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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 31, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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s eve. i'm iain page. lucy noland is off tonight. >> from the fireworks display to the mummers we have all your new year's traditions covered tonight. >> it's going to be cold. perfect snow making weather. a lot of people will be hitting hitting the slopes tomorrow. meteorologist domenica davis in for scott tonight. how cold are we talking to night? >> we're talking very bitter wind chills. air temperatures will be well below freezing in the 20s and teens tonight but it's those wind chills that are going to be punishing in the single digits and teens. let's start it out with the radar. we are dry. we have clear skies but the winds they're coming out of the west and that is affecting what it feels like out there. so right now it currently feels like 21 in philadelphia. nine in mount pocono. 23 in wildwood. certainly we are looking at a cold evening ahead. so here's how your fox cast shapes up as we go through the early evening the feel like temperature will continue to drop through the 20s and down into the teens in the city. single digits out in the suburb. it will stay cold for tomorrow
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with another extreme wind chill. we'll have a look at what you can expect for the mummers parade and also talk about some rain coming into the picture for the weekend. we'll do it all in just a bit. iain. >> domenica thank you i heard you can hear it in the studio firework are going off. live look behind me a live picture the firework are lighting up the sky over the delaware river. the first of two new year's eve shows just got started. i can hear those fireworks from here. fox 29's brad satin live in penn's landing. brad, what's going on? >> reporter: iain you can hear them from here as well. they're right above us right now. we have some folks from wayne pa these guys who claim that they are made for the camera. here for the firework. let's show you the big crowd here. it certainly gotten colder in the last hour that's for sure. one of two firework shows going on. the theme for this one at sick is the salute to the big screen. classic movie songs pirates of the caribbean. lone ranger, rocky all synched to those fireworks. take a look some pictures from
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earlier. lots of skating going on here in some cases we found kids more like crawling. the winter party on ice event is a ticketed event at least. sold out to about 1200 people through the night. cozying up by a fire and a blanket sound sisters doing that at the fire pits here. some taking the night a step further. we found a couple getting married tonight posing for some pictures. others decided to get a little warm inside the lodge drinking hot chocolate. just to warm up for a bit. the live look again at the firework. the show started a couple moments ago. and we have a big crowd much these guys from wayne who wanted to be on tv so bad are now glued to the firework as well. what do you think of the show? >> it's great. >> amazing. >> really good. >> have you guys been out here for new year's eve before? >> this is actually my first time. >> first time. >> all right. let's take another live look as we're talking here of these firework. you guys i understand are hoping to stay here for the second show at 12:00 o'clock. right? >> yup. >> all right. so that's what's going on here
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the first of two shows iain. we will zen it back to you and of course we'll have a complete wrap at 10:00 o'clock tonight. >> brad, thanks. a lot of fun out l meantime japan celebrating the new year as 2015 arrives around the globe. japan literally rinking in the new year with the traditional sounding of temple bells. the bells at tokyo's temple leading temples in heralding the new year many final touches being put on the famous waterford crystal ball in times square. the 12,000-pound ball is in place ready to go. it will drop at midnight in front of a crowd of about a million people. philadelphia da seth williams has some advice to keep everyone safe during their new year's celebrations. >> we have a zero tolerance policy for philadelphians fireing guns off into the air to celebrate the new year. anyone that does and is caught will be charged with recklessly endangering another person which is a misdemeanor of the first
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degree punishable up to five years imprison many. >> police are also asking for safety on the roads out there. the goal is for everyone to have a designated driver, carpool or take a cab home after drinking at a new year's celebration. if you're headed out tonight head to we got it all right there for you plus stay on top of that bitter cold with the latest forecast just click on the weather tab at the top of the home page. >> we're following a developing story out of cumberland county new jersey tonight. a man was shot and killed in bridgeton last night by police. it happened around 9:30 and while the investigation into what happened continues a lot of neighbors are wondering if officers went too far. fox 29's jeff cole is live in bridgeton with this story. jeff? >> reporter: just a few feet from where the shooting occurred last night. there was a make shift memorial that is set up behind me. as you say iain arc local man is dead after police fire on him. police say he had a gun. some neighbors here say they don't believe he did. the bottom line is, a police
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deadly force investigation is underway. candles and balloons mark the spot where 36-year-old injury rain reid was fatally shot tuesday night in a confrontation with police. this one ought-year-old says he was drawn outside by the commotion. >> i heard two shots. that's when i came out. that's whoa saw wake up to the car with gun. they get out and start shooting more. >> reporter: according to the county prosecutor it was 9:20 when bridgeton police stopped dark jaguar at henry street and south avenue. reid was the passenger. police can claim a gun was shown. both officers fired. >> as stated in the press release a gun was recovered. thank you very much. >> reporter: the prosecutor appeared briefly to say the probe is underway and refused to answer residents claims that reid was not resisting. >> i apologize. this is all i can give you at this time. >> reporter: do you know whether the victim had his hands up in any way.
