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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  December 31, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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iain page. lucy is off. >> if your plans take you outside you'll want to bundle up. revelers are preparing to ring in the new year here in philadelphia. here's a live look at penn's landing. fireworks go off at 6:00 o'clock and then again at midnight. but what about the weather? domenica davis in for scott tonight. i know it will be out there. >> it absolutely will be cold. we are looking at bitter wind chills. closer we get to midnight. ultimate doppler is keeping us dry. we have clear skies and the wind chills are in the low 20s here in philadelphia. feels like it's 23. nine in mount pocono. this is only going to go down as we head into the evening. so here's a look at your fox cast for new year's eve. by 7:00 o'clock actual air temperatures at 29 but it will feel like 19. and that feel like temperature is going to keep dropping. so by 11:00 o'clock it will feel like it's right around 15 degrees in the suburbs. it will feel like it's in the single digits a very cold evening indeed, and we have looking at a cold start to the new year. we'll have a look at mummers parade forecast coming up in a
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bit. iain. >> domenica, thank you. nothing says new year's eve like fireworks in philadelphia. two shows will light up the sky over pennsylvania landing to night. the first one starts in less than an hour. fox 29's brad sat tip is live at penn's landing. so, brad, how are the crowds right now? >> reporter: they are building, iain, for sure. lots of fun through the course of the night. in fact just a few minutes ago they had zamboni come through the ice this area. i like to say the word zamboni. but this is the 24th 24th year fireworks. seventh for this dual 6:00 o'clock. 6:00 o'clock and midnight. kids about to come on the ice momentarily for 5:00 o'clock 68 time. they had about 10,000 skaters in fact last weekend. this event winter fest kicked off black friday but no better night to be here than tonight on new year's eve. take to you some pictures as far as the fireworks shows go, if you are close to the delaware river, around penn's landing the cam area, all you really need to do is look up at 6:00 p.m. so less than an hour from
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now and then again at midnight a couple of shows gearing up tons of ice skaters really making a day of it. this party on the ice event is by the way a ticketed event at this location. about 2400 people coming here between 5:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. this morning or tomorrow morning morning. it is by the way sold out. to keep warm, bunch of outdoor fire pits, photo op as couple indoor lodges and the biggest christmas tree in the city at about 43 feet tall. the key if you're coming out tonight we were talking about this. stay warm, dress in layers and the kids we found skating a short timing a didn't seem to mind the chill. >> a lot of good skaters are out today. >> reporter: are you one of them. >> nope. >> reporter: are you warm enough? >> i'm actually getting a little -- yeah. getting a little hot out here. usually we sit home on new year's eve, and we wanteded to something different. >> reporter: stick around for the fireworks? >> yeah. >> reporter: you're making a night of it, aren't you? >> yup. >> reporter: are you warm enough? >> yes. >> reporter: how are you dressed? i have two pairs of pants on and like 10 layers on. >> it's interesting.
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we originally thought the 6:00 o'clock fireworks would be just for families but thousands of people come down. lots of people have somewhere else they want to be at new year's eve. they come out and celebrate. we have just as many people down here on site both sides of the river at 6:00 o'clock as we do at midnight. >> reporter: and yes, they are starting to arrive some of the first kids coming here on to the ice right now. as far as the fireworks show works different shows the first one at 6:00 o'clock. hollywood movie theme classic movie songs going to be sink to do fireworks and then the second show at midnight. the theme is party like it's 2015. they'll be playing a lot of favorite songs from 2014. also singed to the fireworks. so once again the kids are coming out and zamboni is gone for now. iain, back to you. more coming up at 6:00 o'clock. >> hear zamboni again brad. thank you. police commission are in charles ramsay is offering some important tips to help keep everyone safe during new year's celebrations. >> there's going to be a lot of people out a lot of celebration going on, and it's the way in which you celebrate that really
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make the difference. we want people to enjoy themselves but certainly we want people to not fire guns in the air. >> district attorney seth williams says if anyone is caught firing a gun in the air tonight they could face up five years in jail. police are also asking for safety on the roads. the hope is that far one will make sure they have a designateed driver. carpool or take a cab home after drinking to ring in the new year year. times square famous waterford crystal ball ready to welcome 2015. it's powered by more than 32,000led lights and covered with some 2600 crystals. the 12,000-pound ball will drop at midnight along with thousands of pounds of confetti. here's a live look right now at times square. big crowds already showing up about a million people are expected tonight. party goers usually wait about 10 hours to get the spot with the best view of the show. security as you can imagine is tight. and no backpacks or alcohol will
