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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  December 31, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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north korea a but was the sony hack actually an inside job? who one security firm says is really responsible. now it is new years eve you know that a lot of people are planning to use the uber car service on the uber app to get back home after partying all night. but you know what? they jack up the prices on you. we'll tell you how high the feast may go tonight. >> how can you get around paying through the nose? we have ideas. >> getting ready for the countdown to nick night we're getting ready for the good day ball drop. >> well, it is a trade agent here at good day philadelphia, alex and i've found a fancier ball this year. >> look at you. >> yes normally, just, you know, crumby stirofoam thing. this is metallic ball. actually gall stone that i passed last night. >> oh, no. >> i didn't know you had such a metallic sparkly gall stone. >> so what we will do, put things on it, like stickers on
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here things like you want to just let go, like frozen, like elsa. leave it behind. let it go. >> we'll love it behind in 2014, get ready to drop it as we enter 2015. >> so put a sticker ton right now. see, there go. >> this is first one. >> 7:00 a.m. >> letting go of another hour of sleep. that's fan taste being. >> so excited. >> i'll go stick this on there, we get started when weather and traffic. >> how about ball dropping forecast? >> oh, i love a ball dropping forecast. >> thank you for those who have tweeted and say they appreciate and laugh every time i give them the forecast. >> scale of seven out after scale of ten. beautiful looking new years eve, but very coal, already out there temperatures in the 20's, and we'll have windchills in the 20's all day long.
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>> winds thinks in the 20's right now. airport, let's look, 27 degrees is the reading, the cold eggs we're been all morning, winds fairly look, look at the sunrise just beautiful out by the airport. >> temperatures falling back to the 20, a clings in the teens, bundle up weather all day, and specially all night long. right, bob? >> good morning 7:02, happy new years eve and only really jamming the traffic cam right here northbound lanes of 42, as you work your way out of south jersey in toward the city extra heavy because after accident in the construction zone. otherwise, we're in good shape up and down 476, we're seen light volume all morning roads are dry. and i think we'll have pretty much the sale deal as we've had the last couple of days n problems on 95, the schuylkill, or on 476. accident in valley forge park, right along route 23, valley
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forge road right at inter line drive. fire in the neighborhood north philly york street between sixth and seventh. of course fires work tonight two big shows for you 6:00 and 12 midnight along penn's landing visible from both sides of the delaware, so it will be a lot of active any this area. then that change over will the first show end that gang home, other gang moving n what's good if you want to use mass transit septa is picking up it up a notch. both the market frankford line regular train schedule, all night train service, extra trains added after each of the fireworks shows. for the regional rails anyone watching from the suburb, want to take the kids for train ride, come into philadelphia, tonight, they're on regular schedule typically the regional rail lines do not operate after midnight. well, they will tonight. watch the 12:00 midnight fireworks show, back to you. >> great job thanks, bob. 7:03, this wednesday morning.
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cumberland county new jersey, this comes into us, authorities investigating a police involved shooting in bridgeton, happened around 9:30 last night on south avenue near never are you street. skyfox over the scene, at least one person was injured. no word on their conditions as of yet. we'll get it in a few minute i would i. >> this police involved shooting also under investigation in delaware count. >> i man shot and killed just hours after he made threats against law enforcement, on youtube. so let's get to jennifer joyce live in upper darby more on. >> this jennifer? >> as he was leaving his clifton heights home, officer from three departments responded pull him over, boxed him in at a bank in direction he is hill. police say the clifton height police chief walk up to joseph pacini, open his car door, he put the car in reverse trying
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to run the officers down. he narrowly missed the chief according to police. the five responding officers fired their weapons and killed pacini as he sat behind the wheel of his car in a youtube video posted just yesterday, pacini said killing him was the easiest option for police, woe put up major fight, and there would be bloodshed if taken into custody. >> it will be your fault completely okay? no way that i'm going to allow anyone to take my freedom pay way again judge no way i'll let anyone take my freedom way way again. >> the suspect has been making threats on youtube to kill police fbi apparently meant at health issues.
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>> swat team on his way to pacini's home, left the house before they arrived, according to reports, pacini does have police record getting back to 2005 out of philadelphia, again, for terrorist i can charges. mike? >> good work by citizens, too thanks apparently making these threats at his gym la fitness over the weekend, and some of the members of the gym heard it and staff members called police and said this guy is out of his mind. >> yes. >> good thing they did. >> so good. thanks for calling the cops. >> 7:06. let's get to philadelphia's mayfair neighborhood. where there is a protest against police brutality cases. >> yes, there was. this rally was organized by the family of brandon tate brown, the man who was shot and killed during a altercation with officers, few weeks ago, police say brown was reaching into his car for a gun. demonstration took place the 6700 block of frankford avenue where brown died. his family wants an independent investigation of his death his mother says, police went too far.
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no one deserves to be execute in the any fashion. we are not god. you can disable, you are trained to disable. you can do all of these things without killing him. >> we are putting police commissioner ramsey, and all of those on notice, that they are killing black young men are over, and they will never come back again. >> new york city mayor bill de blasio trying to ease tensions between him and the police department. met with the city's five police unions yesterday afternoon, union leaders believe the mayor is fostering an anti-police movement in the wake of the grand jury decision, in the death of eric garner. the mayor says the meeting focused on identifying ways to move forward, and healing the police community relations however, the leader of the biggest police union last evening, said the meeting didn't do much to fix the shattered relationship. still have more work to do in that regard.
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>> officers have been painted by brick lynn artist, will be gifting both paint togs each of the officers families. has painted fallen officers before, but he says, these paintings have a different meaning to him now. bad weather hampering search effort for airasia flight 85016789 weather prevented divers from retrieving bodies from the java sea. officials say seven bodies so far, 162, have been. >> recovered. >> recovering wreckage now the task clearly going to be accomplish i suspect with the equipment. >> we told you yesterday there are report that the fuselage, big piece of it big piece of the plane was spotted on the sea floor about 150 feet below the surface of the sea. >> in edmonton canada, this is horrible situation remind us of what happened here a couple of weeks ago. a man with a lengthy criminal record kills eight people including two children before
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taking his own life. >> seven of those people found shot to death in one home. police found their bodies, last night a 37 year old woman was found dead in separate home. shooter allegedly committed suicide nearby. the med monday ton police chief the motive appears to be planned and deliberate. domestic violence. >> remind you of a case here couple of weeks ago right? >> 7:09. man jailed last night accused of attacking and raping women in pennypack park. yes, they got him yesterday afternoon. thirty-eight year old robert palin was already in jail, in wisconsin, when philadelphia police caught up with him. years after they started investigating these philly assault, they charged the former construction work nerve connection with a string of rapes that started back four years ago in pennypack park. police say he lived near the park and followed the same pattern over and over again. >> the minute that the victim got into the park with the oven err mr. palin and immediate aggressive assault
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occurred brutally beat her and then sexually assaulted her. >> good think. they caught him. real good thing. you don't need a preditor like that running around. >> actually, police track him down when he was serving time for raping a woman in wisconsin n madison wisconsin. his dna was up loaded and it matched the local attacks. that's how they linked him to the philly attacks. so-called cheer mom charged with corruption after minor there she is, had her day in court yesterday. but she waived, 43 year old ivories of pottstown had preliminary hearing yesterday. police say giveney admitted having sex to 17 year old boy met at pottsgrove high school football game. decision her attorney says she deeply regrets. >> heart broken at the decision that she made under these circumstances. we're going to make every effort naught at this point to try and move forward with her life.