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>> the investigation is on going going. >> reporter: bridgeton police officer that's from this community i mean they was all in the same age brac. you killing somebody that's -- that new. >> reporter: residents say they know one of the police officers identified by the prosecutor as raheem days as a local guy. men claiming to be eyewitnesses say police did not have to kill reid. >> they bust off on him. they killed him. they shot him. >> it wasn't a situation where they should have had um, used that type of deadly force. >> reporter: now once again mr. reid was the passenger. there was apparently of course a driver of the car apparently he was unhurt. he has not been name. the local mayor here is also the police chaplain. we watched him late this afternoon go door to door in this community. he said he was doing it to get a sense of tension here of emotion here. says he's met nobody who is ready to lash out. live in bridgeton i'm jeff cole cole, iain.
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back to you. jeff thank you. officers from three delaware county police departments are on leave tonight. they were all involved in a deadly shooting. superintendent michael chitwood says at least five officers opened fire on joseph pa scene knee as he was resisting arrest last night. vat-year-old was facing charges for make sterling rise tick threats against officers on youtube. da will rule next week whether the shooting was justified. investigators are hoping the age of a truck involved in a deadly hit-and-run will make it easy to spot. 33-year-old theresa posie was killed on december 23rd as she crossed state road in holmesburg holmesburg. investigators say she was hit by a black truck which may have been converted to a tow truck. police believe it's a ford and say it could be close to their years old. possibly a 1987 to '91 '91 model year. >> it's an older model. we're looking for somebody out there with left side front end damage health, left turn signal
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clearly were left behind. so that damage was off the car. someone may have seen that kind of car damage. any kind of information anonymous, anything at all will help. >> if you've got any information about the truck, please call police. the pennsylvania department of health is warning of a possible measles exposure in philadelphia and delaware counties. officials say somebody someone with measles may have exposed other people at the please touch museum on monday between 3:30 and 5:00 in the evening much the same person may have also exposed people at the cvs on lancaster avenue in wayne on sunday between 5:30 and 8:00 in the evening. officials say if you've got any symptoms, see your doctor right away. an 89-year-old philadelphia man is missing and could be in desperate need of his medication medication. francis rollins was last seen at his home in germantown on monday. he is 5-foot 3-inches tall and weighs 90 pounds. he was wearing a long tan coat with brown boots. he's got a medical condition that requires medication. if you see him please call the police.
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someone in philly is starting off the new year a little richer. $1 million mega millions ticket was sold in fairmount and not at a gas station. but at the rite aid kiosk on the 1900 block of fairmount avenue. a ticket someone bought there matched all of the white balls from laugh night's drawing so here are the winning numbers in case you got to check your tickets again 03, 07, 44, 63 and 67. it's a philadelphia tradition dating back more than 100 years. coming up the mummers are taking a new course this year. why the change has got some people doing an angry strut. plus countdown to noon. one place in our area that's already celebrated the new year. howard? >> all right. it may be new year's eve but the eagles and phillies were busy today. way to bury a story. eagles fired a member of the front office and the phillies traded one of their starters much that's coming up in sports. >> wind chills are very harsh this evening. we're already down to 21 for the feel like temperature in the city. how cold will it get tonight and for the mummers parade? we'll
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have those answers coming up. >> all right. dough men cash it will be cold out there but look at these spectacular fireworks on penn's landing. the first of the shows tonight got underway at 6:00 o'clock and look at all those beautiful gleams. we'll have a later show for you coming up at midnight. stay with fox 29 for that. ♪
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♪ >> a dunkin' donuts robbed at gun point actually first of all let's take live look at river rink out there at penn's landing. look at all those people out there skating enjoying the fireworks going off getting ready to ring in 2015. it's cold out there but they don't seem to pipe.
