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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  December 31, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EST

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>> breaking, two police involved shootings, the lateness cumberland county. the latest on the person hit this morning. jenny, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris, and one of those police-involved shootings police shoot and kill a man after he tried to run them over with his car. that was in drexel hill turns out, he had threatened authorities on multiple occasions. caitlin? >> thanks, jenny well, it is new years eve there is very, very cold outside. but, chances are you'll still be awake this time tomorrow if you're partying late. we'll have your forecast for the next full 24 hours coming straight up. dawn? >> reporter: the sony hack attack may not have come from north korea after all.
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where that authority firm is saying where that attack may have actually originated. good morning happy new years eve. >> wait a minute. now, this is the day you say happy new year to everyone. >> midnight, say it at midnight. we'll be in this roll into new years, we'll be in a blur, i think you. >> guys aren't very festive. let's go. let's live end up this party. i'm starting right now. cheers. >> what's in that coffee, chris? >> he's getting in the spirit of things. >> good morning hello to you both. i think you did say happy new year tomorrow on new years day. >> i think you do, as well. >> pretty sure how it works just saying, i appreciate your spirit, chris murphy, and everyone will be in great spirit today, very festive. a loft you maybe don't have to work or having half day of work. if you're up early with us, it is quiet outside, it will be a dry sunny day but it lab very cold one. yesterday we saw the return of winter.
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temperatures have been falling off since the weekends, 38 degrees the high temperature for tuesday, 41 the average so we spent so many days above now we slipped below. check out the morning temperatures, very cold north and west, only 17 degrees in pottstown, 19 the top of mount pocono, 18 in millville only 18 at the atlantic city airport, 30 in wildwood. winds are very light but enough that you see some windchills lower than the air temperatures and it feels like ten in mount pocono, 16 in the city, 25 down in dover delaware. so your foxcast for today, 27 by 9:00 a.m. very chilly. noon 32 degrees, 33, that's it for high temperature on a sunny, but very cold new years eve. later on tonight the early fireworks expect temperatures in the 20's. this is for the kiddos, then later on tonight the rest of the adult temperatures probably still low 20's, although some of us could have temperatures in the teens. windchills will be in the teens as the winds increase throughout the day. it will be blustery, and cold same thing for new years day, that full forecast coming
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up in just a lit. let's get first look at traffic. happy new years eve to you bob. >> yes happy new year, caitlin, chris happy new year dawn, and happy knee your to all of you. >> you can wish it to all of us. oh right you won't be here, bob. >> i'm in the mummers parade. i have to mummer tomorrow. good morning everybody 43:03, good morning live look at the schuylkill expressway. no problems or delays at all. westbound, here, little disable, right near girard avenue. attracting some attention for folks leaving town and headed westbound. coming into town, the benny from our camden toll plaza looking good no problems or delays at all into downtown philadelphia. and but north on the 42 freeway, if you are coming in from south jersey, crews working all night long, doing the lionel richly, working your way in toward 295-6789 there is a new pattern until about 5:00 this morning. so just watch for the slow-downs. otherwise great shape no problems working your way through delaware county up and down 202 through west chester
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looking good. the market frankford line, they are using shuttle buses until 5:00 a.m. then have some special schedules and service coming into play for new years ivan new years day i'll run that down for you for the next time around. the benny whitman talcony palmyra gook good to kick start our wednesday morning. >> good morning, bob thank you. at 4:04, we begin with breaking new authorities investigating deadly police involved shooting. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce live in drexel hill with an update for us, jennifer? >> reporter: well, dawn, 52 year old joseph was shot and killed by police after police tell us he tried to run them over with his car during a traffic stop. police from three different departments were following him after he left his clifton height home around 4:00 p.m. yesterday. they wanted to pull him over and is her after warrant for his arrest on a terroristic threats charge. police say he had made youtube videos threatening authorities. investigators say he even made one yesterday prior to the shooting.
