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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  December 29, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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fire, how they are recovering this morning. and a ten year-old little boy on his way to a friends house to a sleep over, struck and killed, in gloucester county, new jersey. the driver is a franklin township police officer, where investigators say that he was heading just before he hit that child. an incredible individual ohio of a boy saved from a burning home, but there is still another kid trapped inside how both kids managed to escape. good day everybody. it is monday december 29th, 2014. >> happy monday. >> yes. >> a lot of people have to go back to work. >> how was it the for you getting up. >> i have not gotten up this early in a while, turf admit. the alarm went off at 1:30. i said no i feel like i just went to bed. >> i'm here, ready to go. >> glad you are here a lot of people may be moving slower if they have to go to work this morning. it is inter loop between holidays. if you are lucky you have it off. if you are like us we have to
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get back in the routine. >> we will get that break on thursday, for some of us. >> some of us don't. >> yes. >> evil eyes. >> it is going to be winter like this week. >> it was so mild over christmas but cold air slowly returning today and tomorrow bus stop buddy still is on vacation obviously. no school this week for most of the kid but, he is still a at home with the tree still decorated in the background. maybe you still got yours up? a lot of people keep them up through the new year. mostly cloudy skies. 40 degrees at the the airport. that is coolest we have been all morning. we will slip below that in the 30's. your fox cast today, a lot of cloud, showers toward the south, maybe in other sun this afternoon. just 47, already turning colder. flurries possible tonight with the low of 32. we will time out that return of winter in your seven day forecast still ahead, bob. >> caitlin, good morning. just before 6:02 on this monday morning, back to work and light volume, so far, this morning, i think we will have a lighter than normal morning
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rush hour. here's a live look at south jersey, the new jersey turnpike, right here near the delaware memorial bridge in problems or delays at all. roads are dry as you step outside the front door. here's a live look at delaware route one as you work your way in to or out of wilmington you are in good shape. the light volume every where. that will be the case for the morning rush hour, and last couple of case, a at least last week we saw volume starting to pop at nine or 10:00 o'clock for our rush hour. here's a live look at the blue route saint davidville know of we have a vehicle fire on the west chester pike. just off of route 202 tying us up otherwise, schuylkill come on down no problems at all into philadelphia, southbound i-95 a 14 minute trip from wood have tone center city and we have one lane construction pattern on 422 between stowe and route 100 to look out for. otherwise bridges are fine and mass transit, running with no delays, chris and dawn back over to you. >> thanks, bob. search crews believe that
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missing air asia jet liner is most likely at the bottom of the sea. >> jennifer joyce has been gathering latest information from the news room and she has more now jennifer what have you learn. new information, this morning indonesia helicopter spotted two oil spots in the search area for missing air asia jet liner, also an australian search plane spotted objects hundreds of miles away but it ties early to know either is connect to the aircraft. air asia flight 8501 vanish sunday morning over java sea. indonesia search and rescue chief thinks that the plane is at the bottom of the sees see the the flight with 162 people on board, was traveling from indonesia to singapore. officials say the pilot asked to increase altitude from 32,000 feet to 38,000 feet because of the the rough weather but that request could not initially be granted because of another aircraft was in that space by the time clearance had been given the flight disappeared from radar.
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a distress call was not made. official stress they are still searching for answer about what could have happen. the plane's pilot is said to have thousands of hours of experience. aviation experts believe storms may have played a major role in the disappearance and again, as we mentioned search and rescue operations are continuing. the objects and oil spotted may not have been positively connected to this missing aircraft. dawn and chris? >> jenny, thank you. we will continue to follow this. 60:00 46789 new this morning two officers are injured following a garage fire in frankford. fire fighters responded to a call shortly before 1:30 this morning in the 1100 block of ehret street. according to reports one officer suffered a leg injury. the the other officer is said to be minor. residents who lived in the apartment above the garage did make it out safely and the causes now under investigation. a single mother is grieving the sudden and tragic loss of one of her children after he was hit and killed by a police patrol car. this was on delsea drive-in new jersey.
