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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 27, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome awesome. >> right now at 10, left in the lurch. a philadelphia charter school stepped home letters to parents saying the school is not going
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to be opening after the holiday break. good evening everyone, i'm karen hepp. parents with students at this school the walter palmer middle school are now scrambling to try to find a new school for their children. our dave kinchen right now live in north philadelphia -- northeast philadelphia with the latest on this. dave? >> reporter: that's right parents actually got the news the shocking news in a letter we talked to the school district of philadelphia about it and it turns out they're pretty shocked, too. kianna was looking forward to going back to the walter palmer middle school after christmas break. >> i was excited to basketball because we just started that and our first game in january. >> reporter: she wanted to see her classmates, too. but that's not happening any more. >> at first i didn't really believe it, 'cause, like, it just came out of nowhere. >> reporter: she's talking about this letter from the school's name sake founder sent to her mother nicole haines. the palmer charter middle school will be closed as of december 31st. >> why would they say so late to
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let us know. >> reporter: doors already shut for christmas break they'll essentially stay that way and haines did not see it coming. >> now we got till break is over to scramble and try to find a school for our kids. >> reporter: the closure comes after administrators were unable to meet with the school district of philadelphia over money the middle school was losing but a spokesperson fort district says the school never even told the district it was shutting down. >> they could have let all of us knew ahead of time. >> reporter: the walter palmer harder school high school shut down on hundreds of students a few months ago. palmer did not have charter to run the high school in the first place. they went to court and the district took back money from the organization. it's not yet clear if the fallout is forcing the middle school down, too. >> i think they been knew they was closing. they just took it upon they self to let us know at the last mine minute. it's not right to our kids they have to go through this. >> reporter: kianna doesn't know what to do now. >> i'm sad because i wanted to graduate with them people and i
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have to go to a new school and graduate with all different people i don't know. >> reporter: we were unable to reach palmer administrators for a comment. we did speak with the school district and they say that they will help parents transition their kids who go here to a public school. they are also setting up a website that will assist in that transition. the school district says, they will still reach out to palmer to tri to confirm that this building is closing. karen? >> all right, dave, thank you. it was a pretty bad fire today. the charred remains all that's left after fire ripped through a home in huntinging park. it started just after 4:00 this afternoon on the 4,000 block of north eighth street. one person did have to go to the hospital. treated for injuries. no word on that person's condition but the cause is under investigation. >> to your weather authority now. pretty mild saturday evening across our area. lots of people out and about. a live look right now at old city philadelphia. sunny earlier today. but some changes headed this way way. meteorologist domenica davis in
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right now. domenica? >> karen, we're looking at changes in the form of rain eventually cold temperatures but nothing cold about today. look at these mild temperatures. 57 in philadelphia. 50 in mount pocono. not great skiing conditions but it will get better into the later half of the up coming week. here's a look at the temperatures right now. fallen to 42 in the city. 45 in mount poke knowledge warmer there. wildwood coming in at 46. temperatures are pretty uniform because we have clouds coming in. so with those clouds temperatures won't drop that much overnight. rain though is lurking out to our west. and that will be here by tomorrow morning. so we are talking on and off showers right through our sunday but those mild temperatures hang on. i'll tell you more about the rain and when the real cold arrives coming up in just a bit. >> karen. >> thank you dough men any a you can track whatever mother nature is sending our way to see our life interactive radar come to and click on our
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weather tab. it was a beautiful but somber afternoon up in new york city where a funeral was held for an officer gunned down sitting in his police car. raphael ramos was remembered as a loving father, dedicated to his church and also the police force. fox's bryan llenas reports. >> reporter: more than 20,000 officers packed the streets around christ tabernacle church in queens as the funeral was held for nypd officer raphael ramos the father of two boys and his fellow officer wenjian liu were murdered while sitting in their patrol car last weekend. at the funeral new york city mayor bill diblasio talked about the devastating the effect the killings have had on the city. >> all of his brothers and sisters nypd feel his loss 'cause they, too followed that journey to serve others. they too accepted those risks and they persevere despite the pain. >> reporter: critics have said diblasio didn't do enough to