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upper darby police superintendent mike chitwood said he had a history of mental illness. >> i think every incident is different. i think somebody when police have to deal with somebody with mental illness, it could be violent, it could be passive. you just don't know. i mean, you just don't know. the unfortunate thing in this case he's got a vehicle he's behind a vehicle the vehicle was his weapon. so, in my opinion exacerbates whatever the issue would be. i mean, offers remembers trained on crisis intervention. but if somebody's using the vehicle as a weapon, that kind of eliminates any training that you have. >> police say a swat team was on it way to his home to serve the warrant. but he left the house before they arrived. according to reports, he did have a police record. he was arrested back in 2005 for recklessly endangering another person, false imprison. making terroristic threats dawn? >> thank you authority also
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investigating police involved shooting in cumberland county, new jersey, this happened around 9:30 last night on south avenue near henry street in bridgeton. skyfox over that scene. at least one person injured no word yet on their condition this morning. >> 4:06 the time. philadelphia's mayfair neighborhood protest against police brutality cases. this rally was organized by the family of brandon kate brown, the man who was shot and killed during altercation with officers just few weeks ago. now, police say brown was reaching for a gun in his car. the demonstration took place on the 6700 block of frankford avenue where brown died. his family wants an independent investigation into his death. his mother says police went too far. >> no one deserves to be executed and in any fashion we are not god. you can disable. you are trained to disable. you can do all of these things without killing him. >> we're putting police commissioner ramsey a all of those cops on notice.
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>> that's right. >> but they are killing black young men are over, and they'll never come back again. >> those protesters marched down frankford avenue. philadelphia bike patrol civil affairs officers were on scene during this demonstration. police say the protest was peaceful. >> in edmonton, canada, a man with a lengthy criminal record kills eight people including two young children before taking his own life. seven of those people were found shot to death in one home. police found their bodies monday night, 37 year old woman was found dead in a separate home. the shooter allegedly committed suicide nearby. the edmonton police chief says the motive for this mass murder appears to be, quote planned and deliberate, domestic violence. >> bad weather is hampering search efforts for victims of airasia flight 8501. officials say six bodies have been recovered. >> the discovery was made some 100 miles southeast of the indonesian island of borneo, not far from where the plane
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was last had contact with flight control. it took off and ran into bad weather sunday. there are reports the fuselage of the plane was spotted on the sea floor. >> they're recovering wreckage now. so the task is clearly going to be accomplished, i suspect relatively quickly. >> the us for it part has now sent the destroyer uss sampson, which is equipped with helicopters recovery gear and sonar equipment. >> a man behind bars this morning, accused of attacking and raping women in pennypack park. thirty-nine year old robert pail end was already in jail in wisconsin when philadelphia police caught up with him years after they started investigating the philadelphia assault. >> joanne explains how investigators manage to track him down. >> good thing they caught him. real good thing. you don't need a preditor like that running around. >> special victims unit detective have charged former philadelphia construction
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worker robert palin in connection with string of brutal rapes that started back in 2010 in pennypack park. >> this was old school ticket work identifying the pattern retracing our victims talking to both victims. >> police say the 38 year old palin, who lived near the park followed the same mo with his victims. >> the minute that the victim got into the park with the offender mr. palin, an immediate aggressive assault occurred, where he brutally beat her then sexually assaulted her. >> after an attack in 2011, police released a composite sketch, and another woman came forward, then another woman claimed she was also raped in the same vicinity. >> took them a while to catch up to them. >> but they did eventually when palin who moved away was arrested for raping a woman in madison, wisconsin earlier this year. >> his dna was up loaded, matched ours, then we started
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this investigation all over again. >> i'm really glad they were able to get him. >> obviously a sense of relief in the community after police made this rape arrest. police say it was a combination of gun street detective work and modern technology that helped them solve this cold case. at philadelphia police headquarters, "fox 29 news". >> if you're feeling under the wet they are could be why. there are new concerns about the flu this morning. >> everyone seems to be sick here at fox 29. i'm not sure about your home or your work, but the centers for disease control and prevention says there is already widespread outbreak in more than half of the country at this point. so here are the stats. thirty-six states are already showing high infection rate, most cases this year are caused by a strain of the virus called h3n2. the same strain was predominant during the harsh flu season in the past now so the cdc believes this season could be a severe one.