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be allowed. woodland string band visited our fox 29 news studios today helped us can be off new year's eve festivity. the change in the parade route is scary but should make things easier on the mum mrs. not everyone is in favor of it. we'll hear from them gone over what you need to know coming up at 5:30. stay with fox 29 for all the new year's eve celebrations. you can also get the latest forecast if you're headed out tonight. just head to our website and click on the weather tab. now torque a developing story out of cumberland county new jersey torque night. that's where one person was shot and killed by police. skyfox over south avenue near henry street in bridgeton where it happened around 9:30 last night. fox 29's jeff cole is live in bridgeton with the latest. jeff? >> reporter: well iain a memorial behind me the site where the shooting occur. you can see people beginning to gather. they've gathered as reporters have lined up to do their reporting in a time of national
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unrest over police shooting yet another in this south jersey community where reports of what happened are widely conflicting. and also a place where the probe is now underway. midday bridgeton city and ricky scott ties balloons to a fence just feet from where reid fell. he says a relative saw it and all and told him what happened. >> they was telling him they going to kill him if he move and they killed him. shot him and killed him. >> reporter: it was 9:20 tuesday night says the county prosecutor when reid, 36, a passenger in what has been described as a black jaguar was pulled over. two officers approached at the corner of henry street and south avenue. in a statement the prosecutor writes a gun was revealed and both officers fired. at the scene anger is brewing. >> they bust off on him and killed him. they shot him. it wasn't a situation where they should have had um, used that type of deadly force.
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>> reporter: men claiming to be eyewitnesses say reid is a victim police violence. some here say his hands were in the air when he was shot. >> i apologize. this is all i can give you at this time. >> report roar do you know whether he had his hands up in any way. >> investigation is on-going. thank you. >> reporter: what about the folks in that neighborhood. >> reporter: county prosecutor appeared briefly to say she rely on written statement but did say police have a weapon. >> you're saying that the police have the gun that they claim they saw here? >> as stated in the press release a gun was recovered. >> reporter: now there was course a driver of that vehicle. he is unnamed tonight. we understand that he was unhurt in the shooting. also, the mayor here is a fellow named albert kelly. he's also the police chaplain. we've watched him go door to door here for about an hour he says to try to gauge the community. he says at that is point there's nobody here whose ready to lash out. we'll have more from eyewitnesses at 6:00 o'clock. i'm jeff cole for now live in bridgeton. folks? >> reporter: jeff, thank you.
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a man is dead after a police involved shooting in delaware county. police say 5284 old joseph ba scene knee posted several youtube videos threatening police officers a warrant was issued for his arrest for making terroristic threats. police tried to take him into custody peacefully yesterday but things did not unfold that way. five officers from three different departments involved in his pursuit ultimately opened fire on him. >> this guy was committed to a tragic ending and unfortunately it happened that way. district attorney will make a ruling probably neck week as to whether it was a justified shooting or not. in my opinion it was. >> the officers involved in the shooting are on leave while the investigation continues. an autopsy is being done to determine his cause of death. police say he did suffer from mental illness. new report out shows police officers killed by guns this year jumped 56%. the national law enforcement officer memorial fund says about
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a third of the officers were killed in an ambush. across the country 50 officers were killed by guns in 2014 compared to 32 in 2013. the group says the most deadly states were california, texas new york, florida and georgia. age of a truck involved in a deadly hit-and-run could turn out to be a vital clue. 33 year old theresa posie was killed back on december 23rd as she crossed state road in holmesburg. investigators say she was hit by a black truck which may have been convert to do a tow truck. police believe it's a ford and say it may be easy to spot because it's old. the model year somewhere between 1987 to 1991. >> it's an older model. we're hoping somebody out there front end damage, a little bit of front. left side front end damage, health left turn signal clearly were left behind. so that damage was off the car. somebody may have seep that car damage. any kind of information
