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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 27, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. >> right now on fox 29 news at 6:00 o'clock tears a mid a sea of blue as tens of thousands pay final farewell to one new york city's finest good evening i'm karen hepp. funeral held today in queens for police officer raphael ramos 40-year-old father of 21 of two police officers killed in that horrible ambush just one week ago today. our brian lenis was there for the very emotional service for tribute, service and respect. >> adversary ramos casket carried out of the christ tabernacle church in queens new york. more than 20,000 officers saluting as hundreds of motorcyclists bagpipers and nypd honor guard led the ray for ramos' casket and family.
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helicopters flying over the ceremony in the missing man formation. biden speaking directly to his kids and his widow. >> justin and jadin although your father is gone, you have inherited an entire family. the men and women of new york police department will always be there as long as you are alive. they never they never never forget. >> reporter: police commissioner bill bryant officer officer ramos by making him an honorary department caplin he had been studying to become a pastor. ramos was also promoteed to detective first grade. >> here we are to remember. remember what it means to take the job. those of hughes are privileged to call ourselves cops. no other profession will give you as much or sometimes take us
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app. >> reporter: outside mat your rest officers watched the service on big screens in solemn silence but many did turn their backs on the mayor as he spoke a sign that tension has not gone away. inside governor andrew cuomo reaffirming that the city stands with the nypd calling new york's finest the greatest police department in the nation complimenting how they've acted while facing weeks of protests. >> nypd protected the right of freedom of speech even though they themselves were the target of false and abusive chance and tire rates by somewhat a beautiful testament to their professionalism. >> officer ramos' badge was en route from -- removed from his body today. his shield number 6335 for every tired. as for his slain partner officer wenjian liu his family was unless attendance today commissioner saying both are now partners for all times.
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in queens, new york, bryan llenas fox news. >> while so many are mourning the loss of those officers there was a march in center city today calling for peace between police and their communities. this was held by a newly formed organization our sabina kuriakose at this march and brings us this story. >> someone actually sent me a message and said, i would love for to you come and interview on my show and to send your group to protest. i didn't respond. why? there is no response. i'm an american citizen. this is my right. i do not have to defend my right to protest. >> more than 100 men women and children witness newly formed muslims against police brutality march in center city protest wagon they say are engrained police practices of violence against african-americans. >> we're not taking it lightly the death of michael brown trayvon martin, eric garner and recently in philadelphia brandon
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tate brown himself. >> brown is the 26-year-old man killed in a police involved shooting earlier this month. his mother spoke at the rally. >> brandon is coming back home. >> reporter: peaceful protest hell on the same day new york city police officer raphael ramos is laid to rest gunned down by this man israel brinsley who hours before the shooting posted on social media in killing cops in retaliation for the deaths of garner and brown. organizers insist the timing was not a factor. >> that's happening in new york and our hearts go out to the families of those officers who were tragically murdered in the line of duty even as eric holder and president obama said they were assasinated on duty and they should never happen. anyone that condones that or supports that they're wrong. >> reporter: the protest closed with a die in on the steps of the municipal services building. another recall still scheduled for tuesday. sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. >> let's take look at our weather forecast.
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an absolutely gorgeous day today. but not if you wanted to go skiing necessarily in the poconos. a little warm for that. it is blue mountain right there still some folks out there. domenica changes in our forecast yes. indeed the skiers are absolutely going to like it. but yes it was very mild today. look at these highs. 56 in philadelphia. the poconos, 49 in mount pocono for the high. this is very unusual. we should be in the low 40s this time of the year. but that is not going to be the case as this mild air from the pacific keeps coming in. so 50 degrees right now. we have 40s up to our north. it will be a very mild evening with increasing clouds. here's a look at your fox cast. 51 by 7:00 o'clock tonight. we will start to get in on those increasing clouds by 9:00 o'clock and then it will overcast at 11:00 o'clock but only 44 degrees. so a very mild evening on the way. we do have changes in the form of rain unfortunately it look like tomorrow is going to be an umbrella day. i'll have the details coming up
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in little bit. karen. >> domenica, thank you. you can track whatever mother nature is sending our way. come to our website and click on the weather tab. happening right now, there are some philadelphia charter school students and they will not be going to their school after the winter break. they don't know where they're going to go because their school just sent out the notice it will be closing its doors at end of this year meaning this wednesday wednesday. our dave kinchen right now live in the northeast outside the walter d. palmer leadership learning partners charter school. dave? >> reporter: karen, actually spoke with a parent who said she took the opportunity over winter break to buy hundreds of dollars worth of back to school gear for her daughter but then she got letter saying that this school won't be open. so much for going back to school school. the walter d. palmer leadership learning partners charter school on harbeson in northeast philadelphia were close on december 31st. middle school doors already shut for holiday break will now stay that way.