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so far this year, in delaware, doctors have seen nearly ten times the number of flu cases compared to this time last year. the delaware division of public health says there have been 632 reported cases just 70 in all of last year. >> most people think of flu as just a nuisance disease you're sick for couple of days, and it is over. but for many people, it is a cause of hospitalization, even death. >> well, speak of death, so far 15 children have died of the flu this season. the virus usually hit the very young, the very old the hardest, health officials say the best way to protect yourself to wash your hands a lot, and to get the flu shot. >> and some are saying the flu this year could be worse than the ebola outbreak across the country. this morning learning more about what health officials may have triggered the ebola outbreak. >> and 4:11, who was behind the sony hack? several officials stand by
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their statement. it was north korea but now security firms saying there is an inside
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>> storm in the philippines now heading west towards the islands. a look at our weather of course, a lot of people headed out tonight for the big new
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years eve celebration. >> obviously yes. it looks really nice, if you don't mind the cold weather chris, we don't have any weather-related problems, no travel delays, no snow, no rain, nothing like that. but, very, very cold. you'll know as soon as you step outside what i'm talking about, the same scenario. clear skies out there. expecting a lot of sunshine. also expecting this winter-like trend to continue. yesterday's high temperature 38 degrees. that's 3 degrees below the normal at 41, but stark contrast, to the 40's we saw the day before, the 50's before that and the 60s that we saw back on christmas day just week ago. twenty-three allentown, 17 pottstown, 25 in philadelphia, 22 wrightstown, 18 in atlantic city and millville. winds fairly light right now. that being said, even slight breeze can drop your windchills into the teens like it is doing in allentown 16 lancaster, 16 philly, and 19 wilmington. those winds will gust though later today. we've had two waves of cold air come through. one with monday-tuesday, the next one occurring today into tomorrow. those winds will be much more fears. 32 degrees by noon, 33 all for
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the high temperature later on today, but bright, blue skies. so that's for today. what about tonight? that new years eve forecast, here we go 2015, starting off quietly. but also starting off cold. temperatures in the 20's, wind chills in the teens as the ball drops later tonight at midnight. much more on the full new years day forecast still ahead. >> 4:16, happy wednesday happy new year, and halfway to the end of the work week here. live look at the blue route. 476 right near the schuylkill expressway, kind of quiet. i think we'll have the same deal we've seen the last two days, and that's a light morning rush hour. and then later on today especially today with all of the new years celebrations, set to get underway, kind of take the snow globe there and just shake it up. live look at the 42 freeway coming in toward philadelphia. just keep in mind as you work your way in toward 295, there is a new pattern in play casino of take you offer of the freeway then put you right back on. it is all part of some overnight construction, that will be out there until about
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5:00. and again, as you head in toward philadelphia, you're okay just be ready to hit the brakes as you work your way in toward 295. otherwise, 422 202 looking good. look out for the deer. a bunch right near 202 right near the route 29 interchange. market frankford line, using shuttle buses until 5:00 a.m. original rail lines if you are using mass transit to come into the city for the fireworks, that's probably going to be your best bet, you can park at any one of the regional rail terminals. take the train take the kids for train ride, then they have additional service in play after midnight for the folks that want to come in for the midnight fireworks show. that's good news, another advantage to use septa for the new years eve celebrations. chris, dawn, back over to you. >> thank you bob. really horrible story out of idaho. a mother is dead shot to death by her two year old son. this happened inside a wal-mart. police say the little boy reached into his mom's purse and got ahold of her concealed weapon t went off killing the
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woman t investigators say she was shopping with her son and three other children. the family was in the area visiting relatives. police say the woman did have a permit to car that i gun. investigators are just calling this a tragic accident. >> new york city mayor bill de blasio trying to ease tensions between himself and the city's police department. yesterday, the mayor meeting with the city's five police unions including pba president patrick lynch who has been publicly critical of the mayor. union leaders believe the mayor is fostering an anti-police movement in the wake of the grand jury decision in the death of eric garner. the mayor says the meeting focused on identifying ways to move forward and healing police community relations. the leader of the biggest police union saying the meeting did nothing to fix the shattered relationship. >> security firm says north korea is not responsible for sony's cyber breach. the company claims it has evidence to prove it was an inside job. the firm says laid off employee was behind the
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breach. a senior vice president of the cyber intelligence firm tells fox it is turning over raw data to the f.b.i. the agency, however is still standing by it original claim. the government of north korea is responsible for the hack. >> a former korean airlines executive who delayed a flight earlier this month because of the way her nuts were served has been arrested. the 40 year old former vice president forced the plane to return to it gate in new york to remove senior flight attendant because her macadamia nuts were served in a bag not on a tray. prosecutors say she endangered the flight crew and other passengers, arrest comes as the airline faces sanctions for allegedly trying to cover up the whole ordeal. >> scientists think they've figured out how the ebola outbreak in west africa started. they say it probably began with a child playing hollowed out tree where infected bats lived. researchers explored an area