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>> fox 29's sabina kuriakose joins us live from the franklin township police department in gloucester, with more on this, hi sabina. >> hi guys. >> well this horrible incident happened as franklin township schools are closed for winter break, family members told us that the little boy was heading to the friend's house when he was killed. video that we have for you from the scene last night shows that family members gathered around just looking at the scene. we are told ten year-old boy was crossing delsea drive near elmer street when he was hit and killed by a mark police cruiser. officials say officer was heading to an urgent call witnesses told us that the patrol car and, and, and two other boys who were crossing the street, with the victim survived it is not clear yet how or if they were injured. we are told that the officer was taken to the hospital but it is not clear when was
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injured either. gloucester county prosecutor's office is involved, and they have taken over this investigation. an autopsy is scheduled on that little boy today. that is latees from gloucester county, now back to you. >> such a tragedy thanks sabina. plane traveling from toronto to washington had to make an emergency landing in central pennsylvania spokesperson for porter airlines says the the turboprop landed safely sunday morning at williamsport regional airport. plane making the emergency landing after the the crew detected smoke the the the flight deck and in the cabin. the flight departed from toronto city airport around 8:00 in the morning and diverted about 45 minutes into the trip. the. in light of police involved killings in ferguson, new york city and cleveland, delaware governor jack markell says he is opened to reform. leaders of the delaware's naacp met with governor markell and asked him to take steps to improve relationships
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between police and black communities and create an advisory pan toll review shootings. markell has not agreed to any proposals but he remains opened to ongoing discussions. well, the eagles season is over, and at least they eked out the a win the at the end of the season right. >> final game of the season eagles take down the giants in east rutherford. i nose air dent eagles fans watch the the game. jordan matthews had eight catches for 100-yard. eagles started to fall behind a bit and then eli manning will throw up an ugly interception there. thirty-four-26 is the the final score. the the eagles tied their win record from last year ten-six both years. it is first time though since 2003 chip kelly has in the coached in the post season.
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a man tries to murder his girlfriend what he did that left people horrified. hundreds of police officers in new york city, turning out to pay their respects to two fallen police officers and disrespect for city's mayor. not everyone is happy with their protest but what the former
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>> good monday morning, 6:10. making news police arrested a man accused of choking his girlfriend before running her over several times at a gas station. >> so, this is a look the at the mangled taped up, pumped at the hess gas station at route 38 in toms river. it is where police say 44 year-old james, tacked his 35 year-old girl friend. police say he back his truck into her, pinning her against the pumps and ran the truck over her legs twice before taking off this happened yesterday morning. customers at the gas station were in shock. >> yeah, right here. >> geese, i used to work here. >> what do you think about that. >> that is insane. >> that is unbelievable, i can't believe somebody would do that to another human being. >> he was found and arrested around 7:00 p.m. he is charged with attempted murder and will face vehicle or supreme lar violations.
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now, bail has been set at half million-dollar and, the girlfriend is in the hospital and police say her injuries do not appear to be life threatening. really unbelievable video captures the moment a boy is saved from a burning home plus there is still another child inside how both children were saved just in time. bob? good morning everybody. we will go through toll plaza chris, can we use your e-z pass on the tolls? okay. beep. >> hold it up to the sensor there. westbound on the pennsylvania turnpike in problems coming out of new jersey but getting word of the problem in willow grove, we will check with that. caitlin a has forecast stay right there we will be right back.
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welcome back everyone. we are starting to look at ultimate doppler. we have some showers out there, just after 6:15 a.m. and they are mainly towards our south. this is same cold front that came through last night that brought us rain and new bringing some showers in southern delaware, cape may county, in new jersey. if you are there sprinkles throughout the morning and then those clouds are hard to clear out throughout the the rest of today. now, good news is those cloud will eventually move out and give us some sunshine. we should be dry the rest of the week. temperatures right now 32 allentown. thirty-five in pottstown. forty in philadelphia. forty wilmington. forty-one down in dover.
