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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 28, 2014 10:00pm-10:36pm EST

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up next, breaking news. a police car hits and kills a young boy in a south jersey town. we have the latest in a live report. also, the search resumes for that missing air asia flight. fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome awesome. >> we've got breaking story at 10:00 o'clock. a police car has hit and killed a young boy. it happened this evening in franklin township in gloucester
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county. officials say it was a police car that struck that boy right near delsea drive and paul street. good evening to everyone. i'm karen hepp. details are just coming in right now. they're coming together this hour. let's get right tout on the scene. chris o'connell is there live in franklin township with what we know. chris? >> reporter: karen those details are still unfolding at this hour. but i can tell you it is a horrible and gut wrenching scene here in franklinville, new jersey, as we speak. family members are right now behind me. they are grieving the loss of a 10-year-old boy. he was struck and killed by a police car on his way to an alarm call. that little boy was on his way to a sleepover at a friend's house. now, this all happened about 7:00 o'clock tonight. all we are being told is a franklinville police officer was responding to a call here at delsea drive when the child was struck. we're told the boy was crossing
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the street. he was on his way from his home to a friend's house just a couple hundred yards away down the street. he was pronounceed dead about a half hour later. what is happening right now an accident team of the new jersey state police, they have taken over this investigation. but this community is in shock tonight. a very quiet community. very close knit. so far no comment from franklinville police tonight and so far no identification on that officer -- on the officer involved. let's bring you back out here to the scene right now. that police car you probably can't see it but there are a lot of investigators here but the,, what we've been seeing is the grieving of this family. it is a single mother of four. we are told that mother works as a nurse at a local hospital and she was told she was at work when she was told about the accident.
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she came here we're told she hasn't even been able to view her son's body yet. but a 10-year-old boy killed by a franklinville police officer's vehicle earlier tonight. the investigation still on going. karen, just a horrible scene tonight. >> it's horrific, chris. absolutely awful. all right. that's the latest from that scene. we'll stay on top of it. another scene in old city this evening. about 100 protesters held a vigil for a man who was shot and killed by philadelphia police. these protesters gathered at the liberty bell then they walked to the philadelphia police headquarters the demonstration was peaceful. they procedure test wagon they call police brutality much the shooting that sparked tonight's protest happened earlier this month on frankford avenue. police say officers shot 26-year-old brandon tate brown as he was reaching for weapon during a struggle after they pulled brown over during a traffic stop. now, we have yet another developing story. this is the search for that plane that disappeared while traveling from indonesia to singapore just about this time last evening.
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several countries are now joining together to try to figure out what happened. the united states is offered any assistance it can possibly provide. david piper has the very latest from thailand. >> reporter: as a massive search operation gets back underway for the missing air asia flight anxious family members gather airport crisis center to wait for news. >> we are very surprised and very sad. our grandchild was going to singapore for a holiday but the accident happened. >> reporter: flight 8501 was traveling from indonesia to singapore with 162 people on board. officials say the pilot asked to change course to avoid bad weather about halfway into the flight. but did not issue a distress call. then the plane lost contact with ground traffic control. a search and rescue operation is underway. indonesia and singapore have deployed aircraft and vessels to search by air and sea. and malaysia is sending help as well.