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in southeastern guinea where two year old boy fell ill a year ago and later died. he became the first known case in this epidemic of ebola. so ebola at this point has killed nearly 8,000 people in west africa alone. >> well, some good news this morning, former us president george h.w. bush is back home after a week in the hospital. a spokesperson for the former president saying the 90 year old was released yesterday from houston methodist hospital. bush had been complaining of shortness of breath and other respiratory issues, he was taken to the hospital last tuesday by ambulance, just as a precaution. he spent nearly two months at the same hospital two years ago, for similar reasons. well, it is that time. mummers getting ready to strut their stuff down broad street. >> so we have a look at the final rehearsal for some before new years day. >> ♪ ♪ >> marks the 100 anniversary
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oh ya of the string band's first appearance in this parade. >> yes the fehlinger string band. >> so, this is from the group's rehearsal last night in south philly. the fralinger has been among some of the mummers most popular over the last quarter century. this is how they do it, dawn, they prep. flight. >> yes. >> i mean practice does have it play. you will have two opportunities tonight to see a huge fireworks display down at penn's landing. there will be shows at 6:00 then again at midnight. the fireworks will be launched from two barges in the middle of the delaware river with clear views from both philly and camden. and of course, we'll have caitlin's clear forecast for you, hopefully coming up in just a minute. >> bundle up. going to be cold. >> so 4:21, a local woman left just devastated, all her belongings and decades of memories gone. finds out what happened.
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>> sixers visited one of the best teams in the nba last night. golden state beats the 6ers, ready for this? >> i heard. >> let's do this, 126 to 86.
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so if you're doing a simple math problem at home, because the kids, you know, it is winter break. >> right, they can do a little subtract sean, kinds of ugly. >> forty-point lost. the sixers third straight lost. they're now four and 26 on the season. spares us, don't do the winning percentage at home. here's howard with sports. >> this is fox 29 sport in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin, with five head coaching positions open in the nfl they've contacted the eagles about one of theirs, the oakland raid verse contacted the eagles and requested permission to talk to the eagles offensive coordinator pat is her america about their head coaching position. san francisco 49ers head coach jim harbaugh officially back to the university where he played quarterback. he's now the head coach at michigan with a seven-year, $35 million deal. >> how comfortable or uncomfortable you are with this perception that you are the savior of michigan football. >> not at all. as i said ...
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>> i want to do a good job. i want to be good. i want to win. i want to win at practice. i want to win on the practice field. i want to win in the classroom. i want to win in the community. we want to win on fall saturday afternoons. we'll have great expectations moore. >> said all of the right things of the that's sports in a minute and i'm howard eskin. well the remake of the classic film anisi causing some controversy. >> not for the movie itself, but evidently for how one store is promos g it. so take a look. do you see anything wrong here? why some say these ads were a bad choice.
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>> we're following two police involved shootings. >> basically declaration of war from me to you. okay? now, here it is. please understand -- >> this skating youtube video just the beginning whatever investigators say triggered another local police-involved shooting. how this story went from the internet to hail of gunfire. >> 4:30, as we said, so let's take live look outside for you right now at philadelphia international airport. your weekend forecast, and most importantly your new years eve forecast from caitlin roth straight ahead. >> then, memories, gone, in a instant. years of them. local woman's belongings justice appear from her storage unit. so we set out to help her find out exactly what happened here. >> all right, good day everyone, it is the last day of 2014. happy new years eve. thanks for being with us. >> yes, hard to believe boy it is cold out side. >> so, caitlin, are you going to go brave these, i shouldn't
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even ask you're in the going outside to celebrate? >> well, no, i am actually going to stay n i do have to wake up at 2:30 a.m. usually my bed time. so i have to get some sleep. >> you're young caitlin, you can do it. >> oh, ya, but that will age me at least five years. so 2015 i will be feeling a little bit older. so for everyone else headed out today tomorrow, you will be braving the cold temperatures, starting this afternoon, it is clear, it will be sunny all day long, it will be clear tonight. it is great travel weather. it is just very cold. and we're not even seeing too many issues all across the country, if you're flying out, maybe some snow showers, just north of dallas, northwest of dallas, so northern texas getting some snow. you know, another place getting some snow you wouldn't think of? las vegas but it is true, very potent storm system moving across the dessert southwest, bringing snow to the higher elevations of southern california, the baja peninsula, into las vegas western arizona, those guys seeing the wintery weather for today and tonight. us, just the wintery
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temperatures. fox future cast showing mostly sunny skies going through the rest of today tonight clear skies, and then even into tomorrow the mummers parade early thursday morning no issues, a lot of bright sun sunglasses needed out there. but also plenty of layers. your eyes will be tearing up for sure whether it is from the sun or the cold. temperatures right now, 19 mount pocono, 17 pottstown, 26 in wilmington and 18 in millville. let's go out further toward our west, this is where the real cold s it is so chilly, these are actual air temperatures right now in the northern planes. seven below in minneapolis, is her know omaha. six below in colorado springs ten below in rapid city south dakota. so very, very cold week for everyone across the country. not seeing the worse of it, but it is still pretty chilly. so your forecast for tonight as the ball drops for the little ones around 6:00 at penn's landing temperatures probably in the 30's we fall to the 20's by midnight. 38 degrees for new years day plenty of sunshine, but again it is the cold weather. i don't think though that bob kel that i cold wet letter keep anyone from going outside and celebrating tonight.