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it is chilly but not too bad. it is as cold as it will be in a couple of days. wind are fairly calm. not dealing with too much of the wind chill. five ten, 15 miles an hour wind right now. wind chills running cooler. twenty-two it feels like in the poconos. thirty-five in pottstown. thirty-four in philadelphia 36 in dover. your seven day forecast, 47 to daze. there are still some showers toward our south. it will be cooler then this weekend which was beautiful. high temperature in the mid to upper 50's but 39 there on tuesday. winter is back, with a vengeance. now, winter is not bringing the snow just yet, that is good thing it will be sunny and dry new years eve and new years daze. maybe a few flurries comes n we will see some sunshine. cold through new years eve. high 35, low of 28. on friday mostly sunny fifth 40 degrees. looking ahead to the weekend watching a chance for another storm to move through. this looks like a rain maker with temperatures warming in the 40's but we will very cold out ahead of it. it is something to watch for a snow chance but all week long
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snow chance for snow just a cold new year eve. 6:16. time for traffic. >> good morning, everybody. light volume so far this morning starting to see some folks popping out of the woodwork here and hitting roadways. live look at the the schuylkill expressway, right the here near the vine street expressway, some flurry of activity, but nothing major to speak of. all of the road are dry this morning, here's a live look at downtown philadelphia, 676, vine street expressway just underneath broad street some volume coming into downtown but we will have a lighter than normal morning rush hour. here's the 30 bypass for the gang coming out of the downingtown. we will go for a ride pennsy turnpike westbound there is some tire debris in the roadway on that westbound side as you work your way over toward that norristown interchange. so between fort washington willow grove, heading west they have got a turnpike crew the on the way there to kick that off to the shoulder. vehicle fire along west chester pike just off of route 202.
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otherwise 422 and 202 your travel times as normal this morning. later today disney on ice frozen shows, three different shows. we will see that change over occur. chris got out of the going to the 7:00a clock tonight. i was than the so lucky. i will be there tomorrow at the 11:00. you get done work at ten. you can go to the 11:00. we will go, we will go, get it, let it go. the disney on ice today. we will see volume on i-95 and the schuylkill. 422 eastbound down to one lane between stowe and 100. otherwise mass transit looking g chris and dawn, back over to you. you are a good dad, you know that. >> yes, i try. >> well, a group of 49 people arrive at a italian port exhausted, but safe this morning this were rescued from a greek ferry that caught fire on sunday. 150 others remain trapped on the smoke filled vessel a amid
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frigid temperatures and rought seas. authorities now say at least five people died and at least two were injured during the rescue operations. in the meantime a pregnant mom and her two children air lifted, to safety from that burning ferry after their rescue they were trans period to an italian hospital and they were treated for hypotheria. thankfully doctors say the mom and the children are all doing well this morning. an apartment fire in alabama on christmas morning where a young child escaped by jumping from the second story window. >> jump. >> just jump. >> come down your momma right here. your momma is there do it. come on. >> thank god. >> did you see that catch. >> unbelievable. >> that is kerry jackson yelling for the child to jump. he caught the moments before fire fighters got the there on cam why. the community came together to help those trapped, in that burning home.