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anonymous anything at all will help. >> if you've got any information about that truck please call police. pennsylvania department of health is warning of a possible measles exposure in philadelphia and delaware counties. officials say someone with measles may have exposed other people at the please touch museum on monday between 3:30 and 5:00 in the evening. the same person may have also exposed people at the cvs on lancaster avenue in wayne on sunday between 5:30 and 8:00 in the evening. officials say if you've got any symptoms, go to your doctor immediately. enjoying those low gas prices? if you live in pennsylvania, you're going to see a hike in just a few minutes minutes. gas tax on wholesalers will go up 10 cents a gallon starting tomorrow. it's the second of three increases. we saw the first back in 2014. the last increase will come in 2017. the money will go towards highway, road and bridge construction. >> it's a small price to pay at this point with gas prices so low as they are. i mean, we're seeing prices prices
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you're saving about 90 cents 95 cents per gallon compared to ba we were paying last year. >> experts say retailers will most likely pass the tax along to consumers but some may absorb it in the short term to lure more customers. looking to shed some weight in the new year? coming up how the year you were born could have a huge impact on the amount of weight you gain. also ahead washington brought down air asia flight 8501. opinion staking search for answers. what officials now say is hampering their search effort. plus cops say a man goes on a joy ride inside a stolen ambulance. what police say happened moments before the wild ride. sabina? >> reporter: iain, the bleachers are up and the vendors are already out. this city is ready for the mummers par rid but some folks say it just won't be the same. we'll tell you why coming up. domenica? >> wind chills are all right in the low 20s in many spots. i'll tell you how it will get tonight and what you can expect for temperatures for the parade
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tomorrow. ♪ >> year 2015 making its way around the globe. fireworks light be up the sky in new zealand. giant clock on the top of the landmark sky tower counting down the seconds until
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>> police are hoping you can help them identify these burglary suspects. investigators say they were caught on camera breaking in to the train wreck peas pizza and pub on the bridge street last week. they took two flat screen tv's a
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cash register and i-pad among other things. if you know anything you're asked to give police a call. happening now autopsies are being performed on the victims of that doomed air asia flight 8501. nasty weather making things difficult for search and recovery crews. david piper has more from bangkok. >> reporter: coffins holding two victims of the air asia plane crash receiving a military transport to the flight's originating city. one, 5-foot 3-inch pom wearing jeans and a shirt. a 3-foot 7-inch boy label brown pants and a blue shirt. they received a guard of honor upon their arrival. autopsies are being performed on the remains and authorities are focusing on accuracy rather than speed. (inaudible). >> reporter: many relatives of the 162 on board the missing
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plane providing dna samples photos and other records in an effort to help officials id their loved ones. some family members gathering for a prayer session as the identification process gets underway. >> we believe that our life and death are in god's hands. must always prepare everything because we never know when we will die. >> reporter: bad weather complicating recovery efforts today. rough seas keeping divers from entering the water ships continue to search the area. the weather expected to get worse with heavy rain through friday. poor conditions causing the wreckage sited yesterday to shift more than 30 miles. >> our priority now not to search for the plane but the retrieval of victims. >> reporter: the plane disappearing from radar sunday shortly after its pilot asked for a change in altitude because of bad weather. it's still not known what caused the air bus 320 to crash. in bangkok david piper fox news. >> a chester county couple accused of killing a
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three-year-old boy could face the death penalty. police say gary fellenbaum and jillian tate tortured tate's son scott mcmillan over a three-day period. they were arrested back in november. they appeared in court today for a formal arraignment outside the courthouse a group gathered to remember scotty and raise awareness about child abuse. philadelphia police are asking if you have seen this woman give them a call. 27-year-old janine phelps went missing on monday night. she vanished from her home on the 9200 block of bustleton avenue sometime after 5:30. police say she is mentally disable. getting ready to ring in the new year here in philly. we are less than seven hours away. while a lot of you are still making plans they're already celebrating around the world with parties music and fireworks to help bring a close to 2014 and welcome the new year. fox's greg palkot in london with more. >> reporter: revelers around the world saying goodbye or good riddens to 2014. and ringing in the new year.
