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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  December 30, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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bodies are found floating in the waters off the coast of indonesia and they could be victims of that plane that went missing over the weekend, what officials are saying this morning. and breaking news, this is out of the nicetown section where a serious crash kills a driver and left three others in the hospital. one of them is pregnant. what police said played a factor in the crash. a child shot in the shoulder is recovering this morning, now police are trying to figure out what really happened here, why they are saying that they are having some difficultity piecing together this puzzle. that video make ago lot of
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people upset this morning woman going to pick up her dog from the groomers, sees the owner kick its cage. so we sent our chris owe conn toll get some answers. the explanation he got when he showed up, good day, it is tuesday, december 30th, 204. i know being a dog lover if i saw that my god my reaction would be terrible. >> absolutely. can you imagine, she took that video because she wanted to see how happy her dog was when she was there and that why is she took video. she didn't suspect anything was wrong. and then she saw that. that is not fun. >> not at all. >> all right. >> good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> everyone looking forward to of course mummers parade on new years day. >> it is always cool. we were talking about how cold it was last year. probably same thing this year. >> last year if memory serves me correct it was about 9 degrees. >> you remember that. >> it was the polar vortex good he was thinking of the
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polar express. >> i have no clue. i don't know it off the top have of my head but i will go back and look. >> i'm sure i am rog. >> lets start off with your forecast with bus stop buddy bunled up out there he is always, with us dressed and ready to go with the weather. still at home with the christmas tree in the background. temperatures in the 20's and 30's. mostly cloudy skies. weather by the numbers for today is a six on a scale of one to ten. it is not a bad day. just cloudy colder and we should see a little more sunshine later on. right now at the the airport 33 degrees. light wind. still a wind chill in the 20's. your fox cast for day just 38 the the high temperature with a little bit of a afternoon sunshine and later tonight we will fall back down to 28. heat is back on high after a nice respite from having to use the high heat. fox cast at 6:00 a.m. lets check with bob. >> good morning, everybody. 6:02 on this tuesday morning. we are off to a light start, a live look at the the schuylkill expressway good morning to conshohocken there,
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headlights heading eastbound in toward philadelphia, but in problems or delays there, a live look at the roosevelt boulevard, headlights out of northeast philadelphia coming southbound down toward the the schuylkill, no problems or delays at all up and down the video. lets role video of the overnight accident that included a vehicle fire and took down a telephone pole, this is route 309, just outside that quakertown. there is telephone pole laying on the sidewalk and with that pole came the wires, that are across the roadway and 309 it will be closed through at least first half of the morning rush hour, right here at toll gate road which is south of 663. use old bethlehem pike as the the alternate. bridges look fine. mass transit running with in delays. the chris and dawn back to you. breaking news on the missing air asia flight 8501. rescuers continuing to pull bodies and debris from the waters where that plane was last even. >> indonesia officials made
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discovery in the area of the java sea where the plane difficulties a appeared with 162 passengers and crew on board . fox 29's jennifer joyce joining us from the news room with more on this good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris. the routers is reporting four bodies. we are awaiting official word from investigators in indonesia. this discovery comes as hundreds of search crews have been endlessly scouring waters for any sign of wreckage. several pieces of debris have been spotted in the sea. debris need to be examined to confirm if it is related to the missing air asia plane. as news spread that bodies have been pulled from the water, family members of the 162 passengers on board flight 5801 sat together they watched graphic details unfold on television. many screamed, broke down. one man collapsed and was russia way on the stretcher. plane disappeared sunday morning on its way from indonesia to singapore after it encountered bad weather.
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pilot requested to alter his route. he was denied because of air traffic in the area moments later, radar contact is lost, in distress call was ever made. so again routers new reporting as many as 40 bodies have been pulled from indonesia waters. in word on the possibility of any survivors. chris and dawn there thanks, jen. police say a mix of alcohol and speed may have contributed to a deadly accident in nicetown. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live at the scene for the very latest at this point, hi sabina. >> reporter: this happened just after 10:30. lets go to the scene where you can see police tape and cones right here where the car crash. this is roberts avenue the off ramp off of the boulevard northbound you cane cars coming down this ramp this morning, and it is still a pretty busy stretch of road. we have seen cars coming down that ramp many of them going pretty fast. new lets take a look at this video that we got from this
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scene. we can see the car completely totaled. it is a 2014 ford. twenty-three year-old driver was a woman inside of the car and she sustain gruesome injuries. she was decapitated, a 24 year-old man passenger, front seat passenger, is at einstein recovering from broken bones and severe trauma to his face. he is in critical condition. two other people a man and with man both 24, they were sitting in the back seat of the car they were both stable but one of them would the man she's pregnant and baby is expect to survive, despite extreme brutalness of this crash. first responders got to the scene they found alcohol inside the car. they believed that the driver was speeding. lets bring it back out here live. police believe the car miss that had curve this and went off the road hit a tell even if pole, cut tonight half and won't down 20 feet.