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>> it was just like i need him to jump. >> neighbors also helped catch other children inside, they could not get one child but fire fighters did. six people were hurt including four children. fire fighters say the fire was started by food left unattended on the stove. a ceremony in kabul yesterday brings a quiet end to the war in afghanistan. nato led military alliance formally ending its 13 year long combat mission. despite the official end thousands of international the troops will least main there in a supporting role. unaudible. >> working together we cannot fail. working together we will prevail. >> president barack obama releasing a statement saying we give thanks to our troops and intelligence personnel who have been relentless begins the terrorist responsible for 9/11 devastating the core al
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qaeda leadership, delivering justice to osama bin laden, disrupting terrorist plots and saving countless american lives. in new york city it was a final farewell to a police officer killed in the line of duty, but some police officers used the occasion to turn their backs on the mayor. >> saturday's act of disrespect got a thumbs down on the sunday morning talk shows, fox's lisa evers has more. >> reporter: nypd officers and police from all over the country made a strong show of solidarity at the funeral for officer rafael ramos sea of blue estimated at more than 25,000, but when mayor deblasio spoke many watching outside on the jumbotron turn their backs. >> our hearts are aching today, we feel it and physically. >> reporter: speaking on face the nation rudy guiliani says he understands the officer's frustrations but their act of protest does not belong at
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such a solemn occasion. >> if you like the mayor or don't like the mayor, you have to respect the mayor's position. i don't support that. but i do believe mayor deblasio should apologize to the new york city police department. >> reporter: spokesperson had no comment on the demonstration but said, the ramos and liu families are police department and our city are dealing with an unconsciousnable tragedy. our sole focus is unifying this city and honoring the lives of our two police officers. commissioner bratton said it had no place at a funeral. >> i certainly don't support that action yesterday. it was very inappropriate at that event. that funeral was held to honor officer ramos and to bring politics, or to bring issues into that event i think was very inappropriate. >> now, that was fox's lisa evers reporting. new york city's police commissioner bill bratton said what we need to do is find common ground with less rhetoric and a lot more dialogue.
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kid all over the the delaware valley are enjoying a break from school this week but some children just found out they don't even have a school to go back to now. what happens that has parents scrambling to find new
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the eagles season is over. next week they will be watching others in the playoffs but they did finish up with the win. chip kelly played the game with his starters and they won their tenth game of the season. lets go to east rutherford new jersey. eagles and giant. eagles down seven to nothing in the first. mark sanchez to jordan matthews. big touchdown play. the matthews had eight catches on the day for over a hundred yard. with the eagles only up by eight in the fourth quarter eli manning just throws it up nate allen intercept is it saves eagles win. they win tonight east rutherford. media wanted chip to play his backups but chip didn't worry about draft picks or looking at backups. >> to win ten games in this league is difficult. i was proud of those guys. i was proud how they came out and what their attitude was on tuesday, first time back. i didn't see anybody feeling sorry for them. they came out.
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we had a good week of preparation. you hope that you can build on it but we will see where that goes. >> that is sports in the minute i'm howard eskin. eagles did pull off a win but steaks were even higher on the side line and at home, for one family. what made this game day, so much more better for them. sabina kuriakose live from gloucester county where police are investigating a horrific accident sabina. >> reporter: chris, little boy heading to the sleep over, policeman heading to an urgent call and what happens n
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back here at home a community morning the death have of a young boy struck and killed on his way to a friend's a house. the driver is a police officer. what the department is assaying about that accident. a young man proves you don't need fancy wrapping on christmas day to give a really great gift. what he gave to his parent that will change hear lives. i love this story. >> yeah. >> good day, everyone. the it is monday december 29th, 2014.