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nicole haines got the news in a letter dateed december 26th from the school's name sake founder. it says the school is shutting down over financial issues after a series of failed attempts to meet with the school district of philadelphia. haines says it was short notice. >> i think they been knew they was closing they just took it upon they self to let us know at the last minute. like it's not right to our kids. they have to go through this. >> i'm sad because i went with those people and i have to go to a new school and graduate with other people i don't know. >> reporter: the founder of the school said in the letter sent out to parents that the school district of philadelphia had been takeing money from this school and you may recall that the palmer charter high school actually closed suddenly on hundreds of kids a few months ago over issues relateing to enrollment. there have been legal battles there. we did reach out to palmer for a comment. we also reached out to school district officials but, of course, it's a holiday so we will let you know when we hear back from them. karen. >> all right dave.
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stay on top of it. thanks so much. no charges have been filed against a 19-year-old driver who struck the home of a 93-year-old woman jenny russo on her birth today on friday. she was inside that home under hospice care when the teen slammed into her house. a few hours after that crash the woman died. police say the teenager whose name has not been released is cooperating and did turn himself in. we now know the entities of the drivers involved in a fatal crash in upper merion township on friday afternoon. that is a bad one. police say 50-year-old eric keifer crossed over eight hadn't dread rough road on his motorcycle colliding head on with that food service truck. 30-year-old mohammed bah was driving that vehicle. keifer died at the scene. bah was flown to the hospital of treatment of non-life threatening injuries. one month ago a night out with family in manayunk turned tragic for the loved ones of shane montgomery when evanish. the 21-year-old was last seen with friends at kildare's the night before thanksgiving. police, fbi volunteers all
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searched for him in and around the schuylkill river. last week divers did find shane's car keys but officials have not been able to solve the mystery of his disappearance. his family says they will not give up. >> the only thing that gets us out of bed every day is that we're committed to finding shane. and we won't stop until we do and there will be no rest or no peace until we do. >> there is a large reward for any information leading to the finding of shane. $65,000. if you know anything, please call police. if you are sick you're in the alone. cases of the flu are certainly up in pennsylvania. health officials say the virus is now affecting half of our state. more than 5,000 people have gotten sick over the last week. allegheny county has the most confirm cases. more than 800. officials say most people don't get medical attention so the numbers don't even show all the likely cases. flu season will run from october through may. there was a big brawl at the mall. still ahead tonight hundreds of teenagers back a mall in
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pennsylvania and it didn't end well. what had to happen when things got out of hand. >> plus, steals and deals. wal*mart trying to cash in on holiday returns. how you may be a able to turn your unwanted gift card into a gift you always dreamed of. two veterans reunited after decades apart. pretty emotional reunion and the one reason these two will never lose touch again. keith. >> karen, penn state's drought is over against a former temple coach. will they strike it rich in their first game of bowling in four years. we're all over it later in sports. >> i hope you got in all your outdoor activities today. we do have a soggy sunday in the forecast. i'll have the details coming up.