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>> not at all. we bundle up with our fox 29 long johns, and we will be good to go. 4:33 gang, good morning everybody. on this new years eve, do you have great start this morning. live look at i-95, through the construction zone at girard. if you are going to be out and about later on tonight maybe using some of the roadways that are under construction, just keep in mind new traffic patterns, in a lot of the construction zones wok oohing way up and down 9a coming in from south jersey, new pattern, as you approach 295 until about 5:00 this morning. disable up along route one bucks county right before you get to the pennsylvania turnpike overpass there. south jersey looking good, speedometer readings in the 60s, and there is that construction i've been telling but here north on the freeway, working your way in toward 295 they kind of pull you off put you back on, all at the same time. now, big night tonight of course with the fireworks at both 6:00 and midnight. market frankford and the broad street subway lines they're not going to bus. they'll have all night train service, and then extra trains
4:34 am
after each of the fireworks shows. as incentive to use mass transit coming into city for the fireworks. same dial with the regional rail lines. so the gang from the suburbs park your carry at a station running on regular schedule, and then they'll have additional service after the midnight fireworks because keep in mind the regional rail lines typically don't run after midnight. tonight they will to gave you a incentive to use the trains to come into see the fireworks later tonight. chris, dawn, back over to you. >> thank you 4:34, weaver breaking news for this morning out of cumberland county, new jersey authorities investigating police-involved shooting in bridgeton. >> this happened around 9:30 last night on south avenue near henry street. skyfox over the scene at least one person was hurt, no word on their condition at this point. >> a man who made youtube videos threatening law enforcement was shot and killed by police in delaware county. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce live in drexel hill this morning with the very latest on this. jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
4:35 am
police tell us they were monitoring 52 year old joseph trying to serve a warrant for his arrest they tried to him over. that's when police tell us he got aggressive. he used his car as a weapon, clifton heights police chief was on patrol and made the initial traffic stop. chief opened the door of his car when he put the car in reverse and crashed into the chief's car, narrowly missing the chief and other officers around at the time. police from three different departments were following him after he left his clifton heights yesterday afternoon. they wanted to pull him over and is her after warrant on terroristic threats charge. he had made youtube videos threatening authorities. investigators say he even made one yesterday prior to the shooting. >> it will be serious and irreversible catostrophic consequences, that no one wants. >> shot numerous times. numerous shots fired. again, preliminarilly the officers were lucky to escape
4:36 am
any injury. he apparently used his vehicle as a weapon. the officers fired. and fatally struck him. >> reporter: police say swat team was on their way to serve the warrant, but left the house before they arrived. according to reports, he had a record, he was arrested knack 2005 for recklessly arresting another person, false imprisonment making terroristic threats. >> jennifer, thank you. looking live now times square, new york sit counting down to the big countdown. new york city gearing up for the new years eve ball drop. organize nerves times square testing out the big ball drop yesterday ahead of today's main event. organizers expect more than 1 million people to be in times square to watch it, in fact drop. or slowly descend. we'll have a ball drop of our own later this morning right here on "good day" philadelphia. >> yep, we will also be talking all morning long about
4:37 am
new years eve in the delaware valley and all of the thanks are going on locally. so we'll keep you up to date on what you can do tonight if you want. >> absolutely. and then we turn to this. advertisement controversy. posters for the re-make of annie, are getting a loft attention this morning why some are offended by them.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> the lights in atlantic city with the casinos remaining open. this is the talk of the town up and down the east coast. now, take a look. people who caught a glimpse say it is a fireball. experts say it was a meteor. this happened monday night, a driver captured this video on dash cam in hanover, new jersey, reports came from as far away as montreal. i can't make it out. but then again i'm starting to lose my eyesight. the american meteorological society says they received more than 300 reports. >> yes, hard to see. >> i think we need a giant big screen. all right, things got little hot for a mask suspect trying to rob an australian atm. the suspect used some type of explosive trying to get some cash. but his plan literally backfired. causing an explosion the blast knocked him to the grounds, and he ended up running off barefoot.