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6:30. thanks for waking up with us. >> absolutely. >> we are seven or eight days officially into winter caitlin and it will feel like it this week. >> the felt nothing like winter over past five days. such a mild holiday this weekend was beautiful. highs in the 50's. starting to change today. buddy with us this morning. he is still on christmas vacation. tree still decorated a at home but always dressed for the weather a and that is why we show him every morning. we have hat and gloves on. temperatures in the 30's right now. not too bad. we may have to break out bundled up buddy before the week is over. it will be that cold. it is a seven today mainly dry with some sunshine later today but we have a few showers towards the south and it will turn colder as we head into tonight. 40 degrees at the airport right now. light wind north, wind chills at 34. we will hit 47, later today. those cloud, they may be a hard to shake further north, better chance of seeing some sunshine. otherwise we will see partly cloudy skies pennsylvania maybe a flurry or two overnight tonight as that cold air pours in. low of 32. that will be closer toward our
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high temperature over the next couple of days, a and that is still ahead in your seven day forecast, but first good morning to you, bob kelly. >> i like. that bundled up buddy. who but this christmas vacation buddy. >> yes. >> in bed with their play stations and x boxes all week long. good morning, a live lot at blue route. light volume this morning. i think we will have an upside down kind of a rush hour. and folks do have the week off. all of the kid are off from school with the holiday, a live look here at i-95, coming in or out of the city. in problems or delays at all up and down i-95. the the road are dry, as we will begin our morning commute. a live look will at 422 coming from the burbs and collegeville, we are good to go. south jersey same deal, clocking in the 60's along majors like 295 and route 55. a little lower south here on 55, an accident on the northbound side, right here near exit number 35, it is a one vehicle crash coming from vineland up toward deptford looking out for delays and then look out for tire debris
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on the pennsylvania turnpike, it is westbound right here near norristown interchange, and a vehicle fire along the the west chester pike just off of route 202, right here near five points road and heading down to the airport to catch a flight out for the holidays for the new years holiday no problems or delays at all, nice and quiet, at philadelphia international. bridges are fine, and mass transit is running with no delays, chris and dawn back over to you. >> all right, thanks bob. he was on his way to a sleep over when he was struck and killed by a franklin township police car. >> a single mother is grieving loss of her ten year-old son as authorities investigate what exactly happened. fox 29's sabina kuriakose joining us from the franklin township police department with more sabina, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this little boy's mother is a nurse a at a local hospital she is a single mother of four and she was working her shift when she got in the horrible news. she rush to the scene, at delsea drive between paul
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street and elmer streets and when she got there police had to hold her back. her ten year-old son had been struck and killed by a marked police cruiser, and delsea drive heading to the sleep over with two of his friend. the the township said the officer was rushing to an urgent alarm call when he struck the boy witnesses say the cruiser did not have on its light or sirens. the gloucester county police prosecutor's office is leading the investigation detectives spoke with reporters, last night, and here they are. >> gloucester county prosecutor's office is currently conducting an investigation into a fatal motor vehicle accident that occurred earlier this evening in franklin township. the the victim was a ten year-old boy and the driver of the vehicle was a franklin township police officer and the matter is currently under investigation. we are releasing more details as we receive them and we would like to offer our deepest condolence to the family, of that child.
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>> reporter: franklin township officials say the office are involved is heart broken. he was taken to the hospital. no word on any injuries he may have sustained. the victim's two friend did survive, and no word if they were injured, either. now, an autopsy is scheduled on the the little boy today, and again, gloucester county prosecutor's office not releasing many details on this case, that is what we have so far and we will stay on top of this a bring you the latest, back to you. >> heart breaking. new this morning two police officers are injured following a garage fire in frankford. fire fighters responding to a call just before 1:30 in the 1100 block of ehret street. one of the officers suffered a leg injury the the other officer, is said to be his injuries are said to be minor. residents who lived in the apartment above the garage they did get out safely and the cause of that fire is still under investigation. and search crews may have discovered remnants from that missing air asia plane. >> to the latest with jennifer
