor. luckily she had quick thinking heroes on hand. we were only won there right in the thick of it as these two septa police officers rush that little baby boy outside of the the subway stop here at 15th and market. officers daniel cabone and
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darryl james got a call of a woman going in to labor, of course, they all rushed in. they told us as they were going to the train car passengers were running by them telling them exactly what was going on. by the time they got inside of the train car this woman was already into her second stage of labor. they could already see the baby a's head. we have surveillance of when these officers entered that train car. you can see as they go in and they go to tend to the mother sitting in those seats. it is really unbelievable. of course they jumped in to action. you can see at some point in that surveillance video one of the officers is cradling that baby pacing back and forth, comforting him so sweet to watch that video. let's listen to what the officer said after it happen. >> i was at the right place at the right time. fortunately there was three other officers there. we were just getting our gloves ready. we just went into delivering a baby and that is all we could do. >> i will in the take any credit. would the man delivered the baby. the baby was breathing. we just maintain her head and
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make sure cord didn't wrap around the neck or anything like that. >> reporter: i think we deserve to give them a little bit of credit. i know mom had the baby but they were right there to help them, and, we are hearing that mom and baby are doing just fine and also the officers tell us that the proud father, before he rush off to the hospital to join mom and baby, well, he took a picture with the officers just as a keep sake, so what a christmases miracle here, guys. back to you. >> that is a gift, thanks sabina. here is your chance to help stump hunger with the cast of the international percussion sensation, stump. student, fans, theater goers will receive a special lesson at the kimmel center. participants are asked to bring a canned food donation that will go to philabundance. >> 6:06. police arrested a with man for hitting a valet with her car outside a main line restaurant and taking off. bizarre. michelle simmons, seen here
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pulled up to the valet stand at seasons 52 in up are merion and they say to grab within of valet's cell phone. that is when a second valet was standing in front and asked what was going on and simmons hit the gas. he hung out, and then fell, several departments tried to pull simmons over until she crashed in the park lieutenant in whitpain township and she is in custody. 6:07. another blow to atlantic city's trouble atlantic city revel casino. now the developer wants a discount. lawyers for glenn straub said in a court filing the casino should sell for 87 million-dollar, 8 million less then what had been bid at auction. he says that the auction a, was the in the fair. judge is set for january 5th decision. >> i want to say merry christmas to kim jong un. >> everyone has their special reason for going to the movies on christmas day but people
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that went to the interview had a message they wanted to send. you are probably still admiring your holiday lights around your area but did you know those bulbs got their start in new jersey. how garden state helped spread who will daze cheer more than 100 years ago. you tell us what you want to pay and we help
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is there market street. >> when do they take the decorations done on market street. >> at least through the new year. i'm still in the spirit. >> bob, who has been here for several decade, right? how many, 30 some year. he said these lights will come down in march. bobbies right about everything. >> some say they will leave up, all the time, and just don't turn them on. >> streetlights you have to know when to stop. >> well, crowd around the country turned out for theater premiere of sony's, of course, interview. >> and cinema in wilmington delaware is one of 300 thief their decided to show the film. have after sony reversal to pull the decision in response to the massive hack attack. the that is down from 3,000 screens. hackers have threatened to attack at showings of the film so bomb sniffing dogs were brought out as a precaution in wilmington but movie goers said they weren't worried about their safety.
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>> we spent $12 support free speech. >> meanwhile russia's offering support to north korea white house blames sony hack on north korea who denies allegations. russian foreign ministry spokesperson says north korea's anger is understandable and u.s. threats of retaliation are counterproductive. well, jet blue is helping brothers in blue, who are trying to get to new york city toy pay their respects to two officers killed in the line of duty how they are helping this holiday season, bob? good morning, everybody. we are off to a good start, light volume so far this morning, with the kid all off from school, a lot of us all have off from work but 202 north bound still got construction zone working your way toward that king of prussia mall, bridge opening coming our way again and sue's fine tuned the weekend
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buffalo resident are cleaning up after strong wind did damage there a building that was under going emergency demolition was damaged when parts of it came crumbling down n a partial wall collapse caused residents of one home to be evacuated. thankfully there were no reports of injuries. thankfully we don't live in buffalo and sue serio did and had to deal with this kind of weather for years. >> it was that cold wind blowing off the lake. snow is the big issue there. but they had their big snowfall i think of the season, much, much earlier. there is your snowy, time, we wish it was, but you know what, didn't get our white christmas so lets get milder than average temperatures. 52 degrees today. then tomorrow 55 degrees. two excellent weather days for late december, doesn't get much better than this new sunday is when we expect showers and a high of 50 degrees. that cold front is way off to our west.