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new zealand and australia among the first to usher in 2015. hundreds of thousands gathering for sidney's trademark fireworks display. temple bells ringing in japan to mark the new year while tokyo added something new to its skyline, a balloon display. courtesy of hundreds of revelers in front of tokyo tower. north korea got into the holiday spirit put owing and huge firework display for residents. but it's unclear how many were on hand to witness the display. the mayor the celebrations moving to hong kong the crowd launched old lang's eye. meanwhile in indonesia -- ♪ >> reporter: -- the usual celebrations scaled back following the loss of more than 150 people in an air asia crash this week. many cities there holding prayer services instead of fireworks. a similar tone throughout much of eastern europe the year was machine by fighting in ear ukraine. german chancellor says 2015 is
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bring an end to the crisis if europe remains united in its response. >> 2014 was the year when europe understood this challenge and septembered this challenge together with its trance atlantic partners here decided to let itself split but acted more strongly than ever roar report due by broke the guiness world record for its fireworks presentation. this year they're going for the biggest led display in history. in london greg palkot, fox news. >> it's a happy ending to a story we first brought you here on fox 29 news at 5:00 yesterday 5:00 yesterday. gucci the cat is out of that tree in west philadelphia. check it out. the black and white fur ball actually stuck up in there for nearly four days much this is on the 100 block of felton street neighbors say gucci ran up won not come down but fox 29 called animal control last night and they sent a crew out. we're happy to report the cat is down and spent the night inside his warm home. the flu is back and with a vengeance. coming up it could be the worst flu season in years.
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where it's had thing the hardest in our are a. plus we're just hours away from a new year and that means new law. where it will soon become illegal to booby trap your own home.
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♪ >> today is the final day of
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america's combat roll in afghanistan. the 11th hour of -- to us much 11,000 american troops will train the afghan government forces. afghan and pakistani governments promised to work together and more effective toll fight the taliban. a federal judge denied a request by lawyers for boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev to move his trial out of state. jury selection will also start on monday as planned. his lawyer tried to argue it would be impossible to find an impartial jury in massachusetts given the amount of publicity the case has received. if convicted tsarnaev faces the death penalty. happening now the flu is spreading across our region. health officials in delaware are bracing for what could be the worst flu season in recent years years. the flu considered widespread in delaware. the number of cases nearly tripled just last week. as fox 29's chris o'connell reports, flu season is nowhere near over yet. >> reporter: even at night business these days at local
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urgent care centers is brisk. here at patient first in springfield, delaware county nurse regina johnston is keeping busy with the flu. >> it goes ages from literal al child to the elderly. so it's hitting everybody. >> reporter: if she's not treating patients -- >> open. >> reporter: she's helping patients like me prevent the virus with the flu vaccine. the flu shot the best way to protect yourself. >> good job. >> reporter: it's a bad flu season. one of the worse outbreaks is in delaware where the flu has already claimed lives of two senior citizens. dr. paul silverman from the delaware division of public health says the number of reported flu cases and hospitalizations has sky rocketed this year. so far there have been 632 reported cases. compare that to last year at this time when there were only 70. officials are treating the flu as a bigger public health threat
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than the ebola virus. >> most people think of flu is just a nuisance disease. you're sick for a couple of days and it's over. but for many people it is a cause of hospitalization even death. >> reporter: along with the flu vaccine that covers several strains of the virus doctors say you should be serious about frequent hand washing. they also say unlike the common cold, flu symptoms come on fast. >> develop a fever very quickly and there's a lot of body aches too, which you might not see for typical cold virus. that was chris o'connell reporting. doctors say the biggest mistake spreading the virus. so if you're feeling that sudden fever or those body aches stay home from work or school. we got a lot of people sick around her by the way. >> can't seem to shed those last few pounds. culling up why the year you were born could cause you to be obese obese. also, ahead a big change to philadelphia tradition. the new course for the mummers and why it's got some people
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really upset. domenica. >> this years eve, we have cold temperatures and it stays frigid right into the first of the year. i'll have a look at the forecast comingcoming up. >> australia ringing in 2015 with famous outdoor bash in sid feature spectacular tropical field fireworks display exploding over the city's harbor and opera house. attendees cheered and danced in the streets. ♪ >> well had he low there. now you can watch fox 29 over the air using your antennas with no reception problems whatsoever whatsoever. >> just grab your remote control and hit the menu or set up button. look for channel scan, auto scan then select. >> and once your scan is complete sit down and enjoy the shows you love on fox 29.