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gist in the news room. jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: search efforts are continuing. the planes and ships from several countries are trying to locate flight 8501 and indonesia helicopter spotted two oil spots in the search area for missing air asia jet liner. also an australia search plane spotted objects hundreds of miles away but it is too early to know whether either is connected to the aircraft. air asia a flight 8501 vanish sunday morning over java sea and indonesia search and rescue thinks that the plane is at the bottom of the sea. the flight with 162 people on board was traveling from indonesia to singapore officials say that the pilot had asked to switch up the route because of the rough weather but that request could not initially be granted because another aircraft was in that air space. by the time they could get clearance the the flight had disappeared from radar and a distress call was not made. >> based on the coordinates
6:37 am
given to us and evaluation of the estimated crash positions in the sea the the hypothesis is that the plane is at the bottom of the sees see. >> our focus for air asia a is to help and support next of kin of passengers. >> reporter: missing flight follows two other tragic air travel incidents in south east asia. the still unexplain disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370 in march, with 239 people on board, and million layer a airlines flight 17, that crashed over ukraine in july killing all 298 people on board. officials stress that they are still searching for answers about what could have happened here. the plane a's pilot is said to have thousands of hours of experience. the chris? >> real mystery there then, jennifer, thank you. well, many children are expecting to go back to school next week after their winter break but that is not the case for some children in philadelphia. parents of students at walter palmer middle school just received letters saying that the school will not be reopening, after the holiday
6:38 am
break. and now, they are scrambling to find a new school for their children. the the the letter says school witt shut down because add a minute straightors were unable to meet with the school district of philadelphia the dispute, all about money. school says district never hinted at shutting down and parents say they just don't know what to do at this point. >> we have to wait until the break is over to scramble to try to find a school for our kid. >> not easy. you may remember walter pal inner charter high school shut down a few months ago. the district says palmer did not have a chart tore run the high school in the first place and a it is not clear if the fall out is forcing the middle school to shut down as well. the search for shane montgomery continues. more than one month after he difficulties a appeared volunteer divers returning to the the schuylkill river yesterday to look for any sign of the missing 21 year-old. montgomery vanish early thanksgiving day morning. police fbi and hundreds of volunteers have spent the last month searching for him in and
6:39 am
around the river in manayunk. last week divers found shane's car keys, a clue that they hope will help in the their search. >> what we're doing now is we're starting with the keys were in the area working our way down the river. >> shane shane montgomery's family says ter not giving up. he was last seen at kildares irish pub in manayunk in the early morning hours of thanksgiving. we have some sad news to report from bucks county. >> one year-old hanna, the little girl who was battling a rare degenerative disorder, inspired improved new born screenings in pennsylvania. well, she has passed away. hanna had craba disease which effects the nervous system. there is no cure. the disease is usually deadly unless it is caught and treaty early enough. last night hundreds of people gathered in levittown for a vigil for hanna and honor huge impact she had in her short life. a bill that became known as
6:40 am
hanna's law was signed into pennsylvania law last october adding that craba disease to the list of conditions new borns are screened for. hanna's family announced news of her passing on facebook yesterday morning. she would have turn two years old in just about two weeks. atlantic city is hoping for a better year in 2015, this is after the the city's worst year in its 36 year history of casino gambling. twelve casinos shutting down and 8,000 workers losing their jobs. in 1015 we will see outcome to try to help struggling city bounce back a decision is expect on whether famed gaming site poker stars can join new jersey's a internet gambling market and fate of the revel casino still up in the air at the moment. you will notice some changes at this years mummers parade. >> okay. >> so here they are, this thursday, the philadelphia new years tradition will take place. mummers will strut down broad street but this year the route
6:41 am
will be different. fox 29 spoke with the president of the string band association about these changes. >> expect more interactive parade we're hoping that getting rid of the props and getting rid of the judging first and then turning tonight to a par rid will make it a big difference for people spectating. i think fans around city hall and south broad street they will see more interactive band. they will sees things being shared with the audience whether it is, treats being thrown out some people can have a a momento for the day orphans being able to pose for pictures playing more music and do their shows without the props being in the way and without having to wait go being judged at city hall. >> thousands of spectators are expected to turnout for this years event. >> caitlin says it will be cold. >> 9 degrees last new years day i believe. eagles and giants fans are usually bitter rivals but one family is willing to accept a giants fan into their fold, why this was so much more than just another
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live picture from atlantic city as we approach the 7:00 o'clock hour. 43 degrees out there. >> not bad at the moment. >> no. >> a california man is lucky to be alive after he is a attack by a shark.