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when first responders got here the car was lying in the ditch. car alarm was going off. the pregnant woman was outside walking around. they have found one deceased person and one fighting for their life. that is latest from here now back to you guys. detectives working the the streets have north philadelphia are trying to figure out who shot an eight year-old boy while riding his bike monday afternoon. >> this happened on the 2500 block have of oriana street, at least that is what the boy's family is telling police. decks say they could not find any evidence of the shooting no shell casing, in blood no nothing. police say they are sure the the boy was shot but they are not sure where or who is actually the the one who pulled the trigger. >> we are getting some conflicting stories from family members which are making detectives sus fish bus what actually occurred. >> that is not the only challenge. police say they did not learn of the shooting until a few hours after it happen, they
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did not get a call from the family instead investigators say it came from st. christopher's hospital for children. the boy is there resting in stable condition this morning. the bullet lodge in his shoulder but police say good news is that the child will be okay. well, our chris o'connell is asking, a lot of questions after a viewer, told us a groomer kick a cage her dog was in. why one person told us that the groomer had to
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don't quit your day job. >> kind of the night job. bogus notices claiming to be the philadelphia parking authority to try to collect money. >> yeah, the p pa issued a fraud alert about these e-mails. here's one of them a woman in pittsburgh got this mote is yesterday. there is no identifying information, about the vehicle, involved and it was not the sent from a parking authority e-mail address. officials say if you get one of these, to not pay it. >> direct people to another web site to make a a payment but we want to make sure people know that if they receive an e-mail solicitation for payment of a philadelphia parking authority ticket, it is not legitimate and they certainly not make any payment to an unknown web site.
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>> so far there are no reports of any philadelphia area drivers receiving these bogus e-mails. again, parking authority says it never asked for money in an e-mail. next up a with man picks her dog up from the groomer only to see that woman kick the cage holding her dog. we sent our chris owe could be he will out to get some answers, bob. good morning, we are off to a good start looking live good morning to malvern route 202 in the construction zone we will check in with mass transit, caitlin fine tuning that new years eve forecast, stay there we will be right back.
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welcome back. if you are up, have to head to work, much colder temperatures. look at how far we have fallen, from a high of 65. we fell off to 50 on friday but weekend was beautiful, temperatures well above normal, in the 50's, even yesterday, 48, that was much chillier, that is still above normal. we will fall below, and it will stay cold as we ring in the new year. plenty of cloud and showers toward our south and we will continue to see flurries and sprinkles in southern delaware. not sure fit is making it to the ground but all very light, pretty dry at lower levels maybe just some flurries or some sprinkles keep that in the forecast through the rest of the morning. and it is chill that has returned, 28 in allentown and
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reading. thirty-three in philadelphia 34 in dover. that sound cold. wait until you look the at the west. talking about another arctic invasion here. worst of it in the the northern plains. it his below in the twin cities. 1 degree in omaha, two below in billings. two below in colorado springs. santa fe is 20 degrees. it is 34 in las vegas. they are expected to see an inch of snow, over new years eve. yes, there will be a snow storm in the desert southwest of all places but totally out of this uncommon for vegas to see some snow but it is rare. our new years eve forecast a as we bring in 2015 maybe not as arctic as it is in the midwest but it is still cold. 27 degrees under clear skies. it is nice fire works viewing weather, but just not the good standing outside weather. wind chills will be in the teens and 20's. all right. thirty-four in new years eve. thirty-seven on thursday. very cold for mummers day parade windy bet days and night. forty-two on friday. and then again saturday. moderation is the weekend w
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that is our next system which can spread in late saturday while still chilly but then we will warm up sunday and looks to be just rain. good news there at least it is sunny and dry for rest of the week and we're not tracking any snow bob kelly. >> that is good news for mummers. it will be dry. cold but dry. 6:17. good morning everybody. tuesday, a live look at 422, route 29 light volume this morning, we will have a repeat as we did yesterday, lighter volume during a morning rush hour and then after 9:00 o'clock we will start to see volume popping. here's a live look at tacony palmyra bridge n delays at all south injuries any to the great northeast. other bridges are in good shape as well. we will go for a ride inbound on that schuylkill expressway behind the tractor trailer here around that conshohocken curve no problems or delays at the all coming into the city on the city and schuylkill expressway between conshohocken. we will role in the manayunk railroad bridge there. disney on ice, south philadelphia again the show times, you will see volume building at the 95, broad