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we don't to have worry about that. we are high and dry. we will head into the future cast and show you what will happen on sunday a lieutenant of clouds, a little bit of rain. with that rain to the south it remains to be seen whether this will edge further northward on monday, kind of could go either way at this point still a few days out from that. we will fine tune that forecast over the weekend. the here's a different computer model showing you sunday and possibility of some heavy rain in the morning on sunday, but getting out of here quickly and scattered showers throughout the day. so when all is said and done probably, less than half inch of rain in most places. this it is not a big deal, we will have dry times on sunday making plans for rest of your weekend. the it is 28 in pottstown. thirty-one mount pocono. thirty-five in trenton. here in the city 38. thirty-nine in wildwood. factor in the wind and our temperatures feel like they are in the 20's, so keep that in mind. it is colder then yesterday, yesterday's high, came at
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about 2:00 in the morning and it was 65 degrees at 2:00 in the morning on christmas eve but once rain ended and then cold air moved in. average high is 42. we are well above average this this morning with a high of 52. first day of kwanzaa today of course. 55 degrees tomorrow. as scattered showers on sunday could change into a little bit of the wintry mix on monday morning, but that is still a little iffy that forecast. we can promise by new years eve and new years day temperatures so much colder then they will be today. colder than average for the first of the year, so get ready to bundle up if you are going to the mummers parade next week, bob kelly, are there any cars on the road. >> no, it is quiet all morning long. we will see that for most of the morning, maybe around lunchtime we will see volume poppas folks get up and out. everybody sleeping in though. ninety-five, live look at philly international. in problems getting there, heading down toward the
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airport we are good to go on arrivals and departures. 422 working your way out of royersford, collegeville no problems or delays at all in toward king of prussia an accident in media delaware county north bound lanes of route one right the here near 476, an accident in the neighborhood at 16th and masher, that one a vehicle popped a fire hydrant so they have a waterss in the neighborhood there this morning. burlington bristol just went from stand by to an actual opening. traffic stopped on both side of the river. grabbing your cough east and keys and heading out the front door delay the trip or go for that double jelly doughnut because you will sit with an opening. if you are using mass transit the today or maybe just in returns or holiday shopping, bringing in the kids down to center city to see holiday lights, regional rail lines on the regular schedule. however, buses and trolleys they are running on a maryland filed schedule. chris and alex, back to you. 6:18. new york city police are on alert ahead of funerals for
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two slain officers. wake is scheduled for rafael ramos who will be laid to rest. ramos was killed with his partner wenjian lou in an ambush. funeral services have in the been a announced but six people have been arrested amid more threats begins police. jet blue airlines planning to offer free flights to police office ars cross the country, and they plan to attend funerals of the fallen nypd this weekend. new york post reports that two of them from each department will be allowed to fly for free. officers rafael ramos as we said will be laid to rest tomorrow. jet blue is work to go bring wenjian liu's family from china to new york with no charge. >> that is cool. holidays can be roughed who are our armed services men and with men. >> american soldiers are looking forward to the home coming but they are spending would one last christmas together with their brothers in arms. fox's leland vetter reports.
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>> it is on honor to be a part of that but it is a little bit difficult. >> reporter: american and native troops are celebrating christmas in the international security assistance forces headquarters in afghanistan. >> thinks expected to be the the last time, that most of them spend the holidays out of the country. many are expect to leave afghanistan by december 31st n cuba catholics are not only celebrating the birth of jesus christ but they are celebrating the news that the united states and cuba will resume diplomatic ties. >> now we can bee nighted and love each other like brothers, be united with love and peace. >> reporter: meantime across the atlantic and united kingdom. >> for me the life of jesus christ, the prince of peace, whose birth we celebrate today is an inspiration and an anchor in my life. >> reporter: queen elizabeth the the second partaking in her christmas broadcast. queen calling for reconciliation across the
6:21 am
world and taking time to praise medical workers fighting ebola in africa. >> i have been deeply touch this year by the self lessness of aid workers, the medical volunteers who have gonna broad to help victims of conflict, all diseases like ebola. >> reporter: the queen made her first christmas broadcast back in 1952, then it was on radio. in new york, leland vetter, "fox news". he has great hair. >> he does. >> i wish i had hair like that. people all over the world put up lights to decorate their homes for the holidays but did you know that the idea was actually sparked in new jersey. how the garden state helped eliminate the world.