6:45 am
>> this happened around 11:00 in the morning on sunday at the sand spit beach, in montana state park. the unidentified man is in his 50's. he was surfing with at least a dozen others when a great white bit into his hip. >> ouch. >> and then dragged him under water. >> several seconds passed before he re-surfaced but his damaged board, one surfer says that the attack does not deter her. >> i'm a surfer. i am a freak. i'm in the elements. if my card is up, it is up. i love the waves, so much that it doesn't deter me from going in the water. >> well, that is true love. the victim is expected to recover. state park officials say that they are not closing the the beach, but signs will be posted for three days warning the public of that attack. would you ever go back in that water. >> no. >> what did she say i'm a
6:46 am
freak, i don't care, i'm going back in. >> i'm not that freaky. >> i don't know about that. >> when your card is up, your card is up. >> well, that is the truth, sometimes i can see the logic in that point of view but i don't think so. >> very few golfers are attacked. >> low risk. >> yes. >> i like to go for a walk in a park. also pretty low risk. outside right now if you are about to walk the dog this morning down south we have some showers around. this is very far south of philadelphia mainly in southern delaware. a cold front that came through last night has stalled down there, we will see showers all day around washington baltimore and dell marv a light rain from kent and sus cokes county in cape may county and those sprinkles will be here all morning. the cloud probably all day. fox future cast shows that clearing line starting to move through later this morning. the key for today if you want to see sunshine you have to go further northward. poconos, lehigh valley will get the a few hours before the clouds return and then these cloud moving through later tonight will be just cold air
6:47 am
pouring from the north. we have a northerly flow behind that front and bringing in the chillier weather and chance for clouds and maybe some chances tonight. we are coming off a mild weekend and even the the past five days christmas itself, unusually mild on christmas eve, 57, on what was a beautiful saturday with sunshine, 57 yesterday, even despite all those cloud, that really surpassed what i thought only going to be around 50 degrees. twenty-nine in mount pocono. thirty-two lehighton. thirty-two and 40 in philadelphia 38 bensalem. thirty-seven chester down toward our southwest. forty-one in millville. it is 40 in atlantic city. your seven day forecast, 47 today. some showers toward the south with clouds around that colder change arriving in two waves. it is cooler today. colder by tomorrow and wednesday. new years eve it is that bundle up spot. bob kelly says snuggle up weather. you go out and stay n it does sound g it will be cold, by new years day what a chilly afternoon for mummers.
6:48 am
temperatures in the 20's and only rising to 37. moderation as we head into next week with some showers. that is your seven day forecast, i don't know bob, i have an early bedtime so for me it will be snuggle weather. >> all of housework morning staying up to midnight is a chore. it is a chore just to stay awake. we need that 6:00 o'clock count down with the kid. live look the at i-95 court don't. we do 6:00 o'clock. my brother-in-law tapes last years count down and play is it back for the kids at 3:00 o'clock, count down happy new year, pajamas on in bed by 6:00 p.m. that is. a live look the at i-95 near girard disabled vehicle off to the side, but it has been light volume this morning. looking here at 422 working your way out of collegeville and king of prussia in problems at all. south jersey kind of quiet up and down that 295 corridor. we have an accident northbound
6:49 am
lanes of route 55, right here near exit 35, police are on the scene there we have a frozen show disney on ice in town all week with all of the sports teams out of town. they have had three shows, 11 three, and seven so during the changeover, the parking lot will have have some crowded conditions and of course night 95 and that schuylkill expressway. we will see volume during midday. everybody back to normal on a regular weekday schedule no delays on the rails. schuylkill expressway coming into downtown only 14 minutes. wouldn't it be great if we could keep that it way all day long. southbound i-95, 16 minute trip from wood have men downtown. chris and dawn, back over to you. thanks bob. is there usually a lot of trash talking between giants and eagles fans. that rivalry gets more heated when there is a game. >> yesterday's game at met life stadium two rival fans decided that we will stick together for this one. how about for the rest of our lives. >> brad satan has play by play of what happened to them on
6:50 am
the field. >> reporter: this was a lot like many others across the delaware valley on eagles sunday fans glued to their tv's watching the action at met life stadium the evers family certainly was. what do you think? >> started to cry. >> reporter: brought a tear to the eyes of joan evers and smiles every where else. >> that is really nice. >> reporter: wasn't what happened during the the game but it wasn't shown on tv but it was captured on cell phone video. >> very nice. >> how are you feeling. >> feeling. >> reporter: boy now you see is what coming. neither eagles or giants are heading to the playoffs but don't tell tom o'connor nothing was at stake. down on one knee he went as the evers, at home watched jena, get engaged to tom, a died hard giants fan.