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street off ramps. you will see extra volume too, when that crowd, exits. they say they get about 10,000 a showdown there. throw that in the the midday and we have three different shows throughout the day keep that in mind traveling into or throughout south philadelphia this weekend. heading up to new york to watch the ball drop there on times square, new jersey transit says they have got you covered. they are adding extra services on trains, heading toward new york city, both today and tomorrow, during the the ten to 12:00 noon time hour, so that is time to get on board. otherwise mass transit septa says they are in good shape. chris ape dawn back over to you. thanks bob. a fresh wave of demonstrations hits the i of los angeles long awaited autopsy report confirms police fatally shot an unarmed black man back in august. report confirmed a 25 year-old izel l ford was shot three times and struggled with police officers. the authorities say officers tried to speak to ford but got into a violent struggle officers reportedly opened fire, after ford tried to grab
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an officer's gun. survivors of the ferry fire in the sea say quote jungle law prevailed when describing the aftermath. passengers say crew members were no where to be found as vessel filled with smoke. some actually for the over seats and life boats and helicopter baskets. the rescue operation was completed yesterday afternoon but, at least, ten people died and many others were injured during that tragedy. the the ferry was heading to greece to italy when the the fire broke out. the investigation is now underway. health officials in the united kingdom confirming their first case ofe bowl this is after a health care worker returning from sierra leone tested positive for the disease. authorities say that the feel mail worker is being treated at glassgow hospital. she traveled from cast cast a blank contact. >> there is little risk of it spreading.
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>> the the risk of this to other people of this ebola case is deemed to be extremely low. >> officials say that they are however prepared to handle the situation. a south philadelphia dog groomer is coming under fire for a video that is now going viral. >> that video taken by a customer shows a salon employee kicking the cage of a small dog. fox 29's chris o'connell went looking for answers. >> reporter: i want to show you video. worker inside queen village dog and cat grooming salon quickly shut blind and closed up shop, when we started asking questions about this a video, shot by a long time salon customer from south philadelphia. she was hoping to capture a happy reunion with her dog, 11 year-old rat terrier reesey but instead of the wagging tail, she saw this. >> shut up. >> someone kicking the dog's cage and yelling shut up. here it is again.
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shut up. >> the dog's owner who shot this video didn't wanting to on camera but wanted to share her story. back at the salon, the owner's daughter did speak with us behind a glass window saying her mother was trying to protect the dog from injuring its newly trimmed nails. do you know why we're here. we showed it to animal welfare experts who say this is in way to treat an animal. delaware county spca says the video is quote very disturbing. animal care requires patients when a pet cries or barks we must be sensitive to their needs because we are their voice. dog owners like kayla dickstein were shocked when we showed them the video, she only takes her dog saidi to groomers where she can watch what is going on. >> i have to know you, you are
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not allowed to touch my dog unless you love her as much as i do. >> that was fox 29's chris o'connell reporting. now the dog's owner tells us that her dog was in the hurt. she also says that the salon owner did a apologize and refunded the money for those grooming services. time right now 6:22. a charter school shuts down over the winter break and now parents are scrambling to find a new school for their kid how the philadelphia school district is helpin
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flyers have dropped two straight on the road latest loss came at the hand of the coyoties, air zone beat the flyers four-two. steve mason took the loss in goal for the flyers in the first game back after missing a couple weeks with an injury. now for a look at the rest of the night in sports here's howard. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin. the season officially came to the close for eagles player sunday. season end with a win but not a successful season when you are in the in the playoffs. ten wins in the good enough this year. so it is day that more than a few players leaves a locker
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room for the last time as an eagle. pack up for the season yesterday, that is never fun, the fact is that the eagles never with the ten wins not good enough but quarterback nick foles back next season should help and he is ready to take over again. >> i expect to be back here. i expect to be the quarterback. i love my teammates. i expect to be back out there leading them and winning some games. the right now it is the off season. i'm exited to come back better then i ever have been. >> three head coaches fired, yesterday, in the nfl. no surprise that the jets head coach rex ryan is gone. bad coach. atlanta's mike smith out of there. chicago's mark tre. tman also fired. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. how about this at 6:26. police are investigating a strange crime spree and it could affect the roads this winter what people are trying to get away with. and jennifer joyce live from our news room following recovery efforts of the