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♪ >> here's live look at penn's landing much it's the place to be for new year's here in f the main event comes with mid night. the skies will light up with special early fireworks in 30 minutes. mummers are more than just favorite new year's day tradition for philadelphians. for many the parade is the highlight of the year. but there are some changes to that tradition this year. fox 29' is that so bean in a kuriakose spoke to lot of people who aren't so happy about it and she joins us live at city hall tonight. sabina? >> reporter: iain, it is so
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busy out here. just across the street the bleachers are already rising up. this year the parade starts at city hall rather than ending here. the one of a few changes that have some people feeling a little left out in the cold. ♪ all day and all night. >> reporter: if you're philly born and bread -- >> 57 years. >> reporter: you know the mummers parade is the only way to ring in the new year. >> happy new year! we would stand down at broad and tasker. that was our big spot for years. >> reporter: but tomorrow the parade won't be traveling past marian favorite perch. mummers are reversing the route. >> the crowds have been dwindling in south philly because we're standing in line we're not enter taken the people. >> they'll start at city hall, head south on broad heading at washington avenue miles short of heart of south philly what some say -- >> the heart of mummers. everybody wants us back. this is the heart of where mummers started. and, you know we love standing
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here. we stand out in the. ♪ >> reporter: the mummers say they need to make changes to save the tradition. which faces rising costs and dwindling crowds. >> the moral is great. change is scary. i mean we're all concerned. we all have a lot of ideas of how it's going work but we don't know until after the parade whether it will work or not. we had to try something. >> reporter: and the route change isn't the only difference. tomorrow the parade starts at 10:00 and ends at poof. so some shorter hours there iain usually we're used to seeing it extend well into the evening. >> sabina, thank you. all looking forward to that tomorrow. meantime a big party today at the betsy ross house. tomorrow is the famous flag maker' twos 63rd birthday. a celebration was hell this afternoon. there were crafts for the kids stories telling and of course a birthday cake. betsy ross was born in january january 1st, back in 1752.
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all right speaking about new year's eve everyone will be out partying and watching the firework at pennsylvania lanning lanning. they better bundle up because it's going cold out there. >> it is certainly going to be cold out there. this is some of the harshest air we've had all winter long and it's here for the end of the year and the beginning of the new one. here's a look at highs today. 33 degrees. we're running close to 10 degrees below normal. it's not the actual air temperature. it's the wind chills that will be punishing for this evening. so temperatures staying below normal. that will be the theme into the beginning of the year before we see a more mild return of temperatures by the weekend. right now though it's 20 in mount pocono. 28 in allentown. we have 32 in philadelphia and then along the shore temperatures are in the mid 30s. in ocean city. 29 right now in millville. but again it's the wind chill. that's really what you have to pay attention to tonight especially if you'll be out same thing for tomorrow with the parade. bundle up because this is what it will feel like combined with the wind and the actual air temperature. it already feels like 9:00 in mount pock know.