6:51 am
>> hees reserved. so to see him doing that is very meaningful. >> reporter: she said yes, with a big kiss. >> we urge new jersey state troopers, and we met on the job and today i got my brain. >> they met and kicked off their engagement at kick off. jena, a five-year veterans of the air force is flying high. >> dreams come true. >> luckiest guy i could be. >> so the happy couple plans to share their lives together, just not their football themes. we are told when eagles play giants next year here in philadelphia we shouldn't expect tom to make the conversion. at the link brad saton fox 29 news. a man gives a christmas present that proves you don't need fancy wrapping paper or pretty bow toss make people happy during the
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
that is the the best. heat myselfer. blue mountain in the poconos mountains. i bet a lot of people are heading up this week week between christmas and new years, always crowded in the poconos. trending this morning a heart warming video of the son revealing to his parents he paid off their mortgage for christmas. he said on twitter quote sometimes the the best gifts
6:55 am
come in the most lame packages. >> it has to be a nice ribbon because it is wrapped up like this. i love you. thank you. >> what a cool son, right. video which nearly has 6.8 million views at this point was posted on you tube. according to the son created video shop a popular video he had iting app and that is why he has so much darn money and giving back to his parents. paid off their mortgage. if you didn't like your christmas gift, you are not alone, ups is getting ready
6:56 am
for what they called national return day, just how many millions of us said thanks but no thanks. of course, we will continue to follow this developing story a plane disappearance off the coast of indonesia, families fearing the worst. we will have the latest from the search from overnight. "good day philadelphia" is next.
6:57 am
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6:59 am
what happened to jet line their dropped off the radar this weekend have the floating clues have have been found. live update in a couple minutes what they have found in that search overnight. back here at home a young boy on his way to a friend's house is struck and killed. a police officer was behind the wheel, where he was headed just before this tragic accident. and this story, continues. thousands of kids across the delaware valley enjoying some nice vacation during the holidays but some students just found out they don't have a school to go back to. what happened over the holiday break that has parents scrambling to find another school. ups is getting ready for a holiday you probably never heard of, national returns day. they will say millions of you out there are sending bauering holiday gifts why it is easier then ever to return what you bought on line. what do you do with those gift cards thaw got? we have a way to turn them
7:00 am
into cash. >> no. >> yes. >> good morning to you. >> good morning. >> welcome back. >> look at that. >> yes. >> we're fist bumping as well. >> yes. >> real quickly here because we want to do a live report about the debris that they found, it could be air asia that airline their went missing over the weekend. >> quick weather for you. if you step outside this morning bus stop buddy is with us, home on vacation, christmas tree still in the background. you need a decent coat. temperatures turning slowly after a a mild weekend. we have a seven for a monday. mainly dry. we should see sun in the afternoon, but there are showers down south and it is turning colder. is there a live view outside center city philadelphia just after sunrise. 41 degrees. that is not too bad. later today we will hit a high of 47 degrees as we transfer from the warm weather of the weekend to some colder weather tonight. 32 degrees overnight t


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