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good morning, i'm howard eskin. eagles are playing their final game of the season sunday in new york. not a great gift for eagles fans. i asked players to remember back to their favorite memories, and gifts on christmas. >> inn in ten owe 64. >> a train. >> i got a train when i was a little kid and it just blew out smoke. it was special to me. >> it was a radio that i wanted, you know, it was a sony radio and she brought it for me and i just remember recording tapes and all that kind of stuff on there. there was so much you could do. i mean that was my best gift. >> my first bicycle. it was like a harley davidson.
6:26 am
it was making met or cycles sound and you start it up and everything. that is probably my favorite one. i rode the wheels off of that thing good that is pretty cool. >> everybody has those christmas gifts that they will remember. >> i had a big wheel once, i rode once so much the big whole broke in half. >> my was my barbie life sized jeep. she got hit bay a car. she was okay but my jeep got messed up. that was the end of that. we would ride it all along. >> was she wearing the plastic seat belt. >> she was and that is why she's okay. jeep dust make it through. so just in the nick of time road island's bravees steps up and spread some christmas cheer. >> a providence fire department delivering gifts to the family they held seven save christmas eve, good deed coming just days after the mother's hose burned down, tuesday, and the family lost everything, the the family was trapped in the third floor of this burning home and fire fighters managed to save the entire family.
6:27 am
it is my children. i cannot replace them. i can replace cull couches, houses and cars but my children are in the replaceable. >> fire fighters say the entire department wanted to make sure this family could have the best christmas possible. a pennsylvania family gets an not one, not two, but three precious gifts on christmas day. why they are was so miraculous. speaking of christmas babies our sabina kuriakose has a story of her own about one child had will be a story they will keep telling year after year. >> reporter: yes, alex, a special delivery just in time for christmas and this one has got it all, drama, heroes and a happy evening
6:28 am
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two septa officers help deliver a precious christmas gift, a baby. the amazing video you will see only on fox. new jersey it is famous for their exits but one joker decided to put a holiday spin on the off ramp. where people were snapping pictures of the clark griswold exit. road are dry but rain could move back in for part of the weekend, sue serio has a eye on the forecast and bob kelly is checking roads on the friday morning commute as everyone scramblessal tokes return stuff or hit up some great sales. >> that is very true. today is what they announce had this is biggest shopping day of the year. >> dan ricoto, and i believe
6:31 am
he is coming in later on good day to weigh in on that. >> mark just tweeted me he said alex, i don't know if you got a receipt but i tried to return chris's present hash tag, get well soon. >> i will try to return it if i could. >> gift that just keeps on giving. >> i don't think you saved your receipt from that one, did you. >> no. >> so, we have to pay for that one. bus stop buddy is not at the bus stop this week because he is off for winter break. temperatures are in the 30's out there. we still make him work unless you know what to wear today. winter coat, gloves good idea if you are outside, for a while, weather by the numbers we're going with a nine today because of the sunny skies and temperatures in the 50's when they should be in the lower 40's. doesn't get much better than this for the 26th of december, weather-wise, satellite and radar, cold this morning but it is supposed to be cold in december. 38 degrees, right now, 30 is our wind chill and sunrise still not happening right now, not until 7:21 this morning.