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support the police department before the shooting in the face of on-going violence and destructive protests. some officers even turned their backs to the mayor at the funeral but across the country rallies are being held to support those who work in law enforcement n boston more than 100 people held signs and it will candles to thank officers for their service an sea of blue took over down up to cleveland as thousands marched in support of local departments. >> those people, those individuals are just as much members of the community and want to come home at the end of their shift just like the teacher, the broadcaster the butcher, the baker and the candle stick maker. >> officer lou's family attend the service his funeral will be held at a later time. police commissioner bill brat ton says the two will be partner for all times. in new york, bryan llenas fox news. >> arizona police officer was shot an suspect is dead after alter nation a residential area
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of flag staff. officials say this happened this afternoon when they went to an area looking for a male suspect in a domestic violence incident. one male officer was taken to flag staff medical center in critical condition. his name has not yet been released. there was a march today in center city philadelphia calling for peace on the streets. a newly formed organization led the way. sabina kuriakose reports. report. >> some actually sent me a message and said, i would love for to you come and interview on my show and to send your group position to protest. i didn't respond. why? there's no response. i'm an american citizen. this is my right. i do not have to defend my right to protest. >> more than 100 men women and children with the newly formed muslims against police brutality march in center city protest wagon they say are engrained police practices of violence against african-americans. >> we're not taking it lightly that the deaths of michael brown, trayvon martin eric garr
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then and recent until philadelphia bran ton tate brown himself. >> reporter: brown is the 26-year-old man killed in police involved shooting earlier this month. his mother spoke at the rally. >> brandon is not coming back home. >> reporter: peaceful protests hell on the same day new york city police officer raphael ramos is laid to rest. gowned are gunned down by this man ismaaiyl brinsley who hours before the shooting posted on social media about killing cops in retaliation for the deaths of garner and michael brown. organizers insist the timing was not a factor. >> that's happening in new york and like i say our heart goss out to the families of those officers who were tragically murdered in the line of duty even as eric garner and president obama said they were assasinated on duty and that should never -- should never happen anyone that condones that or supports that they're wrong. >> reporter: protests closed with a die in on the steps of the municipal services building. another recall still scheduled for tuesday. is a bone in a kuriakose fox 29
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news. >> we have a developing story right now. more internet woes for north korea. internet and cell phone access was out again there. whose to blame for all of this? they say it's us, the united states. north korea released a statement today calling president obama "reckless in words and deeds followed by a racial slur. this happened for the second time this week. north korea has been quick to blame the united states after president obama pledged to respond pope portion natalie for the cyber attack on sony. the white house has not issued a statement on the accusations in the meantime sony says it's film the interview while it's been sold out in the few theaters it has been shown in since christmas day. the autopsy results are in for 93-year-old woman who died after a driver smashed a car into her home in bristol township. the bucks county coroner ruled that jenny russo died from natural causes. the report says there was no signs of trauma caused by the accident. she had just celebrated her birthday and was under hospice
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care when the 19 year old driver slammed into her house on red brook drive. no charges have been filed against that teen whose name has not been released. police say he is cooperating and he did turn himself in. russo died just a few hours after that crash. there's a new clue in the search for a chester county native missing in pittsburgh. police say 22-year-old paul cup company hasn't been seen or heard from since december 16th december 16th. he's 2010 graduate of owen j. roberts high school. pittsburgh police now have some video that shows him walking near his south side apartment at 2:45 in the morning of december 16th. investigators say he had been out with friends trying to watch football his friend said he disappeared while they were getting fast food helping him with a cut on his hand. investigators say his wallet and keys were missing from his apartment but his car was still outside. very very few clues and very few leads in the disappearance of shane montgomery. the 21-year-old was last seen a month ago with family at
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kildare's in manayunk. police fbi and volunteers have been searching for him time and again in and around the schuylkill river. last week, divers did find his car keys. his family says they will not give up hope. >> the only thing that gets us out of bed every day we're committed to finding shane. and we won't stop until we do and there will be no rest or no peace until we do. >> the reward for information leading to the discover receive shane is up to $65,000. if you know anything, please call police. all right. you have sniffles around your house. maybe not feeling too well it could be the flu. coming up where the virus is spreading across our area. plus, steals and deals. wal*mart is trying to cash in on those holiday returns. how you could be able to turn your unwanted gift cards into a gift you always dreamed about. and also, two veterans reunited after decades apart. pretty emotional reunion and the one reason they'll never lose
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touch again. domenica. >> saturday was absolutely beautiful but our sunday, not so much. we have clouds and showers moving in. i'll tell you when they arrive coming up.