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>> we are keeping in touch and we are deploying three vessel now. >> reporter: officials stress they're still searching for answers about what could have happened. the pilot is said to have thousands of hours of experience. aviation experts believe storms may have played a major role in the disappearance. >> i think he got into a thunderstorm that probably few airplanes have gotten in and gotten out just by looking a the that map now that i could be wrong on that. but those are very violent thunderstorm in that area. >> reporter: air asia's chief executive says they're still waiting for answers but primary concern at the moment is taking care of the passengers families. in thailand, david piper fox news. >> we're staying on top of this developing story. you can always check our website we will be posting updates right there on the home page. happening right now there's a man accused of trying to kill his girlfriend. this all happened at a gas station in south jersey and he
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has been under going questioning let's take look at him. 44-year-old james police think he choked his girlfriend and then ran her over not once or twice, three times. tonight she's in the hospital. he is facing attempted murder charge. dave kinchen has this story. >> reporter: the man accuse of a brutal attack on his girlfriend here at this toms river gas station is now behind bars. but the details of this crime have a lot of people shaking their heads. the mangled taped up pumps at the hess gas station on route 37 tell one heck of a tale here in toms river. it's where police say a 35-year-old woman was pinned between the pumps and her boyfriend's truck. we're talking about 44-year-old james, seen here. police say he also ran her over moment multiple times. >> here? >> yeah, right glee i used to work here. >> reporter: what do you think about that. >> that's insane. >> that's unbelievable. i can't somebody would do that to another human being. >> reporter: toms river police say it started early sunday morning when the couple pulled into the gas staying. investigators say he through his
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girlfriend to the ground and choked her. >> kind of crazy actually. >> reporter: cops say the woman then ran to the gas pumps were james through his truck in reverse a station worker tried to push her away but she ended up getting pinned. >> this is a sign of the times. people a lot of violence going on. >> police say the suspect backed up and then drove at her again with her now on the ground hitting her a second and third and final time before heading west on 37. >> i don't know what this world is come to go. >> reporter: victim is hospitalized with serious injuries to her legs but police say it does not appear to be life-threatening at this point. >> we'll keep her in our prayers and hope she is going to be all right. >> reporter: again the man behind bars facing charges avenue tempted murder, bail has been set at half a million dollars. in toms river dave kinchen fox 29 news. >> dave, thanks. search for shane montgomery continued today. volunteer divers once again returned to the schuylkill river to search for the missing
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21-year-old. he disappeared the night before thanksgiving. police fbi and volunteers have searched for him and around that river. last week it was the same divers that did find shane's car keys. a clue that they hope will help them with their search. >> so what we're doing now we're starting from where the keys were found and eliminateing areas as we work our way down the river. >> officials have yet to solve the mystery of his disappearance. his family says they will not give up. montgomery was last seen at kildare's irish pub in manayunk on the night before thanksgiving thanksgiving. they're planning an autopsy. scheduled tomorrow for a man who was found dead in a south jersey creek. authorities say 58-year-old theodore smith the third of deptford was found in the mantua creek today right near the route 45 overpass. his wife had reported him missing. officials are waiting for the autopsy results. they do not suspect foul play. all right. we've had a very very nice weather on this holiday weekend. let's take live look right now
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from blue mountain. people are still skiing up there in the poconos having a great time of it. didn't get much snow but they're certainly have some mild temperatures let's check in with domenica to see what's in store. good evening. >> i would say those temperatures are pretty easy to take skiing at this late hour. here's a look at ultimate doppler. we were stuck in the clouds today. saturday we had all the sunshine. today it was more clouds with pockets of drizzle that came through. that has all moved out of the picture now. we are left with the clouds and that is keeping things pretty mild. speaking of mild our highs today were still well above normal. about 15 degrees above normal. 56 that was the high in philadelphia. mount pocono 46. so that is pretty warm. dover 57. so we're still in that above normal temperature zone and we'll stay that way for at least the next couple of hours before we see that cooler air arrive. look at these temperatures right now. we have an overcast sky. so that's acting like a blanket. temperatures are not going to fall too much overnight.
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it's 50 right now in philadelphia. we have fallen to 34 in mount pocono. cold air is starting to come in behind that front. and that will be the theme for this upcoming week. so it is colder tomorrow. and then we fall into the 30s by tuesday. it will be cold for new year's eve. but it will stay dry. our next chance of rain isn't until saturday. so we do have some real cold to talk about. we'll do so coming up in just a little bit. karen? >> thank you domenica. nice to have a win that capped off a disappointing season for the eagles. the eagles fans got a nice holiday gift for the team today because it was a pretty big win over the new york giants. what game it was. howard. the eagles fans at least a little bit of a small relief to go out with a little bit of pride. >> i guess that's one way to look at it. it's a big win. but it would have been bigger if they had gone to the playoffs. chip kelly wanted to play his starters. even though the media made it their issue all week to play the backups in a game that did mean nothing for the standings.
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it was the final game of the season. and eagles equaled their win total of last season that would be 10. but no playoffs this year. it's the first time also since 2003 that chip kelly has not coached a post season game. let's go to giants stadium. take look at a couple of highlights. this was a big play. jordan matthews who had a really nice rookie year, eight catches today for over 100 yards a touchdown pass by mark sanchez that ties the game at seven. eagles actually fell behind. but this saved the game. up by eight points. eli manning does that. a lot. and he through the pass and it was nate allen who intercepted now for chip kelly and the players it was all about that double digit win. >> to win 10 games in this league is difficult. i was proud of those guys. i was proud how they game out what their attitude was on tuesday the first time back. i didn't see anybody feeling sorry for them. they came out and they worked. we had a good week of preparation and you hope you can build on it but we'll see where that goes.