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>> so irish gibbney waived on all charges, due back in court in about six weeks. >> 7:10. a health warning this morning from burlington county. child at middle school in burlington township has been diagnosed with whooping cough. health officials are asking parent to monitor the children, for any signs of the disease. >> identify low mother shot and killed by her two year olson, happened inside wal-mart police say the boy reached into his mother's purse, her concealed gun went off, woman shopping with her son and three other children. family was in the area to visit relatives cops same the woman did have a permit to carry the gun police are calling this a very tragic accident. >> the child two years old actually in the shopping cart. >> what a folk accident. 7:11. >> police in ohio looking for
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joy ride here stole an ambulance, happened right outside a hospital. and all caught on dash camera. police say the thief rolling its dollars the police were tailing him, ditched the vehicle and ran off. ambulance drivers say they leave their vehicles running because their first concern is getting their patient and here is is the dash cam video to the er. >> it is the dash cam video. a security firm says north korea is not responsible for sony cyber breach. company claims it has evidence to prove what they're saying. >> the firm says, a laid off employee from sony was behind the breach. a senior vice president at the cyber intelligence firm called north tells us it is turning over raw data to the f.b.i. the agency, however, is still standing by it original claim that the government of north korea, that guy kim jong un, is responsible.
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>> former. s president george hw, herbert walker bush; back home, after a week in the hospital. spokesperson for the former president says he was release from the houston methodist hospital yesterday. he was taken to the hospital last tuesday after complaining about shortness every breath. the former president spent nearly two month at that same hospital, two years ago for similar reasons. what, 90 years old isn't he? yes, 90. looking for something to do with the kids to ring in the new year? well children's play space called nest, hosting countdown to noon party very early. starts in about 10:30 this morning, there will be red carpet music, crafter for the kids. including make your own new years hats, and noise makers, the event ends with a ball drop at noon. but i think the whole thing start about 10:30 and again i think over at 13th and locust. place called nest, pretty cool.
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>> new year starts at noon for area kids, attending celebrations at the please touch museum, of course they do this every year. in year they'll drop a giant cat head. i mean, it is a poster, cut out, not real head. >> no? >> the annual countdown to noon, is philly's original knee years eve party for kids. this year's party, bridges the tail of allison wonderland to life. >> let's explain the cat. it starts with a cat. >> allison will be there mad hatter go there about 10:30 hey, if you can stay up a little bit later you'll have not one but two opportunities tonight to see a fireworks. you know how it works in philadelphia, you have one at 6:00. one at midnight. >> that's right. down at penn's landing lawn purchased two barges in the middle of the delaware river with clear views from philly and camden. >> get there early, it will be crowded. >> it will be cold but it will be clear. and live look, where they're counting down of course, new
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york city gearing up for their new years eve bill ball drop. that's a live shot in that's cool. >> look at that. >> yes. >> oh, fox5 sister station in new york. >> oh, my gosh. >> kind of cool. >> you know, they were testing out the big ball drop, ahead of the main event. organizers expect roughly more than a million people to be crammed into times square, just to ring in the new year. oh, they have huge -- close up look there, we have a ball drop of our own later this morning on good day philadelphia. >> oh, please catch it. >> oh, really? you dropped the ball. >> i dropped the ball. >> he dropped the ball here on the show. >> that has happened many
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times, caitlin. >> it is okay, right? >> yes, it is okay it, has a little bit after dent in it now. >> oh, good day style. >> okay? >> oh, please catch it. >> so here is the thing caitlin. speaking of things we'll let go of in 2014. >> i already have one on there. >> oh, no we don't. >> oh, i think we lost it. >> we'll put it back on. >> unload that boyfriend of yours. >> that boyfriend? >> no, you can get rid of anything. >> sure, okay, yes so tweet us too let what everybody is letting of. someone already said he want to put the eagles on the ball. >> oh, no. i'm not ready to let go of the eagles. >> maybe the season? >> i think that's -- >> memories of the see on, yes, erase them, start a newspaper, he can actually what it is all about. new years eve, and it is going to a cold one but it it is clear outside, after sunrise beautiful looking morning fox future cast as we go through the rest of the day where ever you are going, if you are traveling maybe up to new york or even anywhere around here, roads are fine, no i am
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clemente weather. great to seat fireworks temperatures right now, 15, though, mount pocono. coldest we're been in a while had some mild days but yesterday the cold weather returned. >> twenty-two in millville new jersey, now the win right now starting to increase out of the west northwest. about ten to 15 miles an hour, not that bad. still calm in some spot. but that's enough for the wind chills to be dropped at least five to maybe 10 degrees. feels like three up in the poconos. you guys will probably be seeing negative windchills later on tonight. thirteen in allentown, 19 in pottstown, 19 what it feels like in philadelphia, it feels like 13, in wilmington. so your forecast for the fireworks tonight. at midnight, temperatures in the 20's around the area. but because of the wind it will feel more like it is in the teens. so definitely a layered up new years eve. new years day the same thing despite the fact we have sunshine all day, high temperature of just 38 degrees. your seven day forecast, shows the coldest weather is occurring right now new years eve, new years day less harsh
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through friday, next system in over the week end, probably maybe good hunker down weekend, but you might have to after the holiday. holiday hang over hitting you hard. saturday sunday, good days to stay indoors. bit of mix to start before we change over to rain, all day long there sunday. and those showers will move out late in the day sunday. we turn much, much colder again, that's next monday and tuesday with temperatures dropping off. bob kelly staying in this weekend? >> you know that yes definately. you said it right. hang over weekend. good morning everybody, 7:18 on new years eve morning. light volume. we've seen that so far every morning this week. live look at the roosevelt boulevard, no problems at all coming southbound, here's a live look, mid-span at the girard point double decker bridge for the gang heading down toward the airport. good to go at the airport, no problems getting there. only problem really this morning, northbound on the 42 freeway, jammo working your way in toward that 295 construction zone. we got the construction, early morning accident kind of knocked us back. otherwise, good shape coming out of northeast philly. light volume so far on the
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schuylkill and 476. if you are headed to up new york today to catch the festivities in times square, new jersey transit trains on regular schedule, and then they have extra service all day today for those heading up toward new york, as mike mentioned, two different fireworks shows at 6:00 and midnight. see a lot of change over over the bridges up and down 95, i mentioned it earlier, police asked me to passalong imagine this mike, last year, someone pulled over on the ben franklin bridge. >> to watch the fireworks? >> with his family. >> stops on the bridge, come on kids, let's get out. got out on the bridge and start today watch the fire worse, something they're in the going to allow. >> listen, i put the kids right back in the car. >> and get on out of there. mass transit looking good at the moment. mike alex, back over to you. >> thank you very much. well let's see. tonight you'll be out partying probably take taxi home, too many to drink but also the uber car service we're hearing the prices may go way up because of supply
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and demand. but you can get home safely without paying an arm and a leg. we'll tell you how in just a little bit. fan there are any uber drivers out there tweet us, mike fox 29, alex holley fox 29. what do you think the charges will be tonight? >> last year, they were like 50 $606. >> oh, ya. >> not playing around. despite the struggling sports teams right now there were few highlights in 2014. >> oh, yes. >> of course we all remember mo'ne davis. blue were others. so we're recapping the year in philadelphia sports. >> you noah nice day for me in sports was thanksgiving, when we trounced the cowboys. >> oh, that was great. >> distant memory, isn't it? ♪ ♪ >> oh, look at this. that's like a fireworks display from god. >> last sunday rise of 2014. >> oh, hug me.
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the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. hurry in to the sign then drive event and get a five-hundred dollar new year's bonus on select new volkswagen models. offer ends january 2nd. >> last minute preps, getting him ready for tonight. >> shoot it way up to the top,
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and let it drop, at midnight. you know how it works. but, we have our own ball, so what we're doing with our ball, isn't it beautiful? >> it sparkles. >> oh, geez. so, we got rid of 7:00 a.m. starting monday going on 6:00 a.m., when good day philadelphia start. something i want to get rid of. get rid of stuff, put it on the balker then let it go. let it go. >> hopefully you'll stop sing that let it go song, too. >> how do you spell mucus because i want to get rid of this cough. >> m-u-c-u-s. >> no, o in there, isn't it? >> no. >> m-u-c-o-u-s. >> how do you spell it? >> no, m-ucus. i'm telling you. >> no. >> there is actually a debate. >> oh, look at this. >> well, cough it up.