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>> welcome back. we know the identities of the drivers involved in that fatal crash in upper merion township. it happened friday afternoon. police say 50-year-old eric keifer was crossing over the 800
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river road area on his motorcycle when he collided head on with that food service truck. 30-year-old mohammed bah was driving that vehicle. keifer died at the scene. the truck driver was flown to the hospital. and philadelphia police need your help to identify these two robbery suspects. these are very clear pictures of them. investigators say these two men hit susan's grocery on the 1500 block of south 13th street tuesday. the worker told police one of them stayed at the front doors as look out the other one pulled out gun and demanded demanded money from the register. the robbers got away with $500. lancaster county man is in jail tonight charged with killing his wife on christmas eve. police say 36-year-old dustin lee clopp confessed to this crime after he took his children to his parent's house on christmas. the wife's body was found in a shed behind their home. he is being held without bail in the lancaster county prison. >> and there's a pottstown mother set to appear in court next week for allegedly having
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sex with a teenaged boy that she met while volunteering with her daughter's cheerleading squad. police say 42-year-old iris gibney and the 17-year-old boy admitted they were having sex last month when they were caught an officer found them naked in a car in a closed park and authorities say that mother of three also sent that teenager nude pictures. she is charged with corruption avenue minor and other related offenses. new jersey state police are looking for clues in a christmas day break in. happened in southampton burlington county. there's a family that tells officers they were away visiting friends for the holiday. they came back and to find their gifts, their photos and priceless videos of the children and the father who has since passed away were now gone. the family says they did have maintenance people in the home just a couple of days ago. police are investigating. all right. it was a pretty chilly morning but that did not stop runners from our areolation up their sneakers to raise awareness and some money to help our homeless. photojournalist fletcher roomba
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compassion for what some call an and visible call. >> dozens of runner putting feet to pavement in saturday in fdr raising money for pennies for kevin. >> inspired by our son kevin who was a very selfless and giving person to the homeless. >> gary organize the first an wl hopeless for the holiday 5k. he says it help him to feel closer to his son kevin who died last year. >> runners were rewarded with hug in the final stretch by kevin' grandfather. >> he thought it was very important to humanize the homeless and whatever he had in his pock he would hand off to them. buy them a meal. he would take them into his app overnight to sleep. >> money raised here today will go to local shelters to provide meals long after the holiday lights have been taken down. fletcher rum ball fox 29 news.