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♪ >> welcome back. take a good look at those two men. philadelphia police need your help to identify who they are. really clear pictures. investigators say they robbed susan's grocery on the 1500 block of south 13th street on tuesday. the worker told police one of them stayed at the front door. the other one pulled out begun pointed at her head den manned money from the register. they got away with about $500. no one was physically hurt. there's a lancaster county man in jail right now charged with killing his wife on christmas eve. police say 36-year-old dustin lee clopp confessed to the crime
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after he took his children to his parent's house on christmas day. police say her body was found in a shed behind their home. he's being held without bail in the lancaster county prison. pottstown mother is set to appear in court next week for allegedly having sex with teenaged boy that she met while volunteering with her daughter's cheerleading squad. police say that woman 42-year-old iris gibney and the 17-year-old boy admitted they were having sex last month when an officer found them naked in a car at a closed park. authorities say the mother of three also sent the teenager nude photos much she is charged with corruption of a minor and other related offenses. new jersey state police are looking for clues in a christmas day break in in southampton burlington county. the family tells officers they were away at a relative's for the holiday and came back to their house and found everything gone. look at that. the gift. the family photos. priceless videos of the children and even the homeowner's deceased father. those videos are gone. the family says they had maintenance people in the home a few days ago.
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police are investigateing. well us army rarely prosecutes desertions but how many army desertions there are among our us soldiers? and what happens to those that leave their unit? molly henneberg takes a look into what is taken into account before bringing charges. >> reporter: the bowe bergdahl case has drawn attention to the issue of army desertions. how many are there and what happens to soldiers who leave their unit? the army has confirmed to fox more than 20 thus san soldiers have desserted from 2006 to 2014. keep in mind those numbers are less than 1% of the number of active duty soldiers each year. between 2001 and today the army has only prosecuteed about 1900 december certificates. military analysts that's because usually soldiers desert for family reasons and not to go over to the enemy. >> they could be released from the military administratively perhaps given a less than perfect discharge and everybody goes on their way.
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the soldiers go home. leave the service. and the military is able to -- to muster them out without -- without -- without putting them on trial and putting them through the agony of a court marshall proceedings. >> reporter: whether sergeant bowe bergdahl will face a court marshall is. one former army lawyer says those are looked at harshly because commanders have a unit of other people who are looking at that soldier and saying, i don't wanting to either. so obviously there has to be an example made. sergeant bergdahl was releaseed by the taliban earlier this year in exchange for five top taliban commanders being held at get mow mow. in washington, molly hennenberg, fox news. >> another check of the forecast but it was really such a beautiful day and evening. as you look around the streets of old city they're packed with people out and about enjoying the nice temperatures domenica. >> it's a good thing because
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we'll have changes. so today was really the day to do all your outdoor activity. look at the 24 hour temperature change. it's nice. it feels good out there. we'll keep it right through the evening. those mild temperatures. we're up 6 degrees since yesterday in philadelphia. 9 degrees in mount pocono. in allentown 11 degrees. so yes it certainly was mild day. with many places making it into the upper 50s. now the mild air doesn't go away tomorrow. we're still going to have a mild day. but notice all this rain now out to the south. it goes from the upper midwest pushing down to the gulf states this is moving off to the east along and ahead of a cold front. it arrives in here just in time for sunday morning. so what you can expect is an umbrella day tomorrow. we'll have mild temperatures, but on and off showers throughout the day. no sunshine at all. monday and tuesday we'll be dry days for the most part but we will have a chance of a few early morning showers and the temperatures will be turning
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colder. then by new year's day even day we are back in the cold air with temperatures in the 30s. so we have a lot of changes coming up. i'll detail the all and give you the seven day forecast coming up in a bit. karen? >> look forward to that. thank you dough money nikau. little before the of a chilly morning as it started out but of course runners love that and didn't stop them from lacing up their sneakers to raise awareness for the homeless. this event prompted compassion for what organizers call sometimes invisible cause. dozens of runners putting feet to pavement saturday in fdr park raising money for pennies for kevin a local charity that seeks to house the homeless. >> inspired by our son kevin who was a very selfless and giving person to the homeless. >> gary organize the first homeless for the -- house for the homeless.