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victims from that missing air asia flight jen. >> well, dawn, routers is reporting 40 bodies recovered from indonesia
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several bodies off the the coast of indonesia latest on the search for more victims. back here at home deadly
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accident claim the life of a drive, three passengers in the hospital, one pregnant, what police say likely caused this crash. thank you forgetting the clothes and the boots. and a little boy from chester county gets the trip of a life time how a letter, and a innocent mistake, had a sheriff doing everything that he could for this boy. >> i love that story. >> yes. >> good day everyone, it is tuesday december 30th, 204. thanks for waking up with us. >> so none of the kid in school, of course, during this week. >> but bus stop buddy it is more like playground buddy trying to get the the kid out of the house. >> yes, we dress him every day in matter what. we still do it on the summer and on vacation, you are right, chris we have to show the kid what they need to wear when they step outside. today he is in his fox 29 gear heavy gear, heavy winter coat with the hat, mittens. temperatures in the 20's and 30's mostly cloudy skies. we are getting a six. in the bad, dry maybe
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afternoon sunshine but morning cloud and it is cold. 33 degrees outside at the airport right now, is there a camera behind you not shaking, we have a wind chill of 27. fox cast for today 38 the high temperature, cloud giving way to some late day sunshine and then tonight, even chillier, 25 degrees the low temperature, that is how cold you'll feel come new years eve. we will have that exclusive forecast for you still ahead. another bright morning for you, bob. >> bus stop buddy wearing all new clothes this week from santa claus he has a new wardrobe. good morning. live look at route 309 near pennsylvania turnpike, light volume this morning. same deal as yesterday. i think things will be lighter than normal. we will see volume later on after 9:00 o'clock. ben franklin bridge looking good from camden toll plaza we have a news van on the scene of this crash that happened on route 309 overnight, took down a telephone pole also involved a vehicle fire. right new there is wires across the roadway. a as we go to the maps route 309 closed at toll gate road
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through at least the first half of our morning rush hour. old bethlehem pike will be the best bet. otherwise nice and quiet, 422 looking good, in problems on 202, an example be sent me a tweet that says typically an hour an a quarter drive was only 40 minutes this morning. that is an, example of the easy ride and in volume on the schuylkill expressway, heading in toward downtown philadelphia, clocking at 55 miles an hour there working your way around that conshohocken curve. mass transit, buses trains trolleys running with no delays. chris and dawn, back over to you. >> i like the sound of that, thank you bob. breaking news in the missing air asia flight 8501 taking a grim turn as rescue crews find a number of bodies floating in the water where that plane was last seen. >> lets go to jennifer joyce in the news room jennifer. >> reporter: routers is reporting 40 bodies recovered from the waters off of indonesia, this discovery comes as hundreds of search crews have have been endlessly scouring waters for any sign
6:33 am
of wreckage. several pieces of debris have been spotted in the sea debris still need to be examined, to confirm if it is related to the missing air asia plane. a as news spread bodies have been spotted in the water, family members of the 162 passengers aboard flight 8501 sat together at a local airport. they have watched graphic details unfold on television, many screamed, and they broke down in tears. the plane disappeared sunday morning on its way from inn near a to singapore after it encountered bad weather. pilot requested to alter his route, he was denied because of air traffic in the area, moments later, radar contact was lost, no distress call was ever made. >> it tells me a couple things, one, that either something catastrophic happened in the air that pilot had in knowledge of or could have done anything about or secondly it could have been something where pilots were focusing on trying to fly that aircraft and never got a hold of it again and crash in the
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ocean. >> reporter: this is latest in the series of tragic air travel incidents in southeast asia malaysia airlines flight 370 went missing in march with 239 people on board n july malaysia airlines flight 17 was shot down over ukraine killing all 298 passengers and crew so again, the latest in the search for air asia flight 8501 routers reporting as many as 40 bodies recovered from indonesia waters. we are awaiting an update from officials, chris and dawn. >> a young woman is dead three others hospitalized and police say it may be all as a result of alcohol and speed. >> lets get to sabina kuriakose live at the scene with the very latest on this sabina, good morning. >> reporter: this is a horrific crash with some gruesome injuries and here's what police believe, happened. they believe that the car a 2013 silver ford was coming down the off ramp here near roberts avenue just off north bound on the boulevard.