4:41 am
>> well, a huge mess in chicago after incident at the morton salt company. chicago firefighters are called out see massive amount of salt spilling out of the building there on top of cars parked next to a car dealership. even though the salt left huge, huge mess, no reported injuries. the so-called cure mom charged with corruption after minor, has a day in court. forty-three year old irish gibbney of pottstown had preliminary hearing yesterday. police say gibbney admitted to having sex with 17 year olds boy she met at pottsgrove football game. her attorney said a decision she deeply regrets. >> she is a heart broken at the decision that she made on under the circumstances. we're going to make every effort now at this point to try and move forward with her
4:42 am
life. >> she waived her preliminary hearing on august charges and is due back in court now in february. a family has a bizarre request. they want to find someone willing to adopt six children. find out why straight ahead. bob kelly good morning to you. >> don't be looking at me! >> well -- >> i have six of my own. i don't need six more. live look right here along route 309 near the pennsylvania turnpike, roads are dry light volume now. but we got the details. if you're coming into town for the fireworks tonight caitlin has the forecast,
4:43 am
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4:45 a.m. i know it is cliche, but these years seem to go by faster every time, this one ending on very nice but very cold note. outside right now clear skies, some lake effect snow all the way back up toward the northwest. some of you going to have a white new years not us here, though, it will be very bright. 19 degrees outside in mount pocono. seventeen pottstown, 22 lancaster, we continue our trend of getting colder from christmas day, christmas eve broke a record high temperature, christmas day we started in the mid 60s right now, we're seeing air temperatures in the teens, in the 20's, so winter, back with a vengeance, and that's the story for today. the coldest it's been in a while. 33 degrees, west winds ten to 20 miles an hour, we keep windchills in the 20's almost all day long, accompanied by
4:46 am
bright blue sky, tonight clear, perfect for fireworks viewing, that being said, 22 degrees will be the air temperatures, all night long, windchills in the teens. let's check the seven day forecast, 38 still breezy and very cold on new years day itself. so for anyone at the parade, sunglasses needed, yes eyes start watering from the cold and brightness, less harsh friday, clouds roll out saturday, looks to bring mainly rain, although could start as mix for many of us specially north and west. that's the best chance to see some snowflakes, even some sleet. just because temperatures are so cold to start. then though, we are expect the to warm up by sunday in the 50's, so just rain, and then we turn much colder as we clear out. so at least the cold temperatures are paired with the sunny weather bob kelly. we want the warm temperatures paired with the wet weather because it means rain not snow. >> there go, and there will be a test on that later today. right? 4:46. good morning happy new year, new years eve this morning good shape. no problems at all up and down route 309 working your way in
4:47 am
toward the turnpike. good morning to the benny. ben franklin bridge, coming into downtown philly, looking fine. actually we're in great shape all across the board, on all of the majors, like the schuylkill, and i-95. all right tonight is the big night. fireworks of course penn's landing two shows 6:00 and then 12:00 midnight. shoot them off from the river. don't have to be sitting there in front on penn's landing you can obviously be on either side of the river. there is a lot of other good viewing point up and down the river here. but, keep in mind, that police are not going all-out folks to double park along i-95. we had some knuckleheads last year trying to stop on the ben franklin bridge, to catch the fireworks. so get there early finds your spot, be ready to go. if you want to come into the city may i suggest mass transit. broad street subway, market frankford lines all night train service and adding extra trains after each of the fireworks shows same deal with the regional rail lines so the gang from the suburbs come into the city, bring the kids, take them for train ride. regular service today then additional service on all of
4:48 am
the rail lines after that 12:00 midnight fireworks show. and if you are headed to the big apple today for the ball drop they're having regular weekday schedule, and they do have extra trains headed up to new york on all new jersey transit lines. chris, dawn, back over to you. >> all right thank you bob. well imagine hiring a mover to ship everything you own and when it is time for delivery, you learn all of your belongings were sold at auction? this poor lady, emma dialed we caught up with her in the hospital. she said she hired a company to move and store her belongings four months ago after she sold her home in new jersey. when she went to retrieve her things, she learned the mover stopped paying the rent, and they auction off information her unit. the mover said hey i couldn't reach you because your phone was disconnected.