6:32 am
the there is another look at bus stop buddy. high temperature as we said will be in the 50's, probably about 52 degrees by the time all is said and done. so that is a look at your weather, for friday, we've got the rest of the weekend coming up and we also have another holiday next week, of course, it is new years and we have that forecast just ahead. right now bob kelly, what is going on with traffic. >> mummers are watching forecast close for that strut up broad street or down broad street we will go opposite direction, this year, but right now heading out front door whatever direction you are heading we are in good shape. live look at the schuylkill expressway right here near 30th street station. roads are dry. we have had light volume, all morning long, and that continues here on i-95, into and out of philadelphia, international. airport in the background. so we're off to a good start on the major roadways, a accident in the neighborhood at 16th and master, this one includes a fire hydrant, a vehicle struck the the fire hydrant and we have a water issue there at the that
6:33 am
intersection. burlington bristol bridge slow on both sides from an earlier opening. heading out the front door maybe another five minutes we should be back to normal. tacony palmyra had an earlier opening there. busy daze in and out of the south philadelphia, there are a couple of shows here at wells fargo center. the frozen disney on ice. so expect delays around 11:00, 3:00 and 7:00 in and out of the stadium area. we will have a change over throughout the day, and if you are using mass transit, maybe to do some shopping, regional will rails are operating on a regular schedule, however, buses and will trolleys are operating on a modified schedule. at least at the moment everything is running with no delays, chris and alex, back over to you. i guess you can call this a special delivery not from santa, maybe the stork on christmas day. fox 29 is the only camera on the scene to catch the the action as it unfolded. >> sabina kuriakose live from center city with more on this story. hi sabina. >> reporter: hi guys, the one burning question here, right, what is this baby's name going
6:34 am
to be? so that remains to be seen but let's show you some of that video that we have been talking about this morning. we were the only ones there as these officers rushed a baby boy, just minutes old, out of this subway station here, at 15th and market. that little bundle cradled in the officer's arm that is a precious little boy. here's what happened. we have some surveillance video that really takes you through it step by step. two septa police officers were just doing their regular duty, albeit, on christmas, when suddenly passengers flagged them down. they said hey, somebody is having a baby on this train car. sure enough when they stepped on to the train car there was a woman there. she was already in her second stage of labor. they could see that little baby a's hit and he was not waiting for anything but officers didn't hesitate they delivered that baby. at the end of the day they say it was all part of their job. >> the father took pictures,
6:35 am
with myself and officer jane and i'm happy, they were happy, happy i was there to, you know, wish them this christmas baby. so, it is almost like a present for myself. >> and, isn't that nice. he is so wonderful, kind, what an exciting day for them. last check at an man hospital we are told mom and baby are doing just fine and proud fathers took a picture with those officers rushing to the hospital. guys, chris fox my photo journalist said what will baby's nickname be. he will have a pretty good one. chris, i like sub, train, what do you think. >> i don't know what the last name is but we could have a something like maybe paoli thorn dale. >> frankford el jones. >> yes. >> loving it. >> sorry. >> by the way, coming up in
6:36 am
about two hearst we have two of those officers coming into talk about that whole thing on good day. happening today chosen 300 ministries is continuing holiday giving in west philadelphia volunteers will hand out meals to families in need in mantua. charity is opening new you facility in that neighborhood. >> f.d.a. is reminding consumers not to eat happy apple brand carmel apples. missouri base cod announce aid possible connection between listeria out break and apples. three people died and 29 illnesses have been linked to the out break. an office party contest in salt lake city takes a wrong turn and a co-worker end up in the hospital, it all happened when a worker accepted the alcohol free eggnog chugging contest invitation. listen to this, chug, chug, chug. >> always bad when they start saying that. >> well, participant says everything was fine when he was declared the winner, but
6:37 am
then just 12 seconds later, he wasn't feeling so well. >> it felt good at the time, until i could not breathe. so, you can see in the video, i bend over because it wasn't that i was going to throw up because that was something you had to keep it down but i could not get my air. >> it turns out, that poor soul had eggnog in his lungs. it took him a full week to recover. former president george hw bush unfortunately did not getting to home for the holidays. he spent christmas in a houston who have after experiencing shortness of breath earlier this week. family spokesmen says the 90 year-old had a terrific day and is in great spirits. christmas celebrations are put on hold in sierra leone as officials there deal with the ebola epidemic. sierra leone has more people affect than any other nation. epidemic has put a strain on holiday shopping and travel.
6:38 am
sierra leone has reportedly more than 9,000 ebola cases. on christmas day world leaders like pope francis and president owe bam air relaying a message of hope after a violent year in middle east, africa and ukraine. >> come next week last u.s. troops will leave afghanistan after more than 13 years. fox's john huddy reports from bethlehem. >> reporter: in vatican city pope francis delivering his annual christmas message and blessing focusing on those caught in conflict. >> open heart trust and may he bestow his belief upon belief beginning with the land bless by his birth. >> reporter: in bethlehem the the the site where christians believe jesus was born tourist from around the world gathered for mass at church of the nativity. >> we have been honored to be here all the way from the outside of the world. >> there is a very special feeling to be here in bethlehem today and to see all of the things that for many years we have read of. >> reporter: president obama
6:39 am
spending the holiday with his family in hawaii releasing his weekly address a few days earlier. >> merry christmas, everybody. >> reporter: the the president and first lady asking americans to celebrate and honor u.s. troops, veterans and their families. >> in just a few days our combat mission in have again stan will be over. our longest war will come to than a end. >> reporter: assuring them u.s. support will continue. >> i believe that we are now in a time where we have proper effort and partnership, in the united states and every way. >> reporter: afghan security forces will take over security of their country january the first. in bethlehem, where the sunnies setting over the church of the nativity behind me, john huddy, "fox news". some christmas history in new jersey, a group of people reenacted george washington's famous crossing of the delaware on christmas morning, obviously our weather was much better than freezing temperatures general
6:40 am
washington and his troops faced in 1776, during the original crossing then. folks fur id 2400 sold's cross the river. a pennsylvania family gets three special presents this christmas. >> triplets. >> courtney went into labor last saturday two months ahead of schedule and yesterday she delivered. the babies two girls and within boy are completely healthy. >> i'm excited. i just want to get them home after courtney had them so long carrying them around i just want to get them home and have her home, and they are all healthy they are from lebanon county, the couple has two older children. that is a gift. >> yes. star of the new film interview makes a surprise appearance at one movie theater why seth rogan decided to drop in, sue. it is a calm weather forecast for today, uneventful so you will have to make your own fun because weather is not decide to go do much.