6:35 am
it was coming down because it was going so fast and then careened into that telephone pole where there is police tape and cones and that powe phone pole in half... video from the the scene. >> they found a 2013 ford that had taken the exit, roberts street exit struck a telephone pole, and breaking it and then ran into an embankment where the vehicle actually dropped off of a 20-foot embankment. a 23 year-old female driver of the vehicle was pronounced dead on the scene. she hadome severe head trauma. >> that was chief inspector scott small on the scene talking to us about what happened. the severe head trauma is absolutely gruesome. she was decapitated and the car was just completely
6:36 am
mangled. the roof was completely taken off, windshield smashed in. three other people in the car, one male passenger in the front seat, he is fighting for his life at einstein and he is in critical condition with broken bones and injuries to his face, two people in the back seat are in stable condition, and within of them a woman. she's pregnant. the baby i is expect to be okay. despite the the horrificness of the crack, that is at least one possible thing. that is latest guys back out to you. a 42 year-old pottstown woman charged with corruption of the minor is scheduled to be in court today. police say irish giveany admitted to having sex with a 17 year-old boy she had met at a pottsgrove high school football game. gloucester county prosecutors continue to investigate death of the ten year-old, matthew mccloskey, hit and killed by franklin township police patrol car the family says matthew was crossing delsea drive sunday night with two friend on his way to a sleep
6:37 am
over when he was hit by a car. other boy escaped injury fifth grader matthew was killed his three siblings and single mother are now, of course devastated. family friend are asking the the community to donate on you you search the matthew mccloskey fund. some philadelphia parents are scrambling this morning to find a place for their children to go to school. they found out just a few days ago that the walter palmer middle school is shutting down tomorrow. a small but vocal will group of parents held a curb side meeting outside northern liberties school last night. they are super angry that palmer administrators deidentify todd abruptly close the school over the holiday break. they say that they had in warning, they plan on sending a message to the department of education, and some of the students joined in as well. >> i learned a lot here and i'm going to miss my teachers and my friend. >> when she first came here she was below average.
6:38 am
now she's performing on a proficient level. that speaks for itself no matter how you say it is being mismanaged these kids are learning. these kids are our future. that is the the point of them going to this school. >> the school district of philadelphia says it will find a place for all palmer students, in area public schools, the philadelphia school district setting up several enrollment sessions for former palmer students the first is tomorrow, at school district headquarters. for a list of all session dates and times you can get to my fox and just look under the scene on tv section. a lewd act, a stolen dog and shooting, a bensalem man is facing charges stemming from really bizarre behavior on sunday night. >> police say 21 year-old angel suarez was caught name from the waist down engage in the lewd act in the second floor balcony of a woman's apartment in the franklin common apartments on bowlink
6:39 am
drive. police say the man chased the woman inside of her apartment. she was able to escape but then police say he stole her dog before jumping to a window to the ground and he wasn't done just yet. investigators say from there he got into another apartment where he struggled with the tenant, who then shot him twice. >> who knows what was going through this guys head why he would do all these crazy things. >> police air waiting the results of the drug test on suarez, and he is in aria torresdale hospital in critical condition and woman's doggies still missing. president obama's hawaii vacation derailing one woman's wedding, why she had to move it, and what the president had to say bit all, caitlin. it felt like anything but winter over past week christmas day high temperatures in the 60's, that is all expect to change as we head toward new years weather authority forecast is next. chris? and we're taking a look at
6:40 am
billboard's top songs of 2014. we want to know is what your favorite song this was a big one this year megan traynor all about that base tweet us your favorite with the hash tag, fox 29 good day and we may read your comments on air. >> i like that one.
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unfortunate thely we're not there. more than 6000 miles of streets to clear and temperatures in the single digits denver public works, plow drivers are working 12 hour shifts, just to try to keep up. more than 150 flights in and out of denver international airport canceled yesterday and yes, more snow is expected today, which is sure to cause, even more of a mess. meanwhile in indiana is there an unusual crime spree going on, right now in the middle of the street in the middle of the night, thieves are stealing the plows off of trucks. they have big you mr. that is are hot item because of heavy snow that fell last year.