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runners were row warred with hugs in the final stretch by kevin's grandfather. >> he thought it was very important humanize the homeless and whatever he had in his pocket he would happily hand off to them. buy them a meal, he even take them into his apartment overnight to sleep. >> many raised here today will go to local shelters to provide meals long after the holiday lights have been taken down. fletcher rumball fox twin news. >> bloodied, bruised and a broken nose. what's that? coming up threes are looking for three suspects who attacked a worker at a department store. what those suspects accused of doing right before the vicious attack. plus, if you don't succeed the first time try try try again. a building set for demolition has a minor set back. what happened the first time crews tried to bring that building down. ♪
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♪ >> it has been a very challenging year for that woman and now pennsylvania attorney general kathleen cane is filing for divorce. she and her hub christopher were married for 14 years. in a complaint just filed friday in lackawanna county she says her marriage is broken. a spokesperson for kane says the issue is a private family member. they have two children. >> hundreds of teenagers force add mall to close early last evening at the monroeville mall. police say nearly a thousand teenagers pack the mall all at once. a couple of fights started to erupt stores eventually the entire mall decided to close. investigators will be issuing disorderly conduct citations. police say they arrested two teenagers for fighting. there's a department store worker who tries to confront three people for stealing and she ends up getting assaulted. we want to tell you those are the suspect that is this video may be disturbing. her official title is loss prevention officer at j.c. penney in kentucky trying to
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stop those three people. but police say the female suspect shoved that 50-year-old woman's face into the concrete. knocked her to the ground and started hit hitting her in the head and in the face. >> this is a situation where these folks would have been facingfacing a misdemeanor charge. they probably in all likelihood would have have been cited and releaseed. instead, they're facing some serious felony crime. rob before he in the first degree. >> police are looking for help to identify those suspects. victim was treated at the hospital and has been row leased leased. in world news this evening an unexpected visitor to pope john paul ii's grave. the vatican says the man who tried to assasinate him back in 1981 went there and laid flours on his too many in saint peters basilica. the vatican says the visit by the man only lasted a couple of minutes but it was caught caught on cell phone. he was sentenced to life in prison but john paul intervened with italian authorities and he was released baaing in 2,000.
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he then served 10 years behind bars in turkey for murder. this was his first visit to the tomb he placed white blossoms on it. torrential rain causes major flooding in malay sham the flooding is being blamed for at least five deaths. heavy rain causing some rivers to overflow forcing more than 100,000 people to evacuate their homes. the floods left many villages submerged underwater. and in iran, suicide drones are being tested out this evening. officials say their designed to hit targets in the skies water and on the ground. exercises to determine their accuracy will go on for the next six days. iranian military is hoping for them to be fully operational in the coming months. it hats been more than two years since super storm sandy tour up the coast. coming up how some new jersey shore homeowners say some engineers tried to rip them off. also ahead a dramatic rescue. a three-year-old a little boy survives a fast moving fire. how his quick thinking may have
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saved his life. >> domenica. >> temperatures today were running close to 15 degrees above normal but the cold air makes come back along with some showers. i'll tell when you it all arrives coming up. ♪
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♪ >> funeral services for nypd officer raphael ramos were held today. hundreds of fellow officers watching a mass for him on big screens outside that church in queens. then many turned their backs when the mayor spoke. they say the mayor contributed to that climate of mistrust. ramos and his partner over wenjian liu were assasinated in their patrol car just a week ago. arrangements from liu have not yet been made. there was a march in center city philadelphia today. now this one was to call for the end of violence between police and the community. they were about 100 people that took part in that one. it's been a pretty mild start to our weekend.
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take live look right there in the pocono mountains. nary a sole on that slope. too much darn rain up there. got too warm. lots of folks will be out soon. meteorologist domenica davis back in a couple of moments when the rain will call fall and maybe the snow depending up the mountains. tense moments young child caught on camera jumping from the second floor of a burning home. christie hutchins has the story from birmingham. >> we got you. come on. >> come on. >> jump! >> come on, your mother right here. your mamma say do it. oh we got him. >> come on. >> thank god! >> reporter: that's cary jackson you hear yelling for the child to jump. he caught the dramatic moments before firefighters arrived on his camera. tonight he's talking only to fox six about those up tense moments. >> i really didn't have no emotion running through me at the time. it was just like, i


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