7:25 am
>> m-uc-u-s. >> thank you bob. >> i'm thinking of my membranes. >> that's right. >> but mucus when you look on cough medicine bottles i'm sure -- >> you can use both. >> we both win. >> sorry we about the you through this every day. up in new york city. >> what are you getting go of, joeline in 2014? >> man, i don't know. i've had a pretty decent year, very thankful for a lot of things. >> oh, your life is just perfect, aren't you joeline? oh aren't you perfect? >> okay, so let's talk about uber prices, because we have a few drinks, we want to get home. >> yes. >> give me some alternatives. >> because we don't want to pay all that monday. >> i no, you don't. you want to wake up the next morning, wow look at this bill on my cell phone. you don't want. that will a lot of safe alternatives getting home.
7:26 am
first of all public transportation, always consider that, a lot of lines will be running late near the evening, more frequent lip of course you have gold old yellow taxies, and reliable designated driver is always a safe option. of course if you can stick around and party near where you live that's probably the easiest most affordable way to go about it. but i'm giving you these tips because uber has warn you they'll institute surge pricing between 8:00 and ten p.m. and prices will go even higher between 12:30 and 3:30 a.m. so just know that as you go into the night as you have that glass of bubble. >> what are you going to do tonight, joeline? >> i'm going to friend's house, how about you? >> safe way to do it. >> we have four parties to go to tonight in philadelphia. >> you'll probably only make to two. >> you're popular one. >> with that dress? happy happy new year. >> bye guys, happy new year. >> see you in 2015. >> she'll never common our show again. >> really? >> she's had it. >> oh, get this.
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i love this guy. twenty-two year old tech he can perth figured out a way to buy plane ticket on the cheap. but some major airlines it not happen which his website orbitz is mad at him. can they sue him? for lost revenue? good day philadelphia answers that question next with our legal person, who can't spell. >> he can't spell mucus. >> okay, quincy, trolley car cafe with your new years eve party essentials the what do we need, cue? >> okay, you need food. you need liquor. you need to have music. did you see that? now, guys. some of you guys are staying home and doing house party. we'll have some house parties essentials here, off kelly drive, it is freezing out here. >> ♪ ♪
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>> thank you take the apologies. >> you can spell mucus two different ways, just one of those fun words.
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>> your version after ball drop? >> yes, doing the forecast for any type. and that includes the sun right hine me right now. look at that shot. isn't that beautiful? that's out at the airport. >> i want in on that. >> great ball this is the sky we call the sun, we'll have a lot of that today but it is coal, especially for that later on ball drop tonight. seven our number on scale of one to ten beautiful day bright sunshine like we just saw, very cold, windchills during the day in the 20's at night, in the teens, to the single digits. so bus stop buddy the bundled up version of buddy on vacation outside in his power scarf and earmuffs and gloves and hat and coat, everything that you would need, because if you're going to be out for any number of hours tonight you will need the layers at lent. so there again, that beautiful shot the airport behind us, 27 degrees there win out of the northwest at 8 miles an hour win chill right now at 19. your foxcast for today 33 degrees is the high temperature, so the cold test will be all week, occurring today, mostly sunny breezy, cold. temperatures tonight fall back to 22 degrees. and we will have those
7:32 am
windchills in the single digits. seven day forecast still ahead. bob? >> good morning everybody actually not that bad at all light volume all morning long, little back up on the 42 freeway, approaching 295 from earlier accident, good morning, to montgomery county, no problems up and down route 309. right near welsh rd. the staples there off to the right. then as you work your way in toward philadelphia, again just that little bit after back up there into the construction zone, at 295 from the earlier accident. otherwise, we're in the 50's across the board no problems, light volume, not even rush hour really on any of our major roadways there. and mass transit looking good. mike alex, back over to you. >> okay, i love our viewers at 7:32 dani a on twitter writes in and says oh she took a picture of her mucin ex bottle. >> she did. >> we're smear. >> i told you if you look on a bottle. look, thank you for this evidence. >> down there thirds line, check marked, it loosen mucus.
7:33 am
>> this is what you need. >> m-u-c-u-s. >> of all of the things it debate about we debate about mucus. >> i'm warning you i'm taking it down. >> take it down. >> okay, so, when i book an airline ticket, avenue tendency to either go right to the airline i'm using or a loot of times i'm use orbitz, expedia. this guy, 22 years old figured out a way to get around the websites. he calls his site hidden city ticketing. >> the one airline site, really, a long time coming, i've been talking to my mom about this, she used to work in the airline she said people used to do this all the time personally look for these people. now, they're suing the website's creator. >> so an airline i think orbit may be involved, ken rotweiler, our legal analyst here at fox 29, this kid's 22 years old right? >> so how is he getting around these websites. >> well, the website that he
7:34 am
has is called skip lag. com. >> if you book booked a flight from philadelphia to la, that laid over in chicago, suppose that fair was 350. you know, you might do? >> i would do. >> you will do that and get off in chicago and never go to the other half of that flight to la. >> so he hems do you that? >> yes he has figured out a way to direct you to the places where you can make fair. this is driving airlines craze. >> i united airlines, orbitz, they're suing him? >> suing him. first of all there is absolutely nothing illegal about what he is doing. he is not breaking any laws. but what they are saying is that they're costing the airlines money so they're suing him basically saying that it is unfair what he is doing. and they're trying to knock his website off. >> even saying like he's intentionally maliciously like making him lose money. >> no, when i first heard of it i thought it was clever.
7:35 am
when we go on flights everybody is trying to get the cheapest airfare. if you can do it this way save 250 bucks couple every things do you have do. first take your bag with you. because otherwise it will wine up in the destination, you know will wind up in la un my example, also can only book one way fare, can't do it round trip because not coming back from the same place. restrictions. i have to tell you they're suing him he's now on his website, asked for a legal defense funds to date raised over $30,000 just from people sending moneyment he's going to fight the big dogs here. he'll fight the big airlines. >> so went to go fund. com for his legal fees. >> that's right. >> but if i want to skip lagged now is it still up? >> i look last night hard to get on it because of all of this attention. >> a lot every traffic. i looked at it, still up, i think you can still probably do what they're trying to prevent him from doing. >> i read, too suing for like $75,000. which i'm sure for the airlines -- >> but trying to probably make example out of him.
7:36 am
>> right. >> prime example of golieth versus david trying to scare him, so they don't take any more money out of his pocket. >> do you want to let anything go on the ball? >> i have a lot of things to let go but i'll write it, you can talk about it after i leave. >> here is some chalk. >> oh, you don't even want to be here, we find -- >> probably doesn't want the cops to know about it. >> east falls? >> yes. >> good. >> because i'm cooking cooking for you guys, chef rob will give us some food essentials, doing some stuff at home, correct, chef rob? >> correct. so coming up next, we have so much dishes for you guys to get your house party jumping.
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the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. hurry in to the sign then drive event and get a five-hundred dollar new year's bonus on select new volkswagen models. offer ends january 2nd.
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>> look at that shot. broadway on the right,. >> what time do you think people will start heading out there? little early? >> oh, there will be people showing up before we go off the air. >> my gosh. >> lining up. if they ever give us a wide shot. probably some people at the cages now. >> do you have your new years eve plans ready to go? all set? if not it might and good idea to have a party at your house. >> house parties are always fun. >> raise the roof. >> yes quincy. >> i love to have house parties. i love to have house parties. listen, you know, when you're at home, you still want to sometimes dress like you're going out. that's why i have the tie on. chef rob is making me put the a ron on. working out. >> working with toed. >> you told me you have three dishes here. >> yes. >> you told me people eat with their eyes. >> people eat with their eyes, what i was taught in school. so i'm very hard on my garnish, like here, you have strawberry rolls that i do, i
7:41 am
have parsley and you know? >> so, this is kale. >> this is kitchen and watches. >> real certainly, chicken and waffles, candid walnuts, take your chicken, flour it salt and pepper broked it,. >> pretty simple. >> and then a shot glass. >> shot of syrup. all about presentation. >> if i were to cook this i would probably make the chicken, make the watches, cut it, make it look nice, take the shot glass, put syrup in it put some walnuts, some kale. what's the second thing? >> fish tacos. >> we can make this east. >> i tilapia. flour, little bit of mango pineapple sauce, cheddar cheese lettuce for garnish that's it. >> how did you prepare the tilapia? >> i take it, i bread it, pop it in the oven, simple. >> now how long -- >> depending on the cut there is was like -- >> oh, certainly, easy. okay, what's this stuff?