6:41 am
we have rain on the way and we will tell but colder temperatures in store for 2015 in your forecast, chris. we want to know how you spent your christmas. here's one from candace, of cristina posing by her christmas tree. send us your photos use hash tag fox 29 good day and your pictures could end up in the air. she looks cute in that
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
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tsunami, surf and sand, we will take it. >> it is a record breaking year. >> yes that would break my heart. >> annual surf and sand in florida cocoa beach. one man started this tradition with his family five years ago, and look what this has turned into.
6:45 am
i don't know if they compare this. >> that is what we don't have. we have a dowup museum in wildwood but that is pretty cool. surf one, well, that has yet to come. >> so, you know, surfing weather for today, it is not that great at the shore. ocean water temperatures in the 40's these days, and we don't have any precipitation, so that bode well for, the rest of the day, and if you have plans outside, maybe, try out some of your christmas presents. i saw somebody who got a drone for christmas and they had tonight their front yard and flying it around. that was a popular christmas gift this year. it is okay to go outside and do stuff today. tomorrow, it is sunday that things look iffy with the cloud moving in first and sometime after 8:00 we will see the showers ape raining in
6:46 am
the middle of the day on sunday and continues throughout the rest of the afternoon on and off, should not add up to a whole lot. latest estimates for rainfall totals on unday are a tenth of an inch, half inch in some spots but that is not going to be a big deal rain. bigger deal is how cold it will get after the rain. so, right now it is cold but these will be daytime temperatures for some places, by new years eve. so 38 degrees in philadelphia right now. that is our forecasted high for new years eve/new years day, 39 degrees in wildwood. thirty-three wilmington. factor in the wind and it feels like 20's in allentown, lancaster, pottstown. feels like 30 in philadelphia wind chill of 27 in millville. yesterday we got the the sunshine, eventually but the high temperature for the day came while it was still raining at 2:00 in the morning. it hit 65 degrees. that was crazy. it did get colder. but still didn't approach average high of 42, in fact, today we will be 52 degrees, so why not give it a nine out
6:47 am
of ten. tomorrow as well with the the a high of 55. those scattered showers we told but that coming with the cold front so things do get chillier with the high of 41. 40 degrees on tuesday. wednesday for new years eve the day time high is 35, and at midnight, temperatures will be in the 20's, and then, for new years day and mummers strut it looks like a cold one but it will also be sunny, so when you are watching the parade, bob, make sure you are on the sunnyside of the street. >> that is true, keep that strutting that will keep you warm. 6:46. hello to the maple shade, new jersey light turns green and let's go, no problems up and down route 70. a little bit of pockets of volume here and there as folks head out but it has within light volume so far this morning, with no problems at all on our major roadways. live look at i-95 through the construction zone at the cottman avenue. now, an accident in the neighborhood at 16th and master with local detours. burlington bristol is still slow from an earlier opening but other wide we are in good
6:48 am
shape across the rest of the bridges. to kenny pal will my, yeah betsy, bennie, walt whitman looking g speedometer readings, come own done, no problems on i-95. we are looking good at the schuylkill express wait at the moment. if you are using mass transit to main bring the the kids into center city to day, regional rails are on a regular schedule but buses and trolleys are operating on a modified schedule. alex, back over to you. a prankster had some fun on the garden state parkway turning the clark and westfield exit in the clark grisoold exit. so the taped on sign has been removed by the turnpike authority but people had a lot of fun witt.