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23 in philadelphia. 21 in wildwood. winds are coming out of the west and they're at 12 miles per hour right now in philadelphia. 10 in mount pock movement everybody has a wind above five right now. the winds will ease somewhat this evening. but we're still going to have to factor in that wind chill even past midnight into tomorrow morning. so here's a look at your weather headlines. it is clear and cold for tonight tonight. the mummers parade wind chills are going to be between 19 and 25 degrees so that's what it will feel like. now, 19 right around the start of the parade. then it will get a little bit warmer if you can say warmer by the end. rain this weekend. temperatures will be mild. so we're looking at all rain even but we could get a wintry mix. here's a look at ultimate doppler keeping us dry. we have winter weather on the radar. i have to show you this much it's just strange. we have it out to the west in vegas of all places. they are looking at a winter weather watch this evening and
5:34 pm
getting a little bit of a rain/snow mix down there in the desert southwest. how about that? nothing like that for us. we just have the cold temperatures. we will eventually tap into that system but our temperatures will be too mild. it will make for rain around hour this weekend. tonight though we are dry. we just have to focus on this cold get through it. 22 in the city. it's 15 in the suburbs. but again it's the wind chills that are going to affect you. same for tomorrow. 38 is the actual daytime high. it will be sunny and brisk. the winds are going to pick up again coming out of the northwest. so we could have wind gusts about noontime right around 20 miles per hour. so wind chills will stay in the low to mid 20s all day long, and then there's look at the seven day forecast. it does get mild by friday. or more mild by friday. 42 degrees on friday. and then we stay in the 40s even make it into the low 50s on sunday but that system out to the west that reaches us by saturday. it looks like rain iain i wouldn't be surprised if we saw
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to the northwest little bit of a rain/snow mix coming in saturday night into sunday morning but mainly it's just a rain event both days and then temperatures really drop again by monday we're looking at another cold blast again. >> got to get through it. domenica, thank you. you planning to have a few drinks tonight. coming up a night of drink cog last long after that hangover wears off. how birching drink cog hurt even healthy people. >> mega winner. someone in our area is holding a winning ticket. the store wher
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>> police in chester county are looking for an armed bang robber. investigators say this guy showed up at the bank of america on leopard road in paoli right before closing on friday and he jumped over the counter and took the cash from the employees there's no word yet on how much he got away with but if you know anything, please give police a call. taj ma shall in atlantic city wants people to know its doors are open. the bankrupt casino recently got a pledge of $20 million from
5:39 pm
billion investor carl icon to keep it open throughout 2015. the casino says people think it's still closing but there's a new promotional campaign running that includes billboards on highways leading into the resort and a we're staying open sweepstakes in january. in your health tonight binge drinking and your immune system. new research finds that when you binge drink it can actually lower your immune system. a group of people were studied after vodka shots. researchers say during peak intoxication their immune systems ramped up but only temporarily. they found that eventually it slows down and during peak times when patients off arrive in the er are trauma centers for alcohol related injuries. the study was publish in the journal alcohol. the year you were born could boost your chances of becoming obese. a new study found people with the so-called obesity gene more likely to be overweight if they were born after 1942. researchers believe technology and the greater ability -- availability of food could be
5:40 pm
triggering that obesity gene. the gene is thought to trigger hunger pangs and lower a person's ability to resist binge eating. pope francis not shying away from a big argument in the new year. the pontiff is focusing on climate change in 2015. pope francis is reportedly preparing a letter to bishops for next year that calls on catholics to fight climate change. he's shaken up doctrine and other areas calling for moderation in the church's views on divorce and of gays. he's also attacked what he calls the cult of money in uncheck capitalism. >> this professor is not afraid. he's making huge bets, and for now, he's winning. we'll see what the future will bring. >> if the pope goes through with his climate change fight it's expected he'll be aligning himself with church enemies. a few environmental stream mists actually favor widespread population control and wealth redistribution. police in ohio are calling it one wild joy ride in an
5:41 pm
ambulance. coming up police say a man stole an ambulance right from outside a hospital. what cops say happened right before the guy jumped behind the wheel. and a nasty christmas message a gay couple comes home to an unwanted slur on their front door. how they responded has
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♪ >> an ohio man steals an ambulance from right outside a hospital entrance. police say he took it for joy ride that lasted only well a few minutes. part of his journey was caught on camera inside the ambulance. fox's kevin free man shows us where he went. vehicle sitting at the hospital. >> reporter: just before 3:30 tuesday morning two ambulances
5:45 pm
park in the emergency room area at university hospital's medical center. >> gentleman walked up. we went in one ambulance. actually sat into the drivers seat realized there was a paramedic sitting in the passenger seat. ran out of it. jumped into another ambulance who had just dropped off a patient and took it for ride. >> reporter: the ambulance is equipped with a camera that shows the view from the front windshield as well as the up tear your. >> always flabbergasted with the stewed did the of some people when it comes to stuff like this this. why would you possibly steal an ambulance? when do you that, it's no longer usable for anything else. you can't use it to save live or to do whatever you need to do as an ambulance. >> reporter: herb vice-president of live care ambulance says, the paramedic who was in the original ambulance the suspect tried to steal notified her partner and started following the vehicle. notifying police of its every move. >> they had just unloaded the patient so the doors were still open. everything was open in the back.