7:42 am
>> tomatoes, lettuce mango pineapple sauce, gawk. >> and you can get this from the grocery store. now, everyone that may come to your house party may not eat chicken, fish. >> might be vegetarian. >> what do you have for the vegetarian. >> garlic hum husband on cucumbers, red peppers barrelsly. >> what's this add in the. >> just canal black olives. >> that's pretty simple? real simple. >> let me taste this a little bit. we can make this at home pretty simple. hold on. >> let me know. let me know how that taze z. >> pretty good. i like. >> this and this is -- what's the spice on here? >> little cumen. >> this is stuff you can make at home. >> stuff at home real easy. next hour, we will talk about drinks. chef rob will be back cooking. >> i like this. >> let's talk about the drinks you can make easy at home. this is right off kelly drive. really good. the food really good. >> trolley car. >> he can cook, thanks, trolley car cafe right off
7:43 am
kelly drive. >> those tacos look good. and tortilla. >> looking back at philadelphia sport, you know, for the last day of the year. it wasn't all bad. we have a bad taste in our mouth about the eagles, right now. >> yes. >> do you remember the phillies had a no hitter? >> combine no hitter. >> four pitchers, pat from 97.5 the phanatic, still work interesting, pat? we'll run down some of his most memorable moments from 2014. see if they compare with us. >> and what are you getting red of in 2014? >> mucus. >> why are we negative. >> let's focus what to bring to 20 is a wishing you all health happiness abundance. this is positive. let go of the negative stuff as we moved forward in 2015. great point jacky. tweet us, what are you letting go up in 2014? as we move forward positively into 2015.
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>> al about the clock tonight. finally cold enough to make
7:47 am
some snow out there at big bear, the poconos, great skiing weather the next couple of days, all of the fresh powder, not because it is falling, because they are making it right there. and it has been way too mild to make any snow over the past week. we've got clear skies overhead beautiful sunrise nice looking day de accepting sunshine, you think it might be warmer than it is it is not warm at all. it is very coal. temperatures to start you off this morning 15 degrees up in the poconos where they are making the snow, 22 in allentown, 23 in reading, 19 in pottstown we just slipped to 27 in philadelphia. twenty-two in milville and 25 in dover. this cannot compare, though, to the temperatures out west. look at this. oh the polar vortex, so commonly used phrase in 2014, i think i will ' put that on the ball, polar vortex, what do youy? >> do it. >> it needs to go. 4 degrees in chicago, one omaha, five below in the twin cities, 11 below in rapid city, ten below in colorado springs. windchill values as low as 40 below in some in colorado, wyomingment holiday forecast,
7:48 am
head toward 2015, it is chilly, it will be breezy, windchills in the teens. that's around five works time at midnight. new years day for parade in the morning windchills in the 20's haim temperatures only in the upper 30s but lot of sunshine for those mummers tomorrow. so your new years eve forecast very cold, as we head to friday, little less harsh 43 degrees system over the weekend, start to bring in mix, could see light snow accumulations, before changing over to all rain, look how mild it is by sunday, 5 degrees, breezy and mild. then we clear out turn much colder, that's into next monday and tuesday. so that's a look at your seven day forecast, now we check in with bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody actually not bad at all. live look at the 42 freeway light volume, sun beginning to rise, so casino of shaping up into the same way the last two days of this week have roll. pretty much light volume. if your landscaper shows up, minus the bricks, send them back to the kelly drive. there is a whole load of bricks, all over the roadway on the kelly drive right by the water works there right
7:49 am
before you come up behind the art museum there. so be careful coming into downtown. otherwise, good to go on i-95 no problems, travel times looking good on 422 and 202 again, light volume again this morning, and keep in mind, both fireworks shows tonight 6:00 into midnight, abscess the shows there from both sides, of the delaware river just be ready for that change-over that's going to occur at the end of the first show as that gang heads home and the second crowd comes in. take the kids for train ride, if you are bringing them into the sit. septa running all night service on the market frankford and the broad street subway adding extra trains after each of the fireworks shows to quickly get folks out of center city, and then bring them back in for the evening and for the regional rails they're also having extra service on all of the lanes after that 12 midnight show. mike alex being back to you. >> one time i watched the fireworks back of the sugarhouse casino, nice spot
7:50 am
there. >> great secret. looking back on 2014, wasn't the best year for philadelphia sports. >> in fact i think one of the worse years in decades. >> well, if you want to put it that way. >> thanks a l but despite the struggles on the field, there were memorable moments. >> yes pat gal end, hi pat. >> high. >> so, let's start. well, one that just jumps out nationally mo'ne dave us. >> absolutely. >> of course. >> the number one moment in philadelphia, right? >> i would think. >> number one positive moment. >> she completed a game? >> complete add game. they not win the little league world series, but went a halt farther err than a lot of people thought they o incredible store. >> i she was on the cover of sports illustrated. >> chevrolet commercial. >> she is in teen vogue. in the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york. >> yesterday she won associated press. >> sports e-mail athlete of the year. >> of the year. also named pope in august.
7:51 am
no she got every award possible. >> she real did i. >> great kid. >> great kid. awesome momentment and great moment for philly, too. kind of put them on the map as far as the little league world series was concern. who wasn't glued to their tv for those few days during the summer? i thought it was an awesome time awesome moment. >> which team won the whole thing, was it chicago? >> i thought it was a team from the south side of chicago. >> they were in the finals. i don't know that they won. >> was it chicago? >> chicago. >> i thought they lost. >> i thought they lost too. we know mo'ne. >> true. >> and that's showing how big it was. no one really knows who actually won. >> this is odd. the philly's did have no-hitter. but how many pitchers combined? >> four. >> four of them. >> cole started the game. >> yes, did he and he was in the his best, but still didn't give up a hit. they had to pull him after six innings, i think and then on to the bullpen, ken giles jake dekeman jonathan pap he will ban. >> is that our best phillies
7:52 am
moment of the season? >> horrible. >> that's how bad it was for the phillies this year. >> but first in franchise history. so something to make night of. >> speaking of the phillies, jimmy rollins he's gone. >> yes, he's gone. but i think it was a necessary move. it is not the best move, the city didn't want to see him leave. been here for 15 years but time to move on. >> love the guy. >> great guy. great family, too. you know, maybe if desean jackson hadn't left, we would be in the playoffs now. >> number one movement of 2014 in philadelphia's sports. apologies to mo'ne davis but when you lose a guy as good as desean jackson. >> and did nothing for him. >> nothing for him. and then you don't make the playoffs the next season because you struggle with your offense, those sorts of thing will stand out. and a football town. >> the eagle collapsed. nine and three. >> 97% of the time if you are nine and three to start the season go to the playoffs. >> that's true, 97% of the time it works every time. >> we were so hopeful so hopeful. >> what are you hope for full
7:53 am
in 2015? >> what do we have? >> you mean in sports? >> i mean i would say a title but i don't know that that will happen. >> eagles are the only ones even close to that. >> how about one team makes the playoffs? let's start small and work our way up. one team. >> one team. it it would have to be the eagles, that's the best shot. >> single hood. getting married? >> married in august. i heard about you too all right. >> we'll see. >> don't say that. >> happy new year. >> 7:53. >> do you have plans for new years? don't worry because we have the hottest parties that are happening tonight. you know where to go. >> and in the just the fireworks. no. some hotels are having party.
7:54 am
♪ ♪ ♪ hershey's spreads. bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolate to anything - everything. with hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious.