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>> all right. hear from the players on what they think about the season. what they think about playing with many of their teammates actually for the final time and also what lesean mccoy thinks about his contract status in the off season. that's all coming up on sports sunday. karen? >> thank you howard. a lot of players tweeting after the game today. so even though the birds pulled off that win today the real action was on the side lines. the side lines? yup. at the linc today. what happened there there you go go. new jersey state trooper pops the question. >> but first police officers did you see this they turned their backs on the mayor in new york city at that funeral for a fallen officer. tonight there's a pretty fiery response for those who call that a disgusting show of disrespect.
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>> inspired improved newborn screenings in pennsylvania. she's passed away. hannah had krabbe disease that affects the nervous system and there is no cure a disease usually deadly unless it's caught and treated very very early. little bit earlier this evening you can see the pictures so many of you were facebooking and tweeting about this. hundreds came out together and brought candles and they prayed and they gathered for a vigil in levittown for that little girl. little angel that such a wonderful huge impact on so many during her short live.
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there was a bill that came to be known in her name, hannah's law. it was signed into pennsylvania law just in october adding krabbe disease to the list of conditions that all newborn babies in pennsylvania will be screened for. her family announced this news of her passing on facebook earlier today. she would have turned two in just a little bit more than two weeks. we want to show i was car. it plowed into a house and then landed on its roof. this all happened early this morning on the 700 block of nor street in the oxford section. both the driver and female passenger were taken over to the hospital. the driver is is listed in stable condition. the woman in critical much the driver could have been facing driving under the influence charges. all right. people coughing in your household? the flu activity right now is reported widespread in both pennsylvania and delaware and moderate in new jersey. this is according to all of the health numbers and health authorities this evening. so that widespread distinction means the flu virus is affecting
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half of the region of stat. so far this season, more than 5,000 people have gotten sick in pennsylvania but officials think those numbers only tell a part of the story since so many more people have the flu but they never go to a doctor. flu season typically runs from october through may. 11 people in pennsylvania have died just so far this season. let's get to developing story that is happening hundreds of people were trapped after a fire broke out on a ferry. this happened in the adriatic sea. let's take look. it's burning right there the ferry carrying 422 passengers. also, 56 crew members. the ferry caught fire as it was traveling from grease to italy. authorities say there was one man that died. at least two more were injured. those on board had to brave the smokey fire. the frigid temperatures and very strong winds for nearly a day as they were waiting to be evacuate evacuated. so far more than 100 people have been rescued. in the meantime there was a pregnant mother and her two children and you can see this dramatic airlifting of them to safety from that burning ferry
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after their rescue they were transferred to italian hospital to be treated for hypothermia. thankfully doctors say the mother and her children are doing well. another fire to tell you about in this country. three alarmers at a senior living high rise in texas. it took the life of five people. this broke out about 6:30 this morning. this is at the wedgewood senior living center in san tan tone yo. 11 residents have been hospitalized. one of them is in critical asian. the fire is under investigation. in new york city, it was a final farewell to the police officer killed in the line of duty yesterday but some officers used that occasion to turn their back on the mayor of new york city. saturday's act of disrespect got a thumbs down on the sunday morning talk shows lisa everest has this story. >> reporter: nypd officers and police from all over the country made a strong show of solidarity at the funeral for officer raphael ramos. a sea of blue estimated at more
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than 25,000. but when mayor diblasio spoke many watching outside on the jumbo tron turned their backs. >> our hearts are aching today. we feel it physically. we feel it deeply. >> reporter: speaking of face the nation, former mayor rudy guiliani understands officers frustrations. but their act of protest did not belong at such a solemn occasion. >> if you like the mayor or you don't like the mayor, you have to respect the mayor's position. i don't support that. but i do believe mayor diblasio should apologize to the new york city police department. >> reporter: spokesperson for the mayor had no comment on the depth station but said, the ramos and liu families, our police department and our city are dealing with an unconscionable tragedy. our sole focus is unifying the city and honoring the lives of our two police officers. commissioner brat ton said hit no place at a funeral. >> i certainly don't support that action yesterday. i think it was very inappropriate at that event. that funeral was held to honor
