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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  December 30, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EST

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at 4:00 o'clock we have breaking news a missing air asia flight indonesia officials say they have recover several boding floating in the water where the the place was last seen. >> let's check with fox 29's jennifer joyce live on the news room with the more on these breaking details jen. >> reporter: that is right dawn, this is what indonesia officials are telling local reporters that they have recovered multiple bodies floating near where the missing flight was last seen this discovery comes as hundreds of search crews have been endlessly scouring the the waters for any sign of wreckage. at least 30 ships, 15 aircraft and seven helicopters are involve in the active search. several pieces of the the debris have been spotted in the sea, according to the indonesia national search and rescue spokesmen indonesia military aircraft saw white,
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red, black objects off the coast, air asia's jets are red and white. the these objects will be examined, at this point, they are not confirming that these are pieces of the missing plane. as news spread that bodies have within spotted in the water the family members of the 162 passengers on board sat together at a local airport. they watched the the graphic details unfold on television and many screamed accounts broke down woman collapsed and he was rushed away on the stretcher. we are waiting to get an update from officials from indonesia on exactly what had been found. the ap is report ago this six bodies have been spotted in the java sea, three of been recovered. the chris and dawn. >> thanks, jenny. right now lets turn to our weather at 4:01. caitlin roth in for sue serio, hi caitlin. >> good morning everybody for thanks for joining us. we have seen a milder stretch in the mornings over past few days and that is about to change.
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outside still a front to the south bringing us in some rain and snow showers to parts of the virginia inn a trying to sneak up in to delaware. for the most part it is dry. i can see those sprinkles coming up south of dover in kent county. you might be seeing snow flakes milking with rain drops, and just like yesterday the cloud and chance for precipitation will hang on down to the south. as we go through the rest of the day fox future cast shows us clouds this morning, lot like yesterday. we will see more sun break out by noon and in the rest of the afternoon plenty of sunshine especially further north you go. so a good looking day but it will be colder. temperatures outside right now, 30 in allentown. twenty-seven pottstown. twenty-seven in reading. thirty-four in philadelphia. thirty-four in wilmington. thirty-five in millville. running 10 degrees colder from where we were at this time yesterday. wind are light. wind chills still in the teens in the poconos. lower 20's for reading and lancaster. mid 20's for philadelphia millville. thirty in wildwood. your fox cast getting cold they are morning. temperatures around freezing.
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partly sunny, 36 by noon. we spent the whole day in the 30's. thirty-eight is the high later on this afternoon and it continues to get cold as we round out 2014 here, we will have your seven day forecast straight ahead. first good morning bob kelly. >> right back at you, caitlin 467:89:03 on this tuesday morning. a lot of activities on a major roadway. one area we are good to go is ben franklin bridge nice and pretty coming into downtown philadelphia. in problems at all from south injuries any through downtown. the problem spot northbound lanes of route 42 coming towards philadelphia, a all lanes are closed a at creek road. it is all part of the reconstruction project near 295, the the good news is that it is an a easy off and easy right back on. coming from south jersey heading towards the the walt whitman bridge forced off at are creek go around and get right back on. an alternate would be from the get go use black horse pike 168 will get you right around it and put you right up at the
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base of the walt whitman. another problem accident vehicle fire with route 309 closed in both directions at toll gate road and it is also a down power line, so this could be with us for the first half of our morning old bethlehem pike is way to go. otherwise, schuylkill i-95 looking good coming into downtown. septa's market frankford line they are running shuttle buses instead of the trains until 5:00 a.m. chris and dawn back over to you. quiet week traffic wise thank you sir. we have more breaking news. police say alcohol and speed may have played a role in the deadly accident in tioga. >> that can be a deadly combination. fox 29's sabina kuriakose live at the scene with the very latest sabina, good morning. >> reporter: it happened 10:30 last night. the lets take you right to the scene. you can still see police tape and cones where the kara peers to have flown off the road. we are here on roberts avenue just off off ramp from the boulevard. lets look the at video that we have from last night from the
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scene. this was a gruesome one car accident a 23 year-old woman inside the car was decapitated. she appears to have been the driver. a 24 year-old man a passenger is in einstein recovering from the broken leg as well as injuries to his face. he is in critical condition. two other people both 24, are stable, one of them a women who is pregnant but we're told the baby is expected to survive. it looks like they were passengers in the back seat of the car. when they first got to the scene they found alcohol in the vehicle. they also believed the driver was speeding. we have talked to investigators at the scene and let's listen to what they told us. >> upon arrival they found a 2013 ford that had taken the exit roberts street exit, struck a telephone pole, breaking it, and then ran into an embankment where the vehicle actually dropped off