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7:56 am
7:57 am
>> iy? a lot of people wait until the last minute to see what her ' doing later tonight. >> they shouldn't, though. >> a bunch of stuff planned for tonight okay, high! >> good morning. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you. >> of course everybody knows about the fireworks. but again it will be 6:00 and midnight. >> two very different shows. the 6:00 is to movie music geared more toward family crowd. and then the next show at midnight is more rock and pop. you know, geared to couples. >> is it just loud speakers or do they just do the radio one year? >> they still do. you can hear it on kyw. >> okay. >> and -- >> is that arrayed yo station in town? >> two three, four times a day, i think. i think it is best to be there. because then you're with friends, family, other philadelphians, and you can smell the fireworks hear them see them, not just music. >> where do you like to watch
7:58 am
it? >> i'm interested always in pens landing. >> oh, right there? >> right there. >> twenty locations mapped out on wish you new and visit philly from pen treaty park on the north, all the way to the south street bridge. and across i95. >> what's the website? >> you wish you new. >> wish -- >> you wish you new. >> u wish u new. best place toss view the fireworks from. >> that's cool. >> or guck to visit years. and don't forget, if you're on the other side of the river on the jersey side of the river, you get to see the show with the gorgeous philly skylight. >> did i that in 199 as we switched over to 2,000. how, did any big hotels have party still? >> they do. the hyatt regency over on penn's landing has a couple of them, ritz carlton does, and you know, cafe took over the downtown club, and that has a great party. and viewing. >> said that yesterday. >> right at sixth and chestnut, a lot of people
7:59 am
don't know about downtown club, but beautiful vern view. >> it does. plenty of plates toss watch. a lot of people like to watch it from the battleship new jersey. >> oh, yes, good place. >> see port museum. what will river running river running are they snow. >> open but skating all sold out. winter fest, which is also right there on the river. >> there is a picture of the ritz carlton just to remind you what that place looks like. >> gorgeous, and specially at this time. >> and i love winter fest so specially when they have those fire pits, still there with smors. >> but this is sold out river rink sold out? >> but you can watch from there. you just can't be skating while you watch. but that's all sold out. that sells out pretty early. i have to give credit to jody over at the waterfront corporation. she came up with the idea of rink years ago and then was the one who came up with the idea for the 6:00 show
8:00 am
because so many people like to do the franklin square drop, or the please touch ball drop, you know, for the kids earlier, then come and skate. >> now, great idea to do the 6:00. get the kids, don't just stay up crying and everything else. >> yes. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you and to all. thank you. >> oh, it is 8:00. that means in australia, it is the new year. >> it is already 2015. let's take a look. >> oh, that's live shot. look at the opera house on the left. >> beautiful. >> fireworks they have on the bridge. sydney harbor there. >> see all of the both in the water, people are watching. >> that's cool. >> well, happy new year, australia. >> do we have fireworks over the bridge? >> we used to dot waterfall fire fall off the bridge. that will cost a loft money. >> i bet. >> a lot of money. but it was gorgeous. people loved it. >> well, let's watch this as i
8:01 am
remind that you it is the last day of the year, a wednesday it is december 31st 2014. you know all that. happy new year australia. here we go. >> live from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadelphia". >> police shoot and kill a man in drexel hill after they say he tried to run officers down with his vehicle also a history of mental illness. caitlin? >> jenny thanks. all right, when you any 2014 with the weather i remember a lot of snow and a lot of cold. no snow for this new years eve, plenty of cold. have that in your forecast coming up. happy new year, q. >> hey happy new year to you too. a loft people are staying home for new year eaves. we have celebrity bartender he'll show us some signature drinks we can make at home. al next. >> beauty tips for the
8:02 am
tipsy's. you may near hang over helpers. how you can look and feel your best before, during and after tonight's festivities. >> so, formed, you don't dry your skin out and all of that kind of stuff? >> puffy face. >> puffy face. >> be looking good. >> there are things that you can can do, you're right before you even head out for the evening. >> so many tips and things that people do, like powder, a loft water good meals. >> what i do, i get a stick of butter, i dip it in carmel, and i just eat the whole stick of but ther. >> ew. >> and head out. >> what could that possibly do to help your hang over? >> coat your stomach. >> oh, something fattening. >> i don't do that. i have heard of people eating but ther. >> if you did -- >> before your four parties tonight? >> two sticks every butter for that. >> good advice, two sticks of butter and carmel cover before you head out tonight. >> how cold? >> it will feel like it is about 10 degrees. >> oh. >> so, there is is that. bus stop buddy he'll be celebrating earl which all of
8:03 am
the other kids, fireworks at 6:00 p.m. for the young ones at pens landing cold, sunshine, temperatures in the 20's once we hit 6:00 tonight i think back to the 20's after high temperature of 33. there is a view of the airport, few clouds, northwest winds, already starting to increase. so it is 27, but it feels like 15. as i said, today's high temperature, 33 degrees, mostly sunny breezy, and cold. into tonight overnight we fall to low of 22 degrees. so happy new year to everyone, it will be very very cold, make sure to layer up, bundle up before you head outside. that's a look at your foxcast your seven day forecast still ahead. bob, how are we doing outside? >> not bad at all. good morning everybody 8:03, live look at the benny coming into downtown, light volume as we've had the last couple of days week between christmas and new years always lightest week of the year. no problems here. no problems out here in downingtown, live look along the 30 bypass, working your way between downingtown and king of prussia. kelly drive watch out. a truck lost a whole lot of landscape bricks all over the kelly drive.
8:04 am
so watch for delays working your way in toward the art museum circle, maybe use the martin luther king drive as alternate. two big shows as we mention for the fireworks tonight at penn's landing you're going see a lot of volume, a lot of change over as that crowd from the first show exits and other crowd comes on in. no stopping along i95 or the bridges, just little tip from the police department. mike alex, back over to you. >> real quickly here, a loft people on twitter reminding us little league world series, south korea beat chicago. this he were the champ. >> so taney came in fifth place? >> taney was fifth. thank you bob. all right, we have two police involved shooting store toys tell you b let's start with one in bridgeton cumberland county happened around 9:30 last night on south avenue near henry street. skyfox over the scene, one person injured no word on their condition this morning. surprised we don't have that yet. but we'll get it for you of the 8: 04 now to the deadly shooting in delaware county, involving the police. >> yes, man was shot and killed by police just hours after he made threats against
8:05 am
law enforcement on youtube let's get to jenny joyce because he had several youtube videos long rants. it wasn't just one video, it was multiple youtube videos threatening authorities saying, he would not go down and be arrested by police, without a fight. this latest video prompted an arrest warrant on a terroristic threat charge. police were following his vehicle, as he left his clifton height home, and officers from three department responded. this was yesterday afternoon around 4:15. police pulled him over and boxed him in at a bank at garrett and shade land streets in drexel hill. police say the clifton height police chief walk up to joseph pacini, opened his car door, that's when pacini put the car in reverse, trying to run the officers down, he narrowly missed the chief. the five responding officers fired their weapons and sat pacini as he sat behind the wheel of his car. pacini said killing him was the easiest option, woe put up
8:06 am
main or fight there would be bloodshed if taken into custody. >> and it would be serious and irreversible catostrophic consequence that is no one wants. that will be your fault completely. okay? there is no way that i am going to allow anyone to take my freedom away again. okay? there is no way that i am going to allow anyone to take my freedom away. >> the suspect has been making threats on youtube to kill police fbi apparently he has some mental health issues. >> and, according to police, pacini did have police record, dating back to 2005 in philadelphia again related it terroristic threat charges. mark -- mike, al next. >> 8:06. update on what's going on ever in indonesia. bad weather really bad weather right now of course, about 8:00 in the evening, and
8:07 am
the search area still looking for victims bodies now from airasia flight 8501. the weather prevented them from retrieving bodies from the java sea. officials say they do have seven bodies recovered from the sea. there are reports that the fuselage of the plane can actually be seen on the sea floor. but still it is about 150 feet down. what's that like the ten story building, that's how deep it is. >> well, it has been quite a year in local news, from the good right down to the darn really bad stories that we've covered all year long. so let's breakdown, they need five to come to mind. >> so the biggest news stories of 2014. remember they're in the ranked. so at first the polar vortex. you were telling me about this mike, did it ever stop snowing last year? >> no, by the end of the season it was the second snowiest went nerve philadelphia history. of course we a big one knack 2013 on halloween.