6:44 am
the plows could mean some quick cash this snow season. are you kidding me? if you want to get away witt. surveillance camera did catch a couple of thieves. police are now using that to try to catch others who would do something so untoward. >> at least we don't need snow shovels, right caitlin, dramatic dip in the temperature from what we have been seeing and experiencing. >> that is sad but humerus new, i didn't know plows were such in demand. indiana had a winter like we did last year. short term memory here. everybody thinks we had winter like one before, that is all we can remember. go back couple winters before that he we had less than 5 inches of snow. we could have that this year. i don't see any snow in the forecast. we have a front in the a allowing the cold air to pour in but it is suppressing that moisture to south philadelphia. we have a couple sprinkles and flurries moving in southern cape may county. the it is a lot like yesterday morning with the included to overcome because that boundary is still sitting in the same spot. tuesday fox future cast
6:45 am
included will thin heading in the noon time hour. best chance for sunshine, probably north and west. mix of sun an clouds and clearing later as we head into tonight. should be a nice night but cold night too. 27 degrees outside in allentown. twenty-one in the mountains. twenty-eight in reading. thirty-three in philadelphia wilmington. thirty-four in dover and 34 in wildwood. let's fast forward to here we go last day of 2014 and we are talking about a cold night for fire works. the kid are out earlier, temperatures will be in the 30's but they will fall back in the 20's by the time we hit midnight, wind chills in the teens. if you are participating in the parade or spectating layers are key 37 degrees with sunshine. sun will be hot but breezy still. it will be colder. seven day forecast, 38 today. thirty-four, windy and chilly on wednesday. thirty-seven and aim thing on thursday. all that sunshine can't seem to warm us up. we will warm up over weekend as our next system push necessary a wintry mix late
6:46 am
saturday and changing over to plane old rain on sunday, 53 degrees there and 34 on monday. by the way chris murphy, last year on new years day it was 32 degrees not nine, but six days later it was 8 degrees on january 7th. >> i'll give you credit for that. >> he was in a if you go that whole month. >> yes. >> you knew that was a day. >> somewhere in that 16 day period. >> good guess, chris. >> it just seemed like 9 degrees for four straight months. >> he was almost there. zeroing in. good morning. hello northeast philadelphia woodhaven road light volume road are dry working your way up to the people just outlets. good morning to delco, i-95 north bound up in towards commodore barry bridge. we are picking up volume but so far in rush hour to report here. 55 miles an hour coming down route one through media swarthmore looking good rolling through west chester. lets go for a ride i-95
6:47 am
southbound you cannot please everybody. the light volume check this out, fellow tweeted me saying not much traffic but people are driving slow in the left lane on i-95. frustrating. but that is an example of what happens on a week day folks coming down i-95 going about 20 miles an hour on a regular morning rush hour. today with light volume we are sipping along. so come on, only pass in the left, keep it to the right, send me your tweets. we will use them on tv bob kelly traffic and we will let you know what you see on the way to the office. heading up to new york extra services on new jersey transit on all trains toward new york city between 10:00 and noon both today and tomorrow, chris and dawn back to you. you are a tweeting machine there, bob. >> you bet. >> well, chester county boy wanted to go to hunting camp so he signed up. so the only problem is that the camp is in chester county, south carolina. but young man sporting dreams didn't die as fox's namea
6:48 am
reports that the camp organizers found a way to get him there. >> you grip shoot. pull it, pull it. it is not that. >> if you asked alex collins he never could have imagined a paragraph would make all of this happen. >> leave your binoculars how about that. >> okay. >> reporter: he wrote to the chester county's sheriff a's office i wanting to hunting with you. i don't have anyone to teach me. it is just me and my mom. she's too sick to do stuff. she has a bad heart. she's really nice to do this. i hope you pick me to go. what little alex did not know was he was writing to a county 500 miles away. the nine year-old lives in chester county pennsylvania. that sheriff was puzzled to receive the letter until he put pieces together. it was sheriff alex underwood's hunting program that he was writing about. >> i hated it because he wases in pain a thought he one be able to hunt. i went to the sheriff and said
6:49 am
if we can work it out and i would be glad to take him hunting with me. >> reporter: little alex hopped on the plane headed to a county he is only familiar with by name. trip was paid for by both count toys give him the experience of a life time. >> thank forgetting me all of the clothes and the boots. >> i just had to do it. >> reporter: alex's mother could not make i down there because of her chronic heart condition. we talked to her on the phone and she said being a single mother is tough and wearing both hats has its limitations in matter how hard she tries. >> that is how you do it. >> is there a trick. >> reporter: she said that is why this trip means the world to her family. >> actually being able to experience and getting in the outdoors you see how much fun it is, isn't it. >> reporter: one of those marvelous moments when a child's imagination runs wild. sheriff alex wonders if these moments will stick with the little boy over the the years. >> i believe it will. this is something he will never forget. hopefully come back and go hunting with me again.