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of a 20-foot embankment. a 23 year-old female driver of the vehicle will was pronounced dead on the scene. she had severe head trauma. >> reporter: you heard there head trauma this woman was decapitated during that accident. now as i'm standing here when people are coming off this on ramp they are coming along fast. you can imagine if they were speeding and also the alcohol was a factor it really contributed to this crash and back here live again you can still see the scene where inspector small was describing where that car went off the road into a ditch just off to the side of the road here. again you guys, this is just a day before new years eve so tomorrow we know a lot have of people will hit the road. they might be out and celebrating. owe just a tragic reminder that you have to stay safe and be responsible tomorrow he when you are celebrating, guys. >> of course. >> is a bean, thank you. detectives right now working the streets of north
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philadelphia trying to figure out who shot an eight year-old would i while he was riding his bike monday have afternoon. >> yeah, it happened on the 2500 block of ori theana street, at least that is what the boy's family is telling investigators. detectives say they could not find any evidence of the shooting no shell casings, no blood, police say they are sure that the boy was shot the but they just don't know where or who pulled the trigger. >> we're getting some conflicting stories from family members which are making detectives suspicious about what actually occurred. >> that is not the only challenge. police say they didn't learn of the shooting until later in the day. >> the fact that this boy got shot sometime around 3:30 in the afternoon police were not notified until after 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon over an hour and a half later is suspect. >> and that call did not come
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from the family it came from st. christopher's hospital for children where the boy is resting in stable condition. the bullet lodged in his shoulder but police say the the boy fortunately will be okay. a new jersey toddler is in critical condition at chop and his mother's fiance is behind bars. giovanni of sewell, new jersey is facing charges of attempted murder endangering the welfare of the child and aggravated assault. the two-year old boy went to the hospital friday with numerous injuries including kidney failure, bail for chrisiti has been set for $350,000. man tried to allude police during a traffic stop is killed when his car crashes on chester pike in delaware county. >> yeah, police say the man was driving a white nissan and sped off when a folcroft police officer tried to pull him over. man eventually lost control hit a driver in the red pontiac and force that had car in the park car. the innocent man was taken to chester crozer hospital in critical condition. the suspect was pronounced
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dead at the scene witnesses said they heard the impact and saw that crash. cars every where police came out with their guns drawn and from there there was a chase. i feel bad for families of the innocent people that got hurt. it is just terrible. >> police say that the suspect was being pulled over regarding inspection stickers, investigators are still trying to determine if the car was stolen or if it was recently purchased. survivors of the ferry fire in the adrian sea said the quote jungle law prehaled when describing the aftermath. passengers say crew members were no where to be found as that vessel filled with smoke. some actually for the over eats in the life boats and helicopter baskets. rescue operation which took 24 hours was complete by yesterday afternoon. at least ten people are dead and many others injured because of that tragedy. the ferry was heading from greece to it thely when the
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fire broke out. a full investigation is underway. a head up here someone sending out bogus notices claiming to be the philadelphia parking authority trying to collect money. the p pa issued a fraud alert about the e-mails and provided this screen shot as an example. take a look for yourself. a woman in pittsburgh got this notice yesterday. you can see no identifying information about the vehicle involved in the alleged infraction and it was not sent from the parking authority e-mail address. officials say that to get one of these, do not pay it. >> direct people to another web at to make a payment but we want to make sure people know that if they receive an e-mail solicitation for payment the of the philadelphia parking authority ticket it is not legitimate and they should certainly not make any payment to an unknown web site. >> so far there have been no reports of any philadelphia area drivers receiving these bogus e-mails. again, the the parking authority said they never ask
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for money in an e-mail. a 42 year-old pottstown woman charged with corruption of a minor is scheduled to be in court today. police say irish give any admitted to having sex with a 17 year-old boy she met the at the a pottsgrove high school football game. bizarre behavior in bensalem when a woman said she saw a man doing on her balcony before police say he stole her dog. president obama getting some flack this morning after his golf game interrupted the most important day of one woman's life what he did to make amend.