8:08 am
>> 68 inches of snow tote small. >> yes. >> whew. >> this was not a big story of course. eric freeh remember that one? about say frein shot and killed corporal brian dixon outside the blooming grove police barracks on september 12th. trooper alex douglas also shot but survived. but he allude dollars police for seven weeks. >> yes. >> hiding in the poconos mountains. >> then he was caught on october the 30th. he's facing the death penalty as you know. hey, boy, another sad story. philadelphia's first female firefighter, tragically died in the line of duty. >> yep joyce craig died back on december 9th, she was trapped inside row home on middleton street in west oaklane, police say she died trying to rescue elderly woman. the mother of two was just 36 years old. >> yes, and boy you can't forget this one either. thankfully there is had a decent ending. >> yes, it happened back on november 2nd. thirty-seven year old delvin barnes accused in the brutal abduction after young woman off germantown street. carlita freeland-gaither. here you can see 22 year old
8:09 am
carlesha. it made national news, too. >> sure did. >> federal agent found them three days later in maryland. if convicted of the charges against them, barnes faces mack mum penalty of life in prison. >> germantown, that's where he grabbed her. >> okay, here is another one. the pope announced he's coming to philadelphia in september. pope francis will be here for the roman catholic sponsored world meeting of families, yes, next september. area hotel rooms are filling up fast, and looking for baltimore, new york city, you name it. to help accommodate the expected crowd officials hope more than 10,000 families had volunteer to host visitors in their spare bedrooms or whatever. i even know people who are living philadelphia to make some money renting their homes. >> that's one twi do it. >> now, remember errings those aren't ranked stories, just saying some of the stories. other big ones to mention
8:10 am
atlantic city fall out. >> all of the casinos closing. >> four of the 12 casinos shutdown this year. 8,000 workers lost their jobs. and the revenue just continues to plunge. >> oh, also the search for shane montgomery, that story continues to this day which is ongoing. you know, montgomery county murder spree remember that? the montgomery county murder spree, killed bradley stone shooting rampage took six lives, including his ex-wife and five of her family members. >> and then there is the ray rice saga, which started in a revel casino elevator. so, do you have any stories you thought were just really big this year, in 2014? tweet us, let us know, use #fox29goodday. >> i guess the other ray rice story that would be a local story because of atlantic city >> got huge nationally. >> now to video we have to show you. things got little hot for a mass suspect trying to rob. tm cash machine. watch him fiddle with the atm.
8:11 am
>> sometimes exclusive trying to get some cash but his plan literally backfires. causing an explosion, just wait for it. >> wow, knocks him back knocks him to the gown, he ends up running off barefoot. not knocking his shoes off. >> blue his flip flops off of the all right, how many of us actually keep our new years resolutions? >> we found stayed most of us give up by a certain day. start guessing when do you think that is? do you -- most people make through the month of january. you'll be surprised by the month i'm tell you. >> times square starting to get buzzing, are you ready to ring in the new year in live to man at and, new years
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> 8: 14, yell welcome back, last day of the year feeling like winter out there. sixteen in the poconos, 22 in reading, 21? pottstown, 27 at the airport in philadelphia, 26 in dover and 25 in ac.
8:15 am
it will be out to the windchills unlike yesterday we have the win already increasing out of the northwest, 15-mile per hour win speeds, but they could gust to 25, later on today. so obviously it, will make it feel even colder for all of you going to be out watching fireworks later tonight. these wind chills this morning, re reflective what you will see later tonight. single digits to the teens feels like philadelphia philadelphia feels like 156789 looking at very cold to 2015, chills in the teens awe loot he is it is nice, sunshine today, clear skies tonight. perfect for watching those fireworks. seven day forecast, here we go starting off 2015, very cold, 38 degrees, less harsh by friday. system comes in this weekend no the nice weekend, perfect for sleeping off all of the fun and excitementment over the holiday. 40 degrees on saturday, with bit of mix some snow arriving in the afternoon. , that eventually changes over to rain, all rain sunday, temperatures mid 50's, here we go the cold again monday and
8:16 am
tuesday that's a look at your seven day forecast. >> light volume this morning. same deal we've had last kim of days, live look at the ben fry camden toll plaza, no problems on the schuylkill. good morning, to the conshohocken curve right here no problems or delays at all into or out of the city, it has been light morning rush hour so far. know, keep in mind mass transit picking it up a notch with extra service for everyone to come in and watch the fireworks tonight. the subway, the market frank forwards, broad street subway, will run all night long. >> extra trains after fireworks show, extra service on all of the lines after the midnight fireworks. >> thank ball. >> we've drilled a rod through the ball. >> oh, it is ready for the drop. >> then put rope around it, lower it from our roof.
8:17 am
>> okay, at the end of the show? >> at the end of the show. now, alec, you had a question. do you think people are lined up in times square yet to watch their big ball drop? >> well, let's ask fox's liz live in new york, letting us know. are people there already? >> good morning seeing people trick nel, checking out the massive set up. pretty impressive. i think a lot of people will be talking about the cold werth. it is 26 degrees, it is chilly, it is windy but it wouldn't feel like new new years eve if it was warmer. a lot of people will also be talking about all of the security here there is area will be really tight we will have aim sorts of back pack checks, all eyes on the nypd as millions of people around the world watch the ball drop. see couple of people just checking out the pens here, but for the most part, it is really pretty quiet. it is to has been a loft set up couple of people just
8:18 am
finishing the touches on the stage, there will be an a list group of stars performing here tonight. now the police department, watching hundreds of live camera feeds, and there is going to have police officers in plane clothes, blending in with the crowd here. we're expect being a million people. >> million? >> you got your skyfox is up it looks like they're sending a ball up the pole right now. what's behind you? >> oh, yes. >> is that not a live shot? darn it? >> we are a little bit west of where they're setting up the ball. right now but i can see the mastercard sign in the tower. i can't see the ball right now. that means there is probably a little lower. bye yes from the skyfox pictures you guys can see what it looks like from the air here. >> yes. >> the nypd really keeping an eye on this area. always just so much fun to see all of the people coming out here. if you have any guests coming up from philly, checking it out tonight, you will want to know once you leave these pens to use the facilities,
8:19 am
do whatever do you have do, once you're out you're out cannot come back in. big bags alcohol not allowed. nypd said they haven't received any specific threats as of yet and will be keeping an eye on it, mike, alex, back inside to you. >> thanks, liz. >> i wonder what time people will start lining up? you want to get a good spot. >> i've done that many times. they'll be out there before she leaves before 10:00 o'clock. >> that's a long time to wait, in this weather you. >> sit there freezing your face-off, and then you go why did i do there? >> just like that. >> now i got to get home. >> one of those thing do you have do, though, i bet. >> yes. did i it one time up there doing a report. it was below zero by the time the ball dropped. oh the minute the ball dropped, i was out of there. >> i know you were. i would have been, too. >> luckily i was staying in a row tell right there at 47th and broadway, just ran? >> immediately inside? >> boom. >> by the fire? >> i tell you one-story though security was incredibly tight right? so my daughter jessica flew into new york because she new
8:20 am
i was doing the report up there on the big stand, big time dad. and so i said well you can't get through security so just stay in the hotel. so she waived to me from the hotel room. >> sweet. >> about five minute before the ball drops she is standing next to me. she got around all of the security and came up on to the stage without being stopped by the police. >> oh, that's scary? >> it was scary. i thought this was secure. >> so maybe she just used your name, just name dropped i'm mike jerrick's daughter, let me in. >> i'm kind after big deal. and now i'm sitting with you and i love every single minute of it. hey, celebrities flock to fill any 2014. remember ariana grand? i love her. just few weeks ago right. >> yes, she was. but remember she is being carried through the wells fargo center because she doesn't walk? the top local moments with some star celebrity power. >> well, our huey dillon got that shot. and it has been seen all over the world. because she's getting in a lot of trouble for doing this. okay. >> but first the dog days just beginning for united airlines.