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officer ramos and to bring politics -- to bring issues into that event i think was very inappropriate. >> that was lisa evers roaring. new york city police commissioner says what we need to do is try to find some common ground with a lot less rhetoric and a lot mr. dialogue. in the meantime, community members in our area at the baptist worship center in bridesburg gathered for a ferguson related rally they called this black lives matter. church service was led by the senior pastor there in hopes to try to bridge that gap between our law enforcement community and the community at large. >> we have a number of excellent police officers in our congregation and they are giving seminars and workshops so that we can teach not just our young people but adults as well how to act and how to react and what to do, how to properly respond if you might be stopped by a police
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officer so that positive things happen. >> had big turnout you can by the crowd. they had more than 2,000 people there. also clergy in attendance. all right. let's take a look at the weather around this country. snow causing accidents out there in oklahoma. this is the seen in tulsa. one accident sent a 19-year-old man to the hospital in serious condition much the good news that snow is gradually ending as that winter storm is moving east east. moving east, does that mean it's headed our way domenica? >> you know what, we're going to be dry for the neck several days. so no, we will not get in on any snow or even rain for that matter. we have until next weekend to talk about rain. in the meantime though we do have little bit of drizzle that we're still dealing with and this is all south of philly where we're seeing a pocket of showers that is coming through with the last bit of this disturbance so right now in wilmington quinton millville all dealing with light showers that will really move out of here in no time.
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this system is all pushing off to the east with a cold front heaviest showers right now are through baltimore and -- through the baltimore area and further south pushing down into d.c. along with that front. so for us it's really cloudy but very mild out there. 50 degrees is the temperature when you wake up tomorrow it will still be cloudy. but we will have temperatures pretty mild. 39 in the city. 35 in the suburbs. the cold air arrives starting tomorrow and it gets really cold around here by the end of the year. we'll have a look at the forecast coming up. >> thank you. another big hollywood movie stirring up more controversy. this is movie drama tieing the story of he can so did you say. well now it has been banned in one country. we'll explain that and also there was a christmas day crash that seriously injured an elderly driver. things could have been so much worse. there was a stranger who happened to be right nearby and
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♪ >> welcome back. north korea has released another carefully managed and/or companies traited glimpse of its people. the communism government just released these pictures showing the leader kim jong-un providing over a ceremony to honor marine worker. he took group pictures with the workers after the ceremony. not long after alleged threats from north korea over the release of sony "the interview" that comedy about a fictional a social security nation attempt of kim jong-un another hollywood film now causing some controversy.
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this time it's the biblical tail he can so did you say gods and kings. this is a movie which drama advertises the bible's book about exodus about moses leading the jews out of egypt. it's been banned in egypt. 21st century fox is not given a reason for the ban but movies depicting biblical figures have been prohibited in the muslim country before. tonight american movie goers are reactioning. >> it's hollywood. hollywood is hollywood. they're going to do -- it will appeal on the screen that's it. i don't think they did it for any other reason. >> you know, half of me is from that part. i can understand it. >> this isn't even the first controversy with this movie. also under a lot of fire forecasting mostly white actors in all of the lead roles which many biblical historians argue is not accurate. and this is a fox movie. take a look what happened all of a sudden really strong storm hit the houston area
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turned this garage right here into a whole mess of rubble coming down on to cars. peaces of sheetrock tools and metal debris all of that was left in this business in pasadena. own are in says he noticed something wasn't right when he walks outside and part of the roof collapsed. the other half is being blown away. he said it all happened in a matter of minutes. >> it was like a tornado. very quick. i couldn't -- like a silence. you see the blowing hear the blowing, air blowing but that was not like that. it was completely silent. >> never imagined he would have to run for cover instead. >> the damage to the building was the worst of that mess. the good news is this situation all the people made it out okay. many of you of course watched eagles beat the giants at the linc today. but here's a really nice slice of live right here. some of the real act on the side
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lines. a big question that just changed the lives forever for two new jersey state troopers. >> domenica. >> well, we were looking at a very mild weekend but cold air is working just to our northwest northwest. i'll tell when
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♪ >> new jersey state police had the security detail at today's goals game, of course in east rutherford not at the linc up there in new jersey and for two troopers it was a game they and their families will absolutely never forget. our brad satin has the play by play of what happened to them on the field. >> reporter: this home was a lot like many others on eagles sunday. fans glued to their tv's watching the action at metlife stadium. the evers family certainly was. >> what do you think? >> you started to cry. >> reporter: only what brought a tear to the eyes of joan evers and smiles everywhere else -- >> that is very nice. >> reporter: wasn't what happened during the game.