6:50 am
>> i have a feeling if they can make that happen that little boy will be back. that was fox's namea reporting for us. >> well said. >> in other news president obamaes a golf game interrupts wedding plans in hawaii. >> yes. >> military couple stationed in hawaii they were scheduled to get married in a military golf course with ocean views near the president's vacation home but following saturday's rehearsal, they found out that they were going to have to move the party. ceremony reportedly was moved to another part of the golf course that offered better views so that work out. get this, chris, following the ceremony the president himself, called the couple, he apologized, and they say he was really funny, and he was very nice on the phone. the president claims that he had no idea that the couple was going to get married and at 16th hole. he didn't know bit. then they got the the call saying sorry, you're going have to have to move your wedding. >> evidently the couple weeks
6:51 am
in advance understood that the president and first family would be vacationing there so they invited the obama's to the wedding. they didn't respond, of course. so then fast forward a few weeks and then they got the president talking to them on the phone. >> that is cool. >> the president joked and said if i had just skipped that 16th whole all together my score would have been so much better. >> modern family a's sophia is taking on a new role as wife. >> according to people magazine actress is tying the knot with joe manganilla. the guy that is all buffed out. they got engaged while vacation nothing hawaii. this would be the the first marriage for him and second for so via vergara. >> they make a cute couple. >> stunning. dustin diamond is out of jail this morning after being accused of a violent christmas day crime. diamond known for playing screech on the hit 90's tv show appeared in the wisconsin court yesterday accused of
6:52 am
stabbing a guy in the bar fight on christmas. diamond told police he accidentally stabbed the guy trying to defend his fiance, the man is recovering. diamond has been ordered not to discuss the case with the media. keeping a roof over jesse j's head. the singer recently admit to go glamour magazine that the royalties for writing the song paid her rent for more than three years. jesse j has come into her own as a performer. here she is with our own alex holley and quincy harris at this years jingle ball. well, you know him from captain america and new chris evans is acting as a real super hero he visited a young boy battling cancer but it seems he was just as touched
6:53 am
as that young patient. why he says it is children like him
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
right next door at massachusetts general hospital, evan says that kid such as kenny, are the the real super heroes. >> it is their strength that gives people like me strength, in a way you can bring a smile or give positive word of reenforcement or encouragement, it is worth it. >> more than happy. >> just to say thank you. >> yes. >> thanks for coming. >> thanks, america. >> evan said he decided to pay kenny a visit after hearing about his story at a event in fenway park. we will continue to cover breaking news from overnight a tragic even to the search for that missing air asia plane, bodies found floating in the ocean overnight latest on the investigation.
6:57 am
but first, you pay your cell phone bill every month but does your phone company owe you money? how you can get your cut good
6:58 am
6:59 am
well found tragic end to the search for that missing era asia plane, bodies in the water off the coast of
7:00 am
indonesia. >> flu reaches epidemic levels in the u.s. how bad is it going to be this year and is it too late to get a flu shot. our doctor mike has all of the answers you need. >> hey hey, hey lets talk to ppa, don't pay that ticket. a warning for anyone who got an e-mail that looks like it is from the philadelphia parking authority if not it is a scam, don't pay it. a boy find out hard way ending up on the naughty list has some serious consequences what his parents made him do that will have him thinking twice about being a bad boy. >> i have always wanted to do that to my kid but never had a any of to do it but some parents finally dit. >> put them on the naughty list. >> after you have that gift take that gift away from them. >> they think they are in the clear. >> really. >> straight up 7:00 o'clock on what is this tuesday. >> it is tuesday. >> december 30th. >> tomorrow will be last day of the year. >> that is right. >> we have an announcement to make before next machine we


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