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it will go down at the teens with the wind chilled tonight. these people having a blast out there at river rink all of them out there waiting for the fireworks and wait to go ring in 2015. all right. done din did he nuts robbed at gun point in philadelphia's torresdale neighborhood. surveillance video showing the robber forcing the employee to open the register. this happened a couple of week ago alt the store on the 9200 block of state road. we don't know how much cash was actually stolen but if you know the suspect you're asked to call police. countdown to philadelphia's big new year's celebration is on on. of course as we have already seen the mummers will be getting ready to start strutting bright and early tomorrow morning. but not along the streets that we're used to. the route has changed this year and changing tra diagnosis for many familiar unless south philadelphia. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live at city hall with more on this. sabina? >> reporter: iain, the bleachers are up much the vendors are all right doing brisk business and what's more synonomous with the mummers than
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south philly but this year they're skipping some of the old neighborhoods. that is a big cannoli. >> this one -- >> reporter: only in south philly. just like the mummers,. >> we would love see the parade come back to south philly it's nice in south philly but south philly is where we believe the parade should be. >> op new year's day 2015 the mummers are changing course. this year they'll be starting at city hall instead of ending there starting down broad to washington stopping short of the heart of south philly. >> line the sidewalks. show us that you want us out there. we'll bring you -- as far as the city we'll work with them and bring it further south if we can put the people on the sidewalks. >> a lot of people want to come center city much there's more restaurants. there's more place that is are open for coffee and those types of things. so the whole community of it in center city, 95% of the people come to center city to see it any way. >> reporter: not to worry. >> i think it will still be
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festive. people will still be having house parties that normally have haws parties in the neighborhood and then people that really enjoy the parade they'll make the trek up to center city. >> reporter: and the parade kicks off here at city hall tomorrow morning at 10:00. it wraps up at 5:00. iain. >> reporter: is a bone in a thank you. >> good time had by all at the please touch museum. kids and their parents celebrating new year with ball drop at noon. there was some live music and dancing as well. this year's countdown to non brought alice and wonderland to life. now your new year's eve weather authority forecast. i can tell you let's take look at blue mountain from our poconos mountain camera. some people out there on the slopes much cold enough the next couple of days for that. how those revelers going to feel out there tonight. >> they are going to feel cold. bundle up as they head out because we are going to have punishing wind chills. here's look how we did today. temperatures were running close to 10 degrees below normal. 33 in the city and we started we started
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out this morning at 25. temperatures are going fall much lower than that night as the chill is already in the air. this is the core of that cold air we've been talking about for the past couple of days. over us now. we have 18 for the actual air temperature in mount pock know. 22 in allentown. it's 30 in philadelphia. temperatures have dropped a couple of degrees in the past hour. 33 in cape may and 26 in millville. but, again with winds coming out of the north it's the wind chills that you really have to focus on this evening and then again tomorrow as well. it feels like it's 21 in the city. nine mount pocono. 23 in wildwood. and those wind chills are going to continue to drop because our winds are coming out of the west right now we have a 12-mile mr. hour wind in the city. so the winds will calm down a bit this evening. but it's still going to factor in that feel like temperature that will be pretty harsh. so it's a clear and cold evening evening. bundle up tonight. and certainly tomorrow morning if you're headed out to the mummers parade because we are going to be looking at wind chills anywhere from 19 to 25.