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wild weather in georgia. possible tornado touching down on a lumber yard there yesterday, trapping people. at least seven people were injured when the suspect twister hit the area damage three buildings as well as cars and other equipment. officials are still trying to confirm it was in fact a tornado that hit. caitlin ross is looking at our weather today. it looks like you are following a temperature trend. >> yes, you are right, chris this would be a temperature trend behind me and the trendies downward. it is starting at six 56789 you are so good. >> always. >> every morning. >> yes, we are following this trend in which last thursday, which was christmas, we had high temperatures in the mid 60's. early high temperature. it gives you an idea how mild it was a week ago a little
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less. friday 50. over weekend still in the 50's. beautiful mild weekend but yesterday signalled beginning of the change. 48 degrees was the high temperature, still a nice day with sunshine but we will get colder day by day as we go through the rest of the week. front down towards the south still bringing a couple sprinkles and flurries milk in as we zoom in closer they are mainly in kent anus section county showing up on radar a few sprinkles there. temperatures right new 30 in allentown. twenty-seven in pottstown. thirty-four in philadelphia. thirty-five in millville and 36 in dover as well as wildwood, it is could just about every where and colder just about every morning. twenty-four hour temperature change showing 11 degrees difference north and west. 8 degrees different in philadelphia still noticeable in south jersey. so your fox cast for today 38 degrees is the dip in the high temperature. the that is taking 10 degrees off of what we had yesterday. back to the winter coats and gloves needed this morning too. it is colder. we will see tease event
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unshine this have afternoon and then partly cloudy chilly tonight as we fall back in the 20's. that heat need to be cranked up again. it will stay that way into the new year. we have have your new years forecast coming up but first here's bob. >> 4:16. overnight construction still here this morning for gang leaving south jersey heading in toward philadelphia. it is route 42 freeway. here's a live look the at the camera right at creek road in the construction zone. where all traffic kind of forced off and right back on. if you are leaving the house right now in south jersey and heading north on the freeway in toward philadelphia all traffic kind of pushed on, to this new, 295 slip ramp and then right off and right back on, it is something new there is no overhead street lamps there so it will catch you by surprise. they are scheduled to be out there until 5:00 o'clock this morning. an accident with the vehicle fire and down pole and wires has route 309 closed at toll gate road, right there outside of quakertown, so traffic using old bethlehem pike this morning. market frankford line they are
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using shuttle buses until 5:00 along the route. it is another take and another three shows of frozen. i know chris got out of it last night. can't wait. i'm going to day at 11:00. i passed the jammo on i-95 yesterday so if you are heading to that 11:00 o'clock shows, give yourself extra time there was a backup on broad street there. you will see a backup in the stadium a area around the changeover times of the shows throughout the day. bennie whitman, tacony palmyra all looking good at the moment and mass transit running with no delays. chris and dawn back over to you. let's stay with traffic here because sky fox is over a tractor trailer slammed by a train and knocked on its side in upper macungie township. the accident happened just before 1:00 yesterday afternoon. some major roads had to be closed while the train was removed. no injuries were reported. a lewd act stolen dog and a shooting. a bensalem man is facing