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>> cases of the flu are up in pennsylvania. health officials say the virus is affecting about half of our state right now. more than five thus sand people have already gotten sick. that was just last week. allegheny county has the most couldn't philadelphia international airport cases with more than eight hadn't dread. most people don't get medical attention so the numbers don't show all the likely cases. flu season will run from october through may. all right. lots of people certainly in our building feeling sick. but we can't blame the weather today by any means domenica. >> no. these back and forth temperatures i'm sure aren't helping but, yes, today was a beautiful day. just gorgeous out there. we had plenty of sunshine, and temperatures made it well into the 50s. we've fallen to 42 right now. we have some clouds moving in over the area, so that's going to keep temperatures pretty steady overnight. so here's a look at your headlines. tomorrow it is an umbrella day. still mild but we will have on and off showers and clouds hanging around all day long. monday and tuesday a chance for few morning showers but it will
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turn colder and then that cold will usher us right into the new year. here's look at your wake up forecast. in the city 41. suburbs 40. it will be very mild indeed. cloudy and mild but scattered showers will be there in the morning. it's not a washout tomorrow but definitely a day a lot mr. gloomier than it was today. we'll have a look at the complete forecast and show that you seven day coming up in a little bit. karen. >> thank you. we'll look forward to that domenica. now that christmas is over so many people are thinking ahead to their new year's resolutions. we hope you keep them and while all these the usual resolutions like losing weight, trying to do well in school, quitting smoking always very popular what is less popular is actually seeing that resolution through to next year and accomplishing here. some of the tips the experts say to stay on track. don't call it a resolution. try to change your thinking. make them permanent lifestyle changes. and don't try to do too much at once. you can lose 20 pounds in week. also write down what you want to
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accomplish on your iphone or yourism pad. by and large when you look at people six months and a year later evaluate how well they did on their new year's resolutions typically they're not wildly successful. >> this is a great one. experts say one of the best ways to stay on track with your goal is to talk about it. tell a lot of people about it. that is a huge motivational factor. much better than keeping it all inside. all right. we'll show you a picture. bloodyied, bruised a nose broken. coming up police are looking for three suspects who attacked a department store worker. what they are accuse of doing right before that vicious attack attack. plus, if you don't succeed the first time, what's the old addage try try try again. >> the building set for demolition a little set back. it doesn't fall down. crews tried to bring down the building once again.
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♪ >> pennsylvania attorney general kathleen cane is filing for divorce. she and her husband christopher were married for 14 years. in a complaint filed friday lackawanna county she says her marriage is ire retrievable broken. a spokesperson for cane says the issue is private family matter.
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they do have two children. fights among hundreds of teenagers force add wednesday pennsylvania mall to close early this happened last evening at the monroeville mall. police say nearly a thousand teens pack the mall all at once and there were some fights when those fists started to fly, they eventually closed stores and then the whole mall investigator investigators say they will issue diss orally conduct citations. police say they did arrest two teenagers for fighting. and there's a department store worker she tries to confront three people for stealing and she ended up get assaulted. we want to warn you some of the video is disturb. this is out there in kentucky. that's the j.c. penney in kentucky. a loss prevention officer there trying to stop three people from stealing. but police say a female suspect shoves the 50-year-old woman. victim into the concrete ground knocks her to the ground, starts hitting her in the head in the face. >> this is a situation where these folks would have been facing a misdemeanor charge.
10:24 pm
they probably in all likelihood would have been cited and releaseed. instead of instead they're face something serious felony crime. rob bro in the first degree. >> police are trying to figure out who those suspects are. the victim was treated at the hospital and has been released. taking a look at your world news headlines right now. unexpected visitor to pope john paul ii's grave. the vatican says the man who tried to assasinate him back in 1989 came there and laid flowers on his too many in saint peters basilica. this was visit by the man it only last add couple of minutes but it was caught on cell phone video. now he was sentenced you may remember to life in prison. but john paul intervened and he was released in 2000. then he served 10 years in turkey for murder. the vatican says this was his first visit to the too many. >> we want to show you some more video of an explosion at a mexican volcano. that's the second highest peak.
10:25 pm
burst home. plume of steam gas and ash spewed into the a atmosphere. amount of ash is said to be moderate. nearby residential areas could be impacted. big name in trouble with the law. remember screech saved by the bell in trouble with the law now. coming up the popular actor from that show accused of establishing a guy. witnesses say they heard right before it all happened. >> also ahead a dramatic rescue rescue. a three-year-old little boy survives a very fast-moving fire fire. how his quick thinking may have saved his life. domenica. >> it was mild today. we got pretty mild weather around the past several days but it is winter after all. so the cold air is going to be making a come back. i'll tell you when coming up.