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closer to 19 when we start the parade and then 25 by the end. but that is very cold certainly. rain this weekend now temperatures start to warm up by friday. so we are looking at a new system coming in it's mainly rain but we could get little bit of a wintry mix off to our northwest. here's a look at ultimate doppler. clear skies, high pressure over us and the core of this cold air is now sitting over us. we have a system sitting out to the west in the desert southwest. that's where they are getting some snow and wintry mix in parts of las vegas and phoenix. this system will move over to us by the weekend. but temperatures will be too mild. right now it's looking like a mainly rain event. know worries about the rain tonight. we have 22 in the city for the overnight low. 15 in the suburbs. wind chills again are going to be in the teens and single digits. then tomorrow for the mummers parade it stays very cold. the winds will pick up and winds are going to be gusting during that parade 20 miles per hour. 38 degrees for the actual air
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temperature gut again the wind chills a look at the seven day forecast. mild by friday, 42 degrees. and then we stay in the fours through the weekend with rain coming in to play could have a wintry mick out to our northwest and then cold again by monday. so a little bit of everything there in the seven day. >> all right. sounds good. i like that 51 on sunday. >> good weather for the eagles -- they're not playing. >> oh, that's right. >> i'm sorry. >> happy new year. >> eagles have made a change in their front office and the phillies continue to clean out the older players on this team. another gets traded today. that's coming up in sports.
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♪ >> the phillies made another off season trade today while they clear house most of the older players. better late than never. they traded marlon byrd g by to the cincinnati reds for double a minor league right handed pitcher ben lively.
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22 years old. don't expect a lot. he's more really no more than a pros spec at 37 years old bird could have three more years on his contract with options so the phillies had to send some money along. bird hit 25 homeruns but struck out close to 200 times last season. eagles made move in their front office today. the news release read, they have part ways with vice-president of player personnel tom gamble. but it's obvious he was fired which will lead to speculation of a power struggle in the front office but i believe chip kelly has to sign off on every move that goes on there. big upset today. temple to connecticut. tied in overtime. nice pass by temple in the dark uniforms. connecticut actually has a chance to win the game with the three. however he gets fouled with the three. and guess what the connecticut player does? he misses all three. has to miss the their. doesn't mack any difference. temple wins it 57-53. big win. >> to villanova to the pavilion. villanova leads from start to finish. ranked sickth in the country
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still undough feeted. they win 67-55 over butler. all right. easy one. easy one because for me tonight on this last day of 2014 i miss football. >> here's a look back at some highlights for the eagles this year. ♪ >> the play across the their 25 20, 15, 10, five, 92 for the touchdown? shady mccoy! ♪ >> he's free, he's at the 40, he's at the 30, he's at the 20, the 10, he is in for the touchdown coast to coast. >> the 10 the five, touchdown he's doughnut again darrin sproles! >> wow! >> ♪ >> he fires it's intercepted. it is intercepted.
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it was malcolm jenkins who comes um with the pick. ♪ >> again he look, he look, looks, fires open it's intercept beside nate allen. nate allen with 12th inception of the season has just almost left this up for the eagles -- wrap us up for the eagles. >> where would they be without darrin sproles and mal couldn't jenkins. was new orleans when they traded these guys. it's just unbelievable. but without their special teams i don't know where they would have been. but i miss football. >> i do already. >> it is what it is. next year we'll be better. >> well, they may be better. >> happy new year. that does the for us here at 6:00. we'll see you back her at 10:00v a great night. april side edition is up next. we'll leave you with firework from penn's landingly we'll see you back here at 10:00.
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. the woman shot to death by her two-year-old son. >> how could a little toddler have the strength to pull the trigger? >> firing the average revolver takes about as much strength as lifting a gallon of milk with your index finger. then, she's a sales woman at a victoria's secret story in one of america's large oath malls but did she have a terrible secret of her own? >> anything you want to say? revenge of the jilted bride. wait until you see what she did when her groom-to-be left her at the altar. plus -- >> earthquake! we're having an earthquake! >> most awkward tv moments of the year. and


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