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charges stemming from bizarre behavior on sunday night. police say 21 year-old angel suarez, was caught naked from the waist down engaged in the lewd act on the second floor balcony of a woman's apartment. this is happening at franklin commons apartment on link drive. police say the man chased the woman inside her apartment. she was able to getaway but she said he stole her dog before jumping to the window to the ground and he was in the done just yet. investigators say from there he got into another apartment where he struggled with the tenants who shot him twice. >> who knows what is going through this guy's head why he would do all these crazy things. >> police are awaiting the results of the drug test on suarez, and he is in the aria torresdale hospital this morning in critical condition. would the man's dog sadly is still missing. well, health care officials and united kingdom are trying to prevent an ebola out break after a health care worker returning from sierra leone tested positive for the
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disease. >> authorities say the female worker is being treated at a glass co hospital. officials say she traveled on a british airway flight from cast a blank contact to glass go and officials say there is very little of it spreading. at 4:19. a a fresh wave of demonstrations hits the city of los angeles as a long awaited autopsy reports confirms police fatally shot an unarmed young black man in august. the report released yesterday confirms 25 year-old izel ford was shot three times during a confrontation and struggle with police officers. authorities say officers tried to speak to ford but got in the violent struggle that left an officer pinned down beneath ford. officers reportedly opened fire after ford tried to grab an officer's gun. his parents have filed a civil rights lawsuit and 57 million-dollar claim against the city. we will keep an eye on that. family of the marine murdered in afghanistan still wants answer is two years
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after their death. frustration has turned into a lawsuit, not for money, but for information. >> just three days before he was scheduled to come home lance corporal buckly junior was murdered by an afghan teenager while working out with fellow in marines at the the base gym. buckly's father says supervisors ignored warnings and allowed an unsavory afghan police chief to live on the base who allegedly made deals with the taliban. he was convicted and sentenced to seven years but the marine core keeps stonewalling buckly's family about information on the details of the investigation. >> i want them to admit that they were wrong. i want somebody to be held responsible for my son's death. >> we have people who gave the child to the military to protect this country, he is killed, and they basically to have beg marine core to give them answers to which they are entitled to. it is shameful. >> marine core says it cannot comment because of the pepping lawsuit but it has offered to meet with the family
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privately. don't expect to see new york congressman michael grim, when congress returns next week, the convicted republican is expect to reiron soon. this is after grim pleaded guilty to tax evasion. another huge honor from philadelphia's superstar mo'ne davis, what she won this time that makes her the youngest person ever to do so. blank cast a blank a.
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but it did not matter flyers dropped two straight games on the road latest loss came the at the hand of the coyoties. yeah, air zone beat the flyers four -two. steve mason took the loss in goal for flyers in his first game back after missing a couple weeks with an injury. now for a look at the rest of the night in sports. here's howard eskin. good morning i'm howard eskin. the season officially came to the close on sunday. season end with a win but it is not a successful season
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when you are not in the playoffs. ten wins not good enough this year. so it is the the day that more than a few players leave the locker room for the last time as an eagle. packed up for the the season yesterday, that is never fun. fact is that the eagles even with the ten wins not good enough but quarterback nick foles, back next season should help and he is ready to take over again. >> i expect to be back here. i expect to be the quarterback. i love my teammates. i expect to be back out there leading them and winning some games. right now it is the off season so i'm excited to come back better then i have ever been. >> three head coaches fired yesterday, in the nfl. no surprise jets head coach rex ryan is gone. bad coach atlanta's mike smith out of there. chicago's mark trustman also fired. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. another big honor for little league superstar truly philadelphia's own mo'ne davis. >> we love her.