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new year's bonus on select new volkswagen models. offer ends january 2nd. ♪ >> funeral services for nypd
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officer ramos were held today. hundreds of fellow officers, thus sands in fact watched a mass for him on big screens outside the church in queens. many turned their backs when the mayor spoke. they say the player contribute to do a climate of mistrust. ramos and his partner were a social security 98ed in their patrol car just a week ago. arrangements for liu have not yet been formalized. march in center city philadelphia today this was calling for an end to violence between police and the community community. there was 100 people that took part in that one. take a look at the weather. mild start to the weekend. live look right now at some of the slopes up there in the pocono mountains. you see a couple of people coming on down. got a little slushy up there meteorologist domenica davis back in just a couple of minutes with what the rain is going to be falling where you live. taking a look at some other big headline. north korea suffered a second internet outage this week and that communist regime is blaming this country the united states, and even insulting our president with a racist remark.
10:30 pm
will car reports from los angeles. >> reporter: normal cory leasing a statement calling president obama reckless in words and deeds followed boy derogatory comment as they have more problems on saturday with internet and cell phones. obviously north korea is not a tech savvy country that does have app impact on the country's leadership. north korea has been quick to blame the united states after president obama pledged to respond proportionately after the cyber tack on zen knee. at the same time viewers continue to take in the interview the movie at the crux of the controversy many theaters theaters sold out since christmas day release much it brought in over a million dollars at the box office on christmas day in 300 theaters but it was supposed to be in two to 3,000 theaters. there was a drop in box office sales friday. the movie only bringing in just over 600 thus san dollars. far less than what was initially expected. but a week or two ago many people thought they never even
10:31 pm
get the chance to see the movie. the numbers don't include online sales which are harder to track. it's a million people have watched on youtube or the other streaming services that's at least $6 million. nowhere close to the 44 million it took to make the movie hollywood is keeping close eye the profits. to see if movies can be financially viable when they're released oh and line at the same time as in the box office. the problem is, there are reports out that the movie has already been illegally downloaded hun dressed thousands of times. in los angeles will carr, fox news. >> actor dustin diamond goes before a judge in wisconsin following his arrest. police say he stabbed a man at a bar. saved by the bell actor appeared before a judge today. police say he stabbed a man christmas evening and left the scene with his girl friend. authorities caught up with him arresting diamond and his girlfriend. police say they did find a knife in the car. his girlfriend or wife whoever was with him got up and
10:32 pm
shoved another patron and that's what started the whole incident. >> just want to get your side of the story. i heard you were attack last night. >> no comment. >> no comment? no comment. >> you need to go away from me. that's what i want. >> among the charges facing diamond is carrying a concealed weapon the 37 year old claims self-defense. there's a federal judge in new york who was looking into issues of bogus reports about homes damaged by super storm sandy. lawyers representing 1500 homeowners are trying to prove insurance firms hired engineers to give fake reports so homeowners claims could then be denied. the judge is concerned and asking insurers to provide additional records. insurance companies insist they have no motive to rig the system system. and engineers say well they were sometimes challengeed to justify findings. but never to judge conclusions. >> very very 10 moments as young child is caught on camera jumping from the second floor of a burning home. christie hutchins has this story from birmingham.