8:21 am
company is in hot water over this picture. coming up, just how one pup, look how long he spent alone on a tarmac, on the coal, and the rain.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
it is 8:24. united airlines is under fire after twitter user posts heart breaking photo of man's best friend. so, to make matters worse many on twitter especially, are also upset with the airlines response to what happened. so dawn, show us this picture, this is out of united airlines window, deplaning. >> right. united is facing a lot of backlash, on this after traveler posted photo from heroin dough seat, while the plane sat on the runway in houston. take a look, here is the picture, you can see animal crate sitting right there on the tarmac. barbara writes quote evil united airlines leaves dog on rainy cold runway for more
8:25 am
than a half hour despite alerts to staff. her post was re tweeted more than 1900 times. even the singer of the hit song chandelier joined in to express her outrage saying quote shame on you i will never fly united again. now, united replied to barbara on twitter and this has people upset, as women, thank for telling us the weather can change and may have been clear when pet safe dropped off they are the ones to call too. this response did not go over well either, some on social media wrote look like the airline was tries to bag the buck. united also told the daily mail the photo angle was misleading, they say the dog crate was actually completely un the wing of the plane which is its standard practice while other baggage is loaded on to the plane first. the dogs and pets are loaded on last, so they're the first off. the airline claims employees never left the pet unattended. still a lot of people talking about there is because it was
8:26 am
pouring rain that day. and there was this lonely crate inbetween all of these planes just sitting there. >> soy let's put the picture back up. can you tell if it is un the wing? >> i look, mike. kind of hard to tell. >> doesn't look like it. >> it doesn't look to me like it is under the wings t look like it is just kind of sitting out there. >> okay, tell meal about what's pet safe? is that a private company? >> that united uses. >> to handle the pets. and then people have also said that it was hard to get in touch with them, as well, over this whole incident. >> pouring rain, cold, make you think twice. i'm pet lover you know, that makes you think twice about putting your dog in the cargo hold of the plane anyway, when flying. >> dawn, thanks for that. >> let us know what you think on twitter. another company under fire this morning.
8:27 am
while my and i collection is stirring up controversy at the target stores. but first quincy is getting ready for house party. >> ♪ ♪ >> celebrity bartender nate rogers will show us to make a drink with cereal? >> cereal. >> coming up next. i want to see
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> clear and sunny but have i cold new york forecast for you. bus stop buddy all bundled up out there this morning down at the bus stop of course but will be with all of the little ones seeing the 6:00 p.m. fireworks down at pens land, the adult ones little later becomes if you will be equally as coal. 27 degrees at the airport nor west win 27 miles an hour, windchill only 15 degrees, that's what it feels like stepping outside right now. it is brace willing. today's foxcast 33 degrees is
8:31 am
it for the high temperature so winter making a return just in time for 2015. tonight after a nice looking day, nice looking night, perfect for viewing the fireworks but very chilly, 22 degrees, wind chills in the single digit to the low teens. that's a look at your foxcast another check of the seven day forecast coming up right before 9:00 a.m. first another check on the roads, it's been quiet obviously, bob kelly. >> it has been quiet yesterday, monday, and another quiet morning. 8:30 call it 8:31 this wednesday new years eve morning. actually not bad at all as you work your way out the front door, up and over the bridge, good shape benny whitman tac-pal, looking good. and the weather of course today 33, tonight we will be down to 22. getting chilly. there is your ben franklin bridge. no problems at all from the camden toll plaza looking good along i95 up near levittown. so light volume. six to midnight, see a lot of activity, a lot of change over the first crowd headed in, they're going to be on the way out it head home with the kids. and then the adults will be on
8:32 am
the way in, for that midnight fireworks show septa pick it up all of the trains running all night long, septa and market frankford line, and extra trains after each one of the two shoes then also on the regional rail lines don't operate after midnight, but septa has all of the regional rail lines at least one train on each line, leaving 30th street and suburban after that midnight fireworks show. mike alec, back to you. >> what are you doing tonight? >> some great juice. >> oh, grape juice, are you staying at home? >> yes, just staying at home, yes. >> with the six kids and the wife. >> we're doing 6:00 p.m. countdown. >> having your own party? >> party right there. >> give you some ideas quincy trying get some ideas together for your house party tonight. >> all about the drinks, create of ones. quincy so he's making one with cereal in it. >> wow. >> yes, i have something with cereal. avenue celebrity bash tender nate rogers, nate now, you have worked with montel williams.
8:33 am
>> right. >> you have worked with -- you even work with mike jerek. >> gentlemen, mike is the man. >> so what did you make for mike? y? made micah anti-oxygen mow heat owement blackberry based raspberry based will ill bit of rum lime juice. >> okay, so if i'm hot tonight, and i have a couple drinks i want to make, we have three here. >> first one we have the black velvet. a combination of guiness style, very dark, very rich, then we use prosecco. >> now what's prosecco? >> pro second sore actually sparkling wine, so great alternative to champagne. where champagne retails for about 25 to $30 but pro second sore 9.99 in the store. so actually dry, which is good. mixed with guiness it, makes like a chocolate champagne type of drink. so for your men your manually men, you know what i mean? >> right. >> i feel strong ya. >> you look strong already. >> okay, what's the second thing we have? >> second thing we have, this is called the pro second or
8:34 am
grand, we use our pro tech sore we put 1 ounce of gram monday yeah, orange liquor, then put a half ounce of orange juice. so ladies drink usually serve in champagne flute. we know what happens. >> this is for the ladies. >> for the ladies. >> okay. i feel lady like. >> third drink? >> fun drink to make everybody feel like a star when they make this one right here. >> this one called lemon meringue martini. right, made with an orange and a half of pinacle whip vodka 3 ounces of lemon lemon liquor, from italy, all right we have a little bit of heavy cream, but there is the fun part. we rim the glass with cinnamin toes crunch. >> cereal? >> syria. >> you mash down the cinnamin toes run of the from the pantry and you snatch it from the kids listen, mommy and daddy need it and rim the glass with it. >> let's take a zip of this.
8:35 am
now, you said the first drink is for -- >> the man. >> the second one for women. >> for the woman. >> who is this for. >> everybody, this is for everybody. it looks good, presentation beautiful. lemon flavor. >> you can taste the cinnamin toes crunch, as well. >> absolutely. i think i need to take over now. >> yes, this is pretty good. and you have bartender school as well. >> mix it up bar tender school located on north broad broad and parish in about three years now so ya. >> nice. so listen that's correct are the three drinks you can make at home, one for a man, one for a woman, one for everybody. mike, we'll bring some back to the studio. >> thank you for thinking of glee absolutely. >> yes, alec we'll give you some stuff too. >> appreciate it. >> all about alex. >> not all. trust me. >> majority. >> no, not even that. >> okay, so big time square the ball drop. we'll have our own ball drop. do it every year. slow is a shot of the top of our billing. we are area going to tie a
8:36 am
rope around the ball here. >> and lower it. >> we let go of 2014. >> in none or of frozen. there is -- >> still high tech. >> really is. it is much like the times square ceremony. >> really? >> yes. >> this is going to be horribly wrong. >> literally the old ball and chain. >> you know i am a real big fan of public rest rooms. look at this rest room. we'll tell you where it is. it is at a gas station that's the only clue. >> a gas station? >> yes that's a bathroom.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> ♪ ♪ >> i know some of the best public rest rooms in the city. >> do you now? >> there is a great one over at the result carlton hotel omni. >> that's your favorite. >> love it. second floor by the restaurant floor floor to sealing door. >> oh,. >> complete privacy whether go in there. >> there was one in wilmington, delaware when we with there that had beautiful beautiful rest room. >> really? >> nothing like a good public also rest room. quite often dirty right? when you got to go, you got to go. sometimes you have to go to a gas station bathroom. those can be hideous. >> can be so gross. never know what i'm find. sometimes i go, look, if it is just too bad oops going to the next one. >> but one shell station in the philippines has some pretty nice accommodations, take a look at this. >> look at this.