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the 13 year-old has been named the associated press female athlete of the year. good for her. back in august she became an instant celebrity in the little league world series with her team the taney dragons. american editors and news directors select mo'ne davis for the honor. she's the youngest winner in history. >> and a friend of dawn's doubt are. >> she goes to school with m- doubt are. a little boy and local one at that sees her dreams come true and it actually happened by accident. how a group of strangers across the the country saved the day. oops, a woman's wedding gets moved because president obama a was set to play golf at her venue but it doesn't seem like the president knew about it, at least that is what the the white house is saying. what he did when he found out. we are on top of breaking news this morning bodies recovered in the search area of that missing air asia flight details cont
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one person is dead and another is in critical condition, after a crash in the tioga section of philadelphia another person in that carries pregnant. what police think happened. also breaking news at the 4:30, several bodies recovered from the search area of that missing air asia flight. we are on top of this story as it continues to develop. then our reporter sets out to get a reason as to why a dog's cage was kicked at a local groomers. what we're told happened in
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the video now going viral. good day, it is tuesday, december 30th, 2014. >> i'll tell you what it is a a lot colder out there this morning but when i stepped outside i was like wow wow. >> caitlin, what is going on. >> as advertised winter is returning, cold end, 2014/2015. we got used to the mild weather and it was a a very warm christmas. it is not warm new years day that is for sure. showers to the south zooming in on delaware. you can see sprinkles from sussex county in cape may county and a few snow flakes mixed in. very light but down there and see a sprinkle or two not out of the question. as other than that just a lot of cloud we have to overcome today. fox future cast showing clouds this morning but like yesterday by noon cloud break for sun. most of the sunshine further north and west we will go but by late in the day we will clear out and it will be pretty clear heading in to tonight. clear and cold. the temperatures sitting at 30 in allentown. twenty-seven reading. twenty-seven in pottstown. thirty-four in philadelphia.
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thirty-six in dover. thirty-five in millville yes, this is colder then we we were at this time yesterday. planning forecast for thus colder start. 33 degrees for the drive-in. the as for lunchtime 36. 38 degrees later on today but it is sunny and chilly. looking ahead to the new years eve forecast as we head into 2015, count on two things, it is dry and clear, that is great for travel but it is cold. as that ball drops. we will click over to the new year we are looking a at 27 degrees. that is very chilly when you stay outside. factor in the wind, we will have have wind chills in the teens for many of us. so a cold end to the year winter's return but we are not talking about that s word bob kelly just quite yesterday. >> you have been working hard on that all night there. >> well: >> new years eve tiara on there when i came n live look at an accident in bucks county. this is southbound lanes of route one right here near
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route 32 the river road bridge. we have a vehicle in the median here. the grassy median. so this just happened as caitlin started to do her forecast. we will try to get more information and come back at with you this one. here's the the route 42 freeway where we're north wound coming in toward philadelphia they have had some construction all throughout the night and right now two lanes remains blocked until about 5:00 o'clock. another half an hour or so. it is opened you are okay but be red toy slam on the brakes and go slow down to 20 miles an hour as you work your way through the construction zone. lets roll video from the scene here of this accident i told but on route 309 up near toll gate road this is just outside of quakertown an overnight accident, occurred, knocked down that telephone pole, also had a car fire to go witt. there is a lot of elements to this situation and right now 309 is closed at toll gate road, if we can come back to the maps here your best bet this morning going north or
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south, on 309, until they can at least get this cleaned up you can see down wires. they have a power crew on the scene there, old bethlehem pike is the best alternate instead of route 309 through the first half of the rush hour and crews are still working on 422 between stowe and route 100 down to one lane through pottstown and mass transit looking good with no delays, chris and dawn, back to you. we have to start off with breaking news a missing air asia flight 8501, bodies have been found floating in the waters near the place where the plane was last spotted. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce is live in the news room with more on the tragic new developments jenny. >> reporter: ap is report ago this six bodies have been spotted in the java sea, three of been recovered so far this discovery comes as hundred of search crews have been endlessly scouring the waters for any sign of wreckage. the at least 30 ships, 15 aircraft and seven hell cooperate are are involve in the active search.