10:33 pm
>> up? and! >> we got you. come on. jump! come on your momma right here. your momma said do it. come on. >> oh, thank god. >> that's kerry jackson yelling for the child to jump. he caught the dramatic moments before firefighters arrived on his camera. tonight he's talking only to fox six about those intense moments. >> i really didn't have no emotion in me at the time. it was just like i need -- we need him to jump. >> jackson' cousin caught the little boy but there were still more people. >> anybody else up there? they heard another child may be trapped. so and that ran to the back. a woman in the video is yelling there's a child inside and you can see people trying to gape access to the burning people. >> people's life was in danger and people screaming. everybody in the community came and helped. >> reporter: neighbors couldn't get to one child but a
10:34 pm
firefighter did. after handing the child to emt's he fell to the ground. jackson says for him it was instinct to grab his camera. he's photographer he didn't know he'd be a part of the story. >> everything you watching like he my god he jumped, he jumped. finally jumped. just that feeling that gives you just relive that moment and say that you saved someone's life, and it's a really good feeling. >> that is absolutely amazing. that is a christmas miracle. coming up you can spend it at wal*mart. that's what they would love you to do. how this retail giant could be helping you to find the perfect gift for maybe the best person around. yourself. also two vote nem war buddies separated since they fought together on the battlefield. they have been reunited. why these two friends won't ever be too far apart from each other again. th
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♪ >> 16 story building in crimea finally came down. they imploded it today. the first a item on friday caused the building to tilt to the side.
10:38 pm
here we go once again. they take it down finally for good. they that construction started oh and that building back in 2013 but they never completed it and now it's all gone. something pretty smart by wall march. they're trying to cash in on holiday returns especially if you have an unused or unwanted gift card. you don't like the store bring it to them. they'll gladly take your money. melanie wood row explains. >> reporter: post christmas steals and deals included discounts of 50 to 70% off. >> bath and body work they have a deal for you buy two get the third one free. >> reporter: traffic was light at bay street in emeryville but booing at this wal*mart. >> whoo accident! it's really crowded in there. it's really crowded at the other wal*mart. dion, you've been to two wall marches today. >> actually i have. what i didn't see over there i thought i'd find it over here. >> reporter: shoppers stocked um and a half off holiday
10:39 pm
supplies. others were thrilled to learn they could use gift cards to nearly anywhere here. that's pretty cool. >> this having an and line gift card exchange allowing customers to turn unwanted gift cards into wal*mart e gift cards that can be used in stores on online. >> more of a convenience since i'm already shopping here. >> reporter: wall march spokesperson says more than 200 retailers and restaurants gift cards could be exchanged for up to 97% of the original value. >> no, it still bothers me a little bit just because it's not the full value. >> reporter: a move this big box store is trying to further boost its bottom line this holiday season. >> first grocery now this, right. i guess they're trying to connect to the masses. that was melanie wood roy reporting. the program will run for several weeks. coming up, two veterans reunited after decades apart. they're emotional reunion and the one reason these two will never lose touch ever again. domenica. >> we've had a very mild couple
10:40 pm
of weeks. but the cold air is going to be making a come back. i'll tell when you you can expect the 30s for high temperatures coming up in just a little bet.
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what? you get it? i get the gist yeah. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent more on car insurance. >> we have some breaking news coming in right now. we want to get this right out there to you. theirs a missing plain. this is breaking news out of indonesia. officials are saying that an air asia plane with 162 people on board is now reported missing. this plane was on its way from indonesia headed towards singapore. this information is just coming in right now. we're getting more details. we'll continue to update you throughout this newscast and of course online as well. in other news, of course, a lot of people shopping this week. not too late to make a holiday
10:44 pm
season extra special for some pets in need. look at that face. animal care and control team of philadelphia is hoping to pair some playful pets with new loving forever homes for free. open house was held today on the 100 block of west hunting park avenue in hunting park. another one will be held tomorrow also offering free adoptions. we put a link on our website with all of these cute faces. check out these pets that need their forever homes just click on the scene on tv tab on this is one of greatest stories of the day. there's these two vietnam war buddies separated after one of them got hurt on the battlefield. after years of wondering what happened to the other one, they finally reconnect and the best part is they'll never lose touch again realizing they're actually just steps away from each other quiet literally ron savage has their amazing story. >> reporter: david brown on the left and roger watson on the right were drafted on the same day in 1966 in a fox hole david on the left and roger on the