8:41 am
>> it is awesome. this toilet is better than my room. better than my apartment actually. look at that. >> so stunned by it. he got out his cell phone. there is art. look at all of the art on the wall. >> is that soft music i hear playing in the background? >> wow. >> they know how to do it. >> they have model little cars and model boats and stuff sitting on the table. so -- >> books over there, too? >> oh, yes, one of the best barmes i've ever seen, public bathroom. now, our barmes here at fox are nothing to rave about. but the women's room on the third floor, it is casino of nice. now, there is the news room. as go into the ladies room, you go look at that, well, chris is in there. that's always a down side. but picture of alex holley on the wall when you walk in, a couch, and each stall is
8:42 am
custom basically when you got to go, there is alex, and then in the biggest stall -- >> oh,. >> yes. >> put you in the toilet. >> down the drain. >> yes. >> shot very fast. >> they really have to go. >> apparently. >> george apparently had to pea himself because he shot that really fast. and then ran. there is a couch in the women's rest room. i never new that. >> you didn't? well really used as like a pumping station. >> really? >> for people who just had children, so using it to pump. you can just lounge. >> have you ever been on the men's room on this floor? >> no, would i go in there? >> i go in the ladies room if there is somebody in the men's room. plum is pluming. >> but not trying to see anything i'm not trying to see. so i stay clear. >> like walk in on one time, nothing to see here. >> that did not happen. >> no. >> 8:42, exciting is building, certainly all of it. fans were on the edge of their
8:43 am
seats as rivals florida and florida state played basketball last night. >> it was tied at 63, 63 points. >> and how many second? >> only just few second left on the clock. and they had to vamp for the win last night. but what happened next is just -- >> what normally happens is then the team that's behind is trying to throw the ball. >> hail mary. just throw it. >> what they do nowadays, ever since the thing happened at the center, they put their tallest guy on the guy trying to throw the ball in, right? to block t or get in his way so he can't throw the ball all the way down the floor. but watch what happened last night. >> take a look for yourselves. >> he is probably their best contestant, and just unfortunate for jacob kurtz there, he is trying to get the rebound. he sees it is short he is just trying to get the rebound. and unfortunately, for him and for florida he tips it back
8:44 am
in. >> no way. what a way to lose. >> tips it into the wrong basket coat. >> the wrong basket. >> florida play. tipped if in. oh, my gosh. and they won. >> so they ended up losing the game because he put it in the wrong hoop. >> you you know he is beating himself up. but just trying to block t who would have thought? >> who knew. we have beauty tips for you. this is beauty tips for the tipsy. >> yep, so if you are planning on partying tonight you may need some hang over helpers. but, we're talking about before you start drinking, while you're drinking, and even after. we'll have you looking good. >> so you'll look all dried out tomorrow morning?
8:45 am
8:46 am
get ready for some german engineered holiday excitement. at the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. right now, for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays
8:47 am
in a new volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta and the precisely engineered passat tdi. ah, the gift of clean diesel. for the new volkswagen on your list this year just about all you need, is a pen. festive, isn't it? hurry in to the sign then drive event and get a five-hundred dollar new year's bonus on select new volkswagen models. offer ends january 2nd. judge going to four new years eve party. so tomorrow i will look worse than dow imagine. >> we can't imagine. >> is there anyway to prevent that, old ex -- alex holley, drying out your skin, being hung over? >> i think so. we have to bring in a lifestyle expert of coursing.
8:48 am
>> high! >> hello. >> i got you guys covered. >> okay. >> we're going to talk about before the party so right now, it starts now. >> okay? >> so for the party during the party and then the morning after. >> let's do it. >> so let's get started. so this is a caffeine rich cellulite cream. if you schrat feron un your neck it helps to take away the puffiness, un your neck, because it is a diuretic. >> it flushes out all of the flu its from under your neck. >> that sound good to me. >> whether would dow this? >> do this right before go out. the results are only temporary, so about three four hours. >> get it ready. so you don't turn into a pumpkin. >> look good. >> before you put my tux on, schrat they are on. >> if you want to get through your new years kiss, 9:00 p.m. is good time. >> all of this will be absorbed. >> all of this yes. >> look at that.
8:49 am
>> diuretic. >> caffeine in there. >> caffeine. >> can i truck in? >> usually sell light cream but woks for your jaw line. >> i love bliss products. >> this is greatment pick this up at sephora. >> gel continue? >> you want your lipstick to be smudge proof, kiss proof now new years, so the best thing on the market really is jello. so you grab a q tip. dip it in some waterment then you can go and apply it right onto your lips. >> okay? >> and it stays on all night. and the cool thing about jello is this is strawberry was there is dark cherry, all types of flavors, in colors, so you'll have kiss proof beautiful lips all night. >> what does it taste like? >> look at you. >> not until midnight. >> yes, we are are going to hole off. >> shower cap? >> celebrity red carpet secret, put on all of your make up, take a shower, or a bath right like the opposite -- it will help set your make up so you will have a less powdery residue on your
8:50 am
face. >> okay? >> and your make h.u.p. stay hydrated specially in the cold winter. >> what's all of the fruit for? >> this is during the party. you can't be inhaling pie all night. i can't help if you you are. you'll want to gravitate toward water rich fruits, and vegtables, it is not as fun i totally understand, but it is good for you. nut, also, with owe mega three fatty acid, will hydrate you. >> why all the make up? >> all of this make is up for the morning are we trying to bypass this here? >> no, that's the thing. >> oh, you want to do that in the tip i shall. >> so, would you de hydrate every night with your contact so spring for new pair. >> okay. >> contact lenses. >> contact lenses. then in the morning you want to go for a lifting foundation. >> this one is great for make up forever. hats bio palmer, protein rich palmer, that helps to casino of gave you a little lift. >> what about brighteners? always bags un my eyes. >> right. you definitely want to go for cream make up. that is going to be your savior tomorrow morning.
8:51 am
this is great. grab a highlight err stick want to go for creamy textures, run it down the lent bridge of your nose, cheek bones, high cheek bones give you the look you're hydrated. >> why would you bring out apple cider vinegar. >> because i love you. >> when -- >> okay, so apple cider vinegar is apples that have been for meant dollars twice helps to restore sure ph, give you all of the minerals that you casino of have been not -- mag yeast yum, potassium, do this right before go to bed at night. >> back from the party about 3:00 in the morning. >> make sure you have this red. >> i have this red. >> i this is horrible tasting. >> horrible, but it will take away that headache, the body aches, the puffiness. >> get a shot to alex, she's never done this. >> all the way back. >> oh. >> oh, we all did it.
8:52 am
>> oh. still stings. >> oh, no. >> then go to sleep. >> and you wake up -- >> tan will restore all of those minerals you depleted. >> all right, get out. >> thank you but now your a covered. now you don't have to do it tonight. >> oh, i'm covered already. quick break come back, we will do this
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
judge temperatures actually closer to average this morning, but it has been so mild, we have to re-adjust to the winter again. cold air is here. thirty-three is it for the high temperature new years eve, windchills in the 20'sment tonight at midnight single digits windchills in the teens. very, very cold, same thinning for tomorrow, sunny respect breezy, high of 38. less harsh by friday, system comes in might be wintery mix first, transportation all rain sunday, back to the cold weather there monday and tuesday. that's a look at your seven day forecast, one check of
8:56 am
traffic with bob. >> hey, good morning everybody, happy new years eve. 8:55, and been light morning on all of the major roadways, coming into town, for the fireworks tonight don't forget all night train service on the market frank for line and the subway, even extra trains after each one, of the evening fireworks show, at 6:00 and again at midnight. stay there we're comin
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> about 302nd from 9:00. cool effect, water tower. >> it is. >> with music video in it. that's cool. it is all about the ball in times square. here in philadelphia our annual ball drop from the top of the building here at fourth and market. yes, all ready to go.
9:00 am
we got the rope to our ball that we have here on the desk, and what wife ' been doing putting stickers on our ball here to let things go, in honor of frozen the movie and the song, let it go. so, i think ken rot whiter said he wants to be better listener? >> ken? >> no, he was trying tore perfect. >> oh, okay. >> pat -- oh better listener. >> trying to be patient. >> is that yours mike? >> , no mine was getting rid of mucus. >> spelled mucous. >> yes. >> hopefully it will all be gone by tomorrow morning. >> and 7:00 a.m. you're losing it. >> oh, it is 9:00. so we are bea, well, little over 24 hours away from the mummers parade. >> that's true. >> how about that?


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