4:34 am
several pieces of debris have been spotted in the sea including white, red and black objects. air asia's jets are red and white. the debris still needs to be examine at this point. they are not confirming that these are in fact pieces of the missing plane as news spread that bodies have have been spotted in the water, family members of the 162 passengers on flight 8501 sat together at a local airport and they watched graphic details unfold on television. many screamed, they broke down. one man collapsed and was rushed away on a stretcher. the plane disappeared sunday morning on his way from indonesia from singapore after encountering bad weather. so again officials are telling local report their bodies have been spotted in the java sea near where that missing air asia flight was last seen. so far three recovered. we are awaiting an update from officials, chris and dawn. >> we will check back thanks, jennifer. young woman is dead three others hospitalized and police say it all may be the result
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of the alcohol and speed. >> lets get the latest from fox 29's sabina kuriakose live from the scene. is a bean good morning. >> reporter: thinks a horrific accident that had gruesome injuries to go witt. behind me you can see the telephone pole, this car actually sliced in half as it veered off the road down a 20-foot embankment. we have video of the scene last night to show you as accident scene investigators were on the scene first responders, of course, responding as well. this is along roberts avenue off ramp northbound off the boulevard. the driver person who appears to be the driver, the 23 year-old woman she was decapitated that is how catastrophic this was. a passenger, a 24 year-old man, is fighting for his life in einstein. he has broken bones and injuries to his face. two other people in the back seat are in stable condition. one of them is pregnant. this morning it appears we're
4:36 am
told that the baby will make it. now again investigators found inside the vehicle alcohol they also believed speed was a factor in the trash, they talk to us on the scene early this morning. let's listen to what they said. >> accident investigation officers are on location investigating the crime scene and they did find some alcohol in the vehicle. they do believe that speed and alcohol possibly contributed to this accident. >> reporter: as you can see again back here live where the accident happened this is the off ramp, off a of north bound boulevard, roberts avenue. the car came flying down this off ramp and miracle it didn't hit anybody else coming down to merge, flew off that embankment 20 feet down into a ditch where first responders found them really, again, just a miracle that
4:37 am
anybody sowffed but gruesome injuries in this incident. this happened just one day before new years eve. this was a group of people all in their early 20's out having a good time. one of them won't live to see the the new year guys. >> all right thank you. first it was high school and now middle and elementary school portion of walter palmer is telling kid you now have to wait several months how philadelphia is stepping into help. college students set out on a in mission to help those overseas, the amazing response th
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welcome back. some philadelphia parents are scrambling new to find a place for their kid to go to school. they found out a few days ago that the walter palmer middle school is shutting down tomorrow. the the small vocal group of parents held what they called a curb side meeting outside northern liberties school last night. they are upset, of course that palmer administrators decided to abruptly close the school over the holiday break they plan to send a message to the department of education. some of the student joined in as well. >> i learned a lot here. i will miss my teachers and my friend. >> when she first came here she was below average. now she's performing on a proficient level. so that speaks for itself no matter how you say it is being
4:41 am
mismanaged these kid are learning. these kid are our future and that is the point have of them going to this school. >> the school district of philadelphia says they will find a place for all palmer students in area public schools. philadelphia school district has set up enrollment sessions for former palmer students and first thinks wednesday at district headquarters. for a list of the dates and time get to my fox and click on seen on tv. with the war in afghanistan, end, college students are putting need of the american men service and women on their own. they created a group call caring for cameo they want to make sure being deployed does not mean being forgotten. they sent car packages which includes snacks, magazines even letters showing thanks and getting respect. some soldiers have written back and envies ted the students. the business student allen, and and y smith and karen smith got caring for cameo,
4:42 am
going. >> i wanted to show that students cared. i think there is a sense that troops have that elderly care, kids, draw pictures and stuff all the time but i wanted to show that their peers, most people in the military are from 18 to 30. that group cares as well too. >> they have had two packing parties, a semester for two years ending 1600 packages to combat zones, 750uc student volunteers, the plan is to expand the program next year. so we're asking questions about video going viral, that has, pet owners just furious a dog's cage is kick at a local groomers, what our reporters, found out straight
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we are continuing to follow breaking news in connection with the missing air asia flight 8501. officials say they have found six bodies in the java sea and they confirm they were from that missing plane. this tragic discovery coming as hundreds of search crews scoured the waters for signs of the wreckage. that plane disappearing on sunday, it was on its way from singapore to indonesia, and indonesia/singapore after encountering bad weather and the the pilot reportedly asked to fly over the storm but because of crowded air space that request was denied. lets take a look at our weather with caitlin roth on this tuesday morning. hi caitlin. >> hi, good morning to you chris.