10:45 pm
right although drafted they both volunteered to serve in vietnam. >> he's the only guy i've got pictures of. you know, we were pretty close. >> reporter: dave brown grew up on gilchrist in northwest detroit roger watson lives on mansfield not far away. they met in basic training and became fast friends. but in march of '68 roger watson earned a purple heart. he was nearly killed by enemy fire. >> i lost a kidney and 3-foot of intestine and was, you know, med vac out by chopper. >> didn't know how bad 'cause nobody knows. they pick you up and get you out of there so nobody has any idea what kind of shape you're in and for 40, whatever six years or whatever it is i wondered what happened to him. >> reporter: from the chaos of war to the chaos of life, dave brown returned to michigan after vietnam and eventually settled into this home on dorothea in berkeley what he didn't know for past 18 years his neighbor was
10:46 pm
roger watson much this is dave's living room, backyard on franklin street in berk still cattycorner from roger's backyard. just before halloween dave's weiss peggy was walking the dog around the block. >> she walked around the block and saw my vietnam veteran hat on the back of my car. >> it was amazing to find -- to find out that we were so close. our lives particle led each other almost exactly. i mean we moved into the same neighborhood. >> reporter: in fact their christmas trees are so close you can see roger's here then clearly see dave's from the same vantage point. their kinship rekindled. how did they not know for the past 18 years? >> when i tell my friends the story they say, don't you talk to your neighbors? i say, we know our neighbors. as a matter of fact everybody on the street we have club and block parties and those kind of clubs but behind you and cattycorner and it's a little over grown in the summertime and with the trees and the bushes,
10:47 pm
you really don't get to know that side of the fence. >> i made a trip to washington, look on the wall and didn't see his name, praise the lord. and so it was -- i was overjoyed to fine out that he was so close close. >> that was ron savage reporting. an absolutely amazing story. they will never lose touch again. >> our weather today but we have the rain coming in a little sooner than later. we. to tomorrow is not a washout by it in means. we'll have a few showers here and there and it looks like the heaviest rain is going to stay right around the baltimore area. >> okay. i think we really just going to get in on few light showers. not bad but it will be cloudy unfortunately. you're not going to have the picture perfect day like we did today with all the sun. temperatures will be mild. it's mild tonight. jeez look at these temperatures. 45 right now in mount pocono. we're doing temperatures in the 40s in a lot of areas.
10:48 pm
42 in philadelphia. we have 42 in doylestown. the clouds are starting to move in. these temperatures are fairly uniform and won't move much over the neck several hours. 47 in cape may. 46 in ocean city. 43 in atlantic city. here's ultimate doppler. if you can see the clouds are starting to come in. now it's coming along a cold front sitting out to our west bringing some rain. this cold front is responsible for some severe weather down through the gulf states today. for us, though, it's going to be basically light showers. so it's not a washout tomorrow. but we will have a lot of cloud cover around and also a chance for a few spot showers here and there throughout the day. so tomorrow is an umbrella day not washout. it's still going to be mild ahead of this. cold air is lurking though, it's behind the front and by tuesday, we'll start to get in on that. here's a look at fox future cast and we'll start at sunday morning. you can see it's basically the clouds that are around. a few showers out to our
10:49 pm
northwest. these are very spotty in nature throughout the day. so you can see a shower at any time. but any real organized rain that we'll see will be later in the day and it will pretty much concentrate to our south. the had heaviest rain is going to stay pretty much south of dover and atlantic city. for us it's basically light showers but we are stuck in the clouds throughout the day. tonight it's 40 degrees for the overnight low. we will have increasing clouds. it will be a mild evening. there's look at tomorrow. it's 50 degrees so temperatures are still doing well above normal. typically this time of the year we shall be at 42. today our high was 57 degrees. that's roughly 15 degrees above normal so we are going to continue that trend tomorrow as well. despite all the clouds around. on monday it's frick. it gets a little bit cooler. we had that front going through. we could see a few showers mainly to the south. that would be in the morning. between about six 7:00 o'clock those showers should wrap up. then on tuesday there you go.