5:46 pm
everything was open up the vehicle was running. >> reporter: he says the doors are often left open and the engine left run bag the paramedic first concern is getting the patient into the er. >> you can't necessarily shut the engine down because it has used so many electricity in the process of the call that you may not be able to start it again after war. >> reporter: police say once the suspect realized he was being followed he ditched the ambulance on taylor street near the border with north ridgeville and took off before police could get there. >> that was fox's kevin freeman reporting much the person who stole the ambulance is still to loose tonight. a minneapolis newsroom finds itself in the cross hairs of a tense hostage situation. armed standoff happening inside a local apartment building becoming direct concern of the fox nine newsroom yesterday. agitateed woman called the assignment desk. >> what do you want out of all of this? what can we do in fact
5:47 pm
g she in fact a bunch of times when cops were asking her to come out i'm not going. i'm not going. then she'd she would follow it up i don't want to you shoot him him. >> then moments later, the armed suspect called back. >> i have absolutely nothing to lose. nothing. i have nothing to lose and apparently fools in helmets think their invisible from face shot. >> let's not do that. >> it will make sensational news homey because you'll have the big -- you'll have the big ticket, because you got the call. >> police say the gunman has long criminal history. he was ultimately taken into custody leaving the apartment on a stretcher. he was shot in the finger. police say the woman with him and the children are safe but the investigation continues. the recent cyber attack on sony pictures sheds some light on the dangers lurking online with cyber security breaches on the rise, many companies are taking new steps to stay safe.
5:48 pm
fox's peter barnes has more. >> reporter: it was not the kind of christmas present the united states was expecting. >> i have a gift for you. >> reporter: it was an alleged cyber attack by north korea on sony pictures over its new movie quote the signed about two american celebrity journalists recruit by the cism a to assasinate its leader kim jong-un. china, russia and iran have made more serious cyber attack again the us experts say targeting american banks infrastructure and federal agencies. but the hackers from north korea took cyber insecurity to a new level. threatening 9/11 style attacks on theaters that showed the movie. that zen the us government and law epp force many officials scrambling. >> if we don't put in place the kind of architecture that can prevent these attacks from taking place, this is not just going to be affecting movies much this is going to be affecting our entire economy in ways that are extraordinary significant. >> reporter: cyber attacks are soaring. annual survey, consulting firm
5:49 pm
pwc reported cyber security incidents against private companies globally rose by 48% in 2014 to nearly 43 million. a separate study estimated the annual cost of cyber attacks on a typical energy or utility company at 26 and half million dollars this year. it was nearly 22 million for a typical defense contractor and nearly 21 million for an average financial services company. in some respects you can say it's the virtual -- in some cases the virtual willie sutton trying to break into where the money is. but we also have of course, you know as i said activists cyber terrorists, apparently, you know nation states that may be engaged in this. >> reporter: corporate america is turning to the federal government for more help. especially from national security agency that is have the best surveillance and information about on-going and emerging cyber threats latest big budget bill increaseed spending for numerous government agencies for cyber security and
5:50 pm
congress approved several smaller cyber security bills that the president signed. but companies plan to push the neck congress to approve a more sweeping bill that allows more information sharing by the government and among firms. >> the government has the various intelligence apparatus that, you know, industries do not v it really does have to be a collaboration. >> reporter: companies also want private customer information protected in any legislation. peter barnes. >> gay couple finds an anti gay slur scratched on their front door and tonight their response is going viral. sean white says he left his denver apartment for an hour last sunday and when he got back he found some hateful graffiti. white and had partner say they were shock. >> someone was scrawling that into our doorways to make us feel a shame. >> rather than shame white says he felt empower. next to his door he posted this message to the person who wrote the word.