4:46 am
we have cold weather in place. you will notice a difference today. showers mainly towards our south. we are looking at a dry afternoon and should see decent sunshine. that being said a couple of snow flakes light rain, showing up on radar north and south just like it was yesterday. this is a stalled front and still produce something very light, pretty scattered precipitation heading back towards baltimore and washington. outside 21 in mount pocono. thirty in allentown. twenty-seven in pottstown. thirty-four in philadelphia. much colder then yesterday's morning where in the city we were in the lower 40's. thirty-five in millville. thirty-six in dover. winter is returning. here's where it is locked up just back to the west and northern plains this is core of the very cold air. we will see it first just south of canada a. look at these morning temperatures. 4b low in minneapolis. 4b low in billings. three in colorado springs. the worst of the cold will head southward towards the central part. we will see temperatures in new mexico, nevada arizona that are still so cold.
4:47 am
forty-one in phoenix. is there a winter storm watch out for parts of the las vegas, yes, that cold. it won't be as harsh as that air mass moves east but still noticeably colder. for today 38 degrees cloud to some sunshine in the afternoon. we will stay dry, sunny throughout the rest of the week that includes new years eve and new years day. now tomorrow just 34 degrees for the high temperature and when we're talking about the change over at night to two years eve out for your fire works, temperatures are only in the 20's all day long, if you are going to be out, i don't know enjoying mummers parade, participating in that, start off in the 20's as the high temperature of 37 degrees. we will mod late a bit through the weekend where we have a chance of rain, bob? >> caitlin, good morning. 4:47 on this tuesday morning, a live look at activity still with us on 42 freeway this is north bound lanes of route 42, coming in towards. i will take that back. this is that accident along route one, it is route one right here near river road which is route 32 just over
4:48 am
the border between new jersey and pennsylvania pennsylvania an accident that is all focused right here. the this is a grass median that is tough to make it out because of the lack of overhead street lamps but obviously the crash is right here in the grass. it looks like it is not impacting traffic so much at the moment but ben franklin bridge looking good coming into downtown from our camden toll plaza. route 42 north bound coming in toward philadelphia, two of the three lanes are blocked until 5:00 o'clock. another ten minutes or so. the it is part of the reconstruction here of the i295 overpass. route 309 remains closed at toll gate road as they clean up from an earlier accident. they pulled down power lines. that could be with us for first half of the morning rush hour. old bethlehem pike is way to go and new jersey transit says they are expect ago lot of folks to head to new york for some event on wednesday night so they are adding extra services up to new york new york city on the trains between 10:00 and 12:00 noon. i don't know why they are only
4:49 am
doing it for two hours in the morning today and tomorrow but if you want to grab the extra service, ten to noon heading to the big apple watching the the ball drop come night. >> have you ever been up there in the times square to see that happen. >> i have not it is on my bucket list. >> i like your idea of taping the ball droppings because we will be in bed for like next year. >> tape this year for next year and we will go to chris's house. a south philadelphia dog grime is coming under fire for a video going viral and not for a good reason that video was taken by a customers show a salon employee kicking cage of the small dog. fox 29's chris o'connell went looking for answers. a worker inside queen village dog and cat grooming salon quickly shut the blind and closed up shop when we started asking questions about this, a video shot by a long time salon customer from south
4:50 am
philadelphia. she was hoping to capture a happy reunion with her dog, 11 year-old terrier reesey but instead of the wagging tail, she saw this. >> someone kicking the dog's cage and yelling shut up. here it is again. the dog owner who shot this video didn't wanting to on camera but wanted to share her story. back at the the salon the owner's daughter did speak with us behind a closed window saying her mother was trying to protect the dog from injuring its nails. do you know why we're here? >> i necessity why they kick the cage. >> reporter: we showed video to several animal welfare experts who say this is in way to treat an animal. delaware county s p.c. a says video is quote very disturbing. animal care requires patients,