6:49 am
another attach against zone think time affecting the play station, and, microsoft x box also experiencing disruptions on christmas day. a hacker group called the group had previously claimed credit on the play station network in august and sony pictures was the target of a massive hack attack involving a series of leak e-mails from the movie studio. from high tech gadgets to an old time favorite, lincoln logs are coming back to america, production of the classic building sets will begin in 2015, in maine, after decade of being out sourced. we are going to have made in the u.s.a. lincoln logs made here in the you had. >> connects has teamed up with pride manufacturing, in maine, for american production. welcome home, guys.
6:50 am
in entertainment headlines it was a big christmas surprise for movie goers in los angeles. >> seth rogan showed up to introduce the interview. >> i just want to say thank you. if it wasn't for theaters like this and people like you guys this literally be bleeping happening right now. >> he was a little excited. >> he was work up. it was a chase utley moment in 2008 world series. >> rogan in the interview co writer evan goldberg stood up to cheers. he decided to drop by since it was where he lives. film was schenn on 300 movie screens across the country and available on digital platforms such as you tube and google will play for $5.99. sony had originally pulled the film in response to the hack attack. ♪
6:51 am
>> wow. >> wow is right. >> that is actor patrick stewart. >> he looks like he is in pain. >> yeah. >> he is in the too happy his wife posted rid yes of him wearing the the dancing christmas hat. stewart tweeted link of the video to his more than one and a half million fans wishing them a merry christmas. >> wearing a cool hat though. >> i like that. reese weatherspoon does in the take herself too seriously. she tweeted this picture of the wreath weatherspoon, do you get there. it comes from the mindy project. mindy quickly responded to the tweet saying you win christmas, queen re. >> queen re. president obama a and first lady spent part of their hawaii vacation visiting troops at the a marine base. >> military visits have become a annual part of their christmas holiday. >> everybody here has done such an extraordinary service on behalf of the country. the this is a great chance for us every christmas we have an opportunity to come by and say
6:52 am
thank you in the only to you but also to family members who are here because you guys serve right alongside those in uniform. this is a an important year. >> the president went on to talk bending mission in afghanistan after 13 years. u.s. will be pulling their vast majority of the combat troops out of afghanistan by years end. you're probably still admiring your holiday lights but did you know twinkling bulbs got their start in new jersey. how garden state spread holiday cheer more than 100 years ago. ♪ ♪ we put all the apps you love
6:53 am
inside a car designed to connect you to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo. innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us.
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom."
6:55 am
[ laughter ] if you are traveling out of town, maybe wanted to beat that rush hour over the last couple of days, no delays at all but we're in good shape this morning at philly international. impressive displays, yard full of figures and there are a stape they will time of the year, but, how did it again. >> fox's, is there. >> this year we have change the theme up, we go multi colors to go back to the traditional christmas. >> john knows he fears his electrical bill.
6:56 am
>> pretty steep, he necessary the history of this neighborhood where he grew up. >> it is lights. >> john may national know the evening engine newer, with his block and millions of electric bulbs n1878, thomas edison strung together a line of light, and new jersey laboratory. three years later he employees at edison electrolyte company said he can sell more light bulbs if he he used them to replace candles on his christmas tree. >> this is amazing with all of those fun christmas lights. >> in 1903 general electric sold its first christmas light kit which evolved into all of the durable disposal strands of light we see for sale today allowing neighborhood like, this and guys like john, to fend off the darkness. >> because it is so dull, depressing in the winter. >> earlier organizations and faith, man has harness source of light and heat as days of the year grow shorter.
6:57 am
christmas light bulbs play some role in that struggle but seem to represent one of america's contributions to civilization. one manifested by, red-nosed reindeer. >> i hope they do.
6:58 am
6:59 am
i was at the right place at the right time. >> a special christmas delivery when a with man has
7:00 am
her baby on the septa train, and the two officers who just sprung into action. >> i want to say merry christmas to kim junk un. >> some people have a tradition of going to the movies on christmas day but, they have a strong message they want to send to north cover re. looking ahead to the new year, lot of people are making resolution toss get into shape. but is cardio the way to go. doctor mike will let us go how we melt away pound. i have been told the way to get rid of the cold is lots of fluid. >> well, you've got that covered. >> that muggies huge. >> yes. >> my goodness. >> what is in it. >> water, of course. >> yes. >> it has to be water. >> you will be going on a potty break every commercial break. >> no, in the at all. here's my idea. extra long traffic and weather for the next three hours, please. >> yes. >> is that the the way to go seriously. >> we apologize


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