5:51 pm
we regret to inform you that you completely failed to use glitter paint and/or sequins. your work looked rush and your hasn't writing was positive positively at a atrocious much it is for reasons we've removed your work from our door with san paper. fabulously yours the gays in apartment 611. he posted both images on his facebook page inter exploded. viewed by millions across the world. target take something heat now for a campaign related to their remake of the movie annie. people say the promotional posters from movie tie in merchandise in target stores don't depict african-americans like the new movie's main characters. fox 29's shawnette wilson spoke to some people who say it's just not right. ♪ >> reporter: the remake of the popular 1980s movie annie featuring african-american actors and actresses is out now. we caught up with some people leaving a showing at a local theater. >> i think it's a good thing that they came out with a black
5:52 pm
annie. online the movie starring oscar winning jamie fox and oscar nominateed as annie is take something heat. nothing to do with the movie though. it's retail giant target that's at the center of controversy. many say these promotional posters target is using to sell merchandise from the movie don't feature images of the child's star or any african-american models. >> african-american girl should have been on it because that's what she portrayed in the movie. >> reporter: complaints against target are popping up on social media and this petition started on to pull the ads have thousands of supporters. michelle guilliard says overall she's okay with the posters but does have some concerns. >> target should have had some darker skinned children. report roar others say it's not that big of a deal. and feel the most important thing is -- >> that it's a black cast this type. >> rudolph williams understands both sides of the issue. >> you would think that because the movie is centered around
5:53 pm
african-american young ladies that you would have those inside the marketing schemes also. >> teaching them at home that the african-american person is a person who should be respect and things of nature there shouldn't be a problem just because you don't see the images. >> that was shawnette wilson reporting target did send us this statement... ask for the involvement of the girl we had conversations with her team about in the campaign but ultimately it did not come to fruition. target did not directly respond about the petition to pull the ads. 2014 had its share of unusual laws from making yogurt the official snack food of new york state to delaware's ban on the sale and distribution of shark fins. but don't fear. 2015 doesn't disappoint. fox' peter doocy has got that story.
5:54 pm
>> reporter: after the ball drops on this new year's eve be warn. there are thousands of new laws going into effect. while some are pretty standard, there are others that are a little out there. we start in california good news for those of hugh like to take selfies without your clothes on. starting next year if someone else posts the image without your approval they could be charged with a misdemeanor. it doesn't end there. for californian who's will have more than 900 new laws including allowing undo you meaned immigrants to apply for a driver's license. officialsofficials are anticipating around 1.4 million applications. in oregon the buyer beware mantra goes out the window which it comes purchase agnew home. it's now the seller's responsibility to let you know if the house was once a meth lab. speaking of homes in illinois it will now be illegal to booby trap yours. life is getting a little bit more laid back in massachusetts
5:55 pm
where you will no longer have to hold the pump when getting gas. gas stations will have the option to place clips on pumps so you can step away. and finally wine drinkers in the state can now have bottles shipped directly to their doorsteps. the federal government also has more than 200 new laws on the books. some of them rather interesting including granting citizenship for a 268-year-old man the no social security for natzis act and allowing seagull egg collecting in alaska. beater doocy fox news. >> we've got another half hour straight full of news. millions of people getting are to do ring in 2015. penn's landing preparing for not one but two fireworks shows tonight. we'll be live with all the excitement plus the mummers change the course. the philly tradition that's taking on a new route this year and not everyone is happy about it. howard? >> are those firework our tax dollars at work? okay.
5:56 pm
the eagles and phillies were busy today. eagles fired a member of their front office and the phillies have traded one of their starters. that's all coming up in sports. >> temperatures are already in the 20s and low 30s in many places. how cold will it get tonight want can you expect for the the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned...
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pen. hurry in to the sign then drive event and get a five-hundred dollar new year's bonus on select new volkswagen models. offer ends january 2nd.
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♪ >> right now at 6:00 preparing to ring in 2015 the new year of the thousands of people heading out to pennsylvania land fog the errly firework. the first show of the night about to get under way at any moment. good evening and happy new years
6:00 pm
eve. i'm iain page. lucy noland is off tonight. >> from the fireworks display to the mummers we have all your new year's traditions covered tonight. >> it's going to be cold. perfect snow making weather. a lot of people will be hitting hitting the slopes tomorrow. meteorologist domenica davis in for scott tonight. how cold are we talking to night? >> we're talking very bitter wind chills. air temperatures will be well below freezing in the 20s and teens tonight but it's those wind chills that are going to be punishing in the single digits and teens. let's start it out with the radar. we are dry. we have clear skies but the winds they're coming out of the west and that is affecting what it feels like out there. so right now it currently feels like 21 in philadelphia. nine in mount pocono. 23 in wildwood. certainly we are looking at a cold evening ahead. so here's how your fox cast shapes up as we go through the early evening the feel like temperature will continue to drop through the 20s and down into the teens in the city. single digits out in the suburb. it will sta


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