4:49 am
>> i did the best i could i paid, after three months, if i can't golds a holt of her, do i pay the store and fees? >> he lied. because i gave him my sister's number. he had plenty of waste getting in touch with me. >> so aim says she had no idea the bill wasn't being paid because the mover put the account in his name. it is not clear if he is properly bonded, and whether emma might qualify for insurance. >> reality star trees not going to let jail keep her from making a living. joins fellow tv housewife dino, promises to stop eating bad carbs in the new year. she is head today prison in 2015 to serve a 15 month sentence for fraud. we'll see if that prison food
4:50 am
fits into her lifestyle. ♪ ♪ >> a woman who voiced chucky on nickelodeon rug rats passed away. christine dying at her home in utah last week, at the age of 51. cavanaugh lent her voice to all kind of characters, including the pig let babe her family writing in each role there was a part of her showing through that the ones who truly new her could see right away. >> just 51 years old oh, boy. target coming un fire for promotional posters. here is a look at one every them right here, related to the remake of the film annie. retail giant carries a clothing line featuring outfits similar to those worn by the character annie, in the movie. but, many say the ads don't
4:51 am
feature any african-american models. issues drawing mixed reviews. >> target should have some darker children. >> showing african-american person is a person who should be respected and things that far nature, then shouldn't be a problem just because you don't see the images. >> target for their part released a statement that reads in part: with regard to the marketing of the collection, girls from a variety of backgrounds were featured within the campaign, reflect that anyone can buy the spirit and character of annie. as for the involvement, of wallace, we had conversations with her team about being in the campaign, but ultimately, it did not come to fruition. >> complaint coming up on social media charge to go remake features oscar award winning actor jamie foxx, and oscar nominated wallace as annie, as well.
4:52 am
so, that is the statement from target. >> chris please adopt six children. that's the request from a family in tennessee. oh ya, the babies aren't even born yet. they're embryos why the family is making this bizarre
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
>> one mom captured nine moments of pregnancy in 90 seconds. she took a picture of herself every day and created? special video. as the baby grows the mom inhales air from balloon making it look like she's inflating her stomach. at the end of the video she reveals her beautiful new baby. >> well, this is rather unusual. tennessee family is turning to the internet, in hopes of finding a family, to adopt not one, but six children. >> the family recently added four kids to the household mom, angel, said she gave birth thanks to in vetro fertilization treatment, but the process left her with six extra unused embryos oh, okay. she said rather than donating them to several different parent or having them
4:56 am
destroyed, it is hope that one couple will adopt the embryos so they can grow together as siblings. >> it is bad enough that it is split up the way it is, but split it up three four, five, like some people do, i don't know, it is an issue. >> the watts family, is using social media and other internet sites in their attempts to find the perfect couple. i thought they had six kids and said oh, too much work. >> bob kelly is off the hook. he doesn't have to adopt another six kids. >> whew. >> all right, every year radio stations play the biggest hits from that year, of course. >> one performer putting an interesting new twist on recapping the year's top songs.
4:57 am
(♪ ♪ >> create i have. performer says other than his voice, the melody you hear, was produced using ordinary household objects. >> sounds like it. >> i think it sounds fun. >> kind of cool. >> the family of a deaf and autistic little boy just wanted him to be able to hear. now their dream is coming true. see the moment that he hears for the very first time. ♪ ♪
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> breaking at 5:00, two police involved shootings until the delaware valley, the lateness cumberland county, new jersey. details on the person that was hit this morning. it will be serious irreversible con consequences no one wants. >> and another police involved shooting starts, with a skating youtube video and ends in a hail of gunfire. >> and the center for disease control warning that this could be an extremely severe flu season. the cases spinning out of control, in delaware already. what you need to know to protect yourself and your family. good day everybody, it is wednesday, december 31st the last day of 2014. happy new years


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