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it's what happened moments before it. it wasn't shown on tv but it was captured on cell phone video. >> very nice. very nice. is it on right now? how you feeling? >> doing good. >> there it is. >> reporter: by now you see what's coming. neither eagles nor giants are headed to the playoffs don't tell tom o'connor nothing was at stake now you down on one knee he went as the evers from home watched janna their daughter, granddaughter and diehard eagles fan get engaged to tom a diehard giants fan. >> he's kind of reserved. so to see him do that is very meaningful. >> reporter: she said yes with a big kiss. >> we are new jersey state troopers, and we met on the job and today i got my ring. >> reporter: they met at the police academy and kicked off their engagement at kickoff. janna five year veteran of the air force flying high. >> a dream come true.
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>> luckiest guy i could be. >> the happy come couple plans to share their lives together just not their football teams. we're dealing told when the eagles play the giants neck year here in philly we shouldn't expect tom to make the conversion. at the linc brad satin fox 29 news. >> we've got another amazing story. this is about oh man driving that vehicle who was alive and lucky to be in the hospital thanks to the kindness of a wonderful woman her name is is a heat at a mcintyre she's being hailed a hero because she stopped to help this 80-year-old driver had crashed into a barrier on christmas day. she's a mom of three. she sees the guy lying there. there she is. and he's lifeless. she grabs a bat she runs over she smashes the windshield pulse him out and performs cpr until the paramedic arrives. you can see her making the motions. doctors say it was her quick actions which helped to save that man's live. let's get a check of our forecast for this week. it looks like so many people are
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off this week if they're lucky to be off from work. kids are off from school. it's going to be a nice week to get out and and joy it. >> nice week start to get chilly but we're not dealing with any snow or rain. so that is certainly good. >> yeah. >> no real problems in the forecast. but you will have to bundle up certainly and i know we were getting spoiled by these temperatures. i mean we had 64 on christmas eve and then pretty much upper 50s all weekend long. let's take you county by county and check out the temperatures right now. 33 in mount poke no. we are looking at 43 right now in allentown. it's still fairly mild out there because we do have a good am of cloud cover still around. it's 50 in philadelphia. we have 43 in doylestown. and then down to the shore, 51 in ocean city. so a pretty mild evening. the clouds are around and still a few areas of showers. the main concentration is down through baltimore and d.c. but we are looking at a few pockets of drizzle that right now through wilmington down through middletown and winslow.
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this will all clear up. this is basically just south of philadelphia. it is going to take some time. we have one last piece of energy coming from this cold front. so it will last the next couple of hours but by tomorrow morning for the most part we're all dry. this is out of here just kind of left with the clouds. you can see the main part of this system is sitting down through baltimore and d.c. so it is down to the south where the heavier rain is going to lie and that system goes all the way down into the gulf states. we're really on the dry end of this. behind it, though, that's when the cooler air is going to come in. so here's how it looks fox future cast, the rain is wrapping up. tomorrow morning 6:00 o'clock we have the clouds still around. but as we go through the day the clouds start to shrink. we'll hank on to them the longest to the south and then they'll start to come back. it's going to be little bit back and forth between the sun and the clouds but the most clouds will certainly be south of philadelphia for tomorrow. and then on tuesday it's more of the same. it just stays dry around here and we go back and forthwith the
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clouds and sun. so it's a pretty boring forecast in terms of rain or snow, but the real feature is going to be the cold air. that comes in. so, yes we're talking about arctic cold again. it is coming in from canada and already starting to move into the northern plains they're in the teens right now. that starts to move in on us by tuesday and wednesday. so by wednesday we're looking at temperatures in the 30s and that means new year's eve you'll have to bundle up as we'll be in the 20s through much of the evening. tonight, though, no worries about that. it's still pretty mild. we're dealing with temperatures. should be right around 38 for 40 for the overnight low. tomorrow it is colder but -- still not pretty cold. average temperatures for this time of the year 46 degrees. you'll feel it after temperatures being in the 50s all week. contusion and wednesday in the 30s.


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