4:51 am
when a pet cries or barks we must be sensitive to their needs because we are their voice. dog owners like kayla dickstein were shocked when we showed them the video. she only takes her dog to groomers where she can watch what is going on. >> i have to know you. you are not allowed to touch my dog unless you love her as much as i do. >> that was chris o'connell reporting. dog's owner tells us her dog reesey was not injured. she also tells us that the salon has since apologized and refunded their money for those grooming services. in entertainment news modern family so for a vergara is taking on a new role, the role of wife, according to people magazine the actress is tying the k not with joe, the two reportly getting engaged on christmas while vacationing in hawaii. this will be the first marriage foremanganilla and
4:52 am
second for sophia. president obama's golf game interrupting wedding plans in hawaii. >> the military couple stationed in hawaii was scheduled to get married on a military golf course with ocean views near the president's vacation home in kilauea a. so following the saturday's rehearsal they have learned that they would have to move their party, the ceremony was reportedly moved to another part of the course that offered bet are views. following the ceremony the president cdlled them and apologized. they said he was funny and nice on the phone. >> that is something to remember right. >> yes. a local boy wanted to go to a hunting camp. he thought it was in chester county. signed right up. only one very big problem the mix up that left him thinking his dream wouldn't come true. how some s
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
getting up with us this morning at 4:55, a baby gorilla is on the move again. looking for a mom. after being reject by two mothers, babe was rejected by two mothers in gorilla world. a team of surrogates have stepped up to help in her transition. they are bottle feeding her
4:56 am
even wearing vest toss give her something to cling to. poor little thing. chester county boy wanted to go on a county hunting trip so we signed up. >> one problem. >> yes. >> camp was for kid in chester county, all right, chester county, south carolina but as his road to the chester county sheriff's office asking to go on this hunting trip, what the nine year-old didn't know was he was writing to a county 500 miles away. the cher any of chester county, south carolina was puzzled to receive this letter until he put it all together. so this is the letter, that tugged at the sheriff's heart. sheriff's name is alex underwood. little alex wrote i wanting to hunting with you. i don't have anyone to teach me. it just me and my mom and she's just too sick to do stuff. she has a bad heart. i hope you pick me up to go. so the sheriff figured out a way, to make this all happen.
4:57 am
>> at a time, you know if we can work it out let's get him down here. >> thank you forgiving me all of the clothes and the boots. >> i just had to do it. >> ahh. >> what a great guy, right. >> little alex hopped on the plane and headed to the county he is only familiar with by name. trip was paid for by both count toys give him the experience of the life time. sheriff alex says that hopefully little alex, will come back and go hunting with him again. >> such a nice story. here's a daily dose of inspiration a little boy overcoming all of the obstacles, how his classmates pulled together to help him become faster then ever. then, a college student taking her classmates to the cleaners, and we mean literally, we will tell you about her booming business.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
we have a lot of breaking news to get to in our 5:00 o'clock hour. horrific car crash claiming another young life leaving another person fighting for his life at the hospital. then a break through in the search for missing air asia plane, bodies recovered from where the plane was last seen. we're updating this story by the minute. caitlin roth checking your new years eve forecast hi caitlin. >> that is correct, we are looking at a cold end to 2014, start to 2015, in surprise


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