10:50 pm
the cold air comes in and we are dealing with that arctic air. that could make for a few showers and could have a little bit of a rain/snow mix tuesday morning. other than that, it's dry and then as we get into the new year it's cold. but dry. so both wednesday and thursday first night plans new year's eve plans are looking dry but definitely you will have to bundle up. i mean we're northeasternness. new year's eve you're supposed to bundle up. >> you got to be tough. throw on coat and dancing shoes and pretty dress and all that kind of stuff. >> exactly. >> perfect weather for a bowl game today. keith? >> yeah, karen tell them to bundle up with the nittany lion. excited to be back in a bowl. let's just say right now their opponent is stick kicking themselves literally and figuratively. we'll show you why in sports.
10:51 pm
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innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us. >> penn state' bowl game with boston college at yankee stadium sold out in 36 hours. fans got their money's worth today. now, former temple coach city addazio and bc led penn state 27-seven but the game goes to overtime tied at 24. boston college with a play that leaves you wondering how the lions let him get away. eagles up six. place kicker is horrible. he misses the extra point.
10:54 pm
so penn state needs a touchdown to tie. christian hackenberg whose come up short more than he's come up big this year penn state bowl record with four touchdowns. extra point wins the game. guess what? the lions kicker i'm not going to miss. penn state wins the pinstripe bowl 31-30. >> i'm just so happy for these seniors and these players have been through so much in their careers. so to end it and leave like this, i couldn't be more happy and proud of them. it's never good enough just to get to bowl game. you go the to win the game. >> you know the flyers trying to celebrate as well maybe not on the same level but a fourth straight win on the road that would be nice. wouldn't it be easy with former flyers coach peter laviolette. now leading one of the best teams in hockey. but there's one of his former guys claude giroux the cap ties the game at one. nashville tough. how tough, this tough. colin wilson ninth goal of the year. predators within four-one.
10:55 pm
flyers first loss on this road trip starting goalie steve mason could return in the next game on monday. >> now, the sixers came back down to earth last night in portland having the turn around and play in utah a night later. not the greatest situation. the jazz so far playing a winning tune. hayward, remember him? making those money shots at butler university. well he's still doing it and making a lot of money in the process and another player coming on strong for the jazz burke who led michigan on a magical run two years ago. root now in the fourth quarter the jazz lead the sixers by four. now, we we saved the best for last. hopefully the eagles do as well. once in the conversation the best team in football trying to end the season with a smile because there's been nothing to smile about the last month. we all know it. when it comes to a close jeremy maclin will smile about how he was able to bounce back from that knee injury that took him off the field all last year. now, this year he did thing he had never done before.
10:56 pm
he wept over author's sap yards he became a go to receiver. that made clutch catches with a game on the line. like his buddy lesean mccoy also drafted in the same year, he has never won a playoff game. something he won't have a chance to do this season. >> i want it so bad man. so i'm going to continue to do what i can to help -- to help this organization, you know, get to that point. i'm going to continue to, you know, make myself a better player. you know, come back even stronger bigger next year. and just -- just help. >> jeremy that sounds like a plan. now despite it being the last game no reason we can't go out with bang. catch "game day live" tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. eagles trying to sweep the giants for the fir since 2010. see the game at 1:00 o'clock. lion and packers 4:25. decide the nfc north and who plays the cowboys on wild card weekend. busy day of football on fox 29. >> tomorrow we rap it up. >> i want to get back to breaking news.
10:57 pm
we'll continue to follow this all night long. it is missing plane that is out of indonesia right now. we do know that it is an air bus 32200 missing with 162 people on board. 155 are passengers seven are crew. it was going from indonesia to singapore. stay on top of this story and bring updates online as w
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